Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Janki coming to take Sarla home. Tanu tells Sarla that she will throw Pragya and everyone related to her out of the house. Sarla tells her that lie have no feet, and says Abhi will throw her out of the house soon and she will come then to see her going. Mitali says Sarla is strong and have threatened you. Tanu asks her not to spy. Pragya cries. Dadi asks her not to lose strength and says we will prove Sarla innocent. She says truth will win and asks her to think that this is testing time. She says we will find out the truth. Pragya hugs her and cries. Dadi asks her to have strength. Dadi tells Sarla has bear enough. Rachna and Akash tell that abhi might change his view about Sarla, as theft have happened. Dadi comes to Abhi and says she wants to talk to him. She says money is

stolen from our house and somewhere you have a doubt on Sarla. She says Sarla didn’t take the blame on herself just because she had stolen the money, but the reason is something else.

Abhi says I know she had not stolen the money as I saw truth in her eyes, and also helplessness. He says he will catch the real thief and asks Dadi to help him, says he will not leave that thief because of whom his mum felt ashamed. Dadi blesses him and says she is happy as he is taking right decision. She says I can’t support you. I know you are hurt. She says Pragya’s pain is big and asks him to support Pragya come out of pain. She asks him to tell Pragya that he doesn’t have any doubt on Sarla. Abhi says I will talk to her.

Tanu comes home. Rachna asks from where is she coming? Tanu says she went out insearch of thief, but got this to keep show piece in her room. Akash tells her that they have doubt on her. Tanu asks them to move from her way and goes. Akash and Rachna determines to find the real culprit. Pragya is sad and thinks about the allegations which her family had slapped on Sarla. Abhi comes to room, sees her crying, thinks to wear fuggi’s specs and make her smile. He thinks Pragya might slap him and recalls an old incident. He thinks to wear dupatta to cheer her up, and wonders what to do to cheer her up. He thinks to get her angry and make her normal. He acts to play guitar and gets his finger hurt. Pragya gets angry, and concerned for him. She calls Robin and asks him to bring first aid box. Pragya says you will not go anywhere for few days, and says she will cancel his recordings. She says how you will eat food now?

Abhi says you will make me eat now. Kaisa yeh Ishq hai plays……………Abhi puts bandage on his lips. Pragya asks if you are feeling pain, looks at him and says you are looking like a joker…Abhi says he is ready to become joker to make her smile. He asks why you are crying? He says we will catch the thief together because of whom our mum was accused. He asks her to shout on that thief also. Pragya applies bandaid on his finger. Sanam Re plays……………….

Akash and Rachna ask driver where Tanu went? Driver tells that Tanu went to hospital. Akash says she must have went to meet Nikhil and goes to inform Pragya. Abhi sees Pragya sad even while sleeping and thinks how to make her sadness go. He thinks Sarla is so clean hearted, but have to go from here and get insulted so much. He wonders who is the thief?

Akash and Rachna think to alert Pragya through the code, and knock on the door. Pragya thinks they have come. Abhi says Pragya is sleeping? Pragya gets up and signs them to go. Abhi thinks mogambo is sleeping. Pragya thinks what they want to talk?

Mitali sees money with Tanu and asks if it is the same stolen money. Pragya checks Abhi’s fever and says she will call ambulance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Its very clear Tanu give money to Mitali n shut her mouth…so no more expectation in tat scene

  2. After two worst and one average episodes, today’s episode was quite gud. It was well balanced. Sarla maa’s giving back to tanu was showing her future in her words and that was enough for her long rubbish blabberings. Abhigya’s scene was as usual treat. But abhi calls her still mogambo with open feelings for her in his heart, it was not understandable. Does it means, he have started liking pragya’s mogambo image also or he only loves pragya. It doesn’t matter for him that she is in which image. Anyways whatever he calls her but his feelings, his love should not change for her. If this will remain always then no problem with any name or thing. In whole episode, they didn’t leave the topic about finding the culprit that was so gud. Even precap, is gud. But let’s see until when they will maintain this gudness. Mitali found tanu with moneys but becoz she is stupid and greedy so tanu can shut her mouth from money or any other excuse. It will not b difficult for her. Ya if mitali’s tongue will get slip somehow then could b possible that somebody will get hint about tanu behind theft. Otherwise let’s see what will other peoples will do? How they will find about it or they will forget about it again in few epissodes as sahithi said that they always keeps promises that they will do blah-blah and blah but ends up on zero. So let’s see.

  3. That was quick update .. thanks

  4. The episode was OK .. Abhivshud keep his words . atleast he must work in this n let the truth out .. Bt one thing the cvs made clear .. Since v ll question y dint sarla tel the truth to abhi tat she was been kidnapped n attempt to murder by nikhil n tanu also tanu s having nikhils child .. She can’t tel this to abhi now .. Cuz tanu vl as usual manipulate abhi saying since sarla stolen the money she s blaming n making stories of her .. So the cvs clearly shown us .. Pragya can’t say the truth after this long cuz she got many opportunities bt now if she says sumtng abt tanu .. Tanu vl easily escape saying pragya s on sarlas side n trying to save her .. So…what els is the option left .. Its only abhi .. Only he vl find it .. Accidentally .. May b .. Let’s c .. If tat happens now or later cuz situations now may lead to abhi think n take a step in this .. If he keeps his words n from now on tanus count down starts it may b. Gud .. Btw y CVS made mitali know tanus truth abt the money matter .. Is this hints fa tanus exposure? Vl it happen in a month or two?

    1. Razia
      One or two month is very short time. It will take months for exposure.
      Abhi still now didn’t find who has kidnapped sarla ma. He didn’t find how she met accident. He didn’t find y sarla ma gave his hand to pragya in hospital. Now is he going to find who is the thief to prove sarla ma innocence??? Abhi should have some doubts that why sarla ma is behaving well with pragya because before sarla ma hates pragya for her mogambo avatar but now she is speaking to her like how she used to speak with fuggy pragya. On seeing this also abhi doesn’t have any doubt. Now I don’t know how much should I believe that abhi along with pragya is going to prove sarla ma’s innocence.

      1. True .. He shud doubt Na y nowadays al supports pragya .. He’s in his own world lol

  5. Omg..now tanu will blame mitali and escape

  6. I hate this serial more than before dam always same thing going on never change f**k

  7. finally some improvement…something positive…please cv’s don’t mess this up ..you have been suffering us for too long…we need abhi to find out about tanu himself…so then there will be no doubts in his mind…..

  8. Today epi was good especially abhi tried to cheer pragya he did many joking things but at last he wantadly hurted his finger this proves his love for her two days before i was felt like killing him but today in a single scene he changed my mind thats y i like shabir aka abhi ♥♥♥very much n d way when he told that he will become a joker to make her smile that also amazing love u shabir then an important thing after so many days nonot days after so many months our pragya wear chudi today n its sounds good to see her in chudi becoz after her make over she totally forget about chudidar i eager to see her in chudi she was also looked so pretty in that dress love u both abhigya(tisha) and i ve no guess about abhigya investigation infact i m not sure that they will investigate about this coz both were again tuned to romantic mode so no use my guess n guyzzz. Who r all saw sriti’s new instagram pic she was simply pretty in that pic no over make up it looks like cassual pic so nice prathiksha sis,reji,gowtham anna,shobana sis,sahithi,shivanya n all others what u think abt epi n sriti’s pic share opinion with me plzzz

    1. me too felt the same aishwarya..:pragya looked bful in the chudi…

      1. Hii karthika how r u after a long time i m seeing ur comment i m studying 12th std if urvelder tganme or not if ur elder than me then can i call sister??

    2. Hai Aishwarya. Yes dear pragya is too cute in chudi. ..???and I love her old avatar…in that she looks innocent and cute and how r u aishu ☺☺☺

      1. I m fine hency. how r u dear? S i too love her old avathar even my parents too n tell me plzz that ur working or studying

  9. Today’s episode was OK. . .?

    1. Hi hency.How r u?
      All the best for your new college life …
      BTW, which course are you going to study in college?
      Sara is suffering from fever. So she didn’t comment.
      She also wished you…
      Do well….

      1. Hi vadhu, hope u r doing good.
        Ask Sara to take care of her health.

      2. Hai. . .vadhu…I am good dear…how r u???.I am going to join engineering dear…thank u so so much for your wishes. ..and please convey thanks to Sara also dear…and ask her take care of her health…it’s very important. ..get well soon Sara. ..and all the best??? for your studies vadhu and sara☺☺☺.you guys will surely rock…

      3. Hi vadhu…I am good and how r u…I am going to join engineering dr. ..thank u so so mucheck for ur wishes vadhu and Sara ☺☺☺and convey my thanks to sara also dear and ask her take care of her health. ..it’s very important. ..and all the best for your studies???…get well soon sara…

  10. Drag draaaaag draaaag…….never ending draagging……:'( /:-)

  11. definitely , the upcoming episodes wil prove that the truth wins at last. The countdown starts for Thanu … from today. abhi has to prove that he is ROCK STAR. otherwise nikhil wil be the hero of this drama.

  12. Hi guys……. it is very interesting to read ur comments……. i cum here to read ur comments….. especially prathiksha… tq for ur updates…..also gowtham, reji… gud comments…..

    1. madhu sad part is i am not commenting that much fr the past two weeks… i feel sad fr not commenting properly…… happy to see u madhu…

      1. Hai gowtham anna☺☺☺how r u…don’t worry Anna…and I am really missing ur comments

      2. good to c u hency… hope everything goes well fr u

      3. Sorry gowtham anna just now saw ur msg……. its ok ur comments r yet gud…….. tq and happy to see u….

    2. Thank u madhu… Me too sad that still tanu is not exposed …and i can’t comment regularly… Anyways thank u so much for reading our comments !!.

  13. It will go more than 2 months of dragging it will not come out the truth fast of tanu it will come truth within 1 or 2 days I will be nice serial in zee tv

    1. I totally agree with you mr Naveen?

  14. Aishu, I didn’t see the episode yet since I was watching a old movie. so I can’t comment about it. But by reading written update I feel that the writers are dragging by filling abhigya scenes. Since we are enjoying abhigya scenes the writers are taking advantage of it and dragging tanu’s exposure. Its good that abhi has joined with pragya to find the their. But my question is will they be work on it seriously or asusal forget about it as they did previously?? Lets see how much time they are going to take for proving sarla ma ‘s innocence.
    What I feel is with the help of Aakash and rachana somehow pragya will get to know about tanu’s involvement in stealing money. And as usual pragya won’t say anything to abhi because she won’t have any proof to prove tanu’s involvement in stealing money in front of abhi. By searching proof proof the CVs will forget this plot and will jump into another.
    see how abhigya is working to find out the truth.
    I think precap states that tanu will give money to mithali to close her mouth since we know pretty well that Mitali is greedy for money.

    1. Yes ur right shobana akka lets see what cvs decided to do for irritate us tq for explaining me akka

  15. Its like a gum again . I don’t think tanu will be exposed . It s getting irritated to read the unimproved story.

  16. about it was good today they shown very nice I am happy that they didn’t shown tanu for much about abhigya no words to describe them abhi’s feelings towards pragya r very nice really they r very different their love story is so different from others and abhi did so much fun today he looks so cute when he wore specs now a days pragya looking so beautiful her face is glowing so much after so many days we have seen pragya in chudi abhi staring towards pragya when she bandages his wound it was very nice and about epi abhigya will concentrate on their work r on their romance it must be seen now I think trp also increased but they should find tanu fast it was really irritating when she was seen in serial but whatever it may l enjoyed epi today it was nice abhi must he should not change he has to become oldrockstar again waiting for tanus truth

    1. Hi?asmitha. ..how r u dear…yes dear I am also waiting to see achieve as old rock star dear and no words to describe pragya”s cuteness☺

      1. hai hency I am gd what about u nice to talk to u

    2. Asmitha, when I see pragya as mogambo, to be honest I don’t like her that much. Because I like pragya as fuggy only. She looks very cute in fuggy avatar. But nowadays I started to like her as mogambo also since nowadays she is looking more cute than in fuggy avatar

      1. ya shobana I to feeling same at first after her makeover I to not liked her now a days she is looking so cute

  17. I’m feed up with Indian serial now ???same track every time try to fool us God damnnn??

  18. I feel that when they go to the hospital to teat ahiby the nurse will fell guilty and return the money

  19. hi all… very good morning…. its a good Saturday actually…. next two days leave….. and i have seen the epiosde actually… bcoz no current off yesterday…. coming to abhi i dnt knw which mind state he is in…. so sad to see him like this… bcoz in the hall he accused sarla ma… but in the room, he is saying sarla is innocent and have to find the true theif… but like as always kkb team will frget about this…. they will not reopen this drama again.. they ll go fr new one i guess… and precap also its not that much catchy… bcoz mitali is one the screen….. if mitali is on the screen its obvious that the scene is juz fr time pass fr running kkb and fr dragging…. so tanu will give money to mitali to shut her up…. but one thing not to forget that mitali is too much talkative… so may be after sometime she ll also play a role to execute abhis plan of exposing tanu…. bcoz i am fixed 100% on abhi that he is the one who ll expose tanu by himself…. and pratiksha still we have a big competition in this???…. juz kidding…. amd if u see tge history kkb ll always put one key everywhere…. finally they ll come up wd some justice wd that key role…. for example in lawyers office someone called abhi and informed him… and in hospital nurse ia knowing thr truth now…. so considering all this at the end.. one char ll help abhi to expose tanu… so it ll be a twist fr us at that time… and as razia said, its very clear why prgaya searching fr proofs… bcoz abhi is not capable of understanding situation and find the truth.. he is more of a proof related guy so prgaya is doing all this.. and now if sarla comes and tells about tanu, abhi wont obviously believe bcoz tanu ll manipulate him easily by saying sarla s planning aginst her since she found the crime… so now sarla ma ll also be useless hereafter… i dnt knw about bulbuls arrival… but my mid saying whn bulbul comes only the truth ll be revealed, or she may be help abhi behind and once tanu exposed, abhi ll reveal that bulbul is the one who helps him all the time… normally whn every stryline ends and whn new line about to begin we would say Atleast this time tanus exposure ll happen and abhi by himself ll do that…. but this i dnt want to say anything bcoz what is next is a question mark??? abhi starts to collect proof against the theif?? or as always his memory loss will occur and everyone in the family forget and ll give a look that none of this happened…. bit if u all see, each and every time if tanu executes a plan it takes hardly two episodes to completely execute it… but if prgya and co needs to execute the plan though they have members strength more, it takes more time to execute the plan… is bcoz tanu is smarter than any of the co.??? … yes she is… bcoz single handed, i mean wdout nikhil and aaliya she s alone able to make the opponents shattered…. and one lady villaian holds the show as a big pillar … so she must be appreciated fr this… we are waiting fr the exposure but once its done i thnk show is done…. after we ll say show is not like the same whn tanu and aaaliya and nikhil was there… so maybe cvs predicts that so only still they are sticking wd this tanus drama…. bcoz juz thnk aftr exposure wat ll happen interestingly…. bcoz fr exposure only we all are waiting.. so once its over we ll not wait fr anythng… so only cvs are stretching as far as they can…. but as of now as u all thnk me too waiting fr the gr8 episode of tanus exposure which is surly not in visible position now…..

    1. Hi gowtham?how r u? I too can’t comment mostly during these days, even atleast for sometimes more as my phone has dead and I m waiting for repair it or else for a new phone. Anyways come to the show so gowtham what competition or why? I don’t want to do competition as I don’t want to b loose. Nobody can do competition for kkb’s unpredictable tracks, sequences and climax. After all it all depends on cvs and they r mad in creativity of story. So anything can happen at anytime. That’s why no competition, only discussions and guesses and comments we can do. That’s it. Isn’t it?☺?

      1. hi pratiksha…. i was juz kidding… some weeks back… we were discussing about who would expose tanu… u said pragya anf i said abhi… kind of remember that… so only fr fun i said that…. and good to c u all… mostly Saturday and sunday i ll ve here most of the times.. bcoz leave only…

    2. Truly said .. Even I’m wondering afta tanus exposure wat vl b the next ?

      1. yeah thats y cvs are dragging this much razia…

      2. Razia, first tanu expose aagatum aduku apparom naama next pati yosikalam because for sure CVs won’t expose tanu now ??

    3. hi gowtham, its good to see u here after a week.
      hope u got fit into the job

      1. yeah somewat shobana… actually yesterday only one girl in my team came to me and ask come and have lunch wd us nu…. atlast someone talked… now only starting to get in touch wd one by one in my team… i thnk ll take time fr Me settle down well wd the team…

      2. Don’t worry gowtham, after few days everything will get okay

    4. Yes Anna we must appreciate Leena. ..☺☺☺

  20. What is the wrong with kumkum bhagya, one truth takes years to come out.soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring

  21. What is wrong with kumkum bhagya ,one truth takes years to come out. Soooooooooooo boring

  22. i have a doubt what happened to Neil aka corporator ?? He went invissible. He gave a sudden entry and suddenly went invissible. so just to exit alia, Neil has entered the show.

    1. Tat is wat kkbs speciality Na .. Ena shobi ellam therinjum NE kekra 😉

      1. ??????

  23. Guys jus now saw bts segment .. I hope others vl give full info abt it .. Bt afta seeing tat segment I guess tat vl create a doubt in abhis mind .. Tanu vl b trapped I guess .. From this her count down starts .. I don wan to get disappointed .. Bt stil my heart feels y not diz vl lead to her truth out ..

  24. On location segment update – Dadi’s health is not well so immediately they have to admit her in hospital ….abhi was roaming here and there ….Abhi asks pragya to give some money …pragya said all the money r in bank …she calls all the bank officers …they said tomorrow only ….abhi asked family members some money and he will return it by giving the amount in double ….but the family members doesn’t have money with them !!…suddenly tanu thinks now if give money to abhi means …then in abhi’s mind i will become mahan !!.abhi doesn’t know what to do ??..tanu goes to bring money mitali follows her …(i think precap scene will happen here )….later tanu brings the money of rupees 5 lakhs ..and handover it to abhi …abhi gets the money and asks where did u get the money ??…tanu says for our wedding i had this money ..but didn’t happen so go and admit dadi !!…Abhi rushes to dadi …after that tanu speaks sumthng to pragya …(but audio is not clear )…

    So guys i think this time also tanu is escaped !!..they didn’t add precap scene in update …but little bit sure that tanu gave money to mitali and escaped !!..so wat do u think guys ??…

    1. kutty if aakash found money it means it is his turn to see some tragedy in his life because who so ever came to know the truth faced tragedy bulbul died sarla paralysed and now I am wondering what will happen with akash ??????

      1. Hi ?surbhi how r u ??
        surbhi u r right but for that either Nikhil or alia should be with tanu. As of now tanu is alone since alia went to Australia and Nikhil is in hospital. So tanu can’t take any step alone and moreover before itself tanu knows that Aakash is part of pragya’s group.
        But tanu too warned Aakash and Rachna as u said there are chances for something to happen to aakash

      2. Hi shobhna I am fine ? actually I don’t want to predict anything but one thing is very clear from these segments and episodes that now a days episodes are only like dragging link noting is of worth and one thing more now a days one day In KKB means that one week it means this dadi falling drama will.continue whole upcoming week
        ??? they just want to drag nothing special because I think now a days ekta is in love with the name tanu that’s why in her new serial I think named kasam she has kept the leads name tanu ????????????

      3. Hahaa u r right surbhi something vl happen ???

      4. Exactly surbhi nowadays kkb is only dragging and its true that 1day =1week . Lets hope for the best

  25. update credit : ind forum – happylove
    Tanu goes inside to get money.
    Mithali follows her.
    Tanu smiles and happily brings money to give to Abhi.
    Mithali is shocked.

    Akash is shown searching Tanu room.
    He opens the box Tanu brought in yesterday episode with a kerchief.
    Some random stuff are found there.

    Finally akash found money in the room.


  26. Any new updates…

  27. New on location video:i think dadi was ill n she was in serious condition so for start d treatment they need money abhi asks everybody if they have he too said that he will return d amount double but no one is ready to give everyone makes excuse pragya calls all clients for payment but everone said that they will give tomorrow abhi is tensed pragya asks him to take dadi to hopital first then she pay d amount but he said that without money they will not start treatment suddenly tanu handed him 15lakhs abhi asks her from where did u get this money she tells that her mom gave her money for shopping for wedding she tells abhi that dadi’s life is important then our marriage she asks him to take d amount he say thanks to her video end there

    1. Hey guyz as we guess now stealing matter will be dropped n now tanu will more powerful tan pragya coz dadi is everything to abhi she saved her life so abhi will again start a soft corner for we thougt that tanu’s countdown start but afyer watched this video i think pragya’s countdown is started but poor abhi didnt know that which money saved dadi life is his own money not that evil’s money few weeks before we saw abhi love for pragya but after this i think we have to see abhi’s love for tanu no i cant see tabhi together for a second these cvs were torchuring us in a different method school is reopening on 1st june so i cant watch kkb n also iim i think till tuesday only i can watch it so i m glad coz i usually watch kkb in retelecast not on9pm coz my father dont like d show n i watch iim in sunday if i watch it in two languages then my dad will scold me badly coz im 12th so i have to concentrate on my studies i think i may not comment regularly so miss u guyzz

    2. I think it’s dadi n abhi plan as ystrday abhi said dadi I need ur hlp…hope so it’s abhi plan to find real thief…

  28. Hai Aishwarya all the best for your studies dear….and I am not working I am studying dear…

    1. Tq hency dear all d best for ur studies also

  29. ayo saamy inum ah intha serial ootranga…adapaavingala…epadi da oru pregnancy scence ah 1 and half years ah edupinga…enga anna ku mrge agi baby ahae poraka pothu da…they thought audience has stupid n fool…so only they telecast like this…story writer s utter waste..even he done know the story develop…atleast copy from other serials..stupid…whole world and abhi family know truth…but abhi done know,even he dont have doubt itself…how logical is ds…1st stupid s DADI,2nd pragya,3rd – Purab….out of the world idiot is one n only ROCKSTAR ABHI…,,,actors are awesome…but serial story s bad…once upon a time my fav serial s Rangrasiya next KKB…but i stop watching ds more than 1 year even stop tamil subbed also…i hate KKB to the core…how ppl will watch ds i done know…one softcorner so only came to read updates…but it goes vain…..WORST SERIAL EVER,,,now my fav show s THAPKI PYAAR KI with bihaan…becoz of abhi char now i hate Shabbir also .once my fav star…dont call him again as Rock star anything else….always pragya s stupid

  30. frnds..i’m so happppppppppyyyuyyyyyyyyyyy……..my result came..i have got 10/10….it’s all becoz of ur blessings and wishes…..

    1. Congratulations karthi?

      1. My mom too said congratulations to you karthi
        Best wishes for your future ?

    2. Hey congrats karthika which group ur gng to take?

    3. Congrats karthika !!!

    4. Congo karthi????

  31. dadi became really ill r it is their plan to reveal truth of tanu I am thinking like this because in yesterday segment doctor said that dadi is good no problem to her health but today she is ill something is fishy I think by this pragya’s team get to know that tanu is theif but what about abhi now again he divert his mind towards tanu r what no it should not happen pls CVS don’t do this I am thinking this time something gd is going to happen y don’t know but something gd is going to happen once nikhil said in interview that so many things reveal at last of this month what u say pratiksha ,sahithi,shobana, hency,kutty,gowtham,aishwarya,r other guys

    1. Asmitha, what I think is this might be a plan of abhigya or pragya and co or by abhi and dadi to catch the thief.
      None of the bank will say that u can withdraw money tomorrow only and not today. If they are tellin so no one will keep account in those banks . Especially for celebrities and high profile people bank officers will not like that.
      And how come pragya doesn’t even have small amount of money in home?? I think its full and full drama to catch the thief

      1. Pragya is a big business women. Is she is not even having credit card and debit cards. If they have given some other reasons also I would have not said that its drama. Since they said that she was not able withdraw money from bank I think it will be a drama

      2. s shobana me to thinking same yaar don’t know what they are up to

    2. Hey ashmitha i too think d same may its abhigya or abhi n dadi plan coz yesterday he asks dadi to help him n also after this i again saw d video in that when tanu handed hi money his reaction was wierd i think its abhi dadi n pragya plan lets hope for d best but not get much excited they may dissappoint us coz its regular work to d cvs

    3. Dear May b its Abhi’ s plan I think..

  32. aishwarya..i’m younger than u..i’m going to 11th

    1. Hi karthika
      I’m going to tenth
      U cbse??
      I’m from hyderabad
      But mother tongue is tamil amd my native is madurai

      1. Oh sorry pa I didn’t see ur last comment
        Good job karthika
        Which subject u took for 2nd language

  33. Hey friends.. wen tanu ‘ll be exposed.. any guess..

  34. waah bhai waah ab dadi bimar bhai jitna waah ab tanu is saying she have money because her mother gave her for her marriage bhai waah ek baat batao jab tanu ki mummy ne usey 15 lakh diye the shadi ke liye tab bhi WO pragya ke paise dene ka wait kar rahi this bhai wah arey itne me to shadi Minton me nipat jani thi had hai matlab humare forehead par saaf saaf likha hai ki hum pagal hain to kuchh bhi dekhenge bhai Kuchh bhi matalb seriously ye to wahi baat ho gayi andher nagri chaupat raja ??????

  35. Hi gowtham anna ,shobana sis, reji, and guys I don’t know if u remember me but
    I’m back
    If u don’t ill introduce myself again
    I’m settled in hyderabad but native is madurai
    Mostly ppl won’t reply that y I took a long break from commenting
    Anyways how r u guys???

    1. Ya anjhana
      I remember you pretty well. im gud
      How about you??
      And don’t think that no one is replying you. Most of them are mostly held with some works. So all might have been busy with their respective works that’s why we were not able to reply for each and every comments. Don’t worry for that. Keep commenting?
      And concentrate on ur studies too since u r entering 10std. All the very best for your studies anjhana.

      1. Shobana sis for ur wishes

      2. Thanks shobana sis*

    2. Hi anjhana ..i remember u very well !!..don’t think ya we r not replying ..just busy with my schedule !!..how r u ??…i am fine.. All the best for ur 10th std !!..

      1. Hi reji
        I’m fine
        Thanks reji akka and agree wid u reji akka even gowtham anna has got his new job la….
        And hi to all the new ppl in this group like Hency and aishu
        When I was commenting here u ppl were not there but just ra ding the comments I think
        So hi hency and aishu
        How r u guys
        And congrats na for ur new job

    3. Hai anjhana..hw r u??
      I’m also from Hyderabad dear…

      1. hi kutty…i’m fine
        how r u???
        which area???hyderabad la???
        kutty??? boy or a girl???
        can’t identify

      2. Hai anjhana.. I’m from tharnaka dear &am a girl my name is manasa.. Kitty is my nick name

  36. A quick refresher question. Wasn’t it after Tanu asked Abhi to get money from Pragya that Purab came in with the money and let it fall in front of Tanu? If it was after, could this be a set up that went wrong for Pragya’s team? I think they were hoping for Tanu to steal this money that is why after finding it missing the first room they went to was Tanu’s, hoping to find it there but she pulled a fast one and plant it in Sarla s room instead.
    I think there’s something else to that money that Tanu’s not aware of…a marker maybe, that anyone found with this marked money is definitely linked to being the culprit.
    Now Dadi fell down and is to be rushed to the hospital. Here Abhi asked for money before even getting to the hospital to know what the fee would be. Pragya saying something about bank being closed. The only way for them to not be able to get the money after bank hours is the sum they might request that a ATM card cannot give at any one time.
    Could that be 10L?
    Now with Abhi asking Dadi for help and she in turn told him to get Pragya’s, would this be Abhi’s and Pragya’s plan to flush out the crook by having Dadi fake her fall?
    Asking the family one by one to loan money and to return in double whatever they have is another way to find out who will come forward with that amount.
    Here comes Tanu all graceful trying to ride in like a white knight for Abhi not knowing she’s falling into a trap. Lying to Abhi about money from wedding. With Tanu handing over to Abhi his money and Akash searching and finding the rest of the money in Tanu’s room…will Tanu be able to get herself out of this one when Akash bring the rest in front of the family? Like I said, there could be markers on these money that only Purab and maybe Pragya can identify. If it is one these money in her possession, then Tanu will be trapped for sure.
    Will Tanu get caught or will she once again get away? One can never be sure with these writers. Let’s wait and watch which direction they will take.

  37. thanq so much shobana sis,anjhana,aishwarya…shobana sis convey my thanks to maa also…anjhana i took tamil only dear..u r going to tenth ryt..wish u best of luck……aishwarya thanq so much..i’m going to take 1st group biomaths….as my ambition is to become a doctor..once thanks to all of u..

    1. Oh good good karthika akka

    2. Ok all d best for ur future dear once again congrats

  38. I think abhi and dadi will play a game to find out the truth

  39. Hi guys. Sorry today I couldn’t give new updates to u all but glad that reji, radiation and sheetha did this. Gud job guys. Guys becoz it iis weekend again and u all knows that in weekend I remains busy but today I was mostly busy in finding ways to solve my phone’s problem. Sadly still I haven’t found any way. Buy still trying. Anyways whatever reading the updates and watching the segments, we can say it that this time tanu will b exposed in theft. But becoz she is pregnant and carrying a baby in her womb which is according to abhi so it will help her in saving her for any hard punishment. But becoz of her, Sarla maa and pragya faced whatever pain and insult and the way tanu harassed them mentally, for this abhi will definetly not forgive her. If this time tanu’s this sin will exposed then it will break her record of escaping. Guys first time ever in kkb’s history? let’s see.

    1. It’s razia after reji. But becoz of keypad’s mistake, it is written radiation. Sorry for mistake.

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