Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu calling Pragya and asks if she find for a way. Pragya says she couldn’t think of a way and asks her to have patience. She disconnects the call. Tanu thinks she will be left alone, if Pragya couldn’t do anything. Rachna sees vegetable burning on the gas and calls Pragya. Pragya apologizes and says she was thinking something. Rachna says she will make food again. Pragya gets an idea and thinks she have to bring Tanu home as this is the only way out. She asks Rachna to make saag and says she will send Rachna for help. Dadi says she wants to talk to Pragya. Pragya says she has some important work. Dasi asks her to listen to Dadi once. Pragya says she won’t stop for anyone. Rachna asks Dadi not to feel bad as Pragya is stressed out.

Aaliya’s friends ask her to

leave Purab. Aaliya says she needs Purab. Her friend says Purab doesn’t need you. He is just your obsession. Aaliya says Purab is my love. She says you are suggesting me to stay far from him. Her friend asks others to help Aaliya in her endeavor to win Purab. Abhi asks Pragya where are you going? Pragya says some idea stuck on her mind, so she is going to meet Tanu. Abhi says I am speaking about us. He says can we be friends? Pragya is silent. Abhi asks why you are complicating things. He says you don’t love me and doesn’t care if I comes near you, touches you, but it does matter to me. He touches her and asks if he doesn’t deserve her friendship atleast. Pragya says it is not like that. Humsafar Toh hain……song plays………………

Pragya says she will leave the house in some days. Abhi says he wants to give name to their relation, to make himself understand after she leaves. Pragya refuses his friendship and says we can’t be friends. She says Tanu is very possessive about you. I can’t be your friend. Whatever I am doing is for your happiness. Zindagi Yeh Safar ………….plays……………Abhi says what if I regards you as my friend. Pragya looks on. Dasi tells Dadi that Pragya raised question on your upbringing, and then also you are saying that she loves you. Dadi says Pragya might be tensed and worried about something. She says if she is saying something bad, then it has some advantage hidden for you. Dasi says you changed side. She says I scolded her because of you. Dadi says you was instigating me against Pragya. She says you are changing party. Dasi says I was just checking your mood. I couldn’t upset you. She says I will go and talk to Pragya. Dadi says she will also come.

Rachna brings juice and smiles seeing Dadi and Dasi sweet fight. She says she wanted happy family always. Dasi says what shall we do. Dadi says we have to know about Pragya’s problem or helplessness. We have to be careful. Taiji sees Rachna coming down and says she is looting my son. Mitali gets happy seeing her jealous face. Taiji eats banana fast. Mitali looks on shockingly. Taiji scolds her. She throws the banana on floor and asks Rachna to come. Mitali sees banana on Rachna’s way and removes banana from her way. Rachna calls her mummy and asks why did you call me. Taiji scolds her and thinks where is banana skin. She falls down. Mitali laughs. Rachna offers to help her. Taiji scolds them.

Abhi thinks about Pragya. Dadi comes and asks where is Pragya? Abhi says she is not here and went for some work. Dadi asks why you didn’t go with her. Abhi says she refused. Dadi says we want to talk to her. Abhi asks her to say. Dadi says if Pragya is having any problem. She doubts for her changed behavior and says she might be helpless. Abhi says she is worried about his doings. He says I did something which has troubled her. Dadi asks what did you do? Abhi thinks he can’t tell Dadi. He says Pragya doesn’t like to be in limelight as she shot the album. Dadi asks why she is doing this with me. Abhi says everything will be fine in 1 or 2 days. Dadi says they will wait for 2 days. Abhi gets worried.

Pragya thinks why she is thinking about Abhi. She thinks truth can’t be changed now. She says she wants to be with him always. Sarla calls Pragya and says I waited for you in the Gurudwara. Pragya says I was there, but left from there due to some work. Sarla asks what is the matter? Pragya says she will inform when they meet. Sarla says okay. Pragya thinks she will do this for everyone happiness.

Pragya brings Tanu home, shocking and surprising everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. DeeDee


    We bring you the exclusive twist of ‘Kumkum bhagya’. Tanu the vamp has done it again. For the last few episodes her pregnancy drama in the show has again created distance between Abhi and Pragya but very soon this is going to be a thing of the past as

    Abhi will finally find out Tanu’s secret and guess what? Tanu will indeed prove that she is pregnant but later it will turn out that the child’s father is not Abhi but someone else. Later, after elaborate investigation it will be revealed that Tanu had one night stand with a man whom she met at a pub. And her one-night partner is the real father of Tanu. The search and auditions are in full swing for Tanu’s one-night boyfriend. In the show Tanu’s boyfriend will have an important role to play.

    After finding out Tanu’s secret Abhi will throw her out of his house and Pragya-Abhi will be back together. Dadi’s wish to bring Abhi-Pragya together will be fulfilled. But Tanu is not going to leave Abhi. She will again come back in Abhi’s life with a vengeance.

    • manya

      thanx deedee for the relief…..i just wish they finish the search soon… because the present story is at the highest peak of idiocity…..i hate the way they keep dragging every sequence in kumkum….

  2. Pat

    Thanks DeeDee. I knew Tanu was a whore! I thought she is so in love with Abhi!!! …….When will this all happen?

  3. kowsi

    Current track of Kumkum Bhagya shows that Tanu’s pregnancy has created lots of tension in Abhi and Pragya’s married life.

    Both Abhi and Pragya think that Tanu’s pregnant with Abhi’s child and now Pragya has decided to unite Abhi and Tanu.

    Pragya tries to create hate in Dadi’s eyes for her but she gets upset to see Dadi is still behaving normal with her.

    Tanu shouts at Pragya for not able to create hate in Dadi’s eyes for her (Pragya).

    Tanu is not pregnant of Abhi’s child

    It will now be seen that Pragya decides to blame of theft at Indu dadi then dadi will surely throw Pragya out of the house.

    Abhi asks Pragya not to make wrong impression of herself in dadi’s eyes.Tanu asks him that it is necessary to make Pragya down in front of her family.
    Apart from this, it will soon reveal that Tanu is pregnant but not Abhi’s child.
    Tanu will make some wrong step which will create a doubt in Abhi’s mind over her pregnancy.
    Let’s see if Abhi or Pragya get successful to find out Tanu’s truth.

  4. Priya

    Ya I took check this… Wat s this yaar… I think it ll take few more weeks to show the truth. Cant wait yaar…. I thought next week they ll show… But now I think next month only they ll show…. Too bad soon I ll lose my patience and stop watching this serial.

  5. Priya

    I m getting tensed yaar…. Kovam kovama varuthu…. When abhi going to start his investigation when going to find out when they r gng to unite…. Saaaappppaaa mudiyala……

  6. kowsi

    Waiting for gud episode…come on quick abhi…tanu coming to abhi house..surely she will do some thing(overacting)..abhi will doubt on her behaviour..he will find out the truth ..may be i think this will be aired in nxt week or jun secnd week…who will know…they r dragging too much…

  7. kowsi

    Waiting for gud episode…come on abhi find out the truth soon..tanu coming to mehra mansion ..surely she will create and do something(overacting)…abhi will doubt on her behaviour..he will find out the truth…u ppl so much of dragging..i want all the family members(abhi ,pragya,dadi,dasi) slap tanu..lol…i think this will be aired in nxt week or jun secnd week..who will know…

  8. sharmi

    unless they find out the truth withing the next week or so, it’s not worth watching. Poor Dadi is already elderly dragging the show this way, they might have to find a replacement Dadi and I like the current one…so please get on with it and let Abhi and Pragya find out the Tanu had a one nighter…

  9. vannesha samaroo

    Come on please….hurrry n reveal the truth its going too slow….ull loose people

  10. Lavanya

    I have 2 get more tension abt tis serial.nd i’m also have become to mad on tis serial.so i ned gud episode

  11. I will eagerly await the episode where Abi will find out that Taun is pregnant with somebody else child.

    I will have the last laugh.

    Pragya still think that she can set everything right like God.

  12. kavitha

    Pls reveal the truth as soon as possible.. Can’t wait yaar.. I want to see abhi n pragya together..

  13. Liya

    Pragya,i thought u r a brave girl.if tanu want to be there with abhi,it is her need.y r u helping her?and that stupid tanu is ruling pragya eventhough pragya doesnt have any lena denaa!!

  14. writers what is going on with this serial it is also long and boring and you keep script jumping without solving the problems that had arisen for instance what ever became of purvi the maid daughter whom you accused of stealing and taking money to set up the kidnappings of bul bul pragya and abhi I cannot understand this storyline just ended abrupt and there are other storylines which also ended abruptly also so please writers what are you thinking of when you are writing these story llines they are not making sense at all and so we the viewers are frustrated and we will like to see more interesting scripts and more action please

  15. I never saw another man in tanus life she has always been dotish behind abhi trying to break him and pragya up so how all of a sudden she is pregnant for some other man whom she met in a pub come on writers wake up and stop sleep writing

    • Gloria this is what writers do sometimes with a story line.They hide the truth to make viewers go berserk.They did not show Tanu with another man yet because they want every one to believe it was Abhi’s then on the late half execute the real truth.This is becoming a bit boring like the kidnapping.Every day the same storyline then it comes to a stand still and whoop a new story line appears to confuse the minds of people.

  16. Liya

    Yeah tanu was always behind abhi then how cum she pregnant??nd what about purvi??.she isnt given any value in this current storyline.

  17. Natasha

    Too much of dragging the story.. Same concept gets repeated in all stories..writers please think different and do different..so that you won’t lose viewers..

  18. Natasha

    Writers..why you are initially showing the heroine is very brave..bold n they can easily identify other’s mistakes n very intelligent and all..but wen come to the second half..you are showing the same heroin doin stupid activities..and they don’t even have basic sense of believing others in what kind of matters..

  19. Jayaa

    hi all.. think how long they dragged Pragya-Abhi kidnap incident… but yes unless the writers do soething the TRP of this serial will go for a toss

  20. omg

    ohhh bl***dy shittt…..stupid serial and stupid pragya…..very boring…ab thak pragya aur abhi not united…its draging tooo much@&$*$*# ….pragyas chara ter is so irritating and also tanu and aliya…after 2 months back i m just read d update…really disapointed ki the story is on d same track wherever i stopped to watch dis show….really boring

  21. Beauty

    why pragya…why r u hiding ur flngs for abhi…i can nt see abhi’s cryng face..:-( 🙁

  22. Reena

    Can’t wait…. Plzzz speed up De story…we want 2 see past abhi and pragmatic lovely scenes

  23. Eppo thaan ivanga seruvaanganum dragging drama nu solli solli rhomba bore adichiduchu enna panrathu 2 weeks wait panratha thavara verra vazhiyae illa . But pls angayum oru twista vachidaatheenga .waiting for abhi and pragya to reunite

  24. SA

    Ya Ya YA, always knew Tanu had a 1 nite stand, this program is just ttooo predictable n the worst show I must admit, not watching until I see sum good story line atm its just a lot of shit!!!!! Pavitra Rishta was the best , kept us glued to the TV n so excitin tat just cud not wait for next episode, but this Kum kum needs a good Writer as the present 1 need to go bac an learn more about how to write sum interestin stories LOL

  25. I hate abhi how he pretend he nows nothing about love that whore tanu I thing she’s just pretending pregnant n abhi’s love for pragya is too late he deserve hatred

  26. sumayyasbabaji

    I can wait to see pragya’s face went she will no abhi is not the father of tanu’s baby

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