Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya get protective for each other

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya hearing Police jeep sound and thinks Abhi called them. Abhi searches for Pragya. Old lady tells that she wants water and says he will take it. Robber pushes her. Abhi holds her and fights with the robbers. Robbers catch Abhi and beat him. Pragya sees Abhi beaten up by them and hit one of the goon. Robber pushes her. Abhi gets angry and beats the robber. Other robber runs to the boss and informs that Abhi is downstairs. They think that he is an iron man. Pragya asks Abhi to leave the robber. Abhi asks how dare you to raise hand on my Pragya. Old lady asks Pragya to take Abhi from there before other robbers come there. Pragya asks him to come.

Aaliya calls everyone and says did I tell everyone about my feelings for Purab. They say yes. Disha says even I heard. Aaliya

asks then why you are staying here. She says she did a mistake by loving Purab and says Disha did a mistake by marrying her love. She says Purab and Disha will not stay here and asks them to go and find their personal space somewhere. Dasi says you are saying much. Aaliya asks her to either ask them to leave, or get Purab marry her. Taya ji says Purab is married. Disha says I think that Purab is right. Aaliya calls her gawar and asks Purab and disha to leave. Purab says we will leave. Manager tells Police about the robbers and tells that he didn’t give them keys and somehow escaped to inform Police. Police appreciate him. Pragya and Abhi are leaving. Boy comes to him and asks him not to leave him. He tells that his Papa is hostage by the robbers. Abhi says this boy can’t run like us and asks Pragya to hide with him. Pragya asks him to return. Abhi promises her and says he has to talk to her. Police and Media see CCTV hidden camera footage and think to save public.

Purab decides to leave. Taya ji asks Dadi to make him understand. Dasi says we all will be hurt to go away from you. Aaliya asks him to end the emotional drama. Disha asks Aaliya if Purab ever loved her or promised to marry her. Aaliya is silent. Disha says why you are blaming him for ruining your life. She says I can sympathize with you and asks her not to blame Purab again for her bad luck. Tanu thinks Disha made Aaliya quiet. Disha apologizes to everyone and says I can’t hear anything against him. Pragya and the boy hide, but they are caught by lady robber and the boss.

Aaliya brings their stuff and asks them to leave. Dasi asks her to be quiet. Aaliya says Disha has to go with her right husband and asks her to take her stuff and leave. Constable tells Inspector that he will show him about the situation inside. Inspector asks him to show. Boss slaps Pragya and says if you tries to elope then I will kill the boy. He says you would have agreed to us.

Goon calls Abhi near them using walkie talkie and says your wife is with us and crying. Pragya says I am not his wife. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi.. Really feel sad as to how they have screwed up a beautiful serial and talented actors.. Guess the writer in now totally without any direction in which way to go.. Writers in my comments a few days back I had given you few ideas wherein they show what happened to pragya after she left abhi, how did she reach London, what made abhi marry tanu and so on rather than repeating the kidnap, terrorists, robbery and being shot acts over the last 4 years. And today episode, what was it all about.. SICK AND CHEAP.. How can aliya stand there in front of the whole family and make a statement that either Purab should leave the house or they should get her married to purab.. Why can’t dasi just give her one tight slap. Because all her nonsense is being tolerated she is becoming more and more bold and feels she can say and do anything and get away.. Does this happen in real life and if you had such a person in your life would you have tolerated this nonsense or would you have admitted them to a mental asylum. Unless Tanu and aliya are punished they will keep on getting encouraged to do more crimes and that is what tbe writer is promoting in kumkum bhagya over the years. Guess it’s high time to stop all the nonsense and show some good. It is rightly said if you tolerate wrong and don’t raise your voice the person doing the wrong gets more and more bold… These two have plotted, kidnapped and are are murderers and they are moving in mehra mansion so freely without any fear.. This needs to STOP.. IS THERE NO ONE ON ZEETV WHO VIEWS THE CONTENT BEFORE IT IS TELECAST.. These shows are prime time shows and are watched across the globe by millions of viewers, what image of india are we trying to show to tbe the outside world. Feel sorry that once a show where the comments did not stop coming and being liked because of the chemistry between abhigya, is now nit getting any comments and if at all there are any comments they are all negative. Fail to understand with all the crap being shown and the lead women either being degraded to the core and the other women plotting against the main female lead as to how to make life more miserable for het, men in extra marital affairs how is this serial the No 1serial. Either the woman who watch this serials are getting pleasure where the woman is portrayed as a weak and a soft target for allm the wrong and if not guess the majority of the viewers are male as it must be boasting their Male pride a getting a good feel in their bloddy balls to see a woman being troubled all the time as they get a feel that men are superior. GUESS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THEY FEEL THEY ARE SUPERIOR AS IN REALITY IT IS TOTALLY OPPOSITE.. THE WOMEN ARE MORE STRONG AND INDEPENDANT AND ARE CAPABLE OF LEADING AND LIVING ALL ALONE AMD DON’T NEED A MAN TO FEEL GOOD AND IMPORTANT.

  2. its become now rediculous

  3. Thumbs up for the lovely comment.

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