Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya gaining consciousness and asks who is there? Champak says I am here, your lover. Pragya asks him to go and says she is married. Abhi comes to room and thinks Pragya might be sleeping and goes. Champak tells Pragya that he gave her a medicine to control her and now she is not in her senses. Pragya recalls her marriage with Abhi and picks up a rod to beat him. Champak says I am your Champak. Pragya asks him to go away, and says you are not even equivalent to my husband’s nails. Champak apologizes and runs from there. Pragya thinks nobody can touch her, except her husband. She protects herself and looks at her hand.

Sarla asks Janki if Pragya called. Sarla says she is missing her eating puri aloo. Tanu comes to Pragya’s room and sees her sleeping. She holds the

phone and takes closer to Pragya. She thinks shall I tell Sarla what happened with her daughter last night and thinks it will be surprise for her. Sarla calls again. Pragya attends the call. Tanu scolds Champak knowing he was beaten by Pragya and didn’t do anything. Nikhil says we should use the first 10 percent of footage to malign Pragya’s image. He mutes the video, edit it and sends to Tanu. Tanu says it is appearing as if Pragya is romancing with Champak. Nikhil says we will send this clip to everyone’s number and they will come running out of room and then blast…Abhi will hold his head and will think that Pragya had romanced with Champak. He says this 10 percent video will end their relation 100 percent. Tanu smirks.

Sarla asks Pragya what happened? Pragya says her head is heavy and says she is fine. Sarla cuts the call. Janki asks her not to take tension and says she is fine. She says I will bring breakfast for you. Sarla says okay. Pragya thinks what happened yesterday night and thinks she couldn’t remember. Tanu smiles looking at her and feels pity on her, says she will be shocked and then leave from here. Purab asks Dadi, what Nikhil is doing here? Dadi says may be he came to talk about contract. Purab says they are planning against Pragya. Dadi says yes. Purab says we should talk to Pragya. Dadi sasy she didn’t meet me till now. Abhi talks to someone about his album launch. Nikhil tries talking to Abhi about album.

Abhi sees Pragya getting down the stairs in a drowsy state and goes to hold her. He asks what happened to you? Pragya smiles. Abhi asks didn’t you sleep in night. Tanu says you said right. She couldn’t sleep all night as her lover didn’t let her sleep. Abhi asks what nonsense? Tanu asks him not to trust anyone and says they will think you weak. She says I am going to show you something which will end the trust. She shows the video in which Champak is getting close to Pragya. Tanu says Pragya is having illegitimate relation with Champak and has enjoyed in his room. She smirks happily. Abhi is shocked.

Dadi and Purab get the same video. Purab says Pragya told us about this plan. Dadi says that’s why Nikhil came here. Taya ji, Raj and Akash get the same video. Even all the ladies get it. Taya ji asks Abhi about the video. Mitali says Pragya and Abhi are looking shocked. Tai ji says don’t know what will Abhi do now? Purab asks Abhi not to think anything and says this is a lie. He says Pragya is trapped. Tanu asks him to stop it and says until when you will pull curtains on her truth and asks Abhi to tell something. Abhi goes in shock. Tanu says do you want to say that whatever Pragya did was because of helplessness, and asks him to say. She says anyone can have boyfriend, and romance, but spending night with him is a limit of shamelessness.

Pragya asks Tanu to stop it and says she was unwell last night. She says I didn’t do anything. Tanu says you are not in your senses since you became owner. She says you was egoistic and now you have become shameless and liar. Pragya says Tanu is lying. Tanu asks her to stop her acting and says you are not letting me marry Abhi, and at the other end you are having illegitimate relation with Champak. Tanu says you talk so much about your kumkum, husband etc, but it is all just to show off. She says you acted to be adarsh bahu, so that you can do all this thing behind Abhi. She asks what did you see in Champak which has changed your intention, and says you would have thought about your marriage and Abhi. Pragya says I didn’t call him in my room. Tanu says everyone know that you have kicked Abhi out of room, a day back. Pragya looks on.

Tanu asks Abhi to take a decision. Pragya asks her to stop it. Tanu says she will go to court with this proof and will prove that Pragya is a characterless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sri

    this story was great once upon a time… now it just sucks… make tanu’s marriage with nikhil and let abhi to have a brain…

  2. Nj

    This serial has lost its charm, pragya nd abhi scenes also cant help this serial to sink..even though tanu is exposed but its too late.. Viewers are now pissed off..abhi is a spineless nd dumb character, dadi pragya purab rachna akash nd sarla knows only to talk big,mitali nd her MIL most irritating character nd nikhil oh god what that man wants,he act smart but is a dumb nd now tanu’s voice irritates me….kumkum bhagya sucks

  3. gopu

    yes …the writer’s crossed all their limits in torturing audience especially a b*t*h is giving lectures about love and marriage in high pitch volume who is the no one cheater….better to end this ..

  4. steffyrao

    Gosh….so tired of Tanujis ranting. I wonder what the cvs have laid for tanuji when shes exposed.
    Her accusations are a JOKE.Gosh her role of acting is as constant as a dead body… a straight line on the heart monitor screen.

  5. Thahira

    Nonsense episode. This b**** tanu is saying pragya as characterless for more than 100 times and as usual pragya is dumb without exposing her. I saw the trailer of pragya bringing DNA reports of tanu’s baby to abhi and he’s angrily staring at tanu. But I’m not a fool to believe this promo again. It’s either tanu’s dream again or results will be shown as abhi is biological father of tanu’s Baby much to pragya’s shock. Then as usual dragging

    • sham

      Exactly One characterless lady blaming like she is pure. And another Abhi the dumb is hearing and rest the dumb group (Rachana, Purab, Akash Specially Dadi) as ususal no mouth to open. I doubt on promo also with these possibilities (Tanu’s Dream, Pragya’s Dream, Tanu play with the evidence) and for sure this evidence also not enough to that dumb Abhi. May be he is waiting to check is his baby look like him or nikil. And every time Tanu and Nikil plan is full proofed even I can say they are smart. But with dumb praya and her dumb party even more than 4 their plan always fail. Some time somebody steel her recording, deleted etc., etc.

  6. Sherry

    Dumb …..dumb ..episode ..u writers jus don’t know yourself what’s goin on …it’s d same nonsense every night n d story r jus as dumb as u writers ….it seems like Tanu is d real heroine in this foolish serial ..stupid show ever ..

  7. Afrina

    oh god this serial has no logic at all…..tanu is saying that pragya is shameless and having illegimate relationship!….so pregnent before marriage is not a problem….this is total nonsense….n abhi is going on hearing this nonsense as if tanu is perfect….plss make some sense story….

  8. safia meera

    I just gave up on this damn serial… This is super dumb annoying and irritating… It just wastes time and space…. It has gone bad to worst…. I doubt that the truth will ever come out it will drag till the last episode which will take forever to come …. Why makers did yourll make this series lose its magical touch…..I’m sorry if i hurt or offended any die hard fan of this serial but i am only being real…. Anyone agree with me??

  9. Asmitha

    So sad epi really I felt to beat tanu how can she blabber so many words stupid so sad of pragya I think tomorrow will be nice and waiting for tommarrow epi but in today epi I liked abhi helping pragya and the way he was taking with her it was nice I think he doesn’t leave any chance to romance with her very excited see tommarrow epi

    • shobana

      Yes asmitha abhi helping pragya scene was nice. But I was totally disappointed with yesterday’s episode. If someone shows anything against pragya he believes immediately. It looks like MMS track. After proving her innocence in MMS track also abhi is not ready to believe her. He should say its a fake video like they have done in MMS track and pragya can’t do this. Instead he is standing silently.

      • Asmitha

        Ya shobana he should not believe but here the situation is different she herself accepted affair and in front of him she feeded him and she talked with him sweetly he can believe on it so that what he didn’t said any word but what I understood more than doubt he had felt very sad fr loosing her so may be he was silent and if he asks whr she got video simply she will tell him not only me total family got it so there is no need to ask her but y they want to keep this much blabbering of tanu it was really sad in precap also they shown tanu blabbering and pragya crying this is not nice so let’s see today after showing video what she will blabber waiting fr today epi

      • Pratiksha

        Shobhna, most annoying thing was, he always listened tanu silently and gives much attention to her , whenever she blabbers about pragya but doesn’t care what pragya is saying in her defence. He gives lots of time to tanu to blabber, who herself a second woman. but doesn’t give pragya a chance to explain herself. It was clear from his expression that he was I’m dilemma and was not completely believing on video and what tanu was saying but his mistake was this that instead of giving chance to pragya to explain and instead of understanding that what was the situation last night with pragya, he was letting just tanu blabber like always. When tanu says that pragya kicked out abhi from the room then abhi should speak at that time that she wasn’t, infact it was his decision to stay away from his room for somedays. But no, he was silent on that time also, like he was on that time when tanu accuses pragya for many things, for which he is actually responsible not pragya. It is gud that he asks for forgiveness after realizing his mistake but worst thing is that he never learnt from his mistakes and repeats it again and again. I just hate this side of abhi. Whenever this types of scenes and situations accurs in the show when abhi silently listens every insult and accusations on pragya, then I feels not only tanu should get abhi, infact abhi also shouldn’t get pragya. I think the correct time is still didn’t came when abhigya should unite. There r many more things to solve between them to make a strong bond for a strong relationship, in which trust and very gud understanding is must. If they will unite without solving these things then situation could again accur in their life, which could make them separate again and again.

      • shobana

        prathiksha each and every word u said is true. But I can’t bear this tanu and drama. How can a woman stoop so low ???
        Abhi is going to realize his mistake in the upcoming episodes. But I feel if he realizes it also in future if someone points pragya like this he will remain silent only. He didn’t think how the video has been shooted ?? I mean who shoot it ?? Y they send it to everyone?? In these kind of situations abhi should use his brain which he has kept in freezer for long while.
        I personally feel that no girl will think that she wants a husband like abhi???.

      • shobana

        And asmitha, yesterday my mom said it will be better if they stitch tanu’s mouth. I don’t know in what right she is speaking. I think purab is the one going to show the real video. They can show the real video immediately after seeing the fake one. Y they are letting tanu to blabber this much which is irritating to the core and then proving that nothing has happened as such

        And one thing in new promo also they have shown abhi reacting to the proof. Which means he always needs proof to believe someone

      • Pratiksha

        Shobhna that’s why i m saying it that still correct time not came to abhigya’s reunion becoz they still needs lots of developments and progress in their relationship, in which trust and gud understanding is must. If they will unite without these things progression, it is obvious that they will seperate everytime. And shobhna i have been said it very before that i will never want a husband like abhi for me. His love will b waste if there will b no trust and gud understanding in relationship. Every girl needs a lover who loves her unconditinally and unlimitedly, who should not only loyal for her even who keeps trust on her loyality also and nobody wants to lose this type of lover. So every girl will want complete trust and gud understanding for never losing her lover becoz of misunderstandings. Abhi loves pragya a lot but his love doesn’t seems enough mature. Infact they both needs to learn a lot about love and how to make it strong.

      • Asmitha

        Shobana I didn’t understand y she brought DNA report as per promo that she already told him about baby if she said about the baby means is abhi proposed her if not she will not take this much big step to tell him the truth what is ur view

      • shobana

        Yes prathiksha u r absolutely right ??
        And asmitha I literally don’t want to put any hope on promo. Unless and until I see in my own eyes in episodes I won’t believe that tanus baby truth is exposed or tanu’s baby dad is Nikhil’s truth is exposed. Since the CVs made us many times. If the promo is to be I think still abhi doesn’t know about Nikhil’s involvement. And tanu Nikhil has also to be exposed for sarla ma kidnapping and accident which the CVs should not forget while exposing

      • Sahithi

        Girls relax, its just a fictional character, but dont bash Abhi so much haa.. He doesnt deserve a Daadi like that and then to some extent a wife like Pragya. Abhi sees a video with Pragya on bed with Champu beside her and everyone want Abhi to trust Pragya. Fair enough, but Pragya also thought Tanu is carrying Abhi’s baby because she is his girlfriend.

        Its kind of rehash of what happened before, Pragya should have also trusted Abhi and given him benefit of doubt. Yeah Abhi always went around saying Tanu is his girlfriend, but now Pragya is also acting around that Champu is her boyfriend and she was serving food.

  10. fero

    Faltu giri is going on……this track is going so long now its I gues 6th month diz track is going on and onn..uhhhhh..I don’t knw wat pragya is thinkg uptoo uhh. ..dadi knwz rachna Akash sarla everyone knwz but abhi don’t knw truth of Tanu uhhh discusting

  11. Hiral

    total rubbish show now this back and forth Tanu needs to stop… she needs to come off and just leave… Abhi character is stupid makes him sound like a man with no brain… show the characters with backbone and end this Tanu and Pragya nonsense

  12. shanaya

    this is ekta’s show and dont forget when ekta comes back she just rocks it….cmon guys we cant support nonsense but we can wait for the add of the upcoming episode we have seen.

    and i still like the show not because of tanu’s stupid games but yes because of abhigya

  13. Pearley hobaichan

    Rubbish, rubbishand rubbish never see shit like this why they don’t kill off wicked tanu hate you b*t*h and Mikhail that crook used to luv
    This show but writer is crazy hate it now how much more pragya have to face it seems like tanu is the star so tanu go jump in a lake you pregnant for Mikhail and want abhi shame ion this show

  14. surbhi

    raju.tanu tanu bolti.reh bas and abhi.only few.lines.for u tareef karun kya.uski.jisne tujhe banaya vedio par bhi believe hai apni.personal.biwi.par nahi waah u proved that ki mar jayenge magar dimag nahi lagayenge waah keep.it up good going

    • shobana

      Actually surbhi, from the very beginning there is no trust in abhigya relationship. Today episode remembers me abt MMS track. In MMS also video will be send to mobile on seeing it abhi will start to taunt pragya but here instead of him tanu is taunting.
      By seeing segment i thought yesterday episode will be fun filled one. But they should only 2 mins pragya beating champu ?☹
      Totally irritated when tanu was speaking

      • shobana

        Abhi should have asked tanu how u got this video and try to find out who is behind it instead of doubting pragya all the time.

      • surbhi

        exactly shobhna and the worst part is no one comes ahead in support when everyone knows that she cant do it then also and trust I think this word ia used only as negative impact on everything and everyone no.one has trust on.anyone in mehra mansion if they had then every reltion iN mm would have solved and about segment then I must have to say that the main part will be telecasted on wednesday or thursday because now a days kkb one day means one and a half week and.about promo so I have a strong feeling that this must be someones dream to.keep viewer attached to the show nothing else other wise how simply with a DNA reports she is proving that it is not his child impossible and if we talk about tanu then what to say I.have said already that only she have the right in MM to accuse anyone.and take part positively in confrontation I wonder when she will be expose them.what will be her punishment because she has done too much.

      • shobana

        Program name can be changed as Tanu ki jeet. Purab tells abhi but tanu confronts irritating yaar. Anyways after 2days champak is going to get nice beating from abhi. And surbhi, related to new promo, I really don’t want to put any hope on it. Since they are tellin only baby is not abhi’s and they didn’t say anything about baby’s dad. If it is a dream then for sure kkb will be in the last position.

      • shobana

        Surbhi , irritating when tanu says abhi ke Bache Ki maa banawali. And the most irritating is everyone is standing like a wax statue.

      • surbhi

        shobhna he is from good family na they give chance to speak everyone but only in case of others not in case of family every time cvs is proving that if you fall in love it means u have lost ur brain and I remember one day I read somewhere that dig a pit and name it love then see.people falling love lolz it is proved here haha nothing could happen barbaad hai serial

  15. Beauty

    I agree senseless story and story is going round and round, now if Tanu will expose as well nothing will left in this serial ,so better to off air this serial

  16. amanda

    Same f**king shit am so fed up…… all the soap is the same kill one husband or separate them and fogive the b*t*hes

  17. shnaakht

    o wow …… very nice episode…finally tanu kamayaab hue..abhi n ptagya ko separate krne ki koshish me….i wish they finally separated n go away from this show…hate pragya n bakwaas acting of abhi..i m just boored with this drama now..atleaet tanu n nikil kuch to kr rahe interest bnaye rkhne k liye..good job u both..

  18. Sick of dis serial

    Hw much down can the story go??
    Waste of viewers time and even reading the update is also a waste of time
    Once upon a time this was a good serial
    And now All this is a bullshit.

  19. Pamela

    Send your comments on Twitter to ZeeTV and STOP watching. Only way anything will change is if the ratings plummet which I’m praying have already. This show has become insulting to actors and audience as well as DISGUSTING.

  20. divya rampaul

    i think tanu and abhi should get married as both of them are sooooo stupid. tanu is dumb and abhi is dumber not to mention pragya who is queen dumbo

  21. Dora

    i thnk srsly writers hv losted der minds……..my sis blessed wid a baby she was wid tannu……nd tannu still gosh…..its too much dragging cant tolerate dis …let dis serial go off air….got fed up wid tannu ’s pregnancy nd his silly nikhil

  22. Sandra Ramsook

    Wait nah I did’nt watch thus for quit a while because of d crap n decided to read an update. I am in shock that this story is still stuck in d stone age. It is d worse piece of crap passing for reality in a serial rhat has long lost its charm n value. These writers should give up n live their dream with this woman they call Tanu. It is obvious they don’t want to get rid of her. Perhaps they may come now n say she not really pregnant as its long past a year n make her out to b a perfect human or even God to them. Even all d other Indian serial are following n showing d same crap. I think they should hire some foreign writers.

  23. Ekta Kapoor

    Don’t worry guys.A few days after this champak drama.. Pragya(Sriti Jha) does a DNA test of Tanu(Leena Jumani) and shows Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) the reports that say that this baby is not Abhi’s…….., and then what the audience have been waiting for….BAAAAM…Tanu(Leena) is out.. and we are doing this quick cuz Tanu (Leena Jumani) is quitting the show, she got another contract. I am gonna miss her as this evil character, but another awesome character(a nice one) is entering the show. Stay tuned if you wanna see who that is.

  24. raksha

    This drama is going down the drain. Every time the evil people wins. When are you going to stop creating all stupid scenes to drag your story. Even in real life i think we can tolerate to certain extent but seeing this drama is making us looks like fools.

  25. Payal

    I just don’t understand why Tanu talks the entire episode and everyone stand and listen. Is she that important, please explain. And why do you make Abhi so stupid, cry baby. Has no guts to stand up for himself or Pragya.

  26. Sandra

    I am so sick of this show and the same nonsense all the time – why don’t they end it once and for all

  27. Ash

    Honestly this sucks. The writer has nothing to do and all day to do it. Im beginning to hate this show

  28. Payal

    PLEASE zeetv, just get Abhi n Tanu married, these two belong together, ignore the rest of the cast, including Pragya and END this show. JUST END THIS SHOW

  29. shounie

    Plz end this mess . i hate this show and all the shows of ekta kapoor. same story of all her serials.she should stop making serials now.

  30. nivetha

    please let abhi and pragya to live happily and let this nonsense tanu to get married with nikhil please end this show smoothly and happily even it takes more episodes please stop this nonsense becoz we are getting bored of this same story in all serial so plz plz plz stop this tanu character

  31. Kil lam

    Hey guys
    U all comment on the show which shows that all of u read updates and that u r waiting for the day when abhigya will unite.
    That’s why they r dragging the show as they know that we will definitely watch the show and their trip will also rise.
    Though we r annoyed right now we luv abhigya so we will eat all this crap to see them United.
    This is the writers strength and that’s y they r not worrying abt their flop show which is gaining An amazing trp

  32. shobana

    Guys if I say one thing all will laugh at me.
    I have a superstitious belief that if I start to record a program in my dth, soon after a month or two the program will go air off???. It has happened many times. But in last December I was not able to bear tanu’s drama and decided to record kkb in dth in order to put a full stop to tanu’s drama ??. Soon after I started to record the show alia and raj got exposed. I was so happy ?? that tanu too will get exposed soon ??. But the ulta is happening ??. I laugh at myself ??

  33. Sahithi

    Guys Tanu’s screeching, Abhi’s silence, Pragya’s tears are usual stuff by now. But Pragya shown wearing Kumkum hidden, is a new thing for yday epi.

    • shobana

      Yes sahithi, I thought these many days that pragya didn’t keep kumkum. Even someone referred in comment section before few days pragya doesn’t keep kumkum in her forehead then y the show is named as kumkum bhagya. It was really a new thing in yesterday episode. After karvachauth abhi checked pragya forehead whether she has kept kumkum hidden. But he couldn’t see kumkum in her head. Suddenly yesterday the CVs showed her, kept kumkum hidden
      And yesterday they clearly showed the lock.

  34. sejal mankani

    seriously yrr now its too much
    kab se yahi drama chal raha hai abhi tak sach saamne ni aaya
    jabardasti ke twist yrr ab bahut bire kar rahe hai
    ab kuch naya hina chahiye

  35. sham

    One characterless lady blaming like she is pure. And another Abhi the dumb is hearing and rest the dumb group (Rachana, Purab, Akash Specially Dadi) as ususal no mouth to open. I doubt on promo also with these possibilities (Tanu’s Dream, Pragya’s Dream, Tanu play with the evidence) and for sure this evidence also not enough to that dumb Abhi. May be he is waiting to check is his baby look like him or nikil. And every time Tanu and Nikil plan is full proofed even I can say they are smart. But with dumb praya and her dumb party even more than 4 their plan always fail. Some time somebody steel her recording, deleted etc., etc.

    • Sahithi

      There is chance for DNA test to happen as shown in promo, if Tanu is rushed to hospital after she intentionally falls on her stomach to let Champak escape. Because in segment video looks like Abhi is asking Raj help to take Tanu to hospital.

      May be this time Pragya may get the DNA test done, without Tanu’s knowledge. Getting the test done is fine, but will Tanu exit just like that without doing further manipulation out of the result, we have to see.

  36. sunitasingh

    ye kesha abhi he jo jhuth aur sachh nahi janna chahate ho. chullu varr panime dubb ke maroo

  37. dolly gundi

    pragya don’t plan anything you always flop. so better leave abhi and marry champak.
    champak is gud guy.

  38. Divya

    even i m gng to stop read the written update also… we just think that the show has end with pragaya’s death, & Abhi will marry Tanu. surely its not a happly ending but it is too good with irritate us daily..

    And Pls Ektha don’t produce any drama untill otherwise you got any intelligent writers..

  39. anne

    u know something tanu is very thick skin thats y fans comments all unwanted remarks on her she never leave the show i know its just acting but her character is disgusting so sorry to say that v wil wait n c

  40. lol

    Please stop this blo*dy nonsense show…meaning less dragging….no story line at all…all the time hero and heroine become Banaras ??…..

  41. Pratiksha

    Guys Leena have posted a pic from Mehra house, in which she is in party dress and behind her Mehra mansion is fully decorated. It seems another party is happening in Mehra house. But what could b the reason of it, don’t know. Any guesses guys?

  42. neelam tiwary

    Seriously no work I think serial banane walo k 1years se sirf tanu ka drama or jhut ka rockstar ka story dikha kar faltu ka zeetv ka time waste kar rha gai or humlogo ka v plz stop this drama otherwise stop this serial plz

  43. Sahithi

    Guys anyone saw the pic posted by Leena on IG. She seems to be dressed up and there was decoration in background, place looks like MM. Not sure what else is being celebrated now. Any guesses?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.