Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya decides to go to Party

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The Episode starts with Tanu inviting King for the party and tells that Pragya has already agreed and reminds Pragya about her challenge. King asks what? Pragya makes an excuse. Tanu says your husband is good. Abhi goes to billing counter. King says we will meet in the party. Kiara and Sunny come to the Mehra Mansion. She greets Dadi. Sunny asks where is chucks as she came to meet him. Pragya and Abhi look at each other,. Aye dil sun le zara plays. Tanu reminds Abhi that Pragya is Mr. Singh’s wife. Mitali calls Abhi and asks Tanu to go to counter. Kiara talks to Abhi. Abhi tells her that his mood was off, but now he is fine hearing her. Kiara asks what happened? Abhi tells her that he met his doll today and someone else took it. Kiara asks him to take her gyan and asks him not to let doll go with

someone else. Abhi says I wish it was possible. He says I am reaching home in 1 hour and asks her to wait. Kiara tells that she is going and came to drop cookie, will take it next week. Abhi asks her to take cookie with her. Kiara asks him not to think about her happiness.

Abhi tells her that she had left her bracelet last time and says she copies him. Kiara says she is wearing it since London. She says you have copied me. Abhi says ok. He asks Tanu why did she invite Pragya and King and says he is his rival. Tanu says he was talking nicely. Abhi says I don’t like him. Tanu says she will ask them not to come and says you will get uncomfortable with pragya’s presence. Abhi asks her to let them come.

Dadi and Dasi talk about Kiara. They think she is like Pragya and have her qualities. King asks Pragya why is upset. Pragya says it is not like that. King tells that Tanu is strange and was telling again and again that she is Abhi’s wife, don’t know why. Pragya says if you don’t want we will not go to party. King says we will go, I want to thank Abhi for saving you. He makes her wear necklace. Abhi sees and gets tears in his eyes. Pragya asks King not to gift her anything again. He teases her. Pragya smiles. Abhi and others leave. Mitali and Tai ji are doing the arrangements. Abhi and others come, but don’t talk and go to their rooms. Mitali says we will know what happened in the evening.

Purab and Disha talk about Tanu and Pragya. Disha tells that something is going on Tanu’s mind and tells that Aaliya must have made the plan of party. She tells that God made mangalsutra fall on Pragya’s neck and says they are destined to be together. She says Tanu invited her to hurt her. She says she don’t want her to come. Purab says everyone will get happy meeting Di. Disha says she will hurt her just like she hurt her in jewellery shop. Purab says yes. She hopes Pragya di don’t come to the party. Pragya recalls Tanu insulting her and thinks she can’t go. She then thinks she has accepted her challenge infront of King and have to go.

Pragya asks King to check the time and says we have to go to party. King says I don’t want to go. Pragya says I am prepared to go. King asks for revenge. He says I have seen and heard what you both were talking.

Suwarni Dadi asks Abhi to forgive Pragya and says she forgave you many times.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. where did nikhil go? who is suwarn dadi? Mostwomen in zee tv r shown weak : Pooja, Pragya, Meera, Zara, Puchki? The only good show on zee tv now is Aap Ke Aa Jane Se. Abhi is so annoying. Who wants Brahmarakshas 2?

    1. With the 7 yr leap and the Mehra move to Delhi, Nikhil was left behind in Mumbai. Suwarni Dadi arrived with Indu Dasi at the Mehra Mansion when Aliyah was getting engaged to Purab. Both were anxious to meet Pragya on that day. Suwarni Dadi disappeared from the show eventually. She very rarely had any lines to speak. However she has re-appeared after the leap and is now suddenly verbal and engaged. And I agree, Abhi is an insult to all adult men of any culture. I wish to believe that men cannot be that stupid. It’s likely a reflection of what Ekta really thinks about men in general.

  2. yes, make that big baby cry, boooo, he made my lady cry too many times.

  3. Jitna abhi ne pragya ko rulaya hai us ka 5 percent bhe ye nhi royaa ho ga sab kuch abhi ka maaf kya ja sakta hai lekin us tanu se shaadi nhi hrgiz nhi

  4. Very right Pranav.. totally agree with you..??

  5. Ekta is right on track with the astrology. Todays eclipse is like a signal of more chaos to come as more evil is exposed. Good people will finally start seeing some good come into their lives. If Ekta is honest (big round of laughter) then Abhi and Pragya should be together within 3 months and the series is finally over. Aliyah and Tanu should begin their journey to being exposed. The tanu toy already does that well, with cloth being draped only on her body and being called a dress…. why don’t Sunny and Kiara just pull her damn outfit off in public, of course. So, the toy and the evil that walks like an elephant should be getting their just awards. And Mithali too. We’ll have to see. Don’t help Ekta. Don’t buy those chips. If they are not certified organic they are likely loaded with chemicals and GMO products. The West keeps dumping it’s garbage (products and business techniques) into India, so unless you want to end up with health problems and fat, don’t eat this junk food. Don’t let your kids eat junk food. They will become fat. Ekta has no problem pushing junk onto viewers but it is doubtful that she would eat this stuff herself. The toy’s makeup today did a better job of covering her aging skin. Hopefully within two weeks she’ll be painted right out of the series along with her better half, her real husband the Aliyah with the fashion/footwear problems. Aliyah needs a new hairstylist. Who wears a pigtail sticking out like a prod unless they are masquerading as a virus with it’s injection ‘rod’ poking out ready to infect healthy cells. You really do have to feel sorry for this actress. She truly has been taken advantage of and her worst qualities have been purposefully highlighted.

  6. Why is this stupid writer dragging the show? Abhi and pragya and love each other bring them together and stop this track. Why is it a problem when two people love each other for this writer. All her serials has this nonsense. We know that she is not marry. That’s not the reason to this with husband and wife in your serials . Use your brain and write good things.we do not want to see the two whore and witches. I think they have the same attitude like the writer. Pragya is such a good actor why she accepts this role. Abhi is the dumbest husband I ever know.The writer is learning us to break with our husband, to be the same like her

  7. i try not to cmnt coz i knw its just worthless. but all this is too much to put up with. we had two epis of only tanu… way too much to be bearable nd this epi is no better. look at all those accusations tanu blames pragya for. she is the last person on earth to be saying that. like seriously? third person in marriage… gold digger… ruining others family…? gawd, its all too much. i still dont understand how on earth tanu lives with herself being the woman she has been.
    nd here is our pragya accepting all those humiliations without a word back. nd she is confused whether to worry that abhi married someone else or that he married tanu. great.
    why cant pragya for one goddamned second open her eyes and see the reality? one side is abhi, the idiot he is, who threw her out of the house nd married tanu who tried to pass someone else’s baby as his. and this side is king who thinks pragya is his everything, gave his name to her child and is being everything the previous one didnt even try to be. why is she still hanging on to that spineless abhi?
    ok… let it be. lets say pragya loves him so much to move on… she doesnt even want king to lie that she is mrs. singh. but then where r her morals when she shouts to tanu that king is her husband? didnt she use him to justify herself? wonderful.
    all this is so crappy to be mendable. nd, i dont think they will try to mend it.
    now again they will create another new drama when king nd pragya go to mehra mansion adding to the mess. dont know what will happen nxt. but from all this dragging, one thing is clear. the story will never move on, not in the near future.

  8. Yes Ani you are 100% right

  9. Geeta and Ani, I too agree. Ekta kapoor is highlighting how the ‘good’ women, sanskari women hurt themselves more than anyone else. The blind obedience to “stay married, he loves you and it ‘s your job to be his anger-eater until your dead, if that’s his wish” demands that a woman not think or feel, simply obey. Of course this is wrong. So are the ‘independant’ women aliyah and Tanu. They are not independent. They rely on a stupid and easily controlled man to pay their bills/lifestyle. The producer herself has never become a happy woman thus she can only see women as one of these two negative possibilities, expensive evil lying b*tch or economy stupid obedient servant. The producer herself instead of growing up is exposing her own limitations through her ‘work’. What she thinks about men is rather frightening. And how can the story move on, why should it? Ekta is set for life behind her safety in money. She doesn’t need to change or grow up. Thus her creative ‘work’ can’t go beyond Ekta’s own personal limits. As we are seeing, Ekta is a very limited type of thinker…. think Abhi/Aliyah… maybe Ekta grew up in a similar type of home. Ekta does not have the ability to actually create. That’s why her work always has the same bullsh*t. She doesn’t know anything else. Why bother be human and learn, expand…she doesn’t need to do that. She can copy other peoples work. She’s rich and getting richer. She’s a winner in her own eyes. Personally, through her work I see her as a pathetic brat rich kid who will do ANYTHING for money/status. Sort of like Tanu toy and Aliyah the sadistic shoe/fashion abuser and proven psychopath.

  10. That’s true Akituster.

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