Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya sleeping holding Abhi’s hand. Abhi takes his hand back. Pragya asks if he is fine now and says rain is stopped, we shall go back home. He asks her to save his relation with Dadi and goes to make kada. Tanu scolds Robin for the bad coffee and calls it kada. Purab asks Dadi if Abhi called you. Dadi says yes, and says he said that he is going to Delhi for a contract. Purab asks about Pragya. Dadi says Sarla might know and calls her. She says she is worried for her. Sarla says Pragya is in Abhi’s lonavala home. Dadi says okay and cuts the call. Sarla thinks she didn’t hear that Abhi is with her. Tanu hears them and thinks to inform Aaliya and Nikhil. Purab says what Pragya is doing there when Abhi is in Delhi. He says I will go there and supports Pragya to expose Tanu.

Aaliya tells Nikhil that Tanu was talking badly with her. Tanu calls her and informs her that Abhi is in Delhi and Pragya is waiting for him at his lonavala residence. She says we are safe until now. Aaliya asks her to come to her hotel so that they can make plan. Purab hears Tanu asking driver to take her to Aaliya’s hotel and opines that she is also with them in the conspiracy.

Abhi thinks why Pragya is taking care of me, when I told her clearly that I will not hear her. Pragya steps on glass pieces, even though Abhi tries to alert her. Abhi says blood is coming out and asks if you are doing this intentionally so that I care for you. Pragya asks him not to care and says tears her saree pallu to tie on the wound. Abhi says blood is even coming out and asks her to sit quietly. Pragya asks why you are caring me and asks him to leave her. Abhi says your mum knows that you are with me, if she sees this wound then will blame me. Pragya asks why he is acting to break relation and says until we separate, we will keep on supporting each other. Abhi says nothing is between us. He ties cloth on his foot. Humsafar juda juda song plays………..Abhi asks her to clear her doubt and says I don’t want to talk. Pragya says relation can end, but not feelings. She says the more you try to hide your pain, the more it will increase. She says you have love for me in your heart and asks him to give a chance. Abhi says there is nothing in my heart. Pragya insists. Abhi asks how to hear you again and again. Pragya says I want to show you something and goes to get her phone.

Pragya brings her phone and sees it broken. She tells that she couldn’t prove her innocence now, and says I couldn’t save our relation now. Abhi asks her to stop her drama and asks her to leave. Pragya says I have hidden a big truth from you, thinking I will prove it infront of you, oblivious to the fact that our relation will end. She says I haven’t killed Tanu’s baby and says Tanu tried to kill me as she knows that I will tell you that she is pregnant with Nikhil’s baby. She says they tried to kill me, but I jumped from the way and they got hit. She says I took her immediately to hospital to save her baby. She says Tanu stopped me from telling you the truth and emotionally blackmailed me. When I came to tell you truth, you asked me to go. She assured me that she will take care and support you. She says I want to see you happy and that’s why left you. When I came to know that Tanu is with Nikhil, I got angry and went to his house. They were celebrating as you are mourning for the baby’s death who was not yours. She says I recorded their conversation and came here.

Abhi claps and says what a story? He says I will not believe on your story. You know why? You told me that you are sacrificing your happiness for my happiness. He says whoever hears your story will cry, but I will not. He says when you left me for the first time, I loved and respected you even more as I thought you love my baby too. When you returned, you told me about your greedy side and betrayal. He says you tried to take advantage and says this is real truth. He says you have always betrayed me and also my Dadi. He says you have not loved your mum also. He says everything was a lie in your life, your kumkum, mangalsutra, and love. Pragya says my love is not lie.

Pragya says she became bad and named his property on her name to protect him from his enemies. Abhi says he has no enemies.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jada

    Sorry for saying this but Pragya deserves this for hiding the truth so long. This is what happens when you take unnecessary steps to solve a problem.

  2. Omer Sher (OSS07)

    Bad plot why the directors have to break her phone!!! They think viewers ate all fools. Hope Abhi will grow up and see he truth.

  3. Oh my god this drama with Tanu n Nikhil need to end and let abhi n Pragya live happy .

  4. asmitha, sahiti, pratiksha if abhi’s memory loss is going to happen then what does new montage means????? haaa

    1. Really ketki me to not understanding y they gave new montage when they r going to separate them

      1. they are gng to reunite abhigya.. thats y they hv given the new montage.. but dont knw wether abhi gng to meets an accident or not 😛

    2. I guess we have to wait like as always, as Sheela also shot some scenes 2-3 days back. I am hoping she will either come in person or on call tell Abhi about truth and how Pari was kidnapped. As per promo, Abhi will know truth and may be convinced also.

      But its not clear if he will confront Tanu about the baby and all her cheating so far. May be even before he can meet Tanu, he will meet with this accident. As Tanu n Nikhil are thinking Abhi is in Delhi and only Pragya is waiting for him in this Lonavala house. So Nikhil will remove brakes of Pragya’s car but Abhi may use that car instead of Pragya.

      So not sure if ML will be there or not and if it will happen, if Abhi will act ML to make Tanu confess truth herself. As there is no baby now, they cant do a second DNA test. If Abhi directly asks her she will manipulate and obviously will never accept her mistakes and cheating. It should always come directly from her mouth, at some point. So I am hoping it should be Abhi’s drama to make Tanu open her mouth.

      If later it is shown as he is acting then audience may be convinced, otherwise who will want to watch again same stuff from starting if Abhi forgets Pragya completely.

    3. last tim2 montage also dnt mean anythg abhi holding umbrella he never cared or suppored her
      this time also doesnt mean anythg do not expect anythg to happen take my word
      evn if he beleives or sees proof next episode or same episod ehe will loose memory so dont think anythg positive to happen

      1. I agree with ur opinion. Bcoz I have lost all the positive thoughts about kkb. Nowadays I have only negative thoughts about kkb. Bcoz always evils win. There are no any justice.
        Now they have decided to restart the competition again. I think they are going to start “Mrs. Abhi Competition” like ‘miss world competition’. The competition is going to held between pragya & tanu. The target “who will win abhi’s love?” The award “abhi”.

  5. Saale saare hi chutiya h Jo bnate h serial WO b or Jo dekhte h base ghatiya WO mhaan chutiya ??

  6. Shakaib

    Thank god , abhigya will be together now but tikkhil is still planing. Hope nothing will happen to abhi in accident

  7. agar abhi ka memory loss hoga koy nahi dekhega ye show aduians sirf abhigya ke liye dekhenge upcoming story mein abhi pragya ko hi bhul jayega abhigya ke fans disappoint hojayenge

  8. Don’t know guys what CVS r up to by showing two different things at the same time, firstly they r showing negative promo then with it they r showing a positive montage. I don’t want to say anything. I m just looking and observing updates silently to know that what these CVS r trying to do and how they will manage their show’s trp and popularity like always after this new promo and how they will convince the viewers by further story ? That’s it.

    1. Pratiksha I think this montage is only fr two days and after this we get other one and this much is happening in kkb but they r not giving any olv’s and segments

    2. Interesting thing is Pragya is not in Fuggy getup. I would have loved to see her as Fuggy. As much as Fuggy is a girl next door and supposedly boring look, Sriti looks so cute as Fuggy. She made a simple girl look so adorable and lovely, the way she carried that look, how much ever glamorous she looked after her makeover, I cant help liking her more as Fuggy.

      Also, she is not shown with kumkum or mangalsutr. More so like Abhi giving her some flowers as if like strangers. The writers definitely have to show something really different like even with ML Abhi falls for Pragya. I think by next week we will understand this montage better, what to make out of it.

      1. Nice guess sahithi even I understood only this reason about the new montage that abhi will fall for pragya all over again even after the memory loss and they will start their love story with fresh start like usually lovers starts but still I don’t want to say anything and will only want to b observing and looking updates silently becoz there r more possibilities which could b happen but I can’t talk about it until getting it’s clear picture.

  9. It’s been high time , director of kumkum bhagya grow up .it was an nice time both alone in lonavla and that too with the proof .you should have taken serial to the next level and made the audience happy . Save your trp If you still public are fool to watch now .

  10. Total bakwaas

  11. Why is TU also behaving wierdly? Comments not published and sometimes not showing completely. Facing this issue from last 2-3 days only. Anyone else with similar issue?

  12. very very boring, when tanu nikil plan come end. when the abhi realise the truth. The episode is very long long going. the viewers are fooled by media.

  13. Yaar bewakoof bnane ki v limit hoti hai, last year se wo sach hi btane ki koshish kr rhi bt aaj tk sach hi nai aaya, yaar we are vry big fools to watch this serial… Let kkhbg team watch their own serial…

  14. Now abhi will suffer from partial memory loss the new promo showed it clearly so there is no end for this bakwas story so a final good bye for this bakwas serial and bakwas writers

  15. Rekhavv

    Hey guys if u think that something is going to change and abhigya r gonna unite, then I have not see bigger

    Fools like u…

    And still expecting to them to unite..

    For me I have reached a state where I don’t even read updates and I read ur comments and how hopelessly optimistic u r for them to unite.

    Pls try to get a life Instead of watching this


    And don’t make a

    Fool of urself

  16. Rekhavv

    When tanu had accident the baby was delivered, then also DNA testing of the dead baby could b done to prove its paternity. And for doing a DNA test one requires court permission and samples r taking in front of many witness and there r very less chances of faking it. And she could even do case on hospital for it.

  17. The show continues at no. 1 slot even in last week TRPs. The no. of impressions also remain almost same, showing people’s curiosity to see if Tanu will be exposed or not. Let us see how long the writers can sustain people’s interest.

  18. oh god we have stop seeing this serial, I think there is no end for the story this also becomes just like kskb star plus no meaning just running

  19. I won’t think montage is happening…

    Bcos in last montage abhi hold umberlla to prodect pragya… in serial every min no no every sec pragya suffered and herself came back to abhi.. like chanpak case, now tanu dna case etc…. abhi nott support pragya anytime in last montage.. so defnly the mantage is fail our opinion.

  20. when will the devils (Tanu,Nikil and aaliya) are exposed infront of abhi i didnt see this kind of wonem in this world (Tanu) how she behave like shameless tanu does not deserves anyone’s love i thought the writters didnt unite with abhi and pragya even they are dead

  21. Guys I will b very busy for next four-five days from tomorrow, as my parents has organized “Rudraabhishek” for lord shiv at my home, lots of guests will come to attend it and I have to help in it’s preprations and as well as being a part of it also. So I will remain unavailable to post updates and comments till then and I can’t watch the show or news segments becoz of very busy schedule. I will try to come back on comment section on Tuesday, otherwise only from Wednesday I can come back to comment or update.

    1. nobody acres if u r busy or not u said dat u r nt going to watch kkb na why are you seeing again and u always over act u always think that only u r ryt and act as if we cant c updates ourselves u r just an attention seeker and ntn more than that

  22. I have already shifted to Ek tha raja ek thi rani.Enjoying Raja – Rani chemistry more than Abhigya. Happy !!! It will help me get KKB out of my mind. Bingo!

  23. Hi everyone….I think the director’s of the kkb need to understand that the viewers are tired of watching cat and mice game…but still are continuing to watch the show and keep up the TRP just hoping that some day they will see some real time action against Tanu and her team

  24. This is the first indian soap that I have seen where the truth NEVER comes out. Tanu, robin and aliya always win in their evil plans whereas pragya always trys sooo hard to bring the truth out everytime bt abhi never belives her n then he is sayin that he love her. What’s love without trust? Stupid serial

  25. Dumb story I will kill the story writer pll end it soon man its boring pll pla

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