Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Tanu’s dad asking Abhi to speak up and take Tanu’s baby credit in his strike. Dadi slaps him and tells Tanu’s parents that Abhi is married to Pragya. Tanu’s parents tell that they were hopeful that Abhi will accept Tanu one day, but he was delaying the marriage and giving false promises. Dasi says our grand son is a big superstar, every girl gives him marriage proposal even though they know he is married, and want to be successful like him. Tanu says she is not a cheap girl, but from a reputed family. She says she is pregnant with Abhi’s baby. Dasi says I didn’t see a shameless girl like you before. We gave you opportunity to stay here by sympathizing with you. Tanu asks them to ask Abhi. Dadi asks Abhi to speak up and says she will

teach them a lesson once Abhi confirms that it is all wrong. Dasi asks Abhi to say that they are lying. Aaliya is leaving from the house with her baggage and stops to hear Abhi.

Abhi speaks up finally! and says they are saying truth shocking everyone. Pragya says he means to say. Dadi asks Abhi to look at her and says. Abhi says he can’t lie with her and says Tanu is pregnant with my child. Dadi slaps him hard, and Pragya feels the pain.

Bulbul reminiscences Aaliya stopping her marriage and gets teary eyed. Sarla comes and sees her eyes wet. She starts talking to her and says I didn’t know that my daughter has become matured. She is crying alone. Bulbul asks why this had happened with me? She says a human should not leave hope, but she thinks she will not marry Purab anymore. Sarla tells that she was doubtful about Pragya’s marriage, but then Abhi came in her life and married her. She says you shall have trust on Purab and then everything will happen. Bulbul says she has trust on Purab and her love. She says no one can come in between us. Sarla asks her to cry with her and takes the promise. Bulbul promises to keep smiling always. They hug and smiles.

Dadi calls him shameless and says it is a big betrayal. Mitali thinks Tanu has done big thing. Dadi feels bad about Abhi’s relation with Tanu, although he is married to Pragya. She asks you didn’t think about your family, parents etc. She asks why did you do this? She takes out wooden stick from the cupboard and starts beating Abhi. She tells that she was proud of him, but she was wrong. Pragya covers up Abhi and asks Dadi, not to beat him saying he didn’t do any mistake. Dadi says he is guilty of you, made joke of your love. He did a joke with your life. He has made me head bend down with his doings. He says you are my nothing for me from now on.

Dadi tells that she had promised to give good upbringing to Abhi and Aaliya, but she has failed. She tells that she brought Pragya with many dreams, but Abhi didn’t let her to show face to Pragya. She says no one can compensate for a mother’s love and hopes Abhi wouldn’t have done the same mistake then. She cries making Abhi feel fuilty. Dadi asks God to give her death. Abhi asks her not to say that. Dadi tells you are nothing to me, and I am nothing to you. I am dead. Aaliya thinks this is tit for tat, and now Dadi broken up relation with Bhai, now he will feel the pain. Abhi feels pain. Pragya sits on Dadi’s feet requesting her not to break relation with Abhi. Dadi says Abhi gave you pain and hurt you, but you are taking his side. Pragya keeps on saying the same thing. It is a shame for a wife, if her husband becomes father to someone’s baby.

Pragya says she knows everything and Abhi didn’t keep her in dark. Dadi asks why did you hide it from us. Pragya says she has been acting for being pregnant all this while, so that Tanu stays at home. She says she did this for her, as she wanted heir for the family. She says thats why I brought Tanu here. Dadi asks are you mad? I want Abhi’s baby from you, Abhi’s wife and not from a second woman. Everyone looks on shocked.

Pragya tells Dadi that she will leave if Abhi leaves the house. Dadi says okay, you also go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i hate tanu…plsssssss dnt give abhi and prgya to take painful drama.. .
    both r innocent persons

  2. In Bollywood life’s article, they said that shabbir was not available for shooting due to his son’s birthday celebration. That’s why CVS decided to drag it with Tanu’s and pragya’s scenes. That’s why they have shooted this tanu’s suicide drama scene. I just don’t get it that can’t these actors managed with their shooting schedule for their holidays? Always CVS have these excuses for dragging all the time?

    1. Rit Nikki 1st abhi went to some stage performance then tanu and now again abhi. Ya they too have personal life v cant blame them. But they can manage their shooting schedules. Not a big deal but till that Purabul marriage preparations so many things dragged this Tanu’s pregnancy a month. Tats y v r getting irritated yaar. They always making as fool.

    2. Ohh..good that if that suicide drama has nothing to do with this pregnancy track…

  3. Tanu is a thorn in the side of Pragya and Abhi – take her out somehow so we can have a happy ending.

  4. In yesterday’s episode when pragya says to dadi tharlt she did this all for u, for giving u baby then dadi was saying that she wants baby from u and abhi. I still want abhi from u and baby, from abhi’s wife not by any second woman. I m sure pragya didn’t get dadi’s words that’s why she is still with tanu and her mission to make her bahu of mehra mension but I hope abhi will get the words of dadi very well and he will not become fool like pragya.

    1. Nikki… I think once Purabh- Bulbul get to know all this…there will be some change in the situation for sure….

  5. why ekta kapoor dragging the tanus pregnancy so long its getting bored. Don’t you think guyzz pragya nd abhi should know the truth abhi is not father of tanus child . nikhil is the biological father of tanus child now atleast between 3 days this episode should finish becoz of this new twist its getting bored to watch it guyzzz.

  6. I am tired of tanu cheap tactics and pragya’s foolishness.pragya needs to be sent to a mental asylum.no respect this dumb pragya has.getting on my nerves now.if I see her in front of my eyes, I would kick her and the CVS for this senseless drama

  7. what happen with Hassan if she got sick or something else

    we are uccustomed to quick and detailed updates

    Hassan you are like an Angel girl shedding light for that hindi serial

    dont leave us …

    please …

    Msg from Team: H Hasan is away today. Update will be late.

    1. She has a right to be Off BUT- they should have a BACK-UP to fill in during times like these….Duh!!!!

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