Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu’s dad asking Abhi to speak up and take Tanu’s baby credit in his strike. Dadi slaps him and tells Tanu’s parents that Abhi is married to Pragya. Tanu’s parents tell that they were hopeful that Abhi will accept Tanu one day, but he was delaying the marriage and giving false promises. Dasi says our grand son is a big superstar, every girl gives him marriage proposal even though they know he is married, and want to be successful like him. Tanu says she is not a cheap girl, but from a reputed family. She says she is pregnant with Abhi’s baby. Dasi says I didn’t see a shameless girl like you before. We gave you opportunity to stay here by sympathizing with you. Tanu asks them to ask Abhi. Dadi asks Abhi to speak up and says she will

teach them a lesson once Abhi confirms that it is all wrong. Dasi asks Abhi to say that they are lying. Aaliya is leaving from the house with her baggage and stops to hear Abhi.

Abhi speaks up finally! and says they are saying truth shocking everyone. Pragya says he means to say. Dadi asks Abhi to look at her and says. Abhi says he can’t lie with her and says Tanu is pregnant with my child. Dadi slaps him hard, and Pragya feels the pain.

Bulbul reminiscences Aaliya stopping her marriage and gets teary eyed. Sarla comes and sees her eyes wet. She starts talking to her and says I didn’t know that my daughter has become matured. She is crying alone. Bulbul asks why this had happened with me? She says a human should not leave hope, but she thinks she will not marry Purab anymore. Sarla tells that she was doubtful about Pragya’s marriage, but then Abhi came in her life and married her. She says you shall have trust on Purab and then everything will happen. Bulbul says she has trust on Purab and her love. She says no one can come in between us. Sarla asks her to cry with her and takes the promise. Bulbul promises to keep smiling always. They hug and smiles.

Dadi calls him shameless and says it is a big betrayal. Mitali thinks Tanu has done big thing. Dadi feels bad about Abhi’s relation with Tanu, although he is married to Pragya. She asks you didn’t think about your family, parents etc. She asks why did you do this? She takes out wooden stick from the cupboard and starts beating Abhi. She tells that she was proud of him, but she was wrong. Pragya covers up Abhi and asks Dadi, not to beat him saying he didn’t do any mistake. Dadi says he is guilty of you, made joke of your love. He did a joke with your life. He has made me head bend down with his doings. He says you are my nothing for me from now on.

Dadi tells that she had promised to give good upbringing to Abhi and Aaliya, but she has failed. She tells that she brought Pragya with many dreams, but Abhi didn’t let her to show face to Pragya. She says no one can compensate for a mother’s love and hopes Abhi wouldn’t have done the same mistake then. She cries making Abhi feel fuilty. Dadi asks God to give her death. Abhi asks her not to say that. Dadi tells you are nothing to me, and I am nothing to you. I am dead. Aaliya thinks this is tit for tat, and now Dadi broken up relation with Bhai, now he will feel the pain. Abhi feels pain. Pragya sits on Dadi’s feet requesting her not to break relation with Abhi. Dadi says Abhi gave you pain and hurt you, but you are taking his side. Pragya keeps on saying the same thing. It is a shame for a wife, if her husband becomes father to someone’s baby.

Pragya says she knows everything and Abhi didn’t keep her in dark. Dadi asks why did you hide it from us. Pragya says she has been acting for being pregnant all this while, so that Tanu stays at home. She says she did this for her, as she wanted heir for the family. She says thats why I brought Tanu here. Dadi asks are you mad? I want Abhi’s baby from you, Abhi’s wife and not from a second woman. Everyone looks on shocked.

Pragya tells Dadi that she will leave if Abhi leaves the house. Dadi says okay, you also go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • narendran

      I heard that abhi will go out the house aaliya will join nikil hands and make abhi name bad and abhi will lose rock star title tanu will leave abhi and pragya & abhi will join together

    • Gigi

      You should have known….. they are going to drag it out as long as possible……………………

    • Jackie

      Writers know that is what we are all WAITING for and so they are going to prolong it as long as possible – with a dumb storyline.

  1. Hazel

    Really today’s epi was very much painful… bechara abhi ye sab tanu se pyaar krna natijaa hai…. devil tanu…

  2. No comments cant able to read the update if the scenes are going like this. But good question dadi saying tanu the second woman she deserves more than that. And after the spoiler no hopes because they want to maintain the emotions so they are simply dragging for a month with this. Where is that nikhil idiot? This tanu parents are here where he went to help them. Another dumb character is pragya whatever tanu tells she will obey ah after listening to dadi what she said about Unbelievable! I think so if they go like this before rachna baby tanu baby will come out.

    • Gigi

      Oh…The writer’s think that we are STUPID and don’t notice that the parents are there but Nikhil went to help them. When he saw that they left he should have come back too!!! The writer’s are the DUMMIES for thinking that we don’t notice these things.

      • Arti

        lol Gigi u r rite!! Not to mention the writers totally forgot bout Raj Mitali’s husband rotting in jail…. this is really stupid !!! i think even Mitali forgot bout her husband n busy preparing for all the functions they had…. hope this track ends fast! Seriously wat are the writters thinking?????

  3. kowsi

    I feel pity on abhi..wat about sarla maa reaction if she know about the truth..i think they r dragging two weeks or more than week.so sad .who will help pragya to find out the truth

  4. I am really tired of tanu’s pregnancy stuff……I hope d truth comes out soon…….so we can atleast knw where abhi and pragya’s relationship is heading to

  5. I Really enjoyed today’s episode. I know abhi is innocent in this pregnancy matter but he is guilty for keep relationship with tanu after marriage. Even he was in relationship with tanu very long. So dadi’s punishment was very gud and treat to watch but somewhere I felt something lacking. I mean dadi was angry but was little dull. May b becoz of her age factor but I was wishing to see dadi in super angry mode. But anyways whatever happened today, it was giving my eyes cooling. I was waiting for this since long. Thank u so much CVS for this. Onething which i felt cheap and that is pragya was taking abhi’s side and favouring for his mistake. Another thing is i was wishing that dadi should slap tanu also for once atleast at this moment. And guys aaliya has came. I was thinking that if she also tells dadi about abhigya’s marriage truth at that time then scene could b more entertaining and shocking for dadi. Aaliya was happy but silent on that time. May b according to spoilers she will come up with a plan and use it later to take revenge from abhi. Anyways so tomorrow is abhi’s exit from the house. Waiting for more entertainment tomorrow.

    • navi

      What do u hope guys where is
      nikhil? Tanu has sent her to her parents for some property sales problem. But her parents are here in Mumbai. How duffer he is? Want him back ?urgently to expose tanu. She is not just a second women for abhi but a bomb that’s blasted on abhi’s head and ll set fire on all the things he gained in his life including relations ,his stardom ,his name and fame everything

      • Jeeva

        Really the serial getting bore how to tolerate all this dragging , really writers we the people watching this serial have more patience going to become patient soon on seeing this idiotic serial there is no limit for u to stop ur dragging. Pls stop this . for what u r getting comments from the view ers nothing ur taking into ur writing on ur own not for entertain view ers

    • optical

      Yes I really wanted dadi to know truth of tanu-abhi relation and the real reason why abhi married Pragya… Dt would reveal to dadi what all Pragya suffered. Also this way it looks like Tanu came in between Abhi-Pragya. Instead it is all Abhi’s fault l dt he dragged Pragya into this marriage and then instead of divorcing her he kept both pragya and Tanu hanging. I used to sympathize with Tanu character (before they turned her nasty evil) becoz like pragya she has also suffered due to this irresponsible Abhi!! I liked to see him beaten up by Dadi but ALL his real bad deeds are not out before Dadi yet.

      • Chithu

        Optical πŸ™‚ we may not need to sympathize for Tanu’s character :):)… initially also she didn’t love Abhi for what he is as a person..she loved him based on what he has as a rock star… she has always been so selfish even when it comes to Abhi..like that accident track in the initial episodes..she always has tried to escape from the problems..so at no point of time we have seen a true love from her end…now also though she has done this mistake in a drunk state…after knowing that Nikhil is the father of the baby also..she is forcing Abhi to marry her without telling the truth..only becoz she can settle well in life.. she neither care for baby also… as she is always ready to abort it if Abhi knows the truth or he rejects her…

  6. oh god inniku episode written update ah padika mudiyala nalla vella inniku naan paakala……
    so sad for abhi.. πŸ™

  7. Next in the line is tanu’s suicide drama and crocodile tears for manipulating pragya to convince and force dadi and abhi to do marriage with her. And like always becoz of her extra ordinary greatness, she is ready to being fool and trap in tanu’s evil planning. Crap crap crap, total crap is waiting for us.??

    • Ray

      Let the b*t*h kill herself – she should have had that abortion – long ago. Pragya is just plain Foolish.

    • Chithu

      hmmmm.. Nikki.. I remember reading sometime back that after this pregnancy drama is over ..Abhi will be angry with Pragya for sometime as her quick decision and blind belief over watever Tanu says and also forcing Abhi to accept that is the reason for all this … I initially thought that as a rumor…but after seeing the latest SBS on Tanu’s suicide..i think that above mentioned track will happen as Pragya for sure is going to compel Abhi or she will do some stupid things to bring Abhi-Tanu together which will complicate the situation… so i think we will also get to see this Abhi angry on Pragya trackkk..

    • Chithu

      If it goes like this…who knows as Nikki’s imagination…Pragya will even accept for 2nd marriage also if Dadi puts that as the condition for getting Abhi married to Tanu… Pragya has become such a foolish sacrificer now a days..only hope here is Purabh-Bulbul who can atleast think differently (that Tanu may lie) on this pregnancy matter.. we will see what they are doing when they get to know…

      • Chithu I don’t know what will happen next but after watching tanu’s suicide drama and pragya’s consolation to tanu, it seems like CVS wants to take this track till tabhi’s marriage sequence. And truth will b revealed in their wedding sequence like all wedding tracks.

  8. Priya $

    Semma episode. Abhi deserve this how much he tortured pragya. I too like tat slap. But one thing is missing if tanu too get slap it ll b complete. And one more thing v expected this scene before one month. So now when v watching not tat much excited Becoz of stupid dragging. Tanu won’t stop her pregnancy drama dumb pragya ll support her. But don’t know y these writers r dragging like this.

  9. TINA

    Feeling sad for abhi…. but in starting abhi torture pragya too much so dadi gave a slap is right….

    Pragya abhi ya love pandra k dan but eppadi abhi panna ella vishayatukkum spport panna kudadupa.. blind love ..

    I miss pragya be in 1episode.. what a brave intro they give for pragya but nowadays pragya madly love abhi that only one think pragya can do … …

    When will pragya and abhi’s happy life start… they are dependent in their family relationship i agree that but where is their own and personal life….??????

  10. Leila

    I’m tired of tanu pregnancy n nikhil need to come n say the truth n stop all dis madness abhi is innocent

  11. Deepa

    Dadi u r rit..
    find the truth then burned tanu out.

    y Nikhil doesnt say anything he has any planning for ruining abhis life??

  12. akanksha

    i am surprised how brainless abhi can easily agree that he is the father of tanu child. he doesnot believe himself so rediculous.

  13. Sanaya

    I find it funny that Dadi cut all ties with Abhi for “impregnating” Tanu but she kept Abhi from kicking Alia out of the house after she attempted to murder Bulbul.

    • [email protected]

      Special applause for sanaya.

    • optical

      Because ghar ki izzat is lost only in such matters, not by murder/theft/corruption/fraud etc. Also Alisa is female and Abhi is male. Ghar ki ladki is ghar ki izzat…how can she live on her own,outside her male relative’s house, all by herself?? :-p

  14. [email protected]

    Exposing pragya as a stupid women is very irritating. Abhi must realise pragya’s love. I really excepted a slap for Tanu from dadi. It’s so so missing.

  15. meena

    Nearly more than 350 episode crossed over when is abi and pragya start the husband wife relationship….they started from episode 275 preganancy dram still not reveled the tanu’s father.. this is is a love story, not deductive who is father of child? Keep some romantic scenes every episode then only hit the serial…

  16. denuiqe

    I hope that useless Nikhil comes back in time and tells them the truth about Tanu’s baby which is actually Nikhil’s baby maybe then he might be useful. All we want is to see Abhi and Pragya together but we also don’t want the show to finish so… We have to wait

  17. selian

    feel bad for abhi he is getting hurt for something he has not commit and that too bcoz of that stupid tanu who has no true feelings for him

  18. Priya $

    This week too they won’t reveal the truth. Surely this week they ll show tat Tanu’s suicide drama. Then sarla ma came to know abt this and some prob again bulbul and Purab got involve. Tats it nothing new going to happen. Nikki no new promo came???

    • TINA

      U rite priya$ …. the truth releave to sarala and family… they get shocked … rabul jodi get more shock.. and both are talk to abhi and pragya … the episode going this way… and also tanu sucide episode…. OMG!!!!

    • No PRIYA not yet. But if story will go like this that tanu manipulates pragya and pragya will become fool by her, like a puppet of tanu’s hand and truth will not revealed soon then definetly we will see the next new promo of tabhi’s marriage or abhigya’s divorce, I think.

  19. hozef

    dont blame the actors for their nonsensical acting they are following what the director tell them to do the dramss main job is to test the intelligenceof the viewer how much can the viewer take they have to drag the epiosodes till 1000 atleast so get ready for more irritating scenes

  20. In yesterday’s episode dadi and dasi were fab.?????????? ten claps for dadi and dasi for their dialogues. Dasi was well said about tanu that she is a type of a girl who uses a rich person for taking her carrier high by trapping him. I liked dadi ‘s dialogues to abhi so much. Dadi have showed mirror to abhi by her words. And dadi’s last dialogue to pragya was best when she said that she wants baby from abhi and pragya, from abhi’s wife not from a second outsider woman. What a slap dafi and dasi have given on tanu’s face through their words. I know it is not abhi’s mistake but tanu is his life’s biggest mistake for which he has torchered and hurt pragya a lot. So for this he have to go through all the pains as a punishment. Then only it will b a true justice.

    • Chithu

      Nikki..i have a doubt yaar..the way they are showing Abhi’s character… does he care for the baby really…i mean what was his plan actually..when this pregnancy track started ..he doesn’t seem to be serious only… he was telling he ll make Pragya feel jealous…he kept on breaking all Pragya’s plan..so what was he thinking actually..having both Tanu’s baby and Pragya… he seemed to have done some comedy also in the mid..with this tragedy moment… πŸ™‚

      • Chithu abhi loves pragya a lot like dadi. So he also wants baby from pragya like dadi not by tanu. That’s why he never did any care and didn’t took any interest in tanu’s baby from the day one when he found that she is pregnant. He was just trying to avoid the situation till then he finds any solution to get rid of it. He wants to spend his whole life with pragya. That’s why he was trying to stop her every time by his efforts.

      • And chithu abhi is not serious for tanu’s baby becoz he thinks tanu’s baby as his mistake which he did in drunken state and tanu had taken advantage of his those situation. That’s why he haven’t any care for this baby or doesn’t have any soft corner for this baby.

  21. fasu ashu

    i hate tanu…plsssssss dnt give abhi and prgya to take painful drama.. .
    both r innocent persons

  22. In Bollywood life’s article, they said that shabbir was not available for shooting due to his son’s birthday celebration. That’s why CVS decided to drag it with Tanu’s and pragya’s scenes. That’s why they have shooted this tanu’s suicide drama scene. I just don’t get it that can’t these actors managed with their shooting schedule for their holidays? Always CVS have these excuses for dragging all the time?

    • Priya $

      Rit Nikki 1st abhi went to some stage performance then tanu and now again abhi. Ya they too have personal life v cant blame them. But they can manage their shooting schedules. Not a big deal but till that Purabul marriage preparations so many things dragged this Tanu’s pregnancy a month. Tats y v r getting irritated yaar. They always making as fool.

  23. farida uttan

    Tanu is a thorn in the side of Pragya and Abhi – take her out somehow so we can have a happy ending.

  24. In yesterday’s episode when pragya says to dadi tharlt she did this all for u, for giving u baby then dadi was saying that she wants baby from u and abhi. I still want abhi from u and baby, from abhi’s wife not by any second woman. I m sure pragya didn’t get dadi’s words that’s why she is still with tanu and her mission to make her bahu of mehra mension but I hope abhi will get the words of dadi very well and he will not become fool like pragya.

    • Chithu

      Nikki… I think once Purabh- Bulbul get to know all this…there will be some change in the situation for sure….

  25. why ekta kapoor dragging the tanus pregnancy so long its getting bored. Don’t you think guyzz pragya nd abhi should know the truth abhi is not father of tanus child . nikhil is the biological father of tanus child now atleast between 3 days this episode should finish becoz of this new twist its getting bored to watch it guyzzz.

  26. I am tired of tanu cheap tactics and pragya’s foolishness.pragya needs to be sent to a mental asylum.no respect this dumb pragya has.getting on my nerves now.if I see her in front of my eyes, I would kick her and the CVS for this senseless drama

  27. maria

    what happen with Hassan if she got sick or something else

    we are uccustomed to quick and detailed updates

    Hassan you are like an Angel girl shedding light for that hindi serial

    dont leave us …

    please …

    Msg from Team: H Hasan is away today. Update will be late.

    • Jack

      She has a right to be Off BUT- they should have a BACK-UP to fill in during times like these….Duh!!!!

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