Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode with Pragya and Abhi’s usual argument. Abhi says he will go to heaven and she will go to hell. Pragya says she will use her clever mind and reach heaven following him. She asks him to come to the place. Abhi asks her to promise and asks her to wait there until he comes. He says he will not come and goes. Mitali and Ronnie talk about spying on the person. Ronnie asks her to praise him infront of Pragya. Mitali says okay, and tells that they will have code names Tango and charlie. She makes a plan….and says we have to catch that third person who is coming to meet Tanu. She asks him to follow Tanu and inform her before reaching there, and says if I get caught in any trouble then inform my husband. Pragya thinks to go to the place in fuggi’s avatar, and thinks Abhi will

accept her after Tanu’s truth is out.

She imagines Abhi calling fuggi. He sees fuggi….Tere bin plays………They proceed towards each other slowly while the song plays…………He asks where did you go? I was searching you everywhere and died daily without you. He asks why did you left me? Pragya apologizes? Abhi says you have done this for me, to protect me from the betrayal. I have done wrong with you, but you have been with me like a shelter and asks if you will leave me. Pragya says I will never leave you and will stay with you forever. They have a hug….Allah Wariyan plays……………..Pragya thinks she have to wait until Tanu’s truth is out and then Abhi will come closer to her. She thinks if she will be able to handle this big happiness. She asks Dadi to give her blessings. Dadi blesses her and says I hope that Abhi will identify his fuggi. Pragya says she is hoping for the best. Rachna asks Pragya to take her with her. Pragya asks her to stay at home and take care of baby. She says Purab will be with me. Dadi says she is saying right and asks Pragya to come with Abhi. She prays to God to take care of her children.

Pragya thinks if Abhi will come to that place or not. Purab warns the employees and asks them to tell truth. The employees say that the papers are given by Raj and said that the papers are signed by Abhi. Purab asks about Raj’s cabin. Pragya calls Purab and asks him to bring Abhi with him. Purab searches in Raj’s cabin. Tanu thinks she shall not get late else Nikhil will get angry. Ronnie sees her and calls Mitali.He says Tanu left from there. Mitali says she has reached there and asks him to follow Tanu. Ronnie says okay. Mitali reaches the godown and is scared. She thinks it is a dangerous place, but she has to do the work. She thinks to inspect the place and find a hiding area to see that person’s face. Mitali hides.

Pragya comes there and thinks to hide. She thinks she will catch Tanu and that person. Mitali sits and hides. Pragya thinks if Tanu’s truth is out then her life will get better. Purab brings Abhi better. Abhi asks why did you bring me here and sees Pragya. Pragya asks him to keep quiet and hide until she asks him to come out. Mitali happens to see Pragya and thinks if she catches Pragya then her dreams will be shattered. She thinks she will not leave Ronnie. Raj comes there and asks why did you come here? With whom you are taking money? He says everyone will know that we were with Aaliya. Abhi and Purab wonder who is this man? Mitali comes out and puts blanket on his head. She says she has catched the person who have been helping Aaliya. Pragya says Raj Bhaiyya…you. Mitali is shocked.

Pragya says I can’t think even in my dream that you can support Aaliya in her wrong doings, my murder planning and in ruining Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. razia

    Haha .. No guess nothing regrds to tanu .. I wonder how they gonna expose tanu ..
    Almost 90% ppl guessed tat except Raj tanu n aaliah vl b exposed .. Bt c wt had hpnd the CVS jus left tanu n exposed everyone els..

    • Sahithi

      True I thought Raaj will be careful now, there is still no logic why he had to go to meet Tanu or the person giving her 10L. He spoke to some unseen face and random person, just like that. This looks hurried by writers to expose Raaj. He was always shown as the smarter and more composed of all the 3.
      Tanu who is supposed to be the dumber one is left to end. May be as everyone is suspecting Tanu Abhi marriage will also happen but before it completes Pragya will reach with proofs in last minute. Which will be horrible to watch, repeat rehash of what happened at end of MMS track. But there are chances of that because every scene and situation that happened before this make over track is being repeated again.
      Or they want to drag it further.

  2. karthu

    Off that is pragyas dream…
    Never ending dream sequencesss ….
    Fooling the viewers….
    But kushi ye ki atleast raj ki sachayi tho bhahar agya…
    If raj fool abhi againnn w8 for next episodeeee

  3. Sharmi

    Oh god whats this ya its tooo draaging in nxt epi raj vil escape nd pragyas trouble started this 1ly going 2 happen they drag this show very much…….

  4. neha

    Finally after aaliya,Raj’s truth is revealed in today’s episode….but still waiting for tanu’s truth reveals so that our abhigya soon reunited forever……

  5. So raaj has exposed finally but what about tanu? Becoz I don’t think so that abhi listened tanu’s name when raaj was talking with pragya assume as tanu and by taking tanu’s name becoz when they were hardly see raaj from their place then how could they listen him. Pragya also has taken only aaliya’s name in precap. Ya it’s other thing if in tomorrow’s episode, mitali, abhi or pragya will take tanu’s name or discuss or mention about her in this whole matter then only abhi will come to know tanu’s involvement with aaliya and raaj otherwise she will again get escaped. But one thing is gud that ronnie is still following tanu so may b he will see her with nikhil and he will tell about it to pragya. But one thing I didn’t understand that why pragya reached on that place where she calls tanu for money, instead of following tanu. How she thought that tanu will come along with her baby’s father to give money? It was really stupid plan of pragya, like she is hitting arrow in darkness but luckily raaj got trapped and exposed. Abhi will get to know about tanu’s involvement or not, like news segment peoples told. Let’s see.

    • Sahithi

      Will Ronnie tell Pragya about Tanu, I doubt as he is teaming up with Mithali now. He didn’t share anything in last 2-3 days with her. Even Pragya is not bothering abt him, she is doing things herself or depending on Purab.

      Pragya was assuming that in case of any problems Tanu will approach her baby father as she did last time meeting Nikhil alone. And somewhere Pragya was a bit confused after missing Tanu n Nikhil that night, about second person from family n baby father. N Tanu doesn’t have 10L so will take money from that person or will bring him along for moral support now that Aaliya is not thr. Thats my understanding.

      • Sahithi ronnie is teaming up with mitali but only for pragya’s help but he was saying from starting that we should tell about tanu to pragya but mitali stopped him for telling it to pragya until they finds tanu’s helper. Mitali said that they will tell about that person to pragya after catching him. So when ronnie will see tanu with nikhil then I think he will tell about it to pragya or mitali.

    • reji

      pratiksha actually i laughed seeing mitali’s behaviour she itself caught her husband and exposed him but pratiksha i think mitali will reveal the truth that she came here to catch tanu because how can she leave her husband stucked in problem i think mitali will not leave abhi to put raj in jail and my second hope is pragya didn’t reveal the hall signature matter to raj i laughed because raj also did mistake and mitali also did mistake but both caught themselves i think tanu may use mitali’s weakness because she also know about sign matter so what do u think about this now who is now going to jail raj or mitali becoz both have to go to jail

      • I m too thinking this reji that may b mitali tell them that she was chasing tanu for catching that person who was supporting aaliya and tanu. Then I think tanu’s involvement truth will reveal or may b raaj will blurt tanu’s name or pragya will mention about tanu but most chances r of mitali’s that she will tell about tanu. Well let’s see.

    • reji

      pratiksha raj and mitali have children or not i can’t see them i think CVS r trying to say that they left their kids at children’s ashram if their kids r here means wat will be their reaction pa do u have any idea ??????

      • Reji raaj and mitali have two children bunty and bubli. They r not showing since long in the show like other character- purvi, rock star dadi, suresh etc. These child’s never knew about anything of raaj first arrestment that he was in jail becoz no one told them about it beciz they r child’s and it will not gud for child’s to know these things about their father which cannot only ruined their father’s image for them even it could put bad influence on them. That’s why everybody kept those childs far from every matter and didn’t show their presence in the show so this time also it will remain unfamiliar for those childs.

    • jaydeep

      If Ronnie & mitali is following tanu then how come they reach that place before tanu & tanu is nowhere to b seen …. & raj also not knowing about the place then how he came there ???? Is he also following tanu ??? Where is that dumb tanu …. These cvs making it all the more confusing
      Do u have any guesses pratiksha?????plz reply ur POV…..

      • jaydeep

        I also have fear that if raj may gets away with telling some another reason like aliya does at time of vijay u can’t trust CVS

      • Jaydeep tanu has gone to meet nikhil, firstly, to take money from him. She is going to meet nikhil on some other place after getting money she was about to come. And raaj reached that place where tanu was about to come, I think he was following mitali becoz mitali told him about her spying on tanu so I think raaj reached at that place by following mitali. That’s why when he reached at that place, he was looking around to check if someone else too is there or not except tanu.

    • Priyanka

      I hope they don’t drag the show longer. It’s already getting boring now!
      Hopefully Raj does not talk his way out of it either…otherwise the show will drag forever. I was expecting Raj to get caught first only because Tanu’s truth will be a bigger shock than Raj’s involvement to the family. But let’s see.
      I agree with Reji. I think Mitali will tell everyone she was spying on Tanu, but Tanu might save herself from it. Tanu will either be exposed soon, or when Abhi and Tanu are about to get married!

      • Priyanka

        And as of Bulbul… They never cremated her did they? I don’t remember. If they did not, then I am sure she will come back.
        Mrunal (Bulbul) quit the show because she did not have much of a role in the show anymore. Rumor (a while ago) was that Kaajol will replace Mrunal. So Bulbul might come back (face change) so no one will recognize her.

      • I don’t think so priyanka that there is any chance to raaj for escaping becoz pragya has listened his talk when he was talking with her assuming her as tanu and in last segment also, they showed that pragya was consoling abhi becoz he was shattered after getting it know that raaj and tanu betrayed him with aaliya. So raaj has exposed, this we have been seen but to get to know about tanu, we have to wait for today’s episode that her involvement with aaliya and raaj will revealed also or not.

  6. shobana

    Finally raj is caught ? since raj got exposed I think abhi ll pragya to give his property back then hw ll pragya expose drama queen tanu ?????

  7. Shwetu

    I hv thought Pragya will take time to expose Raj…i mean I thought its Tanu’s turn first…well the bigger the better….came to catch Tanu and got Raj….but I think he will get away from this somehow….what do you guys reckon..

  8. Shwetu

    Prathiksha…..how come Pragya didn’t care finding anything about Nikhil….i mean she was being suspecting him since ages but she didn’t give a try to follow him or tip him of something….i just don’t get that….

    • Shwetu pragya is trying to find out tanu’s baby father but the problem is her plans gets misfired or failed becoz of foolish execution or by some mistake. This time also she should follow tanu but instead of it she reached at that place where she calls tanu to take money becoz she is thinking that after getting money from her baby’s fathet , tanu could come with that person too to give money to the blackmailer which is she. So it was again a kind of a plan like I said above that it was like pragya is hitting arrow in darkness. She reaches on that place by expecting some possibilities. If she really wants to catch tanu with her baby’s father so she should follow tanu when she was going to take money from her baby’s father becoz pragya knows that tanu will go to that person to take money, first. So the surity was there to catching of tanu’s baby’s father not on that place where she was seeing only possibility. It was pragya’s gud lunch and raaj’s bad luck that unknowingly and fortunately, raaj got caught and exposed otherwise pragya’s plan was totally waste. And now if ronnie will catch tanu with nikhil or see them and will tell about it to pragya then it could b her luck.

      • nivi

        i felt gud to c d way of exposin raj rather than d exposure of aliya pratiksha
        tis s wat v need 4m d begining
        tanu’s dream wil cum true soon
        i hope so
        overal d thing behind d bulbul’s death decision s cumin true 1 by 1
        without bulbul pragya s sufferin a lot but she made herself to b a fiery to eradicate evils
        wil c d upcumin magical sequences soon pratiksha

  9. Guys tell me it’s not dream? Omg finally it has happened what we are all wating for. Then it’s that super model who is suppose to b pregnant, ha! I can’t wait to see abhi’s reaction. Did abhi sees raj or what

  10. Pratiksha I don’t mind if raj gets exposed ir not I am waiting for that devil tanu’s exposure. …….please remove her I can’t take anymore of abhigya pain

    • Billu I m also waiting for tanu’s exposure only that’s why when I saw raaj’s exposure promo then I was disappointed and I was thinking that now CVS has sidelined tanu’s exposure again for the last moment. Let’s see what happens after that.

  11. swathi

    tanus ecposure s more imp than raj’s .. Waitng fr tabhi’s weddng day.. I m longing to see her exposure.. I dn knw hw they have planned fr tanus exposure.. I think pragya will create some drama like how she did in akashs weddng and make nikhil to reveal himself.. Yu have any guess??

  12. rose

    Prathiksha., sahithi, billu and guys am read in fb and some other site like below.. did u got any info about this.. Kumkum Bhagya : Abhi is heartbroken knowing about Dadi-Pragya’s betrayal .- Pragya reveals all truth, Abhi is heartbroken knowing about Dadi and Pragya’s betrayal in Kumkum Bhagya .The upcoming episode will show that Pragya is trying to find out Tanu’s truth.Tanu acts too smart and manages to keep his secret.Tanu reveals Pragya and Dadi’s plan before Abhi and portrays as if Dadi wants to cheat Abhi.Tanu says that Dadi is after money and thus has joined hands with Pragya.Abhi slaps Tanu after hearing bad about his Dadi.Abhi also feels betrayed and says that his all relations are fake.- Abhi leaves Mehra house .Abhi cries and says that everybody tried to cheat him for money.Firstly her lovely sister Aliya then his wife Pragya and now Dadi.Abhi feels shattered about Dadi’s betrayal and leaves house in tears.

    • I don’t think abhi will beleive tanu anymore as he has come to know her involvement with aaliya and raj. ………but even if this happens it will just fastrack her exit………

    • I will just say absolutely wrong spoiler, not to believe. Why, Kkb’s keen observers can understand it. These kinds of spoilers just adds their stories with the ongoing things. That’s it.

  13. shavi

    but where is tanu ..she is about to get money from nikhil.. bt both are missing… i think tanu’s truth willbe revealed before valentine’s day so that abhigya can celebrate it happily.. bt duno how long will d writers drag this story.. within a day purab found that raaj is cheating in office and pragya caught him redhanded.. only d kkb writers can think like this.. anyhow raaj chapter temporarily closed then main focus is on tanu .. make abhi to become a real hero by exposing tanu by himself.. cant tolerate to see a hero being dumb in this story.. missing very badly abhigya’s nokjhok.. and nobody is feeling sad for bulbul.. they stopped bulbul’s story line that her dead body is not found.. and d family members also not cared about it..

  14. Uday

    What an epitome of stupidity! Ekkktttaaa shamelessly exploits the so-called dream sequence. Two days in succession? I know soap viewers are stupid, but WTH? As for me, I am hooked because of Leena J. Once they get rid of her, I am gone!

  15. tsk

    Pragya’s plan is always like krne much aur jati hai ho kuch aur jata hai.?
    Bt still its gud tat raj is exposed…..nw pragya plan fo something else instead of exposing Tanu….may b u will luckly expose hr.?

  16. Surbhi

    finally raj exposed but as usual tanu not and now the high voltage drama will begin as I have seen that tanu will venom abhi about dadi and pragya and he will leave the MM. full of stupidity.

  17. "Revelation"

    Gosh! This is absolutely messy. The script lacks finess. The humour in Mitalis scene. ..was it necessary??? Didn’t this scene in particular need some level of seriousness & urgency? I dont who was more shocked. The cast of KKB with Rajs revelation or the audience watching the outcome of this being depicted.
    Its really unbelievable how this story’s scenes are being repeated & recycled. Surely the KKB CVS team cannot underestimate their audience intelligence.

  18. naren

    At last raj exposed then what about tanu. I have one doubt regarding is abhi pragya really they divorced or not. anyone tell me

  19. Kumkum bhagya crew don’t thnk tat viewr are idiots, and mentals,,, when you guys are stop dis tanu’s f**kng truth,,,,, seriously I nvr evr seen such lyk dis,,,, how long they showng episodes abot dis dash tanu’s truth’,, donno to write story Ms,Ekta Kapoor.,,,..

  20. The truth s tat d greatest Producer,writer Ms.Ekta Kapoor jst wanna make viewers of Kumkum bhagya as a fool,,,,,,,,
    V rqst u to jst stop dis serial,,,
    V knw aftr 1 year oly tanu’s truth ‘ll cme out,,,,,

  21. Kristelle

    I am sure Raj could still talk his way out of that…but I am crossing my fingers he is not. Also, is Raj stupid!?!?! Mitali told him he was going to follow Tanu and he still went there? lolol I hope the spoilers that were updated today really happen and everyone is exposed.

  22. xavier

    Dream sequences are the most dumbest stupidiest thing ever. They drag this show too much. They will drag this Tanu drama till November or next year. And Tanu’s so called imaginary baby will fall from the sky or grow on her special tree in the back yard , leap the show a few months , Tanu will divorce Abhi and then she will run away and then a few months again. Abhi will see Tanu and the child at some random place and he will notice that the child looks exactly like Nikhil and then he will realize that the baby is Nikhil’s and he will go on numerous unsuccessful hunts to try and catch her

  23. Kalika

    I think Raj will find out about his wife’s betrayal now and go back to being a decent human being. He would implicate Tanu in the attempted murders but wouldn’t say anything about the baby as I doubt he knows about Tanu and Nikhil. Tanu will only be exposed on the wedding mandap then Pragya and Abhi will marry like every other Ekta production. Who remembers how long Pavitra Rishta dragged?

  24. jaan

    will tanu ever i mean ever get caught stop prolongin the programme ppl r gettin fed up now the same thing keeps reapeatin over n over come on man we r not stupid do somethin soon

  25. I think it must b purab who got raj to go and meet tanu in that place. Purab has seen some kind of document and on computer so may b it was his plan to get raj caught or how else wud raj go and meet tanu? And it seems over a year since tanu’s pregnancy and still no sign of pregnant.

  26. Brintha

    Oh..god…which idiot will give this sort of statement who involved in criminal activities?..raj himself will tell all his mistakes that to without seeing the face….absolute careless screenplay..raj wud hv caught wit vijay..cvs doesn’t hv brain to narrate the story…and if they hv realy brain,tanu is the one all the time wit aaliya…so 100 % clear that without tanu aaliya wud not hv planned anything alone…not for t baby sake..atleast abhi shud try to find out what is tanu involvement with aalia game….he can’t be so blind…let him doubt dadi,pragya,etc…but what about tanu?..wont he think so much also ? And mitali shud open her mouth…saying she was also a partner wit tanu once and tell all the game they played against pragya…i don’t know raj will be sent jail or forgiven..if he is sent to jail alia and raj will move against tanu?…pragya will bring aalia and raj out from jail..i think to bring out the truth..tanu may cheat aalia and raj…so both may also join together with pragya…

  27. Brintha

    Or they may continue aalia and tanu Characters same as after revealing tanu secret and abihhya reunited…they can continue the show disturbing their happy family life..stopping abihya marriage,trying to give poison during pragyas pregnancy, try to kill the baby from the hospital,and abigyas kid kidnapping….they hv got a such a nice story…but they wont do all these…ektha shows always drag with leading characters suffer…she is excellent using teary scenes and bad in happy living story…if she has talent let her drag their happy life hw they living….no she wont..because excellent script is requird for that which she doesnt have..

  28. Guys I guess Ronnie is following tanu if she went to meet someone I think Ronnie will come to know nikhil is baby’s father and tell pragya…….we have to wait for the next segmen cuz its just hope probably if he takes a video of that then pragya can easily expose her……….atleast pragya will come to know nikhil is the father of tanu’s child. ……..

  29. Now the question is what will pragya do now to stay in abhi’s house becoz she had given promise to abhi that she will give him, his everything back when she will find out that person who was supporting aaliya for the plannings of all the attacks on her, becoz of which bulbul died. So after exposing raaj, pragya’s mission has completed according to that promise which she had given to abhi but we knows that tanu is still left to expose so now when pragya’s mission has finished now according to abhi then according to promise, pragya have to give everything back to abhi and forced to leave the house. So what she will do to stay in abhi’s house until tanu’s exposure and how she will stop tabhi’s marriage when she is still clueless about tanu? Ya it is other thing if whatever we r guessing that may b ronnie will see tanu with nikhil and tell about them to pragya but then also pragya needs some strong proof against them to expose their truth, for which she needs sometimes and carefully and cleverly well executed plan. So with raaj’s exposure, tanu’s exposure task got more tough for pragya.

  30. KA

    Any of u watched promo for today …. Pragya treatening tanu that too with full confidence …. Tanu is tensed looking at the watch…

  31. Ashu

    Just now i saw 26th Jan Sbs seg, in that after Pragya consoled Abhi some additional scenes are there, in that she was in orange saree n abhi in black t shirt they have given interview also, i don’t know hindi, can anyone explain me???

  32. Guys new promo out. Full update of promo- Voiceover says tomorrow will b the biggest test of television’s daughter-in- laws life. Then they shows tanu holds a watch in her hand and sees it ,pragya blackmails tanu in male watchman’s voice that this is only sample which I send u but I have much big proof against u which I will show abhi sir. Tanu gets scared and tensed. Voiceover says that pragya played her next move to save her kumkum.

    • Sahithi

      So as per promo, yday only Raaj’s truth is out and some how Tanu n Nikhil again escaped or didnt reach that location, so Pragya again starts her blackmailing.

      Similarly Mithali n Ronnie wanted to find about the second person, so after Raaj is caught will Mithali still chase Tanu, we have to see.

  33. Divya chandru

    Hi guys , new promo of mahasangam posted instagram showing pragya blackmailing tanu, it shows its pragya challenge to save her kumkum

  34. Priya $

    New promo for tomo pragya blackmailing tanu and voiceover says this is pragya’s chaal / game to save her kumkum.

  35. Shraddha Sharma

    Tanu to hui na expose … raj ho gya, but kya sb believe krenge; i doubt…..
    And samjg nhi aata ki tanu or nikhil kb expose honge baby delivery ke baad ya baby ki shadi ke baad…..

  36. Don’t tell me its a mahasangam all mahasangam has turned out to be a waste. ……….in kumkum bhagya mahasangam and maha episode means waste of time. ……..and this means Ronnie knows nothing about it. ….. and pragya doesn’t know who is the father of tanu’s child crap……anyway my doubt of Ronnie finding out is confirmed he didn’t……..now my question is will she save her kumkum? ????

    • Billu it will not mahasangam or mahamilan episode. It’s promo has shown with other two show’s promo only. That’s it. It will b single episode like everyday.

  37. razia

    hey guys .. todays episode is awesome according to me ..
    raj is exposed n later admits yes i did this cuz no one believed me in tat hall matter n no one came to meet me jail .. except mitali i only loves her .. and said abhi u can send me to jail bt ill come n take revenge on u .. this time pragya saved u .. bt next time ill nt leav u ..
    by nw pragya blurts out tat the person who ditched u is mitali only she got sign on those papers … and mitali too admits .. then raj feels guilty of his doing n accepts all his mistakes and apologises n asks abhi to send him to jail .. he himself cals him killer .. abhi n dadi cries n hugs crying

    • razia

      im much satisfied wit rajs exposure .. it is very clear .. n atleast he changed nw .. with this i think raj may help pragya in exposing tanu .. bt the only doubt i have is do really raj knoes abt takhils relationship i mean does raj knoes tanu is bearing nikhils child nu ? if he knoes surely he’ll reveal na .. bt wil tanus exposure b so easy ..

  38. Priya $

    Guys mithali’s truth came out infront of raaj… He asked abhi to send him jail and hang him.. And he accepted tat he only planned everything to kill pragya.. Mithali too accepted she only tuk sign from Raj nu…

    • Priya $

      They are coming back to home abhi telling dadi tat my old brother did all those things… Raaj accepted it.. Noone came to c me in jail except mithali.. Raaj telling tat I didn’t do anything but still I went to jail.. Because of pragya’s entry u got saved abhi.. If u want u can send me to jail again… Once pragya’s exit ll come I ll surely make revenge on u.. Pragya reveals mithali’s truth she too accepted.. Raaj got broken he asked abhi to send him jail and hang him.. Dadi cries.. Abhi consoles her..

  39. razia

    if kkb goes this way i think abhigya vl b united very soon .. tanu v b exposed very sonn .. i mean bfor valentines day abhigya vl united .. i wish solve troubles of their life (taaliya) together n the serious continue witt cute abhigyas..

  40. Divya chandru

    Hi guys today episode update : pragya shocked to see raj is the person she was after. Mithali defends him says he is here bcz I told him. ABHI drags him to Mm. Dadi worried thinking what happened there !
    ABHI pragya purab Mithali and raj comes in. ABHI says he is my older brother dadi so u hv to decide what should we do with him. Purab supports Peagyas claim and tells them about those papers he found at the office earlier .Raj breaks down and admits everything he did. And says is all abhis fault ..he did not believe him when he said he did not do the Freud. No one came to see him in the jail only Mithali .he only loves her and used to love ABHI now he hates him.

    He says ABHI u can send me to jail but I will come back and I will take my revenge.i could not do it this time bcz of pragya ext time no one will save you .

    Pragya says ur not seeing the truth of ABHI the actual person behind your going to jail was Mithali .she is the one who took you fake signature. Raj asks Mithali she admits and tried to justify it but raj takes it very badly and breaks down. He begged ABHI to send him to jail and hang him cox he is a killer . He kept calling himself killer and leaves the room . ABHI dadi crying..ABHI hugs dadi .. Episode ends

  41. Sahithi

    Don’t miss today epi, it will be out that Mithali took fake sign from Raaj n reason for he going to jail. Raaj will feel guilty for misunderstanding Abhi.

  42. OK get it today’s episode so now it is clear that tanu again escaped but ya raaj has exposed. According to new promo, pragya sends a watch to tanu after seeing which tanu gets scared and tensed. It means it is nikhil’s watch for sure that’s why after seeing it tanu gets tensed. So point is, from where pragya found nikhil’s watch? Through ronnie or raaj have started helping pragya? Promo does not give clear hint that pragya got to know about nikhil But one thing is clear from promo that pragya definetly got some clue regarding tanu’s baby’s father. But how this is the question. But one thing is happened gud that raaj has realized his mistakes. Now may b to correct his mistakes and for regretting, raaj will help pragya against tanu. If this will happen then it will b bonus for pragya to the path of tanu’s exposure.So let’s see. Fingers crossed with the hope of tanu’s exposure soon.

    • reji

      pratiksha now pragya is sending a watch to tanu but there are more watch like that anyway pragya should buy a watch in branded watch shop so if she bought nikhil’s brand means she don’t know that it is nikhil’s brand so i think tanu’s expression itself will show that it is her baby’s dad so it will be convenient for pragya to investigate she can go to the same shop and can check the records that who and all bought this brand watch like this way also it may happen know do u have any idea about this

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.