Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

* Pragya tells Daadi, Purab, Rachu and Ronnie that Tanu is behind the kidnapping and Maa said that even I knw that baby Daddy. They think of organising party to identify the guy. Pragya says now he won’t come into the house directly. He will change his appearance. Our 1st priority is Maa’s safety as Tanu can harm her. I already lost Bulbul , now I won’t loose Maa.

*Ronnie is walking down the stairs thinking that hez not able to help Di.. He sees Tanu and thinks that she’s responsible for everything. He thinks of getting her baby out of the way.. .. Saying if there is no baby then there won’t be any shaadi. He sees Mithali takking a water bottle and asks her for water. Mithali gives him the bottle and leaves.

* Ronnie pours water on the stairs and

thinks to himself sorry Di. I knw if I tell u this u won’t give me permission. And he goes and hides behind the stairs.. Tanu walks on the stairs and slips a little and controls herself.

*Tanu sees Ronnie hiding and says water is thrown purposefully. And shouts at Ronnie. And asks him weather Pragya ordered him to do this. Pragya comes there..

*Precap scene

*Tanu says See and takes bottle from Ronnie’s hand and says he threw the water on the stairs.. Pragay asks Ronnie and he says Di… Pragya shuts him off and asks him to go with her.

*Tanu thinks to herself that if they are targeting my baby now then I have to leave this house with Abhi. If there is no baby means it’s finished. It’s been too much.. I have to do something now..

*the team is again gathered and Pragya is sooo angry.. And Pragya tells them everything. And scolds him.. Ronnie says he can’t see when she cries.. Ans tells he can do anything for her. Pragya scolds him saying what’s the baby’s fault. Ronnie asks then what’s BulBul dis fault that she lost her life. Rachu says Di wat ever Ronnie did is correct.. Pragya shouts have u gone mad our fight if for the truth not a war killing for people..

*Pragya says we are not like Aliya n Tanu wanting to get rid of people.. Pragya keeps on crying saying m tired. For my happiness how many lives should I risk. Doing all this if I get happiness means I don’t want any happiness. All this is my fault. I don’t want to do all this. We have to finish it here. For Maa’s and rest of thems safety.. I have made a decision. I’ll go and tell him the truth about everything.. I don’t want any of u to stop me. I don’t care if he believes me or not. Daadi tries to reason out.. Pragya says if this goes on then this distance will be for life Daadi. And leaves from there

*bPurab comes running to Pragya asking her to think once. Pragya says Purab we always keep thinking but never did dare to tell him. What if we tell him and he believes us .. Then we don’t have to do all these planning every other day. Once I tell him bohot Bada bojh Utar jayegi dil se. What happens if I tell him the truth.. He won’t believe me. He will remove me from this house. He has already removed me from his heart. After that I don’t care if I live in this house or not. And how much will he hate me. .? He already hates me a Lott… If he removes me from the house I shall leave taking Maa with me.

*even Tanu will get wat she wants.. She’ll leave Maa alone.. Already in this we lost a Lott to bring the truth out Purab… So much bad happened. If we both are destined to stay apart , if I had to loose the battle let me just have a peace of mind that I told him the truth .. Wat ever happens after that m fine and leaves from there..

*Abhi is in the garden. Tanu says she’s looking for him everywhere. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya wants to kill her and her baby. Abhi looks at her.. Abhi says have u gone mad? Tanu tells him everything…
Abhi says enough.. I knw Pragya is thinking wrong about you taking Sarla Aunty. Pragya can never do that with you. Tanu says y can’t she do it.. Abhi argues saying Pragya can never take some1s life or harm any1. Tanu shouts when will u trust me Abhi?? When our baby dies then??

*Pragya comes searching for Abhi in his room and asks robin. He tells Abhi sir is in the garden. Purab, Daadi, Rachu n Ronnie discuss that Pragya is not listining.. Purab says Daadi u should go with Di .. If Di only tells him he might not believe her. But if u are with her then he might listen. And even Rachu agrees with Purab. Daadi says he will ask for proof.. I knw he will think about wat I said.. The. He will bring Tanu Infront of every1 n ask her n she’ll of course lie ..
*roniee says Di can ask time to get the proofs .. Purab agrees. Purab says if Abhi doesn’t listen to do then everything will be finished. Daadi gets hyper and says I won’t let it finish.. I ll do wat ever I haven’t done till now. I ll fight with Abhi.. But I won’t let anything happen to Pragya. N leaves from there…

*sarala says god my Pragya is going with the truth.. Please stay with her..

*Tanu keeps saying ur not understanding me.. Y don’t you tell me that u don’t have any Lagan towards me or my bachaa.. I will bear all this coz I loved u.. For ur happiness I have given up mine.. N ur thinking of others happiness.. Who will get ready to Marry a guy who loves some1 else… But still I want to marry you coz I care abt you.. Abhi looks on.. Tanu says u don’t care abt me or the baby.. I wanted to Abort the baby by u didn’t let me.. y can’t you take a decision…

*Abhi shouts he had taken a decision and its same as her. Tanu says if our decisions are same then y aren’t our feelings? Don’t u want me to bring this baby into this world.. Abhi says not like that.. Abhi says he was about to talk to Daadi to go n talk to Pragay abt the divorce.. I don’t want to get things complicated in rush. If Pragya refuses divorce then the matter will go to court. They argue..

* Just then Pragya listens to Tanu shouting.. Telling our baby is in danger and that danger is Pragya.. Pragya gets shocked.. Tanu shouts at Abhi saying u trust her but not me.. Don’t show this on her coz she ll take advantage of this. She ll tell some wrong story and try to instigate u on me.. Pragya listens to all this in shock.. She tells I fear that she will come and tell you that the baby in my stomach is not urs but some1 else’s and cries.. M Pragya looks shocked.. Abhi says waht rubbish are y talking… Tanu says she will say this coz u trust her. If not her then she’ll make some1 else tell u this..

*Abhi says no one will make him stop have a relation with the baby.. I won’t believe if any1 says this.. This is my baby..
Episode ends

Precap: Pragya comes out and tells Abhi that Tanu is lying, making him fool. She is not pregnant with his child, but someone else’s.

Update Credit to: Sowmii


  1. Sharada

    I solemnly swear that Ronnie is the real star of the show…..he’s atleast retaliating. Pragya wants to try telling abhi the truth now….wen tanu idiot has forewarned abhi….I’m seriously getting sick of this rigmarole…..

  2. kowsi

    ohhh god …i cnt tolerate tanu’s talk…and ektha mam we r all knew how much shabir trust u but y cvs want dumb him charac..in urs all serial’s hero & heroine give the rocking performance ..but kkb for name sake abhi the rockstar ..but he never give any rockstar performance xcept mms track..and pls cvz we r all wait for abhi’s rocking performance..thank god i did not watch the episode ….i hope May be abhi will end the tanu game like mms track..last time he had a clue but this time he blindly trust tanu ..

  3. rose

    After hearing tanu talk with abhi.. pragya willnot tell anything to abhi.. so it s an dream seq … how many DREAMZZ..

  4. This is seriously not done….how could they exploit a serial like this…we study everything before 9 do thst we could watch something with plessure…
    But no,this serial writer doesn’t want any peace to be fulfilled with peace…

  5. Neha

    Itne dino se pragya ku tannu ka baby ka real father hi nahi mira kate what rabish I hate tannu and i hate this pregnency trak ye bakwas hai aduins bewakhoof banare

  6. This is seriously not done…How could they exoloit a serial like this…we complete all our works before 9 for seeing something for plessure…but this scriptwriters don want our lives to be fulfilled with peace…
    This is really embarrassing..
    Before this serial used to be embracing but now its embarrassing…

  7. devi

    I appreciate kowsi’s comments, i am also having the same in my mind.better pragya dint tell the truth this time and keep distance from tat iditots with her ma.distance make them unite and the freeness they give the evidence herself.the slap scene should be dream then only the fans get cool.

  8. stepphyrao

    It looks like the abhi slapping pragya isnt a dream after all.
    Why cant they show a scene for once when abhi tries to slap pragya…she stops him by holding his hand!!!
    Abhi always seems to have the upper hand of slapping women!!!
    500 episodes & tanu has not been SLAPPED except once by Pragya (which she so deserved) considering the BS & deceit she has created. Even Aliya has been slapped.
    Gosh its really unbelievable how the cv team are so in love with the character tanu.
    Such a pity KKB had such an interesting story line & concept. I started watching this only in late April last yr. Its has become so intolerable tanus pregnancy track & abhis so called dumboness. The make up department shld change Abhis hair color to Blond for this pregnancy track. It was mentioned that by someone that out of the 500 episodes. ..227 episodes n more to come were on the pregnancy tanu track. No wonder Mrunal wanted out. Terribly disappointing.
    Just cant watch it anymore.

  9. Hights of crap. Abhi is looking like a child who can come anybody’s talk easily, specially tanu. Sometimes I gets a doubt if pragya is really this show’s heroine or tanu? Becoz show’s most episodes and it’s parts r based and dedicated only on tanu. Abhi loves pragya but his complete blind trust on tanu. Not even in this track even from the day one of the show. Abhi always did what tanu and aaliya said to him to do. He always accepted, what they made him accept. Pragya has changed only this track but abhi had never trust on pragya even when she was gud. After knowing tanu’s nature and after knowing that she is aaliya’s best friend so she could b part of her every evil deeds. But abhi never got suspicious on her. What kind of love is this, in which he loves whom but doesn’t trust on her. As I knows that love is based on trust. Trust is so much needed in every relationship which tabhi have. Tanu and abhi suits each other so much. Their life style same, their compabiltity is gud. Tanu knows abhi better then pragya that how is abhi in actually and how could handle him. Abhi trust on tanu that she can never cheat him and tanu trusts that abhi could give her that luxurious life style which no one could give her except abhi. So I mean to say where is any equation between abhigya. I doesn’t see any equation between them except love which CVS r trying to show between them. Otherwise most of the story looks like based on tanu and abhi. So it looks like more tanu ka kumkumbhagya instead of pragya ka kumkumbhagya. Anyways let’s see how CVS will make this couple amd their love justified after tanu’s exposure. CVS have to give better improvent and development in abhigya’s characters in future track. Then only it will b acceptable.

    • shobana

      Abhi hates pragya in this avatar
      I think if she tells everything to him in fuggi avatar then he will believe her

      If Dadi can say everything to abhi without proof they could have done it long back itself .y unnecessarily dragging these many days
      This serial has really lost its charm

      Wat u guys al think

  10. Jaydeep

    They are showing us the wrong montage …why are they showing pragya in the montage???? Isn’t tanu is the main lead of the show …. I think they should show tanu and abhi’s hug as the montage of the show… I’m in the misunderstanding from the past 2 years that pragya is the main female lead but just cleared it today that its tanu ??

  11. Brintha

    Any she decided that abhi won’t trust her words..and he is no note love with her .thn she should not stop now..she shud tell the truth and get out of the house with her mom ..let dadi tell him that tanu is not carrying ur baby..let him ask proof for dadi…let him ask proof for dadi that he is the grand son of hers..let him ask proof for his parents to dadi…he live the proof..not with the truth…let him na…

  12. Divya chandru

    Its better pragya leave MM house with her mom,she had struggled all the time , may be after that abhi would start realising what is the truth …. damn boring of this tanu track., hero of the show purab and ronnie ….

  13. Sharmi

    Oooo shit….wat d hell s going on…..plzzzz writters change d track….its going on 4 more than 6 months……sooooo dragging….plzzz change it or end it….d ffs are awesome…..v were satisfied wit d ffs….

  14. Shruthi

    Pri Pls can u post naagin written update for 27th Feb… Pls yar… Hasan won’t post it seems… I missed the episode… Eager to know wat happened… If u could do this I would be so happy πŸ™‚

  15. Pinki

    Pragya will tell truth to abhi but he will not trust on her. And he will slap yo pragya. Bcz abhi haven’t mind he has fool same like kartik. So boring episode plzzzz stop the chapter of tanu n stop draging plzzzzzz ????????????????. Plzzzzzz it’s our request. ?????⚑⚑

  16. stepphyrao

    Pragya pls leave MM. U hav suffered enough. N Abhi is really not worth it. The cvs have made Arora women suffer too much under the Mehra family. The TRUTH will find itself.

  17. divanka

    hey what is this bakwas yaar and is this the thing that they call pyaar ka jjeth ?
    I had seen a promo or an add kind of thing in zee tv duiring one of the intervals stating that in this week all serials lead pair would come upwith a solution to their problem and they calledit as yaar ka jeeth . and I really wonder whether this is the solution to the problem in kkb

  18. Tripthi arora

    I think pragya would ask abhi to get the DNA test done for tanu asxa state of proof and abhi would be confident to know about the truth through the doctors and pls don’t make it a dream again yaar as we’ve watched enough of it . If this agin turns to be a drem then the rating of the show may go down so I request u to end this track and have some 20 – 30 epi of abhigya’romance and then u camn again cont withur serious tracks as we want to see them together for atlest some time . its my kind request

  19. sritikapoor

    another 227 epi oh god what a thing is this ?????????????ugh stop this track and it is soooooo muchhhh booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggg

  20. nithya

    oh m6y god my god !!waiting for the next epi . onnume illama irukarathukku pragya abhitta unmaiya sollrathu pravallathane . abhiyum kooda avlaa namballala. ana ithu ellamu kanava irukka kodadthu pls pls ppls .

  21. nithya

    oh my god oh my god aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. atleat pragya abhitta unmayavacchu sollralle . onnume illama fight panratha vida unamaiya sollittu prove pannrathu pravalla thane!!!!

    WAITING FOR MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. anonymous

    I never commentd on this page… bt ders a limit to everythng…. cvs have gone mad… same shitty drama since a yr… that b****h tanu is so cunning… nd pragya is shown so stupid… aftr listening the whole comversation how can she b so idiotic to tell truth without any proof…. A requst to KKB team, if u dnt want to reunite abhigya right now then atleast get some new track… pregnancy track is getting really irritated day by day…

  23. Megha

    If the slap is the dream why pragya don’t want to tell the truth to abhi. I doubt that it’s really dream????because pragya said that Abhi wouldn’t believe her. Even if she had a dream she continues to tell the truth because she already took decision to leave Abhi, MM along with his maa…so I think it’s not a dream sequence…

  24. Reji

    So precap is a dream scene so tanu blocked one option that if pragya revealed the truth without proof also abhi will not believe her …….. So pragya needs to find some proofs but still she don’t know nikhil is the dad of tanu’s baby so how will she find proof ????? Exposing is the only option for pragya but way proof will she get ??? Pratiksha and sahithi that CCTV footage is the only proof and with that she can find tanu baby’s father and it is the strong proof against tanu and sarla purab dadi and rachna r the eye witness

  25. Sam

    Writters may have the honor to stop this show… There has been no smile on the faces of the ppl acting or on the faces of the audience all these months… The truth not revealed and the bad not punished till now… How boring… Pragya being the lead could not do anything to Tanu for so long.. Abhi the rock star has no sense … Great job writers , you too have got no sense of composing….

  26. Lorena

    But what if all who know the truth about tanu will support Pragya in her sayings and when Pragya will tell the truth to Abhi,they could intervene and say that Pragya is right and Abhi will trust her especially if Dadi supports Pragya.I think this could be a possibility,but i dont know what CVS is preparing for us.I hope next week Abhi will finally know the truth.

  27. sana

    Stupid serial.in real life abhi get child. But in reel life in serial they show about till tanu child abort.is abhi love true??what he did for pragya so far???basic thing of love is hope. But abhi always suspect her.is this love?? Or he blindfolded once he feel love for pragya??what he do???from 200+++ episodes what he do to pragya????Nothing go to hell.pragya go out of this serial just like mrunal.there is no logic in this serial. Ur acting is nice don’t waste Ur skill in act this serial. Go and actnew show as u like.

  28. Nasreen

    Faltu serial close it down …ekta no more script to change the topic …evrytm or daily ek hi story chalti hai …tht stupid tanu nd faltu nikhil ….cheee.stop it all these fake and faltu giri ….waste of time shame on u ekta

  29. Ishani

    I’m sure its not a dream. Abhi will not believe pragya & will get ready to his wedding with thanu. Pragya will not find any proof till then & leave MM.
    I think abhi will do something secretly & will prove to everyone during the marriage like in MMS trck.
    Sarala will speak during tha marriage.

    I hope this track will end soon & will start
    new storyline with evil aliya.

  30. zanaib

    Now the dadi will come out to save pragiya bt tank vll also put allegation also on dadi that she is frm pragiya team and Abhi confused vll leave the house and at the time Pragiya also tell Abhi the status of their divorce status and handover him the property and the house vth her Mama

  31. Pragya pls leave MM,you don’t deserve to stay there. You deserve a husband who love you so much .not that dumb abhi.he deserve tanu only.let them married. All the good ones are suffering.look at purab,he don’t deserve this life.pragya are suffering so much from the beginning till now just like the writer of this serial

  32. xavier

    So todays episode is all about Ronnie throwing water on stairs to make Tanu trip and fall. Oh come on yar. This people are running out of ideas to write. We are FED UP . FED UP. I rather go outside and look at the street than to watch this waste

  33. Guys I don’t know what will b pragya’s next step now but what I think that now she have to proof herself right in front of abhi and everyone before proving tanu wrong. Becoz now tanu have manipulated abhi against pragya completely. So for proving herself right, firstly she have to come back in her old avatar which is her real identity. And after coming back in her old avatar, she have to announce tabhi’s marriage and give abhi’s property back to him. Pragya was saying to sarla maa that she will arrange a party and then she will call every people who relates with mehra’s functions ever so when tanu’s boyfriend will come sarla maa could identified him. So guys pragya have no other reason to arrange party in the house except tabhi’s marriage functions, when her maa is in bad condition. And it is also necessary to gain abhi’s trust back, when she has been lost it completely becoz of tanu’s manipulation. Nobody can stop tabhi’s marriage without any solid proof or reason, not even pragya, dadi and purab. So pragya have already no choice left. This is the best way for pragya to turn tanu’s game and bring ball in her cort. Pragya has been already lost almost her everything in this battle. So she has no time to try her destiny by more and more plans. She should have to give last chance to her destiny by doing this. Like pragya was saying to her team that she will bring out the truth in front of abhi then it will up to him that he wants to believe or not. So pragya have to try to collect every possible trick and proof against tanu and nikhil, during tabhi’s marriage functions and like she said that if their destiny wants to reunite them then tabhi’s marriage will never reach to it’s end and before it tanu will get exposed and pragya will get succeed. But if their destiny wants to separate them then tabhi’s marriage will get complete and pragya will get free from all the problems with her family forever. So enough of it for pragya. She have to test her destiny one last time. And as we knows that destiny made abhigya destined to b together so no one could separate them. What u say guys about this?

    • Reji

      Pratiksha what you said was right I agree with you so pragya’s have to test her destiny for one last time so pratiksha if pragya return to her old avatar also abhi will not believe her because after bulbul’s surgery pragya tried to say the truth to abhi in her old avatar but already tanu manipulated abhi and dadi also stopped pragya so already abhi’s trust on pragya was gone so as u said pragya want to get back abhi’s trust so wat will be the proof will pragya collect against tanu ??? And how will she find nikhil ??? So now sarla maa only know who is the father of tanu’s baby so do u think will pragya arrange a party to find nikhil ?? But I don’t know for wat reason she will arrange the party any idea about it pratiksha??!!

      • Reji read my above comment carefully. U will get ur answers. And reji definetly abhi will not believe on pragya if she will tell him whole truth after coming back in her old avatar, without proofs. That’s why I m saying that she have to gain his trust back firstly which she has been lost becoz of tanu’s manipulation. When pragya will tell him about the whole truth with strong and full proofs, then abhi have to believe on her and he will. But before it, she have to show abhi and tanu that now she has again changed but for her maa. Abhi will definetly believe on this and when she will give away his property back and announce tabhi’s marriage then abhi will again start believing on her. And then between all the functions of tabhi’s wedding, she should collect all the proofs against tanu, like that video footage, that compounder who saw nikhil and off course maa who could identified nikhil. So when she will collect all these proofs then she have to think a way, by which she could reveal tanu’s truth to abhi and abhi believe on her.

  34. anne

    i think pragya must tel everything to abhi n leave MM with her mum so its up to him to believe he always knows tht pragya wont lie to him thy both love each another so much but abhi needs proof 4 everything so even if his dadi tels him everything also he wont believe so is his thts all just a drama is it dadi dadi pls abhi believe she is real not tanu i know its serial but wen v c it v r into it only hope after tanu track i want to c pragya gets pregnant i just want to c hw abhi take care of his sweetheart bcause he is a very loving guy.

  35. Annie

    I don’t watch this serial regularly ( thank god for that ) since last years kidnapping track which was strrched from Feb till april. Tanu had said she is pregnant since the MMS thing happened,that track was somewhere in Dec Jan I guess,so she is preganat since 14-15 months….wow.. looks like an alien baby who hardly grows coz the bump is not yet visible & after so much screaming & shouting and wearing high heels its still there.
    Fail to understand can’t they take a second opinion for DNA test,of course the first doc was being bribed by tanu,so is there only 1 doc on this whole world ???? Never seen such a dumb rockstar ever…God when will this tortureous serial end…viewers now can write a better story & give logical explanation…..writers take a break.

  36. madhu

    This show is full of dragging … I am a die hard fan of kkb ..Everyday waiting for tanu’s truth to be exposed .. Bt it never happen in this show ..full of dreams . Really waiting for *** ABHIGYA UNION**** pls unite them

  37. Shaz

    Abhi always gives important to tanu till now. But he helped pragya only for his dadi. I think he loves tanu that’s why he gives important to her but not pragya. So pls let him marry tanu and bring an end to the wedding topic. Pls let pragya to go out of that MM house. Because by that only she can safe at least her loving maa.

  38. Sahithi

    I watched the pyar ki jeet promo again from zee tv source and for all other shows they showed something positive happening between the leads. For KKB what was shown – Pragya calling Tanu as blackmailer n knowing that Tanu is behind her mom kidnap, that is the only promo for KKB for this week. So I think for this show, pyar ki jeet is only first step of Pragya knowing Tanu’s involvement.

    And Pratiksha I dont think Pragya will organize Abhi Tanu marriage, as for that Abhi will first ask her for divorce n if they discuss about that the truth of their divorce already done and property papers will also come out. So I have this strong feeling the party wont be for their marriage or pre-marriage events. But how about a baby shower for Tanu πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I was again thinking after reading all the comments here, whatever Tanu’s character is doing is justified as in evils are always planning ahead and trying to save themselves whereas Pragya is always thinking in righteous way like about the baby.

    Now whatever Tanu is doing with Abhi she did same with Pragya also during start of pregnancy track, she told Pragya about her pregnancy even before Abhi, manipulated Pragya to bring her into MM n finally to convince Daadi also n leave MM. Same she is doing now with Abhi to get married at earliest. Both Pragya n Abhi were dumb in both situations to trust her blindly n come in her words. Both r shown as being right n doing justice for the baby’s sake, then Pragya since she believed it was Abhi’s baby, now same with Abhi he thinks its his baby.

    Big disappointment from the last epi is even after Purab, Daadi, Rachna n Ronnie knew about Tanu involvement, none of them remembered about the video footage. I am getting this doubt, will they even finally use the video footage as proof or not.

    • Sahithi pragya can give abhi signed mutual consent papers with property papers , in which it will b written that she have no objection from tabhi’s marriage. Sahithi then divorce will not come in between and not any truth related to this. As pragya has left the wish of getting abhi back but she wants to expose tanu so she could save him. So she can opt these things as her final moves. And pragya have no other option instead of arranging tabhi’s marriage becoz nobody can stop him from getting married with tanu without any logical reason and strong proof. And if pragya will exposed tanu in her mogambo getup then it will b hard for her to make abhi understand all the things, circumstances and truths. Anyways I just gave an idea which came in my mind. Let’s see what CVS will show? But sahithi I feels pragya and team will get all the proofs only at last moment miraculously so then CVS could show us that abhigya’s destiny brought them together.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, the show has become a headache to watch after Sarla’s accident, too twisted n illogical day by day. I want this to be closed at earliest. In fact I didnt watch yday episode, T20 match felt like better option.

      If she is going to give property back, she hopes to stay back in MM n show all the guests to Sarla n let her identify. That is crap. Sarla is paralyzed and they will bring her in wheel chair to see Tanu’s marriage is it. Why should they both stay back if she returns property, because Abhi is Sarla’s supposed beta. Assume, even if Sarla identifies Nikhil, how will they prove that to Abhi. What I wrote in 4 lines, at KKB speed will take a month to happen.

      And I would hate to watch anything of that sort, I have already given up on this show. Want to only see Tanu moving out of Abhi, Pragya life. I dont think I would want to watch it further after Tanu exposure, with again Aaliya playing games.

      • shavi

        u r absolutely right sahithi.. i just skipped this show .. bt i m adopted 9pm time to watch this show.. really with this irritating ang illogical twists and same scenes are bored .. in this developed world even a uneducated person can tell DNA test for paternal dispute.. bt a lecturer that too already pragya handled this situation in rachna’s life then y d directors are dumb with same old scenes is totally not understandable.. once i have been addicted to abhigya’s act and romance bt nowadays same dramatic emotions btwn them had made me free from this..day by day d story is going more worst..cant even d writers and directors catch d point where they are doing mistake.. v people are wasting our energy everyday for seeing d reunion of abhigya bt they are not even listening for godsake.. i think trp should gone down… bt pls if anyone in kkb team read this comments pls tell d writers and directors to stop this idiotic useless tanu’s track.. i dont think in real life a lady like tanu or pragya will not survive…

  39. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I think next epi pragya will tell but abhi will slap her purab also tells the same but he will not believe but after dadi tells he will accept it!!!!

  40. sana

    Pavigala pragya firstey unmaya solra Mari kamichi irukalam.atha vittu izhu izhu nu izhuthutu ippa Ava unmaya solra porala.pongaya negalam unga serialum.

  41. Jaydeep

    Tanu told starting from this pregnancy track that she wanna abort the baby..till few days back ago she was telling abhi that she will abort the baby and now suddenly she is having fear that pragya might harm her baby …what kind of mother is that she herself can threat about harming baby but no one other can harm ???? Isn’t it dramatic ???can’t abhi see that how come suddenly she is so worried about baby ????? There is nothing remain in this show to be discuss about… Just waste of time….mrunal aka bulbul understand it way before than us that’s y she left the show …I just wish that sriti/shabbir should also blackmail CVS just like tanu does to abhi that they will leave the show if storyline doesn’t improve that might be able to knock some sense in the CVS’s pea sized brain???

  42. shivani

    wow !! it is very nice if pragya says all the truth . but tanus drama is going so long its over for her. please the precap should be and it should not be a dream.

  43. Let pragya leaves MM and abhi married tanu.abhi love only tanu and not Pragya. He loves pragya because of dadi and that’s not true love.true love is tanu,he deserve tanu.pragya don’t deserve this life.so pls pragya leave with your mother. It’s better that everyone stop watching this serial.this tanu is crazy just like the writer of this serial

  44. Sahithi

    For all those having question if Abhi will slap Pragya, that is not real sequence. It is Pragya’s dream/imagination that if now she will tell Abhi that the baby is not his, he may misunderstand her. This was clear in one of the segment videos.

    • Maggie

      If it’s dream then I really hope
      Something like this happens
      Abhi goes to his room n finds file n open it
      Shock to c there r divorce papers signed n all properties in name of dadi
      Little msg written
      All I wanted is ur happiness
      But if ur happiness is fathering someone else baby go ahead
      Pls take care of my maa n tell her I will b fine. Don’t try to find me as I will b gone faraway from all

      At same time she has already informed sarla maa where she is going

      I really hope something like this happen
      As Pragya can never make understand Abhi about truth without proof at this stage

    • Sahithi

      Yes Maggie, I also want something really different to happen than this cat-mouse chase between Pragya-Tanu-Nikhil. No more planning, plotting, kidnaps, murder attempts, blackmailing – enough of all those.

      Your idea is brilliant and if something like this happens will be very very happy. That is actually something really mature n sensible. And that is expected to happen as per current times; not the lead actress forever crying helplessly.

  45. Abhi is a BIG FOOL. There is no point in Pragya wasting time for finding proofs anf fibding for Truth, because it is easy for anyone to fool Abhi. If he does not have the capability to understand who is right and who is wrong. ..Pragya’s any efforts will be worthless. It is better Pragya take her mother and leave Abhi for ever. He deserves to be cheated by people like Aaliya and Tanu and learn lessons by himself with mistakes he make. He is stupid not deserves to be called even a Rockstar.

  46. Suraj

    Srsly its soo irritating…. cant tolerate now!!!
    Unite abhigya and expose tanu…. its alredy high time… and i request the kumkum bhagya team not to dragg the serial…..viewers are losing interest!!!!

  47. Brine of brain

    KKB had one of the best mix of drama,comedy, dialogues, direction and superlative performance of leads as well as very competent support cast. But since has last three months, there has been inanity galore. Story has become uni-dimensional, acting is trite, lead pair has been reduced to ashes. Abhi looks wooden and Pragya looks swollen. There is a reign of Dumbness. Hard to believe that same CVS created many memorable episodes, some of which I have watched many times.

    • stepphyrao

      Woooh Brine of Brain….BEAUTIFULLY said & apt. Standing ovation dear. Every single word of yours epitomises my thoughts entirely.
      “Abhi looks wooden & Pragya swollen” . Simply hilarious but so true. The cvs have definitely turn them to ashes.
      So true wen you mentioned that these are the same cvs who created so many memorable episodes which I too have watched many times.
      What is even more frustrating is the script, the past 50 or more episodes make no sense & logic & the storyline so
      disconnected & it has lost its flow. And every episode is filled with sorrow. KKB script had always the knack to weave humour do effortlessly despite the struggles& & tension. IT HAS LOST ALL THAT of late because of this pregnancy track. Cant believe that this pregnancy track has dragged to over 227 episodes.

    • Madhu

      Yes..true..even I agree with you brain..these days Abhi n pragya are not looking as great as earlier..their features are totally changed..Pragya was soo cute and Abhi was very handsome..in every frame the pair was beautiful even if they hate together or love together..but now fed of watching them together..we are still watching them because we got to used of watching them..if they were like this earlier also we wouldn’t have shown this much interest on this show..sorry to the kkb fans to speak out like this..even I am a very big fan of the show and cast..when ever I am bored I just watch Kkb old episodes..but now am not even interested to watch the current episodes atleast once..

      • shobana

        Not only you Madhu most of them are fed up with KKB bt I was nt able to get the point that how Kkb is still no.1 position in trp rating

        I hate this promo they said this week ” pyar Ki jeet ” which means abhi and pragya should have reunited or at least some improvement like abhi doubt on tanu bt nothing happened as such
        Now abhi is fully manipulated by tanu and its like tanu’s victory I mean ” Tanu Ki Pyar Ki Jeet “

  48. Yes Maggie I really really agree with you. I hope that pragya Will do that. Than I hope that abhi Will understand how important pragya been for him

  49. razia

    Dunno wat to say .. Really can’t get wats going on .. Jus thinkn wat the CVS r making for us .. In a show how many dream sequences ? It’s high time .. Jus plan to expose tanu CVS .. Enuf is enuf .. Expose the crap .. Do something sensible

  50. Veeja

    SO now that you guys are reviewing comments 1st – are YOU also Picking and Choosing What whose comments you will post and whose you will NOT???? I have NOT seen anything that I have written Last Week and there were NO foul words or anything. What discrimination is this????

  51. Jaydeep

    Today’s episode* Episode starts with Abhi saying he wont let anyone spoil this relation. Pragya comes saying that Tanu is lying. Pragya tells Abhi the truth. Tanu tells see Abhi i told you shez going to say this. just slap her. Pragya asks Abhi to trust her. Abhi says why should i trust you. you are the one who gave me dhoka. Pragya tells Abhi about her changed avatar.

    * Abhi says your telling a good story. but i wont believe you. Pragya says shez trying to give ur name to some1 elses baby. Abhi says enough. and do you have proof. Pragya asks for some time. Abhi says do u have any proof now. Dont try to spoil my childs name. otherwise i will leave this place with Tanu and my child. Pragya tries to tell him that the baby is not his. Abhi slaps and Pragya comes out of her dream..

    *Aliya is calling some people about some business proposal but no one responds. She thinks no one is helping me .. No one is listening to me unless i tell them my full name. she starts dringking and thinks Bhai’s reputation wont go down easily.

    *Pragya is walking upstairs thinking what Tanu told Abhi. Daadi see’s Pragya crying and enquires. Purab, Rachu n Ronnie sees this.. Daadi takes Pragya to a room. Purab asks Rachu to sit with Maa and he’ll go to Pragya di.

    * Daadi asks did you tell the truth to Ahi. Pragya keeps on crying. Purab comes there.. Pragya tells tells them about the whole thing. Daadi says i knw shez smart.. but shez tooo smart. Purab says i knw why Tanu did all this.. When di called her as the blackmailer and said tat she would give the proof to any1 she must have got scared and took this step.

    *Abhi in his room keeps thinking about what Tanu said. Abhi says Pragya wont do this. She cant kil any1. Why is Tanu thinking like this. Abhi says now he has to do that thing which he is avoiding till now. he looks at Pragyas photo. For that if i have to go far away from you then i’ll do that.

    Its,just half update

    • Jaydeep

      *Purab says he got an idea and explains it. Daadi and Ronnie dont get it , Pragya says i understood and says I am ready.

      *Daadi comes to her room and sees Daasi packing. Daadi asks her wer shez going.. Daasi says her friends are going to Vaishno devi and even shez going. and asks Daadi shall i get a ticket for you. Daadi says i cant come . Daasi says she’ll come and goes from the room.

      *Abhi comes into Daadi’s room and sees the bag and thinks Daadi is going somewer. and asks her. Daadi says Indu is going. and asks Abhi to sit near her. Abhi shares his sorrows with Daadi. Daadi tries to say some soothing words.. and asks him not to leave the path of truth.

      *Abhi says m tired Daadi and i took a decision. He says every 1 knw M going to marry Tanu. I shall start the preparations from tomorrow. But there is 1 problem and only you can help me in that. I cant marry Tanu unless i give divorce to Pragya.. Daasi walks in just then. Daadi looks at Abhi.

      Episode Ends

      • Lol! Abhi is tired!?? Asks us, how much we got tired from this annoying, irritating and boring track.?Even limits of our tiredness has been crossed.? I must say, go abhi, go, finish it at all and give us a break.?

      • Jaydeep

        Exactly the same feeling…pratiksha everyday they show us the same annoying crap…but just bit too much attached to the show …so can’t stay away from show for long time …I hope this time they surely goes for marriage and ends this track somejow

  52. Jaydeep

    Just like most of us had been thinking ,abhi decided to marry tanu & preparation will start from next day so marriage will be arranged and just before marriage happens they somehow will get proof against tanu and sarla may also get healthy just before marriage and they will show strong proofs and with sarla telling the truth tanu gets exposed and abhigya’s marriage will happen …it might take 1-2 months and with the speed of this serial might just take little longer this is what I’m thinking regarding it…
    What you guys think after today’s episode pratiksha ,sahithi and reji?????

    • Sahithi

      But I am curious how they will start the marriage arrangements without clarifying/concluding first on divorce. I always assumed writers kept this divorce topic to the end to delay Tanu marriage n give Pragya time for multiple failed attempts to expose Tanu. I mean to accomodate all this dragging, they brought up this divorce topic now when Abhi got ready for court marriage.

      From almost first week of makeover track I had this point in mind that when Pragya said she used Abhi’s sign for getting property, then that will mean they r not divorced so why doesnt anyone bring up this topic.
      Now let us see what illogical justification will be given or hope the writers will spare me from the torture of watching marriage arrangements, and because of this divorce topic I dont have to watch such crap.

      Abhi approaches Daadi for help in divorce matter, and if now also Daadi tries to convince Pragya somehow that she will take care of matter, then Daadi has to be the most worst character in the show, much worse than Tanu n Aaliya.

      And I am still not able to guess how the new montage should be seen – as last time changed montage went on for like 5 months. This new one does it symbolize they both will be always apart though they want to be together or does it signify though they r apart now,but they will soon be together – dont know how to understand it.
      But after seeing this new montage itself, I lost most of the interest.

      • Jaydeep

        But they are doing it from many months they will bring up marriage topic then divorce come in between, and before abhi asks divorce something happens but this time he seems to be more determine about marriage because he doesn’t wanna see tanu accusing pragya of trying to harm her so he wanna marry her and go away from pragya’s life just what I think

      • Shobana

        hi sahithi
        u r right this divorce topic should ve come in begining itself
        bt i feel abhi was confused and shocked in the begining abt pragya so he might not think of it

        pragya got sign in divoce paper only because when she left the home she doesnt know that tanu’s and alia’s truth
        aft she left home only she came to knw abt it and then she met accident al these

        what i think is there will be a flashblack on how she got abhi’s signature in property papers

      • Sahithi

        Daadi helped Pragya get the property on her name, to bring her back into MM again as owner of the property, isnt it?

    • Jaydeep I was predicted the same. But it will b too boring way to exposure of tanu. We have given our so much precious time to see the climax of such a record breaking and annoying track since long by keeping lots of patience. So we wants something different and explosive exposure which create festive mood in our minds and we get a best result of our patience. But now it has been crossed hights of crap and finished the limit of tolerance so whatever way they opt to choose, just do it and finish this crap finally as soon as possible. But if they will opt another different way as we r wishing then it will b best but I want they should clear our doubts with the climax and should give a logical justification to the end of this track. That’s it.

      • Jaydeep

        Now I’m so much fed up from this track I just wanna see the end of this track whichever way it can just end it ….it doesn’t matter whether we have to go through pragya’s torture or pathetic episodes if they will end it in few episodes then I’m even ready to bear those episodes but just wanna see climax and find something new to discuss and think about

  53. Shabnam malik

    Nonsense boring serial y truth of tanu iz not revealed infront of everyone.y tanu is not xposed till date boring enough now

  54. sana

    Pongaya, abhi nowadays cry like girl.it’s doesn’t suit him.make him again as a hero.or end stupid serial. Bcoz abhi got his 2nd child birth. But tanubaby father expose till.what a pity???

  55. anne

    abhi slaps pragya its a dream but very sad n i know 4 sure abhi wont marry tanu hope my wish come true i cannot even eat veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy saddddddddddddddddddddd pls abhi dont marry tanu na n cried after watching abhi slapped his sweetheart.

  56. Sahithi

    From precap it is clear this idea was given to Tanu by Aaliya that tanu should upfront tell Abhi that Pragya may tell him.the baby is not his.
    So as Purab predicted, even if the supposed blackmailer strikes a deal with Pragya or Abhi directly, Tanu will be safe.
    So Tanu thinks she escaped from the blackmailer as she assumes she didn’t leave proof for anyone to catch her. Now after this crying drama with Abhi, she thinks she is even more safe on the baby truth.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.