Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi realizes Pragya still loves him

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The Episode starts with Inspector freeing Abhi and Purab on Pragya’s insistence. Pragya leaves. Disha thanks her for freeing them and fighting with the Police for them. Pragya says whatever I did was for myself. Inspector asks Abhi to sign and leave. Abhi says when there is no entry of arrest then why to sign while going. He says if you disturb me even for a minute then I will take advantage of my celebrity status, but my teacher is enough for you. Tanu comes and hugs Abhi. Abhi says this is not your page 3 party. Tanu goes. Disha comes to Abhi and asks him to go and thanks Pragya. She says if she wanted, she would have filed case, but she didn’t do anything. Abhi goes. Tanu asks Disha why did she send Abhi to Pragya. Disha asks her to go and learn something from Pragya. Tanu asks if she shall

learn misbehaving with Police like Pragya. Disha says it was Pragya’s love for her and she couldn’t see his insult. Pragya comes home and thinks if I have done a mistake by not filing the Police complaint and says he might be feeling I showed sympathy for him, and will snatch Kiara from me. She thinks not to answer him. Pragya thinks I shouldn’t have done this and thinks next seven days will be a problem. Abhi thinks what is the truth? Why she didn’t file FIR, if she wants to lose from me. He thinks what does she wants. He thinks to know her looking in his eyes. Pragya thinks she will not look in his eyes, and loves him even now. Abhi says now I know what is in your heart and have to tell me by words and have to tell about your helplessness. Allah Wariyan plays…..

Disha and Purab are in the car. He talks about Abhi and Pragya and says they both love each other. He says Pragya took Abhi out of lock up as she can’t see him in problem. Disha says right answer and kisses on his cheeks. Purab says what are you doing as he is driving the car. Tanu is driving the car and thinks of Disha’s words.

Aaliya calls Tanu and asks her to say. She says she was busy to make calls to free Abhi. Tanu says Abhi is out as I was there, and Pragya was there too. She asks when she will take her words seriously and asks her to see what Pragya did? Aaliya asks her to tell what she did. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi went to Kiara’s school to steal her admission form as he wanted to know if Kiara is his daughter or not. Aaliya asks why? Tanu says Pragya must have told him that Kiara is not his daughter and that’s why she did this. She tells that when she hugged Abhi, he asked her not to act. She says he thinks my love as act and is after Pragya and wants Kiara who is Mr. Singh’s daughter. She says Abhi runs after Pragya and tells that they will stay together. She says whenever he meets her, he gets lost in her eyes, and he doesn’t hear me at all. Aaliya asks her to stop wherever she is and wait for the driver which she will be sending. Tanu thanks her angrily and says she don’t need her help. Aaliya collides with Purab thrice. Disha comes and tells him that she will bring tea for him. Aaliya thinks he still ignores me. Purab keeps his hand on the table and gets hurt. Aaliya runs to him and tries to wipe it with tissue paper. Disha comes and sucks blood from his palm. Purab says you have sucked the blood which haven’t come out too. Disha laughs. Purab hugs her. Aaliya leaves.

Abhi comes to Kiara’s house. Kiara asks Servant to lift her so that she can open the door. He lifts her. Kiara opens the door and hugs Abhi. She tells the Servant that Abhi is her superstar. Abhi hugs Kiara and asks where is your Mumma. Kiara says she is searching something in the cupboard since morning. Chachi thinks King shall come before Abhi goes.

Abhi tells Pragya that he saw her crossing her limits today, this happens only if she is not married.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The criminal family is granted a reprieve by Pragya. She’s a fool. It’s up to her to dismiss charges when it was a theft against the school. Only the principal has the right to dismiss charges. KKB logic remains at the under the age of 6 years old level. In KKB land ‘dumb’ is normal if it suits the purpose of the latest flinging around of a plot. Tuna fish remains in her imaginary world believing that Abhi is her loving husband. Tuna is reminded by Abhi that the marriage is fake and she needn’t pretend that they are a married couple. No photographers around, you know. Tuna believes that her love for Abhi is real. We’ve always known this this girl to be a vicious piece of work and also rather dumb. Criminal Abhi thoughtfully decides how he can further use Pragya and demand that she speak out her love for him. The actor does a good job of showing Abhi’s building arrogance. That’s normally one of the first indicators tht there is going to be an attack on Pragya. Pragya always forgets but we the viewers know that Abhi is a rabid predator prone to outsized rage. Whenever the sl*t Tuna or Alia commits a crime or just for entertainment they simply instruct Abhi to publicly punish Pragya. Pragya is punished. Abhi is always obedient to alia and the tuna. Purab remains mistaken. He honestly believes that Abhi only acts with love towards Pragya. He is suffering from the Mehra disease of selective memory. He has forgotten all the torture, abuse and outright criminal attacks carried out against Pragya. Pragya has been blamed and punished daily in order to satisfy the fish and Alia. Alia is not smart. She is another vicious b*tch who without money would be a failed human, sitting on death row. Tuna has a temper tantrum. She has forgotten about all her criminal acts. She repeatedly yells out “My foot!”. She’s speaking to Alia, the only human who can stand listening to the tuna fish. These two are clearly a very special brand of humans who should have died out in primitive pre-histroy. Alia tries to show her ‘love’ to Purab. Purab has not forgotten how Alia shows love. She murdered, after many attempts, Purab’s first love, BulBul. Abhi arrives at the home of King and Pragya. Chachi dislikes the freedom of roaming that Abhi has taken for granted in another man’s home.
    Abhi deserves some serious punishment.

  2. How much longer is this bull crap serial going to go on? The only message here is you should love the person who treats you worse than shit. He viewers have the power to shelf this serial. If you have an iota of self respect stop watching Ekta’s mindless drivel #shutdownKKB I stopped watching a loooonnnggg while back when I cancelled the Indian cable channels in my home, I only come here to see the updates… you are all being brain washed #shutdownKKB

  3. DUH…. Abhi now realizes that Pragya loves him..better late than never I guess… Anyways, the tramp Tanu throws a tantrum again…in true adolescence style.. Friends…truth be told, I’ve hated Disha’s dialogue since some time ago.. I cringe when she talks about “di” and her rights in the family…her lines are so sappy… geez….. I believe it was Ani who mentioned this few days ago, I’ve believed it to but I’m glad someone else feels the same way like me…and this relationship between Abhi and Kiara is cloying..sickeningly sweet in its nature.. Few days ago I was watching an episode as we are a good many days behind normal episodes and Abhi was bemoaning the fact that he missed out on so much with Kiara and when he said that he missed out on her sleeping on his bed, I was shocked…..before anyone criticises me of bad thoughts, remember that this little girl is oblivious to her connection with Abhi and Abhi is perceiving that Kiara is his biological daughter, he doesn’t know that for a concrete fact..so for Abhi to say something like that doesn’t look proper.. Why couldn’t he say that he missed out on playing with her and taking her to school or having meals with her and so on?? As for Tanu, if Abhi knows that he loves Pragya still and realizes that his marriage to Tanu was a huge mistake why can’t he tell her pack her bags and fricking disappear from his family and sight??? I think all Tanu does day in and day out is obsess about Abhi being next to Pragya…and wear princess dresses strutting around and flouncing her vampy ass all over the place, I don’t think she sleeps at all… Where is King’s brain in all of these happenings? So much in plain sight under his nose and he can’t smell… Chachi is the only person in the circle who has sane, logical and correct thoughts.. Everyone else sucks….

    1. Hey Naz, Just wanted to add the cultural perspective of traditional family beds in the East, parts of Northern Europe and I’m sure elsewhere in the world. It would not be unusual to find children sleeping with their parent(s). Up to what age? I’m not sure. Abhi’s (the character) behaviour does veer on the edge of creepy. And Chachi? She is rather judgemental. A slightly different approach in her questioning, some charisma and heartfelt sympathy perhaps, would evoke a different result. But we know that the production is not about character development, rather an exercise in exposure to regressive and corrupt behaviour. Criminal amoral behaviour. Many who comment understand that this is about normalizing corrupt behaviour. I wish the whole crew would wake up one morning, gather together, all looking at their producer’s photo and then solemnly altogether,slowly turn and face in the opposite direction, use the same creativity and talent to create a more intelligent, family building story. Those stories have conflict and intrigue, love, challenge as well. This story is regressive and purposefully addictive and it works!! They could change the regressive part and still make it addictive, if needed. So Naz I think everybody sucks, Chachi perhaps a little less.

      1. Why I have a problem with Kiara in Abhi’s bed is because he acts like a man feeling sorry for himself for not having moments like those with her before..its just his clingy cloying behavior towards her which doesn’t seem tasteful to me.. I grew up jumping in and out of my parents bed as child as well but if I was in same position as Kiara, I would feel somewhat reserved and shy to be so familiar with someone I don’t know who is biologically related to me and just wantonly be so acceptable in their personal spaces and the same goes for Abhi, it doesn’t matter him knowing that Kiara is his daughter, he’s supposed to hold a certain degree of reservation and wait for father daughter moments like what he wishes for, only when Pragya becomes comfortable sharing her daughter with him.. Even though she loves Abhi, she has so many reservations giving him the status of father to her daughter, so until this is sorted out, Abhi should concentrate on building acceptable bridges with Pragya ,for starters he should divorce that vamp’s ass…in no time Pragya would open doors for Abhi…so Abhi needs to clean house asap… Anyways Akituster, how are you dear? Enjoyed your Christmas holiday? My holidays passed quietly, was happy for that.. My Christmas meal was saffron rice, rotisserie chicken, baked sweet potato and plantain pie, blanched broccoli and cauliflower (cheese sauce to go with this) and a macaroni pie..all of which was also chased by a BBQ sauce..and of course a green salad.. I had leftovers for two days, my children are fussy which is a blessing… Did some catching up with outside the house chores and that was it… Take care dear Akituster, till I drop in again on this forum… BTW, I happened to watch snippets of kundali Bhagya, Ohhh jeez…its just an extension of this one you know.. I agree with your opinion there…i also noticed that there’s a clone of Leena Jumani and Mouni Roy in there as well.. Looks like an evil bee stung her upper lip.. What’s with these actresses and botox fillers, liners, injection and plastic surgery procedures?? They end up looking like Frankenstein instead… Lorrrrrddddddd, when would they understand that true beauty is from within!!! Toodles, chat soon again…

      2. the writer wants to bring in more stories . but not completing any. ok which is shit. so lets again . why john murder and the accident to pragy is not being solved?

        and why did aghi marry the tuna. / shark

  4. Hey Naz, you know I agree with you completely. But I need to always be the devil’s advocate!
    Just gotta’ be sure! Yeah, my Vegan/Vegetarian Xmas dinner is certainly different than the British/European orientated Dinner I was served as a child! Now, the main dishes are a Wild rice, broccoli and cheese casserole, Nut Loaf and the yummiest ‘Dressing’ ever. I made the recipe up years ago and it is loved by anyone who tries it, but I’m keeping my recipe secret! Potaoes/gravy, fiddleheads, mashed turnip/carrot, brussel sprouts/garlic, spiced beets and salad. And when I’m too lazy to make rolls/biscuits (all the time) then fresh ciabatta buns from my favourite organic bakery. Pies and a cake layered with various liqueurs for dessert. The liqueur cake did not make it to the table this year! This year was the first year that I managed to prepare the meal since the year 2000. I did try for three or four years but ended up collapsing, each time. We generally had to go out for dinner or needed to order in a meal. Of course food was brought for me to my bedside. I am very proud that I got through the prep. Our celebratory meal is held on Christmas Eve. This year my guests did patiently wait for a meal served on the 25th. But I did it!! ‘Life’ IS returning!!

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