Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya doing her make up while Abhi looks at her. He pretends to sleep, the moment Pragya turns towards him. Pragya asks him to wake up and reach office. Abhi thinks I will not obey your order. Pragya switches on the TV and tells your faltu song is playing. Abhi refuses to wake up. Pragya asks him to wake up else……She gets water jug and threatens to throw it on him. Abhi thinks it will be his failure, if he wakes up. Pragya starts the count down, Abhi wakes up and the water jug falls on them. He asks why did she throw water on him. Pragya says it means you was awake. She says I am not your wife, but boss asking him to get ready for office. Abhi thinks why he would not be able to answer her. Pragya thinks she was so close to Abhi……and then thinks to check everyone.

She thinks everyone didn’t wake up till 9 am, and calls Robin. She thinks to be strict and says now they will wake up. Aaliya comes and calls Robin, who close their AC. Robin says Pragya asked her. Taiji and Mitali come with their gyser and electricity problem.

Robin says Pragya ordered to cut the electricity in the morning. Abhi calls Robin and comes out of bathroom with soap all over his face. Pragya comes to room and asks him to sit. She says she will do something and asks him to be statue. Abhi sits while she wipes his face wih her saree pallu. Ho Allah Wariya plays……….Abhi opens his eyes and asks why I did feel that you still cared for me. You have wiped by face with your pallu. Pragya says she wiped his face with tissue and says she took care of him as she is his asset. She asks him to wash his face, and not call Robin. Abhi goes to bathroom again. Pragya calls Robin and asks why did he cut the water connection. Robin says Aaliya and Abhi’s room have same connection. Pragya asks him to switch it on. Robin says they will get angry. Pragya says she will see. Aaliya is very much angry. Pragya comes down and asks her to sit down to hear her talk. She says everyone is against me and my rules. Raj hears her from far.

Pragya says she will tell her rules only once, and whoever has the habit to forget shall note it down on paper. Aaliya asks what do you mean? Pragya says she will tell the rules. She says rule no. 1 and asks them to wake up at 6:55 am in the morning and says bathing and dressing time is included. Tanu says I am pregnant, how can I wake up early. Pragya says you shall wake up at 7 am sharp, it is good to wake up early in the pregnancy. She says rule no. 2, there will be fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She says rule no. 3, everyone will get certain amount of pocket money and have to spend within that limit. Tai ji says she ordered jewellery for Abhi’s marriage. Pragya asks her to cancel the order. She says rule no. 4, asks them to leave the house if they have any problem with her or with any of her rules.

Abhi comes to room and thinks to find out the proofs behind Pragya’s drama. He checks her luggage and gets nothing. He calls Purab and tells Pragya is ordering him like she is an army officer. Purab asks why did you call me? Abhi says he needs his help, and asks to find out the person supporting Pragya, also to find out how did she snatched his property. Aaliya asks Pragya to think about humanity. Pragya asks her not to lecture her, as she is sucking blood of close ones. She asks Tanu not to lecture her else she will give her lecture on shamelessness. She says I am doing favor on you, and letting you stay here. She asks Mitali to make breakfast for her. She says she will tell their duties tomorrow. Abhi comes. Tanu asks Abhi to take her from there.

Aaliya tells that Pragya has been torturing them and tells everything. Abhi goes angrily to talk to her. Pragya is seen praying in the inhouse temple. Abhi asks what do you think about yourself? You are thinking yourself as God after snatching my property. He says he can’t let his family in trouble. Pragya says she is not hurting them and making them do house work. Abhi says he earns lakhs in a day. Pragya says whatever you earn shall give it to me. Abhi says you are crossing your limits. Pragya asks her to think about his limit and says it starts with house and ends with office. He says you can just say and can’t do anything.

Tanu says they are planning for mehendi and marriage again. Pragya says there will be no wedding. Tanu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. chithu

    I think after longtime Saath Nibaana Sathiya has lost itz place from first 2 positions…. KKB tops TRP this week with a huge 7000 points 🙂

    • chithu

      ha ha..am not comparing Amirul…but after long time I have not seen Saathiya in first 2 place 🙂 and also after long time , i am seeing such a huge points in TRP ..ie above 7000 for KKB .. 🙂
      so mentioned both ..not a comparision 🙂

  2. kowsy

    Pragya hurting abhi a lot , very bad what s her plan . Anyone say know. But taaliya got nicely loved it.

  3. Kalai

    Nice episode. Happy to see lead character to rule over the negative ones. If Abhi loves Pragya why can’t he find that pragya has feeling for him.

  4. tasnim

    gd episode…am n’t b liv in such kind of trp they r rediculas…add some one with pragya then it would be more intrsting.,.specialy abi…

  5. chithu

    and waiting for comments from Nikki 🙂 i didn’t watch the episode..will see it online later 🙂 so need your comments on today’s episode guys 🙂

  6. roshini

    I hope abhi will understand pragya
    I tooooo love this serial a lot……
    I am new here…!!!
    Kkb is now available in Telugu language also

  7. kowsi

    omg cant believe it…kkb got first place…..congrats…nice epi…wen pragya calling aaaliya name its superb…aaliya and tanu can easily trap abhi …nice track writters..but dnt dragging ok…now both r going office…

  8. Deepika

    Hey pragya is saying directly there won’t be their marriage happen, but indirectly her plan… So funny. What an attitude??? Semma. But how abhi will take these words??? Will he act against pragyas words by joining with tanu??? Bcz he s getting frustration slowly by pragyas acts and orders.. awww… So intersting waiting for the upcoming suspenses.. rock it pragya

  9. Today’s episode again was treat to watch like abhigya’s part and pragya giving orders and troubling all the mehra’s and that tanu was marvelous. I like very much pragya’s dialogues to everyone during these days. The way she is giving them answers back, it is fantastic. Like my ears were waiting to listen it since long so now I feel very gud to listen all the dialogues from pragya. But dadi’s behavior is still suspective. In precap, pragya has refused to arrange tabhi’s marriage function. Let’s see what excuse she will give for it becoz she can’t say truth directly or anything directly so she will give some another excuse. An excuse by which no one could doubt on her.

    • And now abhi have also doubt, like us, that someone is supporting pragya and pragya owned his property by that supporter’s help. It means now it is confirmed that someone is helping pragya but who’s is this supporter? It is yet to b known. Let’s see will purab find about that person or before it, we could find that who is actually the supporter of pragya? In our doubt list, we have decided some names, who could support pragya- dadi, raaj, akaash, purab and last but not the least bulbul. And for shocking surprise and unexpected twist from the cvs to us, what if it could b nikhil also? Becoz cvs always does unexpected things that’s why I feel it. Well let’s see who is this supporter. I think we will get to know it soon now.

  10. sandhya

    So sweet.. I just lovd todays episode.. But i hope abhi will not act against pragya.. And at d same time very happy for kkb 4 coming first in trp.. ??all d best 2 kkb… Though we enjoy d current track, we viewers hope dat it wont b dragged for too long… ?Abhi shud know d truth & always support pragya.. Waiting to see his reaction when he comes to know d truth… He shud give atleast 10 tight slaps to taaliya?& throw them out of house… As 4 todays epi it was suprb

  11. ramya

    Don decide pragya s bad n abhi plz don’t turn against pragya … For gods sake … Wait Fa some time plz

  12. Kristelle

    It is good that Abhi is always doubting that Pragya has changed for the worse and is still trying to uncover the reason for her “change”

  13. i have seen latest news of kkb and also saw taiji mopping , aalia preparing roti , tanu washing utensils it was soooo funny ………………

    • lalz

      well i guess the supporters are arjun n purvi who also stayed with pragya the 20 days after they caused her the accident

  14. Tuti

    Hihihi…..tips to Abhi….wants to know the truth from Pragya? Make her drunk…she’ll blurt everything out….

    • Yanlan

      I hear you, but I want this serial to move forward not sideways. Enough of the crab-walking. If the writers went that route, I bet Abhi will somehow get drunk too and you know in the end neither Abhi or Pragya will remember anything. It will be as if nothing happened. GO FORWARD, please.

  15. Janeyluv

    Are u sure? If raj is helping her y was he planning to uncover prag? Well lets see what will happen from next week.

  16. navi

    lik evry1 I also feel tat raj s helping pragya. bt pragya’s motive s to knw who s behind aaliya n helping hr to snatch evrythn frm abhi.. so it means raj s behind aaliya.. its confusing.. if it s nt raj thn it would b either dadi,dasi,purab or aakash.. I thnk the person s purab bec his reactn ws smethn fishy.. bt hate tanu.. hw can she gt promise(day b4 strday episode) n hug abhi(strday) carrying sme1 lse child.. peak of acting n cheating.. I thnk raj ll act as if he s gud to trap pragya.. its actually js my assumption.. frst tanu’s truth ll b out.. bt nt the entire one.. js she s marrying him fr money.. thn later oly baby’s truth ll cme out.. let’s c guys

  17. MaYa

    I think Nikil is behind Pragya since he has been missing for some time.. after recovery pragya should hv met him and asked abt Tanu and the baby.. thn he should hv told that Tanu is marrying Abhi for money.. since aaliya also trying to snatvh evrything from abhi.. so pragya
    planned to act as all the property is hers.. so that she can save Abhi from these probs
    What do you all think guys.. 🙂

    • maybe ur right ,but maya y will pragya ask nikil,as she doesnt know anythng abt tanus babys father.she just knows tanus sbaby is not abhis..how will she suspect on nikil..there is no chance..actually there is a chance as she suspected on nikil and tanu before ,they may drag that track here,

  18. guys,did u notice first time after moreover 6 months we are all happy with the track and the episode. Its really great,isnt it?? and guys is there anyone here who is telugu .appu rendu language popular aaidume.and we all stopped talking tamil guys..did u notice…ikkada evaraina telugu vallu onnara?

  19. and one more thing i somehow think aakash is helping pragya…as there are so many causes for my saying.first thing aakash said pragya that he is always ready to help her when pragya made rachna and aakash marry…and did u notice guys,aakash wasnt there there for being with abhi ,when everyone wanted to teach pragya a lesson… and aakash is the only person who was not there with this sequence and one more thing is that aakash and purab ,both together help abhi at this office work…wat say guys??????

  20. but ill be awesome ,if the helper would be raaj,because that would really be awesome ,as im pretty much sure all the others except raaj wasnt thinking bad abt pragya,infact,everyone were taking pragya as a goddes.see,first dadi,aakash,purab ,bulbul

  21. and guys one more awesome news,it seems pragya is gonna give a leave to all the workers ,where aaliya ,tanu will work instead of them…hahaha

    • Harini pragya is not just only going to give vacations to the servant even she is going to join abhi’s office too as a boss. I have posted an update last night where I told u guys about the upcoming sequence where pragya has joined abhi’s office and she is instructing all the employees with bossy attitude. She is going to investigate about all the official and financial work of abhi’s office where she caught fake use of abhi’s money by on fake things or the things which doesn’t exist and from which abhi is totally unaware. Abhi is angry with becoz he feels that pragya is treating him a jobless person and just becoz of her he have nothing so no one in the office, noticing him and pragya also behaves very rudely with him. Pragya is in full form and very much dedicated to save abhi from the evils. I hope abhi could understand soon that pragya is saving him and doing all this just for him.

      • really,how do u know that nikki..where did u see it..send me the link if u can plsss…and nikki i saw one ad in tv of kkb ,i didnt see it fully,,when i kept the channel i saw the last part ,where the narrator will be like pragya abhi ko uske dushman se bachana and all that..i dint hear it also…but i saw abhi and pragya showing their fingers towards each other damn sriously..im not actually sure,but if i see it again ill tellu guys the whole one…and guys if anyone would have watched the ad pls tell it here immediately….please…..

      • Harini I saw this in yesterday’s news segment of SBB. U can see it on India forum site. And harini new promo add’s update is here- Voiceover says pragya has obtained different way of improving mehra family. Then pragya shows as giving instructions to all the mehras that she have given two months of holiday to all the servants so all their work u people will have to do from now. Then they shows taiji as wiping the stairs, aaliya as mix the dough and tanu as washing utensils. Then they shows abhi rebels against pragya by showing finger on pragya’s face and says that he refuses to follow her rules. Then pragya holds her hand and and says he have to follow her rules, either by his wish or by forcibly. Then voiceover says that pragya is trying to save abhi from his enemies but in this process what if her marriage will b on stake.

  22. Guys shikha Singh ( Aaliya) posted a new pic of her in a party dress from the set. It seems like another party is on the way in kkb. But the way she dressed up, it is not look like dressed for any wedding function. Well It is my guess.Let’s see what is the occasion of this party?

  23. Rajan Sohal

    This is just awesome serial……I want that Pragya should rule on negative ones…….I know she loves a lot to Abhi but she hurts him…….but she is doing this just for his welfare so I am with Pragya………LUV U PRAGYA ND ABHI <3 :'

  24. santya

    I think suresh is behind pragya’s new plan…haishh…how i wish i could have a time machine so that i could b able to knw what and when the truth will b revealed?!?
    HaAhaha…daydreaming alot la me!

    • actually ur right ,even i wish i had a time machine so tha ti can see the future of this serial ..im rather more excited for watching the future of this serial rather than my own future

  25. farida uttan

    Just love PRAGYAS attitude . Hope she gets to expose all the culprits and ABHI rewards her in the end. I personally also think DADI is in on this whole plan.

  26. Razzy

    I like the way pragya is answering back to alliya and tanu . They need to be put in their place. I know pragya is doing this ordering about but she’s really hurting abhi. I really like shabbir’s acting, it’s like his acting naturally. His and sriti’s chemistry is really good but more feeling needs to put on both side The show is really really good, just wish it comes on Monday to Saturday instead of Monday to Friday.

  27. ryen

    I lyk pragya’s new avatar…d way c ans. to evry 1 especially aliya n Tanu..juz luv it..pragya keep rocking..u r d best

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