Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Tanu comes and starts packing pragya’s clothes in the suitcase. Pragya comes and asks whats she doing here, and how dare she touch her stuff. tanu taunts that she is merely helping her, as she would have to pack her stuff tomorrow, to leave the house. she asks if she has gone mad, as she shall not leave. tanu says that she isnt sending, but after what happenes tomorrow, she herself wouldnt wish to stay. she says that tomorrow, after 12, she shall marry abhi. pragya is shocked. tanu thanks her for what she did, as had she not done it, then she wouldnt be getting married, as by sending purab and akash to the lawyer’s office, she gave her a brilliant idea. she says that when the papers are signed, divorce shall happen too. she says to

pragya that she wanted to hide the divorce papers, so that the divorce isnt legal, and neither their marriagee, but unfortunately her lie was caught. pragya is shocked. tanu says that she wont give her another chance to think or act, and shall marry him tomorrow, and after that, she shall depart, while tanu herself rules the house. she says that once her divorce is finalised tomorrow, then they shall register and throw a reception too, as tomorrow abhi shall take away her vermillion and don it on her forehead. pragya is stunned. tanu says that he shall leave her company, and take the pious circles around the fire, with her. she says that since the sindoor and mangalsutra join a couple, hence she wouldnt be able to be with abhi anymore. she also says that she shall have her stuff shifted, as this shall be her room tomorrow onwards. pragya is shocked. tanu says that hence she was packing her stuff, and says that she cant stay in the guest room, if she so wishes, or in granny;s room, and asks her to decide with granny, as she shall stay with abhi in his room. pragya asks her to stop this nonsense. tanu says that this should have happened long back, but maybe she has a better fate, hence she remained in the house so far, but now she shall set her straight. then she asks her to see her face, as abhi wouldnt want a middle class wife like her, but he always wanted to be with a super model like her, to raise his standard. she says that money isnt everything, as she lacks class, by birth. she continues taunting her, while pragya is overwhelmed. she asks pragya to go to her mother, so that she can take care of her, as staying here would only give her pain and torment. praygya eyes her ragefully. tanu packs her suitcase, and talks about how middle class women only think about a fancy life with rich guys. to add insult to injury, she hands her a toy, and asks her to see it whenever she remembers abhi. his sister too comes, and taunts her along with tanu, that she should keep these dolls to herself, and live her life in solace now. tanu says that she wants pragya to stay alone, just like she had to for sometime. tanu says that she is relieved after a long time, not because she is marrying abhi, but because pragya is leaving. she says that the day she knows pragya has moved on, and has gotten over it, she would come to meet her, with abhi and maybe after seeing them, her wounds become fersh. she reprimands pragya for how she ruined her life. his sister asks her to calm down, as it isnt right in her condition, and then says that she along with her sister, bulbul ruined her life too. she says that she snatched abhi, and bulbul snatcehd purab, and reminds what all she had to go through due to her and bulbul. they taunt and tease her, while she is apalled. they remind her of her pitiful condition. she says that she is more happy for her marriage, than tanu herself. she counts the time down to 12 hours, and she can live as much as she wants, as she has to die every minute after that. she takes pragya and shows her face in front of the mirror, as this is the last day of her as a married woman, since she would neither be married nor have a husband tomorrow. she shows her the vermillion bottle, as neither is this hers, nor her husband, which means, her vermillion is in someone else’s fate now. she hands her the vermillion and asks her to look closely, as she came as hitler, to save abhi from enemies, but couldnt protect herself even and came married, but shall leave divorced. tanu then gives her the wedding pic, that she had torn, and abhi has cellotaped it back, to take it with her, so that she can put up her grand wedding pic with abhi. they start talking about how in depression, she might just commit suicide. tanu says that even if she dies, she would marry tomorrow, even if thats on her funeral pyre. they leave citing marriage preparations, but before going, tanu again reminds her the venue. they leave.

In granny’s room, purab and akash discuss with granny, as to what to about pragya now. granny says that she is very shrewd, as whenever she meets pragya alone, she does something drastic. Just then, abhi enters and granny asks whats the matter, as he seems hesitant. he says that he has done what she wanted him to do, and that he has been forgiven by pragya too. granny says that she too has forgiven him. he says that if noone has anything against him, then he should do that, for which he has divorced pragya, and announces that he shall marry tanu tomorrow, shocking them all. he says that he cant do this without them, and hence wants them to know first. they are apalled. he says that he is getting married tomorrow at ten in the temple, and asks them all to come. he leaves. they are distraught and wonder what to do now. akash says that they dont have time to think anymore. purab thinks that pragya would be devastated. granny laments that god is testing pragya badly.

In his studio, abhi is distraught, remembering his romantic times with pragya. Just then, purab comes and asks whats this, and how can he do this, as he got the divorce papers signed by a trap from pragya, and now even before its finalised, he is marrying tanu, and asks whats wrong, and if even he thinks that, he has to do the wrong thing. abhi asks him not to get into it, as its all become too complicated, and he cant explain it to anyone, and particularly not him. purab asks what does he mean, and asks if he has been isntructed by tanu not to speak to anyone, and asks how could he not even bother to ask him, before such a big decision, and today he proved them all wrong. he says that he found out accidentally today, or else he wouldnt have even told him. he continues to reprimand him for treating him like a stranger, after making him feel family, while abhi is frustrated and disturbed himself. he says that he reduced him to the status of a manager, and he is joining new relations on the funeral of old ones, and that he doesnt deserve to be in the house, and hence he is leaving. abhi apologises to purab and asks him to try and udnerstand, as he is like a brother, and he doesnt have anyone except him. he says that pragya isnt talking to him due to the divorce, and tanu doesnt talk of anything except marriage, granny doesnt talk, and alia is a gone case. he says that he needs him, and asks him not to desert him, even though he is angry, as his heart and mind are at cross roads. purab asks him to listen to the heart, when he knows what his heart wants. abhi says that his heart has been wanting this for a long time, but he took a long time to hear it, and now its too late, as the marriage is fixed tomorrow, and tanu’s parents are coming, and the divorce has happened, and he cant do anything even if he wants to. purab is apalled.

In her room, granny comes and finds pragya sitting tensed. granny tries to console her, but pragya stops her, saying that she is broken now, but doesnt need any consolation, sympathy or false hopes. she says that her story has ended, and she got defeated. she says that she had lost long back, but was clinging to the last hope, not able to bear any pain, and by the excuse of fighting, she was just amusing herself. Pragya tells granny that she wrongly taught her, to fight for the truth always, and that the vermillion has strong powers, as there is noone today beside her, and she is totally alone, and if there is anyone, then where is he, and the vermillion and mangalsutra. she says that there was a sister, who isnt here anymore, a mother who is so helpless, that she cant help even if she wants to, and if anyone wants to help, they land in trouble. she says that she hasnt been defeated by tanu, but by her fate, and who else would be so unfortunate, that her divorce isnt finalised yet, and the husband is marrying someone else, and whats a relation that ends by a mere signature. she says that if her vermillion isnt with her, then what does her fate behold. she says that granny was wrong as there is no place for the truth, in this world of lies, and talks about how everything is over now. Granny tells her that it isnt so. but pragya is depressed, saying that he is marrying tanu, and all is over now. granny says that she still has anger, which tells that she isnt broken from inside, and isnt defeated yet, and her anger says that she can still fight and win too. pragya eyes her tensedly. granny asks her to realise her anger within, which has kept her alive, and till this is there, she shall move on. she says that she isnt here to console or sympathise with her, but just to make her realise that just like the divorce isnt finalised, tanu isnt married yet, and till that doesnt happen, she shouldnt accept defeat. she reminds pragya that she still has time, and she can do a lot if she so wishes. pragya says that the papers are signed, and that marriage preparations are done, and tanu’s family is coming, and what can she do now. granny asks her not to think of what can happen, but what she wants to happen. she asks her to close her eyes, and remember her marriage, as this was what, tied them both together. she says that while hating and loving each other, they were always together. but they were together, and that abhi is his, and before marrying tanu, he shall be hers only. pragya is set to thinking. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: abhi asks pragya if she remembers their first meeting, as at that time, they didnt know each other, but there was a weird connection. he says that when he picked her up, and took her in his arms, he couldnt take his eyes away, and then asks her if he can carry her again in his arms. she is stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. After seeing yest epi I feel lije killing tanu….I mean I’ll be happy if they show that bakwas irritating character dying in the serial…????

  2. How can pragya leaves MM? All of properties belongs to her. Isn’t it?

  3. irritating to much this serial what ever pragya plans always flop stop this serial.

  4. First of all gowtham congrats to u for getting a gud opportunity. Whatever decicision u will take, take it with patience and intelligence. May you get more and more sky high opportunities in ur life. Gud luck for ur future and carrier and all the best.
    Now I come to the discussion of yesterday’s episode. It was a pathetic and one of worst episode of kkb. Recycling of events, same tanuntings by vamps, same feelings of pain and defeat in pragya, same confused and helpless abhi and same dadi with her useless lectures and now in today’s episode, she will again get energize and active for fighting against evils after getting abhi’s feelings and love for her. All r repeated scenes. From where cvs moves the story after two days they again comes back on that same place. On the name of improvements they only shows some little satisfaction giving scenes. That’s it. After watching yesterday’s episode, I remembered MMS track’s those same episodes, where taaliya were taunting pragya and laughing on her defeat just like this and our great poor pragya just stands like a wax statue in front of them, answer less. All this reminds me that after this winning smile, evils will forget to smile one day and their faces! Instead of glowing with happiness , thier faces will b red from the hard slap of punishment and defeat, just like in MMS track. All this reminds me and force me to thinks that abhi will b the only one who will trurn evils victory into defeat. I thinks it becoz when I thought about past track’s then I felt that always pragya moves forward for fight for her kumkum but at last it is her kumkum who saved her and gave her life to her bhagya. In MMS track also, when taaliya taunts pragya that she is going to loose her kumkum as he himself not with her then at last it was her kumkum means abhi who makes her win at last. This time also whenever pragya says again and again after her every defeats that she is losing becoz her kumkum is not with her and is not supporting her. So this is the main reason of her all defeats but now when his kumkum will come in her side then it will b her kumkum means abhi who will turn her bhagya and will bring her kumkum back in her bhagya. And this is the concept of the show kumkumbhagya and this is the thing which cvs wants to show in their each and every track that abhi is pragya’s kumkumbhagya and it belongs to her becoz he is in her destiny and no one can snatch him from her. They could go away from each other becoz of the circumstances but only for sometimes but at last pragya’s kumkum will come back again in her bhagya by ownself becoz it is in her destiny. So how much CVS will show twist and turns, at last only onething will happen and that is pragya’s bhagya will saved by her kumkum means abhi. And that will b the biggest and hard slap on evils faces and it will b the best reply of all their taunts. Gowtham’s assumption is so correct and now how much cvs will confused us through puzzled things, I will b determined on it till last.

    1. Prathiksha tthis serial brings many question in my mind i think they are again started to drag the story becoz we all got some hope that we r near to the end of tanu track but the cvs again startted they only stop marriage i think tanu truth will not out at end of this track truth will come out in d end of the serial taliya both of them truth will come out n serial will also end sory guyzz this is just my thought plzz guyzz tell ur gues

    2. Prathiksha
      I don’t know whether to ask this to you or not
      If u r hurt im really sorry for that
      For the past couple of days this was going on in my mind whether to ask or not. Now I put an endcard to my mind and decided to ask you
      Is your name is Nikki ???

      1. i dnt get wat u r asking to pratiksha??? why telling her name is nikki??

      2. Yes shobhna I was Nikki but becoz someone else started commenting by this name and not ready to change it then I forced to change it in pratiksha. Both r my user names. First I was Nikki but now I m pratiksha. And it’s OK shobhna. Here is no need to mind. I don’t mind.

      3. Thank you prathiksha
        Actually I was feeling bad for asking you like this

    3. thank u so much pratiksha….

  5. Pratiksha , reji, gowtham Do you think that tanus track will end soon?????
    I dont think sooo, because cvs are expert in dragging!!

    1. Ketki we can’t say where it will end, it is most unpredictable thing becoz it depends on cvs wish. We can just wait. That’s it.

    2. ya ketki pratiksha is ryt……….now cvs r dragging the track as their wish so it is apart from our predictions and guesses………with sbs segments and spoilers only we can predict ………….and now i don’t think tanu will be exposed …….and u r ryt……cvs r expert in dragging …so they will drag for some more episodes………

    3. ketki my straight answee will be no…. tanus track will not end soon… actually we dnt knw wat they are upto after this marriage…. they ll develop new stry and scenes but i thnk not ready to expose her…. this is my guess…

  6. Oh just a simpleDNA test ends this matter a nd sarala ma she can move her arms and legs but cant her lips

  7. God how much will they drag the story ??

  8. Jayakumarisuresh

    Gowtham Congratulations for new job.

    Happy to visit this site quite often for your comments especially prathiksha, shobana, gowtham, reji, sahithi and brindha.

    I thought Abi will show some interest in investigating Nikhil n Tanu, but after seeing last two episodes, I feel very sad. Again same story revolving around. I wonder why Pragya kept silent without showing any anger in her gesture during Taliyas irritations. Why can’t dadi says the truth to Abhi. Abhi will surely believe dadi. I think story writers are making us fools yaar. Coz of Abhigya all of us are watching this show. Without new story they are prolonging this much for more than a year. Tanus belly dont look like 7 months, its like 4 months only…..

    1. Thanks jaya for reading our comments specially.?

    2. Thank u jayakumari suresh. …I am happy that u liked our comments and thank u so much….and u r ryt. ..actually tanu got pregnant on 2015…now more than 1 and half years …now only they r showing that she is 7 months pregnant…and her belly is looking like 4 months only….!!

    3. thanks alot jaya…. fr yr kind wish… happy

    4. Thank you jayakumarisuresh

  9. Hey gowtham heartly congratulations…..very happy for u..!! All the best for ur future!!! And sorry for the late wish….. …

    1. thank u so much ketki…. and thanks fr liking our comments…. and keep commenting always

  10. full vamps show…high voltage torture

  11. Ekta js gone mad. Been 10 months they are dragging the same chapter useless!!!

  12. Hey congrats Gowtham and all the best for your bright future.
    Choose proper technology as per market value if you get a chance to choose once your training period gets over…:-) πŸ™‚

    Regarding KKB,

    Pragya can’t she get boost up for herself, every time tanu and Aliya come and blurt some painful words
    and then brainless team will give some energetic words to her, so that she will plan against tanu and Aliya to bring truth infront of family but she fails terribly

    Pragya and dadi are there to lecture on situation but not to implement brilliantly

    Even while exposing raj and Aliya truth infront of family that was not brilliant track or plan

    But when abhi resolve the MMS track that was really interesting and good, even when bulbul plan for anything then the plans also very gud

    Hope instead of pragya, abhi should expose the truth of tanu so that it will be very interesting and he will get nice idea at one shot instead of multiple plan like brainless team.

    1. thank you sravs…. hope i do well….

  13. Drag drag drag..then short lived happiness…then drag drag drag….. then short happiness…THE END…

  14. megha u got placed in tcs…. super..awesome…. al the best…..

    1. Thanks gowtham wish you the same…

  15. All your comments are so good and interesting but todays epi is so boring guys lets wait and b patience

  16. congras gowtham
    best of luck
    u knw wat i am dam big fan of u and prathiksh di realy

    1. thanks alot…. for liking our comments and keep commenting…

  17. congrats Gowtham.. do ur best.. nevr fail to achieve ur drm.. long way to go.. my best wishes.. sry fr the late wishes.. since I’m busy wit my xams couldn’t gt tym to read al ur comments.. keep commenting guys..!!!

    1. thanks navi…. and concentrate on your exams more…. and do well beat of luck

  18. draggingggggggggggggg

  19. All the best megha.. Congrats for ur job in tcs..

    1. Thank you so much Sheetha….

  20. guys i think today there is sbs segment……i saw in instagram ………..that abhigya will be romancing…..but at the wrong time robin will enterrrrr!!……..robin u came at the wrong time!!!…….after sometime u can come na??……..

    ok guys see this……i think this is upcoming …so i will give the link …..u guys watch it……

    video – http://www.instagram.com/p/BEvIR6gLO3b/?taken-by=teamshabira

  21. wat do u think abt the guys…….i hate this robin…….came at the wrong time…….i don’t know y suddenly he entered…….

    1. reji have u seen abhi action in the back when robin taking with pragya.. it was cute …

      1. ya sheetha so cute he was very restless when pragya was talking to robin …..

    2. actually reji… u know onethng… in beginning dasi used to say onethng….. that tanu is coming here fr Robin…. and says tanu is in love wd robin… frm that time itself i like robins character…. juz thnk he is not even a main char.. but he s been here fr a long time… i mean how much he s gonna get from the team…. but from the beginning itslef with the main characters he is also be a small part like informing anythng like that…. atleast kkb maintain this.. that people working in mm house are not changed often… especially robin…. juz wanna say this… it ll be good if he is given a good and challenging char…. but anyways its nt gonna happen… juz fr the sake of him m saying he s been here fr a very long time… why doesn’t he get some chance?? wat u thnk??

      1. ya gowtham i too felt many times abt robin……..at first itself……..robin is there in mm ……..and evrytme …….dasi misunderstood that tanu is in love with robin………..but he didn’t have any big character………..only to convey some msg and household works….ya i also thought that it will be nice if he is also supporting character………but who knows may be in the future chances r there that he will also get a char ….and the reason why he doesn’t get chance is …..may be he is not a big celebrity ….or actor……….or celebrity’s son ……..like that …….may be the reason ……..but don’t know wat’s the real reason do u have any idea…….

    3. Nice video
      Always after a bad episode there will be a good one. That’s why CVs has given us abhigya scenes

      1. exactly shobana ……. u r ryt……after a bad …………they will show a good one……..

  22. Guys there is a new segment today. Abhigya’s romance before tabhi’s marriage I think so….let’s wait for the full update….

    1. Why do u think its before marriage, can as well be after Pragya stops marriage. Abhi’s old time trick to test Pragya’s feelings..

      What was funny was Abhi’s restlessness when Pragya was speaking to Robin πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    2. I wish it should be after Pragya stops marriage, so that it will come next week. I may be travelling for few days without access to TV and net, so I dont want to miss these sequences. Marriage and drama, its okay to miss it.

      1. Yes sahithi it’s after marriage only…really waiting to see these scenes as it’s going to be fun… But nowadays CVS follows the new trick that whenever Abhigya’s romance is happened someone comes and watching it… Like when he kissed her rachna saw that, then the pillow fight was watched by purab and akash, now these scenes by Robin..


    AbhiGya are in their room after TaBhi marriage is cancelled. Abhi is trying to mess up with Pragya by taking her place on the bed and then he makes her sit on the couch and wants to play ‘who blinks first’ games . In between all this Abhi gets romantic with Pragya near the closet door. Abhi kisses her forehead too.

    AbhiGya romance is interrupted by Robin. AbhiGya are embarrassed. Later, Pragya is being romantic with Abhi on the bed. Abhi gets scared and runs to the closet. He grabs the duvet and lies down on couch and pulls the duvet over his face. Pragya is shown sitting on the bed and smiling.

    Offscreen moment: Shabir and Sriti shown laughing between the Abhi pulling Pragya scene as she has a glass of water in her hand in the shot

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: Shabir says Pragya had a pimple on the back/shoulder so he was just applying cream . TiSha are asked something about Abhi Pragya knowing they love each other, to which Shabir says they sent each other facebook & instagram request and confirmed. Sriti says they did ‘flames’ of their names and the letter L came so it proved their love . Shabir shares that it’s a complete scene with passion and humor & when Robin enters the scene takes a different turn. Shabir says they enjoyed doing the scene. Asked about who won the blink game – Shabir says he won and in return they are getting an early pack upTiSha asked what’s the name of the game – Shabir says, ‘Palak-jhapking’ & Sriti says, ‘Look eye no jhapak’


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ukI8cptbK2A


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/P44KLSvpB0g


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Mz9ujHBW4gE

    1. Guys this is today’s segments highlights of all the news channels. Abhi was tasting pragya by getting intimate with her but he gets turn intimate with her in real with so much intense and passion. But before it that they crosses all the limits, robin comes in the room and they gets distracted and feels embarrassed. Segment is worth watching. I can’t explain each and every thing. So it’s better to watch guys by yourself. I gave links of all the segments. Watch it guys, and enjoy it.

      1. Guys it’s testing. Abhi was testing pragya.

      2. Tq prathiksha for telling this testing news

      3. Always from d beging abhigya has a bad habit that they wont close door while nok jok fight or romance especially romance so only they were caught by others but these things r caught by others i wish this tanu should saw this n be ashamed of seperating true lovers but no use she is shameless but after seeing she should kill herself becoz in past they both were lovers abhi not even talked romantically to her but if he hates pragya he will always there for her this is true destiny tat evil should understand n move out of their life what u guyzz thinking

    2. insted of scolding pragya… abhi was romantic with… there is something

    3. And guys it’s the sequence of after breaking marriage with tanu. Abhi is suspicious on pragya’s intentions for breaking the marriage. That’s why he is testing pragya by getting intimate and romantic with her but they couldn’t cross their limits becoz of robin’s interruption. Let’s see if he will get her intentions or not?

      1. Prathiksha
        If abhi doubts pragya then he will watch each and every movements of pragya which will lead to tanu’s exposure.

      2. Aft seeing this I feel abhi is the one who is going to expose tanu

    4. Prathiksha clear me plzzzWhat it means that abhi didnt get angry or didnt ask anything about the wedding just dng romance what nonsense so again they started to drag so my guess was not wrong or waste so tanu will expose only on the climax of the serial n then serial will also end so abhigya cant live happily together tq prathiksha u always giving each n every information abt kkb for that first of all hats off to u u don a great job

    5. so pratiksha shabbir returned to the sets……..and after the marriage cancelled only this scene took place………and nice abhigya scenes ……so abhi started to test pragya that now too she love him ………now he got a doubt on pragya……..will this doubt lead abhi to know the truth??……

      1. Reji he has used this trick many times but never got to any conclusion…so I don’t think that this time he will find out the truth…I still go with pragya I think this time she will be the one to save abhi from evil tanu…

      2. i strongly feel now that abhi is the game changer… surely he will find the truth

    6. I watched the video it’s really funny to see Abhi’s actions…but as everyone’s question Abhi want to ask the question about stopping the marriage instead of doing romance???? The exposure is not happened then how Pragya stopped the marriage???? It’s really rising too many questions daily…!!! But to know the answer we need to see the episodes…

      1. Pragya will stop the marriage as divorce didnt complete yet, she only signed the papers, so legal formalities not yet completed by lawyer. Ideally Abhi is not supposed to marry Tanu yet, but Tanu did this premature baby drama, so he unwillingly agreed.

        But since the court order is not yet there, Pragya came in last minute and stopped marriage. As per last segment, she seems to have brought police also along n threatens Tanu that she will take police action. As it is illegal for Abhi n Tanu to get married without the court order.

        But after Pragya stops marriage, we are seeing these current scenes shown in today segment. Hopefully after that is over, Abhi or Pragya one of them will try to bring Tanu truth out.

    7. Aishwarya and guys abhi have suspicion on pragya’s intentions. He wants to know from pragya that why she broke his marriage with tanu when she was ready for support him as a friend. He firstly asks from pragya about the reason and then tries to get the answer but pragya doesn’t tell him anything clearly. Abhi think that pragya still loves her and she is doing all this becoz of some valid intentions and reasons. So he decides to takes pragya’s test by being romantic with her. Pragya comes out from changing room in the gown. Abhi starts removing her watch from her hand lovingly. Pragya feels fishy so she goes tiwards bed and starts manages pillow. Abhi jumps on the bed and lies on her side and pulls her towards him. They shares an eye- lock. He careses pragya’s hairs. Pragya moves towards couch to sleep but abhi pulls pragya and sits with her on the couch. Again they shares an intense eye- lock with so closely. Pragya stands up and about to go to sleep on bed but abhi again pulls her and stops her on the door of changing room. He start getting romantic with pragya really. Pragya tries to ignore him but he forcebly tries to go close to her and then he gets start doing romance with her by getting intimate with her with so much passion and intensely on actually. He kisses on her forhead and about to kiss on her cheeks and neck but pragya tries to go from their. Abhi again pulls her and strata removing her hairs from her back. He strata kissing on her neck. He gets lost in her completely and about to intimate more with her but he gets distracted becoz of robin’s entry in the room. Pragya sees robin and gets separate with abhi. Abhi gets conscious and starts feel embarrassing after seeing robin. Robin too gets embarrass to interrupt them and about to go back. But pragya stops him and asks the reason of his coming. Robin says that u called me. Pragya starts giving him orders with stammer voice. Abhi walks here and there in changing room to room in embarrassment. After going robin, pragya starts doing flirt with abhi. Abhi gets nervous and scared. He runs to changing room and takes blanket from there. Pragya looks abhi with seducing eyes. Abhi feels nervous and blanket gets slips from his hands and falls on the floor. He tries to cover himself from both hands in a funny way and picks the blanket from the floor. He runs towards couch and starts sleeping by covering his face from blanket. Pragya sees him and smiles. She gets relaxed that now he will not do anything so she also falls asleep. Segment gave a clear picture that abhi is suspicious on pragya’s intentions of breaking his marriage with tanu. He wants to know the reason that if pragya was from always loving him and was doing just a fake drama since long becoz of some reasons or she have some other reason? His doubt got clear or not, or he got to know pragya’s reality or not,it we will get to know in episode.

      1. wowww…. pratiksha what an update u r amazing…. thank u so much

      2. Prathiksha, u r just amazing… Wat a comment….. While reading itself I can visualize.

      3. Recycled scenes right, same as we saw when Abhi was flirting with Pragya for sign in property papers.

        Costumes changed, I don’t see any more changes.

      4. Hi Pratiksha, You comments are Awesome.. Hats off can able to visualize the scene πŸ™‚

  24. Gowtham … Un pechu kaaa bro… U have not replied to me.. Doooo

    1. aiyooo… sheetha neenga pana comments ku i replied knw…. ??my big sistr will talk to mr fr sure…

      1. Ha ha.. Ofcourse my little bro.. I will talk to u..

  25. Hey guys actually i am silent reader of telly updates.i just wanted to know why there is no update of any fan fiction in the page from yesterday is there any problem?? actually i am eagerly waiting for all the fan fiction. pls anyone tell me why there is a delay…

    1. Aakanksha telly updates is not accepting any ffs till april 29 becoz of some maintenance problem…. so only there is no ff updates from yesterday

      1. Thank you so much reji..I was so missing all the updates..thank for telling..

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  27. Thank u so much guys.?

    1. And guys one more thing, in a scene when abhi and pragya shares an eye- lock on the couch after sitting very close to each other, it was a game actually by abhi. He says to pragya to play an eye lock game. Whose lashes will blink first, that will b lose. They starts looking in each others eyes and couldn’t take their eyes off from each other. Abhi says something. After which pragya gets distracted and moves from there to bed. Abhi realizes her love for him and then he gets start being romantic with her intimately with passion and intense love in actual.

    2. what is this…. juz 4 hours i was out.. so many things and comments happend…. may i say onethng.?? … your previous comment was out of the wrld…. pratiksha….. i thnk it is better or best to read your last comment rather than watching it directly… as all said i seriously can able to visualise all…. and suddenly this much romance wow too d core…

      and i thnk everyonr could have mesmerised by your last comment….. all agree guys…???

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      2. Absolutely yes gowtham
        Wat a comment it is. I can visualize it while reading. Actually to explain about that comment I really don’t have words. It was one of the best comment of prathiksha’s

      3. S it was the best comment.. Prathiksha.. Dont take me wrong but i want to know.. What u doing .. I mean studing or working..

  28. Jayakumarisuresh

    Prathiksha hats off to you. We don’t have to watch the episode at all your narration brings the scenes in front of our eyes. Really enjoyed after reading your update. These writers shows some interesting scenes on and off. Anyway good thing happened in between Abhigya….. Instead romance they both can talk each other freely. Or some kind of questions he could have asked Pragya for knowing her drama….. It would give us some kind of hint……….. We all waiting for their reunion and this Tanu’s exposure…….

    Onething clearly understood coz of prolonged Abhigya unity we people are getting closer nowadays by sharing our emotions on the episodes……..

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