Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Abhi throwing rope over Pragya and asking her to catch it. She says she did not mean to upset him and says once she dies, he will be free. He asks her not to cry and gets in. Purab asks what is he doing inside. Abhi says he is tensed and confused. He says just like Pragya lonely with her courage took him out of dead bed, he has to encourage her and get her out out the balcony trap. He goes back to balcony, reminisces Pragya proposing him, and asks her to give her hand for him. She afraidly says she will not. He says she cannot go leaving him alone. She turns back. He says her mom, Bulbul, Daadi, Biji will die without her. She says her feet are fixed and she cannot lift them. He says he will become lonely if she goes and says he got nervous when she proposed and did

not know how to reply, but the truth is he is habituated to her and cannot live without her. When she can easily identify his feelings, why did not she realize that how much he loves her, says yes I love you, I really do love you. She fulfilled her responsibility by saving her and it is his time, so she should move ahead and hold his hand, he will promise he will not leave her hand their whole life, she should hold his hand for both their sake. She slowly moves and holds his hand. He asks her to further. She moves but slips. He pulls over him and falls on Purab’s bed with curtains. Aasman tera mera hua…..song plays int he background. They both hug each other. Pragya reminisces Abhi saying I love you and Abhi reminices Purab telling when love happens, one does not like opening eyes. They both then look at each other.

Purab claps and says Abhi saved Pragya and even cleared his confusion. He will inform Bulbul now. Abhi asks him to relax and scolds Pragya if she ever tries to risk her life, he himself will push her. He yells at Purab that he planned with Pragya and trapped him, but he will not like it anymore. Purab asks whatever he told was lie? Abhi says he just told that to save Pragya and does not have any feelings for her at all, everyone loves her as she is good. Purab asks him to slap her then if he did not feeling what he told. He says he will not and shouts at Pragya to not trouble him again, walks out of room leaving Pragya in tears.

Pragya feels devastated and walks on road reminiscing Abhi proposing her, then telling he was lying and then asking her to get out of his life. She is about get accident, but driver applies breaks on time and Pragya falls down. Abhi also tries to ram a man at the same time. Man yells at him. He leaves. On the other side, lady comes out of car and asks Pragya if she is hurt. Pragya says no and starts walking devastatedly again.

Purab goes to Bulbul and tells Abhi does not love Pragya. She asks what happened. He tells her the whole incident happened. Bulbul asks how can he do this to her sister, he may be rockstar but does not have right to behave so rudely with her sister. Purab says he has to make abhi realize what he needs.

Abhi walks into Daadi’s room sadly. Daadi asks what happened. He hugs her. She asks why is he tensed. He says he cannot understand why is he feeling sad and thinking he is doing wrong. She says she understood his problem and says when we let our anger control our mind, we get tensed. He should not brother about it as in love, it is common. He thinks that means he is in love.

Precap: Pragya asks Tanu to keep away from her as she Abhi wife and will fight for her right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. abhi is an ASSHOLE

  2. Stupid abhi

  3. He is also very mean and selfish. Pragya needs to leave him…..

  4. Abhi and Pragya have a final moment. When he sees Pragya ignoring him and saying she does not love him, his heart comes out. He scolds her and admits his love to her. Pragya argues with him, when he comes to confess his feelings to her. Abhi tells her that he will not let her go anywhere. Pragya is hurt thinking about Tanu’s pregnancy and confronts him in anger. Abhi says he has changed a lot, all because of her. He tells her that he loves her, and does not know what’s going on in Pragya’s mind, when she herself has admitted love to him before. Pragya says she was mad to love him, and goes against her own words. Abhi angrily holds her and tries clearing her doubts. It starts raining, to cool their anger and bring them close.

    1. Ya i saw ds in sbb nd sbs d scene was so vry romantic

      1. Wer did u see that I too want to watch it plzz

      2. Anusha it was shown in sas bahu aur sazish nd sas bahu aur betiya

      3. Aww….i too want to see it

      4. The show comes at 2:30 in abp news

  5. Abhi loves Pragya Y r they dragging soo much

  6. How can u do dat abhi….nxt in d track pragya will tell dat se does not love abhi at all it was just a joke…abhi tells than why she confessed her feelings

  7. Iss abhi ko chappal se marna chahiye. Atleast ab toh isko akal aana chahiye na?

  8. Stupid Abhi…

  9. Pavam pragya…. Abhi has to feel sad 1000 times than pragya when he proposes truly..Waiting for tht scene………………..

  10. why does Pragya have no pride? Why do the writer’s make her into such a moron? We want strong women!

  11. Priya shankar

    Hm nice to hear tat pragya is going fite f4 her rites but abhi ji u r mad!

  12. Mmm… I’m waiting 4 d next episode

  13. i loved the precap finally pragya is standing up for her right.

  14. Seriously Pragya is too good for Abhi n Abhi does not deserve Pragya Abhi should go to tanu dumwit.
    Eish no worth watching now tanu pregs???? No shame bin shaadi batcha????

  15. Really abhi… Really??

  16. This all wouldn’t have happened if Tanu didn’t say she is pregnant all would’ve been fine but that chudail had to put her nose in abhi and pragya’s matter ugh

  17. First off abhi is a JACKASS, DUMBASS, AND AN ASSHOLE

  18. Stupid serial…dumb n idiot abhi….abhi does not deserve pragya…abhi is pair with devil tanu…both r fit…pls introduce any new charming n sensible hero to pragy…better pls separate pragya n abhi…thats gud…idiot abhi dont have rights to pair with pragya..he s such a idiotic fool…i never seen ds much of hero like monkey…dumb dumb

  19. Same scene as seen in bade acche lagte hain. Ditto.

  20. ds of pragya nw not lyking abhi couldnt hv hapen bt b’coz of abhi ds ol hapen i jst feal hatred 2wards abhi bcoz he isnt lyk a real rockstar nt hving any fealings

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