Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ram Leela coming to an end. Dadi says we have enjoyed it. Mitali says last part wasn’t done. Dasi asks her to stand with Ravan’s statue and says it would be fun to burn statue with you. Everyone laugh. Abhi and Purab agrue. Pragya calls Abhi. He says coming lady mogambo. Payal tells him that this nickname is showing love towards Pragya. Abhi looks on. Pragya asks him to give prizes. Pragya asks Payal and Ronnie to announce the winners. Abhi gives prizes to all the participants and jokes. Dadi announces everyone to be here as Ravan Dahan would be happening in some time. Raj meets Vijay, and he asks for money. Raj says are you joking, work is not done. Vijay says I have done my part, and asks him to give. Raj says it was a contract for murder, she didn’t get

even a scratch. Payal brings Purab to the place and says she heard that man coming there. Raj tells Vijay that work is not done, and asks him to go. Purab and Payal see Raj talking on phone. Vijay hides. Purab asks Raj to come. Vijay asks him to give money. Raj refuses and asks him to go. Vijay gets angry and says he will do his work.

Abhi talks to the doll and asks what do lady mogambo wants? He asks fuggi, don’t you love me? He asks her to kiss for motivation. Pragya hears him. Abhi looks at her and asks why she has interrupted two love birds, calls her a villian. Pragya says I don’t have time for your nonsense. He asks when Ravan is lighted with fire, will you cry? Pragya says I don’t have time for nonsense. He asks if you have given nickname to anyone. Pragya says no, and says with two names, it will be two personalities. Abhi asks her tell why he couldn’t be able to hate her. Pragya replies to him that she is bad and not him. Allah Wariyan plays………………..

Dadi and Dasi see the Ravan. Dadi says it will 1 hour to burn fully. Mitali jokes. Nikhil roams behind Tanu. Abhi wonders how can Pragya give money for big Ravan. He stops Pragya and takes her pic with Ravan behind her. Pragya sees Nikhil going after Tanu and follows them. Abhi checks the photo and thinks it has not come properly. Vijay kidnaps Pragya and says you have to be killed. He tells her that he will kill her peacefully. Pragya is shocked.

Nikhil asks Tanu, if it was the same plan to kill Pragya. Tanu asks him not to come behind her, and tells her parents has stopped talking to her. Nikhil tells Abhi is coming, and says he is leaving. Abhi thinks why is lady mogambo, and wonders where is she. Tanu gets angry on Abhi. Abhi says I am marrying you for this child and says if you change then I will hate you. Dasi comes to Dadi and says this Ravan will cry. Dadi looks for Pragya. Dasi asks you are searching whom? Dadi says Purab. She goes to him and talks about Pragya. Purab sees Dasi hearing her and tells he don’t want to hear about Pragya. Dadi says she wants to ask Pragya why she wasted money on Ravan. Dasi says I will bring Pragya here and asks her to keep her anger on. Purab tells her that he will find Pragya and asks her not to worry.

Purab comes to Abhi and tells him that Pragya is not seeing anywhere. Abhi says she went to do her make up. Purab and Abhi goes to see Ravan. Sarla thinks about Pragya’s words and gets emotional. Abhi asks if she is thinking about Pragya. Pragya refuses. Abhi says your face showing all, and says he can feel the same pain as hers. Sarla cries and says I wonder why she is doing this, and asks what is the reason to do this. Abhi says I am waiting for the day when I will hate her fully. Dadi looks on shockingly.

Abhi holds the arrow. Tanu comes from behind. Abhi says it would have hurt her. Tanu says it is good if she dies with his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Getting sick n tired if this show when will the damn truth about tanu aliya n raj come out it been it been a months now since pragya is back let her get some proofs n evidence against these ppls so that they can get expose and abhi is crossing his limits with pragya he dont see when he saying all those hurtful words against her how hurt she is if i was she i would done blow up on him long time

    1. KKB Has Lost it's Charm

      This Bull SH%$ is NOT worth watching or reading!!

  2. Pre epi it good. But today aswell as boring. Why r u taking so much time to exposed tanu aliya n stupid raj. This is the reason i hate this seriel. Expose tanu its so irrked or create abhiya cute scence.

  3. Uffff…. Not a kidnap track again….. But the only thing I like in todays episode is allah waariya song

  4. Worst show ever

  5. I just hope there’s no rape involve bcoz tat will ruin the whole serial and it will b sick to watch. I’m waiting for romance bloosom btween pragya and abhi plz writer show romance instead of blo*dy rape and kidnapping

  6. crappppp and nonsence

  7. namaimathu gi serial, kasubisinggi

  8. I think am liking jamai raja at list is not dragging like kkb.

  9. If the issue of rape finally comes bye to kkb like doli armanoki. For ever am the only one watching from Nigeria all my sisters and friends have stopped watching.

    1. KKB Has Lost it's Charm

      You should too. It is very UN-exciting.

  10. A sick show written by a sicko.

  11. Opps nt again……………wen u all r gng to expose dose villians……please do it soon…………..

  12. I think Pragya will b save by Abhi in tomorrow episode itself when Tanu said that she wil die from his hand I think at that time Abhi will think of Pragya n start searching her near Ravan n find her
    As they r moving fast in story since last 3 episodes n may b they want to finish this track in some surprising twist
    Did anyone notice Abhi taunt Purab that he is on Pragya side n told he will hate Pragya when he was next to dadi does it that mean he actually knows
    Cvs, They always confused us

  13. Oh yes Maggie ….. It can happen…. I feel abhi knws abt Tanu n alia…. Wat do you say???

    1. Ya even I think that
      Abhi started I hate u n will marry Tanu drama as he knows his harsh words r not working on Pragya n he wants her to tell everything
      Even when he doubts dadi he asked her to promise not to lie him n blackmail dadi emotionally

      1. Maggie it not looks like abhi knows anything but ya it seems that he is still doubting but whatever abhi is doing or how he is behaving with pragya but one thing is happening gud now that becoz of payal’s efforts, abhi have started to feel love for lady mogambo also. That’s why he was looking for her every time in whole episode but pretending as he doesn’t have any care for her but his expressions was saying that how much lady mogambo does matter for him.

      2. Ya may b I’m wrong but it’s confusing

  14. I think purab and payal will save pragya …. i dont think so abhi will find pragya ….

    well guyzz i think no rape scene ….. well just wait and watch next episode…

  15. Maggie can you ask your hubby when this track will be ending. And if abhi knows about pragya

  16. Srija ….. Can you tell one thing if abhi knows about alia and tanu then why is he rude and why is he saying he will hate her ??? Well Maggie can you tell me when abhi taunt purab that he is on pragya side ??

    1. Well in today episode just 4b Pragya was calling Abhi for gift distribution

  17. When will they catch tanu. When will someone suspect Raj and realized that aliyah and tano are working together with Raj. And why is tanu dress so pretty and she also dance too.

  18. now there is too much of dragging there were no story progress its still the same

  19. After a long time I’m reading the update n is same shit they showing smh

  20. Oh….. It is boring

  21. expose aliya tanu fast

  22. Why the hell is this crap not ending??
    Like seriously???
    Writers keep dragging more and in the days to come even the next generation kids will be watching this!!

  23. Ooo… At least in jamai raja, there r lots f problems but dey will show romances BTW a husband nd a wife, but here I didn’t c anything like dat.. Some time, evn in ek that raja nd ek thi Rani also there r scenes for some romance. But here nothing. Getting bored. Some times getting bored f reading the update too… Let’s c wts gng on..

  24. Guys our wishes has fulfilled. We r going to have a karvachauth special episode on this Friday. New promo is out, in which they showed last karvachauth scene when dasi pushed abhi- pragya on each other during dancing in circle with ladies. Pragya says in background voice that this karvachauth she will wait for abhi in his old pragya’s get up. Means between this, pragya will saved from that killer, I think by abhi. That’s why they r going to show karvachauth special episode on this Friday. I hope this episode will really special for our abhigya and for us and we will not see any interruption or worst thing in this episode.

    1. Wow nikki… that’s a great news indeed… just waiting for it.. it is going to be real treat for us.. can you share the new promo link nikki?

    2. C I told they r moving fast to finish kidnapping tract to some surprising twist but hope it’s not Abhi or Pragya dream n does this mean Pragya wil b with family in record time
      Last kidnapping tract lasted for more than 2months
      But still this Tanu pregnancy tract is on???

    3. Nikki spl epi means like maha episode or ganeshchadurti…or usual epi spl…

      1. No riya it’s not an hour episode. It’s just a daily episode but they will show karvachauth in this episode.

    4. Semma nikki… pragya’s mindvoice.. means after a long fuggi is gonna back.. as we wished in earlier days for pragyas transformation. But I didn’t expect this much soon.. nikki.. special episode means.. same timing only rite???

      1. Guys special episode 8.00 – 9.30 p.m.. enjoy it friendzzz 🙂

  25. When these two will love each other. Pragya is truly unromantic.

  26. I don’t know if pragya will b saved by abhi or not at all, if that the case I ain’t blo*dy wAtching this. Why is abhi so hurtful towards pragy? Maggi can you ask ur husband will this ever end ? We have so many question. To ask! No offence! And why is tannu still the same size she does not even plooked pregnant? She shud b atleast 4/5 months by now? Plz writer show something tat will keep viewers happy instead of dragging the story. It’s seems like it’s been going on for decades to expose those 3 selfish people!!!!!!!!!!!!will pragya survive?

    1. Sorry but I have told that track will end by November really hope
      N something big wil happen in 3rd week of November
      As aaliya was not well they have reworked on storyline
      That’s it he didn’t told anything else I didn’t asked him
      Let’s enjoy suspense

  27. Nikki can u pls share the link..

    1. Srimathi I have seen it on team shabbirahluwalia instagram account.

  28. stop this nonsense within this week. Waiting for ABHIGYA

  29. THE WORLDS WORST SERIAL EVER/…..thu thu….director s such a stupid..let stop the drama…the only serial villians r succeed all their plan….hero s dumb…heroine behave like smart n ends up joker….stupid story…2020 only dumb abhi know pragya that time tanu is in 3 month …rachna waiting for delivery…dadi in heart attack…purab n bulbul in mental hospital…sarla in coma…..wr s purvi,suresh??????

    1. Exactly……. Can u plz stop this non sense drama. We can’t bear any more….

  30. It’s actually a pretty good serial, just dragging toooooo much. I want to see some twist or something attractive to make me want to see this, otherwise my favorite serial.

  31. Obviously the writers do not like to see truth over lies. They enjoy deceit and hatred all the time. I am also starting to hate this show.

  32. In yhm simmi can do DNA test fa raman nd his unborn child y cant’t pragya do this fa abhi nd tanu’s child if the report shows its negative then its simple its not abhi’s child

  33. I think this is the only serial which is making us with more excitement and at the same time more annoying but with controversial episodes.. But guys we are really addicted. Not fully but a little..

  34. Waiting to c tanu pregnancy truth out finally. …n dadi….plz do something

  35. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I wonder if writers producers ever even read comments or else they should care….
    But clearly no i stop watching two months ago n stil at same spot…..

  36. it is so much boring.

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