Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Abhi that he loves Sonali and can’t marry Aaliya because of the promise made to her. Abhi says it is okay and appreciates his thinking. Nikhil signs Tanu and Aaliya. Dadi asks Pragya, why did you doubt on Nikhil? Pragya says Nikhil always comes and roams around Tanu. Dadi says we are back from where we started. She says we have to search for the person. Bulbul calls Pragya and says they will be reaching soon. Pragya tells her that Nikhil loves someone else. Bulbul wonders who is that guy who had impregnated Tanu. Pragya says we will meet today in the evening. Aaliya tells that Nikhil has smartly handled the situation well. Tanu says I was like I will faint and couldn’t breathe. Aaliya says Nikhil is very clever like us and that’s why we have to be careful.

She asks Tanu to meet him and convince Nikhil that she will marry him after divorcing Abhi. Tanu says I don’t want to marry him. Aaliya says just for saying and asks her to take him into confidence. Pragya talks to God and thinks why did she doubted on Nikhil. Abhi takes her video.

Pragya thinks what to do to solve Tanu’s mystery. Abhi tells the poetry and says anyone can read your face. He says you have fallen in love with me very strongly. Pragya asks him to use new tricks to trouble her. Abhi says I know that you will say this and says I have a proof too. He shows the video and lipreads her words. Pragya gets shocked. Abhi asks what you were asking from God. Pragya says I was cursing someone. Abhi says when someone is in love, then they do strange things. Pragya asks why he is troubling her. Abhi says he asks her to tell three words. Pragya goes. She talks to Payal and she complains to Pragya about Ronnie. Pragya calls Ronnie and scolds him. Abhi comes and says you will get your service. He gives her juice. Ronnie thinks Abhi is after his job and thinks to do something.

Payal smiles and looks at them. Abhi asks her to go. Pragya asks to drink juice and says you have gone mad. Later Abhi thinks where is mogambo and thinks to bring her back to room. Tanu tells that she wants to talk to him. She holds his hand and takes him inside. Abhi says if Pragya saw us together then she will think that I am double timing with her. Tanu says I am not smart as you and shows the papers asking him to take Pragya’s signatures. Abhi says he can’t take the papers now and asks her to keep it with herself. He says Pragya is curved like jalebi and asks her to go so that he can think of a plan. They see Pragya coming and asks her to hide.

Sarla says what is wrong if Nikhil wants to marry someone else. Bulbul says he has ruined our plan. Sarla asks what is your plan? Purab says we wanted to see Aaliya’s reaction, and says if she marries then our way would have been cleared. Sarla asks him to find a good guy for Aaliya. She goes to bring laddos for them.

Pragya comes to room and sees Abhi signing towards the wall. She says you are talking to wall and asks if you have gone mad. She says you need to go to doctor. Abhi says this doctor is not treating me and ignoring my pain, love etc. Pragya thinks he has started again and thinks to change her room. Abhi asks her to give a hug and says he will be fine with her touch therapy. Pragya says she can treat with thorns and not love. Abhi asks her to give hug. Tanu gets jealous and tries to divert them. Pragya hears some voice as the papers fall from her hand. Tanu gets worried.

Abhi asks why she is not understanding his feelings and says he is trying to make her realize his feelings. He hugs her forcibly so that Tanu can escape from the room. Pragya asks have you gone mad? I would have died? She says you can hug me without my permission. I will not forgive you. Abhi thinks don’t know until when he have to act.

Abhi apologizes to Pragya for hugging her forcibly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nikki maha episode is from 9 to 10 tomorrow

    1. Okkk…thanks kowsi. I have mistaken in noticing time. Priya and guys kowsi’s mentioned time is right. Follow it.

  2. Nikki mahaepisode is from 9 to 10

  3. I think today’s segment will show that Abhi took Pragya to disco.

  4. Abhi is an coward and also Nykhil. tanu is an whore and aaliya is an witch.I think I will stop looking at kkb.it’s take to long for exposed the 2 whore.I’m fed up with this serial.ekta is an sick woman

  5. Nandhu u r correct pa again etha tamil la Vera pakanuma

    1. hmmm kan. hindhi,la pakarathey kodumaiya eruku.. ipdai oru 1 yr dragging seriala nan engaium pakala.

  6. Sahithi how can you say … Waiting for new segment !!

  7. Nikki whatever abhi is doing tanu asked him to do ??

    But I think pragya will not give property back to abhi until she expose Aliya , tanu and raj ..

    And what about bulbul is she leaving kumkum bhagya ?! When will new segment comes ??

    What do you think will vijay help pragya to expose tanu , Aliya and raj .. Or will vijay fall in love with pragya ..

    1. Ali if he is following tanu’s words so why he refused first time when she came with dasi to make him ready for this plan? That time he was saying that plan cheap. Now I don’t understand why he is following now when it was cheap for him? And from the stateting of his mission, sometimes he tried to find out pragya’s reality also, for which he got suspicious too. These r some of things which r creating confusion in audience’s mind regarding his main purpose of whatever he is doing with pragya in these days. But one thing is gud atleast, pragya is not coming in his trap. Ya for sometimes, she melts becoz of her love for abhi but in next moment, she controls on herself and comes back to her main mission.After watching today’s segment, I feels nice to see that pragya have started to give abhi back his own medicine in his style. But god knows until when pragya will handle abhi like this and will save herself from his trap. If abhi’s real intentions r getting property back so it’s better for pragya to maintain distance from him. And I hope pragya gets successful in saving herself from abhi’s trap. I can’t see him lose the battle in front of evils taaliya by her beloved hubby, for whom she is going through such a toughest time of her life. I don’t want to see Emily faces of evils who will laugh on pragya’s failure. And these cvs! They r unbelievable like always. They can do anything to spoil the story and our hopes.

    2. No doubt n don get confused .. Abhi surely plays wid pragyas feelns .. He’s only about getting back the properties .. I think he don love pragya truly

  8. Guys I saw a video in sbs pragya willingly dancing with Abhi in a disco

  9. stop watching stupid serial kb bcoz next yr also u won’t expose tanu.so stop watch kb

  10. New segment update- pragya cines in a disco/ pub to search for that pshyco killer. I think purab have seen that killer. So he calls pragya to catch him. Well this is my guess. Reporter didn’t say this. Anyways next, abhi comes also there after chasing pragya. Pragya drags abhi on the dance floor and starts torchering him through dance. Abhi and pragya both dances in full tashan with each other. At last pragya leaves abhi’s hand and moves out from there for searching that killer. Abhi too follows her. They shows some off screen masti of sriti and shabbir during the shoot of their dance. SBB people shows it’s previous scene too where abhigya in their room, abhi was trying to trap pragya in his love by going so close to her and by doing romantic emotional talk with her.

  11. this mahaepisode,mahasangam all are total waste for this sick serial..and writer is truly a psycho..all know of ekta…she is..chee,cant use bad word for her coz bad words will feel bad if used for ekta…senseless woman ,playing with sentiments and relations…cheee..

    actually, looonggggggg before , that’s before pragya turned modern ,that’s when she was fuggy they showed promo as if she finding out truth of tanu’s baby…. nothing happened…accident occured,she was believed to be dead,she came back but of all these tanu not even have a baby bump…When to find about nikhil,when to know of AAliya and when will they find raj…OMG

    Apart from all, read that BULBUL will find some truth(what truth Ekta only knows) and when coming to say to pragya she will be killed it seems…So with this we can know thatBULBUL will find truth and get killed ,meaning everything will go as it is and will start from first place where it started just an addition,that’s WHO KILLED BULBUL? after we know that,pragya will have to find that tooo, after this,what truth did BULBUL know ,OMG…..

    serial can dragggggggggggggg for 2 to 3 years more….
    well done writers…keep going with sickening story line…

    1. Nothing happens good

  12. Thx nikki and kowsi… Mahaepisode nothing new ll happen.. They ll simply dragg it… Too bad… Again they ll start the aliyah topic.. Ohhhnooo…

  13. Too much dragging abhi never ever deserve pragya

    1. Truly said

  14. Clearly the writer do not care about what we feel. Seems they enjoy a b*t*hing moaning and know they will not do anything idfferent to please us.
    I think we should stop watching and drop the TRP’s.

  15. stopped it yaar how easily make us fool .serial extended upto a limit. but no limit of dis serial when aliya kidnapp pregya no one knows till now which was on lst 14 feb after that many tricks were happen bt no one knows and pragya look change from many mnths bt nothing will happen .its all boring stopping it now plzzzz

  16. Daily same rotuine… till now didnt got clue about RaJ.. Tanu.. wasting time……..keep on dragging.. boring yaar

  17. Yes nikki you are right .. From my point of view if abhi finds pragya truth then it will get more interesting ..

    But Sometimes I think if bulbul get killed so how will pragya control herself infront of everyone ..

    1. Ali I don’t think so bulbul will get killed. Becoz story is based on both couples abhigya and purbul. So if mrunal will quit the show so may b CVS will take another actress on behalf of mrunal to play her character of bulbul. But if she will quit for sometimes then they will show as missing or in coma for that period in which she will not shoot. But Bulbul’s character will not end, I can surely say it. And if anything will happen with bulbul in the show then offcourse it will badly effect pragya but it will b becoz of mrunal’s quiting so CVS will handle it somehow. But we haven’t get any official information about mrunal’s quiting and the murder track whom’s spoilers r spreading during these days. So we should wait for an official announcement by show makers and by mrunal’s ownself, before reaching and deciding any conclusion.

  18. Guys…I guess Abhi will cheat Pragya with his emotional talk and love acting and takes all property back… Pragya will be broken down and leave..then Abhi Will marry Tanu , Bulbul will be killed by Aliya team since she might come to know truth about Nikhil and Aliya..then Aliya marries Purab and sit on his and Abhi’s head..Tanu will give birth to a boy and grown as Jr.Rock star..Pragya will leave everything and living alone by seeing their marriage photo..After around 20 years that so called Jr.Rock star looks like Nikhil..Then Abhi will start thinking why Pragya was behaving like that long back and realize then he will search for her all over the world..at the end of serial he will finally find her and apologize then get together..

  19. Hey can u join me guys

    1. Welcome praharsha

  20. hajira ruksaar

    the director is actually turning a good story in to a boring one……
    I used to love this serial at the beggining but now just hate itttt……..this serial has crossed the limits of stupidity……….dragginggggg a lot…….now the only shows I watch in zeetv is jamai raja and tashn e ishq………..bye bye kkb

  21. hajira ruksaar

    worst drama ever……….kkb suckzzzzz

  22. I don’t agree with you madhu.. Nothing will happen like that .. You are not a writer or producer . and what about Dadi … Whatever pragya doing Dadi asked her to do …

    How can you post such a negative comment.. Purab also knows truth of Aliya and tanu .. So how will he marry Aliya.

  23. Atleast half of the truth should come out right..otherwise it my turn like this only..

  24. Nimrat Sandhu

    Madhu is it right what u r saying……………. If yes then I m going 2 quit the show

  25. Nimrat Sandhu

    Madhu is it right what u r saying……………. If yes then I m going 2 leave the show

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