Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarla telling that she took blame on herself so that Tanu can’t trap Pragya. Dadi says she knew about her sacrifice and praises her. Tai ji thinks about the prize money for helping Police nap the thief. Mitali says we will get prize from 3 persons, police, Abhi and Tanu. Tai ji gets happy. Mitali says we will get atleast 25 lakhs. Abhi comes downstairs while everyone waits for his decision. Pragya asks Sarla to listen to her once. Sarla refuses. Abhi says I have taken my decision and nobody will interfere in my decision. Pragya sees Tanu smiling and thinks she might have manipulated Abhi. Tanu thinks Abhi will work as she planned. Dadi tries to speak. Abhi says I won’t listen. Inspector says we will beat Sarla and get all info about the theft money. Abhi says 1 second, and

says a son can’t see his mum going to jail….He tells Inspector that there is no thief and it is their family matter, asks him to go. Inspector asks him to let him do his duty. Abhi says it seems you are new and says he will make him talk to commissioner. I will not hear his order as the thief has confessed to her crime. He asks Constable to arrest Sarla.

Abhi threatens to call media, woman organization etc, and asks if there is any FIR with you. Inspector says we got phone call from Mitali Mehra and her mum in law. Abhi says if anyone gives statement against Sarla then I will kick them out. Inspector says you are threatening the witness. Abhi doesn’t let him arrest Sarla. Inspector rues to keep an eye on him. Abhi asks Purab to drop Inspector till door. Dadi thinks Abhi did right. Pragya thinks Abhi has fulfill his duty as a son. Tanu tells Abhi that he has not done right, and spared guilty. She tells Pragya that she will get them punished and goes. Dadi tells Abhi that you have done right, and fulfilled your duty and promise. She says you are good son and grand son also. Abhi says he wants to be alone for sometime. Dadi says I know you are upset, and thinking if you have done wrong. She says results will be good.

Tai ji insults Sarla and accuses her for theft. Mitali asks where did you keep stolen money. Tai ji says she is not having any shame, else she would have left. Mitali says Abhi has saved her from Police, but may be couldn’t stay with her and that’s why left. Tai ji says Sarla will stay in our house even after stealing. Mitali says she will do something big. Tai ji calls her shameless. Dadi comes and calls them shameless. She says I have seen Police because of you both and asks them to go away from her sight. Sarla cries. Dadi feels bad on their behalf. Sarla tells Dadi that she want to leave.

Dadi says this is your house, and you have to stay here. Sarla says I can’t stay here anymore, let me go. Dadi says you can’t go as Pragya needs you. Sarla says she wants to be Pragya’s strength, but became her weakness. She asks her to let her go else Pragya will take any wrong step to save her. Pragya comes there….hugs Sarla and cries. She asks her not to go. Sarla says I am not going far, but to my home. Pragya says she is not feeling good. Sarla says she don’t want to become an obstacle in her fight. Pragya says what will happen to marriage hall. Sarla says I will save it, and asks her to concentrate on her kumkum and Abhi, and asks her not to divert her mind. Sarla cries and asks Pragya to let her go….Pragya also cries badly.

Purab informs Abhi that Sarla is leaving the house. Abhi sits down on the bed tensedly. Purab asks him to stop Sarla and says she is innocent. Abhi says I know that she is not the thief and says he couldn’t face her. He says she is like me, and will not stop. Purab asks him to talk to her and make her believe that he trusts her. Abhi says I don’t know how to face her and what to say? Sarla comes and hears them. She says there is nothing left to hear now. She says I came to bless you, and prays for him to identify the good and bad which is happening with him. Abhi cries.

Abhi asks Pragya, why you are crying? He says we have to catch the culprit together because of whom our maa is blamed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial is totaly crap. Fist what abhi is doing with two ladies and where in hindu culture it happens to keep two wives in one house. Just rubbish totaly theyh should adopt Islam.

    1. Even in islam… only with the permission of the first wufe they r supposed to have 2nd one…

      We better not to talk about caste and cultures…

      Bcz this serial s not that much worth… each and every thing in this serial s waste… they assume us as fools …. the main thing this serial getting trp s bcz f abhi’s acting … pragya s acting… only….

      1. Agreed this show is a big waste… it doesnt demonise religion or culture but makes Abhi, a man, look like a sissy…like he is stupid and like Pragya can’t even talk to her man.

        I know when i tell my husband anything he believes me.

    2. Ritam Mishra u better not talk about religion here .. the story is not based on any religions! So please stop telling rubbish

    3. Ritum mishra who gave u the permission to talk about Islam??
      If u don’t know anything about islam then pls don’t talk about Islam. I get to know by ur comment that u don’t know anything about Islam.
      This is not the place to talk about religions, cultures, rules, regulations, laws etc.
      Yeah Islam gave permission for another marriage but Islam didn’t gave any permission to insult any women by keeping her as a keep. And u have to understand that it is a permission but not an order.
      Islam wants to protect their society from diseases (like HIV etc) by this permission. Islam wants a healthy and strong Muslim society which is immune against infectious diseases and is capable of understanding and applying God’s message and carrying it away to the whole world. Islam is perfectly planned religion. That’s y the number of Muslim is increasing instead of decreasing all around the world.
      If u get to know the full reasons, rules & regulations about another marriage in Islam, u will definitely not sleep after that by thinking about ur own words. It is 100% sure.
      No one have rights to comment about another religion. Even I don’t have no permission to comment about other religions.

    4. If I hurt u by my words I am so sorry. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am requesting u plz don’t talk about religions here. Because everyone have belief in their own religion.

      1. I truely agree with u Shaz.. how dare He or She(i donno) can talk about Islam here.. this serial is not comparable with any religions.. so pls dont talk about religions here, it will create more issues n wounds among people ! So u betta wield ur way of expressing

  2. update is same as pratiksha given ….this segment is about abhi’s care for pragya ….and the link to watch that segment is —–


    VIDEO LINK – https://youtu.be/aFoGawMRknl

  3. update is same as pratiksha given……s segment is about abhi’s care for Pragya……and the link to watch that segment is ——-


    VIDEO LINK – https://youtu.be/aFoGawMRknI

  4. Hahaha.. I’m just laughing???
    They are gng to busy in their romance..
    & is there any chance to caught culprit????

    1. No chance ??

  5. Abhi is f**kg idiot and director he does it know to make serial its big crap series

    Abhi oretends as having high fever. He dips thermometer in coffee mug so pragya will think that he is actually having fever. Pragya who was standing near the dressing table, she about to turn towrads abhi. abhi sees her and immediately lies on the bed and covers himself from blanket. Pragya gets understand his anitcs and asks from him the reason about this drama. Abhi says that he wants her care and doesn’t want to go office for meeting that’s why he did this drama. Pragya says him to get ready to leaving foe office. she about to moves from therebut just then she gets slip. Abhi immediately runs towards her and holds her. they shares an intense eye-lock. Pragya feels sprain in her right leg. Abhi makes her sit on the couch. He looks for her sprain and tries to give treatment. But pragya tries to stop him and says leave it, it will get fine, u go and get ready. But abhi doesn’t listen her and starts giving her massage on her foot through ice. They again shares an eye-lock. Abhi tries to make her sprain fine through exercise also. Pragya gets happy after seeing his love and care for her. in next scene, abhi, pragya, dasi, rachna all in dadi’s room. Doctor comes to do check-up of dadi as she is nit feeling well. Doctor assures them that she is fine and give some prescriptions and medicines to pragya for dadi. Abhi says to pragya to check-up too of her sprain from doctor. Dadi gets worried and panic after hearing it. she asks from abhiabout it. abhi tells that she ahd a sprain in her leg in morning. Pragya assures dadi that it was a small sprain, she sis fine now. Doctor says if now i have came so i do check-up of u too. Pragya gets ready to check-up after forcing by abhi and dadi. Pragya shows her foot to doctor. Doctor checks it and says to abhi that she is fine. She haven’t even a sign of sprain. Doctor says to abhi that she just need love and care of her husband. abhi says now i have to doher nursing too. Doctor smiles and says yes. if now u will do nursing to her then next he will do nursing to u and like this life will go on happily. everybody laughs and smiles. reporter asks about the whole sequence from srit iand shabbir. They gives replies in funny ways. Reporter syas that abhi and pragya’Ss romance is going on and increasing everday. Sorry guys for late update. Reason u knows guys.


    What utter nonsense
    This writer is so stupid , always waiting to get proof
    Is this series based on proof or love story .. u have killed this series
    I loved this series but as a writer you have tormented the whole thing

  8. I did say that Pragya was going to distance herself because of Abhi’s lack of trust in her mothers’ innocence, but Abhi will not allow her to do that.
    CVS are now going to focus on Abhi’s antics and forget he’s promised to help Pragya catch the true thief. They think we all suffer from ADD(attention deficit disorder) or ADHD like their writers.
    I too was wondering why is Tanu staying at the house in the first place. Which woman/wife under God’s sun would allow their husband’s other woman and pregnant no less, to stay in her matrimonial home? Abhi himself should be lucky he’s still living there. The Properties and all belongs to Pragya now.
    Abhi must try to remain focus. If he wants Pragya to be near him always, then the only ways us to solve the mystery of “Who done it?” first and fast. After that he’ll have all the time in the world to love on Pragya.
    Let’s see if they’ll focus on this and solve or they’ll just drag again.

  9. Nice show. But the writers not Taking any serious Thing about Enemies Its time to reveal the truth . I think they have other Twist

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