Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarla telling that she took blame on herself so that Tanu can’t trap Pragya. Dadi says she knew about her sacrifice and praises her. Tai ji thinks about the prize money for helping Police nap the thief. Mitali says we will get prize from 3 persons, police, Abhi and Tanu. Tai ji gets happy. Mitali says we will get atleast 25 lakhs. Abhi comes downstairs while everyone waits for his decision. Pragya asks Sarla to listen to her once. Sarla refuses. Abhi says I have taken my decision and nobody will interfere in my decision. Pragya sees Tanu smiling and thinks she might have manipulated Abhi. Tanu thinks Abhi will work as she planned. Dadi tries to speak. Abhi says I won’t listen. Inspector says we will beat Sarla and get all info about the theft money. Abhi says 1 second, and

says a son can’t see his mum going to jail….He tells Inspector that there is no thief and it is their family matter, asks him to go. Inspector asks him to let him do his duty. Abhi says it seems you are new and says he will make him talk to commissioner. I will not hear his order as the thief has confessed to her crime. He asks Constable to arrest Sarla.

Abhi threatens to call media, woman organization etc, and asks if there is any FIR with you. Inspector says we got phone call from Mitali Mehra and her mum in law. Abhi says if anyone gives statement against Sarla then I will kick them out. Inspector says you are threatening the witness. Abhi doesn’t let him arrest Sarla. Inspector rues to keep an eye on him. Abhi asks Purab to drop Inspector till door. Dadi thinks Abhi did right. Pragya thinks Abhi has fulfill his duty as a son. Tanu tells Abhi that he has not done right, and spared guilty. She tells Pragya that she will get them punished and goes. Dadi tells Abhi that you have done right, and fulfilled your duty and promise. She says you are good son and grand son also. Abhi says he wants to be alone for sometime. Dadi says I know you are upset, and thinking if you have done wrong. She says results will be good.

Tai ji insults Sarla and accuses her for theft. Mitali asks where did you keep stolen money. Tai ji says she is not having any shame, else she would have left. Mitali says Abhi has saved her from Police, but may be couldn’t stay with her and that’s why left. Tai ji says Sarla will stay in our house even after stealing. Mitali says she will do something big. Tai ji calls her shameless. Dadi comes and calls them shameless. She says I have seen Police because of you both and asks them to go away from her sight. Sarla cries. Dadi feels bad on their behalf. Sarla tells Dadi that she want to leave.

Dadi says this is your house, and you have to stay here. Sarla says I can’t stay here anymore, let me go. Dadi says you can’t go as Pragya needs you. Sarla says she wants to be Pragya’s strength, but became her weakness. She asks her to let her go else Pragya will take any wrong step to save her. Pragya comes there….hugs Sarla and cries. She asks her not to go. Sarla says I am not going far, but to my home. Pragya says she is not feeling good. Sarla says she don’t want to become an obstacle in her fight. Pragya says what will happen to marriage hall. Sarla says I will save it, and asks her to concentrate on her kumkum and Abhi, and asks her not to divert her mind. Sarla cries and asks Pragya to let her go….Pragya also cries badly.

Purab informs Abhi that Sarla is leaving the house. Abhi sits down on the bed tensedly. Purab asks him to stop Sarla and says she is innocent. Abhi says I know that she is not the thief and says he couldn’t face her. He says she is like me, and will not stop. Purab asks him to talk to her and make her believe that he trusts her. Abhi says I don’t know how to face her and what to say? Sarla comes and hears them. She says there is nothing left to hear now. She says I came to bless you, and prays for him to identify the good and bad which is happening with him. Abhi cries.

Abhi asks Pragya, why you are crying? He says we have to catch the culprit together because of whom our maa is blamed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. asmitha

    emotional episode l liked abhi today nice to see abhi like this I think tomarrow will be nice

  2. Thahira

    Well well well today’s episode is emotional due to abhi’s affection for sarla maa. If only pragya opens her mouth and said about tanu’s truth to abhi,he wouldn’t let this happened. So sad for sarla but irritated to see pragya still keeping quiet even after her mother is humiliated by everyone of theft. Is there really any daughter in this world who can be so dumb to see their mother crying of humiliation?? This serial is a total crap.

    • Aqua

      In reality there will be no daughter who will keep mum when their mother is being humiliated know that she is being framed!
      It shows the writers has no idea abt love and relationships.
      Only good part, Abhi doesn’t believe Sarla’s confession.
      I’m so waiting for the day Tanu to get slapped by Abhi for all her evil doings, if that ever happens that is.

      Honesty, I’m tired of seeing good characters portrayed as dumbos. I mean you can be both intelligent, clever and Good-hearted at the same time! !!!!!

      • shobana

        U want tanu to get just slapped by abhi ???
        But I want the most severe punishment because she not only torched abhigya but also the viewer of this show. So she definitely needs a severe punishment.

    • JR

      Now its becoming harder for Pragya to tell the truth without any solid proof that Nikhil is Tanu’s child’s father because she has kept quiet so long. This is Episode 578. It will take another 22 episodesto may be to end the serial. The twist &turns from what I’m reading makes a mockery of the characters. They really look like characters with short term intelligience. One episode Pragya uses CCTV to catch Aliya but now panics and is upset as how the money was missing. Tanu’s pregnancy is the second longest after Ranchana’s.

  3. Nothing importation to discuss. It was OK episode and mostly it was already have been seen in segment. Gud that finally abhi realized that Sarla maa is innocent and he did wrong by doubting on her. Sarla maa and pragya’s scene were so emotional. Sriti and supriya ji performed very well in this scene. Tears ? were flowing from my eyes at that time, when pragya holds Sarla man’s dupatta and tries to stop her. It was very emotional scene. Like a baby is holding her maa and stopping her from leaving her as she feels safe in her maa’s motherhood’s shadow. Well execute scene it was. I like that part very much in whole episode. Abhi’s interaction with Sarla maa at the end was also gud. The way he gave tough and angry look to tanu before leaving that was
    superb. Today tanu was less in blabbering then mitali and taiji was fulfilling her absence of blabbering. Dadi gave gud scolding to them. It should more but that’s fine. Atleast someone stopped their bakwas. Precap again is for tomorrow. Nothing happened important today to discuss more. Episode was average. Waiting for more updates and upcoming.

    • Aishwarya

      Ya pratiksha sis ur right today epi is average today abhi n pragya stole whole episode first part abhi’s rock attitude towards police n i noticed that abhi look has this much power what kind of power means it shuts the nonstop blabering mouth of tanu i thougt that abhi’s eyes only use to romance with pragya but today he proved that wrong n another part is pragya n sarala maa emotions i really feel like crying again wrong precap i have some little hope that our rockstar is slowly returning to us what u guyss thinking?

    • steffyrao

      Yap Pratiksha. U r absolutely spot on. Pragya & Sarla scene was brilliant. Sriti n Supriya really rocked. Loved the way you translated that feeling of pragya holding her maas dupta. A child pleading for her mum..to stay…i watched it a couple of times.Even Shabir was superb.
      Ekta Kapoor is really blessed to have this cast especially the leads. I dont think it would have survived considering the amount of dragging & senless dialogue logic that has been going on.

    • gowtham

      hi pratiksha… how are you…. didn able to comment well… epsiode is ok as u said… and fr the past three days exactly at 9 pm power cut?? and exactly 9.25 again power came… so able to see the last two or three minutes… but nthng importantly happened thats clearly shown… and by the way.. u have any idea wat they have in their mind next…. ?? i thnk abhi s saying juz to convince prgaya and make her feel good thats all… again cvs will frget about this and ll start a new line… this stealing drama ends tomorrow…. thn again fr two weeks they ll drag it using some other tasteless ingredients…. so lets see…. but sarlaa and prgyas act was splendid tday… hats off them??

    • Sahithi

      I think Abhi going thru multiple emotions n confused, as to to believe n what to think.

      He can’t think Sarla must have stolen money but at same time she also confessed for sake of saving Pragya.

      If he is so upset now, don’t know what wud happen when he knows about Tanu n Nikhil. About Aaliya he didn’t know in one go, so not sure about Tanu how much he’ll know when her truth comes in front of him.

      I still don’t understand where Pragya’s mogambo went. Why is she crying so helplessly, and why Daadi, Sarla or Pragya not speaking about all this being Tanu’s plan, or Sarla being out of house is what Tanu wanted. It means her victory n plan success. They r making it easy for her with their foolishness.

  4. Sara

    Hi hency sis,shobana sis, reji sis.
    Thanks for your reply..
    Actually I and Vadhu used to have a great group of friends in school as well as in our living areas.
    But this is the first time,
    We both getting FRIENDS in this group as a family..
    Thanks for your love friends..
    As usual today’s episode is boring..
    But precap seems to be interesting..
    Like hency sis said,
    Evalavo pathutom, itha parka mattoma?
    So let us wait and watch…
    And hency sis, are you elder or younger than me?
    I’m entering into 12th std and you?

  5. Sara

    Hi hency sis,shobana sis, reji sis.
    Thanks for your reply..
    Actually I and Vadhu used to have a great group of friends in school as well as in our living areas.
    But this is the first time,
    We both getting FRIENDS in this group as a family..
    Thanks for your love friends..
    As usual today’s episode is boring..
    But precap seems to be interesting..
    Like hency sis said,
    let us wait and watch…
    And hency sis, are you elder or younger than me?
    I’m entering into 12th std and you?

    • Reji

      Hi Sara how r u ??..sorry for the late reply …i am fine..and all the best and congrats for entering into 12th std ..

  6. Sweety

    It’s abhi action to sarala mom is very emotional and nice but pls chalthi karoo tanu expose yarr
    I can’t take anymore same story line and same twist it’s just irrutating yarr

  7. Brintha

    ok episode.. i was scared whn pragys was stopping sarla.. i thought pragya will only won’t allow sarla alive.. thank god sarla escaped from this MM..
    M for mentals
    M for mansion
    Mentals mansion..

    • Sahithi

      I felt it’s more of a Zoo ???
      Esp with characters like Mithali.. its so hard to understand her, when she will do what or take whose side..can’t even imagine living with such ppl for a day, u might want to jump off MM itself.

      • karthika

        actually sahithi mithali is lyka monkey keep jumping here and here and chameleon who keep changing her colors in every episodes ….

    • Brintha

      plz don’t compare mitsli with any animals.. because animals are always loyal to who give them shelter…. this mithali character is incomparable… even in our life we can pass through these characters.. whn they get help frm us they will be doing jing juck… once their work get done they will show attitude.. and they will be always jealous on us.. though we are very simple..
      they can’t see any one happy..

      • Sahithi

        Agree with u, some ppl make animals look better, as in behavior. On a lighter note, you see to know some Mithalis in real life.. Btw I too have known few such characters, only irony is in real life we move away from such ppl. In shows, we have to bear them till it ends.

  8. purva

    please stop this serial .IS PRAGYA MAD???I think the writers will expose only when tanu’s baby goes to school.the world’s best draggggggiiiiiing serial

  9. shobana

    Episode was very emotional ? especially pragya and sarla ma scenes.
    Even abhi’s performance was good. But he should have tried to stop sarla ma. He knows that she didn’t steal then why he didn’t even try to stop her from leaving MM.
    Today tanu didn’t speak to much. I think because of that only I didn’t get bored with todays episode.
    I think after sarla ma left MM precap scene will come and after 2 episodes abhigya will totally forgot about it and tanu will be planning a new plot against pragya then the story revolves around it and viewers too will forget about the abhi saying that we will together try to find the culprit . By this the cvs might have decided to drag the show.

      • shobana

        CVs are thinking that we are very curious to know about tanu’s end. That’s why there are dragging like this . We can only hope and wait for tanu’s exposure ?

    • razia

      Exactly said .. The 100th thing they had left from the start of mogambo avtar especially abhis words .. He Neva does wat he says .. Tats how CVS created him .. N btw I think abhi is guilt of believing sarla to steal money at first .. He questioned her Na .. As if he dint believe tas y he don wans to face her .. Actually sarlas this confession is agreeable .. Bt y she’s leavn ?? Jus ppl like mitali n taiji vl taunt her saying her chori ? This s not fair la

      • shobana

        Hi razia
        CVs will always do unfair things.
        If sarla ma lives here Mitali and teji will always taunt her as a result we should also bear that taunt along with sarla ma. So its better she leaves else daily there will be emotional scenes.

  10. Hai friends… Hw r u Shobana, prathiksha, sahithi, hency, fowzia, fathima,brintha, karthi,gowtham, asmitha,hema, Sara and all….
    Coming to episode.. Its emotional
    I like maa,betibeti& beta acting…
    As hency said mithali& tai ji good for nthngnthng
    I just hate them..
    I’m waiting for tmrws episode
    Bbelated wishes for brintha..

  11. sana

    Now y this thief drama?it’s unnecessary things to story.when tanu truth will out its important thing. Y this dragging?? I am tired of this serial. Change different plot please ekta really if u have brain.

  12. karthika

    frnds me too got emotional when pragya holds sarla maa’s stoll and signs her not to go away from her…my eyes become wet…i was juz abut to cry but managed to be stiff..i always don’t lyk to cry infront of my parents….i’m hardly expressive..my dad suddenly started to pay more attention during that scene..except this i felt the whole episode boring…let’s see will abhi really stick to his words nd work with pragya or not???

  13. sham

    Again bakwas from Police officer even abhi tells him no one steal still he want arrest even no fir no complaint from owner of the money. She kidnapped and tried to kill her but no investigation till now after she recovered no any inquiry. Great every evil deed no police enquiry.:-

  14. Priyanka

    Its been over 1 year since Tanu’s pregnancy….and she is still not exposed. I don’t understand how people still watch this show.

    • Aqua

      I don’t watch it, I only have been reading the written update since bulbul’s death. Even reading the updates has becoming intolerable with the infinite dragging track and tanu’s elephant baby pregnancy. Lol honestly since miss Ekta likes animals so much with her ichadhari naag n bee and Tigre why not make a ichadhari baby elephant track with tanu n Nikil lolz?? at least it will be way more entertaining than so much evil n crime going on in the MM

  15. I hate this Tanu, I don’t know when Abhi will carry out his frustrations on her. on the other hand why is pragya so helpless and silent when she knows the big shark in the sea?

    I like Abhi’s stand of trusting Sarla.


  17. Suhana

    Hii..Pratiksha,Hency,Shobhana n all…!!
    I dont how much time more will this tannu create prob in union of abhiGya…!!This serial was very interesting in the starting bt now it feels like repition of same things..!!
    Its Ok.. Hency!!..n thanks for welcoming me in the grp..

    • shobana

      suhana, we can only hope for tanu to get exposed.
      The CVs are thinking that the viewers are very curious to know how she get exposed. So to make us more curious they are dragging like this. I strongly believe that unless and until the trp is high tanu won’t be exposed

  18. rose

    Hiii frndssss…. Bored with kkb.. In Tamil IIM sterday they played un vizhugalil vilundu nan elugiran song in abigya sceen… after a long they played n iim… vry happy when hearing that bg song.. so I want ti share with u Tamil guys… How r u all prathiksha, reji, hency, shivanya, kutty, shobana, karthika, sahithi gowtham and all….

    • Aishwarya

      Yeh rose i m also tamil yesterday they play 2songs both from darling film both r my fav song but after few days iim is also gng drag

    • shobana

      Hi ? rose
      Actually I stopped watching IIM since mom is scolding for watching it in 2 languages. At first she scolded for watching in Tamil now she is scolding for watching in Hindi too?. She is telling “indha kuppa serial yaravadu parpangala. Unnaku un mandaila arivu irrundha indha kuppai eh ukkandhu parpiya. Indha ullagathula enga tedunalum ippadi oru serial parkave mudiyadu ” nu scolding ?? but no I don’t care for it as usual ??

      • Hai…shobana. .same here..at starting
        my mom also used to watch this serial…but now she is scolding me…ippathan tamil intha track start agiruku Ana athukulae my mom get irritated…appadi patha nammala great…innum wait panroom

    • Reji

      Hi rose …i am fine ..how r u ??…yesterday watched iim yaar ….song selections r better…but soon it also going to go worst …!!..don’t know how Tamil guys going to tolerate that !!…

  19. maneendra

    What the writers are thinking? Are we nuts? What’s there for them to catch.. There is only one idiot left in house with chance and desire.. I can’t watch this bakwaas until someone slaps, abuses and kicks tanu out…

  20. karthika

    i’m fine rose.me too watched it….very nyc epi in tamil..but our happiness vl not long last…same bawass vl start in tamil iim also…

  21. karthika

    hi…my dear besties..how r u all???i think everyone is quiet busy….i thought today my result vl come..but it’s not came yet….

  22. Hi guys i m not like that busy but can’t comment mostly as i told u guys yesterday that my phone has dead and for a new phone, i have to wait for august as my big b wants to gift it on rakshabandhan. Till then i can’t comment mostly and can’t reply for each of u. but i will try my best that i could reply or comment as much as possible through my laptop or if someone’s phone from my family, will b in my hands. I m trying to make it repair but let’s see. But till then i make sure that i will give u all all the latest updates on time to time. i hope and i know u all will understand. Anyways come to the discussion of episode, can’t say anything about it surely that to the way they r going and showing that abhigya will try to find out the real culprit so let’s see until when and how much they will b serious for it becoz it is about tanu’s evil plan’s exposure so it can’t say surely that it will happen or not. becoz tanu is cvs favourite character, whom cvs didn’t let expose in any crime yet. So let’s see.

      • shobana

        Kutty is right. Try to give ur Mobile in mobile showroom for repair.
        But u don’t worry, we can understand ur situation

      • Ya guys I m also worried for it.? It’s like my life has stopped without my phone.?My big b says it can’t b repair ?but I m trying and putting more pressure to repair it somehow. But let’s see. ?

  23. farida

    TANU must be exposed now – it is the right time. Maybe the shock will let the baby come

  24. Hello Tanu. Eat as many laddoos as you can because police is going to arrest you soon and put you and put you in prison where you will only grind with Nikhil.

  25. Reji

    Hi guys…sorry for late comment… As i really fed up of this tanu s track…so i am losing my interest to comment… Don’t know y nowdays i am losing my interest to watch segments too…how much we tolerated …how much hopes we kept that tanu will be exposed …but now i can’t tolerate this….now from romantic serial ..this serial has become a comedy show…!!..

  26. reji

    hello guys ……today there is a segment i think in e24 …..anyways segment is about……abhi cares for pragya ….he kept ice in her leg……(may be she slipped)…..and some eyelocks …..full updates after a while !!!!>……

  27. reji

    and guys anybody knows telugu here ….in telugu track is going too good…..we r going to see kidnapping track i am so excited for it ….guys i know telugu too…telugulo kumkum bhagya super undi….rojilo telugu track is attracting viewers…so keep watching kumkum bhagya in telugu too !!……

    • indu

      am telugu only reji…but am saty in london….but am watching in net…u now telugu?i mean ur tamilan come hindi now i.e am asking…….where is ur ff magic of love?

      • reji

        ya indu i am hindi mixed tamil only but learned telugu with a interest ….so only 4 languages i know english tamil hindi telugu …..malayalam little bit only……i like to learn all languages…..and magic of my love ff today i will upload it…..thanks for reading !!>….

  28. priyanka

    hey all! its good to read all your comments and think in a multifaceted view. Today’s episode gave me a positive energy showing that Abhi has more important role than romancing with Pragya alone.

  29. NEW SEGMENT UPDATE OF E24- Pragya gets slip in her room. Abhi holds her. A Sprain comes in her right foot. abhi makes her sit on the couch and tries to make herpain of sprain fine but she treis to stop him. Abhi doesn’t listen her and looks her foot and try to give her relief by balm. they shares an eye-lock with each other. In one clip, they shows that abhigya r talking in their room. Reporter says abhi is trying to find different ways to keep pragya near around him. he calls pragya from some excuses. In another clip, they shows a doctor comes to look dadi. Abhi,pragya, rachna, dasi all there in dadi’s room. Doctor checks dadi and says everything is fine. abhi tells doctor and everyone that pragya too have some sprain in her foot and says doctor to check her too. he says pragya to show her sprain to doctor. dadi gets worried and asks pragya about it. pragya says she is fine. it was just small sprain. Doctor says to pragya that now i came, so i look ur sprain too. Doctor checks her and says her sprain is now fine. she do not need any treatment but just need love and care of her husband. Doctor and everybody smiles. Abhi asks what? now he have to do her care too. Doctor says yes. Reporter says that love has started between abhigya and their closeness is increasing.

    • shobana

      So prathiksha, CVs are planned to drag tanu’s exposure by filling with abhigya scenes.
      To the least tanu should be caught for stealing money. But I don’t think that it also will happen as of now

  30. Ritam mishra

    This serial is totaly crap. Fist what abhi is doing with two ladies and where in hindu culture it happens to keep two wives in one house. Just rubbish totaly theyh should adopt Islam.

    • Arshi

      Even in islam… only with the permission of the first wufe they r supposed to have 2nd one…

      We better not to talk about caste and cultures…

      Bcz this serial s not that much worth… each and every thing in this serial s waste… they assume us as fools …. the main thing this serial getting trp s bcz f abhi’s acting … pragya s acting… only….

      • devi singh

        Agreed this show is a big waste… it doesnt demonise religion or culture but makes Abhi, a man, look like a sissy…like he is stupid and like Pragya can’t even talk to her man.

        I know when i tell my husband anything he believes me.

    • Fowziya

      Ritam Mishra u better not talk about religion here .. the story is not based on any religions! So please stop telling rubbish

    • shaz

      Ritum mishra who gave u the permission to talk about Islam??
      If u don’t know anything about islam then pls don’t talk about Islam. I get to know by ur comment that u don’t know anything about Islam.
      This is not the place to talk about religions, cultures, rules, regulations, laws etc.
      Yeah Islam gave permission for another marriage but Islam didn’t gave any permission to insult any women by keeping her as a keep. And u have to understand that it is a permission but not an order.
      Islam wants to protect their society from diseases (like HIV etc) by this permission. Islam wants a healthy and strong Muslim society which is immune against infectious diseases and is capable of understanding and applying God’s message and carrying it away to the whole world. Islam is perfectly planned religion. That’s y the number of Muslim is increasing instead of decreasing all around the world.
      If u get to know the full reasons, rules & regulations about another marriage in Islam, u will definitely not sleep after that by thinking about ur own words. It is 100% sure.
      No one have rights to comment about another religion. Even I don’t have no permission to comment about other religions.

    • shaz

      If I hurt u by my words I am so sorry. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am requesting u plz don’t talk about religions here. Because everyone have belief in their own religion.

      • Fowziya

        I truely agree with u Shaz.. how dare He or She(i donno) can talk about Islam here.. this serial is not comparable with any religions.. so pls dont talk about religions here, it will create more issues n wounds among people ! So u betta wield ur way of expressing

  31. reji

    update is same as pratiksha given ….this segment is about abhi’s care for pragya ….and the link to watch that segment is —–


    VIDEO LINK – https://youtu.be/aFoGawMRknl

  32. reji

    update is same as pratiksha given……s segment is about abhi’s care for Pragya……and the link to watch that segment is ——-


    VIDEO LINK – https://youtu.be/aFoGawMRknI

  33. Hahaha.. I’m just laughing???
    They are gng to busy in their romance..
    & is there any chance to caught culprit????

    Abhi oretends as having high fever. He dips thermometer in coffee mug so pragya will think that he is actually having fever. Pragya who was standing near the dressing table, she about to turn towrads abhi. abhi sees her and immediately lies on the bed and covers himself from blanket. Pragya gets understand his anitcs and asks from him the reason about this drama. Abhi says that he wants her care and doesn’t want to go office for meeting that’s why he did this drama. Pragya says him to get ready to leaving foe office. she about to moves from therebut just then she gets slip. Abhi immediately runs towards her and holds her. they shares an intense eye-lock. Pragya feels sprain in her right leg. Abhi makes her sit on the couch. He looks for her sprain and tries to give treatment. But pragya tries to stop him and says leave it, it will get fine, u go and get ready. But abhi doesn’t listen her and starts giving her massage on her foot through ice. They again shares an eye-lock. Abhi tries to make her sprain fine through exercise also. Pragya gets happy after seeing his love and care for her. in next scene, abhi, pragya, dasi, rachna all in dadi’s room. Doctor comes to do check-up of dadi as she is nit feeling well. Doctor assures them that she is fine and give some prescriptions and medicines to pragya for dadi. Abhi says to pragya to check-up too of her sprain from doctor. Dadi gets worried and panic after hearing it. she asks from abhiabout it. abhi tells that she ahd a sprain in her leg in morning. Pragya assures dadi that it was a small sprain, she sis fine now. Doctor says if now i have came so i do check-up of u too. Pragya gets ready to check-up after forcing by abhi and dadi. Pragya shows her foot to doctor. Doctor checks it and says to abhi that she is fine. She haven’t even a sign of sprain. Doctor says to abhi that she just need love and care of her husband. abhi says now i have to doher nursing too. Doctor smiles and says yes. if now u will do nursing to her then next he will do nursing to u and like this life will go on happily. everybody laughs and smiles. reporter asks about the whole sequence from srit iand shabbir. They gives replies in funny ways. Reporter syas that abhi and pragya’Ss romance is going on and increasing everday. Sorry guys for late update. Reason u knows guys.


    What utter nonsense
    This writer is so stupid , always waiting to get proof
    Is this series based on proof or love story .. u have killed this series
    I loved this series but as a writer you have tormented the whole thing

  36. Mittenzz

    I did say that Pragya was going to distance herself because of Abhi’s lack of trust in her mothers’ innocence, but Abhi will not allow her to do that.
    CVS are now going to focus on Abhi’s antics and forget he’s promised to help Pragya catch the true thief. They think we all suffer from ADD(attention deficit disorder) or ADHD like their writers.
    I too was wondering why is Tanu staying at the house in the first place. Which woman/wife under God’s sun would allow their husband’s other woman and pregnant no less, to stay in her matrimonial home? Abhi himself should be lucky he’s still living there. The Properties and all belongs to Pragya now.
    Abhi must try to remain focus. If he wants Pragya to be near him always, then the only ways us to solve the mystery of “Who done it?” first and fast. After that he’ll have all the time in the world to love on Pragya.
    Let’s see if they’ll focus on this and solve or they’ll just drag again.

  37. Thinker

    Nice show. But the writers not Taking any serious Thing about Enemies Its time to reveal the truth . I think they have other Twist

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.