Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house and looks for Tanu. He thinks where is she? Mitali comes and asks why he is looking here and there like a thief. Nikhil says he was looking for Abhi. He asks her to give message to Abhi, and asks him to meet him. Mitali asks him to go and talk to Abhi, and says she is not a herself, but bahu of the house. Nikhil sees Purab and thinks to avoid him else he will doubt on him. He gets in Sarla’s room and thinks she is here. He tells Sarla that you will be killed soon as you know our secret. He says you will die silently and no one will know, don’t worry. He holds her hand and says it seems you are cursing me. He says if you gets well, then I will kill you. He says once Tanu marries Abhi, then I will tell truth to everyone. Sarla holds his neck.

Nikhil gest shocked and asks her to leave him. Sarla falls from the bed holding his feet. Nikhil kicks her and comes out of room. Pragya hears the noise and comes there. She sees Nikhil and asks what he is doing here? Abhi and Tanu also comes there. Nikhil cooks up a fake story and says he saw Sarla fallen and says he came out to inform them. Abhi asks him to help him lift Sarla.

Nikhil pretends to fall and comes out of room. Tanu asks why did you come here and asks what happened? Nikhil says I was worried about you and that’s why came here. He tells her everything. Tanu says you have gone mad? Nikhil says I didn’t know that woman will hold my neck so tightly. He asks why your phone is switched off. Tanu says I got call from Ronnie’s call and shows her phone. Nikhil says you have gone mad and says there is no call from him.

Dadi asks what happened to Sarla? Pragya says I think Nikhil have done something and says it is good that we reached here at right time else don’t know what would have happen. Dadi says it is not right to leave her alone, and says we have to be careful. Pragya says tonight will be scariest night of Tanu. Dadi says he made a good plan. Pragya thinks Tanu’s baby should be safe. Purab comes and tells that he talked to doctor. Tanu and Nikhil are in room. Tanu and Nikhil ask each other to go and check Sarla’s condition. Nikhil asks Abhi, how is she? He says Sarla might have walked and came till the door. Abhi says if this is the thing then this is good news. He asks Abhi to inform him. He asks about his purpose of visit? Nikhil says he came for work but time is not right. Abhi tells Pragya that they shouldn’t think negative and says Nikhil said that she might have walked till the door. Pragya thinks Nikhil is responsible for Sarla’s condition and tried to harm her.

Later Pragya tells Rachna that Purab went to Allahabad. She says we shall go and check Tanu as Ronnie might have called her by now. Tanu thinks it is good that Sarla doesn’t get her voice back. She thinks to sleep and says she will see the recording in the morning. She gets call from an unknown number and he says he is Nikhil, asks her to come out of house. Tanu agrees and goes.

Pragya and Rachna come to Tanu’s room and she says she is not here. She says today is the night of our win, and says she will take Abhi there. They leave. Tanu sits in the car and thinks where is Nikhil? Just then Ronnie holds her by her neck and tries to suffocate her to scare her. Tanu gets scared.

Abhi tells Pragya that Tanu was crying sitting in a corner and asked me to save her from getting mad. He blames himself and feels bad for her condition. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. omg another episode got in vain noo use of atleast reading this idiotic drama nw dfntly ronnie vil b catched nd thn again draggging haaaaaaaa GOD PLS SAVE BEFORE TANU I AM GNG MAD BY READING THIS THANK GOD I DIDN’T SAW IT IF SO TILL NOW I WOULD BE ON THE BED IN MENTAL HOSPITAL

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hello kkb fans I heard one news with high trp means they can earn more money so this kkb is torturing us ???

  2. Jilly

    This is the Dumbest story line ever. Do the writers ACTUALLY believe that this is clever writing??? REALLY?

  3. Nithi

    OMg….plz save us frm this bakwass…
    irritating story….. hiw cum pragya is not scolding Nikhil as she kniw very well tat he us d cause of sarala ma condition
    I think nowadays pragya think only abt ABHI..She is nit bother abt her mom too…
    nowadatys im getting irritate to see Abhigya acting too…:( even if sarala will die also.. pragya will search proof fr tanu exposure only..she wont bother abt her mom
    And abhi..I dunno he is only having responsible fior tanu n baby only. ..very gud move rockstar..
    Ahhhh…goingon maddddd watching this seriallll

    • gowtham

      well said nithi…. that is wat i too tbought….. nikhil comes and tries to kill sarla….. but now also pragya is silent…. wat a stupid screen play…… lik u said if sarla dies that time also pragya will search for proofs….. irritating to d core….. pragyaa character s becoming dumber day by day….. lik abhis character does…..

    • Brintha

      yes..nothing..he wants to marry tanu..at the same time he gives treatment to sarla in the same house,and allow born villian aalia in out house…but he will hate only pragya…for no reason….and according to me pragya is also shameless keeping her mom in husband house that to where her enemies r the…

      • shobana

        I think brintha if she keep her mom in her mom’s house then it will be easy for Nikhil to kill her
        But in abhi’s house they may try to kill but they can’t

  4. Nithi

    Finally..tanu will expose pragya tat she is d cause fr her condition to making scare so tat she cant marry Abhi by using d video proof …dumbo pragya group will be fail again n plan fr another proof…..OMGGGGGGGGGG

  5. Brintha

    Ayia samy abhi …because of this track we r also same condition of tanu..so pragya told tonight is the last day to expose tanu…but precap shown is tanu crying in the room…so even tanu tells the truth this abhi mad will think tanu is blabbering.. so entire ghost drama will go waste….pongada neengalum unga dramavum…

    • shobana

      Ya brintha only we audience are becoming mad
      Daily they are showing the same thing where tanu escape somehow, pragya dadi purab rachana meeting, abhi supporting tanu and scolding pragya
      This is what daily happening its very boring nowadays

      Tel me one thing did tanu switch on the camera in her room because she said in day before yesterday’s episode that she will switch on before sleeping but they didn’t show tanu switching on the camera

      • Brintha

        no shobana…she didn’t switch it on…but any how Ronnie drama is happening outside the house…but if tanu is brilliant enough she will stay with aalia in out house for sometime…and my guess bulbul may come back as pregnant lady…aalia’s heart will beat fast..and it may jump out from her mouth only…

      • shobana

        If tanu didn’t switch on the camera means definitely pragya is going to win this time
        Because till now tanu got from pragya’s plan
        And this is the first time pragya is going to escape from tanu’s plan which is also a success

  6. shobana

    From precap one thing is clear that tanu escaped this time also
    I think pragya will be caught because whatever she spoke in tanu room might be recorded in camera

    Did tanu switch on the camera ??
    Because in day before yesterday’s episode she said she will switch on before sleeping
    But they didn’t show that she
    switched on the camera
    If pragya is caught to tanu then sarla ma is the only hope

  7. Sri

    What the hell…….just can’t tolerate this stupid dragging….. Just quit it….if u. Can’t take the trak in a good way….plz don’t irritate….

  8. Nowadays pragya n dadi r most irritating characters. It looks she really doesn’t love abhi.yesterday at the whatever pragya said.abhi believed immediately. Then why can’t the truth.today I feel the convo of takhil is recorded think positive as abhi said .

  9. NasimaTN

    Pls idhuku mela ennala indha storya padikakuda mudiala..nanum dailykum edavudhum twist or gud changes varumnu edirpathu padikren.but no use its still irritating and dragging so much…i cant read it any more..pls put end tanu chptr.or expose the truth…

  10. Sharada

    God I’m starting to hate this tanu track….can’t they actually move the track….it’s irritating even to read updates wen story has not completely budged. ….I think we shud all stop watching for sometime…Wen trp falls they’ll move story. C how tei story is moving fwd, Jamai Raja too…but our kkb….strong hold…not moved a nanometer. …

  11. shobana


    Y nowadays no segment updation ???
    Y no highlights episode ???
    Y there is no new promo ???
    Y there is no latest news???
    Y there is no new spoilers ???
    Nowadays they stopped telecasting the show in Dito Tv ???

    • Shobhna I was also wondering why there r no updates, news, segments or highlights coming out from last two weeks. I think these r CVS and channel’s strategy not to disclose upcoming storyline so we get forced to watch the telecast of the episodes to know what is going on in the show and through which their trps will remain maintain. And I noticed it that all this have started after starting the campaign against tanu’s track for ending it. I think they noticed it and then made this strategy that they will not let disclose anything about the further sequences and storyline so audience couldn’t protest and their show will not affected. If audience make their mood fully to avoid watching the show for sometimes and their trps gets down badly then only CVS will change their storyline otherwise no campaign, no protest, no complain will make them force to do so. They will go according to their creation and script only.

      • shobana

        Yes kutty
        Aft alia and raj exposure I told my mom soon tanu will be exposed
        Aft hearing there will be lots twists and turns in concert I told my mom this time tanu will definitely exposed
        Aft seeing holi promo I said to my mom that channel has released a promo so definitely tanu will be exposed within 3 days
        But still now tanu is not exposed and my mom is not even ready to hear the story
        So boring………

      • Hahaha… Same here yaar..
        Bcz of me my mom also started to watch kkb..
        I dont watch any other serials except kkb.. Now My mom advised me to stop watching the serial…

  12. kavi

    They dragging this show OMG really!its not a bad show but if this continues so they’ll loose alot of there viewers!

  13. Nithi ur right a serial ky story tho abi khatham nahi hogy tanu ko bacha b hojaye ga aur bada b hojaye ga thab bi pragya proofs k liye dhoond thi rahe gi…..omgggggg

  14. Meera

    I dont know hw d writer can xtnd d same plotvfr more dan a yr? And hw a hero csn b a fool fr d whole yr. Never ending bore serial whch was d best bfr.. betr v wl aftr a yr do yht it el tske a dhape atlst thn

  15. Divya chandru

    Omg, cvs are making fool of audience … day by day… boring and stupid script of projecting and supporting evils deeds to the core, I accept truth will be take time to come out., but this is too much ….

  16. Aishwarya

    Another waste episode plzz end this guyzz better pragya leve mm with ur mom n return all the properties to abhi then only he will realize when she came first in this avathar abhi was happily hugged her at that timee itself she would told d truth but now its too late all becoz of dadi.kkb also loosing fans because i used to watch kkb 4times of retelecast during holidays but nowadays i not interested to saw that once in social media many fans ditched d serial plzzz cvs we requesting u plzz end tanu track make abhigya reunite plzZz

    • gowtham

      tamil la ipo track nala poguthu.. Aishwarya…. apo iruntha trp than ipoum maintain aaguthu pola…

      • Aishwarya

        Yes correct enga appa tamil track pathu enna thitraru becoz avaloda husbandaye ava vittu kudukuranu ennala week days la pakka mudiyadu so na sundays la pakum bodu enga appa ku bayandute papen atleast pragya new avathar la vara varaikumavadu na tamil la pakanum enna new avathar full dragging dan next na epdi paka porenu theriyala

      • gowtham

        exactly…. enga vetla daily amma kum enakum sanda than…. during mms track itself mom stopped watching it…. she thut that mms track was itself dragging… aftr my mom knew about tanus pregnancy ll last for 200 episodes, she started to tell me stop watching and enaum paka vidala…. daily sanda potu pakren tamil as well as hindi…. but ipo lighta pakranga tamil bcoz knjam cmdya poguthu la athan….

  17. i tink saradha s rite guys v sould quit tis drama if v do tat means kkb wil lose its trb ten 1ly d riters wil move d story n a gud way its a waste f time 2 watch tis crap

  18. naina

    When this tanu k pita kaun vala naatak will get over they making me crazy man….this is getting irritated day by day….yuck….i hate kb now its torturing me….ehhh

  19. Wtf! They think us to be fools!!! Don’t they have brains. I guess the writer lost it. How long will they show this pregnancy track??. I’m so frustrated I hate this serial writer. The actors r just so fantastic. They portray character very nicely but this director he is just wasting their intriguing talent. How can any serial do this. They some patience level for anything and they r just the limits so much.???. I stopped seeing this serial during December time that is when salman came to promote prdp. Now I’m just reading ur comments and the precap. I really really hate this story. I want to send some abusing message to the kkb director so that it touches his ego and decides to halt this track. If they don’t any story also they can just show some sizzling romance of abhigya atleast that would elate the audience

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Me too but pragya can tell the truth if he does not believe her dadi can join. He will beleive dadi Na?? More than that what really backwas….draggging show

  20. Anne

    The funniest thing is dadi pragya purab akash rajana n even sarla ma knows abt the bb not abhis bb dont tel me abhi wont believe anybody only wants prove pls writers u can say its serial but wen v c it v r into it if i m in the shooting spot lucky i m in malaysia i saw one serial where the fans got so upset went to the shooting spot they got very angry with hero for supporting his gf so pls think a bit of the fans v might go to hospital b4 tanu.

  21. Aqua

    I think the writers r all psychopaths who loves torturing people. I mean they took a group of grear actors and actress and made them into dumbest people on earth who r constantly failing to expose the villain.
    I think Ekta kapoor n her group of elvs writer just loves to make unrealistic idiotic stories because they never found true love in their lives so they take their revenge by making their protagonist suffer in love and make the evildoers succeed in their planning and plotting.
    Obviously Ekta doesn’t understand about relationships as she has no one to share love with because in relationships between a couple the most important thing is trust and communication. Everyone knows about pragya but her so called soul mate abhi. Abhi loves his fuggi but can’t see her when pragya has been constantly protecting him he rather believe his so called narsasistic ex gf Tanu, who he says he doesn’t love but it looks like he loves her more than his fuggi.
    I watched this show in the beginning because I loved the chemistry between abhigya but now the writers turned them into idiots and made idiot tanu intelligent. I mean tanu has the brain to put camera in her room to catch Rony’s ghost but all the brains of pragya team couldn’t think abt putting a camera in sarla’s room when they all know she was a victim of kidnapping and attempt murder. I really hate this show for showing level of crimes people can do and get away with it… as if there is no justice for the wrong doers!

    I am sorry to say but there r just too much nonsense in the show that it’s a insult to human intelligence.

    • Joe

      Very well said. Please tell me the address of Ekta kapoor so that i will throw stones for making me bp go high by these. They should take these people to court for torturing our minds in the form of entertainment. It is irritatement. Making the viwers more upset day by day. Ekta is a pysco patient .

      • Brintha

        ha ha ha ha…Joe u think ektha will consider your anger…and u want to throw stones?/..her house is built the stones throwed like this…don’t waste it time throwing stones…

  22. Joe

    Waste waster Writers Waste director Waste Zero Brain or Brainless. You can extend the story in an interesting way like Abhi also comes to know the truth but without telling anyone Abhi and oragya joins together to bring the truth where it will be a lot of fun and interesting for the viewres. The people who are acting are awesome but they are sad due to this idiot Ekta Kapoor Brainless all her story is like this only. Make atleast bulbul entry. Abhi and pragya are main in kkb how come u can separate them these long years??? Write a story which will trach couples how a family can handle the enemies and bad situation being together not like this bullshit

  23. cutiegirl

    I don’t understand why do they drag the story……it is foolishness to watch kkb. I was an fan of this when Pragya cme to save abhi frm Tanu n others but it’s getting more n more complicated………….still waiting for any new updates of this serial

  24. Hi everyone I’m from Trinidad. I’m sooooooo fedup of this bullshit. This serial is annoying now. If u can’t reunite abhi and pragya by d end of next week I suggest u take this crap off air. Cause its disgusting to sit n watch this shit over n over like this tanu pregnancy story will never come to an end. Smh

  25. shaima

    what a koodara show! i cant tolerate it now.bakwas.actually i dont know what they want from us ?do they think that we are fools,they juz think audince as a puppet.idiits.last year by this time pragya has proposed abhi!draaaaaaaaaggggging

  26. anne

    Hi everyone v all can say anything but the director and writer will do wht thy want Abhi n Pragya wht can thy do v cannot blame them but i wonder hw thy can make a story like tis u know thy got so many kind of stories y tis kind of story u know Abhi is a very nice gentelman i just donno wht to say.

  27. gowtham

    in the case of pragya, she doesn’t care if any dies…. at that time also she ll search for proofs….. really really very illogical screeplay….. yesterday she comes to know sarlas condition…. and knws nikhil saying a lie….

    if pragya is a normal human being.. after seeing sarlas condition, she should have scolded nikhil badly on the spot… but she didn’t do that….

    but onethng is right… aftr bulbuls death itself and saralas paralysis she didnt do anythng.. ipo matum ena pana pora…. amd abhi ena avaolo periya aala?? except him all knws tanus truth poi soli tholaya vendi thana….. elarum….. writers are seriously irritating me….

    and i thnk camera that tanu fixed in her room will again also going against pragya… there is no clue or no way to see an end for this track….

  28. Rosh

    OH MY GOD I am fed up watching this boring show … I come back to watch day after day hoping that today will be the day that the truth comes out but yet another wasted episode. Please end this FARCE already!!!!!

  29. frnds……if they bring some twist lyk, pragya to know abt that camera……and to get its recording by herself…..surely then tanu wud b caught as might hv blabbered something in her room abt her truth….just this thing to happen …..then tanu will fall i. her own pit and wont blame smone else….this shud happen….directors pls shoot smthing lyk this

  30. Guys i think and feels that characters r not doing wrong in the show. It’s only CVS who r presenting them wrong and making the story worst. It’s waste to take out frustration on the characters. They r doing their jobs only which gives as a script by CVS. So it’s all CVS mistakes. Actors r giving their best by gud acting as their job is only acting but it’s CVS work to create storyline and sequences. So they should b criticized not actors. They r making show’s storyline irritating and worst by showing unnecessary, nonsense, illogical dragging.

    • shobana

      I too agree that cvs making the storyline worst
      But Abhi can ask the writers na y u made my character as a fool
      His character was good before pragya makeover aft that abhi I mean writers made abhi’s character as fool

  31. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Abhi is a foolish man he is believing tanu who is a Chester n not is believing praghya who is very good by mind n soul. Tanu I’d mad n she is making Abhi to become mad. Abhi is avoiding good people like praghya n her mom satla.

  32. abi

    lusu serial…thu…arivae ilaya ivanugaluku…intha home la irukara elarukum unmai theriyum…antha lusu abhi kita solavendithana..avanga paati sona kodava nambamatan…pragya mathri oru mundam nan paathae ila…yemathi mrgepanikitu torture panan…ipavum torture thaan panra…ivanukaga intha madam amma n sis life ah spoil panalama…vittu thalitu evanyavathu mrge panikavendithana…thu story line ahae ilama oru serial…intha ulagathu makala pavam yaravathu kaapathanum…intha serial paaka stop pani 1 and half years achu…etho net pack waste ah poguthae oru updates padicha thala suthuthu da saami………………………….thu thu thu………………..

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Really agreed with u r comments same here also i stopped watching it but after akiya expose i watched for some days but they are dragggging now a days and make ne cry a lot????

  33. Abhigya

    Nonsense total nonsense…fed up of this bakwass….so this time also tanu escape n this ghost drama went in vain…now I don’t think anything is left…like everyone in the house knows the truth apart from abhi will he nt believe his dadi or purab?he hv to believe if everyone tells him… But I think writers want us to become mental patients that’s y they r dragging this nonsense ??

  34. frnds….if pragya comes to know of dat camera there……and gets the control over it,then the tanu ‘s nasty plans will also get recorded as she’ll blabber smthing in her room abt her truth….and finally falling in the same pit dug by her….

  35. New segment update-
    Pragya brings abhi in garden area to expose tanu in front of him according to plan. Pragya waits for the result of her plan of scaring tanu by Ronnie’s ghost. But no one comes on time, not ronnie, nor tanu. Abhi gets tired and about to leave. But pragya somehow manages to stop him. Abhi heards some voice from a side of garden and runs to there. Abhi sees tanu there. Tanu was sitting in corner and she was crying and shivering with fear. Pragya looks all this from a distance silently. Abhi takes tanu from there in the house. Reporter says that soon tanu will get trapped in peagya and Ronnie’s plan. She will blurt out her whole truth in front of ronnie and pragya will record it all and then she will use it for expose tanu.

    • Pratiksha after that the precap scene will happen then again back to square one ……..even I saw pragya holding the phone and recording it so is it successful is yet to watch. ……..

    • shobana

      Can v believe this time ??? Shall we have some hope at least now??
      Because the reporters are tellin the same thing for months that tanu will exposed soon

      And thank you for the update prathiksha aft a long time im seeing an update today only

    • Billu and shobhna reporter was saying that ronnie will scare and threaten tanu at that extent where tanu will herself confess her whole truth and bad deeds. At that time pragya will record everything and use it later to expose tanu. Guys it is left to see how much this news proves correct. If this will really happen then they will show and give an official promo of tanu’s exposure before it’s telecast as it is another most important sequence of the show like aaliya and raaj’s exposure. And if this will not happen as reporter is saying then definetly it will b the strategy of CVS to promote the show on that level where they can tied the audience from their seats by this exciting news. I will believe it on only then, when I will see it in the show from my own eyes. Becoz as shobhna said we r hearing it since long that soon tanu will get exposed but actually, not yet. And ya billu definetly it will b the scene before precap. Becoz they all were in same last episode’s costumes. And the segment sequence is also of night.

      • gowtham

        really good to hear this….. if it happens like u said in a segment.. then it ll be gr8….. thanks for the good news….. but i am afraid to put faith on kkb again and again……

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Promise pratiksha?? Becoz this show many times telecast fake promo and nonsense ekta mam also and if dadi told abhi means it will be finished i mean tanu track but kkb lost many viewers this show trp is 3. 3 lastweek soo less now a days

      • shobana

        Exactly prathiksha
        We can’t believe this reporters or cvs
        Unless and until we see it in our own eyes in show we can’t believe anything
        Because as ranaji said we have been betrayed many times with fake promo and fake spoilers

      • Exactly shobhna this is all strategy of CVS and news channels together to distract audience by giving them false hopes. If pragya gets really strong proof against tanu then we gets an official promo of it which we didn’t get yet. Becoz as we r guessing that segment sequence seems before the precap scene of Monday. So I don’t think so that a big twist can come without any official promo. So I think pragya will get the recording but surily it will not enough as a strong proof to show it to abhi against tanu. So I m not expecting this.

  36. Suga

    I think its better to read the kkb ff and try to change my mood. Its always irritating to expect smthing good to happen and in the end its always turning out to be bakwass

  37. rj

    Good to read that tanu is getting exposed finally…..
    I was not watching serial since long and was just reading updates..specially Pratiksha’s updates as she always gives correct news.
    Now i gonnu watch this track on monday with fingers crossed

  38. Aqua

    And the OSCARS goes to…..The Kumkum bhagya writers for the most dragged, illogical, nonsense script!

  39. Shaz

    Tanu is getting mad by pragya. We r getting mad by this irritating serial. The writers have crossed the limit of fans patience. Now I don’t care about this truth track. Because this serial looks like a bubble gum. Now its taste has gone. No expectations no disappointments. They make us fools by creating expectations in our mind. According to dz stupid serial the main villain for us is the writer. Does he have any mental hospital??? Because by making us mad he can earn more money no.

    • shobana

      Exactly shaz
      no expectations and no disappointments
      And I think the writers itself would have come from mental hospital

      • gowtham

        ha ha enga veetu pakathulaye mental hospital iruku… inum knja naal la naan join paniruven pola….. epo tanu track over aagutho that day excite aaitu mental aaiduven… i dnt knw hw u all react whn track ends…. lets see ha ha ha….

  40. Tsk

    Guyzz when d CVS have d liberty to show this nonsense unrealistic sh*t we too hav d liberty to stop watching it….so they r d one tourchring us bt we ourselves….we need entertainment so there r a lot many other good serials on TV which r thoughtful n realistic…so take this second thought into consideration rather than falling prey to such unnecessary bullshit.

  41. sana

    Story is more illogical. Not ways on going properly.I think tanu baby will abort if Ronnie scare her like that.

    • gowtham

      ha ha sema…. kkb ipadi kuda eludhuvanga….. awesome point…. thn totally this track ll end wdout exposure….. thn again starts frm the beginning… ???

    • Shaz

      Ya. But may be the pregnant track will end afterthat tanu will expose pragya team infront of abhi (for the reason of her abortion). First pregnant track next abortion track…

  42. sana

    I think tanu come second time fully covered dress.but how can a pregnant lady wear that much hell.ha ha ha,???

    • Brintha

      those are ektha branded dresses and jewellery.. which pragya and tanu uses..she has online sale..using her cast…for free of cost..ektha is brilliant enough throwing a stone and get 10 mangoes at a time

  43. susi

    So much of dragging & the segments r repeatedly saying tanu will be exposed but still there is no promo. Hate watching kkb. Pls CVs reunite abhigya

  44. Sahithi

    I had some confusion n questions after watching today’s segment.
    Assuming Pragya only brought Abhi there to show Tanu’s confession in person, but Ronnie didnt reach on time or may be he didnt reach the place which was planned earlier. This is because Tanu was crying at a diff place finally n Abhi had to run to reach that place. In between these, either to engage Abhi or to distract him, Pragya was doing some random talk.
    It was not clear if she is trying to stop Abhi there so that he wont goto help Tanu or she is waiting for Ronnie to reach there, so trying to do timepass till he reaches.

    One more thing, its shown as Pragya recording Tanu confession, which the reporters were saying will expose Tanu. But when will she record this confession, chances are before Abhi reaches there or when he is not around.
    If Tanu confessed before Abhi came, then that means Pragya already recorded the confession n so distracting Abhi.
    If that is not the case then, there is not much chance of Pragya recording as Abhi must have gone to Tanu n will take her back into MM. So when will Pragya get chance to record.

    Also, the location of this sequence, looks like outside in garden. So I had this doubt if Aaliya will see the truth of Ronnie by any chance. Aaliya had been posting pics on her IG about night shoot, so either she is a secret witness for this or in between this mess she is again going to steal some CD from Abhi’s room. I feel there is some twist involving Aaliya in this sequence or coming week.

    After Tanu kept that secret camera in her room I thought this plan of Ronnie is one more failure, as he may be caught on cam. Firstly it is not clear if that cam is on or not. If it is on, before Ronnie could come in the room, Tanu n Nikhil came into the room in yesterday episode n discussed everything from A to Z. So I thought if someone from team Pragya will spot the cam, they will get indirect proof.
    After that Pragya n Rachna came into the room, but the room was dark then. So hoping they r not spotted on it. Anyways Ronnie called Tanu out of MM so I was relieved thinking he wont be caught on cam for now.
    But now feeling writers made him not come in Tanu’s room, may be to get into Aaliya’s eyes.
    Also, after this sequence the precap scene will be there. But in that it didnt seem Pragya had the proof.

    • Exactly sahithi. I also felt same as u explained. It’s like u have told my words. I was also sharing this confusion regarding the segment and what reporter said. But I was thinking from where I should start. Thankfully u shared it same as I was wondering. Thank god u pick this topic. Sahithi I was also confused. What is believable and what is unbelievable. Segment was confusing. Nothing cleared. In fact it left more confusion and negativity in our minds instead of clear and positive picture. Don’t know what will exactly happen as it will only get to know in episode’s telecast but I m feeling negative vibes and I think this plan also will get backfired on pragya and tanu will get escaped this time also. Well let’s see.

      • gowtham

        sahithi and pratiksha… juz relax… this time also truth not gonna reveal…. bcoz no official promos right… bt maybe as u said there are some confusion regarding aaliya and video record of pragya…. but again by saying twist and turns they ll juz let it float… so dnt get confused till the official promo comes of revelation….

        but one thng sure… in this video recording thing some thing ll happen… maybe abhi comes to knw…truth or he comes to about ronnie is the one who threatens tanu…. and also camera is fixed inside the room… its not very clear of wat they gonna do with that…. it makes us confusing… so let us wait till the official promo comes… and no expectations…

      • shobana

        Ya as u people said confusions are there and we can’t believe official promo also because nowadays promo are just fake only

        So v have to wait till the episode telcast

        If Ronnie caught in alia eyes
        surely she will help pragya because she was waiting for a chance to enter into mehra
        house to take revenge on abhi

        So fingers crossed and v don’t
        want to keep any expectations as of now because always the cvs have let us down only

        I think in tomorrow’s episode we will get some clue

    • Sahithi

      Gowtham, prathiksha – more than confusion I was trying to find flow of events. Many times in past we saw this – the scenes shown in segment r not in right order. They r generally shown in some random order, but if we can analyse all scenes from segment n try to place in right order, the upcoming story is generally revealed. There will be some shots shown without background voice or commentary from reporters, but if we see them in detail , then we can generally guess. So doing some guess work 🙂

  45. Ani

    Installing cctv camera somehere, praghya can just keep it in sarla’s room so that Nikhil and Tanu will be exposed. I dont know whether these people have brain or not. Periya detective pulinu ninaipu praghya ku

  46. Aishwarya

    Enough is enough now im totally fed up now i m gng to give last chance to cvs becoz a new news werw came in fb according to sbs segment the scenes will came tomorrow epi after tat also pragya is again gng to scare tanu n tat time tanu will confess all her doings n pragya will record tat to show it to abhi so if this time also they didnt bring d truth then i m don with this show guyzzz .lets think positive for d last time if there is nothing positively then we all should stop watching it n trp also get down then only ekta mam will realize our feelingn also realize tat we r abhigya fans but not fools in tatcase of stop watching d show atleast we can save our time.do u agree with me frnzzzz??

    • gowtham

      actually …. to pratiksha also i have told the same thing Aishwarya… if u decide not to watch till tanus track ends, then u cnt see till the end…. coz tanu ll be a main villain always… she ll not allow abighya to reunite….

      may be pregnancy track may end…. bt rest ll not happen as we thnk… kkb depends on tanu….

      but aftr pregnancy exposure tanu ku avolo vela irukathu in screen…. bt then revenge kaga she ll come again….. so if u decide not to c till pregnancy track ends thn it ll be good…. bcoz enaku therinju tanu kadaici vara irupa….

      • Gowtham I have a problem with this pregnancy track becoz it is running even after it’s expiry date. Means this track has been taken so much time becoz which we got bored and too much irritated. That’s why we wants not to watch show until this pregnancy track. If they will show next new fresh track after finishing it then it will b OK for us and will not matter that tanu will b there or not as story will move further from this one long track. Becoz when a show runs only with one track, then it turns show as boring. As I said before that every track should have it’s limitation for a particular time period. It gives a freshness to the show and gud entertainment to audience’s mind. It doesn’t matter so much that the villain remain same. But ya if they changes them with new ones then it happens more gud. So overall we have a problem with this track more than tanu.

      • gowtham

        hmmm… and pratiksha u have given a good hope by giving segment update…. lets c… i really want this track to end pratiksha….

  47. ex kkb lover

    seriously 😀 it’s really too much…! when people dont want dragging then stop wtching this show then this seriel will itself come to line!! i have stop watching this show for months and only read these telly updates but alas the same crap they just dont stop dragging….. why dont we watcher stop watching this and when rating will get lower then the writter will themselve learn a lesson!!! #boycottkkb

  48. Anne

    Hi fans u know what sometimes its very nice to read all of your comments than reading the updates frm kkb u know i m frm malaysia every day i wait for 12 midnight just to read updates n sometimes wen i read it i feel frustrated but i feel Abhi knows something bcause whenever he looks at everyone i c he knows something whatever is it v wil wait anyway thanx fans for your comments bcause its very nice
    to read.

  49. Ranaji

    Guys one doubt how tanu wear such a beautiful dresses?? How pregnant lady can wear it? Pragya dress is somewhat got in local market but tanu has costly dress.. Now a days i wonder who is the female lead of the show?? This show make me cry a lot..

    • Sahithi

      U didnt get same doubt for Aaliya. She is in out-house but her dressing continues to be same as she was in MM.

      • gowtham

        bt ena sonalaum tanu dress lam chance ah ila…. heroine kuda ivolo azhaga dress poda maatanga…. pragya lam chuma ?? concert la kuda black dress was good….

  50. susi

    Any segment update today guys. However if they end tanus track will be well and good. I agree with you pratiksha long pregnancy track is irritating to view the show. I daily argue with my husband and will watch kkb but nowadays no problem even if he changes the channel.

  51. guys start reading fan fictions! they are fab than this nonsense ….i think the team is aiming for thousand episode with this same pregnancy drama…we cant wait for 2 more years!!

  52. Tellyexpress spoiler-
    Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya and Roni makes final plan to expose Tanu. Pragya is supposed to take Abhi to the place where they will expose Tanu’s truth. But Pragya doesn’t get any news from Roni so she tricks Abhi by talking him for long walk. Finally Roni comes and they succeed in recording Tanu’s confession that she killed Rony as he got to know her truth.

    • gowtham

      reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….. pratiksha…….. i am starting to heat… if abhi comes to know wowwwwww…. can i put my faith this time??

    • Reji

      Hi guys i can’t read your comments for past 2 days…I felt very bored without your comments…and now coming here…guys wat happened??…tanu is exposed or not??…I read your comment pratiksha …as gowtham said this time we can believe that tanu will soon get exposed ?? …atlast i saw abhigya took tanu to a psychiatrist… after that any positive moves ??…!!.

      • shobana

        Nothing positive happened reji
        Till now Tanu didn’texpose Ronnie has called tanu to garden to scare her so that she will blurt all truth
        Now we have to wait and watch whether tanu has told the truth or not and whether it has been recorded or not

      • gowtham

        hi reji… hope exams u r doing good…. perusa onum nadakala same old thng only….. porumaya u finish your exams apo kuda same stage la than irukum….

    • shobana

      Wow prathiksha that gud news

      If she recorded means it should happen today right that too before precap right
      Quite confusing
      I think today episode will give some clue whether we can believe this news or not to believe

    • Guys I read this spoiler on tellyexpress. Usually tellereviews and tellyexpress most of spoilers can believable. So I think may b yes recording finally will get happen. But don’t get exited guys becoz it doesn’t mean that after it tanu will get exposed. Firstly we should wait for that recording if this will really happen or not and if it is then how much it proves tanu’s truth and guilt. So we should wait for episodes before reaching any conclusion and celebrating pragya’s victory. Becoz CVS knows very well that how to turn situation in a sudden moment with a shocking new twist.

      • Aqua

        based on how many times the pragya team has failed, i’m guessing rony will forget to press the “record” on his camera and we will all come back to square one 🙁

  53. HEMA

    It’s the same boring track again…we should stop watching this serial… Y are u guys still watching this serial? Are we watching it to know how worst the track is? All those who want Abhi and Pragyato be reunited Type ” ABHI PRAGYA REUNION” …. Let the writer take note of it….?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.