Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pragya tells Abhi she loves him and that she never got the courage or chance to tell him her feelings before. She also tells she did not fall in love intentionally but it all just happened and that she has no expectation in return from him. Pragya adds that she decided not to fall in love after her marriage but he was so good that he not just touched her heart but her soul. Till my last breath I will love you. Pragya runs towards the hut Abhi keeps looking.

Everybody else reach Arora house. Purvi Aaliyah & Arora family go inside Purvi’s room and Purvi is very angry for being blamed so she throws everything down and shows Aaliyah she has nothing to hide. From Purvi’s drawer falls two money bundles and love letters. Purvi tries convincing it is not hers and she knows no such boy. Arora’s have a flashback of an incident where Purvi had asked 5000Rs for her friend and Janaki her mom had denied giving it to her. Purvi was angry that she is just a servant’s daughter and so nobody gives anything to her. So now Arora’s feel Purvi did this kidnapping for money.

Abhi has a flashback of Pragya’s proposal. He is shocked.

Meanwhile Janaki hits Purvi and blames her for everything. Purvi tries her best to convince them that she is not involved. She speaks of all bonds and emotions attached but nobody believes her. She goes to Bulbul. Bulbul tells her she will forgive Purvi if Purvi’s boyfriend will tell where he has kept AbhiGya. This shocks Purvi. Purvi tells whatever love you gave me you all have taken back with interest. Janaki puts her out and cries and asks forgiveness from Pragya’s Dadi.

Pragya is happy that she finally told Abhi all her feelings. She is so happy that she wants to share this news with Bulbul. Pragya inside the hut takes a white shirt and wears it and feels Abhi behind. He makes her wear the other sleeves of the shirt and comes close to her like while kissing. He hugs her tight and its Pragya’s dream. Abhi comes and looks at her.

Precap: Abhi gets up at night from his cot covered with blanket for water. Pragya rushes to help him.

Update Credit to: abhigya24


  1. NN

    What mad people they are……if purvi is a culprit…. thn she will never show her shelf….dont they have thats much intelligence?

  2. shayon

    But Bulbul of all persons should’ve believe Purvi but am also thinking, maybe the writers want to give purvi some airtime she’s a really good actress she reminds me of Sanam from Qubool hai or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking

    • jas

      R u stupid Shayon u r comparing purvi with one of de bst actress “sanam” of qubool hai……..
      She is such a gr8 actress in my opinion

  3. mendi

    I am amazed how supposedly intelligent people do not have a sensible thought in their heads. Everyone has conveniently forgotten how a very short while ago Pragya was framed with very compelling evidence and it turned out to be framed by the same Aliya. No one remembers……

    If Purvi is the “brains” behind the kidnapping then why haven’t anyone called the police to ensure that they get back Abhi and Pragya.

    STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE………REALLY??????????????


    Ya.. Really it will be good as pragya has eccepted her love for abhi. And that purvi drama is surely temporary.

  5. freak

    abhi loves pragya , but goesnt realises yet… well he wont b responding any soon i guess, kidnapping story is an will b d biggest bullshit of this serial, thogh it gave pragya to tell her feelings to abhi

  6. vasant


    Really u people gone mad……………why you wasting your time do one thing close this serial its better …….i think pragya will not tell till serial end………atleast give one true scene to the fans so that they get hope that haaaaa bhai serial me koch to he….

  7. diana

    Whats going on in the writers head.Hope he want to cover 1000 days.Please cut the scrap. in a hut that too in a forest can u imagine the lady wearing such a modern saree with a most modern blouse and Abhi got modern pants ufff utter flop.we are not psychic to say its a wonderful show.Bulbul she herself thinks to be smart and she knew that mithali, tabu all are in this gangue and if mitali wants can sms tanu and make her keep the letters and cash in purvis drawer.still she is not believing purvi who was with her throughout these years…rubbishness..please end this drama

  8. What madness is this.Why ca they not catch Aliya.Such an innocent girl to be deprived of her rights to live with people who loves her,therefore Aliya you can go to the deepest part of hell and suffer there.

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