Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul and Purab’s mehendi ceremony. Dasi asks Purab to search his name in Bulbul’s mehendi. Purab says it his hidden, so that I can’t find. Sarla, Beeji and Dasi ask him to find out, else people will think that you don’t love her. They laugh. Abhi comes and says her jiju can’t search in a minute. Dasi says you can’t search it. Abhi says okay, he will just help Purab. He looks at the mehendi design, and tells that it is looking like Bulbul’s face. He tells Purab that Bulbul wrote someone else’s name. Bulbul understands his plan and didn’t tell him. Sarla asks Purab to find out. Purab searches the name and tells everyone. Abhi calls fuggi, but she didn’t hear her as she is lost in thinking. Abhi comes to his room and shaken her up. He tells you didn’t listen

to me, and you have crossed the limits, you are now busy with Tanu. Pragya says she is her responsibility.

Bulbul gets angry with Purab, and asks why did he searched her name. She is angry as lost it. Abhi asks Pragya to massage his legs, else bring pain killer so that he feels relieved. Pragya sits and massages his legs. Abhi is relieved. Pragya thinks he looks so innocent and keeps staring him, thinking she like to fight with him always. Abhi asks her to continue massaging his legs and have an eye lock. Saiyyara plays……………….Bulbul tells now Abhi will tease and pull her leg. Purab says ok, I will lose purposely. They hug each other. Aaliya sees them together in romantic pose, and fumes with jealousy. She throws something on her leg to stop them from romancing. Purab thinks Aaliya sprained her leg and take her to room.

Tanu comes to room. Pragya goes. Abhi says we shall go downstairs and leaves. Tanu thinks she is afraid about Abhi and Pragya’s closeness, than Nikhil. Sarla thanks Dadi and Abhi for arranging Bulbu’s marriage functions so grandly. Dasi jokes with her. Sarla takes permission from Dadi for taking Pragya home as she is pregnant. Dadi says you want to express that we can’t take good care of hers. Sarla apologizes to her. Dadi says she will send Pragya after Bulbul’s marriage.

Abhi thinks Pragya is still sleeping and thinks to scare her to wake up. He makes noises to wake her up, and thinks she is looking cute in sleep so he should wake her up with cute idea. He shows the flowers, but she is still sleeping. He brings tea for her. Pragya asks him to let her sleep and asks for a kiss. Abhi says baby needs kiss, and puts hot tea on her lips. Pragya wakes up and asks what he’s doing there. He says she asked for kiss and tries to kiss her. Pragya says she didn’t ask for kiss. She might be seeing dream. Abhi says what. No one can stop her from dreaming.. that means she will dream anything. Pragya says she saw him making tea in dream. Abhi says you are making me work in your dream. Pragya asks him to move from her way, and falls in his arms. They have an eye lock and the song starts playing………………..Kaisa Yeh Ishq hai………..Pragya sees tea in her hand and drinks it smilingly.

Tanu gives 1 crore cheque to Nikhil, and asks him to go away from her. Nikhil says you are giving money for my love. It is insult to my love, and tells her that he didn’t need his money. Tanu says she know this kind of guys. Nikhil says I tried to make you realize my love, but you did a bad trick. Let’s see what I can do? He asks her to prove that Abhi loves her more than him. He says I am ready to marry you, but is Abhi to marry you.

Aaliya sees Tanu and Nikhil together and asks her to consider Nikhil as she can’t get Abhi. Nikhil tells Tanu that he can do anything for his love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • KKB News

      The many twists and turns in Kumkum Bhagya including the arrival of the real father of Tanu’s child seemed to have failed to connect with the audience. From 3.4, the show has dipped to 2.7 which shows its downward slide. However, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya refuses to budge from its top spot. With the ratings of 4, it is unshakable at the number one position. Similarly, Yeh Hain Mohabbatein hasn’t stopped shadowing the show this week as well with 3.6 ratings. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat takes the third spot again after a gap of a few days with 3.3 ratings.

  1. kavin

    guys i am in journey to chennai sudden plan due to allotment order in omandarur my friends priya$,priya,kowsi,zeeha,yuvisis,asna,divya,gayathri,davy,santya,and if i left anyone i am sorry i will be seeing your comments if i can respond surely i will and i am reading only the updates i cannot watch kb for four days

  2. Ashwini dalvi

    when pragya nd abhi knows tanus pregnancy truth that abhi is not father of tanus child. plz show it very soon its getting boring serial plzz show it soon……

  3. dnt wry bro u ll c it on nxt sundy aftrnoon full episds on next week ? frnds tdy epsd was really nice dat romantic scenes btn abhi & pragya awesome scenes guyzz… ?

  4. kowsi

    Epi was gud….bulbul get doubt on alaiya’s intention…i think so…ohhh cme on writters we r fed up of this drama….trp rating now adays very low …6th position..pls nikil ne tanu va romba kasta paduthu apa than ava adanguva….

    • Zeeha

      Intha srl porathum sari. Pokathathum sari. 2me 1 than Priya. Summa drag panni kaduppethurangappa.

      • Priya $

        Ama zeeha but inaikum pota nama pakamatoma ena. Atleast onu rendu scene avathu abhi pragya ku varatha nu pakamatoma ena. Athuku than

  5. kumkum bhagya has gone bored not showing tanu’s truth and when they will show aliayas real face to everyone but not far yet for good scenes

  6. I think they are dragging the revelation or abhigya’s reunion due to ramzaan to those people who can’t watch TV during these days, they don’t missed it. So may be they have decided to dragged it. And this is the track for which everybody is waiting. In today’s episode full of romance but like always in limitation from which we are bored now and they were showing kabab mein haddi between the lovers all the time. Aaliya between purab- bulbul and tanu between abhigya.

  7. simmi

    ya now the serial is really getting boring why tanu is not accepting nikil yrrrrr atleast she will leave abi n pragya by him but she is dam chuddail



    Bulbul gathers the whole family in the main hall at Mehra house. Bulbul is giving everyone instructions about her sangeet function.

    Bulbul wants each and every family member to give a special dance performance on the songs she has chosen.

    Bulbul will herself call for trouble by pairing up Aaliya and Purab and Abhi and Tanu. The latter is paired together because of Pragya being pregnant. [COME ONE BB!!! Itna hyper hone ki kya zaroorat thi???  ]

    Offscreen INT, Mrunal: She shares about Bulbul wanting all family members to give special performance for her sangeet function. All the old ladies will be performing together on the song “Tunh Tunh Tunh”. Ahe mentions about pairing TaBhi as Pragya is preggers and cannot dance.

    I think so now pragya and bulbul change the characters. Pragya became suspicious lkks bulbu now bulbul is becoming pragya like making evil bringing herself.

  9. Sherliya

    Uff tanu…go nd marry that nikhil.

    What bulbul paired tanu & abhi nd aliya &purab!is she gone mad 2 do such foolish things?hmm lets c whats gng 2 happen.

    • U r right priya even I was thinking the same. Did she lost her mind in accident? She is creating problem for herself and her sister’s too. I mean tabhi and puliya dance! It would be a worst sangeet function. But PRIYA I saw in E24 segment, arjit was saying abhi will not like to dance with tanu so he will not dance with tanu.

      • Ya nikki they told abhi din like to dance with tanu and he wont dance. I think so that nikhil asked tanu will abhi marry you? For tht nly she called her parents I think so. Hope so before it happens pragya will find truth. Next two weeks will be interesting. Bcs in bollywoodlife too thy mentioned nowadays abhigya fans falling low bcs of the dramas. So they wont drag I think so. If they united trp will be no.1

      • Priya $

        K nikki. Y arjit told to abhi like that. and who is arjit. Whether arjit and Nikil are same….

      • No it’s ok yaar. Purab’s real name is arjit. I forgot to use purab name here so u were confused. It was my mistake.

  10. kavin

    friends iam in journey to sivagangai for joining college they had said that we should join on or before 2/7/15 so i am going to sivagangai i cannot see kb on monday i can read only the updates and comments only charge will be over if i see kb online

    they reveal the truth within coming week ah?Post Comment

  11. all the best kavin bro ?? study well take care bro cntue coment in this site bro hv safe journey nxt week also they r going to dragg yaar i think it ll go 2 r 3 weeks ?

  12. Priya $

    Next week they ll show tat doctor scenes then Sangeet function preparations then Rachna delivery sumtimes they ll show tat promo scene Tanu’s mom.

    Ithukae it ll take 1 week then how they reveal the Tanu’s truth…

    • Ya priya yuvi is right. When last promo has taken three weeks to telecast and yet to be telecast then obviously new promo of tabhi’s engagement will definetly take weeks. Can’t say how much exactly. Because this show is very unpredictable.

  13. Hey guys don’t u all think that nikhil’s love is so much passionate then abhi. I mean just look the way he expresses his love to tanu. His emotions shows that how he is desperate to get back tanu in his life. Story is based on abhi’s passion of love for pragya and we want to see only this But he always busy in dumb and foolish things. Even aaliya is too nikhil’s type.Sometimes I feels like in kkb everybody’s love is passionate except abhi.

    • Priya $

      Ya nikki I too feel that. Aliyah and Nikil had so much passionate Luv than abhi and bulbul. Sum madness I too feel tat. But v r focusing on abhi and pragya only so v r not feel their Luv. But their Luv had madness too…

      • Priya if their love had madness then they should show us na. So we can say yes this is a passionate love story. I mean whatever nikhil is doing to get tanu’s love and her company forever, I just want to see abhi do so to get pragya. Pragya is sacrificing because she still knows that abhi loves tanu and she can never get this love from abhi but abhi is in love with pragya and pragya is his wife his first legal responsibility and his first priority. I know he have accepted this fact that he is responsible for tanu’s pregnancy because he don’t remember anything but nothing makes it justify. Even he haven’t any guts to tell even tanu that he loves pragya not her which gives tanu a strength to interfere in abhi- pragya’s life and to say everybody that abhi loves her. If he realizes his love to pragya and say it to tanu before then he never faces these circumstances or problems which tanu has created for him now.

    • Priya $

      Rit Nikki but writers want to know abt this na. Always they ll support the evil thing. And want to dumb innocent.. From day one its happening like tat only. They want to make us fool. If v ask sumthing they had the answer like abhi character not arrogant. Like Nikil so…. :-S

      • By doing this they are hitting axe on their legs . Because if they will stretch the story like this or show us a show against the story, they will loose their fans interest because everything has it’s limit. And this isxalready started because I heard kkb’s trp is going down every week. If writers are still not being alert then they will repent for it. And I know abhi’s character is not nikhi’s type but we also knows how abhi’s character should be according to story which they are not showing us.

    • Ya yuvi exited because of Bulbul’s sangeet function but with little fear if this week they will show the revelation or not. Whatever they will show, I request to CVS plz show us romance between the lead couples if they cannot show then cut the Vamp’s scenes and if they will showed then plz show it in a positive way for us. So this track or week would be more tolerable for us.

  14. Writers are making this show so much complicated for us day by day and we are just irritate from all this bullshit. We want to see love between the lead couples according to the story but writers are showing us only hatred, planning, plotting mostly. Sometimes i feels that this show behaves like typical saas bahu serials and no more a love story.

    • We don’t like kkb with this types of epidodes. We liked the show because we saw a different type of love story where is love and some sweet fight also. But now there are mostly conspiracies only left in kkb and writers are focusing on them mostly instead of that love story from which they have started this show. So we just want to see that love story, not planning, plotting all the time. I mean it’s OK to bring twist these things are needed but writers should focus on love also on which story is based. We wants romantic scenes also which is full of passion but they always remain on same eye locks, fall on each others arms etc, nothing else. From which we are bored now.

      • Priya $

        Rit yaar v r waiting for the leading ppl love scenes only 1 year gone still they r staring each other.. They won’t tell Luv u they won’t feel their Luv also. Then y they r living together. Who ever like they can interfere their life Luv and room. Always it ll b open Stupidity

  15. Priya $

    Sumtimes getting irritated to watch this serial. Y this much dragg. Any one watching trp’s leading serial. Sorry I don’t know the name really it’s good ah.

  16. What do u think guys will abhi dance with tanu in Bulbul’s sangeet function? Well it seems like he will not but after seeing engagement promo I think he will. Because if he haven’ t any problem or hesitation to do engagement with tanu in front of pragya then why he will hesitate to dance with tanu.

  17. Priya $

    Frnds I saw one video in utube dadi aliyah dances for engagement party I think so. Purab and aliyah dances but not Abhi and tanu. After tat Tanu’s mom and dad arrives
    Abhi try to hide bt can’t. Tat time dadi too there then abhi fights with tanu and takes pragya inside.

    • Ya PRIYA I too saw the SBB and SBS segments where they showed aliya and purab dance performances along with dadi, dasi and mitali bhabhi too. Abhi was performing on aadat she majboor song seperetly. They showed tanu’s parents were trying to talk with dadi about tabhi’s marriage but abhi was trying to distract them by hooting from behind so dadi cannot listen anything. In another clip they showed abhi scolds tanu and pragya was trying to calm down him. In a clipping they showed pragya and bulbul was pulling abhi on each other side. Don’t know why? At last in SBS high points they told that bulbuland purab’s wedding will not take place because at the end aaliya purab marriage will happen. Bad news for purbul fans but now I feel like abhigya will be together soon and tanu’s revelation will soon take place because both couple can’t seperate at the same time. What do u think guys?

  18. KumKum Bhagya:

    Bulbul’s sangeet is going on and everyone is enjoying the functions with great enthusiasm. This is the third time that they are going through the rituals. Dadi behaves like a youngster and dances on a punjabi song. Abhi is trapped between Pragya and Bulbul as they ask him to dance with them. Abhi finally dances with both on the song Aadat Se Majbur. Bulbul and Purab give a performance, followed by Aaliya’s performance. There is a twist to the show, as Tanu’s parents come and ask Abhi to get married to their daughter during Purab and Bulbul’s marriage rituals. There is a possibility that Aaliya may marry Purab instead of Bulbul.

    • Don’t know yaar nothing is reveled yet except this news that purab will end up maary with aaliya. Surely aaliya is behind all this but how, no idea? For this we have to wait for any new updates or episodes. But it’s so sad for purab- Bulbul’s fan. I have a gut feeling that abhigya will be together soon because CVS cannot afford both couple’s separation at the same time as they know very well that purbul’s fans will already upset from their separation if same happen with abhigya then they definetly loose their audience and show’s popularity will be down badly.

      • Priya $

        Really aliyah ll marry Purab ah. Acho so sad… Really its going to happen ah. I can’t believe it

  19. k priya $ i watched it yaar
    kkb spoiler :
    KumKum Bhagya:Bulbul’s sangeet is going on andeveryone is enjoying the functions with great enthusiasm. This is the third time that they are going through the rituals. Dadi behaves like a youngster anddances on a punjabi song. Abhi is trapped between Pragya and Bulbul as they ask him to dance with them. Abhi finally dances with both on the song Aadat Se Majbur. ☺ ?

  20. Priya $

    Ai wat s happening yaar aliyah going to marry ah Purab really stupid..
    Wat s happening y this writers doing all this. Tat too third time

      • aiyo theivamae evalavu twistu …. happa !!! oh god what is this yaar ……… so sad this rabul enna pa idhu namma ellaraiyum ippadi polamba vaikuraanga… ENNAMA IPPADI PANREENGALAEMA!!!!!!!

  21. kowsi

    Rubbish story…purab marry alaiya instead of bulbul..once jodha akbar get down the trp but never gain the trp rating till…im so sry any ja fans here…bcoz thy r doing lyk this im damn sure kkb will be flop…nenga twist vainga vaikama ponga ana engaluku RABUL AND ABHIGYA senthe irukanum…aaahaaa…never anyone cme between….im really fed up ..wen im red kkb spoilers…but they told there s a possibility ….????¿¿¿…….

    • ama correct kowsi . i will definetely quit this show if this purab and aaliya’s marriage happens …… and i am really tired yaar of waiting tat when this abhi and pragya confess their love. “i am waiting”” i am bored” nu comment type seinji enaku verral valli thaan micham !!! last two weeks la story entha position la irrunthutho innamum athey storyline la thaan irruku …. drag panalam aana ippadiyaaa???

  22. Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu and Abhi to get engaged after Bulbul’s wedding! Watch video

    Mon, June 29, 2015 7:07pm IST by Rashma Shetty Bali


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    Here’s the latest update on Zee TV’sKumkum Bhagya

    Pragya and Abhi might not be together for very long after all. Tanu has a game plan chalked out and if things go as per her wish then Abhi and she will get engaged immediately after Bulbul and Purab’s wedding! Yes, shocked? We too had expected Pragya and Abhi’s lovey-dovey moments to go on for a little longer. But looks like Aaliya and Tanu are all set to play the perfect villains yet again. And here’s what will unfold in the upcoming episodes…

    Pragya and Abhi are in love. it is obvious. Nikhil is obsessed with Tanu and wants her to love him back. However, after Aaliya teases Tanu about Nikhil she gets upset and takes matters in her own hand. While Pragya is suspicious of Nikhil and Tanu she doesn’t have enough proof to to find out why are the two meeting secretly. Tanu brings her mother to talk to Abhi and Pragya and asks them to stop pretending like they are having a baby. Tanu’s mom insists that Abhi makes a formal announcement about his and Tanu’s baby after Pragya’s sister Bulbul’s wedding with Purab.

    Interestingly, Pragya feels something is amiss and will soon try to dig more details about Nikhil. Also Nikhil has challenged Tanu to prove that Abhi loves her as much as him. Will Pragya unearth Tanu and Nikhil’s one night stand? Will Nikhil manage to win Tanu back from Abhi? For more updates on Kumkum Bhagya come back right here!

  23. Sorry guys am really fed up from epi 260 we was waiting for abhigya unite. But they are making engagement with tanu and abhi. What is happening? If we are keeping silent so that they can take it whatever. As we are looking like fool for them. Making purab with aliya then what is the need to drag up to now. They can married them in 100 epi itself why this much dragging. Seeing only for happy moments serial but if they are making us to feel in this too then there is no use. Trp gonna fall again they can bettter close the show with this nonsense

    • They will not separate abhigya, they cannot because according to the title of the show abhi-pragya is destined to be together and noone can separate them doesn’t matter how much circumstances would be against them but at the end they will always be together. According to their destiny they are msde for each other And according to the show purab and Bulbul’s are not made for each other. Their destiny has choose another life partners for them and they have to marry with them only doesn’t matter how much they loves each other. This is the plot of the story of this show kumkumbhagya that destiny chooses our life partners and we ends up by meeting them.

      • kowsi

        Ss i agree with ur point…but if its ektha serial surely happen..(lead can be seperate, 2nd marriage ,divorce,remarriage,pregnancy matter…etc..)

      • I know kowsi but ekta too cannot go against her shows theme. And as i said before that the purpose of this show is to tell us that destiny choose our soulmate. Our path could be different but if we destined to be together then we will definetly ends up by meeting them and if we are not made for each other then we can never be together.

  24. I am fed up of this story not even a single scene between them. Pragya is so dumb and abhi more than her. Cant even if she goes in a wrong way give her a tight slap and make hee to believe na. Instead of finding the truth he too going and doing all.

  25. tina

    Everyday,amidst the time differences…i wait for the written updates, if abhi pragya separated as well as purab bulbul..i will stop watching kkb..no fun at all..

  26. Priya $

    How much they r doing yaar. Getting tensed irritated… I ll kill the writer wat they r thinking v r mad r anything else. Kastapattu veetla thituvangi nama Intha serial ae patha. Oru Nandri vishvasam ila nama maela. Stupidity stupidity stupidity…. If they get engaged and send pragya out surely I won’t watch this serial. Really fed up :@

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