Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu invites King and Pragya to Anniversary Party

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Pragya to return her mangalsutra before going. She says your eyes are showing that you are yearning for love. She asks her to tell when she misses Abhi, in the day time or in the night. Pragya raises her hand to slap her, but stops herself. Tanu says truth is bitter and that’s why you have raised your hand. Pragya says I don’t want to break someone’s house. Tanu asks her to prove that she has no feelings for Abhi, and she respects and love her husband. She says if you don’t then I will humiliate you infront of the world. Abhi asks the manager to call the sales girl who can take that mangalsutra out. Manager asks him to wait. Tanu asks Pragya if she accepts her challenge or not. Pragya says you think everything is challenge, nothing is changed in you. Tanu

says place is changed and says today I am his wife and you are second woman in his life, who dreams to get my husband. She says don’t know if you really like him or his money. Pragya says I never wanted his money. Tanu says everyone needs money, especially middle class people as they don’t want to come in poor people category or can’t match up to rich people status. She says you always wanted his money.

Pragya says I don’t need money or don’t wish to get it. Tanu asks if she married a professor who gives her coaching. Pragya says she is married to King Singh, the rapper, he is my husband. Tanu is shocked and recalls Aaliya introducing her to King Singh. Tanu says another rich guy and says it is proved that you are greedy and says why you don’t get ordinary guy. King comes there. Tanu says you came back to get my husband. Pragya says Abhi was my husband, but he is not my husband now. Tanu asks her to proof. King is about to come to Pragya, but announcement is made to move the car as it is parked wrongly. King gives his keys to watchman. Tanu scolds Pragya and says you are again doing the same thing. King thinks why is she talking to Pragya like this. Security calls King again and tells that he can’t park that expensive car.

Abhi comes to Pragya with manager. Pragya says you have married Tanu and says congratulations. She thinks it is very difficult for her to see Tanu as his wife. Tanu tells that she will take out mangalsutra and takes the scalpel in her hand. She tries to cut the mangalsutra. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya gets tears in her eyes. She thinks I have the right to ask you, why did you marry Tanu. Tanu takes it out. Pragya asks him to be careful with Mangalsutra. Abhi thinks why she is telling this, if she wants to hurt me. Purab comes and calls Pragya. Pragya hugs him and cries. He cries. She asks why are you crying? Purab says you can’t stop crying and asking me. He asks why she didn’t meet him being in the same city as him. He asks did you break relation with me. Disha comes there and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks how are you? Disha says I will scold you. Pragya asks her to scold her. She feels pain. Disha checks and asks why blood is coming out from her neck. Pragya looks at Tanu. Disha says she will bring an ointment and tells that she always keep it for her son. Pragya gets happy to know that she has a son. Tanu says he is good and calls me Chachi. Purab says he will call you Chachi as your relation with us is still the same. Disha brings an ointment and applies on her neck. Pragya thinks my family was my life and you have snatched my life. How I will live now after meeting them.

Mitali invites someone for Purab and Disha’s anniversary. Aaliya thinks Tanu did some good work. Mitali praises Disha and tells that she is her friend. She tells her friend that Aaliya is very egoistic. She turns and sees her shocked. Aaliya asks her to complete her talk. Mitali ends the call. Aaliya says what you wanted to say. Mitali asks her to understand. Aaliya warns her before saying and says you need me. Mitali gets sad. Dasi hears them and asks Mitali not to talk to Aaliya today. She says Aaliya punished us as her stubbornness is not fulfilled, says Sunny and you are same. Mitali hugs her.

King comes there. Tanu introduces herself as Abhi’s wife. King says Abhi didn’t bring you else we would have met in the party. Abhi thinks why Tanu is excited to meet him. Tanu tells him that Pragya told her about him and says you both are very lucky to get each other. King thinks why did Pragya lie to Tanu that she is my wife, interesting. Tanu saysI never saw any wife praising her husband and was feeling jealous. Abhi says I am going to billing counter. Tanu invites King to Purab and Disha’s anniversary party and says Pragya agreed already. She says you had said that you accepts the challenge. Pragya looks on surprisingly.

Tanu tells Abhi that she will ask Pragya and King not to come, and says she will praise her husband infront of you and you can’t bear. Abhi says let them come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. leena please go and learn how to act..you acting is terrible…

    1. Keep in mind Anna that the actress has always relied on her cute 3 year old smiles and laughs for her roles. Well and she is good at doing 3-5 year old lying as well. Promotion of pedophilia. But the woman is aging. The cutesy 3 year old smiley face just isn’t working and she seems to be pre-occupied with other parts of her life, not her acting job. But what a gig she has now!! Lead role on an Ekta project shared with goofy looking woman who always insures that The tanu toy will always look pretty. Who needs to learn how to act? She’s getting everything she wants.

  2. Once again tanu and evil all the way… And this is what will continue till the serial ends… Rather than showing abhigya together and aliya and tanu being punished and may be another leap to show Kiara success, these sadist writers will keep on showing evil.. And abhi he is reduced to an extra. Even raj bhai ya has more dialogs. Can’t believe he is a Rockstar and anyone paying him for an album.He looks more like a zombie and a druggie who is being controlled by aliay and tanu the two witches.. He has lot all his cuteness and charm…. Infact the more they show king, the more likable he is becoming… I think pragya should ask for a divorce and marry king after all abhigya are not yet divorced.. Then it should be a shock to abhi since he is married to that witch tanu…. He is spoiling the image of a Rockstar… Does not have the balls to tell tanu and aliya to go to hell.. Calls himself a family man and has kept 2 at witches who are making life miserable for the entire family on a daily basis and he cant even see that..


      7 yrs apart without knowing the whereabouts means it’s a divorce….. so they are legally divorced….. Rest seriously we r watching for abhigya not for the story or the evil plotting….. Those are just the side tracks

  3. well, tuna (oops I meant Tanu toy, but I guess her slimy role just had me type the name of a fish) does well as the resident whore,sl*t, thief, b*tch. But Aliyah takes the cake. Is the producer trying to bring in an element of comedy??? As Aliyah arrives, there is no mistake. This actress is still being presented as a monster. What happened to all the make-up previously used to well, soften her features. Who dresses this actress?? What was the black strip of cloth on her right shoulder? Is that another genius fashion statement from a dummy? Kim Kardashion or a gay fashion designer who hates women and wants them to look stupid and ugly…as long as women keep buying his ‘clothes’.

    The Aliyah Tanu Show Is Still On. And as usual, Pragya is humiliated and shamed by a sl*t in heels while all her so-called well-wishers watch her bashing and do nothing. Will Pragya realize that her husband is the most worthless man in the universe and he is still on board with the destroyers of humanity? Run Pragya Run! Please …someone anyone …call the goondas. Arrange a car bomb (all pretend of course, this is fiction) and get rid of the disease. Hey Ekta, where are you? Your two mirror images, the two sides of yourself are going for a drive!


      The black strap on the shoulder is some kind of problem she is having which Tanu said in the previous episode “again you r having this problem”

      1. Most women who need to wear a medical device would not display but rather choose clothing which covers this private matter. Especially women who are brought up in an elite home. Otherwise this would be seen as an attention getting gambit. Either “look at poor me” or “See how tough I am”. Thank for the info. Obviously, if it is some type of healing bandage then again we are assured that this time it is not fashion but rather the usual needy attention getting gambit. Perfect for the character either way.

  4. Again pragya is bullied constantly, hasn’t she grown a backbone to stand up for herself? This angers me, she’s still a weakling! Does she not want to get her rights, or at least Kiara’s right?? Disappointing


      Backfiring is not in pragya’s blood…. She is just like her Mom….. But she is an independent women and I don’t think she needs anyone to take care of her or her child Kiara….. Seven yes she has spent alone she is capable of raising her child alone….. Abhi doesn’t even need to know that Kiara is his or even pragya’s daughter….. The Better they (witches) or Abhi don’t know….. Or else she will be in trouble

  5. This is too much i can’t take it any more what is wrong with the writer every thing has limits i hope that the story will change soon….

  6. Pragya is such a idiot. She is still a weakling. How could she accepts all the nonsense of the two witches. Does she not know what her rights are. Oh my god I hate the two witches. Abhi is not an man/husband.

  7. King and pragya good couple

  8. We are in modern times now. We don’t need baby’s acting. No one takes shit from people these days. Director please put a twist in this soap!!


      The twist u should accept when the show come to an end….. Till then enjoy the nonsense

    2. Hey Naz…i’m mostly looking now to see what other horrendous fashions they make Tanu and Aliya wear, and what god awful footwear Alyia is stomping around in. LOL and as for the story! it the same shit different day.

      1. Cathy.. This is your friend Naz, we have another as well. I’m watching KKB but haven’t been commenting, too toxic. I mostly come up to read others comments especially the ones written by Akituster and Alka, they make my day…and time up here worthwhile. The other day I saw Aliya flounce into her room with Tanu following her to complain that she has Kiara as an enemy now and her outfit was so foolish, I LMAO…the jacket she was wearing had one shoulder falling off and the other one intact but in close inspection I noticed it was the design I don’t know who is in charge of the wardrobe there because Abhi and Purab’s clothes raises my eyebrows and for the wrong reasons…not seeing you on ISA these days. How are you dear?? Keep well…


    I’m watching this for the love between them…. Not for the plot or story or revenge or anything else….. Just love…. And hat is what keeping this serial going on….. This type of love is not seen now as it is just imagenary…. People like me are enjoying it here….. So whatever it is….. Love is everything between them

    1. Certainly, that is how the story began and yes, the quality of love…seven lifetimes.. twin souls is the catch. Everyone here was mesmerized by that love. The question exists; can and really should that love survive when your family has been destroyed (Punit, Purvee, Bulbul murdered, mothers kidnap and murder attempt and how many murder and kidnap attempts on Pragya). How long does one suffer when it is your beloved who has empowered all of the crime? And as per usual,whenever in anger then declares you dead because you murdered his Dadi. Because the male lead still listens to the whispers of the criminals? Is that love? Does Pragya have to suffer more or die in order to prove this love? Does she have to watch her child be murdered for the sake of this love? All because it turns out that the one she fell in love with is a complete nincompoop and dangerous because of the 2 parasites stuck to his….. Even her mother Sarla wanted her away from the criminal Mehra family, at one point. Some people don’t change within one lifetime. It will be safer to wait until the next lifetime….that is if Tanu and Aliyah give Abhi the permission he seems to need, in order to take any step.

  10. Pragya is such a idiot. She is still a weakling. How could she accepts all the nonsense , but Abhi , Tanu, she never wanted to sign the pre nup. agreement. she sleep around, was carrying around another man child. always nasty and Abhi was in love with Pragya, What an a….. . he verbal abuse Pragya but get cannot talk to Tanu. I hate his role. He is not a strong man. Didi little boy who will never grow up. I want bull bull to come back and marry the king . and to give Abhi and Tanu competition and for Pragya to marry some one else.

  11. Leisa s morris

    Hmmmm readin d comments and not surprised by d reaction of d readers.Abhi had promised to prove his luv to pragya before his accident and subsequent memory loss yet till date dat hasnt happened but instead he threw her out his life blamin her for dadi death and married d woman who was actually responsible for dadi death hmmmm. I realize ekta does forget her past plots but we d viewers dont

  12. Sriti Jha doesn’t respect herself as an artist… both her and Divyanka… leave these toxic roles. Once Sriti is gone the show will be dead

  13. pragya king loves you very much. Abhi always not trusting you . you better leave Abhi and marry king .

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