Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya and Tanu wondering Satyanarayan Puja with Munni seeing Dadi’s planning. Dadi asks Mitali to wake up early morning and do all the arrangements. Mitali thinks now to escape.. Dadi asks her to do else she will make her do Aaliya and Tanu’s work. Mitali says she will do. Dadi smiles and asks her to tell Pummy to make Prasad for puja.

Purab is in the car with goon looking driver, and thinks he has Abhi’s money with him. He chains the money suitcase and ties to his hands. He gets goon’s call and says he is reaching there in 2 mins. Purab asks him whose call it was? Goon says it was his wife’s call and she is quite troublesome. Purab says you shall be happy thinking someone is there for you. Goon asks why did he tie his hand with chain. Purab says for security.

Goon Lakhwinder thinks how he will secure without hand. He stops the car and tells Purab that bank came. Purab gets down infront of bank, and calls Mr. Khandelval. Other goons are waiting for him. Purab asks Lakhwinder to go. Main goon asks other goon to snatch bag from him. He says it is tied to his hand. Main goon says I want it anyhow. Goons beat him and ask to give bag. Purab says he will not give his brother’s money. They take out the sword asking him to leave bag else they will cut his hand. Just then a girl throws brick on the main’s goon hand and head. She shouts at goons.

Purab looks at her. She calls Police and asks him to come before she hits more bricks on the goons. Main goon asks his goons to catch the girl. The girl beats them with rod. Main goon gets angry and holds the rod. Girl asks them to leave the man (Purab) and says if you let him go then I will let you go. Main goon/boss asks if she is a teacher.. He takes out knife. Girl says she will hit him hard. Boss moves and she hits Purab mistakenly. He gets badly injured and gets unconscious. Police comes there. Boss says you didn’t know that we are Sangram Singh Chautala’s men. Girl asks him to tell Sangram Singh to do good work. The goons run away. The girl tries to wake up Purab. She makes him sit and sprays cold drink on his face. Purab gains consciousness and asks about his bag. She says goons had taken it. Girl says she didn’t let them steal his bag and introduces herself as Disha. She asks why did he risk his life for money as she gives the bag.

Tanu tells Aaliya that it seems Munni is double crossing them and may be she is Pragya and not Munni. She says may be she returned to take revenge from us. Aaliya tells her that may be she staged the drama, but how did she learn to walk on rope, and from where did the kids come in her life. Tanu says she is not convinced.

Tanu tells Aaliya that may be she is Pragya and that’s why forced Abhi to agree. She is convinced. Aaliya says if she refuses to sit for puja then she is Munni else Pragya. She says we will ask her to refuses, once she refuses, everyone will hate her.

Precap: Munni tells Tanu that she can’t sit with Abhishek as it will be a betrayal with him and with her to be husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Don’t know what is going to happen
    After filing a complaint also they are doing the same crap only
    Why cant these directors understand that kkb is nothing but pragya and bulbul’s life but they already killed one character
    Now they showed pragya as shot by gun
    My only question is what is the ultimate message these directors are giving to the audience
    Are they telling true love and relationship will never see success and happiness or
    True love and marriage relationship has no values in society
    If this is the news they are telling then what is the need of pragya’s sacrifices and good deeds and what is the need of abhi to get back his memory
    And how can these can go so low that they made pragya’s look alike munni to act as pragya just to drag their serial
    Don’t they have hearts even if they have what is the use when they are not able to see serial’s story dragging from audience point of you
    And ekta mam i had a great respect on you for your serials like kayamath, acha lag tha hai, YHM,ashiqui as you understood that hero and heroine are destined to live together
    But since kkb gave you name, fame and money it doesn’t mean you can drag it
    First of all how did you agree for directors idea of killing pragya knowing that she is the main character because of whom this serial is running
    Pleaseeeeeeeeee mam i request you please bring pragya back and unite her with abhi
    If this episode happens i can bet with you that you will reach the top of trps in other hindi channels also as that is what audience wish for and longing for
    Pleaseeeeeeeeee think about it mam and also please let us know about sriti’s health

    1. Don’t worry mythili they will bring the track as soon as possible we have to wait

      1. Do you think they will bring that track so soon sisy
        They always makes us wait and unless we get irritated they will continue the same crap only

  2. I does be interested in the comment of fan now kkb has run its time time to move on directors u all have no more ideas

  3. Kolb should end, story line is so terrible, is Purab gonna fall in love with the new girl.

    1. Don’t worry because he is not our old purab to feel that he is moving on his life after bulbul(murnal) left
      He is vina rana the new purab so he deserves a new pair to move on
      Not that stupid aliya

      1. Yah u r right he is not old purab he also changed old purab is arijit taneja now vin rana no need to feel bad but i like new she is so cute ….she fight with goon to save stanger she is better than alia atleast she is bublly if alia has there at disha place she will show money power to save him… But she fights with them i like her yarr ….it think there luv story will start purab nd disha equal to “Rabdi”nd alia will make her life misreberal like bulbul nd pragya??

      2. I think you known but if u don’t known i would like to tell u guys that old purab(arjit taneja) nd bulbul (murnal thakur) working together in Indonesia serial “Nadin ” i don’t think murnal is opposite to him but they work together in Indonesia serial”Nadin” Naagin version

  4. Ramya29

    Heyy guys why can’t be the girl be bulbul ( after a plastic surgery ) ??

    1. Not at all..

  5. I can bear anything except taliay please dont want that alia and tanu even tanu she is dumb and stupid without aliya she is such a dimb girl but dont want aliya so disgustung

  6. There is no doubt of aloya killjng the new lady for purab

  7. Please everybody….A precious advice ….. Stop watching this serial…. You will get sick…. Some maybe will develop high blood pressure…. Please listen to my precious advice. Bless you all.

  8. I think they are trying to tell us if munni is really pragya or not in this pooja

  9. People demanded that not to show taliya n see now the leads of the show only disappeared. I rea

  10. I really appreciate all the viewers how much we r emotionally attached with kkb.this media people including sriti shabir so heartless.what really we wanted to see they never did that.ekta kapoor is really very mean.is really sriti so sick or she is speaking lies as usual.hereafter I will not watch any serial of ekta n sriti

  11. I think the new girl is bulbul. And Munnie is really pragya. Come on guys amnesia….. Again…… All zee TV serials someone does get amnesia.

  12. It’s arduous to seek out educated individuals on this subject, but you sound like you recognize what you’re talking about! Thanks


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