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Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking about Pragya’s words. Pragya asks him to call Dadi and assure that he is fine. Abhi looks on. Dadi worries for Abhi. Rachna asks her not to worry and says Purab went in his search. Abhi calls Dadi. Dadi asks him to return home. Abhi says he can’t come now as he is going to Delhi. Dadi asks if Pragya is with you. Abhi says no, I don’t know where is she? He disconnects the call. Pragya asks why did you lie? Abhi says we are not together, and are just at same place. He asks her not to show her face. Pragya says if you hear me once…..and sees him gone. Tanu thinks how to find Abhi and Pragya, both are missing. She gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya asks did you find Abhi and Pragya. Tanu says no, and says I don’t know whom to ask. Aaliya asks her to find out and

says if Abhi sees that video that he will beat Nikhil and send them to jail. She says nobody can save you if Pragya shows that video. Tanu says I am trying and asks her not to dare order her. She thinks once I marry Abhi, I will show her who is real queen and thinks to order her.

Abhi is sneezing. Pragya asks him to cover him with blanket. Abhi says you don’t have right to take care of me. He sees mangalsutra on her neck and asks her to throw it. Pragya says until my mangalsutra is with me, I will wear it. She says we are not divorced yet and still I have right on you, let me take care of you. Abhi asks her to end her drama. Pragya tries to close the windows, but couldn’t. Abhi helps her close the windows. They have a eye lock while the song plays………………Tu Meri Jaan Hai…..Abhi goes and sits on sofa while sneezing. Pragya says I will bring something hot for you. She tries to make tea or coffee, but nothing is there. She thinks what to make? She recalls Dadi making kada for Abhi to end his cold and sneezes. A fb is shown. Pragya searches for the kada ingredients and make it.

Rachna asks Dadi to sleep. Dadi says I can’t sleep and will get more tensed. Tanu comes there and asks where is Abhi? Dadi says you shall go as you are his to be wife. She says if I knows then also I will not tell you. I will not get sleep seeing your face, go from there. Tanu thinks everyone is my enemy and don’t know that they have to live under me, once I marry Abhi. She thinks where is Abhi?

Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to drink kada. Abhi is sleeping. She asks what happened to you. Abhi wakes up and says I am alive. Pragya asks him to drink kada and says we will see doctor tomorrow. Abhi holds her hand tightly and asks why she is doing this? Pragya says I realize my mistake, I wouldn’t have left home. She says then you wouldn’t have become ill. Abhi asks if there is no reason. Pragya says you don’t want to hear me, and see proofs. She asks him to drink kada. She goes near the window and looks out. Abhi drinks kada and coughs. Pragya runs to him and asks if it is not good. Abhi says it was hot. Pragya sits on sofa. Abhi drinks kada and makes faces. He finishes it and keeps glass. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays……………….They reminisces their moments and gets emotional.

Tanu gets Nikhil’s call asking about Abhi. Tanu says yes, we are dining together. She scolds him and says she is searching Abhi and Pragya and asks him not to disturb her sleep. Nikhil asks how can you sleep? Pragya is having our video. He thinks to the hell with these women. He asks himself to sleep as well. He thinks how can you sleep and asks him to make back up plan to save himself. He thinks to protect himself before Tanu and Aaliya drown him.

Pragya sees him shivering and covers blanket on him. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays………………..She rests on his chest and looks at him lovingly.

Pragya asks Abhi to drink kada again. She says we shall go home now as rain stopped. She asks him to save his relation with Dadi atleast. Abhi looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Who is the writter? I really want to slap him /her. I already stopped to watch this bakwas serial..and pragyA bhi kya pagal hai video hai adhi pagal ne nahi dekha toh bhi kaan toh hai na use sun toh shakata hai but ye bewkuf pragyA hamesha roti rahoti hai aur ek pagal ko sirf shak hota hai nikhil and tanu pe 1 2 din ke liye ab bhul bhi gaya kya besharam

  2. I wish i could slap the the writer of this serial, hell to watch! the more i watch i the more frustation i got.

  3. Wait…aliya will kidnsp pragya again..pragya video will get deleted. Then pragya will meet with an accident..while sll this…abhi and tanu will either get engaged or d date will get fixed. Again pragya will get a new proof agsinst tanu which will get destroyed again…huhhhhh

  4. Stupidest writer ever! Such a cheap writer! Ran out of idea i guess and trying to make more money by dragging this. Going to stop watching! Stupid and worst series ever!

  5. A bad worst unwanted news fr kkb fans is nikhil came to know about abhigya and he failed the breaks of pragyas car instead of pragya abhi is going in that so I think u have understood what is going to happen and the promo they have shown as abhigya union it is not true without knowing truth only abhi is going to face accident it was a telly spoiler and mostly this telly spoiler becomes true

  6. I agree with Vijaya..i too feel like slapping d writer n director..taking the public for a ride…like tortoise the story is moving..blo*dy abhi is not been directed to hear that behenji pragya atleast once..n again he thinks of her then again he goes behind tanu…what a stupidity..this serial should b out to an end…a bit of reality of life should have been added to the reel story…how long the public should waste their time waiting when these two nuts unite on screen…

  7. Vini let go on serial like abhi has to join with pragya & get there own baby win good thing tanu & nikil reality should evey one should come to now.

  8. I seriously feel instead of showing this stupid never ending track…..it’ll even be better to c a leap in the show…heck it’ll even be better to if abhi loses his memory…although I feel sad saying this…..we’ll all feel sad ? but still another track….a change from stupid thakil n alia

  9. Tank is f****** b*t*h this show is so stupid not writer need his brain check

  10. I don’t understand such a stupid serial is getting top position in trp, how is it possible!!!

  11. I suggest we boycott this show. Leave them al hanging with really low ratings. They more we watch or read, the more crap they write, thinking that people are enjoying their shit. Boycott people, together we stand.

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