Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab and Dadi coming to meet Pragya. Pragya asks them to promise that they will not scold her. Purab asks what did you do? Pragya says I have called Tanu as a blackmailer. Dadi scolds her. Pragya says circumstances forced me to take this step. Dadi asks did Abhi tell that he will marry Tanu today? Pragya says no and tells that Tanu will not talk to Abhi about divorce now. She says Tanu is shaken now and her truth will be exposed now.

Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will take him to have dinner. Abhi says I was thinking something. I have decided to marry you today itself in court. Tanu is shocked and asks today in court, court marriage. Abhi asks why she is surprised? Tanu asks if you have taken Dadi’s permission and asks if he has witness. Abhi says I have

witness and asks Pragya to come. He says she will be witness. Tanu says she doesn’t want our marriage to happen. Abhi says why she will not let us marry? She had forced me to accept you? Tanu says she doesn’t want us to marry? Abhi shows her photos with Nikhil and says you have betrayed me big. He slaps her. Tanu says I doesn’t know anything. Abhi asks what is your relation with him. Tanu says we are just friends? Abhi says you are carrying Nikhil’s baby. Tanu says someone must have filled your ears. Abhi says Pragya doesn’t know anything. your building watchman called and told me everything. I met Nikhil and he told me everything. He says you are a fraud woman and accuses her for playing with him. He says you said that you are having my baby, but it was a lie. He says I can’t stay with you for a min. Tanu calls Dadi, and says I was not in my senses. Abhi says I will not leave you. He ends his relation with her and throws her out. Tanu wakes up and thinks it was a horrible dream. She thinks if this dream comes true then…..she thinks her truth will come infront of Abhi, and she can’t let this happen.

She gets blackmailer call again. She says what do you need? Pragya as blackmailer asks for 10 Lakh rupees today. Tanu says she don’t have any money, but then says she will manage. blackmailer Pragya says she will message her and asks her to bring money somewhere. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks if he was joking with her. Nikhil says no and says he can take his baby’s promise. She tells everything. Nikhil says someone might be joking with you. Tanu says he has threatened to expose me infront of abhi, and asks him to give 10 Lakhs rupees. Nikhil asks are you sure that he have the proofs. Tanu says what I will do if he tells anything to Abhi, and asks him to meet her with money outside godown. Mitali and Ronnie hears her. they plan to catch her.

Mitali says I will catch that person red handed and then everyone will welcome me with flowers and respects me a lot. Pragya will give me monetary prize and then mummy ji will roam around me. Raj comes and asks her to give wallet. He sees her lost in thinking and pinches her. Mitali says her dream will come true. Raj asks her to stop her imagination and give his wallet. Mitali says I will catch that person today who was helping Aaliya. Raj gets shocked and coughs. Mitali asks why he was shocked? Raj asks how you are going to catch him? Mitali says it is against spy rules and says she is going to spy on Tanu as she is taking 10 lakhs rupees from him. Raj asks her not to get in any trouble.

Pragya thanks God and says Tanuโ€™s truth will be out now. Abhi looks for his file. They collide. Pragya calls on him. Abhi asks if she got pillow. Pragya says I thought I was dreaming. Abhi asks her to get up and scolds her. Pragya talks emotionally. Abhi thinks he will be trapped in emotions and stays quiet. Pragya thinks to bring Tanuโ€™s truth out. She asks what he is doing in evening and says she will message him place and time, and asks him to reach there else he will repent all life. She says I know you love me and if you come there, then you will never go far from me.

Pragya in old avatar apologizes to Abhi. Abhi says whatever you have done is to bring truth infront of me and suffered alone. He asks her not to leave him again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Kiara

    I am so confused. When Pragya was blackmailing Aaliya, Ronnie knew everything about her plans and he was even helping her. Now, CVS are showing us that Ronnie doesn’t know anything about Pragya’s plans.

  2. angel

    Wow the precap is awesome now they will become one that episode I was waiting to watch…. Please bring that episode fast and bring everyone’s real face in front of abhi

  3. Varsha Darshini

    Guys fingers crossed waiting for the next epi. Hop it doesnt bcum dream n tanu’s dream shld b tru.

    • jaydeep

      Today was tanu’s dream then tomorrow will b pragya’s turn to dream then day after tomorrow is abhis turn & it will go on like passing the parcel game and everyone in the mm will get their chance to dream about their wishes I wanna see what taiji gets in her dream when her turn comes????

  4. Amreen

    Hi. I always read it comments and I vnt to join u all…I hope 2mrw episode gonna be amazing for us…

  5. shavi

    hey guys is it true or dream.. pragya in fuggy’s makeup.. cant believe.. tomorrow itself tanu and raj going to be exposed??? anyhow atleast they stopped emotional scenes btwn abhigya.. this scene dream or real they are about to reunite abhigya.. day by day i m observing sriti and shabbir’s acting was really very good.. prathiksha ,reji , nd friends give ur valuable comments about today’s episode… i m in excitement that they shown fuggy with abhi.. waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  6. nivi

    pratiksha precap is unbelievable
    CVS s playing with us ah?????
    within a single ay hz cum they can change mohambo to fuggy???
    fingers crossed

  7. Sahithi

    The precap is misleading; as per today’s segment, we will see those scenes of Abhi again broken down knowing Raaj n Tanu were part of Aaliya’s plan.

    And today during epi, there was scroll down saying now it is Raaj’s turn in tomorrow epi.

    But how come Pragya is again in Fuggy getup, hope not someone’s dream.
    There was a convo in segment of Pragya asking Abhi if he will u accept her if she is back in old avatar. Hope in that context this is not her dream.

  8. rose

    Another dream or real sequence … it may be. Pragya’s dream… she dream like exposing tanu and united with abhi .. when she wake up she also known it just dream like tanu realized na… totally this story s based only on dream dream dream always good things happen only in dream… as per.sbs segment rahul s going to expose then on middle when tanu come.. it ill not happen this much easily.. but tanu s not so clever as aliya, as aliya done in kiddnaping track how cleverly she trapped purvi in the neck of time. So it ill not happen in real .. dream only.. day by day dragging nd dreamz only increasing.. end this track soon…

  9. Gud that pragya’s plan has started working but it will end up raaj’s exposure. Like sahithi said that may b raaj will go to meet tanu to ask her about the 10lakhs rupees matter and then pragya will come with abhi and then they will get to know tanu and raaj’s truth that they were involved in property matter with aaliya. So it means again nikhil will get safe and escaped from exposure. And precap, I think it is again a dream sequence becoz according to today’s segment, abhi still doesn’t know tanu’s truth and still in dilemma of marry with tanu and pragya is still in mogambo avtar. So most probably precap could b another dream. If surprisingly it will get turn into real then it will b gud for us, for fans of abhigya but I feels it is dream. Now after it, what plan pragya will make to expose tanu? She will continue with this blackmailing plan or go with another plan? But whatever will b, everything is going into pragya’s favour. Like mitali and Ronnie’s spying on tanu, now her half truth exposure that she is behind abhi’s wealth like aaliya with raaj and tanu’s fear becoz of pragya’s blackmailing and her desperation to save ownself somehow which could turn into her mistake and cause of her exposure. Let’s see now what will happen next becoz now tanu is left only.

    • razia

      Excellent guess .. Raj vl meet tanu to ask abt it as mitali said she was spying her .. By this way Raj vk b exposed ..

    • Mahi

      Hi pratiksha I think Percap may not be dream because scene is outside home might be the place they caught Raj and Thanu

    • reji

      ya pratiksha it might be pragya’s dream i didn’t watch the episode so i can say one thing these cvs r confusing us with more dream sequence to keep up their trp so we can’t guess which is dream and which is real so raaj’s exposure is confirm but for tanu i don’t know y they r delaying for tanu and this blackmailing plan is going well pratiksha razia sahithi i can’t guess one thing with what proof will pragya i mean the blackmailing pragya will do this nikhil is escaped again and where is akash and rachna today they disappeared now what is upto pragya’s next move one thing i am sure cvs r really confusing us

      • razia

        Same dear .. Las night I was thinkn how wil they trap tanu .. Because she may deny it.. So I hope CVS vl trap tanu in a smart way

  10. razia

    Reji pratiksha sahithi billu ? Any guess ? I din watch epi yet bt saw the precap alone .. The precap doesn’t seems to b dream .. Wats yua idea guys .. These CVS jus kills us ..

    • Sahithi

      Donno but that is not MM it looks like some godown, some diff place.
      In today’s segment, one sari of Pragya was same as today’s so that would be continuation, after knowing truth of Raaj.
      The next is also a sari(a pink one) where it was not clear what Abhi n Pragya were discussing.
      But in between these 2 will she b back as Fuggy as shown in precap, that’s hard to guess, given the sequence of events.
      So 50-50 chances for being true or dream ๐Ÿ™‚

      • razia

        Tat green saree i n Raj exposure wud b shot jus fa promo .. May the saree she wore sterday or another new one mat b tat pink .. Bt wat if .. I mean in tat precap she was wearing chudi na? Blue color

      • Sahithi

        Okay so with the promo sari and other things, I confused u.

        We will go with Abhi’s dress, he was wearing that red jacket when Pragya asked him to come today evening. In segment, when he was feeling bad for Raaj n Tanu, he was in same dress. So I am assuming they r back after knowing Raaj’s truth.
        But in precap, he was in green tee.

        So guessing from continuity of events, there r more chances for the precap being a dream. Because, Abhi Pragya have to go to that place, see things unfold, return back, have that discussion we saw in segment. After that assuming this precap scene comes where they r not in MM in that scene.
        Generally so many scenes don’t happen in those 20 mins everyday. So I want to think it is a dream, but let us see ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Its pragya’s dream crap yesterday precap tanu’s dream today pragya’s dream and tommorrow abhi’s dream. ……dude atleast abhi will try to make his dream come true. ……crap shit

  12. razia

    As abhi vl knoe half truth tat pragya tries to show him who is al betraying him .. So he may start believe believe tat she was mogambo to prove evrytng n nw abhi vl ask her to stay wid him as fuggy .. Fingers crossed

  13. HARINI

    Frnds i think… this week kkb team will planed in pracap sequence as only be dream of any one… and The promo is also be raj dream (only guess)

    • No promo is not a dream sequence raj is exposed and the news channels have confirmed it……this is a dream sequence I guess……who knows cvs can make it real also…….but 99 percent dream sequence. ……god knows whether it is true or not

  14. Kristelle

    I am sure Pragya plan will backfire again….since the Aaliya evil is caught….it will not be so soon for them to show Tanu’s real face. Although I hope they do. But I must admit ….I love hating Tanu lol

  15. Brintha

    Hi i am new to tjis page..Tomorrow is supposed to be raj expose..so that might be abhi or ..pragya dream..nw only tanu exposure sequence started…so first pragya has to find nikil is the father of tanu’s baby,then nikil and tanu will b exposed…so it must b a long long track…because this tanu is dangerous than aalia…infact tanu shud be exposed infront of her parents…that wud be visual treat …

  16. Yaa guys precap is definitely dream for sure but plz don’t drag the sequence plz yaar don’t again drag the episode plz unite abhigya we all r waiting for their unity but love u abhigya??????????????your Jodi is on top ?????

  17. Pravie

    Hi guys,but as they showed a dream today there are less chances of dream in the immediate episode I think so,actually this type of thinking is bcoz iam fed up with abhigya who are always far apart these days ,deeply praying to unite abhigya…

  18. Ani


    Pragya’s saree in the promo of exposure of Raj is the one she wore last week. Today she is wearing an other saree. Is this not misleading.. what do u say

    • razia

      Alwz they do this .. They jus use diff dresses fa promos n in actual diff costumes they wear
      . it happens often wit kkb

  19. next epsod plz…..
    tanu dream i thnk wl bcme true, hurry up plz i dnt wnt pagya 2 suffer…huhu i lov kum kum bhagya so much bt i dnt knw the meaning of those word kumkum bhagya and am not india plz plz anyone tel wht meaning.,

    • Reji

      Kiara I think they r changing the hair style of pragya or for tanu they r changing the hair style I think so

  20. Nikki-1


    kumkum bhagya refers to
    1. kumkum ( saffron powder) is a religious marking on a women’s forehead after marriage..
    2. bhagya is luck

    so kumkum bhagya is the luck got through kumkum (marriage)

  21. razia

    I strongly feel the precap is not dream .. The only logic I feel is.. Daily they can’t show dream sequences ..

  22. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    So are we heading for the climaxing end???? That wil be ncy hopefully AP end happily together again…

  23. Brintha

    Let me tell my dream,tanu comes to find the threatening person raj catches and ask her whom ur trying to giv 10 lakhs ,are u joined wit some other person? To cheat me ?…they both fight,nikhil enters to save tanu…all three fights..and all there plans they plotted exposed ,and anhi catch nikil why u help 10lakhs to tanu , he tries to beat tanu,then nikil stops abhi u dont hv rights to beat tanu as she is carrying my baby….wow i pray my dream happens today

  24. Let’s discuss about the precap if it could b dream or not and with it let’s discuss about the consequences of both tanu and pragya’s dream.
    If precap is for real them it could not come today becoz we have been seen in segment that pragya is consoling abhi in same saree of yesterday and abhi is on same jacket of yesterday and in next scene, they both comes in different cloths, pragya on another saree and half sleeves blouse and abhi in black t- shirt without jacket, where abhi asking her to give back his fuggy and pragya asks that if he will accept her as fuggy. So if precap is for real then it could come after this. And if precap scene will come today then it means it is a dream becoz it’s not possible that raaj’s exposure, abhi’s confrontation of him, pragya’s consolation to abhi and then abhi’s asking her to give back his fuggy, all these things could not come just in a episode of half hour and then they could show precap scene too with all this in just today’s episode!! It can’t possible. So we have to wait for today’s episode to know that precap is dream or not becoz sometimes CVS shows precap and promos as misleading.
    Ok , now let’s discuss about the consequences of both tanu and pragya’s dream, if precap will b pragya’s dream. Tanu’s dream could b prove as real, one day in upcoming days as we know that her truth is going to b revealed soon as things r going so yes abhi will react with her after getting know her truth, in fact his reaction could b more worst for tanu after knowing her truth but abhi’s reaction in pragya’s dream is doubtful becoz pragya is hoping for positive reaction from abhi becoz she feels and as dadi said to her that abhi will b most happy and will love u more after knowing ur sacrifices and struggle for his well and to save him from his own peoples who were betraying with him. But as we knows that with pragya, abhi also had gone through so much pain , guilt and depression since pragya’s come back. Between all this he has tolerated so much things. So it will b difficult to abhi to forget all those pain, things and days. Becoz no one tried to tell him the truth, not even once. He will b more disappointed when he will get to know that almost peoples were know about pragya’s truth and the reasons behind her change but only he didn’t knew. So it will little hard for him to forget all the things and forgive pragya easily. He loves pragya so much, he will respect her sacrifices too but for it and accept pragya again in his life, he will need some ttimes. So overall I think tanu’s dream will come true and yes abhi will throw her out just in a moment but he will not forgive pragya so easily just in a moment, to hide truth from him. So may b tanu’s exposure is near and we will see it soon but I think for abhigya’s reunion, we have to wait for it, for sometimes.

    • Sahithi

      Same feeling Pratiksha, Pragya has been dreaming that she will apologize and Abhi will forgive in a moment, but I think they will drag that also for sometime, that Abhi may be disappointed n angry with Pragya for hiding the truth.

      He may not be angry in actual sense, as after all the things from last week with Pragya since he decided to marry Tanu, he will still go to the place in today’s epi, because she asked him to come one last time. So when all the truth will come out, he may not be really angry but might show his disappointment for sometime.

      Also, generally Pragya’s dreams dont come true, Tanu’s have been becoming true. Last time when she dreamt of coming as Fuggy n revealing everything, he was not ready to listen to her or even turn back n see her. May be this is the writer’s way of hinting us, that this time also Pragya’s dream wont come true, so we were still seeing her in Mogambo getup, what we saw towards the end of the segment.

      • Reji

        Pratiksha and sahithi I too have same feeling that abhi will not easily forgive pragya but it will not last more becoz pragya has full dad’s support so I don’t think abhi will also be angry ? on dadi abhi can’t live without Pragya and he can’t be angry with her for high time and guys if pragya exposed all the villains means will again she change to her chasma get-up because ? cvs will do like that also any idea about this? !

  25. Guys precap is pragya’s dream once again. I just saw some pics of today’s upcoming episode’s on instagram uploaded from ditto TV. They told that it is pragya’s dream. Pragya is dreaming about her reunion with abhi.

  26. srimathi

    Pratiksha I had seen some pictures of today’s episode in that Abhi n Pragya in same costume as yesterday’s they were standing outside their room and discussing something.So I think the precap is Someone’s dream.May b dadi’s

  27. Nimmi

    Hi everyone.. Precap is just Pragya’s dream..
    Mitali & Ronnie plan to catch the person who comes to meet Tanu to give money.
    In the meantime, Pragya calls Purab & asks him to come along with Abhi to the place.
    Tanu leaves from her room & Ronnie calls Mitali informs about it. Mitali gets to the place & hides thinking to catch Tanu with the person who comes to meet her.
    Next Pragya comes & hides. Then Abhi & Purab reaches the same place. Abhi starts scolding Purab for bringing in front of Pragya. Pragya requests Abhi to keep quiet & hide somewhere. After which Raj enters the place. He sees Pragya & mistaken for Tanu. He talks something which I didn’t understand as I don’t know Hindi.. He tries to see her face, but then Mitali comes behind & gets hold of him, shouts that she caught the person who was helping Alia all these while.. By then Pragya switches on the lights & Abhi Purab comes out.. Everyone sees Raj’s face & shocked..

  28. srimathi

    Guys today’s episode gonna b awesome though it’s a dream lots of cute things Btw AbhiGya so worth watching

  29. Brintha

    Yes it must to be pragya dream…we waited for one year…can’t we wait for few days…because tanu and anhi are celebrities,so media entire family ppl,tanus parents..etc…etc..tanu shud be exposed infront of all…so that she will lose her carrier…she shud be exposed in this way…not in a dark room only wit 4 family people…

  30. hey i have a doubt after raj exposure then pragya will give property back to abhi and leave from MM as she told him during alia’s exposure

    • sana

      Surbhi I don’t think these spoilers are true…because abhi can never think about dadi like that especially when tanu says it..he knows that tanu is after his money….soo he wont believe her…my guess is that now abhi will trust pragya….but still decide to marry tanu for baby sake ๐Ÿ™

      • Surbhi

        My thoughts are also same sana but what if that dumb man really believes her we can’t say anything.

  31. Brintha

    No sweety…my guess is tanu and nikil will expose abhigya’s divorce…so tanu wit full confident will arrange for marraige…and abhi too wanted fuggi to come out …without knowing tanus secret for him going for the marriage only way to bring fuggy back by iiritating her wit jealous..so on marraige day infront of all prahya will expose…my one more guess is on dame day bulbul will also join in the screen…..its all clear now…

  32. Brintha

    No sweety …tanu and nikhil will expose abhigya divorce…wit full confident tanu will arrange for t marriage…for abhi making jealous of pragya only to bring out his fuggy back..so he also will be irritating her by marrying tanu…but pragya on her own way she will expose tanu and nikil infront of all the ppl on marriage day only…my another guess is bulbul rentry wud b on the same day…

  33. Rads

    I strongly feel now pragya wil expose rajz truth to abhi n wil cum in old fuggi avatar..now abhiz tube light wil ignite n undrstnd n thrz sumthng else also..he wil strt spying on tanu and then wil wait til tanu gets exposed sumhow.he wil act and take her tests wedding day wil cum n tht day abhi himslf wil slap tanu hard…i sumwhr feel tht abhi knwz pragyaz truth hez waitng fr her to say…

  34. Sahithi

    Okay so Abhi, Pragya, Purab n Mithali, all those at that place will know about Raaj’s involvement with Aaliya. Which is a surprise for all 4 of them, as they were unaware of Raaj’s doing from past few months.

    But after all his crying, will Abhi think about what happened with Bulbul and what could have happened with Pragya instead of Bulbul, and where does Raaj fit in these scheme of things.
    Same applies for Pragya n Purab also, will they analyse and think about Vijay involvement along with Aaliya, Raaj, and Tanu. And why n who did these repeated attempts to kill Pragya, which lead to losing Bulbul.
    Or they will be more concerned now about exposing Tanu baby as Abhi is still bent on marrying her, even after knowing her involvement along with Raaj.

    • Reji

      Ya sahithi but abhi will marry tanu for baby’s sake becoz even he comes to know that tanu is involved with raaliya he think he should marry her and as u said they have to investigate more then only they can come to a conclusion

  35. Sahithi

    Guys when u watch today’s episode, in Pragya’s dream, observe the tee worn by Abhi. It has 3 chappals printed with each of them having the alphabets ‘A’ ‘&’ ‘F’

    Can we decode it as Abhi & Fuggy ๐Ÿ˜€

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