Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab and Dadi coming to meet Pragya. Pragya asks them to promise that they will not scold her. Purab asks what did you do? Pragya says I have called Tanu as a blackmailer. Dadi scolds her. Pragya says circumstances forced me to take this step. Dadi asks did Abhi tell that he will marry Tanu today? Pragya says no and tells that Tanu will not talk to Abhi about divorce now. She says Tanu is shaken now and her truth will be exposed now.

Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will take him to have dinner. Abhi says I was thinking something. I have decided to marry you today itself in court. Tanu is shocked and asks today in court, court marriage. Abhi asks why she is surprised? Tanu asks if you have taken Dadi’s permission and asks if he has witness. Abhi says I have

witness and asks Pragya to come. He says she will be witness. Tanu says she doesn’t want our marriage to happen. Abhi says why she will not let us marry? She had forced me to accept you? Tanu says she doesn’t want us to marry? Abhi shows her photos with Nikhil and says you have betrayed me big. He slaps her. Tanu says I doesn’t know anything. Abhi asks what is your relation with him. Tanu says we are just friends? Abhi says you are carrying Nikhil’s baby. Tanu says someone must have filled your ears. Abhi says Pragya doesn’t know anything. your building watchman called and told me everything. I met Nikhil and he told me everything. He says you are a fraud woman and accuses her for playing with him. He says you said that you are having my baby, but it was a lie. He says I can’t stay with you for a min. Tanu calls Dadi, and says I was not in my senses. Abhi says I will not leave you. He ends his relation with her and throws her out. Tanu wakes up and thinks it was a horrible dream. She thinks if this dream comes true then…..she thinks her truth will come infront of Abhi, and she can’t let this happen.

She gets blackmailer call again. She says what do you need? Pragya as blackmailer asks for 10 Lakh rupees today. Tanu says she don’t have any money, but then says she will manage. blackmailer Pragya says she will message her and asks her to bring money somewhere. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks if he was joking with her. Nikhil says no and says he can take his baby’s promise. She tells everything. Nikhil says someone might be joking with you. Tanu says he has threatened to expose me infront of abhi, and asks him to give 10 Lakhs rupees. Nikhil asks are you sure that he have the proofs. Tanu says what I will do if he tells anything to Abhi, and asks him to meet her with money outside godown. Mitali and Ronnie hears her. they plan to catch her.

Mitali says I will catch that person red handed and then everyone will welcome me with flowers and respects me a lot. Pragya will give me monetary prize and then mummy ji will roam around me. Raj comes and asks her to give wallet. He sees her lost in thinking and pinches her. Mitali says her dream will come true. Raj asks her to stop her imagination and give his wallet. Mitali says I will catch that person today who was helping Aaliya. Raj gets shocked and coughs. Mitali asks why he was shocked? Raj asks how you are going to catch him? Mitali says it is against spy rules and says she is going to spy on Tanu as she is taking 10 lakhs rupees from him. Raj asks her not to get in any trouble.

Pragya thanks God and says Tanu’s truth will be out now. Abhi looks for his file. They collide. Pragya calls on him. Abhi asks if she got pillow. Pragya says I thought I was dreaming. Abhi asks her to get up and scolds her. Pragya talks emotionally. Abhi thinks he will be trapped in emotions and stays quiet. Pragya thinks to bring Tanu’s truth out. She asks what he is doing in evening and says she will message him place and time, and asks him to reach there else he will repent all life. She says I know you love me and if you come there, then you will never go far from me.

Pragya in old avatar apologizes to Abhi. Abhi says whatever you have done is to bring truth infront of me and suffered alone. He asks her not to leave him again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No sweety …tanu and nikhil will expose abhigya divorce…wit full confident tanu will arrange for t marriage…for abhi making jealous of pragya only to bring out his fuggy back..so he also will be irritating her by marrying tanu…but pragya on her own way she will expose tanu and nikil infront of all the ppl on marriage day only…my another guess is bulbul rentry wud b on the same day…

  2. hey guys I’m new here

  3. hey ishani ur not commenting in matsh yar . WHY?

  4. keep it up kkb without much dragging at the top in trp chart

  5. I strongly feel now pragya wil expose rajz truth to abhi n wil cum in old fuggi avatar..now abhiz tube light wil ignite n undrstnd n thrz sumthng else also..he wil strt spying on tanu and then wil wait til tanu gets exposed sumhow.he wil act and take her tests wedding day wil cum n tht day abhi himslf wil slap tanu hard…i sumwhr feel tht abhi knwz pragyaz truth hez waitng fr her to say…

  6. Okay so Abhi, Pragya, Purab n Mithali, all those at that place will know about Raaj’s involvement with Aaliya. Which is a surprise for all 4 of them, as they were unaware of Raaj’s doing from past few months.

    But after all his crying, will Abhi think about what happened with Bulbul and what could have happened with Pragya instead of Bulbul, and where does Raaj fit in these scheme of things.
    Same applies for Pragya n Purab also, will they analyse and think about Vijay involvement along with Aaliya, Raaj, and Tanu. And why n who did these repeated attempts to kill Pragya, which lead to losing Bulbul.
    Or they will be more concerned now about exposing Tanu baby as Abhi is still bent on marrying her, even after knowing her involvement along with Raaj.

    1. Ya sahithi but abhi will marry tanu for baby’s sake becoz even he comes to know that tanu is involved with raaliya he think he should marry her and as u said they have to investigate more then only they can come to a conclusion

  7. Raakhee Ernest

    This show is moving at snail pace.Come on writers move forward.

  8. Guys when u watch today’s episode, in Pragya’s dream, observe the tee worn by Abhi. It has 3 chappals printed with each of them having the alphabets ‘A’ ‘&’ ‘F’

    Can we decode it as Abhi & Fuggy 😀

    1. U noticed that much…Dts Really nice 😉

  9. and the three chappals for Alia Raj n Tanu ??

  10. I can’t wait any more……. Its taking lot of time to expose tanu real face.

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