Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsidoe starts with Neil’s goon telling him about police forcing heading towards their den. Abhi laughs and asks Neil to surrender to lessen his punishment. Neil asks him to stop laughing and says he is in a hurry, else he would have killed him right now, says he will hide him where police cannot reach.

Aaliya and Tanu start fighting blaming each other for the mishap. Aaliya says Abhi has reached Neil’s den and he will force him to tell who is involved in kidnapping. Tanu says if she had told her before, she would have stopped Abhi from going and planned something else instead of valentine celebration. They continue blaming game. Mitali thinks let them fight for sometime.

Bulbul hugs Purab and gets worried for Abhi and Pragya. Purab says commissioner told people

heard bullet sounds in a seculded factory and wll be going there soon. She asks if Pragya and jiju will be back. He says they will and consoles her.

Abhi and Pragya start fighting in front of kidnappers. Abhi says he got trapped because of her and says she resembles one of goons. She says she was in peace without him, etc.

Abhi’s daadi asks Janaki not to let Suresh in again. She says he came suddenly and she could not stop. Sarla says she is more worried about Pragya now. Abhi’s daadi calls her and worries about Pragya. Sarla asks her to take her soup and medicines on time as Pragya would not like her in distress. They both continue their concern for Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya continue fighting. Abhi asks goons to either kill him or free him as he does not want to stay with Fuggi. She asks him to stop calling her Fuggi. Goon asks them to stop their drama as he knows they want to free them to elope.

Tanu and Aaliya continue their argument. Aaliya says she will call Neil, calls him and asks why Abhi picked his phone. He says Abhi was holding gun on him. She asks if he told Abhi about their involvement. He says he is not a small goon, he controlled the situation. She asks him not to harm Abhi. He says he will leave Abhi, but will not spare Pragya. She says he can do whatever he wants, but not harm her brother. Bulbul hears hear discussion and thinks whom she wants to save, something is fishy.

Purab reaches Neil’s den with police. Goons hide behind boxes. Neil elopes. Purab calls Abhi and feels Abhi and Pragya are somewhere around. He finds a goon behind boxes and asks where is Abhi and Pragya. He says he does not know what he is talking about. Inspector comes and says he torture him if he does not reveal. Goon says he is caretaker of this factory and nobody came here. Inspector says Purab they cannot doubt any innocent person like this and asks goon to help him search area.

Precap: Abhi tied to a pole hopes Purab find and rescues him and Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please end kidnap drama its boring

  2. Omg!!!y the kidnapping scene is draggingggggg!!!

  3. ufffffffffff oh my goddddddddddd sooooooo muchhhhhhh dragginggggggggg. …………

  4. i gues for d past 20 daz they r shwng d same kidnaping thing………huh got vexed up wid d curent track

  5. Just hated dis shw by dis dragging behaviour ……cant able to waste my tym by watching dis show……

  6. Pls end the kidnapping sequence ASAP

  7. I dnt knw how many episodes does this kidnapping drama continue…seriously ??!! Its Feb 26 nd the serial is still in Feb 14…such a long booorringgg dramaaa

  8. may b fr the next week toooooo this drama will continue…..nd i think iam gong to watch dis shw after 1 week.smae thing will be repeated……..abhi nd pragya blame each other .showng their stupidity…..police dont find abigya……they return…….vla vla vla………………

  9. All Ekta Kapoor shows are on a boring track right now. Be it YHM, JA, KKB or MATSH

    1. yea, agree 2 an xtent. bt i thnk yhm is going fine. its diff 4m othr ekta shows 🙂

  10. offooooooooooooooooo

  11. Iove the show however the kidnapping scene is getting too long . When pragya gets shot then the serial will get more interesting

  12. Arey yaar yeh kidnapping kab kathm hoga?

  13. pls end this kiddnping it is getting so irritating.

  14. Rosey pls where are you.

    1. I am here.We see the show in the afternnon.Any way Abhi had ample time to escape.He stood their with this gun acting like a jacka–.He should have injured the corporator and he and Pragya try to get out.Aliya and Tanu need to be locked up.I have never seen such a foolish display of kidnapping.Please stop this goon bafoonry and end this kidnapping.It has no emotional value to the show.I donot want to see this child play any longer .It is time for Praggya to be enjoying her resurrected love with her husband and start having babies.Bulbul and her husband need to do the same.Please writers ask your brains to move on to something better.

      1. @rosey why so early for pragya to have kids? they haven’t even love each other though they had feelings inside!!

  15. don’t dragg it end kidnappers seen &start abhi,pragga love seen

  16. Naveed munavar

    just stop dragging

  17. End the drama of kidnapping

  18. Seriously!!!! This is so boring. This kidnapping scene is too draggy. Wat happened to pragya getting shot n abhi realizing his love for her…. y do they hv to fight in a time like this… this is so not romantic or cute…it is pure bullshit.. arggg!!! Im so Frustrated

  19. It is trully dragging.i love that sentence wo meri biwi hai. They fight like kajol n srk of kuch kuch–_-this my opinion do not comment love u abhigya

  20. this shyt is getting too friggin boring now

  21. Seriously dudes.Just as this programme gets interesting, it loses all perspective and hits a stumble. Seriously dumb at the moment.

  22. Also if Abhi still feels he loves tanu ,man up and confess. Or kill off pragya and end this disappointing show

  23. when will this kidnapping scene stop yar……………..its so bore

  24. MATSH was superb now a days

  25. Yaa plz end it means d kidnapping scene

  26. Sarbani Mukherjee

    It seems like an Odyssey!!!! Useless! Once abhij has got his hands on Neil and once Neil overpowers Abhi. Dragging shit!

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