Kumkum Bhagya 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epi starts with Dasi teasing Bulbul for feeling shy. Purab also teases, but she pinches him. Aliya gifts them and wishes them best for their married life. Dadi can’t believe it. Pragya says she told her once Purab and Bulbul get married, Aliya will have to accept that her marriage is not possible with Purab.

Aliya wonders where Vijay is. He comes from behind. She asks him to finish his work fast. He tells her there are so many people around, but not to be tensed. It’ll be done.

Aliya goes to Purab and Bulbul and tell them enough of their drama. All are confused and shocked. Aliya says she will have to tell their secret to everyone now. Dadi asks what secret? Aliya says that..they are number one boring couple. It looks like they are in someone else’s reception.

She gives them punishment of dancing with each other.

Purab and Bulbul dance romantically on Gerua song. Abhi imagines him and Pragya dancing as well. Tanu comes to him and breaks his imagination. She asks whether he took papers back. He says yes. Tanu gets happy. She goes. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Pragya thinks he is so good but then why he’s getting trapped in Tanu’s talks. Then she says it’s not his fault. He believes anyone, but she won’t get trapped. He made her sign on property papers, but she won’t sign divorce papers. She will make sure she frees him from his enemies. Abhi thinks he’s doing all for her. Once he gets everything back, he will put a condition that if she wants to stay with him, then she has to stay as fuggi. He then thinks even if his fuggi is back, he will have to marry Tanu.

Dance finishes. All clap for Bulbul and Purab.

Later, Bulbul wonders why there is no effect on Aliya. She’s behaving so normal and was looking happiest person there. She thinks not to think about that and heads back to the function.

Bulbul was going around thinking happily of he marriage then she heard some one talking about killing Pragya but they disappeared when she reach there

Abhi was thinking how happy he’s by getting the papers and after party he’ll tell Mogambo
but in the time being he should do something to irritates her,celebrate his victory and entertain guests so he pulled Pragya to the dance floor and when she wanted to protest he pressed her nose and they start to dance very romantically [while dance Tanu got upset,Daddy very happy and Bulbul thinking she can’t tell her sister what she heard because she looks happy and she going to be upset]

Bulbul thinking who could want her sister died mention each one to see possibility and if she should tell Purab or not while he’s trying to make her happy and decide not to .
the bits from today the poison part Pragya was doing a plate to eat and Abhi took it from her then Vijay pass by them too a plate of food and add poison and sent it to Pragya but Abhi snatch from her had so it spoiled

Last part very short just Alyia and Vijaiy was talking about he has to complete his work and kill Pragya and he said don’t worry once he aim he shoots

on Monday Abhi took a video for Pragya and threaten her to send it to all guests in the party and normal NOK JOK

Update Credit to: Nora

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  1. I haven’t seen the episode so don’t understand the part were this is written..”He made her sign on property papers, but she won’t sign divorce papers. ” what was it about those divorce paper??? Hasn’t pragya given divorce to abhi or it’s just typing mistake ????

    Can anyone plz explain …..??????

    1. In few episodes before abhi makes pragya drunk and got the papers sign. Pragya just acting like drunk she asks abhi to drink he exchanges the drink and made pragya to drink sharaab

  2. Today’s episode abhigya’s chemistry was nice..that too abhi’s look towards pragya was cute to see.. bt they din show purab bulbul’s romance. . Feeling pity for mrunal’s quitting. . Bt sure she will shine with better roles than kkb in future..

  3. Best dance sequence. Best episode.

  4. wat guys as usual nok jhok really so sad for bulbul

  5. Lots of confusion.

  6. I am confused.what will be in that vedio

  7. Oh God .. They fired by their sizzling chemistry .. Yua the best guys . . love yu pragya

  8. Just seen the episode, what was the point of even Aaliyah saying to Putin and bulbul dance because they didn’t even do anything! It was the same pose that we saw both times, all the rehearsals gone down the drain! No wonder mrunal left the show I’m not surprised that she did that, the creative writers and editors are taking the mick with this storyline been four months and abhi has still not found out the truth!

  9. Yesterday’s episode was full of abhigya even after purbul’s reception’s party, abhigya were only highlighted. Finally!!!! Finally abhi have started to see dream of pragya with him. I was waiting for this since long. We have seen only pragya dreaming for abhi but now abhi also have started. Only difference is pragya couldn’t convert her dream in reality soon but abhi so easily converted his dream in reality in a next moment. That was too awsum. Finally two thing has cleared in yesterday’s episode, for which we were searching for answers. Finally abhi said that he is doing all this only for pragya, only to get back his fuggy and it was too gud that he have started to think about what he should do with tanu after that. It was very needed and logical question which I was expected from abhi to think on it and find it’s permanent solution before moving with his plan. And another gud thing was that pragya was saying that she didn’t signed divorce papers yet, it means abhigya r still married and husband-wife. Pragya is still abhi’s legally wedded wife so means no wedding of tanu with abhi can happen. These two- three things I liked most in yesterday’s episode with abhigya’s dance. Their dance was the double treat of yesterday’s episode. It was like cherry on the cake. And that tanu!! How much she is shameless? She was reffering abhi to her baby as father of her baby and was claiming to love abhi a lot. I think she has become blind in her greediness or she is giving satisfaction to her mind by doing these types of talk with herself otherwise, it is very clear and it was very clear in yesterday’s episode that how much abhigya loves each other. No one can cone between them and no one can take their place in each other’s life ever. God knows when we will see her final exit from abhigya’s life and from their house. She is so annoying and intolerable. Sometimes I wonders that mrunal has become bored and fed up from her role, why not Leena? If she also takes decision to quit, atleast then we gets rid of tanu’s role in the show but unluckily she wants to torcher us more by her presence and we have to tolerate her according to CVS wish. I wish that day come soon now when we will get rid of tanu with abhigya. Anyways a bad thing was in yesterday’s episode that pragya and team r easily believing on aaliya. How can they!!! They r playing game for their victory or moving for their lose with every step if their stupidity? Anyways thank god abhi unknowingly saved pragya. He is only the saviour in the show and it has been proved many times but pragya and team r not understanding this fact. On which day they will get understood it then their all problems will get solved but these CVS they will not let it do becoz of their dragging. I hope becoz of their decreasing trp of this week, they will think about it. And I hope bulbul’s accident will bring some positivity to the show.

    1. Felt bad for abhi that he did so much for getting those signed property papers but all had gone in vain. But it was needed for pragya so it’s ok. Now what will happen when he will get to know that pragya have changed property papers with fake one. I hope becoz of Bulbul’s accident, his attention will not go on that papers or before it, he comes to know something , by which he will forget about that papers or drop that plan.

      1. Yeah true Nikki lot of things have been clarified in one episode which we have been waiting. And Abhi’s thoughts about Fuggy n marrying Tanu also r finally expressed. So when he thinks he has the property papers he is back to same thing, how to solve Tanu problem. These were his same thoughts when he first heard Tanu is pregnant or when Pragya was leaving MM.

        And hearing Pragya speak about divorce papers, new thoughts for me r instead of exposing Nikkil as Tanu’s baby father, Pragya may ask Tanu to get out of MM and she may try to defame Abhi by going to media n public.

      2. bt nikki i really felt bad 4 purab and bulbul bcoz they shld have shown more scenes 4 d exiting of mrunal na
        y din they show full dance for purab nd bulbul??????
        abhigya dance sequence v can c anytime but purab nd bulbul dance v cant c here after, so i really felt very bad abt d CVS……
        abhigya asusual they wer rockd bt pragya s still sin destroy those papers, i dn knw y??????
        she shld have burnt it but she din do, y?????

    2. and nikki 1 and guys 14th Indian telly awards 2015 is going to be telecasted today at 7pm on &tv in that our pragya got best actress in lead role and our abhi pragya got the the best onscreen couple or jodi so i am waiting for it nikki 1 in that did shabbir attend the function i saw in red carpet madhurima tuli sriti arjit and charu attend the function why shabbir didn’t come do u have any idea about this

      1. Reji, shabbir didn’t attend this award function becoz when telly awards happened on that day it was shabbir and kanchi’s wedding aniversery so that’s why becoz of celebrating this, shabbir didn’t attend this award function.

  10. Nikki 1 I have a doubt I am not watching the episodes because nowadays zee tv is not working in my tv so I am watching in online only so I have this doubt Luckily abhi saved pragya but did abhi saw vijay mixing poison in the drinks if he noticed means god knows if he noticed or not and New Year is nearing but still tanu’s delivery have not come yet

    1. No reji, abhi doesn’t know anything about it. He saved pragya unknowingly. And about tanu!! So reji did u forget rachna’s pregnancy? Until how much time she was remain pregnant and her delivery was not happening in the show after crossing so many months so how CVS will let tanu show her pregnancy with big stomach? I mean if cvs gave rachna this much time to deliver a baby then how can they can bring tanu come to her delivery so soon and so easily. And how they will stretch their story if they will show tanu as almost ready for delivery. So leave this thinking on cvs reji. We can’t think on that level, on which they works with illogicality.

      1. you r absolutely correct nikki 1

  11. This is becoming the worst serial…this serial shout get the slowest serial award….the story doesn’t go ahead…it just goes round and round since months…Slowest serial of all!!

  12. vote for abhi & pragya(best Jodi of the year)-
    nice episode….

    1. ya riya thanks for the link i have voted abhi and pragya

  13. Can anyone tell me which website to see kkb full epi

    1. naren here is the link to watch kumkum bhagya episodes


    2. sorry *naren small mistake i made this is the correct link


      1. reji in that link I couldn’t aģble to see any video. did u install any app for that

      2. http://www.zeetv.com/shows/kumkum-bhagya/videos

        Check this. I was able to play the last episode video now.

        I think you need Flash Player plug-in for the browser u r using. If it doesn’t work in one browser try another.

  14. Guys new segment update. New update is all about what I was saying that Vijay and aaliya tries to kill pragya by making fall chandelier on her but bulbul comes in between, she pushes pragya on stage and chandelier falls on bulbul. Everybody gets shocked and shouts by calling bulbul’s name. Chandelier was crushed and it was leaving fire after cracking. Somehow Everybody runs to the hospital with bulbul for the treatment, where bulbul’s conditions is critical. Abhi was talking with doctor worriedly and purab was crying. Reporter asks sriti about the sequence, sriti says yes bulbul comes runningly with worried face towards me and calling my name. I looks on her but as I gets understand anything, bulbul pushes me and chandelier falls and crushes on her. Let’s see what will happen next? Reporter asks same question from arijit them he says yes bulbul has injured so we have taken her to the hospital.Reporter says that this whole sequence has shooted for the replacement of mrunal becoz mrunal have quoted from the show. So through the cosmetic surgery, kajo srivastava will replace mrunal and will join the show as bulbul. Reporter says that while cast if kkb will miss mrunal very much. Same as sriti also says that we will miss mrunal forever but we r hoping that we could see her as like this so we could not need to miss her. At last they shows vijay and aaliya tries to escape with each other hidingly from everyone. Reporter says now let’s see who will catch aaliya and vijay this time?

    1. but nikki 1 every time aliya and vijay are escaping but this time aliya should be caught abhi pragya wake up but nikki 1 if they caught means they should get a tight punishment waiting for it nikki 1 when this is going to happen

      1. Reji Bulbul’s accident sequence should come on monday- Tuesday. But vijay or aaliya will get catch or not, it is still a question becoz everybody’s attention is only on Bulbul’s condition. So may b after getting well of bulbul, may b they will pay attention to it or may b this sequence is for only for replacement of mrunal so may b no one gets catch. Well let’s wait for next update or segments. Till then it will b soon to say anything.

    2. But I m thinking that what if everybody will blame pragya responsible for Bulbul’s condition, specially sarla maa. She will definetly blurt out her whole anger and fear on pragya without thinking once as she is doing with pragya after seeing her change. I hope it just assume as only accident until Bulbul’s health becomes fine or at least abhi could understand it that the target was pragya, chandelier was about to fall on pragya but bulbul came between and saved pragya by hurting ownself. Otherwise until Bulbul’s well being, pragya have to suffer everybody’s blame becoz party was organized by pragya and bulbul hurted in the process of saving pragya.

      1. ya nikki 1 i am also thinking that only i think they will drag the cosmetic for some months and the main thing is after the surgery bulbul should remember what happened last at the reception party and who tried to kill pragya and i think something big blame is going to put on pragya for this blaming dadi should tell the truth to abhi and sarla but she also will not do because in episodes i watch pragya said to dadi i can’t bear his blaming so i will tell the truth to abhi but dadi only stopped her but may be purab i am so sad for this accident how will purab react for bulbul’s condition do u have any idea about this he should only should split the beans to abhi i think so

  15. Guys i’m silent reader of kkb written updates. I stoped watching kkb since abi accepted tanu after he known about her pregnancy. The funniest thing is that i got pregnant after they revealed tanu as pregnant and now my delivery date is on next month. I think u guys got wat i wanted to say

  16. Abhi and pragya are really superb..How romantic Abhi is..even if he tries to irritate pragya also it looks soo cute..and the dance is awesome..Abhi is dreaming about Pragya resembles his unconditional love towards his fuggi..I really want to see Abhi treats Pragya if he gets his property back,obviously it will be lovely mixing with romantic revenge..but no, if he gets the property back means Pragya lost in her battle, then it will be a benefit to the evils..so better pragya shouldn’t loose the property from her hands..
    Finally It’s really nice that Abhi thinks about Tanu if he gets his Fuggi back.. Abhi.. I suggest you this..Tanu always threatens you that she will abort the baby if you don’t take the sign on papers right..so better you tell her you missed the signed papers and tel her not interested to do it again..let her abort the baby and kick her out of your house..this time pragya will also not stop you..if Tanu moves out of your mind Your fuggie automatically comes back to you and both of you deal with Alia..
    How’s this idea guys?..

  17. I read the same production house’s serial Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan is going off air next month within short span of launch. Today there is news that the latest one to go off is Pyar ko ho jaane do, from same PH.

    Hope the makers wake up before viewers lose interest in this show also. No offense meant for the actors from other shows but I think every single person watching this show will definitely agree that the characters and story line are made watchable and interesting because of the wonderful actors that are part of Kumkum. Followed by the one-liners and dialogues, and comedy scenes on this show.

    Hoping to see more interesting twists and less dragging track after the painful Tanu pregnancy track for majority of this year.

    1. Sahithi it’s their channel’s and production house’s combined decision to making off air these shows becoz they r unable to gaining trps and audience. But kumkumbhagya is still zee channel’s no-1 show and with this, it is winning so many awards also and most important thing it’s lead cast which is sriti and shabbir, whom audience r giving lots of love and appreciation as onscreen couple and becoz of them only, makers r able to tied it’s audience yet even after with this so much record breaking dragging track. Their strategy was always remain same from the beginning that whenever they wants to stretch the track more, they uses abhigya’s chemistry between it becoz they knows that audience wants a lots of abhigya moments so they could stick their audience from their seats for long as much they wants but whenever situation accurs like this that their trps slips after 3rd position, they brings a new twist to again gaining it’s audience, as they r doing by bringing this Bulbul’s accident’s twist. I know it is for mrunal’s replacement but for this they had some other options too but they knows that by bringing this twist, they can gain their audience’s interest becoz they knows that there willb lots of questions which will b roaming in audience’s mind regarding this twist and to see new entry. So this trick can bring back it’s audience and helpful in gaining trp in top again. So overall I mean to say sahithi that until maker’s this trick will b hit till then they will remain as popular as they r in present. Sriti and shabbir as abhigya r the main charm of their show so until they r remain in the show, this show cannot b flopped but ya everything has it’s limit so as well as audience’s too so it’s better for makers to not take test of audience’s patience becoz audience r most important for their business. And actually there could b lots of more new things and tracks in the show so no need to stick with this one boring track. They can show much more things in their story so they should move now for another new one. Hope at least know they will think before they lose their trp decrease with one more number.

  18. Guys new spoiler which r going to come as new segment today. Pragya comes in fuggy’s get up. She wore same fuggy’s salwar suit, chasma, with mangalsutra and kumkum, in front of abhi. They hugs each other and cries. Now it is left to see and is not confirm that it is actually happening or it is abhi’s dream. To get to know more about it we have to watch segment first on 2:26 pm on India TV.

    1. I think it is Abhi’s dream, he has been dreaming a lot these days 🙂

      I don’t think Pragya will come in old avatar with kumkum so easily. However, I saw the pics in spoiler and may be because we are used to seeing Pragya initially in that way, I felt she looked much more pretty as Fuggy than Mogambo.

      1. Exactly sahithi even I m thinking same as u that it would b abhi’s dream becoz in his mind their is only one thing is roaming during these days that he wants pragya back as his fuggy like old days. Now he has taken pragya’s sign on property papers and he thinks that papers r with him so now it’s time to bring his fuggy back and as pragya got saved after this much big accident with bulbul then I think beoz of all these mixed feelings, he has seen this dream, in which pragya comes back in her old fuggy’s getup. If it is really a dream of abhi, as we think then it’s gud to see abhi dreaming about pragya. Now he is going through that situations from which pragya has been gone in past in the process of love feeling.

  19. And one more image is that Abhi is sleeping with fuggi doll..
    And nikki-1 I think Abhi would insist her to come as his fuggi because according to him he got his property back and his next mission is to bring his fuggi back!!On that day abhi told na if she want to stay with me then she should Change herself as fuggi!! So I think Abhi ll insist pragya to change herself as fuggi!! And pragya may came to know the real intention of Abhi that his mission is to bring his fuggi back!!
    This is my assumption!!
    Let’s wait what ll be the segment!!

    1. Ya srimathi and nikki 1 it can’t be real according to this track it must be abhi’s dream only but when this is going to happen I don’t know clearly Wat is abhi’s intention but let’s see Wat is going to happen today

  20. My instinct is saying that it ll b Abhi’s dream!!After waking up he could see the fuggi doll besides him as image

  21. Nikki 1 where are you ?? Plz share all details ..

    Its real. .. Fuggy back ..

  22. Guys Happy happy news!!
    it’s not Abhi’s dream!! Actually abhi was in anger with pragya coz of bulbul’s accident he scolded her not to show her face infront of him!!After that pragya dressed up as fuggi and came out of her wardrobe but Abhi didn’t noticed her she ask him to see her once but he refuses and goes out of the room!! another scene was that pragya in yellow chudi as we saw in pic and crying infront of Abhi both are in peak of emotion and they cried and hugged!!Reporter says that pragya revealed the truth about tanu and aaliya to Abhi!! This update is on E24 let’s wait for SBS segment

  23. Guyyyysss…it was not a dream!!!!! Yipeeeee….our pragya is really back as fuggy and she has told taaliya’s whole truth to abhi. Abhi apologizes her for hating and torchering her. I just saw news e24 segment, where they were showing pragya comes as fuggy to tell him the whole truth. Now waiting for more segments. God I m so happy guys finally CVS broke their sleep and ready to moving for climax of the track.????

    1. If that is the case, then we can be relieved that finally there is some progress. And to think, Mrunal quitting the show finally brought this change in track.. That is sad!!

      Anyways if this whole sequence is not dream but for real, then it is definitely new year gift for KKB fans. And hope this will bring the show back to No. 1 position. I was very unhappy seeing it go down the ratings chart.

      1. really it’s a new year gift only nikki 1

    2. bt v shld wait d proper full segment update
      hv to confirm 4 wat they hav kept those scenes??????
      waiting 4 full update………………
      CVS plz dn play wit our feelings

      1. My feeling is Abhi exhausted all options to get the truth or his property back, and Pragya changed back the property papers. So he hated Pragya, flirted with her, got her drunk, tried to get the keys, broke the locker but finally back to where he was. Without his property

        So I think the option left now is that the Abhi should also know the truth. So that he concentrates on actual problem and does not again think of property or Fuggi or how to trouble Pragya.

        Similarly Pragya and team also left with no options. And in between Bulbul is hurt, so Purab is also out of planning for now. Pragya would obviously be broken with what happened with her sister.

        So Abhi coming into her team is best option for now. But on second thoughts, this track is not yet done, may be. Now again Abhi n Pragya have to think of new plans, implement them 🙂 🙂

  24. Guys!!!Time to celebrate!! In that segment Abhi asking pragya why she hide this much of truth and he added that I was taunting u everyday and they hugged each other emotionally!!/Waiting for more updates from SBS

    1. Sooper la srimathi .. I’m in cloud nine ..

  25. Woohoooo our fuggy is back !!! I too saw those pix .. Yes its not dream .. Thank God .. This much big accident has hond .. Pragya is too sad .. So she might be blurt out evrytng to abhi .. Superb .. Thank God .. Unexpected it was tat too by this tym .. Lovelyyyy

  26. wow srimathi and nikki 1 i am so happy god i am jumping with happiness thanks for sharing this good news please share the link but did dadi know about this

  27. Bfor knowing the segment too I was sure it was not abhis dream cuz .. Such a big thing has hpnd. How vl pragya control her feelings to bulbul n stay widout cryn ? Hope she revealed cu of tat

  28. Dadi Ku theridho iliyo I don mind reji .. He he

    1. thats true razia he he !!!!!!!!!

      1. wait panunga ya
        naama celebrate panradhu CVS ku therinchu dream sequence panida poranga
        1st full update varattum reji
        bcoz CVS pathi nenachale nadungudhu pa

  29. But I think Pragya has to be back to Mogambo getup as she has to act like that for the remaining family members and in front of Tanu n Aaliya.

    Now it will be interesting to see what plan Abhi comes up to get the truth out of them both.

    1. but sahithi these much dramas all to show abhi the real face aliya and tanu but now abhi foung the truth then she can change her make over know but i think as you said pragya will change to mogambo because to find the third person helping aliya i thing she has to find raaj what do you think about this nikki 1

    2. Sahithi lots of segments has shown today regarding it but no one told it that it is for real or dream surily. Sriti and shabbir r also not ready to tell exact thing. So reporters were saying along with sriti that it could b dream. But sahithi, it doesn’t looks like a dream. I think they r only saying to keep suspense remain in it. As they all were showing segments and it’s scenes, it was looking like real. Becoz reporters were saying this also that pragya’s this fuggy look is for only for sometimes, to tell the whole truth to abhi becoz pragya thinks that abhi will not believe her in mogambo getup. And she wants to tell the whole truth to abhi that Bulbul’s accident happened becoz of taaliya. The way pragya was telling truth to abhi, the way abhi was getting angry with pragya, first and then after listening the whole truth how abhi responded, it was all looking like real. And in another clip, they were showing purab, who was talking with dadi on phone in hospital. I didn’t listened his talk clearly but I assumedthat he was saying that don’t know dadi , how he will react after knowing the truth. And reporters were also saying that before ending of this year audience will see their abhigya together again in romantic mode. So indirectly they have clarified it that it is not a dream and it is for real and our abhigya r going to come together in upcoming episodes. So I think, they r only creating confusion to maintain suspense only and I think it’s real and now abhi will also join pragya to find the truth and exposed the evil ones. And most importantly, they were reffering the scene as dream by showing abhi sleeping on bed scene. So guys if this is abhi’s dream, then how he could see all these things in his dream, all these truths and reasons which was pragya was telling in this sequence, when abhi doesn’t know anything about it. So guys I have a gutt feeling and very sure that it is for real. What u say?

      1. bt nikki hz can they she reaveal d whole truth nd be emotional hug wit each other bcoz bulbul is in hospital nw in critical stage na
        so tat ll b dream sequence, so they r jus gng to make us fool again
        if it s true ill b also happy bt if it s not, v all ll really fed up
        so better v hv to wait for d whole segment, probably by tis week end
        lets wait patiently, other than that cant do anything………………………….

      2. But it can be pragyas dream also know
        y I’m telling means first in pragyas blue dress he is not ready to listen her.
        but in yellow dress he is hugging her emotionally.
        so why it can’t be pragya dream like mms dream

  30. Hereafter the plans are gonna be powerful sometimes and Very naughty on many times bcoz Abhi was in planning crew!!!Will pragya coney tez to dadi or she ll pretend infront of dadi this question ll be answered on the episode only!!Then it ll be more entertainment for us!!Anyhow I’m happy annachi!!!

    1. i’m too happy sis waiting for the full update

  31. wooooooo……yipeeeeeeee…….
    iam soooooo happy tht fuggy is back….
    finally a gud thing has happened….

  32. Guys I’m so sad!!!SBS segment completely confused me!! As I said segment update of E24 pragya reveals the truth to Abhi na it is not cleared that it is present scene or flashback scene!!And firstly Abhi was sleeping with fuggi doll after he wakes up pragya dressed as fuggi in blue chudi and coming out of wardrobe and asking him to listen at once but he doesn’t listen and went out!!The next scene Abhi was in different dress and pragya was in same chudii!And another sequence is that Pragya in yellow and Abhi was excersing and that was the scene that showed in E24!!Then Sriti was saying in interview that They don’t know whether the scene is present or flashback to know that watch kumkumbhagya,she said!!

    1. Oh god wat u r saying srimathi this shouldn’t happen why they are confusing us what is this yaar really guys all pray to god that it should be real definitely again they are going to fool us I think so

  33. nikki-1 they are showing pragya in 2 costume one in blue where Abhi is not minding her I think it may be the dream of pragya she may dream that Abhi won’t believe her even if she ll back on her fuggi image!!And another sequence na in yellow it may be real because such emotional scene couldn’t be dream!!!They r just confusing us and keeping us the suspense!!

  34. Guys new serial gonna air on zee TV very soon “meri saasu maa” gonna replace which zeetv serial any idea??

    1. May be qubool hai

  35. Guys becoz of this confusion that it is dream or real one, I have seen all the segments again. And what I assumed from all this that after Bulbul’s accident and this life taking incidence, pragya will decide to tell the truth to abhi after discussing it with purab. Purab will inform dadi about pragya’s decision. Pragya will dressed up as fuggy to tell abhi the truth becoz she feels that abhi will believe on her only in fuggy’s getup not in mogambo’s. Pragya will see a dream, in which she is telling the truth to abhi and abhi after listening which abhi apolozizes from her and showers his love on her. Her dreams will break after listening abhi’s wake up from sleep. She will come out to tell the truth in real but Abhi is angry with pragya. So when he will wake up in the morning and pragya will come infront of him, he will not give her attention and when pragya will stop him and request to listen her or at least see her, he will not look her beciz of his anger and he will move out with his anger. Pragya will worriedly roaming in the house with this thinking to how to tell abhi the truth so when she will come to he room and she will see abhi in the room, she will hesitate in fear to come in front of abhi first but then atlast she will decide to go in the room. Pragya will come in the room and abhi will b shocked to see pragya in this fuggy get up. Pragya will upset from abhi becoz he was not ready to listen her talk once so she will go in changing room to dressed up again in mogambo’s getup. Abhi will regret on his behaviour and decision of not to listen pragya or see her at least once. OK guys segment’s scenes gets over here like this. All the segments said that soon abhi will get to know whole truth. So after the segment scenes, I think that abhi will come to pragya and then he will listen pragya’s whole truth. And as reporters were saying that it is pragya’s one day look of fuggy so I think after get to know all the truth, pragya’s mogambo drama will continue but with abhi’s help and like this we will see abhigya asworking together on taaliy’s truth’s exposure.

    1. So whole exact update and spoiler will b like this and I m sure with my assumptions about all the segments. So guys in a short, latest update is like this, pragya will decide to tell the truth to abhi after this life taking incidence becoz of which bulbul is suffering. She will take this decision after discussing it to purab. Purab will inform dadi about it. Pragya will dressed up as fuggy to tell the truth to abhi so abhi could believe on her. She will see a dream sequence regarding it but when in real she will try to come in fuggy’s get up, abhi will not listen and see her and will not ready to believe on her but after sometimes when he will see pragya in fuggy’s getup, he will b shocked and he will regret and upset for not believing on pragya and for not seeing her or listening her once. But he will correct his mistake and he will go to pragya to talk with her. Then pragya will tell him the whole truth and then they will decide to do expose taaliya’s truth with each other with continuation of this mogambo’s drama of pragya. Guys we will see our abhigya together back with the bang in this new upcoming year.

      1. I assumed it after watching and listening all the segments again and again many times. After thinking so much on each and every points of all the segments, I reached on this conclusion which I have shared above.

      2. Yeah Nikki, from the segments, looks like one sequence is dream and after that dream may be Pragya will try to tell truth to Abhi but he walks away. But when she returns back to their room he will see her in Fuggy getup.
        But will Pragya reveal truth after this or not, we need to see what will happen, what will Abhi think now.

        I hope he will realize she seriously wants to tell him something n hopefully when Abhi wants to listen, Pragya will also tell. Because generally when one of them is serious other one doesnt listen.

        Btw, good analysis and rebuilding of scene flow based on the segments Nikki!!

      3. that’s true madhu but if she revealed the truth means i am happy

    2. s nikki-1..I too have the same feeling…
      it will definitely be pragya’s dream…

      1. It will pragya’s dream or reality, it will b confirmed after watching the episodes but one thing is confirm that now abhi will get to know whole truth in starting of this upcoming new year.

    3. but after seeing her running into the changing room in fuggy getup, will he ask her abt the reason??even if he asks and if she says all the truth, will he be able to believe her??
      wht do u think nikki-1?
      I don’t think he will easily believe everything…wht’s ur opinion??

      1. Guys..plz don’t be excited yaar…it’s very clear that revealing the truth is Pragya’s dream only. My guessing is ” after the accident Abhi is very much angry on Pragya, so Pragya wants to tell him the truth in fuggy’s getup so that he can believe, so she imagines the scene as she tells the truth and Abhi will get emotional..so in this dream she is in yellow chudidaar and Abhi is in plain grey Tshirt..Then Pragya wants to make this dream to become true she will wear blue Chudidhar and come to Abhi who is still in white shirt which was in the part of red suit he wore in reception..but abhi doesn’t listen to her and not even see her and move out of the room..then he changed to another grey coloured Tshirt and come to his room then Pragya hesitates first to enter into the room and then goes, suddenly Abhi sees her and shocked.. but immediately Pragya runs away from him…that’s it..” ..After this Pragya will tell the truth or not is unaware…I am sure Pragya will not tell the truth somehow this time aswell even Abhi asks her about her getup..even if she starts to tell something also someother thing may happen to disturb them.. so I am sure Abhi will not come to know the truth by this time.. but i hope he may realize that something is going in her mind..so don’t expect much guys..revealing truth will take some more time..

  36. I really don’t know what to say after seeing today’s segment because it is totally confusing. I wish everything will happen in a good way. It should not be a dream because this cvs can do anything. Let’s see what happens.

  37. if the links are not working go to youtube and you will find there sorry if i made any mistake

  38. guys spoilers r really confusing.. in a website it ws written tat abhi ll nt believe tis so it ll b tough situation fr pragya.. in another website it ws written tat abhigya gt reunited.. dnt knw wich s true

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