Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sarla that she tried to stop Abhi, but he didn’t listen. She says she was afraid thinking about his reaction on seeing her, but now as he didn’t react seeing her, her fear is gone. Now she can spend time with him and also talk. Tanu waits for Abhi and gets impatient. She asks Aaliya to think about her and says you don’t know as you are not in any relationship. Aaliya says enough and calls him, but Abhi doesn’t pick her call. Tanu says Abhi went far from me like he went far from Pragya. Beeji shares her plan with Pragya. Pragya says you can’t do this. Sarla refuses also. Beeji says I am not talking your permission and says I am elder than you in age and experience. She asks Pragya to get massage done by Janki. Janki says okay. Beeji says now see what

I will do. Abhi comes out and thanks them for nice meeting. He says can I go now? Beeji says no, you can’t go. Abhi asks why?

Beeji says guest come with their wish and go with our wish. Abhi says kidnapping. Beeji says this is love. She says our relation is old and invited him for lunch. She says I am your old fan. Abhi says I can’t stay as I have to go somewhere. Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says I respect fans like you and can’t refuse you as you are like Dadi. He says I will stop for 30 mins. Janki comes and massages Pragya’s feet. Beeji asks Abhi about his next album release. Abhi says very soon….Pragya says I will help mum and is about to go, feels pain and sits down. Sarla cooks food in kitchen. Abhi says if she needs Italian food. Beeji asks him to try desi food today. Abhi asks Beeji if Pragya is her real grand daughter. Beeji says yes. She asks him to visit them frequently. Abhi says okay. They talk about game and challenge each other.

Sarla brings food and asks him to eat. Abhi eats the food. Sanam Re plays while Pragya looks at him. Abhi looks on. Sarla asks if food is not good. Beeji says you must have added mirchi. Sarla says no, and says I didn’t add my spices. Abhi tastes food and says do you have tiffin centre. Sarla says no. Abhi says I feel like eating this food before also. Beeji says I will increase your taste and makes him eat. Sarla also makes him eat with her hand. Abhi says he have a wonderful food. Sarla hopes that Abhi shall remember them. Pragya thinks their happiness is short lived.

Tanu and Aaliya come back to her house. Tanu cries and says she is feeling rejected today as Abhi has broken her heart. Aaliya says Abhi didn’t know that she called him there to meet her. Tanu says she got emotional because of situation. Sarla brings ras malai for Abhi. Abhi eats it and says it is my favorite. He asks how did you know that it is my favorite. Beeji says everyone of us are your fan. Abhi says you seems to be like my family. Sarla asks him to come whenever he wants to eat made by her. Abhi says definitely. Beeji asks him to bring his cook next time as Sarla will teach him cooking. Abhi says you might teach him cooking, but mum’s taste will not come in his hands. He says he will practice game and come there. He asks Beeji to tell Pragya not to be stubborn.

Aaliya comes to the manager and asks why did you upload the pic on the networking site. Manager says Abhi have given me this pic. Aaliya doesn’t believe him and asks him to delete pic by now. Just then she gets Tanu’s call telling that her dream is fulfilled. She says she saw Abhi’s pic with Pragya. Aaliya says it is an old pic and says I came to office and got the pic deleted. She says I will ask Abhi, and then says it is a stupid mistake. She asks her to close fan page and sleep. Tanu says no, I will not sleep and will cry all night. She cries. Aaliya thinks something is happening behind my back. She thinks if pic is new, then it means he met Pragya.

Abhi tells Aaliya about his big fan and says even her family is my biggest fan. Aaliya asks about her name. Abhi says I don’t remember. Aaliya takes a random names and then Pragya’s name. Abhi says yes. Aaliya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Asmithaa

      Hi Riya dear… I have a doubt… Abhi does not know Pragya’s name as Pragya… When he asked the name to Pragya she said to Abhi that her name as Nikitha.. Then how did Abhi tell to Aliya that her name was Pragya???
      It tells that Abhi is acting… Am I right???

  1. Narendran


    |Registered Member

    This show is getting back it’s charm.. but this show old fans.. were stopped watching now only new fans are there.. So let us see what the writers are up to??

  2. Mittenzz

    Abhi says yes to Pragya’s name but then he’s going to say no”Nikita”. Could that be a slip But i think hearing Pragya’s name is going to be another trigger to his memory. Thanks Aalyia

  3. Asmitha

    Y he said yes When she said pragya When he knows Only her name as nikitha really confusing Ofcourse he is not going to remember anything but y he said s and i think from now onwards plottings r going to start but abhi has to start love pragya but I felt that abhi has started having feelings on pragya in today epi if it will be true ml r if it will be fake ml then it will be interesting

      • Asmitha

        Hai shobana i am gd even me to little bit busy and I want to share this I have got seat in Medical College of nursing so I went to submit my surtificates

    • swetha

      He said yes that he finally remembered her name and will say Nikitha.to Aaliya .. it is not yes to pragya name.

  4. Elinor

    The promo is the proof that abhi is faking his memory loss as pragya told her name nikita and when aliya said pragya he accepted it

  5. Meymey


    |Registered Member

    It’s difficult to guess what its in the Cvs mind. So far so good. I am very sure that Abhi is pretending just to K.O both Tanu and Aaliya. I hope its true and they get punished for all what they did . Both characters picture Disrespectful women if we can call them like that. Bwooo for evildoers.

  6. vadhu

    hi guys!
    how are you hency, reji , shobha sis and other members of this family?
    i am reading the update after a very long time..
    i missed you all so much guys..
    BTW, the episodes are going nice..
    i am happy to see such episodes with our cute abhigya..
    what about you guys?…
    i don’t know again when will i get time to talk to you all?
    but still only seven months to go..
    and sara also asked about you all..
    hope you remember both of us…

    • shobana

      Hi 🙋 vadhu
      I’m good. Hope u too doing good…
      How is your studies going on????
      And how about sara????
      I do remember you…😊

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi Vadhu !!.I am fine !!..How are you ?? ..And Sara ??How is she??..Hope u guys r fine !!and even i missed u guy’s comments 😊😊

  7. shobana

    If memory loss is to be believed, abhi feels, when alia took Pragya’s name.
    If memory loss is fake, then abhi will says no after telling yes.
    I guess so..
    Now the show is going ek dum perfect without evils entry in abhigya’s life. But CVs have decided not to give that happiness for long time 😠 that’s why they are planning to bring alia in..
    Hate you CVs…

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Ya shobana u r ryt !! ..even i was surprised that when aliya was taking Pragya’s name ..Abhi says Yes ..But many people were he will say Yes i got it !!..Her name is Nikitha like that he will finish ..So don’t whats going to happen on Monday ..Ya now CVS made Aliya to enter into Abhigya’s life ..But for one thing i want to thank CVS ..Becoz they made Abhi to forgot Tanu also ..😄😄..That’s the good thing they did ..But for sure again aliya will ask abhi for purab ..but i want to be bulbul back ..Lets see what is going to happen next !!.

      • shobana

        Very true, still they didn’t show, abhi knowing Tanu. That’s a big releif …. Nowadays she is getting less screen space. That’s all soooooo good .

    • Pratiksha

      Shobhna i have some ideas if abhi’s ml is fake but I have some confusions too, for which I m waiting to clear. Only then I can explain the complete motive of abhi if he is faking his ml.

      • shobana

        Hi prathiksha, how are you??? Actually I got held with work so not able to comment properly..☹
        Abt, memory loss , l too have lots of confusions. At one moment, feel like abhi lost his memory another moment feel like he is acting so…
        As you said we have to wait for sometime to clear ourselves…
        Waiting for your description of abhi’s ML 😊😊

  8. Vadhu

    how are you hency, reji , shobha sis and other members of this family?
    i am reading the update after a very long time..
    i missed you all so much guys..
    BTW, the episodes are going nice..
    i am happy to see such episodes with our cute abhigya..
    what about you guys?…
    i don’t know again when will i get time to talk to you all?
    but still only seven months to go..
    and sara also asked about you all..
    hope you remember both of us…

  9. Christine Nanan

    Either he is faking his memory or it will be like Naren and Ankita from Pavitra Rishta he will just fall in love with her

  10. Diya

    Agreed with ashmita.. Present abhi knows only Nikita and not pragya. I think the fun begins now.. I’m waiting..

  11. Narifa Singh

    I guess the big suspense about the show right now is if Abhi is faking his ml and I guess the writers did that on purpose to get us hooked again.

  12. Radhu

    Once Aaliya has entered again with Thanu again, the interest of watching has diminished. Hope all her plots fail and things move in favour of Abhi and Pragya. The very sight of the girl is irksome

  13. Jashi

    I was an old fab who stopped watching because the show got too boring. Now I’m back to watching and I must say, I’m glad the show is interesting and funny again.

  14. Gowtham

    hi shobana and pratiksha…. how are you…. its been days…. actually now my oly frds still here is u both… where is our old gang….. where they gone??? and my lif goes into quite busy zone.. so couldn’t comment…. ok anyways how are you shobana and pratiksha???

    • shobana

      Hi 🙋 gowtham… Actually naa kuda rare ah dha comment pannuran…. After a long time today only, I commented. I’m good… How about you ???

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi gowtham bro !!..How r u ??..Eppadi irukkeenga ?..Naanum romba rare ah thaan comment pannuren !!..Little busy with school works studies and all !!Ippa dhan konjam free ah irukken !!.

    • Pratiksha

      Hi gowtham. I m gud. How r u? Glad to see u back after a long time. Missed ur comments here a lot. But I can understand that surely u will b busy with ur job and life so no complains with u. But ya I will want to say just a thing that I know u will b busy but if u will try to come here atleast on weekends if it’s possible then we will feel gud as most of between us got busy in something. And all r not commenting like before daily. In fact days gets guys in waiting all of urs comments. I tries to mostly post updatrs amd my comments daily. But i ferls very bore when i doesn’ t get any response from amynody, specially from our group peoples. It has become my habbit to talk with u all through telly updates. That’s why telly updates doesn’ t seems interesting anymore without u and our group gowtham. That’s why i have also made my comments less becoz it seems nonody have intrest like before. That’s why i gives updates tine to time but my comments become less. I know sometimes the show becomes bore and unintresting but we can talk about each other too na. And in present time, the show has also become intresting again so i hope we will get our group peoples back and i m hoping more and more comments here. Gowtham u and our group peoples shares a gud bond which is friendship so i hope it will not affected by anything. I hope u will understand what i m saying and now can i expect that u will stay connected by ur comments atleast in weekends? I hope u will, if it will b possible for u. Once again i wants to say that felt very nice to see that u came back and u didn’t forgot us. Stay forever like this.

      • Itsme_reji


        |Registered Member

        Ya Pratiksha u r ryt !!..Even i too felt the same .Becoz nowdays i too felt boring . And losing my interest to comment . By commenting we all shared a very good friendship ..So let’s keep commenting all my groupfriends ..

      • shobana

        Exactly prathiksha, we all shared a good bond ..
        Even I will try to comment regularly 😊
        Sry yar, got held with work..
        That’s why

      • hazel

        We.dnt cmmnt dat dsnt mean k we r nt borthrd nw i dnt thnk u remmbrd me but m ur old frnd from the day wen i startd to cum on dis site i daily cums on dis site only for ur cmmnt i m a silent reader of ur n only urs cmnt ….wenevr i cms i just only find the purple logo whch is ur profile pic n wen i dnt find ur cmmnt i really gt upset so plzzz i request u nt to quit cmnting plzzz…

      • Pratiksha

        Hi hazel, how r u? Off course I remember u. I didn’t forget any of u, who follows my comments and updates and appreciates it and I didn’t forgot any body from our friends group. I missed u all a lot but can’t mention each and every name as if I will forget to mention anybody then that person could feel bad. And I know why so many peoples had stopped commenting, some of becoz of busy schedule and some of becoz of kkb’s past worst track. Even I was unable to comment regularly for sometimes becoz of these two reasons. So no complains but it has become habbit to talk and discuss with u all here. That’s why I said that we can stay connected here at least in weekends. Hazel, I will b here for u guys always but if u guys also will b there then I will feel more gud and energetic to comment and post update. I was waiting for all of u guys since long but today when gowtham came back and mentioned about our group then I couldn’t stop myself to share my feelings for u all guys that how much I m missing u guys and how much ur comments does matter for me. That’s it.

    • Fowziya

      Heeeeeey Guuuuyzzz !
      Long time no talk, it has been daya that i hvnt comment, as i was really busy and in between i’ve stopped watching this, but now KKB is regaining his charm 😄 so hope it will go good
      Then how r u all ? Shobb Pratiksha Gowtham Reji and all !

  15. tashin

    I think alia also said nikitha inb/w ramdom names..

    After that she sais pargya..

    So he said yes(to nikitha..not pragya)..(i didnt saw de epic..just read it here)..so idnt knw correctly

    • Mittenzz

      If you realize Aaylia tries to play smart. She says names that all begins with P’s. That’s what got Abhi jumbled but later he’s gonna say no. But that Pragya name is definitely gonna do something to him.

      • tashin

        No..idont thnk so..

        He ‘ll not respnd aftr hearing pregyas name..bcoz hisML is fake..(accordng to spoilr)..he will say..”yes i got her name..she is nikitha”..

  16. Trupti

    Hiii pratiksha..i am new here i am silent reader of ur comments..i luv reading ur updates, comments..plzz keep commenting..

  17. Trupti

    And i read soo many spoiler this days they are saying that abhi is pretending his memory loss but why he has noo reason to fake & stay away from pragya..plzzz can u explain pratiksha

    • Pratiksha

      Trupti first of all ur most welcome on telly updates. Thank u so much for reading and loving my updates and comments. Now let’s talk about ur question so trupti according to abp news peoples, they got this info that abhi is faking his memory loss and in upcoming episodes, pragya will get to know about it. Abp news confirmed it in their two segments of SBS. More shows and new channels r yet to b confirmed. So trupti if we believe on abp news people that abhi is faking his memory loss so then surely it will b only for aliya and tanu’s destruction but how he is going to ruin them or punish them by this memory loss drama, why he is keeping pragya away from him through this memory loss and what is his motivation, I got understood almost but still some confusions r in mind, once it will get clear, then I will surely explain about it. But till then just wait and watch.

  18. Gowtham

    pratiksha shobana reji i am also good….. and heraftr i will comment every weekend and in weekdays also whn i get a chance surly i will comment coz i missed u all sooooooooo muchhhhh…… since my frst experience little bit pressured…. but now job s also going well… so heraftr whenever i free i ll comment fr sure…. and as pratiksha said now show is slightly good compared to intolerable pregnancy… so starting to watch it… so shobana reji pratiksha plz be here in weekends plz ok….. coz i will be waiting fr yr replies…. ok???? and wat about other frds in the gang….

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hmm..Anna thanks for being here and i think ur dp color is changed .Now u came na !!..Inimey kalakkal thaan ..(Now dhamaka only ) ..Now onwards i will be commenting whenever i am free na surely i will comment ..And i am going to attend Elocution competition ..Feeling very nervous pratiksha and shobana ..I need a para about Impact of television On younger generation ..What do u think about this topic give a par a about this ..Please help me guys ..

    • shobana

      Sure gowtham, herethen, I will be definitely commenting in weekends and if time permits in weekdays too. Happy that pregnancy track has ended. 😊😊

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Oh Gowtham bro i deleted my account becoz exam time and i don’t have time to be in online and notification is getting full and phone is getting hanged ..so only deleted it ..And bro y cant u register ur account here ..then u can have a registered account in telly updates..It will be helpful for u ..

  19. Pratiksha

    Thanks gowtham, shobhna and reji. I understands all of urs unability to comment becoz of ur busy schedule. Glad that u guys understood so soon and easily what I said, and happy to hear that u guys will continue with ur comments whenever u guys will get time. Now that’s call gud friendship and now seems old days will back for us too on telly updates like in kkb, for abhigya. I will wait for all of urs comments and gowtham u will find me almost everyday on telly updates, whenever u will want, except sometimes of my busy schedule too. Just joking. I mean I will b here almost but if i will b busy on sime work then i will b unable to comment but then also i tries to comment once in a day. So don’t worry, i will b always here. Gowtham I don’t know about other peoples whereabouts of our group but I will want to say for all of them too to continue with their comments as much as possible, if they reads or follows telly updates. Plz come back.

  20. Pratiksha

    Guys we don’t have any new updates yet except it that abhi is faking his memory loss and soon pragya will find it. So guys let’s discuss about it and share ur thoughts, guesses and about it? How many of u thinks that abhi is faling his memory loss and if yes then what is his motive behind it? OR, How many peoples thinks that abhi is not faking and he has actually lost his memory, if yes then what will b it’s results and how it will turn the story towards gud and positive? Guys give ur reasons, thoughts and ideas about both the thinking. I will wait for ur comments. As i m seeing that audience r in dilemma and not in position to accept or agree with it that abhi is faking becoz of abhi’s strange behavior. So i want to know that after watching the episodes of last week with the confirmation by abp news people about abhi’s drama about of his memory loss, what is the state of all if ur minds? What u guys think abiut it? Share ur thoughts, guesses and ideas guys, it will give some satisfaction to u too guys and it could clear ur many confusions too. So guys get start.

    • shobana

      First I will tell abhi about, he has lost his memory… 2days back, when Pragya spoke with rock star doll, abhi hears it. After that, he went to washroom and thinks, what name is fuggy/?? And wonders how he knows about it?? Now my question is, if abhi is acting, he can act infront of all. Why he has to, when he is alone?????

      Now reg. abhi is acting…. He knows that he lost his 2.5yrs memory.. But why he didn’t take any steps to know what as happened in these yrs. His bonding with Pragya and her family and certain times he had acted as if though he knows them before itself .
      He knows Tanu for 5 yrs. But still he didn’t even speak a word about her.. Which is something suspicious since he was dating her…

      If he is acting, then for sure he is going to collect proofs against Tanu alia and the hardest punishment is waiting for them…
      But if he is not acting, we will see kkb from the beginning… As do u noticed in day before yesterday’s epic. While Pragya was speaking with purab through mobile, abhi says are you talking to boy friend… This one reminds me kkb in initial stage…. Now in the case of abhi not acting, Pragya will enter into abhi’s life…and Tanu and alia will again interrupts in theirlife
      This is what I feel about the current storyline….
      Its actually confusing, so waiting to get more clarity.


      • Pratiksha

        Shobhna do u remember MMS track? Abhi was same as confusing like that. We couldn’t guess until the end of MMS track that what he is actually up to something.He confused us always in that whole MMS track by his actions. In MMS track also, we felt that at that time, he was against pragya and sometimes we felt that he is doing something in favour of pragya. At that time also, abhi made taliya fool and convinced them by his actions and took them in his confidence that he is in favour of them to catch them and to prove pragya’s innconce. Here also samething is happening. Only difference is that this time Abhi’s behavior is very strange and unpredictable more than before. CVS made the situation very confusing for us this time to guess exact thing. That’s why we r still confused. But frankly speaking I had always this doubt when I heard this news that abhi will lose his memory and he will forget pragya and when I heard shabbir’s denial for memory loss and forgetting pragya, at that time I had this fact in my mind that shabbir and news peoples both could b true and abhi will b shown as he has lost his half memory but actually he will do fake drama of memory loss and now when SBS peoples confirmed it then I have 80% believe that abhi is faking his memory loss and shobhna I got understood the motive of abhi too behind this drama. But I m waiting for thus 20% confusion. Last episode of yesterday’s made me bit confused, I m waiting for next week for getting it’s clarity. Then I can explain my views and prediction better. Shobhna but this is also true that cvs can change the story according to them at last moment too. So then also we can’t predict anything surely. But i hope what sbs people told it comes true as it is very necessary to make this new story and season justify for last track’s or story’s ending and to make this new story so much intresting and much batter than before. All we can do for now just wait and watch, so let’s see.

      • shobana

        Exactly prathiksha, each and every words are true
        Ya in MMS track he confused us. This CVs will do anything. We have a very good experience about it in the pregnancy track itself…..
        And as you said, we have to wait for some more time to get a clear view about this memory loss…
        But you know, I am just enjoying kkb for last 2weeks..inspite of this confusions… I just don’t want this Tanu to enter into abhigya’s life now… Not only now…forever..

  21. Trupti

    Thanku pratiksha.. but whatever it is fake or real memory loss i am happy that after soo long kkb has become interesting..what do u think???

    • Pratiksha

      Ya trupti but let’s see how long? Kkb is interesting for me until tanu is away from abhi. So let’s see how the story unfolds.

  22. sheetha

    hi my dear frnz how are u all… tdy i m happy to see all your comments…. miss u all … u r right pratiksha… hereafter sure i will try to comment regularly… we want our group back…

    • Gowtham

      hi sheetha sis… how are you?? its superb.. tday i comment here… and all mu frds are here… very superb….. missed u all so muchhhh sis….

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hey sheetha !!..Finally u r back !!..😊😊😊😊..Missing ur comments ..Yes i also want our group back ..I am also going to comment regularly.. good to see u again ..

    • Pratiksha

      Hi sheetha, how r u? Gud to see u back. U guys r so sweet that u heard my wish. Glad we r getting our group members and friends back slowly-slowly. Welcome back sheetha and thank u so much for keeping respect of my words.

  23. Gowtham

    and reji elocution ll be giving the experience of how to tackle the situation…. coz i have come across this situation many times… only one thng i would say… juz gather information about statistics and surveys… and dnt do pre-talk in home or b4 mirror… if u do say, yr mi d ll be fixed on wat u prepared.. so dnt do… talk spontaneously…. with lots of statistics and surveys…. this ll be my advise…

    • Reji

      Wow Gowtham bro !!..Thank u so much for ur advice .It is really helpful for me .Thanks a lot for ur advice . But a little bit stage fear is in me ..but then too i will try to be bold and speak spontaneously..😊😊😉👍👍

  24. Gowtham

    aftr a long time m commenting here…. that time all my frds r here.. so superb… m lucky tday….. hope new guys also get to knw me…..we were a gang on in this comments forum…. those days were awesome.. kind of want that now

    • Reji

      Gowtham bro for me also today a lucky and special day as after a long time all our old friends commented .Felt really happy .Superb day . After ur arrival just see the comment number it became 72 !!…Her happiness its just exploring !!..

  25. naren

    hi pratiksha I think abhi’s memory loss must be true. He don’t hidden such a thing which will hurt his fuggy. but some telly updates states that abhi’s ml true. till now he is not faking ml. I think once he see tanu he will get his memory back

    • Reji

      Ya Leenzu ..They stopped telecasting kumkum bhagya on Saturdays before 2weeks itself bcoz they r telecasting a new show BrahmaRakshas ..On sat sun 9pm ..This serial will cover the place of kkb on sat and sun

  26. Sandarsha

    Hi guys pratiksha,shobhana,asmitha and gowtham, reji,i think u guys dono me but I am a good follower of ur comments .As I recently started commenting gowtham,reji dono me.so,i once again say hai to u .But according to the current track on memory loss I strongly belive on sbs people because last time also I shared that ML is gng to happen I think u guys remember pratiksha,shobana,asmitha .But to get confirmation we have to wait for some more episodes and segments .what u guys say??

    • shobana

      Hi sandarsha
      Yup there are both news.. Some says true and some says fake… In the next few episode, we will come to know what abhi is upto??? Whether he is acting or his ML is true..
      So lets wait for the new updates..

    • Pratiksha

      Hi sandarsha, how r u? Off course i remember u. Thank u so much for following our comments. It means a lot. Sandarsha i have same believe like u on sbs news but still i m waiting for more confirmations. Cvs r so unpredictible. They can do any change on last moment too, so mostly i m waiting for this confirmation by watching the episodes of kkb. So let’s wait and watch.

    • reji

      Wow Hi sandarsha !!..We r happy and lucky to get such followers like u . I don’t know u but soon i will mingle with u and u will be known to me ..And about the news i don’t know wat to say ..Some r saying true and some r saying fake . So both r unpredictable !!..So lets wait and watch .. And so nice to meet u Sandarsha !!

    • reji

      Hi Sandarsha . Thank u so so much for following our comments !!..Happy to get such followers like u sandy !!..If u don’t mind can i call u sandy ??..Ya i don’t know ur comment but soon i will mingle with u ok ??..And ya according to the news some r saying yes and some r saying no !!..So they are unpredictable and we can’t say anythng correctly so lets wait and watch !!

  27. Ani

    Hi pratiksha, gowtham anna, shobana sis, reji, sheetha and sahithi. I am new to TU comnt section. But i am a reg reader.I eagerly wait for ur comnts. but recently many of u were not cmnting. i felt very bad. But now happy to see your gang back.

    • shobana

      Hi ani..
      Sorry ani for not commenting these many days…
      Hereafter I will be regular….
      For few days got held in work..
      I will get free within the next 2 weeks. So I will be here commenting regularly after that .
      Thank you for reading and liking our comments.

    • Pratiksha

      Hi Ani, how r u? Thank u so much for reading our comments daily. It’s really so sweet of u. Ya thankfully our almost group is back and hopfully rest if the peoples too will join it back soon. So keep enjoying kkb, and our updates and comments like this. Stay connected with us snd u can also join us through ur comments.

    • reji

      Hi Ani ..Sorry for not commenting . Stucked with school works . But now i will be regular . And ya soon our gang is getting back .Thank u so much for reading our comments . Feeling really happy it means a lot !.. Keep reading . Nice to meet u !!

  28. Asmitha

    Shobana sahithi pratiksha sandarsha and others thank u so much fr u r Wishes and I am very happy that so many r back to this page

  29. Itsme_reji


    |Registered Member

    Guys i got a new spoiler guys !!..Aliya warns Pragya to stay away from Abhi !..

    Kumkum Bhagya: Aliya threatens Pragya (Sriti Jha) to keep away from Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)
    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show high voltage drama where Aliya finds that Abhi-Pragya are again meeting.
    Aliya couldn’t resist it as if Abhi will recall everything them she will again loose her all wealth.

    Aliya doubt’s if Abhi’s memory is coming back, Aliya talks to Abhi about his photograph with Pragya.
    Abhi ignores Aliya’s questions and says that he met that girl just like other fans.
    Aliya-Pragya’s face off for Abhi
    Aliya thus decides to threaten Pragya to stay away from Abhi nor it would harmful for him.

    Pragya refuses as she knows that her presence is not affecting Abhi.
    Let’s see what will Aliya do next to keep Abhi and Pragya away from each other.

    Spoiler link : http://tvshowscoops.blogspot.in/2016/08/kumkum-bhagya-aliya-warns-pragya-to.html

    So guys this is the spoiler . Don’t know whether it’s true or not !!..But guys i want to share something with u ..Before also i got some kkb spoilers in this first they said Pragya will join as a recptionist in Abhi’s company !..That was somewhat true !! Next they said Pragya supports Abhi’s memory loss

    Link for spoiler Pragya supports Abhi’s memory loss : http://tvshowscoops.blogspot.in/2016/08/kumkum-bhagya-pragya-supports-abhis.html

    Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya (Sriti Jha) joins hand pretending memory loss drama against Aliya (Shikha Singh)
    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show high voltage revealition drama where Pragya will soon doubt Abhi’s memory loss.
    Abhi will pamper Pragya and makes her feel special in every situation, Abhi is concerned for Pragya.

    When Pragya gets sprain in her leg, Abhi picks her up in his arm and drops her to her house, where Pragya’s family welcomes him.
    Pragya will soon confront Abhi and will find that Abhi was pretending to suffer from memory loss.
    Abhi reveals his memory loss truth
    Abhi is doing this just to safeguard Pragya from Aliya-Tanu’s evil intentions, as they attempts to kill Pragya.

    Pragya is happy knowing this and agrees to support Abhi in thus drama to expose Aliya’s evil truth.

    Don’t know this spoiler is also true or not ??…What u r saying guys ??

    • Pratiksha

      Reji I would say that don’t believe on these spoilers and it’s much better to watch segments and episodes of the show. Spoilers and rumours r for adding spice in story by making their own story. Even sometimes segments also doesn’t give exact and correct update so just wait for episodes and make yourself sure after watching it.

      • Pratiksha

        And reji these types of spoilers usually based on some latest news and some of based on predction based story. The matter they r presenting as spoiler, it’s obvious and possible story. Obviously after watching that aliya found abhi with pragya if she will confirmed it then she will confront pragya for it definetly and if pragya will get to know that abhibis faking his memory loss so she could support him. Reji these r possibilities for the later story if aliya gets to know about abhigya meetings and when pragya will get to know about abhi’s fake drama of memory loss. Reji we could also think about these possibilities and predict it. So nothing is important in these spoilers to noticing. In reality, no new updates out yet about anything except the last promo, where abhi lifts pragya for helping her and voiceover says that will aliya become hurdle for them and the news of abhi’s fake drama of his memory loss, about which pragya will get to know. Reji only this much update we got yet. Other things r just different stories. That’s it. Wait for the next on location updates and segments and episodes of the show.

      • Ani

        Reji evn i don’t believe such spoilers coz they only fill suspense and nothing else.
        Many times they have been False. So lets wait for episodes

  30. Sandarsha

    Ok reji we will . definitely.And yes guys waiting for updates .I guess we will get them tomorrow.

  31. Ani

    hi guys i am very happy to read your replies. and gowtham anna i think unga job nalla poguthu. best of luck. And i am fine pratiksha surely i will try to stay connected. reji nice to meet u too. Guys will also comment reg on weekends. But i will not forget to read ur comments.
    And coming to the current track, I really felt sad on Abhi’s memory loss. But now enjoying their fresh start. I will be happy untill Tanu is out of place.

  32. Anusha

    Hey friends actually I am a silent reader of ur comments and bond between u guys I am here just to say that continue ur commenting and friendship

    • Reji

      Wow that’s so sweet of u Anusha !!..Happy that u liked our comments . Feeling really too good !..Ya hereafter definitely we will all continue our commenting and friendship ..Thanks a lot for this lovely comment !!..It means a lot !.

  33. Reji

    Ya Pratiksha and Ani . Even i also thought the same that these spoilers r predicted stories and not true . These r the main reasons confusing us . I don’t know which is true and which is not !!..So we have to wait for OLVs and Segments ..Thank u for explaining me about this Pratiksha and Ani !!.

  34. Aishwarya

    Heyy hii guyss how r u all happy to seeu all back to comments gowtham anna how r u n how is ur job????reji and all others how r u all????prathiksha n all others plzzzz tell me that spoilers r true or not n sbs news is true or not plzzz guys i m so confused coz of abhi’s behaviour plzzz clear all my doubts guys n as always abhigya were rocking love u tisha

    • Reji

      Hey hi aishwarya !!..How r u ??..I am very fine !.Happy that u r also back ..I was thinking about ur comment only !!.
      Even I too very confused with spoilers and segments . Some spoilers r predicted andd imaginative stories but some r logically true . And Sbs people were saying Abhi is faking his memory loss . I think Pratiksha said that first Sbs people only confirmed about abhi’s memory so now also they only first said abhi is faking his memory loss . So what they r upto we can’t guess anything ..But one thing is clear Pragya is not aware of this ..so lets wait and watch!

  35. Leenzu

    Thanks Reji. Too bad I use to look forward to them on the weekends.
    Not a fan of supernatural shows.

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Welcome Leenzu . They stopped telecasting kkb on weekends becoz of this supernatural show . Even I don’t watch super natural shows but this is somewhat good but not that much scary like naagin and kawach !!.😁😉

    • Reji

      Ya gowtham anna …Vijay TV is going to telecast kavach in Tamil as Maya Mohini . i know the reason becoz . Sun TV Naagini pottathu naala sun TV trp top ..Zee Tamil Iru malargal pottathu naala Athu vijay TV ya beat panniduchu .So vijay TV naaginiku pottiya kavach serial poduraanga ..But kandippa yaarukkum athu pidikathu . But i was surprise becoz Star vijay eppodhume Star plus la irudhu thaan serial edukkum for example Seethayin Raman (Siya Ke Ram) and En kanavan en thozhan ( Diya aur baati hum) But kavach vanthu colors tv thu Star vijay colors la irundhu serial dub pannurangale ithula problem aagatha ?? ..what do u think anna and guys ??..

      • Narendran

        from when??i did not even see any promo till now..even though i won’t watch any hindi shows in tamil becoz voices will be toooooo bad,..for eg,,raj tv voice are the worst..there won’t be any connection..full of drama..polimer tv ok…zee tv clearly got iru malargal show to raise their trp..but polimer telecasts surya putra karn..which is liked by many people and watched..many stopped watching iru malargal due to dragggging now..but hindi now only little interesting..it will take more than a year in tamil

  36. Sherlin pradhiksha

    I’ve a doubt..reji,shobana,&gowtham…are u Tamils???..actually where do you all live??how do you know Hindi..??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.