Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi to get his credit card statement ready in the morning for her to see. Abhi asks why you are doing this. Pragya talks rudely with him. Tanu tells Aaliya that she has convinced Abhi to marry her. Aaliya says infact Pragya convinced him and says she must have done that because of her gain. They hear Abhi and Pragya talking and try to hear. Abhi tells my Pragya can’t be like this. I don’t want to see her this avatar. Pragya says this is truth, even if you believe it or not. He says so you are not my Pragya. He asks her to pass his test. He says you are the same Pragya whish is shown. He gets closer to her and asks the same question. Abhi asks her to tell that she don’t care when he gets closer to her. He moves her hairs and touches her sensually. Pragya

feels his touch and closes her eyes. Lafzon se jo tha plays…………..Abhi asks her to say that her heart beat don’t raise up with his touch. Pragya says no…….He turns her towards him and asks him to say by looking in his eyes that she don’t love him.

Pragya says I don’t love you. He is about to kiss her and Pragya is moved by the emotions. Abhi says you are lying? You are my Pragya, whom I love and who loves me. Pragya asks why did you stop? Do whatever you want, I feel good. She makes him hold her and asks not to say anything to Tanu as she don’t want any tamasha. Abhi is shocked and feels disgusted. She gets closer to him and says she can pay him for getting closer to her. Abhi says you can’t be my Pragya. Aaliya and Tanu hear everything. Abhi comes out and asks what you were doing here? Tanu says we were confused, how did you come here? Abhi says he will make Pragya apologize to him. He goes back in the room and tells I will throw you out of the house if you mess with me. He comes out and tells Aaliya and Tanu that she didn’t say anything infront of me. Aaliya says tigress has become lamp.

Later Aaliya asks we can’t sit idle. Abhi says it is about my family and Dadi, I don’t want to take a step which will be bad for everyone. Aaliya says we can’t sit without doing anything. Abhi says she has done everything very cleverly. He says we shall find out her weakness and asks for everyone’s support. Everyone say that they are with him. Abhi asks for Dadi’s support. Dadi says I am also with you. Abhi asks everyone to sleep and says we will start the mission tomorrow. Purab calls Bulbul and says he don’t believe. He says Pragya treated him badly and tells everything. Bulbul asks him not to go there. Purab says he can’t leave Abhi alone. Bulbul says I can’t see Pragya insulting you. Purab says we have decided to teach a lesson to her. Bulbul hopes everything gets well.
Abhi comes to room and sees Pragya sleeping on bed. Pragya says room and everything is mine. Tanu asks where he will sleep then. Abhi says I will sleep here only.

Pragya talks to Tanu and says your going to be husband is behaving like a child. Tanu says Abhi will sleep here only. They argue. Pragya says, you are going to marry him who want to sleep with someone else. She says if you are okay with your husband sleeping with someone else then it is okay. Tanu takes Abhi from there. Pragya smiles. Tanu asks how can you sleep with her. Abhi says it means you don’t trust me. He says she is playing mind games with us, and if we agree then she will think I have surrendered. Tanu says I want him to punish her. Abhi says let me go inside and take revenge. Tanu says if she comes on bed then what? Abhi says I will kick her and throw her out of bed. Tanu says promise. Abhi promises her and gives hi five.

Abhi comes back to room and asks Pragya to get up. She asks him to sleep at a side and asks him not to blame her for taking wrong advantage. She warns to send him to jail if he touches her. Abhi sleeps on bed. Pragya thinks please turn towards me…….Today we are in the same room. Abhi thinks it is her plan to send me to Jail. He goes and sleeps on coach, thinking he will sleep her lesson in the morning. Pragya gets up and sees him sleeping. She stares him and thinks to look at him all night. Ho Allah Wariyan plays………………….

Pragya throws water on Abhi. Abhi asks how dare you? And accuses her for throwing water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The main story line is sarala am running marriage hall and she wants to see her two daughters who are poles apart get married one day.so only at the climax both of her daughters will get married till then marriage preparations will come and go,will come and go and divorce ,all these nonsense inbuilt stories will come and go to rise their rating.we have tolerate.but simple thing to expose this pregnancy is too much dragging like that kidnapping .even though they show fake DNA reports abhi the rock star can redo it is he that much dumb.to believe.is serial mey to viswaas,pyaar,baroosa kuch be ko thoda be mathlab he nahe tha.makers at least show some thing that makes sensefull.pragya is saying I will give money if u touch me
    Oh god.make the viewers to get something good from what you r showing God love educating with nice principles becoming ambitious
    Always bringing some other woman in ones life and making his property to be cheated by his own sister and cousins.now wife came to save ,but by giving a negative influence.u guys creativity is a gods gift yaar.use it properly see in all these soaps every husband is used by some other girls.where do our culture go.try to show some good things.or else stop these shit kind of soaps.

  2. Sarthiksharma

    I love this episode very much

  3. According to my point of view, I am sure that only Dadi and Raj are behind the scene helping Pragya. Please notice the Dadi’s reaction. She has enough facial expressions to say that she is with Pragya.
    Raj told Aliya that “Sometimes we have to shake hands with enemies to weigh her strength.” I think these lines are only for Aliya.

  4. It z really disgusting that even pragya’ s mother and sister didn’t believe her.if they are really confused why pragya is behaving like that they should have kept quiet and wait for some time rather than thinking that she is doing al this for money.this is utter nonsense

  5. Guys 1 minute look property belongs to Pragya Mehra not Pragya Arora as pragya dnt divorce abhi

  6. I read so many comments on many sites. Most peoples believes that dadi is with pragya. But my question is dadi is with pragya as a supporter, believer or helper? I also said in my previous comments that it could b possible that dadi could involved with pragya. But I didn’t found anything which proves it that dadi is involved with pragya. Ya but one thing, which we can see clearly that dadi is not against pragya with whole heartedly. I feel that like abhi, dadi also believes that pragya cannot not change and she is hiding something from them. I don’t think so pragya told the truth to dadi when she is unable to tell it to abhi. So according to me dadi is believer of pragya.But if dadi is really involved with pragya then it will b more gud. At least someone will b there for her if she will b in any trouble. Well dadi is involved or not? , for this confirmation, we have to watch some more episodes.

  7. I just.dun get it .why pragya needs to show herself negatively..y can’t she tell abhi or purab abt her plan..they will be aware about it..abhi n dadi do believe pragya..if she tell them d truth,they will react according to it..

  8. Hi Writers , Make the episodes interesting instead of dragging, who is Pragya Supporters outside abhi house ? who is behind it ,Give chance to Pragya to tell the truth to abhi and play the game to bring the truth of both Alaiya and Tanu, where is NIkhil ???? .

  9. guys c serial gossip…

  10. Nic one i like it …..

  11. Its nice to see that abhi didnt take much serious on Pragya’s decision instead of getting angry he s making funny. Thanks to the writers atleast they bring some cute fight between abhigya even though they drag Pragya’s suspense.

  12. New on location update- pragya has become new boss of abhi’s office. Pragya has joined the office and now she is giving instructions to everyone in office to give her every details of office work and accounts. Abhi watches her silently, sitting in a side and giving angry looks to her. Pragya scolds him for his carelessness towards his office. She informs him that 5 lakhs rupees transfers every month from his account for donation but for which Anzio this amount transfers, it doesn’t exist.She informs him that there is a amount of payment pays to his old office which is not now. Abhi scolds her for treating him like a jobless person. He says becoz of her no one is paying attention to him and even they r not watching him. When abhi ready to leaves in anger, pragya says take 100 rupees from the counter before leaving otherwise u have to take bus to go to home. Abhi says he doesn’t need. If he will walk on the road, his fans will give him lift becoz he is a rock star. Pragya gets sad and emotional. Abhi leaves. Then pragya instructs driver to drop abhi to the home. Sriti says to reporters that a wife needs to become strict if her husband goes out of hands. So pragya is doing this.

  13. I like kumkum bhagya:) pragya is looking real sweet now:) love this show more:)

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