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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Purab and Akash that they would have gone to police station and get beaten up. She asks them to come on her side and be safe. Akash says we will also give you same offer, and says they will give her money and asks her to forget about marriage. Purab says your kid will also brought up like you are living in the house. Purab and Akash tell each other that they will jump from car if she continue to talk nonsense. Tanu says I am pregnant. Purab says that’s why you are spared and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Tanu gets irked.

Next morning, Pragya gives prasad to Aaliya. Aaliya says I don’t have trust on puja and don’t eat prasad. She says I will eat it if you give it as sweet. Pragya says you and your friend need sweetness, and says if Abhi wouldn’t

have reached there, then Purab and Akash might have been in trouble. She asks her to make her friend understand. Aaliya asks it means you are scared. Pragya says I don’t get scared by you or Tanu, and says Abhi is your brother. Aaliya says Abhi will realize his mistake soon and will come back to her. She asks her to go. Pragya says you are supporting Tanu even after knowing truth and says this is wrong. She says divorce papers is signed, but divorce is not done yet. She says you both can throw me out. Aaliya thinks to change plan else Pragya can defeat them.

Aaliya comes to Tanu and wakes her up. She asks her to understand the situation. She says if you wait for the legal matters to settle down, then you will not marry. She asks her to get married to Abhi soon. Tanu says how is this possible? Aaliya asks her to marry Abhi in a temple simply. Tanu says what about my dreams? I thought my marriage will be grand. Aaliya gives her example and says I sat on the mandap and forgot about my dreams. She says your baby will be out in 3 months and if his face resembles with Nikhil then??? Tanu gets scared. Aaliya asks her to get ready and says we have to go to your gynaec fast.

Pragya tells Dadi that Abhi want to know what we were doing in lawyer’s office yesterday night. Purab says Di…Pragya says whatever I have to do, I will do. You all will not do anything, and says before she could do anything big, I have to do something. Mitali tells Dadi that tea is not masala tea, and says she is thinking to get spicy news from everyone. Tai ji says Rachna left her baby with me as she went with Dadi. Mitali says I don’t know anything. Dasi asks what happened at night. Mitali says everyone went out and returned at late night. Dadi comes. Dasi says I didn’t do right coming here from my Pind.

Dadi asks what happened? Dasi asks what happened yesterday. Dadi says you was sleeping so I thought not to wake you up. Dadi says okay, I will tell you if there is anything in future and asks her to come. Mitali thinks everyone know now that something happened yesterday.. Aaliya meets Raj and asks did you decide whose side to take. Raj says I am living my life and is not on anyone’s side. Aaliya says Pragya’s politics will be drown. Raj says I don’t need anyone. Aaliya tells Tanu that they shall concentrate on main motive and goes.

Pragya comes to room and stands on a table to do something. Abhi asks if you are hiding your face, and asks about Purab and Akash. Pragya says I don’t do wrong and don’t ask anyone to do wrong. Abhi asks who called you. Pragya says I am hiding the truth for betterment. Abhi says you are hiding truth with different excuse, and says you should be leader. Pragya also argues. Pragya takes out bag from the cupboard. Abhi says I will help you. They have an eye lock while Pragya slips on him. Dholna song plays. Pragya asks him not to give support else she will get habitual to him. Tanu and Aaliya come to Abhi. Tanu gives him report and says her baby will be premature and can be born after 7 months of pregnancy. Abhi says how can he born so soon.

Tanu says it is not a product or a baby, if he is born before our marriage then our name will be ruined. She says we have to marry soon. Aaliya says there is a solution. Abhi says I didn’t ask you. Tanu says I am ready to marry you tomorrow. Abhi says what, you want a lavish wedding. Tanu says if I wait for a lavish wedding then we have to marry holding baby. She says this is our love baby and we have to write his father’s name in the hospital. Abhi says I will not let same thing happen to my baby, and says I am ready to marry you for this baby. Tanu gets happy and kisses him. Abhi says but what I will tell Pragya. Tanu says I will talk to her. She says I am happy that our child will get his papa name. Abhi leaves from there. Aaliya shows thumps up to Tanu.

Pragya asks Dadi where is Purab? Purab comes there. Pragya says I want to tell you that…..Purab gives her sorry card. Pragya gets touched. Purab apologizes to her. Pragya says you are like my younger brother, can’t I get angry on you. She says I have lost Bulbul already, and that’s why gets tensed about you all. She asks him not to take any wrong step. Purab promises that he will not do anything without her consent. Dadi says she is seeing Lakshman and Sita milap. She asks them to end scene else she will get tears. She asks Pragya, what do you think that Tanu will do something. Pragya says she will do something big. Purab says can we request for stay order on the divorce. Pragya says I can’t request as I have signed on the papers. Robin comes and says Tanu is calling you to your room.

Abhi asks Pragya if she remembers their first meeting, and asks can I lift you in my arms again. Pragya looks on emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanku sooo much… you both are just amazing…
    But tanu is still not exposed yaar… Fed up of dragging…

  2. Why they’re dragging this show too much please expose Tanu, reunite Abhi/Pragya and end this show. Dragging won’t help anything it makes fans angry

  3. bt the arresting episode ll nt b tat Gud bec of abhi’s absence.. cvs dragged tis story fr tis long bt they couldn’t wait a single day to shoot the episode wit shabbir.. if shabbir ws thr thn revelation would have been also takn place.. I dnt watch episode strday.. bt sita lakshman example crctly matches thm… I thnk its raj to help abhi…

  4. You are right Fowzi its a big crap

  5. Hello all im new to this group.. i really like your comments Pratiksha Sahiti Shobana Fowzi Gowtham and all ? u guyz are amazing in commenting

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    5. Welcome nadiya
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  6. No not to end this becoz v r too touched and interested by kkb.. and also I have a doubt that bulbul has died or will she come back . Is it true or something secret in this too.plz anybody clear this first

    1. Bulbul vl come back fa sure Shana .. 🙂

  7. bulbul will come back

  8. 7 months….stupid yaar…but from tanu’s body language, and appearance, doesn’t say that she is 7 mnth…. Then about abhi…he could hear everything but except the conversation betwn pragya and tanu..where tanu will tell her truth…everytime he misses this….shobana you said right yesterday abhi’s brain worked when he questns pragya..but what happened when tanu says him about the premature baby…he believes it….

    Now tanu’s marriage….new twist and drama..we expect that the truth will come out a this time..but the writer’s will fool us…I went through the latest spoiler and its written that pragya will stop the marriage with help of police…it is also written that she will come up with all the proof against tanu…but as we cannot trust our writers..this can also be a dream…
    Actually i can’t understand what these writers are thinking about us..does they think that we are loving this track..how could they think so….we people are fed up with track but it seems that the writers are very much intrstd in this never ending track of tanu….
    The only relief was to read the ff which you people post ..it brings back that beautiful moments between Abhigya..it keeps their romance alive…but till 29th that is also not possible….

  9. Nonsense serial….

  10. EKTA i guess this is one of the WORST serial u have produced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. totaly bakwass…………

  12. Hi friends y thr is no ff updates today

    1. Nithi telly updates is not accepting any ffs till April 29 so only I also can’t submit my ff …and no ff updates today…

      1. Ohh..thanks reji for informing me:).

        I was keep on looking to my mobile fr FF updates

  13. arre bhai kitna lamba kheechoge ….thak gaye roj ek jaisi bakwas dekh k khulasa kar do ab to k bacha nikhil ka hai………………………..

  14. Did Pragya not take over all of Abhi’s property? so how does Nikhil claim % form Abhi’S property. Tanu has to realise that even if she marries Abhi, the property will not be automatically transferred from Pragya to Abhi. At the end of the day, we are all watching this show for the excellent perfomance by the actors – the story is illogical and total crap. Absolutely no sense ….

    1. Tanu must have thought of getting Pragya drunk again n get sign on those papers.

      Jokes apart, how they will get the signs was Tanu headache as Nikhil was only forcing her to get those signs for his benefit before Tanu marriage happens with Abhi.

  15. Nw on this track is going like this. Oh ho they dragging this track in anymore. This show is getting worst day by day. When I last see this show they never get the truth out of tanu. And nw also what’s going on director’s mind is he fool us. I really feel bad for purab really missing bulbul I want her backkkk. Sometimes her ideas will give some relief to this vulgar track

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    1. hi sandy ……welcome……

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