Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Purab and Akash that they would have gone to police station and get beaten up. She asks them to come on her side and be safe. Akash says we will also give you same offer, and says they will give her money and asks her to forget about marriage. Purab says your kid will also brought up like you are living in the house. Purab and Akash tell each other that they will jump from car if she continue to talk nonsense. Tanu says I am pregnant. Purab says that’s why you are spared and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Tanu gets irked.

Next morning, Pragya gives prasad to Aaliya. Aaliya says I don’t have trust on puja and don’t eat prasad. She says I will eat it if you give it as sweet. Pragya says you and your friend need sweetness, and says if Abhi wouldn’t

have reached there, then Purab and Akash might have been in trouble. She asks her to make her friend understand. Aaliya asks it means you are scared. Pragya says I don’t get scared by you or Tanu, and says Abhi is your brother. Aaliya says Abhi will realize his mistake soon and will come back to her. She asks her to go. Pragya says you are supporting Tanu even after knowing truth and says this is wrong. She says divorce papers is signed, but divorce is not done yet. She says you both can throw me out. Aaliya thinks to change plan else Pragya can defeat them.

Aaliya comes to Tanu and wakes her up. She asks her to understand the situation. She says if you wait for the legal matters to settle down, then you will not marry. She asks her to get married to Abhi soon. Tanu says how is this possible? Aaliya asks her to marry Abhi in a temple simply. Tanu says what about my dreams? I thought my marriage will be grand. Aaliya gives her example and says I sat on the mandap and forgot about my dreams. She says your baby will be out in 3 months and if his face resembles with Nikhil then??? Tanu gets scared. Aaliya asks her to get ready and says we have to go to your gynaec fast.

Pragya tells Dadi that Abhi want to know what we were doing in lawyer’s office yesterday night. Purab says Di…Pragya says whatever I have to do, I will do. You all will not do anything, and says before she could do anything big, I have to do something. Mitali tells Dadi that tea is not masala tea, and says she is thinking to get spicy news from everyone. Tai ji says Rachna left her baby with me as she went with Dadi. Mitali says I don’t know anything. Dasi asks what happened at night. Mitali says everyone went out and returned at late night. Dadi comes. Dasi says I didn’t do right coming here from my Pind.

Dadi asks what happened? Dasi asks what happened yesterday. Dadi says you was sleeping so I thought not to wake you up. Dadi says okay, I will tell you if there is anything in future and asks her to come. Mitali thinks everyone know now that something happened yesterday.. Aaliya meets Raj and asks did you decide whose side to take. Raj says I am living my life and is not on anyone’s side. Aaliya says Pragya’s politics will be drown. Raj says I don’t need anyone. Aaliya tells Tanu that they shall concentrate on main motive and goes.

Pragya comes to room and stands on a table to do something. Abhi asks if you are hiding your face, and asks about Purab and Akash. Pragya says I don’t do wrong and don’t ask anyone to do wrong. Abhi asks who called you. Pragya says I am hiding the truth for betterment. Abhi says you are hiding truth with different excuse, and says you should be leader. Pragya also argues. Pragya takes out bag from the cupboard. Abhi says I will help you. They have an eye lock while Pragya slips on him. Dholna song plays. Pragya asks him not to give support else she will get habitual to him. Tanu and Aaliya come to Abhi. Tanu gives him report and says her baby will be premature and can be born after 7 months of pregnancy. Abhi says how can he born so soon.

Tanu says it is not a product or a baby, if he is born before our marriage then our name will be ruined. She says we have to marry soon. Aaliya says there is a solution. Abhi says I didn’t ask you. Tanu says I am ready to marry you tomorrow. Abhi says what, you want a lavish wedding. Tanu says if I wait for a lavish wedding then we have to marry holding baby. She says this is our love baby and we have to write his father’s name in the hospital. Abhi says I will not let same thing happen to my baby, and says I am ready to marry you for this baby. Tanu gets happy and kisses him. Abhi says but what I will tell Pragya. Tanu says I will talk to her. She says I am happy that our child will get his papa name. Abhi leaves from there. Aaliya shows thumps up to Tanu.

Pragya asks Dadi where is Purab? Purab comes there. Pragya says I want to tell you that…..Purab gives her sorry card. Pragya gets touched. Purab apologizes to her. Pragya says you are like my younger brother, can’t I get angry on you. She says I have lost Bulbul already, and that’s why gets tensed about you all. She asks him not to take any wrong step. Purab promises that he will not do anything without her consent. Dadi says she is seeing Lakshman and Sita milap. She asks them to end scene else she will get tears. She asks Pragya, what do you think that Tanu will do something. Pragya says she will do something big. Purab says can we request for stay order on the divorce. Pragya says I can’t request as I have signed on the papers. Robin comes and says Tanu is calling you to your room.

Abhi asks Pragya if she remembers their first meeting, and asks can I lift you in my arms again. Pragya looks on emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ekta mittal

    R u guys mad..u are only dragging this rubbish..i think this serial should be banned soon…otherwise u guys will continue to make fool to others.

  2. :)

    Lol 7 months premature? ??? R the writers of kkb from planet Jupiter where time is slower than our earth time???? Lolz????

  3. WTH

    Does Abhi have a brain? Shouldn’t he want to know which one of his “family” has set him up before marrying the pregnant sl*t – Tanu???

  4. Sandra Ramsook

    7 mths when it is well over a year Tanu pregnant?.is she making an elephant? Or perhaps the writers may say she is having some god like Ram or Hanuman so that’s why she is pregnant for over 1 year.Apparently they have ran out of new storylines so wjy don’t they just end the serial .

  5. shobana

    If Im not wrong tanu said that the baby can born aft 7 months which means she is 3 months pregnant women eh ???? I really shocked on it. Whether I understood correct or not??? Or did she said that the baby will born in 7 th month???
    pls someone clear me this doubt.

    And yesterday prathiksha was right alia manipulated tanu to ask abhi for marriage.
    Raj said that he was taking either sides. First he said that he will help from all bad things. Now he is telling that he thinks abt only his life maybe he might have said that to make alia believe that he is not helping abhi. So that alia doesn’t get to know abt his involvement and she wont plan anything against him.
    Abhi is very curious to know about the truth. He believes that pragya is hiding something from him. Yesterday abhi’s brain worked good. The question he asked pragya which she was not answerable. Pragya said that she is right and he too knws abt it. Which means abhi believes pragya and she will not do anything wrong. If his brain works against tanu then it will be good.

    • Fowziya

      Shobb all the things I’ve noticed u said it.. I thought the same, Raj might act in front of these evils, its just a pretense, as u said so they wont know about his involment!
      Annd coming to Tanu’s pregnancy, i too have a doubt Shob.. i think she meant to said that her baby can born at any time, like she is passing the stage of 6 months ?

    • I think now she is 7mnths pregnant
      That’s y she is telling that the baby vl born anytime
      This is Aliya’s plan i think.. Am i right?

    • gowtham

      no shobana.. they are manipulating abhi by saying premature baby… which means now she ia nearing 7 mnths.. so baby can born anytime aftr this….. this is wat they meant…. and during concert itself they have mentioned like 5 mnth pregnant so there is no way to be at 3 mnths…

    • Ya shobhna aaliya manipulated tanu but gud fact is this that they r ready to go for wedding without divorce processure completion. They have become so much over confident in hurry and that’s advantage pragya took to stop the marriage with stay orders on it. Now logically tabhi’s can’t get married until the completion of divorce processure. And according to dadi’s converstation, they said that they have two and a half month for completion of divorce processure. So let’s see how much early before thus time period CVS will show it’s climax or again they will use this time to drag? And shobhna according to doctor’s report, tanu is in her month of 7 of her pregnancy period and she have a premature baby which can b delivered in anytime in this month. All this was a plan of taaliya to force abhi for early marriage before the divorce by using this excuse that baby can b born at anytime now so before it they should get married, otherwise it will b shameful for them if baby will b delivered before their marriage. Lol!? She is roaming with baby bump without marriage since so many days then she is not feeling shame or the peoples r partial blind who will see her baby in cheap way if it will b born before marriage. What an awsum excuse she used. Abd what she said that it is their love sign means tabhi’s and it will b call as illegitimate child if it will born before their marriage. Firstly the baby is not abhi’s we knows and secondly, baby will always remain illegitimate becoz it’s not a sign of anyone’s love but a sign of one night stand without any legal relationship. She is living in own wonderland or in big misunderstanding which can break and finish only by her exposure. Anyways, i have ignored all her part becoz i was happy from this fact that wedding is going to stop by pragya and we will get a chance to see her worth watching defeated face again. So till then, I don’t care of her actions and scenes. Just waiting for abhi’s response and pragya’s next move after stopping marriage.

      • shobana

        Yes prathiksha
        when tanu manipulated abhi and took pragya’s signature in divorce paper u said that it will be tanu’s last victory. Its absolutely true. Aft that only this lawyer office incident came in which tanu was not able to get promise from pragya that she will not interrupt in marriage rituals and now her next step getting married to abhi which is also going to be a failure one.
        This is a good sign that these many days only pragya was in the loosing side now the game has reversed and tanu is in the loosing side.
        So im eagerly waiting for tanu abhi marriage to see tanu’s defeat once again.

      • indu

        hi pratiksha..did u see phote of srija and group srija is looking fuggy avthavar…….did u explian that one plz…….

      • OK. About which pic u r talking, this is the offscreen party pic of them where sriti and other co stars like Leena, arijit and all r gathered for some celebration but at soneother place. It’s their private party.

  6. naren

    It’s seems like pragya looks more confident but don’t know what is the reason she have to stop the marriage. when she stopped the marriage shabbir didn’t tell a single word. waiting to see for the epi

    • Fowziya

      It was a dupe of Shabbir.. so obviously they won’t show his face.. he was in Canada past 2-3 days, yesterday only he had returned 🙂

  7. teaa

    these writers become a big joker
    lol lo lol till next three months
    tanu is getting .baby
    Da how much month 18 months hehehehe KKB fans became.joker behind these.joker.Writters

  8. Fowziya

    So one thing got cleared.. Raj is not on Abhi’s side right ? I mean he said that he is not on anyone’s side so he could not help for Abhigya’s struggles or maybe he just acts ahead of these evils.. but okay it doesn’t matter lol..
    Coming to today’s episode, that emotional talk between Pragya n Purab was lovely ☺
    Tanu’s baby ll be premature, n can born after 7 months? ?
    What a crap ! Oh come on this pregnancy drama had started it has going to b one year..Cvs always shows us some illogical stuffs..

      • Fowziya

        Ama Shobb me too missing Bulbul ? her acting skills were seriously too good but unfortunetly Bulbul aka Mrunal Takur had left the show..

      • Aarthi

        really yaar..i too miss bulbul a lot..and nowadays..bulbul frequently comes in pragya’s conversatn..so i hope she will return soon

  9. Naveed ,USA

    Abhi is really a dumb,how come he sits quiet while he has seen with his own eye that every member of his family was there,If nobody is telling him the truth,he should go to the lawyer and with the help of police should find out the truth.
    Dadi shouldn’t hide anything from Abhi now,why Abhi will not believe his dadi?

  10. Don’t forget that in the series one day’s events can be captured in several episodes. So one day’s event can be shown for about a week. This means that the number of days, weeks or months in Kumkum bhagya story will be less than the number of days, weeks or months we have used to watch. This explains why Tanu’s pregnancy is not as old as we thought.

  11. Fan

    Everyone here who is tired of Kumkum should really switch to Meri Saasu Maa and Ek tha raja Ek thi rani… Those shows always go well with no dragging, nice plot twists and turns only!!!! Just a suggestion…

  12. madhu

    Hiii Tamil frnds …..iru malargal repeat telecast endha time ku poduvaganu soluga plss……….

  13. Sahithi

    One thing from episode, when Abhi was asking Pragya who called her to the lawyer office, why is she not asking who called him and why did he reach thr in middle of night.

    Instead of trying to escape answering couldn’t she have asked him samething.

    • That’s what I was thinking too sahithi at that time. She should ask from him. But looks like, CVS doesn’t want to reveal that person’s name for now.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, they may not want to reveal the name of who called Abhi, but it would have been sensible for Pragya to ask that question. Is she not curious to know how come Abhi reached there? Why is Pragya character always in defensive mode, as if she is on wrong side of things. She was acting and behaving as if she wants to escape from Abhi’s questions.

      I wanted to see what will be Abhi’s reaction if he is asked same question. Because he says he is always on side of truth, what will be his response.

      • Nithi

        I agree with you Sahithi. Y pragyaIis so dumb. As she is behaving like tat she has done a mistake. Even in frontbof tanu n aliya too. She always keeping quite wenever they r taunting her n she is always doing their favour side. Y cant she become rude atleadt for those vamps.

        im getting angry while seeibg those scenes

      • Sahithi

        Pragya need not be rude, she can be more assertive. If the makers want to drag the show, let them drag. But they can show more sensible stuff. Better conversation between the ppl. Yesterday Pragya and team were discussing in Daadi’s room again n again. But they dont even have anything solid to discuss. They dont have any plan, they are thinking divorce procedure will go for 2-3 months, so we have time. And they keep the doors wide open when Robin comes n informs about Tanu.

        Writers can well avoid such flaws easily, they can show better scenes.

  14. Sangeetha

    What?? How can the baby born so soonnnn… Abhi are you a fool why u are asking such a foolish question

  15. gowtham

    one thing good about tdays episode is dadi saying sita and lakshmana… that scene was awesome…. comparing purab and prgya is quiet good to me…. and again one thing irritates me…. taliya tries to manipulate abhi many timea to marry tanu… but at that time and all he juz givr excuses… but juz fr the sake of his unborn and fr the wrd premature baby, he agrees fr marriage….. that include next day itself..cvs thinking about the patience of the audience… so to keep them engage or to stuck wd this drama juz one knot they are giving….. but obviously its a known fact and tdays episode also proving that.. since abhgya are not legally divorced, prgay ll come and stops that marriage…. its very clear…. so the next week epiosdes also we can able to predict.. nothing more…. but as fr as i concerned, the only good thing is tanu ll be in loosing side…. and m happy…. and also about raj behaviour… we cant say anything now…. coz on the day whn mitali told about divorce he was shocked whch shows his concerns towards abhi.. but now he says he is not on anyones side… so it may a diversion fr taliya or he simply meant that…. so nothing cant be confirmed now… and by abhis speech, i thnk he knws all hiding something.. but hes is unable to relate it wd tanu… by his speech its very clear…. he says the wrd his child….. so that itself clearly saying that abhi is not upto anythng…. and aaliya s plan is different i guess… i thnk she is helping tanu so that no one can send her out frm mm or she can help pragya too so that she can gain some trust and also be in mm.. to gain that trust only she would have called abhi.. this is my guess… and more thing i wanna add whenever o see mitali and tayiji together i can surly say its for the purpose of dragging…. coz they wont have any nice chats… but their cmdy aspects are good…but its useless only…. and do tanu looks like end of 6 mnth pregnant lady?? it’s my biggest doubt whn they talked to abhi….

    • Ya gowtham abhi is ready for marriage on next day for baby. He is not up to something and even still couldn’t connect anything to tanu. He have just started looking things in suspicion. After returning back, he is only doing inquiry from pragya only. Nikhil, tanu these peoples r not roaming even in any corner of his mind for doubt and he is not silo much bothered to confront nikhil about that deal’s papers as he was saying to nikhil that he will talk with him tomorrow. But he is not doing anything about it. Looks like, he is doubting only on pragya, he is much bothered on this fact that what pragya was doing there and hiw she will reach there. And it seems like he is doubting that matter is related to their divorce becoz lawyer was the best lawyer of divorce matters. But after stopping marriage by pragya, if he have brain and still left ability to catching exact thing then he could guess that something is definetly going on between pragya and tanu, that’s why pragya is not ready to let him marry with tanu and tanu wants marriage with him as soon as possible and that’s why they both were doing something last night in lawyer’s office. Whatever excuse pragya will give for this to abhi for stopping the marriage, he should think that when pragya was ready to support him in divorce and was almost ready for tabhi’s wedding, so what changed her mind suddenly. And about raaj so he is still an unsolved mystery. May b he will give his support against taaliya but indirectly but definetly he will not b the one who will expose taaliya. So I don’t think so that his role will b important to think. I said na gowtham that CVS will not give clear picture of anything until the climax. They will keep busy us by puzzled segments, scenes and the story if the track until the climax. So I think we should only watch what they r showing and then we should give our comments and views on that. Rest of guess work will not work completely until we will remain puzzled by confusing storyline.

      • shobana

        But prathiksha if raj is not going to play a vital role in exposure there is no need to show him right. These many days he was invisible. When tanu’s drama is nearing its climax raj gave an entry. Is this to confuse us or the showed raj because he is involved in exposure??
        I think we have wait for some time to get to knw what’s going on in raj’s mind

      • Shobhna I said na that we can’t get exact thing until the story line will remain puzzled and confusing for us. So don’t think too much and don’t bother ur mind.

  16. Nandu

    Hehee…I m jst laughng aftr watchng today’s epi…hahhaa..again proved abhi is dumb…lol….n precap…may B dat scene is aftr tanu came to pragyas room in bridal attire..to taunt pragya…n aftr dat pragya is sad n abhi cmes n the precap scene..aftr dat again pragya says.to herself u hav given me himmat..hosla…blah..blah..I vl fyt..something for the past 6months…lol..hahaha

  17. heidi

    Whahahhahaha KKB still the same stupid storyline Unbelievable Why is Tanu still in the show??? The score for KKb zero zero zero Thank you!!!!

  18. Naveen

    Pragya stop marriage by police and she will till to tanu i am conconecision and taken the sign in divorce paper it’s not correct tanu slap to Pragya and she will stop the slap

  19. Reji

    Sorry guys for the late comment yesterday my mom dragged me to my aunt’s house ….she delivered a cute baby….it came only to me…..i played with her the whole day….and yesterday night only i returned. ..but thank god zee tv and zee tamil worked in my aunt’s house …so i watched kkb and IM …but i can’t use my internet becoz there signal was weak ….now tell me guys …tabhi’s marriage will not happen na???who is going to expose tanu ??pls tell me guys…

    • Reji pragya will stop tabhi’s marriage by using divorce papers matter becoz tabhi r going to marry without the completion of divorce processor. They can’t get married until pragya will not get separate from abhi by his marriage completely after divorce. Legally, Abhi is still pragya’s husband so tanu can’t marry with him. And reji tanu’s exposure is still left and pending beciz of shabbir’s trip of Canada but he has came back now and second reason is aaliya aka shika Singh’s real wedding in few days. So we have to wait for exposure for sometimes more.

      • Brintha

        prathiksha, i agree they hv look after their personal lifealso they can’t work 24/7 for 365 days.. but they wud hv worked extra hours for the fans who are waiting for more than a year.. for such a sensational climax.. whn they go for their personal works they hv to complete their work befire they go… this is not cast mistake… this is absolutely makers mistake… they wud hv taken these shits before only… we hv ti wait and watch till they cone back.. we hv to waste tine knowingly… what a injustice to the loyal fans..

      • Sahithi

        Brintha, do u think it is because of unavailability of actors. I think it is just an excuse. Because Shabir’s trip is for Zee Tv event only for which logistics would have been decided long back and Shikha announced her marriage date like few months back. Also, they didnt show Pragya with any plan or gathering any proofs.

        In the promo, they only mentioned that Pragya will fight for her kumkum and will she be able to stop marriage. I think it is not mentioned that Tanu’s truth will come out. Even during Holi when there was a promo showing some recording, it didnt expose Tanu. So I was personally doubtful if Tanu’s truth will come out during the marriage this week, as Nikhil cant let marriage happen so easily, so as Pragya, without the divorce completing.

      • Agree with u brintha and sahithi. Even I always against of this from the day one that actors have their personal issues but it is also their responsibilities that their work shouldn’t effect becoz of their personal issues and works and mostly it’s CVS responsibility to manage their story line but in an improving way which should b logical and fair to the audience. But sahithi yesterday’s wedding sequence which they shot, shabbir was actually not present but they used his dupe na. But now when shabbir has came back then it’s CVS responsibility to end this crap and track soon. For exposure of tanu, there r only four peoples r needed- Abhi, pragya, tanu and nikhil. If they r available so they should keep shikha’s role aside by doing some changes in storyline until her marriage and if they need a villain to stay in the show after tanu then they can take a break for sometimes after exposure till shikha’s come back after her marriage. Already they have been showed so much negativity since long now it’s time to give us some break from all this and let us enjoy abhigya’s love story. But we can’t do anything except thinking as everything depends on producers and CVS. According to the present storyline, exposure should come next and last. But let’s see what cvs will show?

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha and others, I dont get the argument that Shabir or Shikha missing is causing delay in exposing Tanu. I am not sure if I put it clearly, so just re-posting my thoughts.

        Like any profession, ppl are entitled to take time off for their personal work or emergencies or vacations or festivals or the number of days they get per month as their leave. The reporters of some news channel mentioned that Shabir absence as reason so why are we taking their words seriously. The same reporters have been saying Tanu will be xposed now, Tanu truth will be out now from so many months. Nowhere is the channel showing an official promo, or the production house made a statement about upcoming track or the actors said about the track. It is more like audience is eager to see Tanu exposure so everyone assuming Tanu truth will be out during this marriage.

        Putting aside availability of actors and the discussion on that, as per the current story from last 1-2 weeks, how does anyone think Tanu will be exposed now, if she is not when Pragya took watchman getup, during the concert in the vanity van or when Ronnie made her confess. All the actors were available then, there were proofs in hand of Pragya, but nothing came out of it, right.

        Pragya just signed the divorce papers, Nikhil trying to snatch Abhi’s property before marriage, which is like in deadlock. Until the divorce thing is cleared, there is no way Tanu marriage will happen, and that is what Pragya is doing by stopping marriage abruptly. Some unexpected twist should come up, as Pragya exhausted all options n Tanu has to handle Nikhil before she gets married.

        Two options – Suddenly on day of marriage Sarla should get up from bed and come tell truth in front of everyone. Here Sarla is main person, they can even manage with dupes for others.
        Last option is Abhi finds himself about what is happening around, who is meeting whom, and who is helping Nikhil. This wont happen in 1-2 days, will take atleast 1 week.

      • Sahithi there is no need to arguments with each other here and u don’t need to explain urself more. I understood what r u trying to say that there could n no excuse for delaying tanu’s exposure, it’s one and only reason is CVS dragging, Which they will keep continue until they will get gud trps and popularity with this track. I m completely agree with u.

    • shobana

      Reji how is the baby and the mother are they all fine ???

      Pragya is going to stop the marriage since with out divorce procedures marriage is going to happen and as of now tanu is not going to be exposed

      • ya shobana mom and baby …they all r fine……so pragya is going to stop the marriage …….thanks for the info……..

    • Ammu

      Hi Reji,Pratiksha,

      I have a doubt when pragya left the home that she got sign for divorce papers right? Ie mean already they are divorced. Even with tanu she told that time she got sign for property papers.

      • Ammu ……..actually u r right…….they r divorce papers only and abhigya r divorced……..but pragya to find out the villains she lied to him that they r property papers ……..so evrythng will belong to her………..and if she use this and say to tanu means……..marriage can’t happen ….so only this drama…………

      • No ammu and reji abhigya r not already divorced and it has been clear by purab and dadi in a past episode that their divorce papers was not submitted in court on the time, in fact it was vanished from there as the lawyer whom dadi gave the papers to handle, he was gone to Delhi and didn’t came back to completion the divorce matter. So abhigya r still married until their divorce will happen with complete legal processor.

      • oh thank u pratiksha actually i didn’t watch that properly …….anyways …..now abhigya r not divorced ……so with this only pragya is stopping tabhi’s marriage……. and tanu’s exposure only i am waiting……..and shabbir and shikha shuld return to the sets soon……..then only exposure will get finished …….pratiksha any information that when shabbir and shikha r returning to the sets…….

      • Ammu

        Hi pratiksha,

        im not talking about the current divorce paper, Im talking about the divorce paper which is happend before one year when pragya doesnt know abt the tanu’s truth.

        I remember very well,Pragya wantly told tanu that she didnt get divorce then how she will marry abhi.

      • Ammu I m also telling about that divorce papers on which pragya took abhi’s signature before leaving. Pragya thought that they have been divorced but when she sent purab to the court to get to know the status of their divorce that if they r divorced or not? Then after that night when abhi took pragya’s sign in drunken situation, in next morning when pragya asks purab about her past divorce papers status then purab told to pragya that those papers was not submitted in the court by lawyer at the right time so divorce didn’t happened. And abhi pragya r still married.

      • shobana

        Yes ammu abt that divorce papers only prathiksha said. That papers also didn’t reach court.

  20. Kkb_hater_for_now

    Lol.. Reading comments are more interesting than watching or reading the updates.. #fed_up #irritated i had quit watching kkb… Used to read updates randomly with some hope.. Unfortunately my hopes are all in vein…

  21. Pavithra

    The latest spoiler alert is that pragya will stop abhi tanu marriage with the help of police saying that tanu got sign in divorce papers when she was unconsciuos

  22. Ketki

    Hey all … I am new here but i am silent reader of your comments ..
    specially Pratiksha , Sahithi, Shobhna, reji , gowtham
    plzzzz all be my friendddddd..

  23. Brintha

    conversation tells 2.5 months process divorce… tanu telling 7th month delivery.. so tanu is in 5th or which month or hw many days left over. finally tanu baby will resemble nikhil.. so the baby inly is going to reveal t truth… ????

    • gowtham

      ha ha like u said….. baby only will reveal the truth? yesterday aaliya also mentions that…. wat if abhi marries tanu and aftr the delivery, when he comes to know baby resembles nikhil….. thn wat abhi ll do???? ?

      • Brintha

        abd in yesterday’s alia tanu conversation before marriage delivery happens and baby resembles like nikhil, abhi will not marry tanu.. ok.. but after marriage the baby born and resembles like nikhil… god knows this takhlia team will do plastic surgery to baby to resemble like abhi… ???

      • gowtham

        ha ha who knows… all possible in kkb only…. finally one big twist,, babys real father is abhi only…. ha ha trp goes to zero…. ?

      • gowtham

        yes shobana… she is having that much of humour sense…. i told her yesterday itself… nice to read yr comments brintha.. keep rocking….

  24. Ashika

    Just requesting all the viewers to boycott this serial for a while let the trp fall then the makers will understand orelse they will keep on dragging this crap

    • Trisha

      Ok… Thought they would have used the same track from Barsaat where Bobby Deol forgot to sign the divorce papers n at the last minute the lawyer would rush in and stop the wedding.

    • Trisha

      I was wondering the same thing Praharsha… How did Abhi know where exactly to find them… That man is not even his lawyer lol… N i doubt Purab or Akash called him… And who called Dadi there?

  25. Jyoti Sen

    the serial is utterly useless. tannu itni buri lgti hai ki kuch to uski wajah se vi log serial nhi dekhte honge.or ye kya hai hmesha tannu hi jitti hai to pragya ko rkha kyu hai sirf harne ke liye agr koi seen smjh nhi aa raha to serial hi band kr do na vohi gise pite villain. mene 4 mahine pehle jo seen dekha tha vo ab vi vahi chal rha hai BAKWAAAAAAAAAS…..
    please stop the serial and band the serial……..hatttttttttt BAKWAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS.

  26. gowtham

    shobana we cant predict anythng in rajs case…. cvs intentionally put him in the scene to confuse us…. he juz comes two scenes now…. so it doesn’t mean he can be a part in exposure…. and for making people like us discussing about him deeply, cvs maybe put him in screen…. as fr as others we can atleast predict something.. but for raj, its in total misery only….

    and reji how is the baby?? boy or girl?? i love girl babies alot….. they look cuter than the boys… juz my view….

    • gowtham it’s a girl baby…….she was so cute…….she stayed only with me so whole day i played with her……..and ya even me too…i like girl babies……..but boy babies r also cute ……….but girl babies r cute more than them….!! and raj’s entry is confusing me u r ryt…..i think CVS r taking the track with so much of confusions……….

      • gowtham

        thats y kkb is in top position in trp….. misery always…. and nethu IM paathya…. athule whn prgya comes and hugs abhi oru song ll run…. athu ena movie ena song nu theriuma??? lady voice

    • shobana

      Yes gowtham we can’t predict anything now . As u and prathiksha said he maybe present to confuse us . His presence is totally mysterious.
      I was thinking abt sarla ma. Tanu should visit sarla ma at least twice or thrice in a week. Then only sarla ma will get energy booster and she will completely recover soon.

    • razia

      Gowtham .. I too felt wierd wid tat song .. Wt was tat na .. Bt I blend wid the situation bt enamo oru madhri irndhuchu .. Dunno wt movie it was from .. I’m happy atleeast they re using raja rani theme atleas as polimer TV does ..

      • gowtham

        aama razia… and u knw wat.. hindi songs vida tamil collection nala select panaranga…. did u note that???

  27. Ketki

    Thanku sooo much… you both are just amazing…
    But tanu is still not exposed yaar… Fed up of dragging…

  28. Priya

    Why they’re dragging this show too much please expose Tanu, reunite Abhi/Pragya and end this show. Dragging won’t help anything it makes fans angry

  29. navi

    bt the arresting episode ll nt b tat Gud bec of abhi’s absence.. cvs dragged tis story fr tis long bt they couldn’t wait a single day to shoot the episode wit shabbir.. if shabbir ws thr thn revelation would have been also takn place.. I dnt watch episode strday.. bt sita lakshman example crctly matches thm… I thnk its raj to help abhi…

  30. Nadiya

    Hello all im new to this group.. i really like your comments Pratiksha Sahiti Shobana Fowzi Gowtham and all ? u guyz are amazing in commenting

  31. Shana

    No not to end this becoz v r too touched and interested by kkb.. and also I have a doubt that bulbul has died or will she come back . Is it true or something secret in this too.plz anybody clear this first

  32. Aarthi

    7 months….stupid yaar…but from tanu’s body language, and appearance, doesn’t say that she is 7 mnth…. Then about abhi…he could hear everything but except the conversation betwn pragya and tanu..where tanu will tell her truth…everytime he misses this….shobana you said right yesterday abhi’s brain worked when he questns pragya..but what happened when tanu says him about the premature baby…he believes it….

    Now tanu’s marriage….new twist and drama..we expect that the truth will come out a this time..but the writer’s will fool us…I went through the latest spoiler and its written that pragya will stop the marriage with help of police…it is also written that she will come up with all the proof against tanu…but as we cannot trust our writers..this can also be a dream…
    Actually i can’t understand what these writers are thinking about us..does they think that we are loving this track..how could they think so….we people are fed up with track but it seems that the writers are very much intrstd in this never ending track of tanu….
    The only relief was to read the ff which you people post ..it brings back that beautiful moments between Abhigya..it keeps their romance alive…but till 29th that is also not possible….

    • Reji

      Nithi telly updates is not accepting any ffs till April 29 so only I also can’t submit my ff …and no ff updates today…

  33. jashan

    arre bhai kitna lamba kheechoge ….thak gaye roj ek jaisi bakwas dekh k khulasa kar do ab to k bacha nikhil ka hai………………………..

  34. Amu

    Did Pragya not take over all of Abhi’s property? so how does Nikhil claim % form Abhi’S property. Tanu has to realise that even if she marries Abhi, the property will not be automatically transferred from Pragya to Abhi. At the end of the day, we are all watching this show for the excellent perfomance by the actors – the story is illogical and total crap. Absolutely no sense ….

    • Sahithi

      Tanu must have thought of getting Pragya drunk again n get sign on those papers.

      Jokes apart, how they will get the signs was Tanu headache as Nikhil was only forcing her to get those signs for his benefit before Tanu marriage happens with Abhi.

  35. Nw on this track is going like this. Oh ho they dragging this track in anymore. This show is getting worst day by day. When I last see this show they never get the truth out of tanu. And nw also what’s going on director’s mind is he fool us. I really feel bad for purab really missing bulbul I want her backkkk. Sometimes her ideas will give some relief to this vulgar track

  36. sandy

    Hi prathiksha… U never reply to my comment as u do for others…?. M also a silent reader n just waits fr yo comment… Good jib keep it up?

    • gowtham

      so sad sandy….. but pratiksha never does like that… she ll reply all…. she might not seen your msg… dnt mistake her…. dnt wry she ll reply…

    • ya gowtham is ryt…….pratiksha replies to evryne…….i think she might not seen ur comment before…….don’t mistake her ……she will see ur comment and reply and keep commenting sandy ……soon tabhi’s marriage will be stopped by pragya!!…..

  37. sheetha

    Our group is getting bigger and bigger day by day…i wish Telly updates to bring notification option? .. It will be very useful for us .. And thanks to prathiksha reji, , sahithi, shobana, brintha, this is becous of u pepole.. Many of uscoming here for ur comments.. Now a days i spend most of my time here only .. And thanks u all other frends …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.