Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul bringing Mamaji after his makeover. Pragya and Dadi get stunned with his makeover. Mama ji says he is Mangal singh. Bulbul asks her to call Aaliya. Pragya calls Aaliya and asks her to come to New Era hotel. Aaliya tells I can’t come there as many people know me there. Pragya says I have convinced my boss to meet you with much difficulty. Aaliya says she will meet him near her house and fixes meeting for 8:30 pm. Pragya says I will talk to him. Pragya, Dadi and Bulbul get happy. Aaliya tells Dadi that she made delicious food. Abhi says it is good. Aaliya asks Pragya to come and have food. Abhi says if she have food, then atleast she won’t drink our blood. Aaliya asks Ronnie to serve Pragya. Everyone have food and likes it. Taiji asks Dadi to get Aaliya

married. Abhi coughs and Pragya gets up being concerned. Dadi gets up and asks what happened? Abhi tells I know why I did get a cough, as someone bad eye fell on me. Payal cries and hugs Ronnie. Ronnie thinks if I am seeing a dream?

Payal says she is very sad and thinks she did a mistake by doing job here. She tells she has many responsibilities and asks how she will get her mum treated. Ronnie says I will give you money. Payal says I can’t take money from you. Ronnie insists and gives her 1000 Rs. Payal tells I need 5000 Rs. Ronnie gives her 5000 and more. Payal says how you will manage now? Ronnie says it is your boss money. Payal gives him 10 Rs. and asks to drink tea. Abhi comes. Payal gives him money. Abhi says good, I got more money. Ronnie tells Pragya that Payal has looted him. Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya calls her mad, and says whoever works for free is mad. She says you are fool and I made you fool. They argue and start fighting. Payal asks him to leave her else she will file case against him. Pragya says I will cut your pocket money. Abhi says I will make you leave this house. They argue. Ronnie tells Payal that he will settle scores with her.

Bulbul knocks on the washroom asking Mama ji to come out. Mama ji comes out and tells her that he has a bad stomach. Dadi comes. Bulbul tells Dadi that Mama ji has a upset stomach and is in bathroom. They get tensed. Bulbul asks Dadi to sit and attends Purab’s call. She tells she is busy. Purab asks where are you? Bulbul says I will meet you tomorrow and disconnects the call. Purab thinks what to do now. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi says we shall have party. He says he managed to get money from Pragya and asks him to meet. Purab calls Bulbul again and says he is going out for party asking her not to disturb him. Bulbul says okay and disconnects the call. Pragya thinks Dadi and Bulbul might be waiting for her. Abhi comes out of washroom. Pragya sees him and asks why she didn’t hear any noise. Abhi says he is going out. Pragya says it is good as she has some important work to do. Abhi says he is superstar, rockstar Abhi, and asks her to do Yoga. He sprays something on her and says he is going so she shall enjoy. Pragya thinks it is good that he went.

Abhi sees Aaliya going in a hurry. Aaliya tells her car tyre is punctured and she has to go somewhere. Pragya hears her. Abhi offers to drop Aaliya. While in car, Pragya asks Abhi to drive fast. Abhi argues with her. Aaliya shows the way and tells about the hotel. Pragya thinks Aaliya needs to go in the evening, then why she is going now. She thinks Aaliya might be cross checking the place. She wonders what to do.

Pragya tells Dadi and Bulbul that Aaliya reached the hotel. Aaliya tells we shall inform her that Producer got ill.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. tasnim

    @H hasan.,…thank u so much ….wish u n [email protected] d frnds *_**EID MUBARAK….*** hasan again thanks 4 ur fast n nice update each n evry episode lots of wishes 4 u

  2. Deepika

    What’s that abhi calling payal?? Chan Chang or Chang chang??? Whats it mean??? It’s something cute when pronounce… I think Ronnie makes funnier and cuter scenes than abhi now a days.. just show more sis-bro bond between pragya and Ronnie. Because it’s better to see than the dragging abhigya’s confusion part..

  3. chithu55

    Nikki..i am afraid that Pragya should not be trapped in her own plan..becoz since the person who is acting as producer is her Mama ji..if Aaliya is trapped, she is capable of inversing the entire situation..by putting the blame on Pragya..but i think Pragya-Bulbul-Dadi’s plan are not much strong enough for a person like Aaliya..and also today Pragya and Dadi were gesturing each other when all the other persons were in the dining hall..and Tanu was seeing Pragya.. i think they need to be more careful..otherwise they will be easily caught and will be put in a damn bad situation…

    • Chithu I had doubt on this plan’s success from the day one of it’s execution becoz abhi was also making same plan to fight against pragya. So as I told in my yesterday’s comment that may b their plan will b gain it’s goal and aaliya will b catch on end moment like they showed in promo but they shows promos in a different manner in actual episode always so I have a doubt on aaliya’s exposure so soon becoz pragya, dadi and bulbul is exposing her after snatching everything from her so she could give this excuse on catching time that she was forced to do it to get back abhi’s property and house from pragya so they can live their life like before in comfort and independence and as we saw abhi was also making the same plan with purab so he will b easily convinced by her excuse and she will b safer again. Pragya, dadi and bulbul should expose her previous cheats which she was done on that time when abhi had everything then they could expose aaliya successfully and then abhi will also believe on them. So if they wants to expose her then they should expose their previous sins not newer becoz for now she have an excuse of get back everything from pragya for family.

      • chithu55

        true Nikki..Pragya acting like she is fond of money is such a dumb plan…now no one will believe on her… even Abhi will easily believe anything on Pragya..it will be so easy for Aaliya/Raj to make Abhi hating Pragya now..and also as u told, if Aaliya escapes with some excuse in the last minute..then she will become more alert ..so then it will be much difficult or we can it will be impossible also for Pragya to expose them…not sure why Dadi came up with such a worst plan ….

      • chithu55

        but we should say KKB writers are so talented, that they manage to keep the serial in the top 5 positions always without letting the lead pair together..all the other serials started with this , YHM , MATSH are already done with the lead pair separation and they have started showing some new tracks after their union…but here almost 400 episodes 🙂 they are maintaining their TRP just with the nok-jhoks and cute fights of Abhi-Pragya 🙂 and now this Pragya’s new look track..they are dragging like anything with small small confusions(like Abhi coming to know Pragya’s truth) in the middle which will keep the viewers excited for next episode ..but again the next episode will begin from square one 🙂

  4. Deepika

    Am seeing 86 and 87th episode now again and again. It’s not even a bit boring. Acting and cute level is damn high.. abhi and chashmish rocks 🙂

    • chithu55

      ha ha..same here Deepika..i already had seen many of the past episosdes multiple times 🙂 87,88,96(am not sure about episode number..but that button one 🙂 ),128,129,117,118 , 195, 196 ,and some episodes in kidnapping sequence 🙂

      • Deepika

        Really had die hard laugh outs… 🙂 hey i had also watched that same no. episodes so many times 🙂 but still cherishing and wanna see again and again.. let pragya get drunken and abhi in conscious… everything will be back to form.. thats it simple way to reveal the truth 🙂

  5. misha

    Ha ha ha !! This show is losing its popularity… Nothing is happening since some three months … Such a pity!!

  6. Chaithu

    Hi Friends.. I would like to share with you something.. I have watched dil se di dua saubhagyavati bhava of Sriti Jha today.. It’s a very, very great show because oSriti. Her performance was totally amazing.. We will feel the pain in her eyes yaar.. no words to say how best she is.. The Love between Siya Raghav are superb.. After watching that, KKB – Pragya is very different.. In beginning of the show they have showed that Pragya is very strong and practical but now she is trying to bring the trio truth from few weeks but can’t and completely depend on Bulbul.. Coming to Abhi I think they can run the serial without Abhi also since he has nothing to do.. I don’t understand these writers why they all creating so stupid dramas which are very far from practical.

    • sirthika

      Where u watch dil se di dua saubhagyavathi bhava? I am also great fan of that serial .. in youtube they provied some episodes only fully others just a 5mins epi.. plz tell where we watch full epi.. if it is be some other language also told me plzz

      • sandhya

        Hey chaithu & sirthika .. Even same here.. I too watchd it as i bcame sriti’s fan aftr watchng kkb.. So when i watchd it was totally amazing.. Mind blowing.. Superb actng by sriti… And sirthika i watchd all epi in utube nly.. Search proprly u will get full epi as well as 5min of dat epi…

      • sirthika

        Ya sandhaya..they provied full episodes in youtube… but after 187 (arroxi) episodes they gave each episode as 5mins only …

  7. nalini

    Dragging…..what a waste of an episode….when will they reveal aliya and tanu….i not even interested in watching this show any,more

  8. xavier

    This serial is like a damn scratched record. It constantly repeats itself over and over again because its stuck on one track.. guys dont build your hopes high… they will drag this a couple more months… them gotta make that paper tho… ( money ) so they will drag for long ……

  9. nivi

    thknu chithu55..,, wil u plz explain wat they said??? new upcoming serial promo means they gonna to end tis twist?????? wat abt mahotsab episode precap ??? was it jus an imaginary nd celebrating episod??? bt anyway if pragya plan ll b failed then everythin ll go against her even abhi, v ll their cute chemistry tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • chithu55

      It is not related to mahaepisode or KKB at all..they are just promoting upcoming “Lajwanti” serial in Zee TV… they are giving glimpse on the story line of that serial…

      and yes..if Pragya is failing in this plan, then she will be in a big trap 🙂 we will see how it is going 🙂

      • nivi

        thnk u chithu, bt abhigya reunion happens all viewers ll fly, many r started to lyk their chemistry even me……. speck pragya is more attractive than modern avatar….. so be end with very happy nd romantic endcard…………………………

  10. Fay


  11. It is like an old saying in Tamil “kokku thalaila vennai vachi pudi that means to catch a crane put some butter on its head and when it melts and blinds the crane then you can catch it. it is really not a smart idea. But i have to refer that here since the story line goes like that. We all know that dadi is convinced that who the culprits are and how cruel they are and still trying to trap them with a light hearted Pragya. Iam once again request the KKB production not to air any bad happenings on the day of Ganapathi utsav and break the hearts of millions of viewers like me as we all believe only best things will happen on auspicious day and expect the serial ends in happy union of Abhigya

    Hope my request will be heard by all concerned. thanks and all the best for a grand finish doesn’t matter even if it takes a lot of time

  12. It is like an old saying in Tamil “kokku thalaila vennai vachi pudi that means to catch a crane put some butter on its head and when it melts and blinds the crane then you can catch it. it is really not a smart idea. But i have to refer that here since the story line goes like that. We all know that dadi is convinced that who the culprits are and how cruel they are and still trying to trap them with a light hearted Pragya. I once again request the KKB production not to air any bad happenings on the day of Ganapathi utsav and break the hearts of millions of viewers like me as we all believe only best things will happen on auspicious day and expect the serial ends in happy union of Abhigya

    Hope my request will be heard by all concerned. thanks and all the best for a grand finish doesn’t matter even if it takes a lot of time

  13. Its my guess As per epi 381 abhi said 2 pragya I will not touch u even u surrender. So pragya ll plan that he touched her in unconscious state to reveal tanus truth. N then tanu will tell the truth.kkb is a best show.so enjoy abhigya romance on every Tue,wed n the.

  14. Priya $

    Nikki in promo they showed upto 28 date they mentioned na it means Monday abhi want to slap aliyah na but in precap y they didn’t show whether they ll dragg tat too. I mean they ll show it on Tuesday only ah???

    • chithu55

      Priya..dont expect much from that promo 🙂 most probably there will be some twist where Aaliya makes some excuse or she will make Pragya trapped in it… 🙂 till now only very few promos was actually showed as such in the real episode..as of i know , only 2 🙂 one is Pragya’s confession, other is Abhi’s 🙂 so we will see what they going to do for this one 🙂

      • But one thing is sure priya and chithu that aaliya will get catch or escaped in this trap but pragya will b suffer and she will face the problems in both the situations. If pragya wins then she will have to face aaliya’s evilness and if she fails then also she will have to bear more troubles, torchers, taunts and hatred from abhi and his family.

    • Priya$

      Ya chithu its possible. But there’s max chance na for flop. I think writers wants to dragg so they r creating unnecessary things. Before aliyah i want tanu’s pregnancy drama’s end. But i don’t think so tat they ll put end card easily.

      • Ya PRIYA off course they have planned to not to end this so soon, they will definetly take thus for long. That’s why they have changed their show’s montage. They have changed their montage 3rd time. First time when they have promoted their show, then second time during abhigya’s marriage and now when abhigya r apart after realizarion and confession of love for each other. And they had changed these three montage after a particular semi long periods. I mean to say usually the show’s purpose of changing their montage is to show their story’s important big turns so here is also their purpose of changing montage is to show another important big turn of abhigya’s story. So it means it will also take a semi long period to it’s end and when they will again changed their montage then it’s mean this track will end and another new important turn of abhigya’s story will get start. So overall I mean to say guys that we will have to wait for new montage to know present track’s end and it’s climax and results.

    • Priya $

      Ya u r rit nikki surely they ll dragg. It ll take some more days to finish. But if Nikil entry was there then it ll b more spicy. But don’t know when it ll happen. Before aliyah I want Tanu’s drama to end. I hate seeing her.

  15. nivi

    anyway after tanu delivery ly tis nikhil cum i suppose, so better pragya nd abhi ll fyt til tat…. even director itself forgot wer s nikhil gone?????

  16. Deepika

    Any one tamil here??? In tamil ( irumalargal ) it’s going 188 episode something. Abhi will start to call pragya fuggi in some 190’s episode. So do anyone know what will be it for fuggi in tamil??? I don’t know the meaning for the word fuggi… But I got obsessed with that word. Cause of pragya 🙂 so anyone please.. what’s it mean???

      • Deepika

        Soda buddi means chashmish rite??? What’s the tamil word for fuggi??? In hindi, He will change her name chashmish to fuggi for proposing him. Do u know what the word will be in tamil???

    • TINA

      Hey deepika… actuvall meaning of fuggi is “balloon” …..

      But tamil la eppadi name vaika poraganu teriyala… tamil laiyum nalla cute ta alagana name vasha nalla erukkum …. bcos in tamil sodabutti also now very famous… iam eagarly waiting for that epi.. but andha epi next monday than telecast agum

      • Deepika

        Ayyaya… balloon ah ??? Idhuku tamil la epdi vakka porangalo… now only I get to know it’s meaning. Thanks Tina 🙂 but I was and I am just obsessed with that word though I don’t know what’s it mean. i think many of tamilans are here for company 🙂 It’s cute rite when he calls FUGGI 🙂 waiting for tat episode 🙂

  17. Shelly

    End this crappppp… Hell tired. Actually Abhi has no role. He is jst another character in the show. How foolish… Kuch bhi dikha rahien hain. They wanted Pragya’s makeover toh aise track daal diya. Mahan Daadi. Hadd hai writers, bas karo ab. Leave this show guys its no worth watching. Limits crossed. Agar abhi bhi taaliya nhi pakde gaye den is show ban krdo. RAPE TRACK IS JUST THE WORST. I WONT WATCH IT , IF DRAGGED EVEN A WEEK MORE. I hope that ws jst a rumour about Rape track.

  18. New segment update- Pragya , bulbul, Ronnie was busy in making ste up of trap for aaliya in hotel and abhi was showing as busy in investigation of what’s going on there. Full update- Pragya comes in that hotel where they calls aaliya for dealing trap. Abhi also comes there and she was looking for pragya in hotel. It seems he has seen pragya in the hotel so now he is searching for her. Pragya also sees him that he is searching for her so she tries to hide herself behind a wall in fear and tension. Then they shows in next clip that bulbul comes in sardar’s getup and meets with pragya, she forcedly hugs pragya. Pragya couldn’t recognize her so she starts shouting and and tries to free herself from her hug. Then bulbul tells her own’s identity then pragya recognizes her and happily hugs her back again. Mrunal says mamaji have back out from last moment so I forced to come in this sardar’s getup. Then in next clip they showed Ronnie in a traditional rajasthani man’s costume. Abhi was searching for pragya becoz he had seen her so bulbul tries to take pragya out from there, hide from abhi by make her wear a chunari with long ghoonghat. Then Ronnie takes pragya out with him by hiding her in ghoonghat,saving her from abhi’s eyes. Then bulbul also follows them next. Abhi looks them suspiciously and tries to identified them. Reporter says pragya and bulbul is busy in making set up of trap for aaliya to expose her truth infront of abhi but aaliya is also very smart so let’s see if they wwill b succeed or not?

    • chithu55

      hmmm Nikki …so if anything happens in the hotel, Abhi can easily relate it with Pragya as he had seen her there … who knows in a current situation , even if Aaliya is trying to nothing to save herself, this Abhi himself may think that Pragya is planning to separate Aaliya and him..so he may act in favor of Aaliya …in case if Aaliya tries to save herself,so if something somewhere goes wrong, Pragya will be in a big trap and we will need to see the very bad Abhi-Pragya hate track,,worst than beginning episodes i guess 🙂

      • Don’t know yaar but ya as I said before that pragya will b suffer in both the situations surely if aaliya gets catch or she escapes from the trap. Becoz one side aaliya’s evilness, if pragya wins and other side abhi’s and family’s hatred, if she fails. And if we talk about abhi’s doubt on pragya so nothing was clear in segment so we could say anything confirmly so we have to wait for actual episode.

      • Ya Priya I have seen it and it’s a damn gud news yaar. Yes he is involved with their plans. Don’t know if he is involved with them from beginning or he just joined them from now but the gud news is this that now he is also involved with pragya so pragya’s strength has became more strong with his company.

  19. if thy didn’t drag this episode then only its wonder thing….but thy won’t reveal the truth now…. aaliya always will b safe…..nwadays pragya makng more hate by abhi…..don’t know in which aspect this story going…..dadi is main of tt family….if she say abhi ll believe and she can say abt pragya accident and aliya n tanu’s truth….abhi easily can trust…..now wht for thy dragging this story by finding evidence for aliya n tanu’s truth…..abhi can take DNA report for tanu…..as viewers we thinkng much abt this serial and y this writers not? huh….fedup wid this story now…..when thy going to reveal the truth…..almost all serials heroine n hero got united except this serial….always same story tht too dragging more….we want atleast once pragya ll win……always pragya saved but not won…..aaliya too saved but winning too…huh…

  20. nivi

    after a long v all ll b gng to b laugh to watch tis episode…., during the kinaping episode and after pragya proposed him lots of comedy episodes nd jolly episodes came, bt nw i msd so much of those things, even more than romantic tat cute fyts nd comedies r making d TRP high i think so, waiting 4 tis episode

  21. It is about telebuzz kidnap and …… Damn thing it is still haunting us and really upset. I have told my family that something terrible may happen to kill the Role Pragya and hence avoid watching both polimer/Zee tv. Normally Iam against watching serial since ladies are easily attached emotionally to them and I can see/feel the effect myself .But we are somehow attached to this serial especially after watching fight /romance of Abhigya! what a lovely couple !!. So end the serial on high and happy note.
    The Writers/Makers are very proactive so far and our request is to avoid any such incidents for the sake of twist which we feel will kill the role/serial. Both Abhigya are meant to provide happiness/love/affection/care for each other and the sacrifices they make for each other and for the family and also the petty fights OMG what else we need from a married couple and why the roles like alia,Tanu still alive. Don’t know. Don’t mistake me If were the Author of the story, I would definitely give the role of detective/bring back the house to order to dadi not to Pragya since it is very clear that (Abhigya)they prone to become victims as they were kidnapped earlier and few attempts were made on their lives. So Dadi must be wise enough to think on the lines and should protect them at any cost. Instead of trying trapping set ups should think to correct the wrong doers by giving what they want. It doesn’t mean that you should give every thing . Just trying to do and catch them off guard and Tanu should be exposed or else
    Pragya has fallen for weakness for Abhi and moved so close and lost herself to him and become pregnant. Frightened by that she confessed everything to dadi and Abhi overhears it and teams up to correct the A & T and protect the family even sharing the properties to every body and showing right path to Tanu by arranging huge contract and Happy ending

    May be not good but I can’t help it as Iam not a story writer. Bear with me But I like that

  22. New segment update- starting with gud news guys that purab is also involved with pragya and bulbul in their plan. Now here is full update- Bulbul was in sardar look, pragya was in ghoonghat and Ronnie was in Rajasthan in outfit. They all were sitting in that hotel where they r busy in discussing about traping aaliya. Then purab comes and sits with a little distance from them. Bulbul and purab was talking with gestures. Bulbul was giving some indications to purab. Then they shows purab was talking with pragya alone hidingly. Sriti was hiding this fact that now purab is also involved with them so she says to reporter that now purab has also came so if he will get to know that bulbul is helping me then he will b angry from her. But reporter shows purab’s involvement and says that now pragya and bulbul has involved purab also with them. Don’t know guys is purab involved in their plans from beginning but in this plan he is involved. So it means now purab also knows pragya’s truth and now he will b shown as helper of pragya. So aaliya will exposed or escaped but I m happy that pragya’s strengthhas increased with purab now.

    • Guys I m giving u more update regarding this segment. Actually guys in a scene purab indentifies pragya and bulbul and catches them. Then there a big fight happens between purab and bulbul becoz purab misunderstands bulbul and thinks that bulbul is helping pragya against abhi, without telling anything from him. Then pragya decides to tell everything to purab after seeing their increasing fights so for clearing purab’s misunderstanding, she takes purab and bulbul along with her and then I she tells everything to purab. And after this purab was showing as helping them through interactions with bulbul by gestures, becoz they needs to hide it from abhi. So now purab also joins them in their plan after knowing the truth. What and how much truth told pragya to purab, this couldn’t say until the episode’s telecast but purab has joined them in their plan, it is clear.

    • sana

      Nikki….did u read todays spoiler…in dt it is said dt dadi and pragya is expecting abhi to punish aaliya for her crimes…but aaliya and tanu hire some goons to kidnap pragya.The goons try to molest pragya.it is now to be seen whether abhi saves her in time or not? 🙁

      • Sana this is wrong. As I said u before already that no confirmed news or segment has came regarding this type of track yet, from the show and show makers has cleared it by themselves that there is no this type of track is going to come. Their’s focus is only on taaliya’s exposure. So yaar just ignore this kind of spoiler until u will not get assured completely after watching from ur eyes.

      • sana

        yaah..nikki even I don’t belive these kind of spoilers…but 1% tension is still there in my heart..dts d problem 😛

      • I know sana and I can understand ur fear but sana just look at the track, the way it is going on, there is no possibility for this type of track becoz now when mostly peoples got to know taaliya’s truth so it is now risky for them to taking any step against pragya. Becoz everybody’s direct doubt will b going on them only as they r the culprits and only enemies of pragya in present time so it will ruined them totally if they will try to harm pragya by anyhow. So just relax sana nothing will bad happen with pragya not now when purab also has joined them.

    • nivi

      v gud nikki 4m wer u got these infos nd all pa??? i too searching searching bt din get. anyway v all r invloved very mcuh sincerely in tis serail……. abhi get out 4m ur stupidity, if u r a rock star means u shld guessed abt pragya and dadi plans….. y r u gvng chance 4 aliya nd tanu????? dn overact wit fuggi fuggi fuggi nd al, if u wanna express ur feelings u can directly express to her, y did u drink nd express????? u r punching all our ears abhi…… u r brilliant ly bt cum out ur innocent thoughts abt tanu and aliya……

  23. sana

    Guys!!!As I said earlier in the next few episodes its gonna b like everyone in the household will be aware of the truth except ABHI, the vamps and the only villain. Finally when the truth is revealed It wouldnt be surprising for any one within the household including we the viewers except ABHI. If the truth was to be revealed in such a way that everyone gets to know abt it before the exposure and everyone believes pragya’s words and supports her whats the point of all this unecessary drama.

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