Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aaliya thinking Dadi bringing Pragya back home. She thinks what they will do now. Tanu comes there excitedly and tells that she has convinced Abhi for marriage. Aaliya tells her that Dadi and Pragya are now a team and they will make sure that her marriage can’t happen with Abhi. Tanu says Dadi is upset with Pragya naa. Aaliya says Dadi’s hatred for you is more than her anger for Pragya. She says Pragya and Dadi are now a team and will not let your mehendi happen. Tanu asks how can this happen? Aaliya says she has heard Dadi telling Pragya that she can’t get Abhi’s name written on her hand. Tanu says let Dadi do what she wants, and tells that Abhi has agreed for marriage and she will apply mehendi of his name. Aaliya tells her that Abhi will not marry her, if Dadi

asks him. Tanu says then what we will do, as all the arrangements have been done. She asks her to do something. Aaliya says we have to do something.

Pragya meets Purab and tells him that Dadi has to agree as Tanu and her parents emotionally blackmailed Abhi. She says even Abhi don’t want to marry, but he is forced to do. She says we will not do anything directly, but indirectly. She says I will try to expose Tanu and her mum’s lie. Purab says I will meet the persons present in the party to bring out their truth. Pragya says if the truth is out infront of him, then Abhi will know their truth. Purab asks her not to tell anything to Dadi or Sarla. Pragya says okay.

Pragya comes home and sees Abhi in her house and talking to Beeji, Janki and Sarla. Abhi asks why you are coming now? I left you long time back. Pragya says she went to meet her friend. She asks why you have come here? Abhi complains to Beeji. Beeji says it is his house too. Abhi gets happy. He asks them to get her married, and asks if she has any boyfriend. Pragya says no, and asks him not to worry about her marriage. Abhi says he came to invite them for marriage. Beeji asks whose marriage? Aaliya? Abhi says no…Pragya tries to divert the topic, and tells Abhi that he needs to call someone. Abhi asks her not to disturb him and tells everyone that he is getting married. Everyone stand up shockingly. Abhi asks what happened? You people are behaving as if I am already married. He invites them for mehendi, and goes. Sarla hugs Pragya and cries.

Tanu sees the decoration and gets happy. She says I don’t believe that this is for me. I will marry him finally. Dasi asks Dadi why didn’t you tell me before. She tries to spoil the decoration. Tanu gets angry and threatens to call Abhi. Aaliya comes there. Dadi says if I get angry then I will throw her out. Aaliya asks her to mess up the decoration and tells that Pragya will have to make it alright. Abhi comes there. Tanu complains to Abhi that Dadi and Dasi have spoiled the decoration. Abhi asks why you are joking? Aaliya says Dadi haven’t liked it. Abhi says okay and asks Aaliya to send Nikita once she comes so that she can select dress for him. Aaliya asks why Nikita? She asks him to take Tanu for dress selection. Abhi says Nikita knows about my choice and not Tanu. Tanu gets irked. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi will not listen to her if she complains about Dadi. She says Dadi and Dasi want her to take out her anger infront of Abhi. She asks her to control her anger.
Purab meets a girl. She informs him that Abhi’s sister clicked Abhi and Tanu’s pics. Purab says Abhi never drinks so much. Girl says Aaliya forcibly made Abhi drink much. Purab asks her to tell infront of Abhi. Girl agrees. Purab thanks her and says I will inform you when to come. Girl says okay.

Tanu is excited about her mehendi and shares plan with her parents. They take selfie happily. Dadi sees Pragya coming. Pragya says she came with someone. She goes to Tanu’s mum and asks how is she now? She says if you don’t like decoration then I will get it changed. She says I made special arrangement for you. Tanu asks what do you mean? Pragya says she has appointment an doctor who will take care of Tanu’s mum. Tanu says Doctor is not needed in the function, and says she is fine. Pragya says anything can happen at anytime. She calls Doctor inside. Doctor comes and greets everyone. He asks Tanu’s mum to sit down. Abhi comes and asks what you are doing here Nikita and asks her to come to his room. Tanu says your secretary is spoiling our function and says she has called a doctor to roam around my mamma. She says she is doing this intentionally to spoil my mum’s mood. Abhi questions Pragya. Pragya apologizes to him for not asking and says Aunty was unwell yesterday as if it was her last day, that’s why you agreed for marriage. She says if Doctor stays with her then he can treat her immediately. Abhi calls her genius and asks Tanu to praise her. He asks Dadi and Dasi, where he will get such intelligent secretary. Dadi and Dasi says nowhere. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and asks her to come with him.

Pragya gives clothes to Abhi and says she has ordered it online from his designer. Abhi likes it and calls her fuggi. Pragya is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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