Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil worrying. Tanu calls him and asks why did he refused when Abhi asked about his approval. Nikhil says he is not like her and will never help her in her wrong doings. He says I will marry the ones I am in love with. Aaliya takes the call and threatens him. Nikhil says I am coming tomorrow to give reply to your threat. Aaliya gets tensed and informs Tanu. Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and tells Payal that work shall be done. Payal says she is your enemy. Abhi says not now and asks her to do as he said. Payal says okay. Abhi thinks roses will show magic now. Pragya wakes up and sees flower on bed. Payal enters her room and gives tea. She says Abhi asked her to take care of her being a girl, and says Ronnie can’t understand girls’ need. Ronnie comes and

insists to inspect the food before Pragya eats it. He checks and says everything is fine. Ronnie pretends to faint. Pragya scolds Payal for trying to fool her and blames her for adding something in it.

Abhi comes and asks Ronnie if his head is paining. Ronnie says yes. Abhi apologizes and tells Pragya that he isn’t getting something, seeks her assistant’s help. Ronnie says he will help. Pragya understands that Ronnie has acted. Ronnie sees flower on Pragya’s hand. Pragya asks him to leave. Abhi asks her where she is going? Pragya says washroom…..Abhi takes flower from her hand and says thief is caught. Pragya says I didn’t steal. Abhi says you have accepted this flower and will accept me and my love some day. Allah wariyan plays…………….Pragya smells the flower happily.

Purab comes to Bulbul’s house and asks her to come. Sarla asks if they are going somewhere? Purab says they are going to Abhi’s house as Nikhil is coming to give reason for his refusal. Bulbul comes. Sarla asks when did this happen and says she didn’t know anything. Bulbul says her mum will get tensed and that’s why she has decided to tell later. Sarla says she doesn’t care about Aaliya, but cares about them. Purab says I don’t know why she is making issue. Sarla asks Purab to take care of her. She thinks why did Nikhil refuse to marry Aaliya. Bulbul says she will inform her. Sarla asks them to go and bring chocolate icecream while coming. Bulbul agrees and goes. Abhi asks Payal to spy on Pragya. Tai ji asks Dadi not to worry about Aaliya and says she will get a good groom. Abhi says may be Nikhil agrees after talking to his family and asks her to be positive. Pragya thinks Abhi can’t be positive after knowing the truth. Nikhil comes and greets Abhi. Abhi apologizes for talking to him infront of all. Nikhil says I am sorry as you are not rockstar, but you are a brother of an unmarried sister. He says I shouldn’t have rejected your proposal and should apologize. Abhi says I didn’t understand what you want to say. Nikhil says it is very overwhelming for me and says I am extremely sorry about it. He says I should tell my truth to you. Abhi asks what truth? Nikhil says I didn’t tell you about my life’s biggest truth and says I love a girl.

Abhi asks what you are saying? Nikhil says truth is that……Tanu asks Abhi to ask Nikhil for tea or coffee. Nikhil says I don’t like formalities and hate cheaters. He says I love a girl. Abhi says we have never seen you with any girl. Nikhil says that girl is here and says Tanu. Nikhil says Tanu. Even Tanu hid this fact from you and says that girl is Tanu’s good friend. He calls Sonali and introduces her as his girl friend and Tanu’s friend. Tanu greets Sonali and I don’t know that you will be in the relation, and says I am happy. Nikhil says he has promised Sonali for marriage and this would be inappropriate if he marries Aaliya.

Pragya asks Abhi to answer. Abhi says I will get answer from you and that too in three words. They have an eye lock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Wake Up Guys

      Did you REALLY think they were going to end it and bring out the TRUTH just like that??? REALLY???WAKE Up People. Stop watching this Crap. They are making FOOLS of “all” of you!!

      • Need to give wake up call In all the serials. Most audience are too dumb to realise that their lovely star pair won’t have a happy life ever. Still they waste their half hour watching it.

  1. nivi

    lifelong tis continues nd tanu nd aliya wnt expose anymore
    nw pragya got another burden tat s she has to expose sonali too
    ssss……..bbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaa mudiyala da saamy
    better go to hell all in tis serial

  2. hema

    Seriously yaar everyday they are dispointing us.. I’m sacred that I’ll hate this serial oneday… Took much.. I will stop watching no thinking of this serial.. For me I hate that writers and team from the core of my heart since they are playing with our emotions and making us the worlds greatest fools.. Thank you… In my opinion they are not less than today’s politicians.. As both play with our emotions and beliefs… BYE BYE KKB…. Keep on killing the viewers.. If I had a option in our law I’ll definitely put a case on the whole team..

  3. What the hell was this yaar? That stupid nikhil has turned all the matter so smartly. What u think guys? Will pragya maintain her doubt on takhil or not from now? If not then it will b very bad and we will have to tolerate more dragging. I hope pragya keeps maintain her doubt on takhil and investigate about them more. And abhi also get to know pragya’s truth becoz after today’s episode, worst and scary thoughts r coming in my mind. God plz CVS will not torcher us from more dragging with worst things. We could tolerate their slow speed towards climax like they were showing during these days that pragya have started to investigate about takhil’s relationship and abhi also have started finding pragya’s truth. Track is going in it’s right way to the climax, just hope CVS won’t spoil it through any worst thing.

    • nivi

      they r testing our patience nikki
      nthng can do
      they ll do their best in dragging day by day
      seriously best daily soap dragging award will won by our KKB CVS team tis year i suppose
      ISN’T it????????

      • Nivi I a just waiting for tomorrow’s episode, it will give me my answers. I just hope pragya will use her brain and will not believe on nikhil’s fake story. Nikhil told half truth he pointed out tanu but turned as tanu is matchmaker of him and his that fake girlfriend Sonali. I fpragya will use her brain then she should think that firstly when nikhil meets tanu in abhi’s house, they both met with each other as strangers and abhi introduced them, at that time nikhil didn’t tell that he knows tanu like this. So why he is saying suddenly that tanu is an introducer and match-maker of him and her friend sonali, in past. Sometimes I feels scared from abhi’s also. I just hope he use his brain smartly this time and find out pragya’s truth and drop his second mission of getting or property back from pragya by using pragya’s emotions.

      • hema

        Nikki they never used their brains in this serial.. So please don’t expect anything from them.. It hurts finally

      • nivi

        nikki seriously nowadayz irritating a lot
        even those eyelockz nd knok-jokes too irritaing
        bcoz v need ly 1 thing tat s exposing of tanu
        everybody need tat ly nw
        even al people stratd to forget abt aliya too
        hz long they can drag????? abhigya reunion wil be possible @least in 500 episodes ?????
        such a irritaing character in tis serial s tanu ly tat dharmapathini shld gte out from abhigya’s lyf as much as soon

    • Guys one more big news for all of u. That killer vijay ( mohit dagga) is back on shooting in kumkumbhagya. I have seen his pic on his twitter account with purab and with kkb’s director sameer. He tweeted that he is back on shooting. Guys what’s the purpose of his come back in the show, it will b know when we will get some latest update or news about it or in upcoming episodes. I just hope his come back will b for positive and gud this time and he will become a medium of someone’s exposure. Otherwise bad senses r coming in my mind regarding his come back. And after watching today’s episode, so much scary and negative thoughts r coming in my mind. I m waiting for tommorow’s episode. If pragya’s doubt will remain on takhil and she will continue with her investigation about takhil’s truth then I will feel some relaxation, if not, then there will b more chances of bad happenings.

      • hema

        Rumours are there that bulbul will die.. May be for that tract Mohit is back as Mrunal is quitting the show and as of now she didn’t denied it publicly.. Supriya ji also signed for other project…

      • nikki i think that killer vijay (mohit dagga ) is returning to the set means in the old news we have read that that sharpshooter will fall in love with pragya like something the track will go i think so

      • Tammy

        I also think so nikki but waiting that CVS may change the track
        Just so sick of this show ????
        When will we see some abhigya moments ???
        But if( mohit dagga) is seen in kkb then the old rumor might be true that he will fall in love with pragya then he might help her hopping for the best???

    • Maggie

      Abhi has full doubt on taaliya also did u notice nikki he was continuously looking at Tanu n aaliya when Nikhil was telling about fake love story n Pragya n team is not going to believe this story they will find it fishy n this is mistake I was talking about it is easy for Purab to figure out he introduced Abhi to Nikhil n he never met Tanu b4 Abhi house
      N yes Vijay is back to kill Pragya but bulbul will get hurt n to comma
      guys she is not going to die

      • Maggie I didn’t noticed that. May b abhi was looking taaloya becoz marriage talk was related to aaliya and in nikhil has taken tanu’s name as introducer of him with her friend Sonali. Abhi and team pragya should think and ask question from tanu that if she knows that nikhil likes some other girl then why she didn’t tell at the time when family were talking about aaliya’s marriage with nikhil. I don’t have any expectations with abhi yet but I m expecting that what r u saying it comes true and pragya and keep maintain their doubt and continue investigation about takhil’s relationship. I m just wishing that pragya and team do not believe on nikhil’s fake story and thinks intelligently about all the points which proves nikhil’s story fake and give strength for their doubt on takhil. Maggie, sometimes I feels whatever abhi is doing with pragya r his feelings really genuine and is he really only on the mission of find out pragya’s truth and bring back her as his fuggy or he is having another reason. His agenda is not clear yet. He is trying to make pragya fall for him in love and is waiting for that day when she becomes. Why he is waiting for that day? He will ask her to tell him the truth that day or he will end up by taking all powers back from her by saying it that she used his feelings to get his everything from him so he did same by using her feelings to get back his everything from her, which will hurt pragya most. I just hope he will not hurt her by using her feelings for property’s sake and find her truth before taking any wrong step like this. Otherwise pragya will lose in her fight with evils and he will lose her forever.

      • And maggie how r u so much sure about killer vijay’s entry will using as Bulbul’s hurting? Many peoples r guessing same thing like u. Is it true?

    • tanvi

      i cannt understand why nikhil is hiding tanu’s truth from abhi. if he tells the truth then it will be in favour of him only. abhi will leave tanu and nikhil will get her..he is a cowerd or what !!!
      now i just hope abhi to find out pragya’s truth n help her out together…

    • Tammy

      Hey guys I am new here
      I am reading updates for a long time coz I don’t get time to watch it becoz I am busy in studies please be updating latest news
      Hey nikki if you are saying iz right then I think some change will be there in kkb
      Please reply ???????

      • Welcome back tammy. Well Tammy when this track will finally end only then I will say yes finally changing r happening in kkb. Becoz we r still roaming at same place in the show. Whenever we thinks that changes r going to happen then CVS brings us back to square one.

    • Maggie

      My hubby told me that bb wil b In comma or may b missing as mural has some roll in movie after that cvs will decide to end her character or not they will not solve like most of story like Purvi n rock star dadi etc

      • Sahithi

        But I didnt see anything big happening in 3rd week of Nov. In fact, before month end there are only 3 more episodes.

        If Bulbul character is ended if not now, later, then how is the show based on sense and sensibility.
        I still couldnt figure out, why Purab and Bulbul’s marriage is never again discussed. Agreed, Abhi promised it is his responsibility and he doesnt have his money now. But what is stopping them to get married themselves and still help Pragya in her mission.

      • O god!?if bulbul will b go in coma then what will happen with sarla mas? She has already broken her relationship with pragya and if now bulbul will b also not there with her then she will b die.?I think if bulbul will b hurt like this then pragya will tell all the truth to sarla maa so she could console her and could live with her in her pain.

      • God if CVS doesn’t dragg track story like this and does not roaming around only abhigya then this condition do not accurate that mrunal is forced to do work in another movie or show becoz kkb is a top show between all over the shows. So which actress wants to leave such a top show. Anyways feeling bad for mrunal if she has finally decided to leave the show but her decision is gud becoz she is such a gud actress and she could get a high scope carrier and fame through her talent and hard work. So she is doing gud by taking decision of move out from the show becoz she is like nothing in the show now. All focus r mainly on abhigya since very long time. Mrunal and arijit r second lead of the show even after this CVS r doing in justification with them, they r treating them like other supporting actors of the show which gets some little scenes sometimes in the show. Arijit have also started to doing another show becoz he and mrunal both r sharing small space in the show during these days. So they have nothing to do more, so if they have decided to do work in another shows or movies so this is not wrong. Still not so late, CVS should end this track soon and should give screen space to purbul now. Abhigya r the main lead of the show so off course the will remain the charm of the show and their story have a lot of scope in future, even after their reunion which CVS could show us in further future episodes but show’s story is about both couple’s so second couple should get chance to show their story with another new track.

      • Sahithi

        It’s okay if Mrunal wants to leave show, though she will be missed badly, it is career decision.

        But when Madhurima left, Tanu character didn’t end neither did she go into coma.

        The problem is with script n screenplay and what each character means in overall story.abrupty ending characters is making the show lose its charm.

  4. Sharad

    I am starting to like this nikhil….he seems sincere in his love for tanu….although she doesn’t deserve it. Hope they expose tanu soon. I have a feeling this tanu will now not like nikhil getting closer to sonali. …nice to know that tanu is a getting a piece of her own bitter medicine. She didn’t leave abhi even after his marriage now she has to see sonali getting closer to her unborn baby’s father??

  5. Ayesha

    I think nikhil is up to something .. He also started some game plan to reveal tanu .. Don’t know what will happen

    • Sahithi

      May be Abhi spoke to Nikhil yesterday though Aliya tried to stop him. And may be it is their combined plan to get a new person, so that Tanu n Aaliya are relaxed. Just speculation, fingers crossed.

  6. Sahithi

    So daadi’s n Pragya’s plan is justified today that without solid proof or proper trapping, this truth will not come easily out of people’s mouth.

    I don’t think this will be dragged much as if not now, in sometime they have to show a baby bump, I think Tanu’s character may exit before that.

  7. K.praveena

    Whatever going to kkb seriel it’s nice. Bcoz abhi pragya romantic scence happen. Abhi u r a rokz star pa. U way talk to pragya it so cute na.

  8. Dragging

    I have one doubt guys were is akash, rachana, mitali children, suresh, purvi, beeji, indha character la enga pa pochu Apuram ivunga la tanu voda unmaiya sollura madhiri Teriyala next one year pregnant lady is (tanu) first la rachana ippo tanu what a collaboration five much dragging……..

  9. Anu

    Nowadays reading updates also makes you feel irritating…….its been more than three months watching this stupid acts going on and nothing fruitful turning up. Neither Aaaliya has been exposed nor Tanu.

  10. Andrea

    Draaaaaggggiiiiinnnnggggg, Boooooorrrrriiiiiinnnnnggggg, Duuuuuullllll, Sloooooooowwww. ?????
    Seriously, this storyline is the worst. What’s their problem? This Tanu-Aaliya-Raj-and now Nikki, ‘thing’ is frustraiting. More than six months with this mess; Am I right? It’s a shame because the main couple is adorable and in the beginning the Abby-Pragya storyline was so interesting. I love this pairing, but the producers are killing the magic… That they don’t complain if they keep losing audience…

    Right now, the fan fictions are more interesting that ‘THIS THING’ called Kumkum Baghya. WORD!

  11. safia meera

    Aare jaare yeh soapie toh bohot boring ho gayi hai aur iss se upar sach ka pardah fash nahi ho raha hei aish directors aap log kya soch raha hai!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does any1 has any spoiler alerts for kumkum bhagya as yet if you do please let me knw on tomorrws update! It will really be appreciated and i will definately return the favour to one of you generous person !!!

    Shukriya mere dost!!!!


  12. Sher Ali .

    It’s been too long wit d dragging of this soap ..getting boring ..it’s like looking at a boring movie .

  13. i hope this writers will realise that they are writing for the public not for themselves,because they seem not to mind pples reaction on the annoying thing they are doing to these serials.i just cant understand this merry go round they are playing in kkb.its too annoyinggggggg.

  14. Nina

    Apparently, nobody likes to tell the truth to anybody in this stupid drama. Cover ups after cover ups. Truth never comes out. From love to betrayal.

    The drama writers need to wake up and greet the people of this century.

  15. Jamaican girl

    Please dont kill off Bulbul’s character, she brings fun and life to the show. Directors please don’t mess up this like how Qubool Hai is messed up. Don’t kill off those wonderful characters. You are already losing ratings don’t make it worse by killing Bulbul. Please, please, please. Qubool Hai was my favourite and i have stopped washing it for months now, neither do i even read the updates. Don’t mess this one up too……..

  16. Boring nd disgusting serial. …story is in same track for 2 months. …They won’t reveal tanu nd aaliya now….viewers r not fools to watch this. …Hate u script writers…. thanga mudila da saamy indha idiotic serial a. …

    • Ya ayesha I too heard some latest buzz about Saturday mahaepisode, which is for this Saturday. But we haven’t see any official promo regarding it so it is not confirmed yet. In cluding this buzz, another buzz is this that zee tv r going to do some changes in it’s programmes telecast day, which they r going to increase with one more day that us Saturday. Means zee TV’s all evening shows which starts from 6pm to10pm will b telecast on Monday to Saturday, in future days. So may b in future we will see kkb on Saturday also. This news is not fully confirmed yet so we have to wait for it’s official declaration or promo on channel.

  17. farida

    Nikhil has no balls – he is not a man , but a cheating digger. He has bought Tanu/s idea that she will make him rich with ABHI’s money. Why will he then tell on TANU.

  18. razia

    May b .. To reveal tanus truth this maha episode .. Or same old ditching as they did lyk in ganesh chathurthi

  19. Priya $

    I saw the promo… But not clearly… Pragya slaped vijay and asking something.. Sorry guys I didn’t hear… I think kkb too going to telecast mon to sat from 1 to 28..

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