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The Episode starts with Nikhil worrying. Tanu calls him and asks why did he refused when Abhi asked about his approval. Nikhil says he is not like her and will never help her in her wrong doings. He says I will marry the ones I am in love with. Aaliya takes the call and threatens him. Nikhil says I am coming tomorrow to give reply to your threat. Aaliya gets tensed and informs Tanu. Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and tells Payal that work shall be done. Payal says she is your enemy. Abhi says not now and asks her to do as he said. Payal says okay. Abhi thinks roses will show magic now. Pragya wakes up and sees flower on bed. Payal enters her room and gives tea. She says Abhi asked her to take care of her being a girl, and says Ronnie can’t understand girls’ need. Ronnie comes and

insists to inspect the food before Pragya eats it. He checks and says everything is fine. Ronnie pretends to faint. Pragya scolds Payal for trying to fool her and blames her for adding something in it.

Abhi comes and asks Ronnie if his head is paining. Ronnie says yes. Abhi apologizes and tells Pragya that he isn’t getting something, seeks her assistant’s help. Ronnie says he will help. Pragya understands that Ronnie has acted. Ronnie sees flower on Pragya’s hand. Pragya asks him to leave. Abhi asks her where she is going? Pragya says washroom…..Abhi takes flower from her hand and says thief is caught. Pragya says I didn’t steal. Abhi says you have accepted this flower and will accept me and my love some day. Allah wariyan plays…………….Pragya smells the flower happily.

Purab comes to Bulbul’s house and asks her to come. Sarla asks if they are going somewhere? Purab says they are going to Abhi’s house as Nikhil is coming to give reason for his refusal. Bulbul comes. Sarla asks when did this happen and says she didn’t know anything. Bulbul says her mum will get tensed and that’s why she has decided to tell later. Sarla says she doesn’t care about Aaliya, but cares about them. Purab says I don’t know why she is making issue. Sarla asks Purab to take care of her. She thinks why did Nikhil refuse to marry Aaliya. Bulbul says she will inform her. Sarla asks them to go and bring chocolate icecream while coming. Bulbul agrees and goes. Abhi asks Payal to spy on Pragya. Tai ji asks Dadi not to worry about Aaliya and says she will get a good groom. Abhi says may be Nikhil agrees after talking to his family and asks her to be positive. Pragya thinks Abhi can’t be positive after knowing the truth. Nikhil comes and greets Abhi. Abhi apologizes for talking to him infront of all. Nikhil says I am sorry as you are not rockstar, but you are a brother of an unmarried sister. He says I shouldn’t have rejected your proposal and should apologize. Abhi says I didn’t understand what you want to say. Nikhil says it is very overwhelming for me and says I am extremely sorry about it. He says I should tell my truth to you. Abhi asks what truth? Nikhil says I didn’t tell you about my life’s biggest truth and says I love a girl.

Abhi asks what you are saying? Nikhil says truth is that……Tanu asks Abhi to ask Nikhil for tea or coffee. Nikhil says I don’t like formalities and hate cheaters. He says I love a girl. Abhi says we have never seen you with any girl. Nikhil says that girl is here and says Tanu. Nikhil says Tanu. Even Tanu hid this fact from you and says that girl is Tanu’s good friend. He calls Sonali and introduces her as his girl friend and Tanu’s friend. Tanu greets Sonali and I don’t know that you will be in the relation, and says I am happy. Nikhil says he has promised Sonali for marriage and this would be inappropriate if he marries Aaliya.

Pragya asks Abhi to answer. Abhi says I will get answer from you and that too in three words. They have an eye lock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stop this dustbin…

  2. Friends.. they will to reveal the truth soon.. so please stop showing interest to watching this serial

  3. friends .. they will not reveal the truth soon. so please stop showing interest to watching this serial.

  4. Guyzz latest news

    Again maha episode of kumkum bhagya coming Saturday

    1. Ya ayesha I too heard some latest buzz about Saturday mahaepisode, which is for this Saturday. But we haven’t see any official promo regarding it so it is not confirmed yet. In cluding this buzz, another buzz is this that zee tv r going to do some changes in it’s programmes telecast day, which they r going to increase with one more day that us Saturday. Means zee TV’s all evening shows which starts from 6pm to10pm will b telecast on Monday to Saturday, in future days. So may b in future we will see kkb on Saturday also. This news is not fully confirmed yet so we have to wait for it’s official declaration or promo on channel.

    2. Except kkb al othr shows vl b telecasted on Saturdays too

  5. Nikhil has no balls – he is not a man , but a cheating digger. He has bought Tanu/s idea that she will make him rich with ABHI’s money. Why will he then tell on TANU.

  6. This Saturday there is a laha episodw

  7. And kkb 46th week trp .. 2nd position

  8. May b .. To reveal tanus truth this maha episode .. Or same old ditching as they did lyk in ganesh chathurthi

  9. Maha episode ?

  10. Nikki I just read one thing on Facebook .. Tanu to get exposed and abhi and pragya life in danger

    1. Ayesha I don’t believe in spoilers, only follows news segments and video updates.

  11. nikhil is very foolish i wonder y they are prolonging the episode instead of revealing the truth

  12. Aur kitna boring karoge. Had ho gayi ab to…

  13. really gud episode bt issss aliya n tanu ka kisa kab khatam hoga …

  14. Okay that’s good same here ..

    Well new promo camed

  15. I saw the promo… But not clearly… Pragya slaped vijay and asking something.. Sorry guys I didn’t hear… I think kkb too going to telecast mon to sat from 1 to 28..

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