Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Pragya coming back to her room and getting sad that her proof CD is broken by Mitali.

Doctor checks Daadi and informs Abhi that her condition is better from before. Abhi calls Purab and tells Pragya’s 24 hours deadline is finished now and he can come and see the proof himself, he will kick out Pragya from house in some time, says Purab and Pragya should not show their face to him after that.

On breakfast table, Taiji thinks Pragya will have to give back locker keys to her in some time, Mitali thinks she will be ruling this house after Pragya goes, Aaliya thinks her plan is working well and Pragya will be out of Abhi’s life soon.

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Abhi comes in and calls Pragya. Once she comes down, he says he wants proof in 15 seconds and if she does not give it in 15 seconds, she will have to go out. Pragya stands sliently and after counting 15, he says her time is over now.

Bulbul and Purab are in a car. She asks him to drive soon to Pragya’s house as she wants to see who is behind that morphed CD. They reach her house and hurriedly get in.

Aaliya asks Pragya if she will not lecture on getting proof. Tanu says she feels Pragya accepted her defeat. Mitali says her proof making machine is broken, else she would have prepared 2-3 proofs. She says Taiji that it is a silence before storm. Taiji says proof has to be big. Pragya reminisces Tanu’s words that she will prove that she is wrong and is alleging family members without any proof. Bulbul and Purab come there. Aaliya asks how dare they come here. Abhi says he called them here. Bulbul asks Pragya to show the proof and who is the culprit. Tanu says she is the culprit as she is separated Abhi’s wife from him. Aaliya says she did it. Mitali says she did it as she sent Raj to jail. Taiji says she did it as she misbehaved with her after drinking in party. They all 4 start telling they did it. Abhi asks them to stop and asks what are they telling. Aaliya says they are telling what Pragya will tell without proof, says before Pragya blames them, they will tell it themselves.

Bulbul asks Pragya to show video CD. Pragya says someone broke that CD yesterday night. Taiji says she does not have any proof and was just acting. All 4 then start their drama again. Abhi asks them to stop and asks Pragya if she has any proof. She says no but… He says enough and says 24 hours are over now, and he will do what he had to do 24 hours. Bulbul says didi does not tell lie at all. Abhi says she did not get proof in 24 hours, so that MMS was true. Pragya says she does have proof, even is she had, he would not have believed her and alleged her characterless, as she promised, she will go out of house. Bulbul asks her to tell she is innocent. Pragya says she is culprit and says her mistake is she does not have proof of her innocence and cannot prove herself innocent whatever ways she tries.

Daadi gets out of coma and comes out of her room calling Pragya. She is about to fall from stairs when Abhi runs, holds her and takes he to her room.

Precap: Tanu stops Pragya from entering Daadi’s room and says she has lost her right now. Pragya asks her to leave her hand else she will be modelling with one hand only rest of her life. Aaliya and Tanu get shocked. Tanu releases Pragya’s hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sad n boring

  2. update fast

  3. ohoo time already 9:30 update fast yar

  4. Thats rubbish !!! f**k that blo*dy b*t*h tanu !!!! Evil is winning !!! So sad :'( :'(

  5. what the hell boring sent.This series are never reveal truths.What the hell.? nonsense I will stop watching this show from just now.

  6. ohoo what’s going on hear today serial is very very boring….

  7. So irrtating jus one nonsense keep dragging all d time…

  8. What the hell .. I will not watch this show from now onwards .. plz kick that tanu out of the serial n reveal the truth to abhi

  9. I wasted my time to read this crap

  10. vashtie motilal

    24 hr is is forever what are waste of time f. only crap as alway no dam good

  11. in and out for in dream sequence 24 hr will turn into 24 days 🙂

  12. How can the writers do so ? It is injustice

  13. Crap! Pragya will get out. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi
    is a must watch guys. Better than KKB. Just loving it. (○’ω’○)

  14. As I said earlier…….waste of time even reading….now dhadhi want pragya to remain in the house…to save dhadi abhi will allow pragya to stay ….. again and again thanu and co… will repeat the same boring drama for another 6 months. The promo that u are watching that prgya asking for divorce….that will never come to see …recollect all the promos of kumkum bhagya…they make fool of us. even if u get to see that promo scene…that will come after months later…quit this . Dont entartain such scrap.

  15. Watch hamsafars in soni tv at 8.30 pm . Udan in colors is also good. But….clashes with the same time hamsafars. U can watch next day. Ik hasina thi is also good from starplus. Qubool hai from zee tv also good. Meri aashiqui ok. Even sastri sisters also going well from colors. Select and match with ur time.

  16. If pragya s nt been proved innocent by tis week end at least… then tis ll be the worst serial ever…

  17. If pragya s nt been proved innocent by tis week end at least… then tis ll be the worst serial ever when compared with other serials

  18. This show is so so stupid. Where in this world does some one staying in your home have the right over your husband and to hit you around. Now if that was me my husband better find time for me and not some witch like tannu. And tannu better be leaving very soon or else she would find herself very uncomfortable with words and action and I would not have to hide my feelings. Abhi better get his act together and tannu better keep walking.

  19. Abhi is not worthy of Pragya. She is just there to make Daadi happy. What kind of a man treats his wife that way. Did he ever apologize or felt guilty for his many nights with Tanu?

    1. Rosheena Singh


  20. Rosheena Singh

    Annoying children’s drama classes @ school

  21. Trini desi girl

    It’s time to give Pragya some stamina to stand up and retaliate against Tanu and Aliya. For example, when asked by Abhi for proof she should have produced another CD much to the surprise of the three pompek dogs(aliya, tanu and false teeth Mitali). Make the show interesting.

  22. Trini desi girl

    why is it that Indians all over the world has a weakness for money and property? Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness comes from the love you generate and not from the material things you accumulate. Money is a comfort not happiness.

  23. Most horrible show and it continuously gets worse, lacks common sense and insult to intelligent and educated audiences.

  24. This is so boring……pathetic pragya do smthg. Seriously !! R u saying u will accept watever those idiots say about u. U r really shameless !


  26. Abhi is useless he sleeps with tanu but wants his wife to prove she is not. What on earth are the serial makers showing women have to suffer ?

  27. Oh god…. Pragya shd stand up for herself…. Wat a crap

  28. Bye Bye Kumkum Bhagya, It has reach a point that my intelligence has been insulted enough. No more watching for me. Its Okay am used to program, start so well and then go so very bad later on. But this one has not even taken off, it has landed already. Maybe i should be glad my flight has taken short cut and i’ve reached my destination already. All other travellers bye and safe journey.

  29. stupidest drama!!!!! kep drag and drag till next 2 years?!

  30. I hope atleast dadi dies, then they both don’t have to pretend they are married. The story will have a new turn then.

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