Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Aaliya that pragya escaped from the goons’ clutches. Aaliya gets angry and scolds Nikhil for his inability to keep Pragya in their captivity. She blames Tanu for involving Nikhil. She says once Pragya comes here, she will tell that you got her kidnapped and then what will happen. She says last time they were saved as Abhi lost his memory. Dasi hears them. Tanu says they have a way. She tells that Nikhil told her to keep eye and hear if Pragya calls anyone, then they will call Nikhil and his goon and get her kidnap again. Aaliya sees Dasi hearing them and takes her phone. She asks what she heard. Dasi you talked about Pragya. Aaliya acts as worried for Pragya.

Dasi thinks they are hiding something. Abhi comes inside the place and calls fuggi silently. He couldn’t find her and is about to go, when something fell down. Nikhil and his goons wonders who have come. Nikhil says God came to give darshan to you. He tells that this person can be Pragya, Abhi or….Damru says Police. Nikhil says this can be Police informer.

Abhi thinks if goons heard the sound and thinks he will not go without her. Nikhil asks goon to cover his face and check. They check and says there is nobody here, but Abhi comes infront of them. Abhi sees many goons and tells that he reached donkey’s shed and asks them to excuse him. They try to catch him. Abhi runs. Nikhil sees Abhi. Abhi fools the goons and tries to check Pragya in the rooms. He calls fuggi and asks where are you? He thinks fuggi can’t be here. Goon comes. Abhi pushes goon on the horse excreta. Damru comes and tries to beat him. Abhi asks didn’t you see hero entry and asks him too whistle.

Nikhil comes there covering his face with a mask. Abhi says ring master is here. Nikhil tells his goons through walkie talkie that Abhi, the rockstar came here and asks them not to let him leave in any condition. Pragya hears Nikhil telling goons and is shocked. She thinks what to do now. Abhi sees walkie talkie and hears it, thinks she came to the right place. He thinks how did the goons know me. Damru asks goons to search Abhi. Abhi catches a goon and asks about Pragya.

Goon hits Abhi on his head and he falls down unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. At least abhi the Rockstar ko yaadash waapas ayenge kya???

    1. Bored to Tears

      LOL…..This is the Stupidest Shit ever…. LOL, LOL

    2. Asmithaa

      Haha.. poor Sreedevi.. it will never happen… don’t have too much hope yaar..

  2. P.N. Bhargava

    Today,s episode was a circus of jokers or part of kumkum bhagya? why cannot you proceed further>?

  3. Maybe now I am having hope that abhi may gain his memory but this is the 4-5 times abhi getting beating on his head and didn’t even get his memory back but now I think it has come to climax so abhi might get his memory and throw takhil and Aliya out of the house hope this should happen.

    1. You better not hope!stupid writers are playing same game for last 2 years and stupid ppl are making this show no 1. What a bunch of crap.

      1. You are 100 % right. many times we expected that it reached climax, lo still it is running.

  4. somethings hits abhi’s head and he falls unconscious.i think its time for him to regain his memory.

  5. Aab agar abhi ki yadaash aayi toh woh pragya ka kidnapping part bhool jaayega n now aab pragya wapas aane ki sochegin then story continue with pragya kidnapping so till the end of June the director unable to solve the pragya kidnapping case

  6. I think now abhi memory back. Pls god abhi and pragya unite

  7. Maybe he will lose his memory again and re-start the love affair with Pragya, This would be hilarious!

    1. Come on mini…. You are too funny

      1. No, Mini is right… That’s what they have been doing for the past two years.(**sigh**)

  8. You guys think it’s going to happen for this small hit… memory back… HA HA HA

  9. Its about time for abhi to get his memory back. Pragha deserve to be happy and get rid of Aaliya and her clowns.

  10. Will this ever end???? I remember starting to watch it coz it had awesome storyline N fab cast… Now just see it’s state. It seems like the show is striving,literally crawling to survive even after such great casting n concept. Really don’t know whom to blame. But seriously it’s way beyond repair fr this series. Better end it with whatever dignity left….

  11. Must be abhi unconscious there goons let him and run away (only pretend) pragya back to him and gain conscious him they try to escape from there goons will again kidnaap them to kill

    And Hell will never get his memory back till pragya tell him again hole truth then he force his mind get uncomscious she hospitelize him and blames her self even dadi aliya blames her dadi gets angry then he gets his memory but dadi’s hatredness start she dont want her in his life they get seprate adhuri kahaani going on……………

  12. if abhisheks memory was to come back then channel would have started the advertisement one month early only
    and also abhi getting ‘the danda on his head’ is not a new thing ,he is not gonna remember Any thing so please don’t keep your hopes high

  13. Precap is VERY Interesting!!! Abi after falling unconscious, will get up and remember Pragya is his wife…. But only part memory will be back and he would forget what happened after the car accident. He will remember he still loves Tanu and he had married Pragya by mistake. When Abhi finally finds Pragya…. She will emotionally hug him… He will be like…. “Hey thum ithni touchy kyon ban rahi ho? Mat bhulo ki mein Tanu se par kartha hun… Aur hume keise hi karke divorce lena hei!!! “ Pragya PALM FACE!!! Grrrrr…… :X

    1. No. no, no, no, no, no, no, no and a big NO. Not again…Stupid people. There’s very much possibility for this scenario also. God I hope not.

  14. At least now abhi should get back his memory can’t see abhigya suffering
    At least now they should unite and aliya, tanu and nikil should get punishment for their wrong doings
    Please directors it is high time now
    Please unite abhigya and finish this serial or continue by introducing abhigya children

  15. It will never come back his memmory if his comeback they csnt drag this sersl anymore so i know it will never happend they will drag this another year such super boring such a boring story line it is fourth week of pragya kidnapped still story stuck there arent shriti jhaw and shabeer as abhi are tired of acting same things all over again i feel sorry for both abhi and paragya they are spending time in this seral

  16. indera sanichara

    Oh God please let Abhi regain his memory and end the stupiest serial ever shown on TV.

  17. Carol from Trini

    Oh pls, they want to draaaaaggg this out some more so Abhi isn’t going to get his memory back. For all you all kno they might put that he loses his memory again. This time for 5 years not 2 1/2.

  18. I have stopped watching this rubbish serial as they just know how to drag this serial and are still doing the same… At least writers of gangaa serial have different plot of story for every episode and kumkum bhagya serial writers are repeating the story……..fooling everyone around
    I thought may be by now these have got married…..but I personally feel this serial is only all about uniting them and that day they will end it
    Hahahaha so disgusting

  19. Lopez

    hey guys they hit him on his head and u are praying for him to regain memory lol.pray he doesn’t lost the remaining one he has?????????????

    as nothing is impossible for ekta and her team


  21. Amelia Maharajh

    i am so damn tired of this stupid serial !!! There is absolutely no conclusion Pragya has been kidnapped and found i don’t know how many times ! Hopefully after the knock on his head Abhi will remember Pragya is his wife and get on with his darn life !

  22. How it is making 1st position in trp

  23. The serial is becoming a Comedy of Error. Now Pragya is going to back to save Ahbi. Instead of going to the police, she is stupid to go back.


  25. has TRP dropped yet?

  26. It’s all a BIG joke!!!!!

  27. Hope,this time abhi get back his memory, otherwise it’s going worst

  28. Abhi will never get back his memory,writers are making us fools, stupid serial better to offair it,rather than dragging it

  29. And the guys who all are kumkum-bhagya fans soo far not now now I am going two say one important thing to guys I think many of them love this important thing.

    That is in you tube I saw one picture that is TANU’S dead body and half a side abhi praying to God and I don’t know whether this would happen but for sure this should happen I think the goons instead of shooting pragya may mistakenly shoots tanu and she might die because I am seeing and hearing this news past 1 week so I think I should not believe that but in another picture pragya’s dead body is there and abhi crying hard of losing her what to believe and what not to believe soo confused but I am not considering that anymore soo I ignored it and came to the telly updates news there also same news and please guys don’t believe this I said just to make to you guys imagine that and be happy soo bye.

    1. Take a break for one year from watching this crap and still no one can guarantee that things will change.

  30. And the loooooooooooooongest day continues……

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