Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling his family not to let Police come inside. Pragya is tensed. Tanu says you might be happy that you will be saved if Police don’t come inside, and says they will punish them if not police. She says I was thinking from where did you get cunning mind? She says it came from your mum. Pragya asks her to shut up. She says if Maa would have asked money then I would have given her. Pragya says I heard her talking to someone about the notice, and offered help but she refused. Tanu says it is their joint venture and says Abhi trusts you, but not me. It is clear that your mum is doing emotional drama and trapping money. She says you want to be good in Abhi’s eyes, and asks her to tell Sarla to accept her crime and surrender to Police else she will take action against both

of them.

Purab is standing out. Inspector tells him that he got a call from a lady who said about the theft and her scream. Purab asks Inspector to stop there itself. Inspector says I will arrest you if you stops me from going inside. Purab says it is a family matter. Inspector says if he interferes then arrest him. Pragya asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla says she is innocent. Pragya says we both know that someone is trapping you. I will take blame on myself. Sarla asks her not to do that. Dadi asks Abhi to do something and says Sarla is innocent. She says you regards her as your mum and asks him to promise that he won’t let anything happen to her. Abhi promises that he won’t let anything happen to her. Tanu says if she pushes Sarla to go to jail then Pragya can take the blame and go to jail atleast for 6 month, then I will marry, have baby and my life will be set.

Tanu changes the track and says your mum might not have stolen the money, but it might be you who have stolen it. She asks didn’t you feel any shame? Abhi asks her to keep quiet as police is outside. Tanu asks Pragya, where was the keys? Pragya says it was with me. Tanu recalls stealing money from Pragya’s room. She says your greed have trapped Sarla. She acts and says she is feeling bad to badmouth about Sarla. She says Sarla’s tears are not fake. She says Pragya was in need of money, and have betrayed her husband. She says I was doubtful on you, but didn’t tell. She says you have proved your mum as theif and that too without any shame. Sarla thinks why Tanu is blaming Pragya now and says it is her trick to trap Pragya. She worries that Tanu might send Pragya to jail and then will marry Abhi. She thinks her daughter will lose in a day, and thinks she can’t let this happen. She thinks I have to stop everything and shouts enough. She says I have stolen the money. Dadi asks Sarla why you are doing this? Sarla thinks about Pragya and Abhi.

Sarla says he has stolen money from Pragya’s room. Inspector hears everything and says we have hear the thief statement, and asks Constable to arrest her. Purab asks Inspector to wait 1 min, and let him speak to Abhi. Purab talks to Abhi. Tanu tells Abhi that they shall get Pragya arrested too with Sarla, and says Pragya is with Sarla. Abhi says he don’t know what to do. Tanu says we both are very emotional and can’t see anything bad. She says this is happening for our secure future. She says you didn’t ask Sarla to confess and says she should be punished. Purab asks Abhi not to listen to Tanu and says Maa is innocent. Tanu says when Aaliya can be punished, then why can’t they. She asks if you are also with them in the theft. She asks Abhi to go down and let Inspector arrest Sarla.

Pragya tells Sarla that she knows that she has taken blame to save her. Sarla says she has stolen the money, but confesses that she has confessed to save her kumkum. She says if Tanu sends you to jail then she will marry Abhi. She says I don’t care if I stay in jail, but you should be with Abhi. I couldn’t see and took blame on myself.

Abhi tells Pragya that we know that Sarla has not stolen the money and says we will catch the thief together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Hate tanu alot.. Backwas epi.. But precap is good and nice.. So tanu will be caught as per spoilers means. I will be happy.. My coconut is always saved my kkb writer..??thnx for the fast update mam

    • shobana

      I think ranaji because of u only tanu is still not exposed still now ?… just kidding bro.
      And I feel that u will never and ever going to break the coconut.

    • Rachel

      The writers have gone Waaaayyyyy too Far> This is outrageous and stupid and I refuse to watch this rubbish.

  2. Marie Taylor

    Why Pragya standing like a dumbo and can’t shut Tanu mouth, by telling its Her house, her money,she own the brand Abi and own Abi and she is just a guest in the house, and girls stay at their parents until marriage, and throw her out or ask her to stay within her limits and act as a guest.

  3. After missing two episodes, finally I showed gutts to watch today’s episode. I was waiting for the reason becoz of which abhi will stop the police to arrest sarla maa. But almost episode was full of tanu’s rubbish blabberings and screeching. How much she is shameless and have gutts to bad mouthing against pragya and sarla maa and she have no fear for own self. This is her most ridiculous thing about her. And to added salt on it, abhi’s silent on her rubbish Talkings and let her talk rubbish and then his words to tanu I don’t know what to do! was most worst thing in this whole episode. But after watching the precap, it seems late came but came fit, means it seems like abhi funally believed that sarla maa didn’t do it, she can’t do it and now Abhigya will find out real culprit by their own. How much I m wishing at least this sin of tanu should disclose now. She gets back what she has given to sarla maa and pragya by insulting them. But let’s see if she will let this happen or not? As she always gets succeed in saving ownaelf on time. But if abhigya will work together and will try to find culprit then it could b possible that she could b caught. But she is the queen of manipulation and biggest dramebaaz so she could save herself then also. And becoz she is pregnant so this reason is enough for her safety. Anything can happen. Let’s see. But the important thing is that should pragya easily forgive abhi for doubting on sarla maa?

    • Hai pratiksha….how r u…☺☺☺.u have watched this serial after 2 days but I am watching after 6 days…seriously I am fed up of this show

      • Shivanya

        Hi hency how r u??Ya me too hency its really boring . I didn’t watch the serial for past one week . I wish tanu to be exposed and she should get hard slaps from each and every family members . She is devil, ??????☠☠☠☠☠?????vampire ??????? sucking abhis and pragyas blood . So sry Gowtham anna for scolding your sweet heart

  4. Nandu

    Crap crap….drag drag……hi everyone ….wen kb started I askd my Fnd to watch it? at dat tym she didn’t watch the shw?nw recently in YouTube she saw some of the past episodes n started to watch nw?n she s scoldng abhi n pragya like hell…?nw wen she askd me timings of epi I said her nt to watch ,but she didn’t listen n nw?she said me dat if I c this srl weekly one episode it’s enough bcz v can knw wat happened in whole week?seriously 1day in serial v r watching a week ?

  5. vadhu

    really this drama should go off air..
    enough of tanu’s crap..
    i am getting frustrated even while reading the updates..
    writers need to be sent to mental asylum…
    how are u all guys?
    how are you reji sis?

  6. Aqua

    What a terrible track.! One good thing that happened is the precap showing abhigiya teaming up to find the real theif.

    • ar

      nothg will happen dont thnk positiv ull b dissapointed asusual….dont keep any hopes…last time also same drama happnd 100 times

    • Dolly

      What so good in precap. He already told all that he believe in what he saw and blame her for theft. Pragya should tell him stay away from this. And once it is proved she is innocent they should leave the house with all his money. His character is just believe tanu nikhil

  7. abhigya

    today’s epi was bit boring… but precap was very nice.. hope abhi will find that the thief s tanu… tanu count ur days…. pack ur things to get out of abhigya’s life…. and frnds i’m a kb lover… i read d updates everyday… and d update shows d full screen of epi in our mind… thanks fr d updater

  8. pri

    now abhi will say tanu he will investigate and she will plot against some one and erase all proof… i ont believe how cv show abhi so stupid…initially he was liek a hero,..now so dumb ..pragys is the owner.now y cant she make tanu silent…y she is listening to all tanu says

  9. sara

    how are u reji sis and shobana sis and all of my friends?
    this drama is full of illogical and crap things..
    so much of draggginggg…..
    going to stop reading updates also..
    i am reading all your comments…
    instead of killing other characters, they can put an end to tanu’s character..
    hoping for abhigya’s reunion….

    • Hai. ..?Sara. ..how r u…Sara cvs are killing us by this senseless track.don’t worry..Eval ovo pathutom itha pakka matoma☺☺☺…eppaiyum pola ippayum wait pannuvom. ..

    • Hai gowtham fowziya shobana sis sheeta kutty swetha pratiksha deepa…and please tamil frnds help me.which engineering college is good in chennai…Abt todays epi seriously I lost hope to watch this serial only reading written updates…

      • shobana

        Hi ? hency
        As gowtham said ssn is good college, u will get sure placement in hcl
        And according to me RMK group of institutions (it has 3 colleges in this management) is best since my bro has studied there only and I studied in vel tech multi tech col for sure I wont suggest you this col

        I have heard that Sri Venkateswara engg col in sripermbathur and SRM university also good but I don’t know about it. Out of all Anna university is best.
        And I don’t know about Easwari engineering college
        In the above colleges my friends have studied so I know only about this colleges

  10. Aishwarya

    I think episode is waste but precap is slight hopeful coz if abhi individualy investigate about this also it would be good but he also takes pragya in his side is this pragya is mad she know that tanu is trying to trap her n sarala maa so if abhigya join together n investigate then its a good chance for pragya to expose takhil truth also but cvs will complicate those simple things but this time i wish they should not do this n its good being unaware of truth abhi is joining hands with pragya in this fight not only for her maa n also for her kumkum n now as per precap her bhagya(abhi) is also her side plzz cvs abhigya together should expose takhil this all my wish and what is ur guess prathikasha sister,reji,gowtham anna,shobana sister,sahithi shivanya n eveyone plzz share ur guess. prathiksha shobana can i call u sister???

    • shobana

      Hi ? aishu. Sure. No problem u can call me as sis.
      What I think is if abhi and pragya both finds that tanu is the culprit, I feel then also she will be escaped from punishment saying that she has done all this for baby. To secure our baby’s future I ve done all this. But one thing is sure that if tanu is caught then according to abhi it will be the first mistake of tanu. Though tanu is part of alia’s all plan she was not caught even a single time. So if tanu is caught this time then I feel that the count down for all her sin will be started. Lets wait and see what happens

    • Shivanya

      I am sure aishu CVS will not expose tanu. Tanus pregnancy time is more than an elephants pregnancy . I have an doubt whether tanu knowes that dadi is supporting pragya ?? Anbody tell Gowtham anna shobana Akka pratiksha Akka reji

      • shobana

        Till now the CVs have not shown a clear picture of whether tanu knows that dadi is part of pragya’s team or not.
        When tanu abhi marriage has been stopped tanu saw dadi being happily prayed to god but with this she cant conclude dadi is part of pragya’s team because from the very beginning dadi doesn’t want tanu to get married with abhi.
        And while dadi confessed to alia that she is part of pragya’s team, tanu was not there and after that tanu and alia didn’t have any conversation too.
        Since the CVs didn’t give a picture of it ur question remains as question mark

  11. Ankush kumar

    hahahaha it’s going good dragging on a little thing they will continue dragging more then 1 week.
    Is there no any security????
    Always when evil trap anyone they got success but when Pragya team they always fail so funny. They will not clear this thing and will continue to next story. when all money is of Pragya as a owner how can anyone blame????

    • shobana

      Ankush its because pragya is still not bold enough to defend tanu.
      Tanu is confident and very bold enough to blame others for her mistake. Whereas pragya is not like that.
      Pragya’s plan always fails because before executing her plans she shares about her plan with evil group. So the evils become safe and escapes from pragya and co’s trap. But whereas tanu and co never shared their plans with pragya that’s why they are successful

  12. Omg. Yet another bakwaas episode..sheesh.. today’s epi ws full of tanu’s taunt.. evil tanu y dnt u jus buzz off ya!!!! No more hopes frm dis serial.. abhi wil try findng out d culprit bt as usual evil tanu wil get saved..

  13. ar

    pragya doent file a case on tanu for attemptiv murder….but tanu put few notes in sarlas rm n sends 2 jail…..wht is this crap…..tooo idiotic crap…

    • FeeFee

      I was thinking the same thing. Tanu tried to KILL her and they all said NOTHING. This is all Bull Shit

  14. Abraham Lawer

    Now Abhi’s mind is working. Is good now that he will support Pragya. Nice . I will wait for the next episode. Nice to you all

  15. Meers

    HELOOOOOO!!!! Didn’t Pragya set up Cameras all over the house with Ronnie… shake and wake… Geez

  16. sonia

    Abhi the rockstar …crap…cctv cameras hai nhee iske ghar main??..kahaan ka rockstar hai yeh…dumboo..atleast tejorii vale room main to camera lgva dete….or pragya usse keys pillows ke neeche hi rakhni thee?? Phle to kbhi rkhi nhee ab kab se rkhne shuru kr di? Watever tanu toh shayad 2017 tak nhe jane vali…writers r so dumb…

  17. tina(suha)

    hey guys falt is ours… we hope more than want.we always waiting for the tanu’s true.thatz why ekta play with our hopes.lets froget about tanu and lets watch this without any hope.as we hope more more from then they’ll drag this more more.. itwill never come to end.. lets froget our hope about abhi and fugg’s unity.. if ekta felt they not interesting about kkb she will surely unit abhigya.

  18. Gowtham Anna u told me ssn is good college…but I can’t able to enter into it…now I am trying for Eswari college.

  19. sandy

    Expected from cvs.. I dnt think so thanu ll get exposed… As pri said she ll definitely plot I against some one.. This time I guess it will be rachana or Aakash… She ll nt get exposed so eassily. Writers has to still drag this fr one more yr.

  20. Gagan

    Zee tv once used to number 1 channel
    But now this channel is nothing but a bunch of ridiculous daily sops..kumkum bagya , jamai raja are one of the worst serials..unnecessary dragging
    No one should watch it

  21. Gagan

    Zee tv once used to number 1 channel
    But now this channel is nothing but a bunch of ridiculous daily sops..kumkum bagya , jamai raja are one of the worst serials..unnecessary dragging
    No one should watch it, hate it

  22. shobana

    Oh my god ? still now I thought that only alia and tanu is unpredictable but now abhi also joins the list.
    First he said in hospital that tanu is his wife and in yesterday episode he said to tanu that stay away from this as she is not his family member
    yesterday abhi asked sarla ma that y u steal money
    Today dadi and purab are forcing abhi not to handover sarla ma to police
    Tomorrow abhi is telling that sarla ma is innocent and we both (abhigya) will find out the truth.
    Todays best comedy is while abhi speaking to purab, tanu interrupt and said that “we both are very emotional and can’t see anything bad ” seriously I was laughing while watching this part.

    One more thing guys I feel sriti aka pragya has reduced her weight. For the past few months we felt that our pragya has gained weight in mogambo avatar than in fuggy avatar.
    Now I feel that she has reduced her weight again. Do anyone too feel so ??

    • Reji

      Ya shobana …at first in mogambo makeover pragya has gained weight…but now she reduced her weight i too feel it.. and wat u said was true…really in the serial the fact i hate is all r not stable in their words…changing their mood from.their words often ..like abhi !!..

    • razia

      Truly said shobi .. Few months back she looked swollen even shabbir teased her in a segments interview .. Now she is back like bfor .. My mom often question me y pragya became fat .. Ye Na amma ku theriyama Dan hinfi kkb papen .. Symtyms amma pathanga Na she ll ask pragya gundaitala nu .. Bt nowadays glowing la sriti

  23. Rishneee

    If they give this much screen place for tanu’s drama always.. her exposure should become a bang.. expose her… insult her… action her ….for days days n days….

  24. tina(suha)

    letz change the heroins.. pragya is the villan.tanu is the heroin. tanu do all these thimgs to get abhi , money… and happy.. her evey plan becomes succes.so she must be the heroin.pragya the villan.always try to hurt thanu and make abhi to hate her. she is searching for proofs to show tanu is bad.but tanu overcome from everything.just think friends.i think we mistaken heroin and villan

  25. Juhi

    Don’t worry guys last 5 months se tanu expose hi nai ho rhi …iss show me sb kuch ho rha bt tanu expose nai ho rhi… i think after 1 yr she will b exposed

  26. Sri

    Hai guys ….use your common sense pragya… think of DNA test.
    That will definitely reveal tanu’s secret ….if iam pragya i would slap tanu until she accepts the truth..

    • shobana

      What if Nikhil and tanu manipulates doctor to change the report ??? Its not difficult for them to change the reports. For this reason they didn’t take dna test

  27. Runu

    This serial become rubbish day by day… I don’t know why ???? Why the makers of this serial are playing with our emotions in this worst way…

  28. asmitha

    after two days I think we have see a gd epi tomorrow but I laughed so much by seeing today epi I thought that will give segment today but it will be tomarrow precap is nice I think they understood that they r wife and husband now whatever it may if they work together we can expect a good result but one thing I didn’t understand pragya forgave abhi how?!!

  29. amanda

    Tanu will not get any punishment they would forgive her and that would be it same crap over and over again …….The good people would get all the insult and the bad nothing

  30. sheri

    Do you realize that next month wud make an entire year that this stupid irritable tanu track is going on. Can’t u writers think of something else I’m tired of this nonsense. Move On!!!!

    • Crystal

      So true. It’s disgusting to see how in all these soap operas that evil prevails long and as soon as truth is revealed, they only forgive them and move on and no real justice is really served ?

  31. Akeera

    Damn ye tanu itna bakwas kese kr leti h.. -_- so irritating.. koi iske murder ki b planning kr lo kbhi.. ???

  32. Haiii? shivanya☺☺☺ i am fine…how r u…I think we should only watch this show after abhigya reunion…I think it will around take 4-5 years…writers r thinking that we r mad…

  33. Adamu Alhaji Adamu

    I think the writer is an evil man and always want to protect the evil against truth. Continue with your rubbish story I am no long interest to watch or read episode. Dan duruwa kawai tsinanne and shegeya arnen banza

  34. Shivani

    What the hell is going on in this serial !! Please stop this stupid Tanu’s drama. Enough is enough….

  35. very irritating indeed just hate this show bc of so called Tanu .Do us a favour and give us a clue of the year Abhi n Pagrya will reunite then we can pick interest in the show again nonsense writer……

  36. razia

    At last CVS answered our question after a very long .. V al questioned y does pragya searches fa proof ? Many thot y can’t jus pragya tel him the truth .. Abhi eud ve believed .. Even u guys think now abhi vl believe if something pragya or her team says anytmg abt tanu ? Def not it’s clearly shown he vl not .. N I’m wondering how one can stay so stupid .. Or how CVS can show a man of mid 30s being so immature abt understanding ppl? So his Dadi n his wife trying to save him from his gfs n enemy’s .. I’m jus thinking does really any man exists ? How do the cvs get these ideas n how do they characterise? Gosh .. Bt I’m happy I don’t watch the last 3 episodes .. So I don’t get irritated much like u guys ..

    • shobana

      Exactly razia this is what yesterday I too said that pragya is searching for proof because abhi doesn’t believe his own people without proof

    • Sahithi

      If thats how writers want to reason for this whole makeover track and so called proofs, then its so …. As usual illogical.

      This is all because no one speaks truth or tells Abhi what is actually going on.. No trust between family members. He also easily believes whatever crap ppl throw at him.
      So everytime, they do a big drama and do jasoosi and then catch the culprit. God save these ppl because if they are going to live their whole life this dumb, their major time and effort is spent in gathering proofs and exposing ppl till Abhi n Pragya get tired and move away from MM.

      Overall I still dont get this entire proofs thing and how it can be justified.

    • karthika

      razia..i feel the same now..the CVs character made abhi as a man who doesn’t know to evaluate a person….he can be easily influenced….he’s just lyk a man small baby which need to be protected by others..abhi is one who don’t have his own perspective towards any thing..there r juz making him dumb…

      • Sahithi

        I think its more of Daadi and Pragya’s perception of Abhi, that he needs his wife to save him from his enemies. But when something goes out of hands, they always turn finally to Abhi to save them.

        Daadi should understand that Abhi is now a grown up guy n not her little grandchild any more. Same with Pragya who cant save her sister, mom or herself – now herself n mom on repeat mode, shouldnt think she is trying to save Abhi.

        Let them tell the truth to Abhi n let him handle it his way.

      • Karthika abhi had confessed it to pragya that becoz of his this weakness of inability of identifying the reality of a person, dadi choosed pragya for him. But pragya was also right that he is enough mature so he should have this ability becoz everytime pragya or someone cannot available to guide him and other peoples could misguide him. So it’s better that he learn it by his own.

      • Sahithi

        That is again very funny for me for so many reasons – Daadi could never find out the truth of Abhi Pragya’s relation that they are acting as couple all through. She could never find what Aaliya was turning into out of obsession for Purab. Daadi herself is not good at identifying ppl.

        Now she chose Pragya who in no way is a smart person for me. If Pragya was smart she wouldnt have been manipulated by Tanu during start of pregnancy track, she shouldnt have left Abhi n her married life.

        Pragya didnt suspect Raj or Nikhil until very late, until she heard things from their mouth, not because she had the smartness to find herself.

    • razia

      Finally v can’t blame abhi or pragya or Dadi. . it is al these CVS so called characterisation .. Omg .. I’m losing hope .. They totally destroyed abhis character .. Sterdays epu they spoiled n in precap it’s shown like he’s on pragyas side .. Bt in next two episodes hell again forget it n vl try to make pragya to confess her love .. As usual tanu vl do her work both manipulation n plottings. Fed up seriously

  37. Rita

    This is too stupidity….. if u don’t have any other things then stop it ….. tane must be out of the serial….

  38. Nisha

    Same here guys I have left the show a week back n I enjoy watching Masterchef Australia at that time.. Its worth my time..I share the same point of view shabeer should really take this seriously as he is portrayed as a dumb fellow in this entire serial…a good for nothing guy..and he is spoiling his image …I think u all should quit watching this stupid serial n do something worth at that time.as the TRP goes dows directors / producers / writers will think about making a living out of something else..than making a fool out of all of us.

  39. Brintha

    hi all… yesterday was very busy for me.. it was my 15th anniversary day.. and my sister’s daughter school first 491/500..3 subjects centum… so full happy day tooooo.. so i totally forgot kkb yesterday…

  40. shriti

    I stopped watching this show long ago but yesterday unfortunately i watched it..i really hate tanu. Try to unite abhigya soon

  41. Guys sorry for commenting late. My phone has stopped working completely. Now I have to use my laptop for switch on my net. Although my big b have his phone and I can use it but till then when he leaves for office. But After that I can run my net only on laptop. I can change my phone right now with new one but my big b said to me that hee wants to gift it on rakshabandhan. So I have to wait till then for it. But till then I have to manage like this, sometimes by using my big b’s phone and other time on laptop. My mom and dad too have their phones but they doesn’t allow to use net on their phone. And I also can’t as their phones remains busy mostly. So I have to manage somehow until I will get a new phone in my hands which my big b will gift me. Aishwarya u can call me as u like. Yesterday’s episode and tanu I hates to the core but precap seems interesting as finally abhi got his brain back. But as shobhna said I too thinks that if tanu will get to know about this then she will never let them solved this matter and she will try her best so they couldn’t find her hand behind the theft. But if somehow abhigya gets to know about it then also tanu could b saved as she is pregnant and this reason is enough to escaped from any hard punishment. And according to abhi she is carrying his child so becoz of emotions for child, abhi cannot give any hard punishment to her. And tanu is queen of manipulation and dramaqueen too so she will use baby’s excuse to escape. But becoz Sarla maa and pragya harassed by her mentally so much becoz of this theft blame so abhi will not forgive her so easily. Well let’s see. Becoz if abhigya will work together to find the real culprit then it is possible that they will busy in romance or their silly fights and between this tanu could get a chance to escape. This is happening from when abhi started romance with pragya after breaking of his marriage with tanu. Pragya was right becoz of this romance, she is being distracted from her aims, of which tanu is taking advantage to plan against pragya. Tanu mostly execute her plans when abhigya remains busy in romance and in their silly fights. This theft sequence has proved two things of pragya which is right. First, abhi will not believe easily on anything without proof and becoz of their romance and love,
    she will b distract. Both things has proved right through this sequence. Abhigya’s together working will only work if they will work with full concentration on it. Can we hope that if abhi found tanu’s hand in theft then it will open the ways of doubts for tanu in abhi’s mind? Well it should happen if cvs will let this happen. So let’s see.

    • Sahithi

      Let us see how far Abhi will stick to his word of catching culprit along with Pragya. These ppl said so many things in past but its forgotten in 2 days.
      Since everyone touched the suitcase, finger prints not an option. As Shabir said in one IV, they have to check CCTV cams. And mostly locker room wont have a cam, other option is Tanu moving around Abhi’s room or coming out with the keys and again going in to place back the keys. Again a glitch, when Sarla questioned Tanu’s presence around that room, before going from there, she switched off the lights in lobby. So not sure if cams really caught Tanu in the lobby.

      Even assuming Tanu is caught and Abhi sees her in recorded footage and confronts her, what she did was try to implicate Sarla n Pragya for which she might say her marriage is not happening because of Pragya so she did it out of revenge. That is all same old emotional drama.

      What is important to be checked, the amount missing from Sarla’s room, the supposed 10L that Tanu gave to Nikhil. Abhi n Pragya should realize that amount as missing, and then check if Sarla paid that for her hall dues. Finding the destination of the 10L will open up Tanu’s truth, Nikhil being receipient and ultimately the nurse.

      Writers are misleading by trying to create situation where it looks like Abhi will only believe on proofs. But what is actually needed is, Abhi should apply some logic to the happenings rather than trusting ppl’s proofs. Because money found in Sarla’s room n the hall dues docs, they are actually good proofs against Sarla, if you have to blindly trust anything as PROOF. So if Abhi didnt know much about Sarla say their relation just started, those proofs were enough to suspect her. Similarly if there are some proofs against Tanu doesnt really mean she is at wrong.

      There should be a personal validation from Abhi’s side if the proofs themselves are worth believing. Abhi knows Tanu is selfish and money minded but he wont even dream she will cheat on him and still want to be his wife by hook or crook. The solution is like Aaliya, Tanu also should confess from her mouth, not in recorded footage like they tried in watchman getup or Ronnie bhooth drama.

      • shobana

        This much brain CVs don’t have. So they will show us there as usual illogical storyline.
        They can also check fingerprint in locker key since it can have only pragya’s and tanu’s fingerprint. Because pragya is the one who has the key all time and tanu who took the key to steal money. So they can also do this. But I know that they won’t because few months back when bulbul was in hospital they took fingerprints of all family members atlast alia dipped her finger in oil and gave her fingerprint and it has become useless. Likewise if try this it will also become useless.
        And that’s true sahithi, none of them didn’t count money in that case. And they won’t count hereafter also because CVs are portraying our lead as a fool not the brilliant ones.
        So as u used to say before that we should give work to our brain while watching kkb. We have to follow that only.

      • Ya sahithi anything can happen but I was wondering is it possible that the most important place of a house where all the money, jewellery etc keeps store, it has no cctv camera!!!? Is it logical? May b shabbat was joking or may b it is tanu who removed camera too from the locker room. But then also they have so many camera’s like in corridor near abhigya’s room or they have options too to find the real culprit, if they will actually try with full and strong efforts by using their mind properly or if cvs will want. Well let’s see.

      • Oops sorry it’s shabbir not shabbat? these keypad’s dictionary na,? too much problematic. Always creates problem in typing.One want to say one-thing and other will get anything becoz of wrong selection of words by phone’s keypad’s dictionary.?

      • Brintha

        Sahiti in kkbcc won’t b in important cc places like hall,, common corridor, locker room, etc.. they will b having in kitchen, garden, parking,terrace,etc..

    • shobana

      I replied to u prathiksha but don’t know how it has posted as a separate comment.
      See my comment its below

  42. samatha suresh

    Arghhhh…if am not wrong all the property is pragyas right then the money is too hers be it a crore or lakhs…then y the hell she needs to answer tanu or abhi or anyone wer the money went….she can arrogantly reply that she spent it or don’t need to answer….y this drama…no logic nothing…

  43. shobana

    Oh ho prathiksha, u need not to be sorry. We can understand your situation. U post ur comments whenever its possible. We will be always there to read it and will be waiting for your updates. But Rakshabandhan comes in the month of August right??
    Exactly prathiksha, abhigya needs to work with full concentration else it will not easily to find the truth. But once if abhi comes to know that tanu is behind this then his belief on pragya will be increased and he will also believe that pragya is not after money.

    • Anything could happen or like sahithi said may b nothing will happen and all Wil forget. Let’s see. And ya shobhna rakshabandhan is in August. So I have to wait for new phone till august.

  44. sham

    How they can blame pragya for theft as we know pragya is owner of house and in logic she is a owner of money also. Unless pragya complaints in police how police come arrest someone for theft. Even some one called police how police can arrest any one without pragya’s consent. As as usual all the people standing and looking at drama specially that Dadi. I do not understand dadi’s character. How Tanu can talk so loudly and pragya the dumb listen. I know there is no logic in this serial. Even it fiction this kind of drama will not happen in real. Every one is dumb in one house.

  45. karthika

    in precap abhi joins with pragya to collect proofs..but this time also CVs vl bring some stupidity amid abhigya’s mission…their romance have been their obstacle always….i’m sure this time also CVs vl kindle our curiousity more and atlast nothing vl happen lyk asusual…guys if i’m not wrong abhigya already joined hands bfore when dussera vijay tried to kill pragya….to find that who hired him they joined hands..but that they falied.i couldn’t remember it clearly….it’s revealed later only…i’m sure this time also they ‘ll lose it….

    • razia

      Exactly karthika they ll come up wid new ideas to unite n find the culprit bt at last as usual the cvs vl forget it n vl come up wid new plottings if tanu n new ideas of abhi distracting pragya saying he ll make her confess her love n same old drama .. I guess tanu vl b exposed only after another 100 episodes

  46. Bujji

    If I will see the writers who are writing such a stupid story, I will kill them…no one can stop that evil tanu…y they don’t slap them..thinking bcoz of the blo*dy illegal pregnancy…everyone knows about her except that stupid abhi…what the hell is this…she can do so many draamàs but no one will find out it…and this mental prgya what she is dng in the home for what purpose she came to that home she is not finding the ways how to solve this pblm soon Instead of that simply fighting roaming eating and sleeping…if she will sleep she is a like a doll with no use..she can’t find what s going in the home..she is so dumb character…really…worst…

  47. karthika

    sometimes i feel dadi is becoming more selfish for abhi.she’s not doing anything to make her grandson to know the truth…persuading pragya to do something for his grandson..many times she have been quiet when situations created lyk yesterday happened…as sahithi said now abhi need proof to believe on each and everything pragya admits… this situation is also created by dadi and pragya only… the whole complications were created by them only…if pragya tells truth to abhi abut his enemies very before he would have believed her .but dadi’s roop changing plan have made everything mess…now if pragya even give up and tells the truth..he vl not believe..now pragya is in one way of destiny where she can’t turn back rather than travelling on it??seriously guys this all vl happen only in daily soaps collecting proofs to prove themselves.becoz in reality if someone accuses anybody even if it’s not true everyone vl exaggerate it and make it big issue..especially issues amid family..

    • Priya

      Ya karthika u r rit.. Sometimes I ll get angry while seeing this.. They lost bulbul now sarla ma everything because of pragya and dadi.. Dadi Sonna kuda va namba matanga it’s too much.. Coming to abhi dumbness… I think cvs likes to keep leading role as dumb always 1st pragya now abhi…

  48. I fed up on watching this serial. Pragya is like a road, as abhi takes advantage of her love and abhi like a vehicle as tanu takes advantage of his innocence.and tanu is like a passenger who gain advantage from all .totally this story is non stop travelling bus

  49. Priya

    Pls god trp wants to come down.. Once it reaches 6th position surely they ll change the track… Or else they won’t.. I think cvs ku Nama Romba santhoshama pakurom nu Intha Tanu oda torture ae nu nenaikuranga pola… So only they keep on dragging…

  50. Mittenzz

    This show may have started with “Sense and Sensibility” in mind, but the concept has long been flown out the window. It’s now more like “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Tanu being the Tortoise who uses every trick to win the race and Pragya the Hare who meets up on every obstacle the Tortoise sets. In the end the Tortoise is so sure of himself he becomes complacent and falls asleep and ends up loosing the race. Tanu has become successful in driving that rift between Abhi and Pragya for now, but she also give back Pragya focus. Abhi’s “affair”, because that’s what it is a “secret affair” with his own wife, got found out by his girlfriend (lol…what a riot!) was her distraction. Pragya will try to keep away from Abhi now until she gets her proof of Tanu. Here is the drawback of Tanu’s plan, Pragya may distance herself from Abhi but Abhi will not let her. Tanu believes she will get Abhi’s focus after this stunt but Abhi still won’t see her.
    I think this latest development and Pragya’s distancing herself will make Abhi more determine to prove Sarla s innocence, this, I hope, fingers cross, will lead him to Tanu’s and Nikhils duplicity and baby drama.
    Tanu may want to use her pregnancy as leverage but where does pregnancy fit in in framing someone for theft? Then again…she could be right, she could say her pregnancy affects her brain. She was busy giving birth to news ideas and ways to manipulate Abhi and get rid of Pragya, than actually giving birth of her elephant pregnancy.
    Why am i sitting here trying to rationalize these writers way of thinking in this illogical serial?….peace of mind, i think, peace of mind.

    • Sahithi

      Oh yeah thats right, if writers finally wanted to give some stimulus to frozen Abhi’s brain, then this money stealing sequence is that.
      Tanu blaming Sarla n trying to get her arrested. Angry Pragya trying to prove her mother’s innocence and in the process concentrating on her mission and less on romance with hubby. All this indirectly routing Abhi to find the real culprit and finally reach Tanu’s truth. Hope it goes this way, but we never know if writers will retain the flow or jerk it abruptly.

  51. Rasika

    This is bulshit. Everyday same thing repeating. And dnt feel to see the drama now. Value of the story has been dissapered from this bulshit repeatings.

  52. Sahithi

    Ratings for last week are out, as it started from last week, the numbers are divided as Rural and Urban.

    Including Weekday and Weekend shows – Urban viewership- 3rd place after Naagin and YHM.
    Rural – 4th place, Jodha Akbar, Saathiya, Naagin at first 3 places

    However, overall viewership there is a marginal increase from previous week.

  53. Suhana

    Hi everyone..!!
    I was a silent reader and never commented but I am following this show here from a long time..
    I agree with you Hency,…
    may be they are checking our patience
    The funny part is that..all plans of pragya gets unsuccessful and mostly all plans of Tannu emerge victorious. I mean its simply height of checking our patience.
    Totally tired of this rubbish plot..!!

    btw..I hope you all will allow me to join KB grp.. ☺☺

  54. Nithi

    Wen bulbul accident time also Abhi told d same to pragya tat he will help her to findout d truth…but wat happnd we everyone knows. ..

    So thr is no hope on Abhi words..

  55. Suchitra Gavale

    This shws abhi is mentaly challenge character. N tanu has just discharged frm d same hospital whr soon abhi vl get admitted to become smart.tanu is pregnant frm past 2yrs n still d baby is alive in her tummy.feel director wnts to celebrate baby’s birthday directly. Nonsense

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.