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The Episode starts with Tanu asking Abhi if he called her. Abhi says yes and asks her to meet a special person and share her problems with her. Tanu says she got her checked today. Abhi says she is a different doctor and asks her to share her problems. Tanu asks if am I mad? She shouts. Abhi says you see blood coming out from tap, doll, etc. He asks her to share her problems, if really it happens then he will not come and save her. Purab and Pragya ask her to share her problems, and say baby will be stressed. Doctor asks her to talk to her as if she is her friend. Tanu says I am feeling strange since 2-3 days. She tells about blood coming out of tap, doll hanging and message written on the glass. Doctor asks if you have seen any reflection? Tanu says no. Doctor says did anyone die recently? Tanu gets

tensed and says no. Doctor asks her to rethink and says if you have done murder unintentionally. Tanu shouts at Abhi for calling Doctor like a police. Doctor asks her to calm down and says usually patients feel like seeing the person they have killed them, and says it might be guilt. She asks her to speak her heart out and face the situation. Tanu thanks her and asks her to stop it. Abhi asks her to listen to him. Tanu says you are mentally torturing me. Abhi asks her to relax. Doctor says she might see those things again and says she will harm her own life or others too. Abhi asks what do you mean? Doctor says she can attack anyone being scared. She says there is one solution for this and asks her to take out fear from her heart. Tanu thinks if she is right then I will get mad. Abhi asks her to confess and says we will take out some solution. He asks her to recall and tell him, says I will not tell you anything. Tanu says I am not guilty, haven’t done anything and says I don’t need this doctor’s help.

Aaliya checks the music CD and thinks why there is waste music inside the CD. She thinks Abhi might tried to fool Pragya and have written important on the CD. She thinks she shall steal music again. Abhi asks Tanu to listen to him. Tanu says I don’t want to meet her and asks him to leave her alone. Abhi asks her not to bother him late at night. Tanu says Doctor is increasing her problems and says there is no truth. Abhi says you makes me feel lower infront of Pragya and she might be laughing in her heart as I am marrying you. He says I will not interfere in your life.

Purab and Pragya laugh and think about Tanu’s troubles. Just then Pragya sees Tanu standing on the door and her smile vanishes. Tanu asks them to laugh more on her and enjoy. Pragya says we were not laughing at you. Tanu scolds Purab for taking Pragya’s side and laughing at her. Purab says we were not laughing at you and says he called the psychiatrist on Abhi’s insistence. Tanu says that doctor was making me mad by her questions. Purab asks why you are over reacting if you are normal. Pragya says I think that doctor said right that you have done some mistake intentionally or intentionally or have killed someone. She says you did you get angry on doctor. Purab asks her same question. Pragya says if you are acting to gain Abhi’s sympathy so that he asks for divorce from me. Tanu says what is your problem? Pragya says when I asked you to tell me who is supporting Aaliya, you didn’t help me…She says I will not help you, and will give divorce only when I wanted. She says today I paid the doctor’s fees, but again I won’t waste my money. Tanu goes angrily. Pragya and Purab do hi five happily.

Tanu comes to her room and thinks what to do? She thinks Ronnie called her and thinks how to trap him when he could be seen by her only and not by others. Pragya thinks Tanu will tell her truth in 2-3 days. Abhi sees her smiling and says you might be laughing at me and saying ram milaye jodi one crazy and one mad. Pragya says I didn’t come here to tell you this and says I came here to tell you about Doctor’s sayings. She says Doctor said that Tanu is unwell, and if we don’t get her treated then her condition will be ruined. She says Doctor asked them to keep an eye on her. She says she will get her best treatment but she has to co operate. Pragya asks Abhi if you have seen Ronnie as she didn’t see him after concert. Abhi says no. Pragya says don’t know where did he go? Pragya thinks Tanu will confess to have killed Ronnie.

Nikhil threatens Sarla and says he will kill her. Sarla moves her hands and tries to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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