Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Robbers plan to hold Abhi captive for smooth escape

Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya about the robbers attack in the bank. Pragya and Abhi have a romantic eye lock. Allah wariyan plays….Robber tells that the info is leaked from someone’s mobile. Woman robber asks Manager to give his phone. Male robber asks Mona to tell if there is any famous customer here. Mona says Abhishek Prem Mehra. Robber asks her to go. Other robber slits her throat. They threaten to kill everyone, if they insist to go out. Everyone is scared. Abhi says I have to do something. Other Robber tells that there is someone here on upstairs. Boss sends the robber and asks him to bring the persons downstairs. Doctor checks King and asks him to have best rest. Kiara asks him about the precautions. Doctor says she is sweet. King says yes. He asks Kiara if he shall rest. She

says yes and hugs him. King asks her to go and rest. Kiara says she called mum, but she is not picking the call. Robber comes in the room and takes another couple from the room. Abhi and Pragya are hiding there. Abhi tries to go, but she stops him. Robber Ronnie tries to kill the man, but his wife pleads infront of him not to kill him. Boss stops him. Robber tells Boss that Manager escaped with the keys.

Boss asks Robber to cut all wireless lines. Abhi calls Police station. Constable picks the call and doesn’t believe that he is rockstar on the call. Robber cuts the phone lines. Boss asks the robbers to break the door. Lady robber says police will come here by then. Boss says we will have a helicopter ready on the terrace. She says if they shoot on the helicopter. Boss says he has already thought and says they will keep Abhishek Mehra hostage. He sees Pragya’s phone and asks lady robber to get that girl also. He tells that he will take Abhi and this girl in the helicopter. He tells that nobody will know they are with the terrorist gang. Abhi asks Pragya not to walk else she will lose weight. He gets an idea and tells that there must be a fire alarm in the bank and says if he burns the lighter near the fire alarm then it will make a sound. Pragya asks do you smoke? Abhi says no and says he will manage the get lighter. Pragya asks how you will get fire and asks if he rub two stones. She says she will also come. Abhi says no and says if you come then. Judaa hoke bhi plays…

Abhi assures Pragya that nothing will happen to him. Pragya says ok and says if you need me then I will come out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh Boy! Literally. So Pragya is being set up to accept Abhi. Abhi the boy-man who has two dangerous, contagious warts on his body STILL. One wart is right on his private parts, obviously Tanu, mouth wide open. The other wart is on his stomach, sucking out everything the boy-man earned, obviously Aliyah. These two warts have their mouths wide open, always. And Pragya is going to be written as stupid enough to embrace this disease ridden boy-man.

    Does Ekta even understand what love is or can be? Has Ekta ever experienced honest adult love? She has forgotten that everything she ‘creates’ (or in this case has organized into being created) is a direct reflection of her own heart and mind. It’s pretty limited in there, Miss Kapoor. Pretty limited. You obviously believe that the best way to make your bucks is through deceit, stupidity and abuse. So what, if no one actually likes you or your ‘work’, you are still running to the bank. Lovely example of an Indian woman, you are.
    Are you perchance related to Nikki Haley? Or at least in the same business and philosophical circles.

    Come on, surprise us! Show us some intelligence, some rapport with higher humanity. That is, adult humanity. End this debacle. It stinks way down here in the gutter while visiting, with you.

  2. Cathy

    Are they setting up King to get sick and die?

    1. I think that might depend on the actresses who play Tanu and Aliyah and If they keep demanding more scenes from their producer. Everyone who has ‘left’ , did so because of Aliyah’s hands. Boring disease death is not as interesting as kidnapping/murder it would appear, in this production.

  3. One of the most dumbest show ever aired on tv why they introduced king in the show if he has no screen space and Pragya is just not as smart as they make her to be please end this show

    1. Pragya is smart mentally. Emotionally she was brought up to accept abuse. She was taught that ‘role’ was her function in life. To keep her husband and his family happy regardless of the cost to herself and her dignity. Ideally, Pragya would figure this out and become an adult woman. It is difficult for many women to realise that they actually matter and are capable human beings. There are adult men out there where nurturing and ‘service’ are mutual, loving and a gift…not a demand or an order to be fulfilled and mostly abused.

  4. I think set that up

  5. You guys are right.. Especially akituster.. You are bang on when you say that abhi is a disease affected guy and that too non curable.. Other than the two warts/leeches ie tanu and aliya who have done nothing but plot, kidnap and murder over the last 4 years and are still roaming around free without being caught is not acceptable, abhi is a brainless and egoistic guy. He has never and will never ever have the guts to stand up for pragya.. And pragya fail to understand where is her self respect. After having been treated like a wet mouse she still yearns for abhi.. Ideally unless abhi realizes his mistake and does not throw aliya and tanu out of his life pragya should not accept him. Tanu and aliya have hogged enough limelight, infact more than any lead in any of the serials that have been telecast on any channel till date.. I thought it was because of tbe casting couch, but looks like here it’s just not the writer and director couch, but their entire family bed, else how do you explain the fact that over the past 4 years KKB is only abt aliya and tanu… And pragya is just limited to being an extra, Inacse you guys have anything better to say you may provide your reply to this comment

    1. always good to read your comments Alka, Cathy and a few others!

      1. seconded…and you too Akituster

  6. There is a petition online to end kkb. The only reason why the show didn’t go off air in 2016 was because it would be the only show in the top 20(most of time) see tv would have faced a huge loss.

  7. Plz end sritis character I at least don’t want her. She is hopeless in reel n real.

  8. Stupid serial .dirty people surrounded like sriti.she is hopeless on screen and off screen.

    1. U don start…I thought you took a break from insulting Sritis as a person…Madam or Oga or whatever you are please get a life…haba, na wetin????????

  9. I like shriti n serial….

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