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The Episode starts with Tanu mixing medicine in Pragya’s juice. Pragya thinks about Abhi and says he drank bitter juice for me. She calls Robin and asks him to bring juice given by Dadi. Tanu sees Robin going to Pragya’s room and collides with him intentionally. She then scolds him. Robin says Pragya will scold me as her juice fell down. Tanu gives the drugged juice to Robin and asks him to give it to Pragya. Robin thanks her. Tanu thinks you will know in the morning now. Pragya drinks the drugged juice and thinks their story will start from where it stopped. Tanu thinks Pragya’s story will end, and Abhi will get angry seeing her with Champak. Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house and asks about Champak. Abhi says he was trying to teach me, oblivious to the fact that whatever I sings becomes a song.

Nikhil says he need to go somewhere. Bunty and Babli are fighting. Abhi asks them not to fight and play together.

Nikhil tells Tanu that Abhi is burning in jealousy and says if our plan is successful then Abhi’s anger will burst and Pragya is out. Tanu says Champak might reveal the truth with Pragya’s torture. Nikhil says this will not happen. He asks did you give her drug? Tanu says at 5 pm. Nikhil says its effects will begin. Tanu asks Nikhil to share plan with Champak. Nikhil asks Champak to come to room. Dadi and Rachna spy on them. Dadi says they will close them in room and then will call Abhi, and they will be caught.

Nikhil asks Champak to keep some cam with him, and capture moments with Pragya. Champak asks what to do with her. Nikhil says you are a man, do whatever you can with her and capture everything on cam. Rachna is about to lock the door. Nikhil and Tanu see someone outside. Tanu comes out and asks what is she doing here? Rachna says she was going from there and makes an excuse. Tanu tells Nikhil that they are planning something and is more alert after Champak came. She asks Nikhil to go. Nikhil says I don’t want to give them any chance, and asks Champak not to disappoint him. Champak asks him not to worry and says his threatre experience will help her.

Rachna says sorry to Dadi and says she couldn’t lock the door. Dadi says it is okay. Pragya feels drowsy because of sedative. Purab comes. Rachna says she is not feeling unwell. Dadi asks her to go to room and sleep. Pragya wonders why she is feeling drowsy and drinks lemon water. Champak gets the camera which Nikhil gave her. Pragya falls down on bed. Champak thinks of Nikhil’s words that he should record their compromising position. He asks him to think it as first performance, and Pragya’s punishment. Champak sees Pragya on bed and thinks he will start his work. Champak keeps the camera infront of bed. He asks Pragya to sleep like that only and says he will become famous now. He thinks room’s ambience should be romantic also. Abhi is sleeping in guest room and thinks he shall go to his room. He thinks he will not go to his room until he comes to know about Champak’s secrets. He then thinks to go and impress Pragya.

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya’s lover Champak didn’t let her sleep all night. Abhi is shocked and asks what? Tanu says she has a recording which she will show. Pragya and Abhi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate this serial… This serial is only favour of tanu and nikil… so far, abhi didn’t find any nuisances of tanu… waste of time with serial..

  2. guys kkb is gonna end chk the fb page of telly trp news & updates.

    Telly TRP News & Updates.
    Exclusive: KumKum
    Bhagya to go off-air due to shocking reason.

    It’s been speculated that makers of KumKum Bhagya have decided to wrap up Zee TV’s most trending show KumKum Bhagya.

    Loyal viewers of
    KumKum Bhaya are fed up with Tanu’s more than a year pregnancy slot and have stopped following the show.

    As per the latest grapevine and due to
    grievance by viewers
    apparently Arijit Tanjea that is Purab has also decided to quit the show.

    The current storyline of KumKum Bhagya is
    revolving around
    Pragya’s struggle to
    expose Tanu and Nikhil in front of Abhi.

    Post Aaliya, Bulbul and
    Purab’s exit from the
    show the story is
    revolving around Tanu fooling Abhi every time and staying back at Mehra House.

    Let’s wait and watch if the makers decide to finally expose Tanu and unite Pragya and Abhi bringing in new twist to entertain audience or KumKum Bhagya finally takes a call to wrap up.

    1. It is Just a rumour like always. Sriti’s interview just showed on abp news and she was saying that although kkb also finish on some day or it will also not remain popular or number one always but for now,kkb is doing gud and so her carrier is. She doesn’t mentioned about anything likely this, nor news peoples. And actually kkb is doing gud even after it’s long boring and irritating tanu’s pregnancy track, she remained successful in making it’s place in top-5 shows always and no-1 place in zee tv still. There is no chance for now to it’s end. How to deal with circumstances, makers knows very well. They will find ways to solve any problem whether it will b regarding the quitting of actors or it will b about show’s story and popularity. And I think, this new latest promo is giving it’s hint that makers have finally taken decision to do some progress to solve present problems, in the show after such a long dragging. Shikha is still part of the show as production house confirmed it that she will get her entry back in the show soon after tanu’s exposure and if she will come back so guys asusually bulbul and purab also needs to present in the show. So I think arjit could also drop his idea of quitting becoz he decided to quit just becoz he felt that he don’t have any important work to do in kkb. So when tanu will get exposed and aliya will also get again enter back in the show then there r so much chances that purab will also b there most of time. If then also arjit will quit then makers have lots of more options to replacement of purab in the show. Purab and bulbul r the parallel leads of the show as show’s story is not only based on abhi- Pragya, it is based on purab and bulbul also. Cvs have ignored it, just for maintaing her shows popularity as they were thinking that shows is doing gud becoz of tanu’s pregnancy track but now when they knows that it’s limit is over then they have to move for further new storyline, in which purab and bulbul will also b needed and aliya is also an important part of the story of the show so they can’t b finished, ya they can b replaced. But it will b better if they will remain same as we r attached with them since the beginning of the show. Already we have been lost mrunal in bulbul’s role but becoz it has been long time of her quitting so now her replacement will b ok for us but if it will b suitable and can justify bulbul’s character like mrunal. But arjit and Shikha should remain in their characters. It will b more gud to watch them further also. But everybody have their rights to take decisions for their own. So we have to accept it. And becoz we love kkb a lot and until sriti and shabbir will b the part of the show, kkb will always remain close to our interest and hearts. Whatever rumours r going on and whatever problems kkb is facing, it’s not big and cam solved easily so guys avoid these types of rumours and just believe on what u see on the news channels or what says our celebs in their personal interviews. Kkb is not going to end so soon, not for now atleast. Just enjoy the upcoming, hope it is going to b interesting and better than before.

      1. I read kkb is going to end.i really disappointed.after reading your comment i really happy pratiksha

  3. Guys today no new segment aired about kkb but sbs news showed a little interview of sriti jha aka pragya about her real life’s story and carrier. It was quit gud. Sriti was very sweet and humble during interview. Those who wants to see, here is it’s video link- https://youtu.be/Gjic4e-F7EQ

  4. Guys new promo is out pragya showing the DNA report of tanus baby to abhi and revealing the truth of tanus baby to abhi and tanu becoming nervous and abhi isshoked really waiting for that to happen

    1. Hi can you share the link of new promo or anyone else.

      1. sorry megha i searched alot for getting a link but i couldnt dear but i saw it in the tv at after noon and if you keep on watching it you may be able to watch it if i get the link i surely send it dearrrrr 🙂

      2. Thank you so much priya

      3. Megha and priya go to older comments. I have given full update of this new promo with it’s link.

      4. Thank you shobana pratiksha I got it. Happy to see a promo but don’t know how positive it is???? Let’s wait and watch for it.

  5. Happy that this blo*dy serial is going off air…. fed up of tanu n nikhil drama

  6. This is not fair mika u can’t say that it is a bl**dy serial

  7. what’s going on this serial kkb.. its over and enough, we are getting fed and boar about the drama of tanu and nikhil.. its become totally waste of time now .. nonsense serial.. just close it now .. no one can not the digest the over drama

  8. though it is draggy it is an entertaining serial specially abhigya.daily night we wait for it.plz change the storyline not the serial.abhigya never enjoyed a good married life .when wife gets angry she goes to mummy’s place then husband goes to convince her so many scenes can be created they should watch jeetendras movie n copy the scene.shabir is not less dharmendra the way he romances n sriti is really like hema malini. abhigya do more serials together .u r very talented.don’t know whether it reaches to the correct people.

  9. Ya Leena u r right
    And guys who r commenting like stupid worst and other don’t say like that because they r showing positively and also after so many days they r giving gd episodes so we have to encourage them so don’t comment like that after knowing also we should not say like this so pls don’t say it sorry if anyone hurts by my comment

  10. divya rampaul

    this show is just so much SHIT. the actors so dotish especially abhi who thinks like a big ass and pragya who does pretend to be so smart is such a waste. i have said it once and i will say it again these shows are painting indian people in a negative light as being corrupt, greedy and STUPID especially the women

  11. I am also bored of this serial.only they r dragging the same .story should move .it’s only showing that tanu n nikhil victory. Always pragya defeated by them

  12. Ridiculous serial. Ought to end! The writers are crazy to now add Champak into the mix. Once a particular line catches the audience’s eyes, they think they can run it so thin that everyone gets irritated!
    The story had been so nice but the writers ruined it.
    The quality of the serial and the promise it showed int he beginning has died completely. I hope the serial ends quickly – and they end this year-long pregnancy of Tanu, this beating around the bush with feelings of Pragya and Abhi and the silly behavior of Nikhil and Taiji and everyone else.

  13. New onlocation video update- Abhi beats champak and confronts him for trapping pragya. Full update- Its Abhi threatening Champu to tell the truth that why he made pragya’s video, why he joint his name with pragya? Champu says some1 gave him the money to act. Abhi threatening to throw him off the 1st floor.. Of upstairs.Champu says he doesn’t have any realation with Pragya and he was given money to act like that. Abhi ask him to tell who gave him the money and by threatening him through throw Champu down. Purab Stops Abhi and says he won’t tell us the exact truth and name.Abhi shouts when he is telling that he is not a teacher and an actor then why cant he tell who gave him the money. Purab says if he can do it for money than he can also say lie for money. Purab says that he didn’t do all this alone, somebody is definetly behind him who used him by giving him money. Abhi asks who r he? Purab says all this can only those person do who brought him in the party by saying it that he have relationship with pragya di. Purab says that that is none other than nikhil or tanu. Sorry guys I didn’t heard the name properly but surely purab took nikhil/ tanu’s name Infront of abhi that they r responsible for bringing champak here. Abhi start thinking. Purab takes champak from there. Abhi leaves for downstairs angrily.

    1. One more thing guys, all this happens at the same day when tanu showed to abhi pragya and champak’s video and then purab clears misunderstandings by showing full video later. After this, abhi confronts champak by beating him badly Infront if takhil and whole family. Takhil watches all this scarily and others worriedly. Everybody shouts for stopping abhi to not to throw champak down. Then purab goes upstairs and stops abhi.

      1. I think bad time has started for Tanu and Nikhil ?. Its very nice to see champu getting beaten by abhi. First Pragya beat him now abhi. Poor champak. I want Nikhil to get beating like this. Gud news but still it doesn’t give a clear view whether abhi asked about this champu drama to Nikhil and Tanu or not??? Whether purab has proof to prove that it has happened because of Tanu and Nikhil or not?? so we have to wait for more updates to get a clear view. Lets see what happens next

    2. Shobana I think if he asks also they will do something drama and take it another way and I think purab will try to find proofs but one thing should happen abhi should scolds tanu as much as possible she said so many to pragya so he has to do it and from now onwards our abhi will not believe anything against pragya he will have more trust on her and his love also will increase

      1. Yes asmitha, not only that , abhi should also think that Tanu told him that she saw Pragya and champu together a week before bday party. When it was proved champu has relation with Pragya then what Tanu said is also a lie. So he should think y Tanu said so ? But the question is will abhi thinks this much ???

      2. Will the writers let Abhi think 🙂

        Will Mithali come forward again like in money stealing thing and say something or will keep quiet. Above all Abhi should ask tanu from where did she get the video and from when Nikhil became her friend.

        But less hope for any questions to be asked or answered.

  14. A new olv is coming I just seen abhi threatened champak so he said that he is a actor and he is going to say who heired him but at that time purab comes and stop abhi beating champak and there is no proof that what he was saying right r wrong and we can’t believe him

  15. I think this is Tanu’s dream sequence…

  16. I think our kkb is going to get form again so let’s see

  17. New segment highlight- Abhi beats champak badly to trapping pragya and confronts him for asking that person’s name who hired him against pragya. Champak takes nikhil name. Nikhil too beats champak later.

    1. Guys it’s purab who says to abhi that nikhil could b behind all this as he brought champak in the party by telling it that champak has relationship with pragya. Guys champak didn’t tell to abhi nikhil’s name becoz forstly purab stops him and then nikhil helps him to run away from there. It was IBN7 news people who told that champak took nikhil’s name. That’s why i shared it but after watching india tv segment, it got cleared that purab puts nikhil name’s doubt in abhi’s mind not champak. Infact before abhi makes champak confess and before abhi confronts nikhil, champak runs away from there and takhil gets successful n saviing ownself by diverting everybody’s attention through their fake dramas.

  18. New segment update- Champak founds champak. He beats him for trapping pragya and confronts him that why he did all this with pragya and who hired him for it. Abhi takes champak to the upstairs by pulling him from his kurta and strangles him down from the upstair’s railing. Everybody watches all this along with takhil. Takhil gets scared of champak takes their name. Abhi constantly thretens champak and asks from him that why he did all this and on whom’s orders. Everybody shouts from the downstairs to stop abhi but abhi doesn’t listen anybody. At last purab goes upstairs and stops abhi. Champak gets ready to tell everything. He confessed that he has no relationship with pragya and he is not a teacher but an small actor who did acting for earnings and he did all this with pragya becoz he got gud money for it. Abhi pulls his collar and asks who gave u money? Purab again stop abhi and says that he won’t tell us exact truth as if he can did it for money so he can tell lie also. Purab says that we can’t trust him. Purab says that he did all this not alone, somebody is behind him. Abhi asks who? Purab says it can do only that person who brought him here by saying it that he has relationship with pragya. Abhi asks who?purab says that he is none other than nikhil. Purab takes champak from there. Abhi starts thinking and leaves angrily. Before abhi confronts nikhil, champak runs from there. Nikhil also runs after him to pretend that he is running to catch him. Abhi and everybody also runs behind them. Nikhil beats champak from the iron rod and says him that to run from here after hitting on his head, before abhi and everybody’s coming. Champak hits on nikhil’s head as nikhil told him to do and runs from there. Abhi and evrybody comes outside there. Abhi holds nikhil and about to run behind champak. Just then tanu does fake fall drama. She intentionally falls herself to stop abhi. Tanu falls fakely on her stomach and shouts from pain. Abhi hears tanu’s voice and sees her that she has fallen so he leaves running behind champak and comes back to hold tanu and to take care of her. Abhi holds tanu and says to raaj to call the doctor. Reporter says that like this, nikhil and tanu again gets successful in escaping from situation for now. Sriti aka pragya was absent today from this shooting as she took holiday to her family. Shabbir told it in interview.

    1. Sorry guys by mistake i wrote champak but the sentence is abhi found champak and beats him for trapping pragya.

    2. All coming out but tanu fake pain is not coming out it must come out

      1. Tanu’s baby is also not coming out for 2 yrs

    3. Most expected one that tanu and Nikhil will be escaped from this. So at least will abhi think in his mind that y Nikhil and tanu did such a big drama in bday party??? Will he have doubt on Nikhil here then ???
      Hmmmm lets wait and see what the CVs are upto..

      1. Shobana if he forget also purab will take this topic again r may dadi will but one thing is happy yaar they r showing us gd episodes if this trp is really decreased before then I think they will be exposed tanu before itself

  19. Waste of time..idiotic serial..what is this..???everything is favourable to both the idiotics..will anyone accepts a stranger to stay in their house???are we fools ??such a nasty things are going in the family n none of them has not noticed it..what’s the hell going??

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