Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Bulbul and Purab’s engagement arrangements. Daadi happily discusses with Biji and Sarla about tonight’s lavish function and asks where is Pragya and Bulbul.

Pragya brings Bubul down. Abhi sees Pragya and says beautiful. She gets happy, but he says Bulbul is looking beautiful. Bulbul asks to stop flirting with her till her marriage. Pragya gets shy and walks from there.

Tanu sees Nikhil roaming around in engagement venue, takes him to the corner and asks what is he doing ehre, if Pragya sees him, she will realize their secret and if Abhi sees them together, he will kick him out. He says he will not go away from her and protect their baby and if something happens to her/him, he will not keep quiet. Pragya passes by and asks what are they doing

here. Tanu says Nikhil wants to sign her with Abhi for his ad, but she cannot tell him the reason to reject his offer. She asks Pragya to explain him. Pragya says Tanu cannot work for some days and takes Nikhil from there.

Abhi jokes with Purab that marriage is a laddu which he will repent after eating, so he is warning him and even if he does not listen to him, he has his friend’s shoulder to console.

Pragya tries to apply shagun mehandi to Bulbul when Aaliya comes there and stops her. She says nobody should apply bulbul mehandi except her. She applies shagun mehandi. Sarla says now artists can apply. Aaliya asks artist to write Purab’s name in such a way that bulbul cannot find it. Bulbul say she can identify Purab’s name even with closed eyes.

Daadi sees Tanu standing in a corner and asks her to to get menhandi done. She signals Nikhil. Pragya sees that and thinks there is some connection between them..

Daadi takes whole family to mandir and starts praying. Abhi sees Nikhil and asks if he found shoes. He says he asked someone to bring and joins everyone in prayers. Pragya silently exchanges his shoes and realizes that he was in Tanu’s room and jumped from window. Tanu sees her doing this and gets tensed.

While praying, Purab tries to get romantic with Bulbul. She silently leaves and replaces place with Nikhil. Purab tries to kiss him. Nikhil wakes him up and asks to control himself. Purab starts giving weird reasons.

After pooja, Tanu signals Nikhil not to wear his shoes. Pragya is about to confront Nikhil when Bulbul stops him and tries to tell how she pranked Purab. Pragya says she will listen to her later and runs towards Nikhil. She asks him to wear shoes, but he refuses. Daadi calls her and asks to serve prasad to servants. She serves and rushes back to Nikhil. He says it is tight. Servant brings his shoes and he thanks him and wears it. Pragya is surprised.

Tanu tensely walks in her room thinking Nikhil will ruin her plan. Nikhil enters and says there was candle in his shoes, so he escaped. She asks him to get out from here before her plan ruins. He says he will not go until she starts loving him and the moer she resists, he get attracted to her more.

Precap: Pragya massages Abhi’s legs. He holds her hand to stop it when Tanu enters as sees that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wat frnds ellarum tanu mela gaaanda ? irukeenga pola ?

  2. avanga ipdi late pandrathum kadupa thaan iruku frnds..

  3. frnds neenga ena nenaikireenga who s most beautiful ? in kkb frnds

    1. Naane! HAhahaa…. for me purvi….but avenggeh thaan kaanumeh rombe naala….?

    2. Enaku pudichathu…purab than pa…he looks cute…nd pragya…his reaction nd attitude I like most yuvi

    3. Purab only yaar

  4. I wish i could take over this drama and make a twist in this storyline so that you all be happy! ?

  5. Zeeha ? hru? SAptinggela????

    1. Hi santya. Nooo. I’m fasting n these days. Wt abt u??

      1. OWh.. u muslim is it??? Selamat berpuasa… it means- happy fasting-… not feeling well….just having my teatime….btw its 6.02pm over here

      2. Ohhh.. Nw the tym ss 4.10pm here. Wt r u dng?? R u wrkng?

      3. Yeah I’m Muslim.

  6. I said before that it will be very difficult for pragya to know the truth of her pregnancy and then expose her because tanu is very cunning and wicked. From day one, she is behind of abhi’s name, fame and money and she herself told ever that for her, her carrier is most important and abhi is her trump card do she will not loose abhi so easily and she will try her whole efforts to make a permanent place in abhi’s life. So it’s a tough challenge to pragya because she is so simple and kind hearted and belongs from a simple and normal lifestyle where nothing was like that so she can’t understand these plannings and plottings so easily.For this she have to use abhi types strategy then only she will be succeed to know about tanu’s truth and expose her. At last I wanna say something why abhigya have door outside their room? I mean it’s useless because anybody can come so easily without knocking. Specially that shameless wicked tanu.

    1. Hahaha nikki u r rit always for is open then Wat s the use of it. Still now in this serial I didn’t c anyone knocking d door especially Abhi-Pragya’s room.

    2. inalu edoko pragya ka ella theriyum ana thonratha pa.ho saktha he ki vo naatak kar rahe ho. oh my god everyone r saying tanu will be exposed ana ippo varaku or vati kude epidi an sollave illaye. if anyone knows then pls say na

  7. k santya & susi ☺

    1. K yuvi fr u…??

  8. Priya kavin kowsi y no comments 🙁

    1. Any updates there means v can comment they are simply dragging whay always tanu interrupting? When will abhigya unite waiting for that only.

  9. Sum1 pls tell me is this serial for REAL!!!! Who ar they waiting for???? This is just dragging ike 4eva!!!!! Even the Mendhi is goin to take place mayb only next week , IF we ar lucky Lol , its realy tooo much an ther ar ppl tat actually enjoying this repeats!!! Wow realy unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m totally flabbergasted. Also Abhi seemed to hav had a stroke as he is not talking properly or is he just got toOo used to talking to his baby tat he has forgotten how to talk properly ?????????????????????????????????? Toooo ridiculous. Totally lost the plot!!!!!

  10. Hello frndzz…hw r u al??

  11. hlooo frndZzz….nice episode…interesting. …

  12. fr me pragya & purab susi ?

  13. yuvi..frm…? n howz u nd all….??

  14. i m frm madurai aasna i m fine wat abt u ?

  15. me too fyn yuvi…n zeeha u r muslim na..?? there is no prblm with watching tv…??

    1. Y??….. is der any restrictions? ?

      1. V should avoid tv, music n da fasting days Gayathri.

    2. Y nt. Wt abt there?

  16. here we cant open or watch tv during ramzan…so I am missing kkb too much…

    1. I thnk u r frm Kerala??

  17. ss zeeha am frm kerala..

  18. ss zeeha am frm kerala….no prblm vth watching srls zeeha..?

  19. ss zeeha am frm kerala….no prblm vth watching srls zeeha..???

  20. ….no prblm vth watching srls zeeha..???

    1. Why not??

  21. but here we cant watch tv…so me and all ma classmates r only just reading updates of our favrte srls…v r missing kkb too much…

    1. Don’t worry pa.when u fastening going to over pa. Surely abhi and pragya won’t unite till tat it ll make one more month to get over

  22. u r right priya they wont unite abbhigya aftr ramzan so dnt worry zeehaa & asna

    1. 100/. True…

  23. any new updates guys which u think r true??????????

  24. Exciting ep…

  25. KumKum Bhagya:

    Pragya threatens the doctor by the knife and requests her to tell Dadi that she is pregnant. Pragya asks her not to look tensed, its just warning. She says she will do her operation with the knife if she tells the truth. Abhi and Dadi try to hear Pragya and the doctor. The doctor checks Pragya and joins in her drama. Pragya wants to hide about Tanu’s pregnancy from Dadi. When will the pregnancy drama end? Pragya will be soon solving this drama matter and save Abhi from Tanu’s clutches.

    1. What rubbish! cvs have lost their mind. What type of character of pragya they are trying to potray by these stupid things.CVS are waisting all the time in foolish and nonsense things instead of finish this irritating track.Nonsense.

  26. http://www.desitvbox.me/pragya-ka-naya-drama-kumkum-bhagya/

    This video is pragya requesting and warning the doctor

  27. Think so they are gonna drag again one month to show abhigya together. What is wrong with u all? Frm epi 260 u r showing like this? Now its above 310. Pls bring abhigya together then whatever u want u do. V r losing our patience day by day

    1. Really yaar getting tensed iyooooo

  28. Wat s this Frnds this week going to b over. Next week also they won’t reveal the truth..

  29. priya$ again they called for chennai for allotment order they had cancelled the case i am little busy now but iam seeing comments i am in journey to chennai so only charge will get over so only don’t mistake friends i cannot see kkb for two to four days but i will comment in this page

  30. Very boring

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