Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming somewhere in drunkard and says nobody should know that I am here. He asks driver to go home…Mujhe chod do mere hal pe song plays…………He drinks wine and thinks about proposing Pragya. A fb is shown. He recalls Pragya confessing love to him and saying I love you. The song continues to play. He reminisces all the good and sad moments. A fb is shown, Abhi asking her to leave, and Pragya leaving the house. Pragya comes there searching for him and rings the bell. Abhi thinks who came at this time, nobody knows about this place. He opens the door and finds Pragya standing.

Sarla gives water to Beeji, and glass falls on floor and breaks. She thinks it is inauspicious. Abhi tries to close the door. Pragya says I want to tell you truth. Abhi asks her to go,

and says nothing is there in between us as you have sent those divorce papers. Pragya asks him to hear her once, for the sake of friendship. Abhi says I don’t care about you and asks her to leave. Pragya says even God gives a last chance. Abhi says whenever I gave chance to you, then you betrayed me. He says your proofs will not affect me now, I have died with my baby. Now nothing is left. Pragya says that baby…Abhi stops her and says I am a dead body now. I couldn’t understand anything or can’t stay with anybody. He asks her to go and says nothing is remained in our life now. He closes the door on his face. Pragya cries and asks him to listen to her once. She cries asking him to open the door.

Dadi sees Pragya in Tanu and asks if Abhi came with you. She sees Tanu and leaves her hand. Tanu smirks and asks her to forget Pragya now. She says Pragya never gave him happiness and troubled him so much. She asks her to get her married to Abhi. Dadi says you can’t marry until I am alive. Tanu says I will not leave him and smirks. Pragya cries and tells Abhi that she will not go anywhere and will stand there till he hears her fully. Abhi sees her through the window. Pragya says I will not do any mistake today. She keeps phone in her pallu and gets drenched in rain. She asks him to hear her once, and then decide. She pleads infront of him. Abhi drinks wine. Pragya says I will see until when you will see me standing in rain. She asks him to hear her for friendship sake. She sits down and cries. Abhi is also troubled and recalls Pragya’s care towards him. He comes out and covers her head with his jacket…Kyunki Tum Hi Ho plays……….Pragya is surprised and gets up. She covers his head too…..Abhi removes jacket from his head and takes her inside.

Pragya thanks him for giving her a chance and says I know that you can’t see me in pain. She says you need to hear this truth. Abhi asks her to shut up and says I will not be affected with any proofs. He says I didn’t bring you here for our friendship or relation, and says he brought her here for humanity and for Sarla as she couldn’t bear losing her. He says I will call her and asks her to take you from here. I really don’t care about you.. Pragya cries. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…….She throws jacket and cries. Abhi calls Sarla and asks her to take Pragya from his Lonavala house.

Sarla asks if she is fine? Abhi says she is fine, but I am not fine until she is here. Sarla insists to talk to her. Abhi cuts the call. Pragya comes to room and tries to speak. Abhi says not needed, everything is finished. Pragya breaks her phone angrily and thinks nobody can unite us now, no proofs or nobody. Beeji asks Sarla, where is she leaving? Sarla says Abhi called and asked me to take Pragya from his Lonavala house. Beeji stops Sarla and says may be this night will bring a new morning for them. She says they are alone and the weather is raining. Sarla says may be they get separated. Beeji says may be it will happen which we are waiting for since long time.

Abhi drinks wine again. Pragya thinks I couldn’t tell him truth and thinks it was my mistake, I wouldn’t have left him. I came in Tanu’s talks. Purab asked me not to leave, but I believed on Tanu. She thinks abhi will never hear her. Abhi falls down being drunk fully. Pragya hears the noise and goes to help him. She tries to help him stand up. Abhi brushes off her hand and asks her not to touch him. Pragya asks him if he don’t care about Dadi. She says I am stranger for you then why you are affected. She scolds him politely. Abhi looks at her.

Abhi and Pragya sitting closely on bed. Pragya says I realized my mistake. You wouldn’t have come if I had not left home. She says we have to be separated, but when you are infront of me, I can’t close eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Anisha

    Godddd!!! Oh god.. pls put some logic into brains of kkb writers.. Bakwaas banaa diya yaar serial ko.. Pragya will never reveal the truth.. Better kill her character and make tannu good.. #stupidity

  2. af

    Pragya brks fone??????wt nonsense!!!
    Reading updates also irks me to thd core now damn it!!!
    Heights of foolishness
    Y cant she send vedio mesg ????
    Crazy n outragiously foolish!!!
    Cut ur crap idiotic writer n director

    • 2nd chance

      What kind of writers/producers has a show that has a mother that is glad that her baby died and is concerned about her figure and money? This show and its’ writers are evil. They are straight from the pits of hell. Stop watching and letting the devil influence you. Turn away from the devil and he will flee.

    • ar

      Completely pathetic…
      No words 2 describe now ,getting on 2 my nurves just by reading updates!!!
      Hell with u kumkum bhagya!!!
      Tanu sends vedio 2 all in mm whn she gets vedio n pragya runs around 2 show or puts a projectod 2 loose d vedio or finally destroys d fone also???
      Wt nonsence how r thy high on trp n low on sence???
      I hope thy get low trp n dats d only lession thy learn..seems 2 hv broken all levls of torturing public.i wonder whn thy get lession???

  3. Leila

    I hope she play the video for him n i think dr sheila daughter pari will be the one to tell abhi the truth

    • ar

      Sheela n pari ran off from pragya 2 escape he stupidity n foolishness
      Pragya deserves 2 loose abhi n vice versa their brain filled with bullshit

  4. Beatrice

    The writers of Kumkum Baghgya are very annoying with their slow attempts at suspense. How long does it take for Pragya to tell Abhi “the baby’s father is Nikhil, Tanu’s boyfriend?” What prevents his grandmother from telling Abhi that the baby is not his? What prevents the grandmother or Pragya telling Abhi she was kidnapped? I give up!

  5. annette

    FOR heavens sake. Can no one in the family speak the truth? The writers should be fired. Such talented actors but really do something with the story. I use to hv so much respect for the indian culture but this story is just beyond believe. Can people be so stupid.

  6. hi

    I think now Pragya & Abhi will unite.. and their marriage will get succeed.. Is this serial is going to end.. because saw new serial trailer from 6th August.. at 9PM daily..

  7. Simmy

    Hhahaahah i had stopped watching this serial a year back and my fren told me to go through one episode at least once and now i knew why…hahah same track still..foolish track and producer…worst worst serial ever..thats why i never watch ekta kapoor’s serial…stop watching thsese…waste of time

  8. Jess frank

    A bunch of idiots are sitting and writing this serial. They keep showing that history repeats itself. Everytime Pragya finds proof against Tanu, Nikhil or Aliya, she first tries to show them that she has caught them, after which obviously they try to hurt her. Put an end to this serial please. It has really got too boring with the same crap day after day. Evil keeps winning over good and at this rate, nobody will have faith in God.

  9. Anita

    Tanu will never be exposed cause writers won’t have a story….see next episode all evidence will be destroyed by rain….writers don’t have a backup plan…if Tanu is caught story ends…this is poor on writers end,,,get used to the circular story sadly

  10. sapphire


  11. Christine Nanan

    Over a year now with this baby story worst show finally I decide to stop watching it

  12. Purdy

    Please stop this programme now and put some decent serial on. Kumkum bhagys is full of nonsense and most stupid serial ever made

  13. Gem

    Awh. I agree that one can drag a show but it must be logical. It has been 8months since the issue concerning Tanu illegitimate child is being dragged out. It would have been better to let the child be born and the status be discovered later or end the show. As I am not sure what new twist can happen now with the baby dead.
    This is like every other show that this writer has written … a drag on dead,,,,,

    Sponsor, there is a public plea to bring this show to an end. Dont hire this writer again

  14. sahitha

    Rab ki kasam mein aaj tak aaisa ek boring show dhekha nehi Hai Aur comment bhi kiya nehi Hai

  15. devilsfairy

    Most idiotic serial ever.
    worst writer and bigger idiot who gave permission this serial to be shown.

  16. Madhu

    Ohhhh…nnnooo..Pragya brk the phone..!! how n why Pragya is unable to show a single video to Abhi …whereas Tanu easily could..

    till now
    we are waiting for collecting the proof thinking if she gets it, it can be easily shown to Abhi..but failed to show..
    Again we thought though she couldn’t find a proof but at least Pragya should tell the truth..but she couldn’t tell because of soo many reasons…
    Still we wanted a situation to Pragya speaks up then Abhi may believe.. finally she told that baby is not his n Tanu is lying..but he didn’t believe n not even listens her…as a result Pragya Fed up n destroyed the only proof…
    What else is left to us to maintain a hope….

    I stopped watching the show and was only reading the updates from past few months..
    Then I stopped reading full written updates and was reading only precaps from past few weeks..
    Then stopped reading precaps even and reading only olvs n segments from past few days…
    What else is left to us…
    reading segments once in a while is pretty much enough I guess …

    Earlier n even now when ever I felt bored I just watch any of the old episodes of kkb..but now not even interested to know the current episodes ….

    KKB is messed up to the core…now it has become a Broken mirror, never be reconstructed as it is..

  17. kkB-fanornot

    This serial will not stop! It is because many are still watching it and hoping something happens. So, the TRP is staying high. Stop watching guys – then the TRP will fall and they will HAVE to wind up the story. I have only been reading written updates once every couple of days and seriously the serial is pathetic. No morals. No scruples in the writer.

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      Ya everyone should stop watching. But their r foolish people still alive who have hopes with ekta’s story and kkb that pragya will live happily with abhi. Seriously if u think pragya to go back to abhi how sick u r!!!!

      Let’s see man married for his dadi’s wish, and never gave love to his wife.

      He made her stay in the same house withhis gf, and who was cconstantly trying to separate husband and wife. Still he didn’t kick his gf out??

      Then his whole family tortured his wife but he stayed silent and let her bear all the pain.

      Then new twist, his gf is pregnant, while he hasn’t even till now slept with his wife. And sick part is his wife accept his gf and their baby in their life. (Wat the hell is this?? Seriously))

      He is ready to believe anyone, even a murderer but not his own wife, neither does he trust her.

      His wife ask him to accept his gf’s child as their love sign.. (Bullshit, even if it was his baby it was nothing more that lust sign and probably lay contraception failure sign)

      Then she was so pathetic that she came back to get him back… What?? Why?? Let him rot yar!!and also to save him!!

      And she was so dumb that with dadi purab bulbul and her self(4 people with control over property) cannot destroy 3 people in their bankruptcy.

      In between she has mood swings and leaves home and comes back to save that ididot whom she calls her husband

      And finally when the baby dies, her husband and his gf together puts blame on her.

      Seriously what kind of despo she is…

      She needs a psychiatrist. They have made insult of every women by showing this stupid dumb women trying to b so perfect..

  18. Jessj

    It certainly is a crappy serial. Any smart woman would just start playing the video loud, but the smart writers and Ekta kapoor just want to prolong the show. Keep on watching the most bizzare serial.

  19. Amissah Pele

    oh Godwat kind of series is this.The writers and producers have nothing good for us e viewers.Good for nothing series,this is all waste of time.So isn’t there any better series than to view kumkum bhagyha.

  20. Laher

    Wt rubbis is this? Abhi never drunk when pragya in teouble he is alone nd nw for baby’s shake which is not him he is affected. Gd..very gd abhi you r such a fool. Nd pragya leave abhi he will relaliaze then he sure come to you.

  21. shobana

    Wow if she is going to break mobile then why they created this much hype with that. I really wonder whether tanu’s truth will be out or not. Thank God yesterday they gave very less dialogue and screen space to Tanu else it would be like adding fuel to fire. Anyways no hope as of now that Tanu will be exposed.

  22. Jada


    |Registered Member

    Pragya is the dumbest woman on earth and all this time I have been waiting for those two fools to unite but now I think Pragya is deserving all of this trouble because she is the cause of it all. How hard is it to just tell him the truth????

  23. Ramu

    Absurdity at it’s highest, just to prolong a good soap you ended up doing an injustice to some of the characters. Come man find a new theme if you have to, but stop the stupidity. Nine months and no obvious signs of pregnancy.

  24. Payal

    Pragya is another big baby like Abhi. cry, cry. cry for no real reason.
    Abhi will not find anything about Nikhil n Tanu, baby or all the bad they have done.
    Things will not change, will keep draging.
    When writers get tired, they will end this disgusting show, without any clarifications.

  25. Sahithi

    Asmitha, was thinking of u only while watching episode. The scene is not exactly as expected but still half way good. Hope u enjoyed that bit

    • asmitha

      Ya sahithi totally not happy but ok and now who is going to reveal the truth r they don’t want to reveal it but I didn’t expected it they even played same song yaar

    • Sahithi

      🙂 🙂

      That was the only good point in the episode, actually after we discussed it here sometime back, I told my mom that many ppl want to watch some good sequences like that but writers are showing all crap. So when yday the scene was playing it was a different feeling actually a good feeling to see on screen what we were imagining..

      I think it would have been better if someone from Pragya’s family like Sarla or Abhi’s Daadi told the truth. Anyways I am no more thinking about truth coming out. Abhi’s driver, Pragya’s family now know about their location. So its not much time before it reaches evils ears. And as per promo they will reach here and spoil the car. Abhi sent off his car with driver so chances are for him to drive Pragya’s car only while coming back.

      In one of the recent segments, the lady who says the voice over was mentioning like, till the writers find new story looks like they will show same things again n again. Now I think the show has become a joke in news circles also, for such recycled stuff.

      • asmitha

        But the way they directed today epi was so nice it gave a filmy feeling and abhi’s angryness pragyas acting it was really gave a feeling that watching a movie of a cute love story and at one place sriti sat beside pool side and the way she was crying it really reminds shradda in aaushiqi I think ur view will be happen s now it is easy to evils to reach them and spoil the car and their union it will be dream of any one

  26. Sindhu

    I totally stopped seeing this irritated drama. I came here just i had the hope that tanu would be out of abi’s life. But nothing is changed. Still blo*dy dragging scenes and stupid ideas of pragya & co.

  27. elisa

    What rubbish… pragya n abhi will never unite… da damn writers are too stupid n foolish to expose d truth… KKB is proloning dis evil tanj scenario for too long… plz end it… plz for god sake

  28. Rekhavv


    |Registered Member

    Now instead of continuing this. They should show that pragya after smashing the phone leaves from their. Comes back, files a complain on abhi, dadi, tanu, nikhil, aliya and raj, for mental harassment, attempt to murder, adultery, fraud and torture. Let dadi and abhi rot in jail, (now they will b protected from tanu aliyah and raj for ever)
    Tanu aliyah raj and nikhil for attempt to murder will b having life imprisonment. And she can claim to nullify the marriage as their is no consummation..

    But ekta would instead make it more pathetic. After all she herself said that more the people get disgusted on her serial better is for her.. Seriously she is si k

  29. shaz

    Hahha guys…
    I don’t know whether I want to laugh at pragya or the kkb fans.
    Guys there is no different between u & pragya.. Because she is always blabbers a lot but finally there is no any improvements for more than an year. Like that u r always comment there is no any use of it even there is no any value for it. Kkb team is still doing what they want like aaliya & takhil. But there is a value for pragya’s blabbering even from the fans. That’s y they r still watching this serial with best E X P E C T A T I O N S.
    But ur comments??????? Value for nothing. But still u r commenting like pragya collecting proofs. So sad.
    I think guys unknowingly u all have started to follow abhigya’s stupidity. Just stop commenting guys. You r directly showing through ur comments that u r still watching this kkb with some hope. That’s y they r dragging a lot. Bcoz they know that ur weakness is abhigya. So they r keeping abhigya as their plus & torturing us by dragging.
    Rubber will be fail before kkb’s drag.
    The most important reason for more dragging is u guys & ur hopeful comments.

    • Sahithi

      Oh, so you think the 13K + impressions the show is getting, TRP wise from last 2-3 weeks is only from the 100-120 people who comment here.

      • shaz

        Aen dear inga mattuma comment panranga??? Illa inga comment panra andha 100-120 than kkb serialke comment panrawangala??? Na inga irukurawangala endu speciala mention pannalaye! Na commona than sonnan.

  30. Akanksha goyal

    Bkwas serial.. Very stupidity… Writers gone made… At that tym kumkum bhagya is a very bad serial bcoz ofit takes long tym to expose the truth…

  31. Rekhavv


    |Registered Member

    Instead start writing how much time passed since u stopped watching this bullshit.

    Since aliya’s marriage to purab I didn’t see. (The marriage that didn’t happen)

  32. Anonymous

    f**k this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate this soapie ………….. They can all go fly a kite from my side

  33. mima

    Since public opinion doesn’t matter to the producers (people are upset that the story line is dragging and doesn’t make sense)….i think Abhi and Pragya should be kidnapped,flogged and kidnapped again , then Aliya should get pregnant with Nikil’s baby, Tanu should marry one of the goons , all of them move into the Mehra house.
    At least it will be more interesting than watching an entire family decieve a foolish man who has disgraced men all over the world when they could have easily told him Tanu has been lying for the past one year!

    • Pratiksha

      Ketki thanks for waiting my comment but as i told that i have lost my interest in kkb or abhigya becoz of current storyline and i m not ready to watch more worst anymore that’s why i m not watching kkb and nor i m taking interest in comments. Everything which is happening in story of kkb in current time, it is totally rubbish for me. So i don’t feel any need to comment on this rubbishness. With the story, all characters got finshed now in this current storyline as in yesterday’s episode, abhi says that he is dead so actually not only he, infact each and every character is dead which we saw in beginning of the show and for whom we were taking interest to watch this show. Sometimes before, there was a hope left that oneday everything will b fine and back to normal but with this current storyline and with abhi’s upcoming memory loss’s news, that hope also got finished. And still keeping hope will b like expecting any miracle and surprise from the cvs. i will b happy if surprisingly gud happens but till then i m not taking interest in it. But ya i will b here for u guys to keep updated on time to time and to stay connect withu all. Becoz of this show our friendship will not b affected, i promise.

  34. Faraz khan

    Almost all people know the truth of pragya then why Daadi Sarla purab akash rachna don’t blurr out the truth in front of Abhi why CVS don’t bring back purvi or bulbul with some truth in their hand and change the climax of the story why they are dragging this serial too much how much they will taste our patience enough time s enough we are waiting since long time please CVS expose three devils Takhillialia and re unite abhigya kumkum bhagya is full of stupidity see Jamai raja how good story always they are shwoing please either expose tanu and re unite abhiya or finish this serial……blo*dy cvs

  35. swapan

    she can scold Abhi while taking care of him…But she can’t scold and show anger while telling the truth to him… She can just tell tell stop- it just listen to me here is the proof first see and then tell….

  36. Ruby

    Atleast this time abhi know the truth we are eagerly waiting to see abhi and pragya together,and tanu throw out the abhi’s house dadi, sarala purub any one tell the truth to abhi please

  37. raven

    why Tanu is still in that house is bullshit she has lost her baby she has no connection to Abhi now then why is she still there is dadi so crazy she knows the truth about her and on what grounds she is staying there how can she stay there Abhi is nobody to her then why is dadi letting her stay there frikkin nonsense

  38. Chittu

    Such a nonsense serial. Starts with good story but when it reaches some month nonsense will start. This is common in ekta kapoor serial. One side shows abhi loves alot pragya. But never able to trust. Pragya character nothing more than Bewakoof …plz end this serial

  39. Anu

    Such a non sense….every body know the truth.y dont they tell abhi about dat..am getting bored watchng all these…is there any end…she can shout and give him medicine, but she cant show him proof the same way… bull shit..

  40. Ankur Rohila

    On reading the Kumkum Bhagya written episode, I am happy to know that Abhi still has feelings for his better half Pragya. He still cares for her. I can’t wait any longer to see Abhi and Pragya together. I hope Pragya will succeed in exposing Tanu’s reality, at least this time.

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