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The Episode starts with Pragya talking to Purab. She says she needs someone who can blackmail Tanu, and Tanu shouldn’t know about their plan. Purab says okay. Abhi thinks God is playing with his life and enjoy while sitting up. He says you shouldn’t have made me, you gave me talent, and everything, but made me stupid with a heart. He says the relations which he has given is hurting him, and says all these complications are set by God. He talks to God and says you have given us life, but give liberty to live life on our own terms. He says I will tell you about my decision, and says I will walk on the right path. He says I will prove that there is no love in this world, as you don’t want everyone to get their love, and if they get love, why will they pray to you. He says may be one day someone

might make him sit in temple and he look at people like God silently.

Tanu thinks about Nikhil’s words and is tensed. She thinks she has to do something to Nikhil, else he will create problems in her life. She thinks to hire Vijay to kill Nikhil, and then thinks about Aaliya getting jailed. She wonders what to do? She thinks about Pragya’s words that she is not yet divorced. She thinks to instigate Abhi against Pragya and asks him to demand divorce from her. Pragya thinks whom to hire to blackmail Tanu. She thinks of Ronnie, but then thinks he is very innocent for this work. She sees Tanu and thinks she is so carefree. Tanu asks if Abhi kicked her out of room. Pragya says she is owner of the house and decide where to stand. Tanu says it is good that you have decided to stay out of his room and asks her to get out from Abhi’s room. Pragya asks her to go and says I will kick you both out after marriage. She says I want to see if you stay with him even then. Tanu laughs and says Abhi will earn crores of rupees in a concert. Pragya says Abhi’s name is also under her. She says she will file case against him and then you will have people standing outside home for getting their money. Tanu says she will talk to Abhi and asks her to stop her from talking to Abhi if she really has power.

Pragya wonders what to do? She thinks everyone will know that they are divorced and thinks to stop her. She thinks she has to call Tanu rather than taking other’s help. She calls Tanu and says hello madam. Tanu asks who is this? Pragya says I am your flat’s watchman, and asks her to give 10 Lakhs. Tanu asks if he is mad and asks her to cut the call. She says your enemy will give me 20 Lakhs. Tanu asks why? Pragya says I will tell your secret to your enemies and says your baby is not of Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Pragya asks him to wipe her sweat, and drink water. Tanu asks about proof? Pragya says I will show you proof?

Tanu sees Pragya talking on phone and asks if you called me? Pragya says I haven’t called you and asks what you were talking about? Tanu thinks she has to hide her secret from her. Pragya says I have to find out who is the person who called you, and says I need to find out. She asks her to give phone and says she will call back on that number. Tanu asks her to leave her phone. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Tanu says Pragya is troubling me? Pragya says she said I have called her, but I haven’t called her. Tanu says I thought Pragya called me and tells about the mysterious caller. Abhi asks Tanu to ignore Pragya’s sayings. He sees her lost and says I will call that caller. Tanu says no. Abhi asks why you are reacting this way? Tanu says mood swings, and says she was thinking about her routine check up. She asks him to take her to hospital. Abhi agrees and asks her not to take stress. Tanu says okay, and says bye and love you. Pragya thinks Tanu can’t sleep all night, and thinks what to do as dadi and purab will be angry with her as she called Tanu in a hurry. Tanu thinks who have done this? She thinks Aaliya can’t do this? She thinks if Nikhil joked with her and tries calling him, but the call remains unanswered. She thinks to sleep for now.

Abhi tells Tanu…you have betrayed me so big….and slaps her hard. Tanu doesn’t understand and is shocked. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the Skull! Is it really a dream sequence of Tanu?? I must say now that this is the worst and stupid serial I have ever seen! Its 2016 now and still this serial is dragging!
    Lame! Lame! and more Lame!
    I think I am gonna stop watching this serial..But if its not a dream sequence then count me in that I will continue watching this serial:-)

  2. Lovely episode.

  3. Guys if the news of pragya divorced reaches abhi then I think he might think pragya didn’t give him dhoka atleast then he might think after that probably who made him sign those papers when he comes to know dadi hope he doesn’t think dadi gave him dhoka and I hope ge tries to find out the truth…….this tanu will test our patience to the core…….

  4. I am sure this is just a dream. The same crap will go on for Tanu’s nine months of pregnancy.

  5. Dream again!!!!?????

  6. Good scense always in dream only…. pragaya slap raj in new segmend

  7. Itz s dream…Confirm…


  9. I vl b tanu dream… uff boring …. I hope tanu be caught

  10. Happy republic day guyssss

  11. happy republic day guys

  12. Hi Brown profile ishani.
    I’m also ishani(pink profile) from Sri lanka
    Nice to see you as a kkb fan

  13. I hope to see Tanu’s truth revealing soon..

  14. I tink It was Tanu dream…
    (kkb director kaalam kaalama dreamlaiye.. kathaiya otturanga pa..

  15. pls yaar its getting bored day by day v all expect that tanu must be exposed red handed by pragya and then abhigya loves must continue.u know v want our old mischievious abhi and pragya not the boring ones

  16. guys r u kkb fans if thn what are your favorite scenes or epi .pls reply i am waiting . i am also one of kkb fans but i am not a north indian , i am a south indian and i dont much speak hindi but can underrstand.i love when abhi feels jealous of pragya in the set and proposes his love for the first time and also when he saves pragya from prabhas building

  17. Daily soaps became predictable that the we can tell that some precaps are dreams of characters. Hope directors give a change in their direction and writers write a bit different way.

  18. Yawn… this is an Ekta Kapoor show… don’t know why you would expect it not to be as pathetic as its creator

  19. I think we are in the climax of tanu exposure

  20. Where is Pratiksha ????

  21. any new updates friends???

  22. Raj exposed in front of abhi .. Knowing tat abhi shattered

  23. Sorry .. Exposed means .. Abhi came to knoe tat Raj n tanu wer partnering aaliah .. Pragya consoles him

  24. New segment update- Abhi in his room walks emotinally. Pragya tries to console him. Reporter says that after getting to know aaliya and raaj’s truth, abhi gets shattered and emotional. He is totally heartbroken from his own people’s cheat. He is blaming ownself for everything so pragya tries to console him. In another scene, abhi says to pragya to give back my fuggy to me. Pragya asks that if she comes as fuggy then will he accept her? Reporter says abhi gets clueless becoz tanu’s pregnancy truth is still hidden and he thinks that he have to marry with her.

    1. Reporter says that abhi got to know that aaliya, tanu and raaj trio has cheated him by plotting against him but he still doesn’t know about tanu’s pregnancy’s truth so after getting to know tanu’s involvement with aaliya and raaj, then also abhi have to marry with tanu for baby’s sake. That’s why abhi has completely broken and feeling helpless.

      1. So Raaj will be exposed n like Aaliya he will also hurt n blame Abhi for which Abhi was feeling bad.

        Then I m not sure if there will be any hope that he will help Pragya in Tanu matter. N will he also be arrested or what will be his equation in MM n with Abhi after this truth is out.

        But one confusing thing is Pragya wore sindhoor n mangalsutr when she dressed up like Fuggy. But yday she was saying they r divorced. Looks like not only Abhi we will also end up confused with such incoherent writing.

      2. Ya sahithi we r getting confused again and again becoz of CVS last moment’s change in things. Otherwise pragya not just wore mangalsutra and put kumkum on her forhead intact she is still wearing her engagement ring in her finger since long and surprisingly no one saw it!! Not even abhi!!! And now pragya and dadi saying that they r divorced. So I understood one thing only that CVS r changing things according to the ongoing track in last moments who r creating confusion in our minds. And about raaj! So let’s see what will happen with her. I don’t think so that abhi would send him to jail like aaliya, again becoz it will b very difficult for him to send raaj to the jail becoz raaj is blaming abhi for sending him jail first time also in past. And raaj have his own family with him, his wife and his childs so I don’t think so that abhi will send him to the jail becoz pragya’s marriage hall’s matter was governmental and legal issue but this is his personal issue so abhi will leave it. I think, raaj will himself back out from the house or family. And off course raaj will not help pragya at all now becoz pragya is the reason becoz if which he got exposed. And in segment also, pragya was saying to abhi that don’t think about what bad things raaj said about him. It means raaj is still completely against them and is not regretting for his mistake. Ya it will b other thing if pragya will tell raaj about mitali’s fault in his arrestment in past then he could help her but then also I think she will not tell him becoz she knows that if she will tell raaj about mitali then their relationship could b break. That’s why oragya remained silent about it since long. So overall now pragya have to expose tanu by her own efforts.

      3. pratiksha and sahithi but abhi removed the engagement ring in episode 276 then sahithi u r right but why pragya wore the kumkum and mangalsutra and pratiksha and sahithi please explain me about this when boy keeps kumkum in a girl’s head means it is husband and wife relation only know !!!!!then do u guys remember onething during dusshera time i mean that aliya and vijay plan to kill pragya in the first attempt that vijay will tie a bell loosely which will fall on pragya’s head but abhi saved her at that time and that time abhi mistakenly hit the sindhoor plate and it falls and fills pragya’s hairline with this we can say that abhi and pragya had relationship through this but y this abhi can’t understand pratiksha and sahithi

    2. pratiksha where had u gone waiting for ur reply i take your point if abhi knows that tanu also is in aliya trio means he had to marry for the baby sake now pragya got 2 victories out of 3 one more to pass this test tanu’s fear is increasing day by day now pragya’s only aim is on tanu now she started to blackmail tanu by phone will this plan be successful just now something is going on my mind my first doubt is all the villains exposed means then who will be the next villain ??????? any idea about it ???? sahithi razia ????? and guys i guess aliya will come back to take revenge and my second doubt is we forgot bulbul i mean the new bulbul did kajol turned to the sets and i think in future CVS will take villains and supporting characters from who helped to survive bulbul what do u think about this srimathi any guesses ?????????

      1. Sorry reji I didn’t reply before becoz I came on site just after seeing today’s segment. OK now come to ur point. According to segment and reporters abhi got to know about raaj and tanu’s involvement with aaliya in property matter. So if they r saying true so now abhi will not believe on tanu anymore and it will b profitable for pragya that once she will exposed tanu with proof, abhi will definetly believe on her. And off course pragya’s blackmailing drama will work, in fact it has started working. I gave highlight’s of today’s episode. U can read it there how it worked. Now let’s see if it will succeeded or not?

      2. If the villains r exposed na kuda again they’ll come back na reji .. Chaopa matter vachae ivlo they re creating further tracks n drags .. Kandipa xvs neraya yoachurupanga

  25. when pragya exposed tanu then she will tell abhi dadi purab bulbul rachna akasha her

  26. help her to fo is drama

  27. Guys raj is really exposed I saw it today in SBS segment and abhi is shattered by this and he is cursing himself for all betrayal by family.

  28. new segment out pragya exposes raj and tanu as they helped alia for abhi’s property abhi in his room cries pragya comes and consoles him abhis says that even if tanu wants him for money also he will marry tanu only as she is bearing his child

    1. Thnx it is happening in today epi or upcoming epi

  29. today that deeam sequence will happen after that raj truth will be out infront of pragya then this segment starts

  30. Precap seems like a dream

  31. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Purab, pragya, dadi meets outside the house. They cracks some jokes. Pragya tells them about blackmailing call by her to tanu.
    Next, segment scene comes, where tanu sees dream of abhi catching her truthof her relationship with nikhil by some personal pics of them, send by tanu’s watchman. Abhi slaps tanu and says her to get out from her house. Tanu wakes up and thinks if her dream will come true in real like aaliya then everything gets finished so she can’t let happen this.
    Pragya calls tanu and asks her for 10 lakhs today. Tanu gets ready.
    Tanu calls nikhil and scolds him for blackmailing her. Nikhil denies. Tanu asks him for 10 lakhs rupees. Nikhil says he have not. Tanu doesn’t listen him and says to meet her today.
    Mitali and ronnie listens tanu’s talk and thinks to tell about it to pragya but mitali says we should catch that person first then tell about it to pragya after it.
    Mitali tells to raaj about tanu. Raaj thinks who will give 10 lakhs?
    Pragya comes in abhi’s room. Abhi searches for some papers behind the bed. Pragya falls on abhi becoz of dumbles between the way. They shares eyelock and Allah warriyan plays in background. Abhi says u did this purposely so I could not forget u. Pragya thinks that either to tell him, she should show tanu’s truth to abhi so he could believe then. Pragya says to abhi to come with her. Abhi refuses. Pragya says first and last time listens to me otherwise u will regret in rest of ur life. Abhi gets ready to go with her. Pragya thinks in herself that today when u will come with me then u will never go far from me.

    1. In the segment, Abhi n Pragya are in same costumes as they would be in today’s episode, so as per the promo, we will see Abhi knowing Raaj’s truth mostly in tomorrow episode.
      May be after Mithali tells about Tanu meeting someone for 10L, Raaj may also go to meet Tanu, so Abhi will get to know about both Raaj n Tanu a. re involved along with Aaliya.
      May be Nikhil may escape this time also or wont turn up to meet Tanu, so baby truth is not yet known to Abhi, I think.

      But I doubt if Raaj n Tanu will know that Abhi knows their truth about property now. Because as per segment, it is not clear if Abhi only overheard their conversation or confronted Raaj on why he cheated him.

      1. ya sahithi u right but anyway for baby’s sake tanu will make emotional blackmail on abhi and use her baby power and what to do abhi will keep a mindset to marry tanu sahithi without exposing nikhil we can’t say that abhi will not marry tanu as we saw before abhi didn’t love tanu but for baby’s sake only he accepted her so we have to wait and watch but it is sure even though abhi will try to hate pragya but he can’t so even though marriage going to happen it will not happen this my point of view and pratiksha what do u think!!?????????

  32. Now tanu is left alone and noone to support only nikhil pragya can concentrate completely on her ……..nikhil will obviously help her and then pragya will find the truth. …….but exposing her or not we have to watch anyway happy to know that cvs have fasttrack but I don’t know why they are delaying tanu’s matter……..yeah it will be interesting to watch how raj is being exposed the most tough one to catch …… the funniest part pragya was able to expose the tough one and the moderate one but not the simple one anyway hats off to tanu’s manipulation. …..atleast after this atleast I hope abhi doesn’t fall for her manipulation and stops trusting pragya. …..

  33. I meant stops trusting tanu

  34. i read in spoilers that after pragya blackmailing tanu …. tanu herself confess her crime and pragya expose her in front of family … is it true guys

    1. I think tanu won give up so soon

  35. N guys did u c tanus baby bump? I cud c it 😉 she has not become fat … I noticed her often holding her tummy like how pregnant ladies hold .. She did it twice on Saturdays episode

  36. Hi guys,
    Whether our comments ll go to the notice of this director ???
    If not then ask them to see our comments. Atleast then they won’t drag a simple issues to an year.
    Really kkb ratings getting down.

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