Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking about his conversation with Sarla. Later Pragya thinks how to find out what Sarla sign her. She thinks to enquire and calls Tanu. Tanu thinks to torture Sarla daily and one day she will die. Pragya calls Tanu as a watchman, and says I thought to call you to know about your well being. Tanu gets angry and threatens him. Pragya says will you kidnap me like Pragya’s mum. Tanu says yes, and says they have kidnapped Sarla as she saw her and her boyfriend and knew the truth. Pragya is shocked and says he is cancelling the deal with her, and will deal with someone else within her family. Tanu thinks she has to do something to this watchman. Pragya feels bad and thinks she shouldn’t have agreed to Purab sayings. Tanu thinks to stop the watchman, the same way she

dealth with Sarla. She is about to go, but sees Pragya. Pragya asks why she is tensed? Tanu says nothing. They have a heated argument. Tanu says she have catch small fishes till now and should have targetted her. She says she don’t want to see her in the house after marriage. Pragya reminds her that she brought her inside the house when her house was burnt, and says she can kick her as well. Tanu says you have to leave the house soon and will be servant soon. Pragya says time will tell who will leave the house. She thinks her heart is asking her to expose Tanu, but she don’t have the proofs. Tanu thinks she have to do something to blackmailer else he might sell proofs to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to get stress, else she will deliver baby before marriage, and then she have to plan baby’s naming ceremony. Tanu gets irked.

Raj brings gifts for everyone. Taya ji, Tayi ji, Rachna get happy. Mitali asks what did you bring for me. Raj asks about Aaliya? Taya ji says she is staying in the outhouse, and it is her decision. Raj thinks about Aaliya’s revengeful words. Taya ji asks Raj why he is not returning home in nights, and asks him to return home. Raj says he wants Akash to spend time with his wife and says he is taking care of Akash’s work also. He says he will meet Aaliya and leave for meeting.

Pragya thinks Sarla can’t speak, but she can sign me. She thinks to talk to her and get clue. Abhi comes infront of her and says he needs to talk to her. Pragya says I need to talk to her, and know answers. Abhi says are you joking? Pragya says you will not understand and asks him to move. Abhi insists to talk to her. Pragya tells him that she needs to talk to Sarla urgently. Abhi gets upset and goes.

Pragya comes to Sarla’s room and asks Nurse if she gave injection to Sarla. Nurse says no. Pragya asks her to go and says she will sit with her. Sarla sees her tensed and gets worried. Pragya asks if she wants to say that Tanu is behind her kidnapping. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says they have kidnapped you thinking you to be blackmailer. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks did you see who was with Tanu. She says have you seen her boyfriend and her baby’s father? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks her not to try to speak? She asks did I meet him? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks did he come to his house. Sarla blinks. Pragya says if he came here after my change of avatar. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya wonders who is he? She says I will show you photos of functions and blink eyes if she sees that person. She shows the photos on her mobile.

Abhi thinks Pragya talked to him rudely and thinks he will not talk to her. Pragya tells Sarla that she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do? Sarla cries. Pragya asks her not to cry, and says I know that you will tell me very soon about Tanu’s boyfriend. She asks her not to cry and sign her when he comes home. She asks her not to take tension. Nurse comes to give injection. Pragya asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks who might be that person. She thinks may be he is producer, agent, ad maker etc, and decides to find out.

Pragya asks Abhi to come and says somebody have closed Sarla’s door from inside. Abhi asks if she is joking. Pragya says she is serious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good idea karthika dear and razia is also right we ill see what haph…….and very very happy birthday sriti mam wish u all success i wish bottom of my heart:-*

  2. Happy barthday fuggi today episode nice

  3. Too much ..yaar..I m silent reader of update..bt KB is nw beyond my patience..I think sbs n promo of finding truth ..if u anaylse..I think pragya is almost to xpose tanu truth..n at Nick of tym tanu vl outsmart pragya’s plan as per aliya suggestion.. Uffff I think..may b dat results thappad!!! To pragya…

  4. Happie bday my Pretty sriti .. My love
    Live long happily .. Yua not only talented bt lovely solu too .. Love u more than anytng my dear .. Happie bday my love

  5. .Full update of new on location slap video- Pragya told Abhi that Tanu is lying about the baby. Abhi doesn’t listen to her. She says I’ve given so much for this and today he has to listen whatever she says.
    2. He is not the father but as Pragya has no proofs , she needs time to get the proof.
    3. Abhi said do not blame my child, I wont tolerate it.

    4. Pragya said, baby is illegitimate. And he knows baby is hot his and just to take revenge from pragya Abhi is accepting illegitimate child. Abhi slapped Pragya.

    Another scene –

    1. Tanu says Pragya is trying to kill their child.
    2. Ronnie was standing near the staircase with a water bottle so that Tanu will slip and baby die.
    3. Pragya has asked Ronnie to do that.
    4. Abhi doesn’t believe Tanu. He says Pragya can’t do this cheap act.

    In IV Sriti says, this slap will contribute in Pragya’s thought process in the next step.

    1. If they are not wanting to end it this way only then what are they thinking while showing us this crap from last 7-8 months …..I can’t believe they will show this much violence in the show just slapping everybody its really unbearable & disgusting way of ending the track they could have done it before also when pragya said to abhi that whether child is his or someone else’s ???? No need of dragging this much and ending this way…. They have no new ideas left so just recycling the ideas used during MMS track after exposing tanu pragya should leave abhi&mm ….she should have done it in MMS track also just leaving abhi but its better late than never

      1. Thats true Jaydeep, when we think this is the worst that can be shown in this track, we get to see something much worse. So if we now go back and start watching the episodes after Pragya makeover, they will definitely feel better than what we are seeing now from last one month.

        Thats a misleading promo, pyar ki jeet, in fact they are showing Pragya’s stupidity as love. Why doesn’t she once n for all tell Daadi to handle the situation herself n leave MM with her mom.

        Abhi’s slap is the most misplaced response in this whole track so far. If he thinks he will keep slapping every other person for their mistakes, then he should have slapped Pragya when she re-entered MM n showed the property papers. That was supposed to be her cheating n taking fake sign. In current scene, slap was just not needed. Looks forced to gain sympathy for Pragya.
        The writers still seem to be struck some decades ago, when bahu taking such pain for winning her love back made sense. Hope they realize the present generations find such crap – just pure crap.

        So after listening to the blackmail stuff Aaliya also must have suspected Pragya’s hand behind this n must have given this idea to Tanu to push Pragya to say it openly. What is the reason for this baby topic coming up between Abhi Pragya Tanu, let us see.
        But when everything is in open, Pragya was saying that Abhi is trying to revenge her by accepting an illegitimate baby.
        Instead she should have blurted out this also, that since her mom knows Tanu’s truth, Tanu tried to kidnap n kill her. She can as well ask Abhi to go n check with her mom.
        Abhi can try the same eye blinking thing with Sarla. That sort of argument would have given more advantage to Pragya than getting emotional n debating with Abhi about the child. Instead she is still requesting him to give time for gathering proofs.

  6. This 2much, abhi really hate u lot, u a crossing limits U only deserve tanu. Pragya will marry purarb

    1. Hahaha.. Frustration right?

  7. Happy birthday fuggi

  8. Pragya shyd tell the tanu truth…and shud tell they hv got divorced already…all the properties are n ur name only…for her mom sake she shud leave the house…let abhi believe or not..its his choice…

  9. This is tooooooooooo much of stupidity… They r making fool of us always… This much dumb abhi.. Too irritating… They r spoiling abhi’s character.. Promo gone waste nothing gud happen.

  10. Pyaar ki jeet ….yes..tanul’s pyaar has won….stupids….all these days shw was waited for proof…so she herself decided she can’t get the proof…yes she will hv the mobile she cant record..she cant fix the ccd in tanus room,police will not ask pragya whom ur doubting so that they can track their mobile..janaki is suposed to b her servant..and she wont take care sarla…any one can reach sarla easily to harm…dadi will b always dump..purab will be busy in commissioner office…thb hw pragya will prove tanu secret..

  11. Lol.purab n pragya R bro n sis.indian shows R just dragging.u ppl sud boycott da show so dat CVs vll get some sense.#boycott #kkb

  12. I completely agree with u pratiksha as a self respected woman Pragya should walk off from Abhi’s life..Had done more with Tanu..She is just annoying n v r already fed up of Abhi’s character and now CVS showing Abhi had slapped Pragya so this makes everyone to hate dumb Abhi’s character.. donno wht they CVS r upto..but it’s tooooooooo much…If he came to know the truth of tanu even he couldn’t forgive himself.. I don’t know wht to say nothing is thr than crap..fed up..completely fed up..

  13. omg i cant believe it abhi slapped his sweetheart

  14. This is called as pyaar ki jeet guys I tried to get updated with all the serial in pyaar ki jeet sidni have become one in jamai raja, twinj have realised each other in tashan e ishq, raja and rani rana has escaped from some magic all the serials have progressed and have acquired pyaar ki jeet. …..except kkb I guess they gave a wrong promo it should have been picture if tabhi or the caption should be dushmann ka jeet cuz this is lame ……..and irritating either they end tanu’s drama or I swear I myself will go and murder her……crap illogical script and worst screenplay. ….

  15. Will not watch the episode till tanu get exposed. Very stupid track.

  16. I think guys may be it’s a wrong news yar wait and see what hapn:->

    1. Looks like this slap sequence is dream of Pragya. Thats what reporters were saying in the segment.

      Now come on how many dreams, KKB cast pls dont sleep n dont get dreams. We lost track of what is dream or what is real. There used to be one dream every week now one dream every day. Huh..

  17. guys todays telly reviews spoilers told the slap seq its turned to be pragya’s dream….she know tanu wil get abhi anyhow and is scared to lose abhi..its a dream seq for pragya..and thy r told pragya wil bring out the truth thn abhigya will unite soon

    1. Pragya says you know this child is of someone else, you wanted to take revenge from me and gave your name. Abhi slaps Pragya angrily. Tanu says I wanted to do abortion and Abhi stopped me. She hugs Abhi. Pragya looks on sadly, holding her cheek. Abhi united with Tanu. Tanu says I told Pragya that Abhi will marry me. Abhi consoles Tanu. Abhi was helpless to slap Pragya. Tanu and Abhi are together, and Pragya is alone. This turns out to be Pragya’s dream. Pragya
      knows Tanu will get Abhi anyhow and is scared
      to lose Abhi. Pragya will bring the truth out soon then Pragya and Abhi will unite soon.

  18. Hey guys today is sriti jha’s bday
    Happy bday di

  19. Guys I saw today’s segments. In SBAS, they didn’t clear it that this slap scene was real or dream. They asked from shabbir, leena and sriti but they also didn’t tell anything and clear it. But reporter were saying at last that this dream of slap will come true one day but difference will b that slap will b abhi’s but face will b tanu instead of
    pragya. If this is dream then it’s half part of slap scene will b dream or imagination and rest of part of tabhi’s conversation will b for real. It is not yet fully confirmed that it is real or dream so let’s see guys if this is real or dream.

    1. Kowsi I just read ur spoiler news. It will b gud if this will b dream but this was one of the scary dream. I was so disturbed after getting that slap news segment in morning. But now I m little relaxed. Hope it will turn out as dream. But as sahithi said enough of it with dream. No more dream and it’s time to get climax.

      1. im also feeling restless abt this slap..now feel relaxed.Cvs saves abhi from our hatred..

  20. Guys and kowsi we were right. I just saw today’s SBS segment. They r clearly saying that the slap is pragya’s dream and soon tanu will get exposed. So chill guys it is a dream. I m very happy that CVS save us from hating abhi. But this is not enough. We want climax very soon. No more dreams, no more imaginations and no more dragging. We just want final results.

    1. gud news pratiksha…we r guessing crct…

  21. Read the spoiler of today guys.it’s a pragya dream.

  22. Ooommmgg.. what a heart broking slap… after returning from clg I saw that vdo nd scattered … after reading ur commands only I got aim relaxation guyssss… its s a dream sequence .. in story one or two may be dream bt in our kkb only story a full of dreamss… epavadu dream na paravailla.. evavumea dream na enna paanna…..

  23. Manyyy moree happpyyyy returnss of the day sritiiii… love u a lot… Hav a blast year.. god s with u in every nd every action

  24. Happy Birthday Sriti. You are the main reason I developed a passion for this show. Keep rocking!!


    Once Tanu is out from Abhi’s life, I want Pragya to get drunk and take out the frustation of all these months on Abhi 😀 😀

    1. Ha ha ha…that’s really nice….

  25. yes yes thank you guys

  26. many more happy returns of the day sriti

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