Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with corporator pointing gun on Abhi’s head and asking him to apologize. Daadi gets bad dream about Abhi and wakes up worried. She goes and prays Vahe guru to protect her grandson. Corporator asks Abhi again to apologize. Abhi taks gun point on his forehead and asks him to shoot.

Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and tells Aaliya and Tanu that she has important news for them. Aaliya says she has more important news than her and asks her to go out. Mitali says they can share it. Tanu says Aaliya wants her to go out. Mitali says they both will go to jail. Aaliya asks what does she mean. Mitali says one of family members knows that a family member in involved in Pragya’s murder.

Abhi takes gun from corporator and points on him. He then

beats his goon and asks everyone to sit down, else he will kill corporator. He then tells Neil if he does not know to play with gun, he should not. He thanks Fuggi for getting him experience this moment. He asks corporator why is he sweating and says he will show what mard/man is and his courage is. Corporator says they can talk calmly and he will lose is career if he shoots him. Abhi says he is a rockstar and cleaning society is also his duty. Corporator says when he does not love Pragya, why he wants to save her. Abhi says she is his wife and it is his duty to protect her. He asks who helped him in this kidnapping.

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Purab and Bulbul search commissioner’s number in his room. Purab finds it and is about to call him when Aaliya comes and asks where is Abhi. He says Abhi went to kidnapper’s den and after catching kidnapper wants to know who is behind it. Aaliya thinks if corporator reveals she is also involved, Abhi will not forgive her, so she should get him out from there before corporator speaks out. Bulbul asks if she is not worried about her brother. She says she is and Bulbul asks what about Pragya. She says she is worried about both and asks Purab to inform her if he gets Abhi’s call.

Abhi asks corporator again to tell who is behind Pragya’s kidnapping. Corporator asks when he knows his family well then why is he asking him. Abhi says he knows someone from family helped him and asks to tell who it is before he counts 10.

Aaliya asks Mitali who knows about their kidnap involvement. Tanu says maybe Bulbul. Aaliya says she should call corporator and stop him from taking him name. She calls corporator. Abhi takes phone and before she could speak says whoever she is she can call corporator after some time as he is busy. Aaliya gets tensed hearing his voice and tells her puppets that Abhi has reached corporator and soon will know about them.

Bulbul tells Purab that Aaliya is behind Pragya’s kidnap. Purab says she cannot be as she knows Abhi will disown her. Bulbul says she knew Purab will not believe, so she will have to gather proof.

Purab meets commissioner who says a bullet sound was heard in a secluded factory and changes of kidnappers being there are more. Purab asks why did not he reach there then. Commissioner says they are professional criminals and he cannot risk Pragya’s life without preparing his team.

Abhi continues counting pointing gun on corporator’s head. Corporator says they can talk calmly. Abhi shoots bullet. Everyone get afraid thinking corporator is dead. Corporator wakes up. Abhi says if he kills him, he will not know who is behind Pragya’s kidnap. Corporator’s goon holds knife on Pragya’s neck and says gun had only 2 bullets and both are shot. Abhi asks him to stop bluffing. Goon asks him to shoot. Abhi shoots, but there is no bullets. goons then catch Abhi.

Sarla and Daadi are worried about Pragya. Purbi gives Sarla water. Suresh comes. Sarla asks why did he come. He says he wants to know about Pragya and everyone is misunderstanding him, so he did not go to Pragya’s house. Daadi says he did good by not going there and asks him to get out. Suresh says he just wants to know what Abhi is doing to save Pragya.

Corporator asks his men to tie Abhi and Pragya, fills bullets and asks who want to die first. He tosses and points gun at Abhi. His goon comes running and informs that police force is coming.

Precap: Aaliya panics thinking corporator will take his name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why are the draggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing in kidnapping track so much?

    1. This is complete BULL SHIT. Brainless writers cannot come up with another plot so they are trying to work the hell out of this one. Pathetic…..SS

  2. Why are they dragggggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing the kidnapping track so much?

  3. drag..drag…itna drag karte ho kaiko!!

  4. cant they end this drama.they wll dragggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg dis the wholeweek……………..maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hello anu

  6. Dragging Hiiiii majesty

    1. Hello Sweety! How are you?

  7. Whaaaaaa ? I thought they would stop all this crappy shitty kidnapping episodes by today. Hell maaaaahn.

  8. Whaaaaaa ? I thought they would stop all this crappy shitty kidnapping episodes by today. Hell maaaaahn.

  9. Kidnap storya fasta mudinga

  10. When will this kidnap drama end???
    It’s tooooooo boring!!!!!!!

  11. Dnt they have anything else to show…

    It’s so irritating now

  12. Too much comedy. Track getting boring

  13. It’s boring.plz change pragyas attire. Her beauty is hidden in the old fashioned anarkali. She so cute do not mmake her boring.

  14. This serial is not fit to be a comey serial tooo. this is the worst serial ever.

  15. Why can’t purab n other men go for their rescue just sitting at home n wasting the time purab is entirely depending on abhi .poor abhi is taking care of everybody.abhi is great.

    1. Abhi is great lol…the man who is cheating his wife..girlfriend…Dadi…mother in law…is great….wow what a thinking….lol

      And hello purab is not dependent on Abhi…when abhi was sending bulbul alone then purab did take a stand and said that he will go with bulbul and bring both bulbul and pragya back home…..at present abhi has told him to take care of his family and he is doing that….there is always a plan for something and they are working according to it…nobody knows what is happening at other place…

      Still he tried to help with the commissiiner..and if police would not have reached there on time abhi would have been dead till now

      So plz think before you write!!

  16. Its too much boring. Kuch bhiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..

  17. Pragya should get shot or something so that abhi Starts stressing over her.

  18. i also think jane austin will roll in her grave if she ever finds out that such a dumb copy was made from one of her books

  19. Aliya should not be worried now because of what she and Tanu and Mitali did.Oh no,they should be proud.Those three fools.Did they gain anything as yet ?I hope they do because good always conquers evil.Time to bring Abhi and his wife back from kidnapping.It is too long.By the way how is network service working for the goons and the corporator and not for Abhi.Doesthis make any sense?Please educate me.

    1. LOL, same question for me, but I conclude they are using a different service provider while Abhi’s does have enough relay towers in that vicinity or he is between towers where the coverage overlaps so the phone signal is not transmitted by either tower.

      Actually, I’m enjoying this kidnap track. We got some serious scenes yesterday. The buffoonery is real old now. It just feels so immature especially with two characters who should be in their late 20s or early 30s. BAASE. ENOUGH.

  20. dude valentines day is over !!!!! but you ppl are dragging it for 2 weeks…………rofl!!

  21. Why would Abhi not shut his big mouth and wait to hear Aaliya’s voice on that phone call, but of course, maybe ehy can squeeze another two episodes, like really get to the blo*dy point..what is it you want to come out of this kidnap, by the looks of it, it seems pointless since Abhi is only doing his “Duty” to save pragya..Each situation should have an objective, i cannot believe these writers…go back to school and learn to write or do what you do best, copy from the english films…lol

  22. i agree KUBS, shoot pragya

  23. Pragya have the same anarkali in 100 different colours…lol.. and3 saris

  24. Still d kidnapping sequence

  25. Omg done with this kidnapped parts and show something interesting now

  26. Same storyline gonna drag for another week.boring!!

  27. this is extremely boring…are the writers having a hard time coming up with new ideas? maybe they need to hire new writers…

  28. This dragging story of kidnapping is making the show more boring. If this still continue then Zee TV should end this show and find something nice not boring.

  29. Plz show more purab and bulbul scenes…..i am missing them badly….end this joker girl…kidnapping drama

  30. This show is becoming utter nonsense for rabul fans…..ughhhhh hate cvs

  31. nice episode

  32. How long this nonsence will run .

  33. Seriously this is getting hell bent annoying.end this kidnapping drama.it’s super boring.
    Plz show more rabul scenes!

  34. Dragging this concept will definitely make this show lose TRP. :/ Oh well, it seems like I was wrong to become eager about this show.

  35. More rabul scenes plz

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