Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dasi telling Dadi that God has given clever mind to Aaliya, but she don’t use it for right things. Dadi asks Purab why did you try to make him remember all that. Purab says I couldn’t bear it. Dasi tells that they feel bad seeing Abhi running after money. Dadi says we can’t risk Abhi’s life. Purab says there is a way and asks her to bring Pragya home. Dadi reminds him of Doctor’s words and says she can’t risk his life. Purab says we shall see how Abhi reacts seeing Pragya. Dadi says if he pressurizes on his mind to recollect then….She says even I want them to unite, but not at the risk of his life. She says how we will leave if anything happens to Abhi. She asks him not to talk anything which will risk his life. She asks him to leave everything on time, and says

everything will be back like before.

Pragya comes out of her office and waits for auto rickshaw. Someone informs her about strike. She thinks to go by walk and calls Sarla. Abhi comes in his car and offers to drop her, says there is a transport strike. Pragya says I will go and thanks him. She is again walking. Abhi says I want to return your favor. Pragya asks what? Abhi says you have identified my stuff and made my favorite coffee. Pragya refuses to take lift. Abhi takes her refusal on his ego. Pragya asks him not to take it on his ego and says her family may not like it if she takes lift. Abhi says okay and gives her good luck. Pragya turns and walking. She slips and falls down. Abhi comes back and says your people will not like if you go home by crawling. Pragya asks why you are teasing me, and says I didn’t refuse for help. Abhi helps her stand up.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the pub. Tanu says so many guys are looking at me and praises her beauty. She says she is excited to meet Abhi. Aaliya calls Abhi and asks him to come there. Abhi says okay. Aaliya and Tanu go to dance. Pragya sits in Abhi’s car. She asks is driving allowed to you? She says I read in an article that you met with an accident. She asks aren’t you get afraid of driving. Abhi asks you just fell down, will you stop walking. Purab calls Pragya and asks where are you? She says she is coming home. Purab says I will come to take you. Purab hears Abhi’s voice, as Abhi says I am with you. Purab says if you are with Abhi. Pragya says no. Purab thinks if she meets Abhi then things will be fine. Abhi drops Pragya near her house. He thinks she might fall again and lifts her in his arms. Allah Wariyan plays…………..They have an eye lock.

He asks where is your house? Pragya asks him to leave her, and says I will go home. Abhi says your condition is like..you will go somewhere else. He says you are No. 1 fan and I will not leave you. He asks where is your home? Pragya says I will not tell. Abhi says you are clever and don’t want to get down of rockstar’s lab. He asks someone about her home. Pragya asks him not to tell him. Abhi says she is dangerous and need to go home. Man says her house is there. Pragya says no…as Abhi takes her to her house.

Aaliya and Tanu dance on the dance floor on the song beat pe booty….Janki tells Beeji that she is trying to clean the hall and she is not letting her work. She asks her to sit at one side and play game. Beeji says I want to punish you as I lost game because of you. Janki says I know nothing about your game. Beeji says I lost as you talked to me. Sarla hear them arguing and asks them to stop fighting. She asks her to call Pragya again. Janki says she will lose game. Pragya asks Abhi to get her down as her house came. Abhi comes inside house and says hello ladies…..Sarla, Beeji and Janki are surprised and shocked.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she refuse to dance with a guy? Aaliya says she can’t dance with any random guy and spoil her and her brother image. Tanu asks what do she wants? If she wants to stay alone. Aaliya asks her to go and touch up her make up. Tanu goes. Aaliya calls Abhi, but he doesn’t pick her call. Aaliya says Abhi is obeying Dadi’s order and not picking call while driving.

Abhi introduces himself as Abhi, the rockstar. He asks if something is stuck on my face..and asks why you are seeing as if you all have seen a ghost. He says your daughter is in my hands…and gets her down. He says I know what middle class people thinks, and says his ego and her stubbornness clashed. He tells that Pragya twisted her leg and couldn’t walk so I gave lift. He says I thought she couldn’t walk back home and drop her here. Sarla asks do you know her. Abhi says she is a receptionist in the company with whom I am working. He says her name is Nikita, and she is my big fan, egoistic and stubborn too. He asks them not to scold her. He then goes near Sarla and says I know this is strange, but I can’t control. He asks about the washroom and says I know it is there. He then says I was just guessing.

Pragya tells Sarla that she is stranger for him, and he didn’t have any stress on his mind seeing them. She says now I can go infront of him and talk, smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nicely updated. Thanks Hasan. Dragging but nice. What happened to Nikhil, was he Abhi’s friend before 2 years?

  2. True love never end, abhigya for the example of true loved

  3. a sigh relief that Abhi is acting to keep pragya away from her enemies… Abhi & pragya friendship wala love is bit entertaining 🙂

    1. But the fan and rock star part is going nice.
      The biggest Question to KKB producer.
      Will Abhi and Pragya be abhigya ever?

  4. Epi was gd the most funny is rockstar lifts a girl on road but no one is bothering about it but it was gd and funny too

  5. Strange, pragy’s neighbor also doesn’t recognize abhi’s as pragy’s husband.
    And Now since abhi is OK with seeing pragya, dadi can tell that she has selected pragya onli for abhi and get them both married again.

    1. Ya it’s a nice idea but producers are not intelligent enough to insert it in the show

    2. Only if they want to end kkb but aaliya will again start planning killing pragya. Let them romance freely for some time.

  6. Oops so nice this is cute ?this track is 1000 times better than pragya’s mugambo drama..

  7. Are yrr what’s this?
    It’s too much.When will the drama end? I’m fed up with this
    The story is just wasting their n our time

  8. Christine Nanan

    I think Abhi is faking his memory loss to protect Pragya and teach Aliya and Tanu a lesson just like Pragya pretended to expose his enemies it just needs to speed up

    1. I hope this is the case. This show has been dragging for too long.

  9. Good going

  10. Abhi knows that he is still a rock star. how? Obviously through his family and media.
    Then why the other people or the media are not telling that he is already married?
    And also if he does not any fb or social account so that he can know about his wife?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So stupid thought….

  11. Any one notes Abhi’s slip up in the last part of the show when he ask about the bathroom?…

    1. I think writers want to keep the ML open for guess to change later as per their convenience, so for a minute Abhi behaves like he forgot everything, and in next minute seems to be acting ML.

    2. Ya mittenzz I noticed it. Even I noticed many things but can’t explain for now until it’s confirmation.

    3. mithuuuu???

  12. I really like this storyline…lots of romance..

  13. I think Abhi is acting as memory loss..

  14. Iswarya_santhosh

    Strange feeling! I dont know y? But i felt for past two days that abhis ml is true…today he correctly guesses the washroom and his behaviour makes many doubts…..cvs are making us fool and retaining their trp…. Thats all…..

  15. I m so happy to see that abhi did not forget anythng nd i hope that now serial will b more intrested

  16. I am tired of hearing about abhi faking ML to protect Pragya from her enemies…what flipping enemies she has? he is the one with enemies cause he knows everything and Tanu and Nikhel can kill him any moment now. so he is protecting himself and trying to get info and proofs… also he is romancing Pragya as well so that’s good. they never had that.

  17. I hope abhi remeber something about pragya

  18. Dadi is getting me on my nerves.
    This scrap oldie didn’t allow pragya to say truth to abhi.
    Now oldie by keeping mum spoiling things again.
    Only pragya Sud do something.
    But loving this romance, just wondering pragya’s neighborhood too lost memory.
    No wonder, it’s Ekta’s serial.

    Then that ridiculous dancing of taliya. Godddd, even KRK’s dance for beat pe was OK it seems. Tank’s dress, yucky she says her to be super model. Haha. Aaliya,what to say, she doesn’t look feminine. Disgusting attitude,when she was praising that she won’t dance with loafers. Actually waiting to watch taliya with her friend thrown to garbage by abhi. But dunno how many years Ekta will take to get rid of taliya

  19. people still watch this show, interesting i stopped 3 months ago. what happened to Tanu she never got caught wauw. i will come back again in november to see where the is going

  20. Probably the lack of a good story line is because Ekta never cared about Kumkum Bhagya. She hardly ever shows any importance to it even if it has been in the top 5 shows. The only show she cares for and loves is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  21. New promo is updated that Abhi is faking his memory loss to keep pragya safe from enemies.
    Romance will soon return on Kumkum Bhagya, if reports are to be believed. So all you viewers, if you have been sulking over the lost love between Abhi and Pragya, courtesy Abhi’s memory loss, then it’s time to rejoice. According to Bollywood Life, Abhi, played by Shabbir Ahluwalia, is only faking his memory loss. Well, he is pretending this way for Pragya’s safety and to keep her away from troubles. Looks like he wants to take revenge from Pragya’s enemies and ensure that she stays unharmed from anyone, including those who were planning to kill her.
    We saw how miserable Pragya, played by actress Sriti Jha, felt when her husband couldn’t remember even their marriage. After feeling heartbroken, she went back to her mother’s place but kept missing her moments with Abhi. Pragya was recently declared Abhi’s biggest fan as she managed to win his favourite bracelet twice. Later Abhi had a major showdown with the music agency owner too.
    Abhi’s returning memory, however won’t go down too well with some family members. Both Tanu and Aaliya will feel unhappy about it as they’ll fear their cunning plans can be ousted by Abhi. There are several more hints on the show about Abhi’s fake memory loss. Remember how he referred to Abhimanyu’s story in the last episode, the same that was told to him by Pragya when they were happily married? Though Abhi played down the doubt, it might just be an alarm towards a major twist in the tale.

  22. Leaving some logic aside, a good episode. How much I wished Purab called Abhi immediately after Pragya disconnected. Abhi would have mentioned about a fan girl he met and if only Purab asked the location and direction in which Abhi was driving.

    And Pragya’s hair, it is back to her Mogambo days but why? Those soft curls make her look more cute 🙂

    Abhi was showing bit of rudeness the other day with Mr Sethi, but today the way he was asking Sarla not to scold Pragya, so so sweet.

    1. Sahithi do u think that more peoples should know about abhigya’s meetings? Is it ok? I mean whenever abhigya’s life gets interrupt with other peoples, specially their own peoples, abhigya’s problems gets start. Sometimes becoz of evil’s evilness and selfishness and sometimes becoz of gud one’s over excitement and their great ideas. So I think it will b better if abhigya will not b interrupted this time by anybody. They needs their personal space for each other without anybody else. And about purab so I think now purab should also move on in his life. Either CVS should bring bulbul back or they should introduce another perfect match for purab. It’s time that he should think about his life too instead of caring and supporting abhigya and for their problems all the time. Dadi has been taken her steps back. Pragya’s family has been also left everything on destiny and god. Others r living their life without caring anything. Abhigya r enough mature to handle their life and relationship with each other. Already there had been so much mess in abhigya’s life in past becoz of other’s interruption all the time and they have been payed a lot becoz of it. So I think this time, they should deal with each other by their ownself, by their own heart and mind and they should take their decisions by ownself. Then it will b much better for them. And sahithi in yesterday’s episode, I found abhi’s sweet behavior in all over the episode. From the starting when he offers to pragya for lift and till then his last conversation with pragya’s family. I clearly felt his emotions towards pragya and her family, which he was trying to hide. It was nice to see that abhi met with pragya’s family too but my tension this, that how much it will get reveal to more peoples that abhigya’s meetings has started, the more danger and problem’s ways could open for two of them and for their love and life. Let’s see what happens further. This is true that we r seeing many scenes where it seems that abhi has lost his memory actually but there r many scenes too who creates doubt that abhi is faking. Only one news channel confirmed it and more yet to b confirmed but we will b sure only after watching it on the show. I m waiting for more segments to know that how will b further meetings of abhigya or what happens next. Till then we can only guess or enjoy the episodes.

      1. Whether we like it or not, as per new promo, Aaliya may be the first one to know after Arora ladies. They need to bring that drama to sustain ratings.

  23. If his ml is true then y didn’t ask abt tanu..because they were in love before Pragya episode r8..bt even he didn’t ask abt her once also…abhi pls show us that u r nt suffering with any ml….pls pls pls reunite them

  24. Uffffff this serial remind me only one thing ……u can hate this……u can love this…..bt u can’t ignore this

    1. It’s True so only we are always following like this madly i love lot abhigya expecsaly sritijha as a pragya character attract me more and her selfless love and sacrifice what character and shabri as a abhi what a men. So fans are follow madly i am also that categories so we only like when the show is get interest we are prize them and when we are track the story like railway track like a railway track we are outbourest our irritate and frustration and angry like this but we are not hate fully and ignore its very true

  25. soo true sonalika..even i am addicted to kkb and abhigya.. and i can’t ignore them..

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