Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pragya asking Tanu not to send Purab and Akash to jail. Tanu asks Pragya to bend infront of her and apologize/ begs infront of her. Purab and Akash ask her not to apologize to Tanu. Pragya folds her hands and request her not to send them to jail. Tanu says your plea haven’t melted me, and says I have a condition. Pragya says I accept. Tanu says you have to let me marry Abhi without any hurdle, and shall never tell Abhi that I am carrying Nikhil’s child, and Aaliya and Nikhil are with me. Aaliya smirks. Nikhil thinks Tanu is smarter. Aaliya thinks Tanu has become smart because of her. Abhi worries for Tanu and thinks if they are at same place. He gets a call and goes. Dadi and Rachna worry. Purab asks Pragya not to bend down infront of Tanu and never to accept her conditions.

He says if Bulbul would had been alive, then she would never let you accept her conditions. Just then Pragya gets Dadi’s call, and she disconnects the call. Dadi says we shall go there. Tanu gives 5 mins time to Pragya and asks her to think about her life or their life. Purab asks Nikhil to stop Tanu.

Nikhil says I want to help you, but you said that I am not your friend. Just then Police comes. Purab and Akash ask Pragya not to agree. Tanu smirks and says time is up. Inspector comes inside and says you both are arrested for trying to steal the papers. Pragya says no, and is about to take promise that she will let her marry, just then Abhi comes and asks what happened? Tanu thinks Pragya must have informed him. Abhi tells Inspector that he want to talk to Purab and Akash for 2 mins. Lawyer asks them to let him talk to them. Abhi asks what they want to steal? Pragya gets worried. Abhi asks Nikhil what is he doing here? Nikhil makes excuses. Abhi asks Pragya. Pragya says I got a call and came here. Abhi says you would have woken me up and asks what is she hiding? He asks Tanu, what is she doing here? She asks you said that you went to have icecream. Tanu says Aaliya…icecream. Abhi says someone say that something was going on here. He tells Purab and Akash, that you both can’t steal anything. Purab and Akash ask each other to tell. Abhi asks Nikhil to say. Nikhil says I got a call and was shocked seeing them here. Abhi asks him to stop the crap.

Inspector says 5 mins is over. He is about to arrest Purab and Akash. Abhi says I want to see those papers which they want to steal. He reads the papers and says who gave the right to give 30 percent of my shares to Nikhil. He asks Inspector to arrest Nikhil and lawyer, and says Purab and Akash have indeed tried to save him. Lawyer argues. Abhi says there was a conspiracy against me in this office, and Purab and Akash have saved me. He calls commissioner and talks to him. Commissioner talks to Inspector. Inspector says I will sort out in 2 mins. He frees Purab and Akash and asks Jhunjhunwala to come to Police station and gives statement. Abhi tells Nikhil that he will talk to him later. Abhi says Tanu and Pragya that you both have hidden the truth from me and says he will talk to them at home. He asks Lawyer, who give him authority to represent him, and says someone is involved with you. Abhi asks Purab why he didn’t tell him. Purab says I tried informing you, but pillow….Abhi recalls and says okay. Dadi reaches there and says she got a call. Abhi says it is sure that you people have hiding something from me and says he will find out for sure.

Abhi, Pragya and Dadi are in the car. Dadi asks Abhi to drive carefully. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says I know that lawyer is a big divorce lawyer. Nikhil threatens Aaliya that if he don’t get anything then he will inform everything to Abhi. Aaliya asks him to keep his tone low, and says if I tell Bhai about your dreams then you couldn’t be on any post. Nikhil thinks time will tell this.

Abhi tells Tanu that he don’t want his baby to live without his dad and that’s why he will marry her tomorrow itself. Aaliya and Tanu are happy. Abhi asks Pragya who called her there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yeh sacch kabhi bahar nahi aayegi kya

  2. Karthika zee tv working now n watched episode… I’m very very happpyyyyyyyyyy….

  3. Again again again draging…….. Never ever tanu truth come out.

  4. sheetha thanks fr the IIM link…. i have sesn now only…

    1. u r welcome gowtham… dont miss todays epi of IIM

      1. kandipa tday i wont miss sheetha…..

  5. Guys as I said keep little more patience. Exposure will definetly happen. It has postponed becoz of some reasons like shabbir’s absence and shikha’s wedding. This wedding sequence has shot with abhi’s dupe becoz of shabbir’s absence. But Exposure’s scene will b different now as from now CVS have involved abhi also with his doubts in this track’s end. Most of us were wishing that exposure shouldn’t happen at the wedding place becoz it will b the same boring way to the long awaited climax of this track. Wedding sequence has finished so I think exposure should happen in a different scene with a different manner. Wedding’s stopping is the indication of time and a clear hint for everyone that tabhi can never get married as abhi belongs to only pragya. All the passed events of past two episode’s r focusing on abhi’s suspicion so it could not b waste like this. It has some purpose that CVS have started to showing abhi in suspicion mode and working mode. And as we have been discussed it in my above comment that abhi has reached on this conclusion that whatever happened in lawyer’s office last night, it is related to him, tanu and pragya. And that’s why he purposely has taken sudden decision of marriage with tanu very soon in just next day. So I think this is the purpose of abhi that he thought to find out the actual reason of that truth which is everybody hiding from him. So pragya’s this step of stopping tabhi’s marriage will give strength to abhi’s doubt that truth is related to tanu and there is some big truth about tanu, in which everybody is involved means knows but hiding it from him becoz of some reason and that’s why pragya has stopped this wedding. So I think after this wedding sequence, like pragya, abhi also will get start working on finding the truth between tanu and pragya. Other side, pragya also will continue on her work to expose tanu and as usual tanu will also try to find the ways to save herself and completion of her mission to getting married with abhi. So from here, race will get start between abhi, pragya and tanu and it will left to see who will get the chance to win. Definetly tanu will lose in any situation but it is left to see that who will defeat her? Pragya or abhi? Pragya and abhi both have a very strong and clear way of getting proof against tanu that is cctv footage if lawyer’s office, where wverything must b recorded including tanu’s truth which she herself confess from her own mouth about her, nikhil and aaliya. Let’s see if cvs will use it or not? If yes then who will get it first? Pragya or abhi? But this is for sure that if abhi will find out the truth then he will not only get mad only on tanu, nikhil and aaliya even he will get upset with pragya, dadi, purab, rachna, akaash also for hiding truth from him even after giving g so much chances by him to tell him the truth.

    1. right…. now also it only makes us thnk more between abhi and pragya….. so i feel if the exposure is happening in mehra house itself it ll be good and i thnk obviously there only exposure will take place… and i was shocked whn i read the partial segment that prgya is going to expose …. but aftr seeing the full details.. again my confidence is built on abhi…. and shobana now also its not clear that prgya is the who is going to expose tanu…. so i thnk we should not close it now…. it continues…. i will go wd abhi….

    2. I totally agree with you prathiksha
      Since abhi starts to think that the whole family is hiding something from him. He will definitely try to find out the truth. At the same time pragya too won’t give up and she will fight against tanu to save her kumkum.
      And again we need some patience for tanu exposure.

      And ya gowtham since exposure is not going to take place now we can’t decide anything right now.
      Pragya in the interview said that the fight between tanu and pragya will continue which clearly says now there is no exposure and aft this defeat tanu will again fight against pragya.

      What I think is this tanu again should not steal pragya proof and the same hide and seek game should not continue. Because the cvs are expert in repeating the scenes. As of now we have to wait and watch the show . This week fully we can see tanu’s defeat.

  6. Guys everyone thinking is so clever. But I think this much effort will not be taken by the CVS. Because every time they are doing something new which we don’t expect. For eg. We thought Pragya will do the promise and let the marriage going to happen. But the CVS made twist on that by making abhi to arrive on that place. There they kept another secret that who informs Abhi???? They also brings twist on that. I think someone is helping Abhi. As everyone said Abhi is in suspicion. Anything can happen now.!!!!!

  7. Tanu could exchange garlands only with Abhis dupe and not with abhi. The real fate is also against Tanus dream which took Abhi to Canada during the wedding shoot. Rockstar rocked yesterday. Hope Mrs Rockstar rocks on wedding day. Enjoy friends

    1. super ani..! 😀 tats 100% crct.. she dnt even hav a chanc to xchange garlands wit real abhi.. badluck fr hr.. n hr defeat strts ryt here

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