Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Tanu not to send Purab and Akash to jail. Tanu asks Pragya to bend infront of her and apologize/ begs infront of her. Purab and Akash ask her not to apologize to Tanu. Pragya folds her hands and request her not to send them to jail. Tanu says your plea haven’t melted me, and says I have a condition. Pragya says I accept. Tanu says you have to let me marry Abhi without any hurdle, and shall never tell Abhi that I am carrying Nikhil’s child, and Aaliya and Nikhil are with me. Aaliya smirks. Nikhil thinks Tanu is smarter. Aaliya thinks Tanu has become smart because of her. Abhi worries for Tanu and thinks if they are at same place. He gets a call and goes. Dadi and Rachna worry. Purab asks Pragya not to bend down infront of Tanu and never to accept her conditions.

He says if Bulbul would had been alive, then she would never let you accept her conditions. Just then Pragya gets Dadi’s call, and she disconnects the call. Dadi says we shall go there. Tanu gives 5 mins time to Pragya and asks her to think about her life or their life. Purab asks Nikhil to stop Tanu.

Nikhil says I want to help you, but you said that I am not your friend. Just then Police comes. Purab and Akash ask Pragya not to agree. Tanu smirks and says time is up. Inspector comes inside and says you both are arrested for trying to steal the papers. Pragya says no, and is about to take promise that she will let her marry, just then Abhi comes and asks what happened? Tanu thinks Pragya must have informed him. Abhi tells Inspector that he want to talk to Purab and Akash for 2 mins. Lawyer asks them to let him talk to them. Abhi asks what they want to steal? Pragya gets worried. Abhi asks Nikhil what is he doing here? Nikhil makes excuses. Abhi asks Pragya. Pragya says I got a call and came here. Abhi says you would have woken me up and asks what is she hiding? He asks Tanu, what is she doing here? She asks you said that you went to have icecream. Tanu says Aaliya…icecream. Abhi says someone say that something was going on here. He tells Purab and Akash, that you both can’t steal anything. Purab and Akash ask each other to tell. Abhi asks Nikhil to say. Nikhil says I got a call and was shocked seeing them here. Abhi asks him to stop the crap.

Inspector says 5 mins is over. He is about to arrest Purab and Akash. Abhi says I want to see those papers which they want to steal. He reads the papers and says who gave the right to give 30 percent of my shares to Nikhil. He asks Inspector to arrest Nikhil and lawyer, and says Purab and Akash have indeed tried to save him. Lawyer argues. Abhi says there was a conspiracy against me in this office, and Purab and Akash have saved me. He calls commissioner and talks to him. Commissioner talks to Inspector. Inspector says I will sort out in 2 mins. He frees Purab and Akash and asks Jhunjhunwala to come to Police station and gives statement. Abhi tells Nikhil that he will talk to him later. Abhi says Tanu and Pragya that you both have hidden the truth from me and says he will talk to them at home. He asks Lawyer, who give him authority to represent him, and says someone is involved with you. Abhi asks Purab why he didn’t tell him. Purab says I tried informing you, but pillow….Abhi recalls and says okay. Dadi reaches there and says she got a call. Abhi says it is sure that you people have hiding something from me and says he will find out for sure.

Abhi, Pragya and Dadi are in the car. Dadi asks Abhi to drive carefully. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says I know that lawyer is a big divorce lawyer. Nikhil threatens Aaliya that if he don’t get anything then he will inform everything to Abhi. Aaliya asks him to keep his tone low, and says if I tell Bhai about your dreams then you couldn’t be on any post. Nikhil thinks time will tell this.

Abhi tells Tanu that he don’t want his baby to live without his dad and that’s why he will marry her tomorrow itself. Aaliya and Tanu are happy. Abhi asks Pragya who called her there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Juz a crap man wat is this i hate wat is gng in present kkb.there are many thing gng in my mind that i cant say in this cmnt page???

  2. sheetha

    Now i strongly feel that abhi will expose tanu.. Aftrr so many days..tdy our rockstar is back with his attitude.. And. When tanu asks about marriage he immediately agreed with out any feeling… There is something behind that.. And who called abhi there ???

  3. Divya chandru

    Omg I was shocked when abhi came into spot , abhi u r have rocked today s episode superb

  4. Abhi Shek

    abhi must have some game plan because this is the way he bring out truth I think raj called abhi and told the whole truth abhi himself will expose tanu I think so if it happens like that then it would be the blockbuster episode of this serial come on rockstar bang on

  5. Sharada

    ??looks like abhi is onto the truth…..guys I think abhi will reveal the truth himself wen he is trying to act like he is ok to marry tanu….he is suspicious now def….?way say guys? Prathiksham reji….all of u?

  6. priyaraj

    Good tonights episode was good atleast abhi came to know something at d same time a good twist happened instead of divorce papers shares papers came. So purab n akash got saved.

  7. Sharada

    I totally enjoyed abhi s entry today…..was a surprise actually…..it’s gonna end tanu nonsense preg track like mms track…..

  8. susila

    Eagerly waiting for end of tanus track. I hope gowtham abhi will be the saviour of Pragya. The game may be started by dadi but for sure abhi will end it . Tanu u gonna get caught let her get a bada punishment from abhi.

  9. Asha

    Hi all… I’m from Tamilnadu… Today’s Written updates seems to be interesting… But couldn’t watch it, past 2 days Zee tv not working… Contacted cable operator he said cable gonna undertake by dish tv,so until that zee tv ll not work,it ll take nearly a month, so dont know what to do… Anyone having this problem?

  10. Mittenzz

    Nice, so the table turns so quickly. Nikhil and lawyer get arrested instead. What I can’t understand is why these people still hiding what they know from Abhi. He’s not a child that he can’t manage the news of these conspiracies. For God’s sake let the man in on it. Why would he believe them all if they all come out with the truth. It would be eight against three. You’ve all witnessed their duplicity. If Abhi fails to believe then the consequences would fall on him only, he cannot say he wasn’t warned. Tell what is going on. He believes he’s doing right for a child that’s not his.
    Can’t wait his reaction when the truths finally out.

  11. shabana.

    draging but precap was nice tommrowo was marriage means its time to end the track of tanu…..soon revele the tanus drama soon..thank god that abhi came in correct time to save purab and akaash please get back our abhigya soon….

  12. Mittenzz

    Nice, so the table turns so quickly. Nikhil and lawyer get arrested instead. What I can’t understand is why these people still hiding what they know from Abhi. He’s not a child that he can’t manage the news of these conspiracies. For God’s sake let the man in on it. Why wouldn’t he believe them all if they all come out with the truth. It would be eight against three. You’ve all witnessed their duplicity. If Abhi fails to believe then the consequences would fall on him only, he cannot say he wasn’t warned. Tell what is going on. He believes he’s doing right for a child that’s not his.
    Can’t wait his reaction when the truths finally out.

  13. Sangeetha

    What?? Abhi going to marry Tanu tomorrow haha i think the writers are mad what a story yarrrrr… I am becoming while seeing this…. ?????

    • Reji

      Sharda now the guesses r going opposite but I enjoyed the episode …abhi’s entry was surprising. .

  14. Sangeetha

    Iam becoming mad while seeing this…. Such a nonsence show…. How they are going 2 end Tanus drama.????

  15. Brintha

    sooooper damaka episode…. time to have a party guys… no one cud guess 30 % share nikhil was trying… oh my roller coast twist… i felt like i was in some theme park enjoying the thrilling rides… and who called abhi… and tomorrow abhi only arranging marriage… which means exposure is on shubh din Wednesday…. Wednesday i am going to prepare hot briyani… and enjoy after the episode.. i want congratulate our kumkum bhagya freinds… this week is our week… so let us all join… hip hip hurray….. ???

    • shobana

      We must not over react on any situation in kkb because at any time the cvs will change the plate. So it will be better if you prepare biriyani aft tanu exposure because if u prepare biriyani and if tanu didn’t get exposed on that particular day u don’t like to eat it. That’s why

      • Brintha

        ur right shobana.. we can’t expect what will happen.. and we can’t guess.. also.. so i postponed my biriyani treat on sundat?

  16. Brintha

    And yesterday tanu’s one more boyfriend got exposed here in the comments…he left medical seat opportunity also for super model tanu…. he is none other than our naughty Gowtham… ???

    • gowtham

      ha ha…. proud to say m a fan of leena b…. ? your comment awesome brintha… left medical seat fr tanu…. ha ha ha to d core…. i thnk in yr personal lif also u have this much sense of humour….??

  17. Sharada

    Hey reji….u r in 12th? Wanna bcom a doc? Sooper yaar. U kmow wat u can bcom a dr n go into teaching n academics like me….all the best. Aishwarya u too….Ella nalla padinga….

  18. Sahithi

    Okay so it has become habit for writers to give few good episodes n then throw one worse when unexpected. So after the disaster of Saturday, a too good one today.

    But again leaving so many open threads, some one called Abhi which they intentionally left for our guess. And looks like Abhi had some clue of what was happening around, so he seems to have cleverly handled situation but later getting the divorce lawyer topic with Pragya. Also, he was getting hyper on Nikhil which was increasing doubt.

    Overall the writers finally returned Abhi his brain for now, let us see till when they will let us feel happy about it.

    Two suspects – one could be Raj who told everything to Abhi and called Abhi from lawyer’s office , but today first time I got doubt on Aaliya as she was not in room. And to gain Abhi’s trust must have called him, as she was not shown in front of Abhi n he also didn’t ask for her.

    Abhi was driving back with Pragya n Daadi only, which is also giving more doubts. But this one epi, I will watch repeatedly just for Abhi n only Abhi.

    Anyways, they r building interest for later epi, but as we know one epi suddenly they will spoil our mood again.

    • Sahithi

      Did Abhi ask someone to follow Pragya who informed him about lawyers office location. I think may be after Pragya reaction to divorce itself, Abhi became detective. Or after Pragya sign on papers n seeing her reaction when drunk, he signed the papers to let Tanu carrying on to trap her. I mean he started his plan then itself by signing those papers.

      In that divorce papers processing, again doubt points to Aaliya as she was with Tanu n when Nikhil wanted favors from Tanu before marriage.

      Now doubt points to Pragya also, as she must have planned this with Purab n intentionally get them caught.

      In precap Abhi wants to get married next day itself, that hurry also seems like someone plan to trap Tanu by giving her hope that marriage is happening quickly, without Tanu getting doubt.

      Or weirdest thought if Abhi n Pragya r both involved n if it is joint plan. Quiet possible, to shock Tanu.

      Whichever way, can’t wait for all episodes this week, till Tanu’s truth is out.

    • Sahithi

      It is giving doubt today that may be Abhi knew everything all thru, don’t know I am getting so many thoughts n guesses, these writers just kept everyone on edge of seats today 🙂

      • NJoy (Surprised)

        Sahithi even if we decide to leave kkb after lot of patience this senseless writter know how to get us back. Enjoy upcoming twist and turns without expectations.

  19. Nithi

    I m strongly believe Abhi knows dcsecret now..n he is d one goingto expose tanu.
    Today I thought to skip first half…after Abhi entering I got so eager to watch. ..I enjoyed to see tanu n nikhil face tat time….good going Rockstar:)

  20. Super episode, out if expectations. Got so much to watch but some questions remained left in our minds. Like abhi’s entry on the exact time was totally unexpectated and surprising but the question is who called him? And why lawyer showed nikhil’s agreement paper instead of divorce papers to abhi? Where divorce papers had gone? These r some questions which r unanswered. But abhi has stole today’s show by making heroic entry as a savior of pragya again. Evils face were worth watching. When abhi was asking from everyone about the matter, it was mixture of fun and seriousness. And last scene of nikhil and aaliya was again gud. Gud to see evils as doing fight with each other. In precap, tanu is again manipulating abhi for marriage. Divorce couldn’t happen so soon but I think aaliya suggested tanu to make abhi for marriage by saying that divorce will get happen in anytime soon so they should married now. And abhi got ready, don’t know why I felt that something fishy in abhi and he did whatever today, there is something behind it too and behind to getting ready for marriage. Anyways gud to see abhi in working mode with suspicion. Hope we will get it’s result also soon.

  21. Jayakumarisuresh

    Gowtham story goes as per your desire. Rockstar abi is back in full form…. Really enjoyed todays episode after so many months. I love abhi the way he enquired all. I was very happy by seeing thanu n nikhils face during abhis visit. Good luck kkb viewers. We all will get relieved from thanus drama….hopefully soon…

    • gowtham

      yes yes…. wat an episode…. did u notice abhis anger towards nikhil?? i enjoyed that moment to d core?? juz thnk during hw takils reaction will be and mainly hw abhis reaction will be??? eagerly waiting ….. i hope u too waiting fr that great moment….

      • Aishwarya

        But gowtham namma expectations panna mudiydu idu epdi sonna neenga kutty padam pathrukeengala adula dhanush solvare love nenaikum bodu kedaikadu nenaikada podu kedaichirum andha madiri dan abhi yum namma nenaikumbodu onnum panna matan namma nenaikada podu pannuvan inniku episode la panna madiri but today he was full n full stole d epi but who called abhi n what he is upto idukellam ans namaku episodes la dan kedaikum

  22. Poorna

    I have a strong feeling tat abhi have a very strong doubt or he may over heard d conversation. Tats y he himself telling to tanu tat he wil marry her tomo. I have a feelin tat abhi s up to something. And i am really glad tat our perfect pragya didnt promise anythin otherwise dey would have extend dis crap for more years by tellin bt i promised dis tat nu…:-[ I have big doubt hw come abhi, dadi rachna every one knows tat place to reach der correctly…=-OPurab was supposed to steal divorce paper na??? hw come.it changed in to 30 percent nikhil share paper???!@_@ i feel like tat i missed some thing to read in updates or i missed some scenes or ekta mam is so confused n showing al dis illogical things:-[=-O@_@ Ready to accept al non sense , illogical scenes if dis pregnancy track s going to over… I want some strong treatment for dis overacting villi tanu, from abhi…. Irritating character… o_Oo_O

  23. Wendy

    wow! wonderful epi today.. really enjoyed reading and watching it … if he would have found the secret in today’s epi it would be more super.. but i know it will not happen that fast.. Guys all your frustrations comments reached the director ears I Guess.. hope he should end this track fast by tis week with finger crossed

  24. gowtham

    fowziya… yr guess is right?… i am a huge fan of leena…. tanus costumea awesome… tanus voice splendid… her reaction as a antagonist too good….. she s a perfect example of hw to irritate people… and at most i love her cooking style…. i am really a huge fan…. i dnt knw if she was a protagonist, i would have not been like this much… since she is taking this role.. sge fully and thoroughly justified it… makes everyone irritated which itself a great achievement fr her acting skills…. so m not feeling to say m a huge fan of leena… ??anyone disagree?? anyone wanna scold me?? dnt wry m ready to hear??

    • shobana

      Same pinch gowtham
      I like Leena very much not seeing her in kkb. Right from punar vivah. In punar vivah its she has done a great job.

    • Fowziya

      I espy that haha, so my guess was correct! I agree with u Gowtham her dressing sence is quite good n even shez cunning..but seriously her voice ? Omg
      Such an irrirating voice yaar..n somehow as u said this caractere as a antogonist suits her, i would not see her on screen as a protagonist ?
      Anddd ya Shobbb i too like Leena not seeing her in KKB, n even her role Mala in Kairi was not bad.. ?

      • gowtham

        actually fowziya…i didnt c her in other serials… coz other than kumkumbhagya i dnt watch anythng…. juz ll be in touch wd some of the serilas…. but not often i see those… but kkb is the only serial that m being in touch with….. but i have to say i love the way of tanus everything…whn abhigya doing romance, and that time tanus reaction will be good… her speech at that time ll be good too… though she is a irritating villain, i like her performance….. especially dress….

  25. Mittenzz

    It’s good that Pragya did not get the chance to agree to Tanu’s term. That belittling had gone too far. Now Pragya is free to stop the wedding as planned.

  26. Rishma

    Bullshit… Pragya and gang were supposed to blurt out the truth right there. Abhi knew something was wrong.
    Pragya and gang just acted a very very dumb part

  27. zia

    We are sooooooooooo freakkiinngg tired of the same stupid idiotic melodrama- I mean how nany tymz r we supposed to watch the damn thing repeated again n again I mean even we r tired…. plz show us show mercy on us!! Wen will Abhi know that the baby is not his??On his death bed!! ugh…. its a tym waste …. n I dunno y im wasting my tym even trying to make u ppl understand.:( 🙁

  28. Leila

    Let him marry tanu n find Wat in store for him because pragya is trying her best n not getting anywhere

  29. sania

    Superb precap writers have shown such new thing I m really shocked ;( an agr is ko tanu se shadi karni hai to kar le agr ab is ne shadi na ki tanu se to main khid in ke phere karwao gi
    Dumbest writers
    Stupid drama hate ; it why pragya cannot show any proof against her

  30. Ekta mittal

    The worst serial is this…only u guys are dragging this serial..i really dont wana see that tanu n aliya n nikhil now…why r u guving so fottage to that stupid tanu……now finish every drama..u have list a lot of fan of urs due to this dragging

  31. Naveen

    Abhi came to Layer. Office it surprised for everyone today who will stop abhi and tanu marriage and who told the abhi truth now when tanu chapter close now

  32. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Aaagggg man they stil going on tanu/nikhil/abhi….bullshit….dnt need to read still at same spot 2/3mths ago….pragya u banging ur head walk out abhi grow up writer end tis krappy bullshit

  33. NJoy (Surprised)

    Good episode with surprises and unexpected turns after a very long time. Ithukuthan epyavathu yosikura oru rockstar venum. Hope they let us enjoy kkb this week fully without dragging and upsetting episodes.

  34. shobana

    Abhi has agreed for marriage which means something is going on in his mind and without divorce how marriage will happen???? From did the 30% share on abhi’s profit for Nikhil’s document comes ???? Where are the divorce paper????
    Why abhi didn’t let the police to arrest Nikhil and lawyer????
    He knows pretty well that lawyer will be handling divorce cases, didn’t abhi think that how his 30% share document comes to divorce lawyer???

    One thing comes to my mind it will purab and Aakash changed the divorce paper to 30% share document
    because in that cabin only purab and Aakash was there.

    I think abhi has agreed for marriage to bring the truth out
    Today’s episodes whole credit goes to one and only abhi the rock star. What an entry he gave.

    • shobana

      One more thing abhi stopped pragya from promising which means now also she can fight back for her kumkum. Now also she can expose tanu.Will she???

      • Brintha

        shobana i don’t think aalia helps abhi.. because aalia wants the power to rule ppl.. she wants slaves.. so tanu marrying abhi.. tanu will be under aalia control and she will become a slave… if she has changed she wud not hv given powerful proof of pragya, ronnie, rachana talk in the night at the garden…. through aalia only tanu got alert and became more strong against pragya…

    • gowtham

      shobana tell me wat if lawyer himself helps abhi???? abhi must have seen the lawyer before to help him in this case and to expose tanu…. and wat if lwayer only calls abhi….. and if lawyer himself changed the papers….. m saying all if conditions….. so wat u thnk?? and others also wat u thnk guys…..

      • shobana

        Gowtham lawyer can’t call abhi because the moment abhi got the call, lawyer was inside the cabin so he can not call abhi.

        I doubt on purab and Aakash for exchange of papers.
        If lawyer helps abhi, why abhi showed his anger towards lawyer??? Why lawyer was silent??? he could’ve told abhi about everything
        And when this deal ( 30% share on abhi’s concert) happened????
        Suddenly from where did this paper came????
        I think this is all purab work because of that only he was telling pragya not ask sorry to tanu or else alia she didn’t even entered inside the cabin. I have doubt on alia from the very beginning . As sahithi said to get abhi trust she could have called abhi.

    • Fowziya

      Shob ur points are correct yaar, but i think these things ll b cleared the day when Tanu ll be exposed ? N ya Abhi agreed for mariage to bring out the truth so lets see wat happen next! ☺

    • Sahithi

      Gowtham, on second thoughts, what if all this is Pragya’s plan, she has more money to buy the lawyer than Aaliya or Tanu. She already told Tanu that she will also cheat her same way as she cheated for getting sign on divorce papers.

      May be Pragya only arranged someone to call Abhi at right time, instead of taking him along like the last time she did in police station. Because when she took Abhi along, Tanu n Nikhil found out a way to escape. So this time she might have gone alone, so that by the time Abhi reaches, Tanu n Nikhil wont be alert. May be even Pragya’s driver can call Abhi n give the location, because Pragya came with her driver right.

      And Tanu in her stupidity told the whole story yday while telling Pragya her conditions. She told about baby, involvement of Aaliya also in this plan. If there is a CC camera in the lawyer room, then Tanu’s confession is well recorded. May be Pragya will this time let Tanu think that marriage is happening and when she is very much careless, strike her right in front, like the way Aaliya was exposed.

    • Shaz

      I think abhi has started his game with someone. May be it is bulbul or raj… After d temple visit he got his fuggy & I think he also got to know about the pregnancy truth. So his game’s first step is yesterday’s episode. I think he changed the papers. And also he knew that dadi is with pragya. Bcoz I got the doubt from the way he questioned dadi in lawyer’s office and the way he watch pragya and dadi in d car.

  35. so abhi started to open his eyes which was so far closed by tanu’sentimental talk.so finally abhi has a chance to prove himself as a true lover to pragya.

  36. I have had enough of this serial this storyline is going no where and all the writers doing is dragging this storyline to who knows where any way it is just not interesting anymore so I am packing up this one also are you happy now writers

  37. Mittenzz

    Something tells me that Abhi found out what’s going on but he wants the ones he trust to tell him exactly to his face. He knows they are protecting him from something or someone. Pragya said something to him about one taking advantage of another in drunken state andvhe responded ” what about one taking advantage of another not in drunken state?” Even the question about family member in cahoots with lawyer.
    I think the reason why Abhi is pushing for the wedding this quickly is because he’s tired of the games around him. He’s letting Tanu’s and Alyia belief he’s playing into their hands. I think he wants to even figure out which of the family members will stop the wedding or if they will let him follow through and make the biggest mistake of his life. His actions of late is for them to tell him what he might’ve already found out.

  38. Fan

    Am I the only one who cracked up every timeAbhi interrogated Nikhil and then told him to shut up ??. Only part of this episode worth seeing, sadly…rest of it is stalling and dragging

  39. navi

    tis episode s nt so bad.. bt dadi came thr knw so aaliya nikhil n tank may gt to knw tat she s helpin hr if they thnk logically.. n I’m very sure tat abhi s up to smethn.. the cal s our clue.. who called him..?!!! n while he ws asking evry1 nikhil ws dng actions n ws trying to say smethn to tanu.. abhi saw tat bt he dnt question abt it at al.. he wantedky ignored I thnk.. I thnk it ll b abhi to xpose.. abhi gt doubt in dadi too nw.. let’s c.. if tmrw s the mrge thn by end of tis week truth ll b revealed..

  40. karthika

    hey guys same problem 4 me also …zee v isn’t working…abhi is upto something…after a long while this tanu track is gonna end.hi ,frnds how r u guys?????i hav posted my epi-16.i hope u’ll read it…

  41. Reji

    Guys sorry for the late comment. ..actually yesterday itself I was not feeling well …so now I am better. ..and yesterday episode was out of my thoughts actually navi gave one spoiler that abhi will come there and tanu will be exposed…bur half is crt abhi came there but tanu is not exposed…so as shobana said abhi is upto something he is agreeing to marry tanu with some plan….so only he is asking pragya how u came there?? Again and again. ..but my doubt is guys how abhi came there?? Who said to him? ? It can’t be a co incidence. ..somebody informed him…tanu thought it is pragya ….but pragya didn’t. ..do u have any guesses guys. ..??

  42. Fowziya

    Well today’s episode was reasonably good, the man of the day was our ABHI ? really glad to sim him back in action after so many time.. n as we all said something looks suspicious behind his sudden change over, it seems like he knew the whole truth already, and that person who called Abhi it might b Raj or Aliya, so this point is unclear till now?
    So i hope Abhi will b the old RockStar? till the end coz with this CVS we cannot expect that this happiness will keep-on, coz at any time they can afflict us with their twists n turns lol ?
    N Abhi’s sudden desicion to marry Tanu also seems fishy, am sure he has a plan behind all these stuffs.. so lets see ☺

    • shobana

      Ya fowzi I also doubt raj he is been again invisible maybe he might have told everything and it will be shown while exposure or what if raj has become a detective for abhi and he might have called abhi to reach lawyer office????

  43. Reji

    And gowtham this time abhi rocked ….tanu and nikhils face was shattered. ..nikhil can’t say a word he is stammering ….but abhi shouted BAKWAS BANDH KARO …nikhil got scared ….so this time abhi rocked …..and who made that another share papers that abhi should give 30% commision to nikhil in all his property. ..so this also nikhil arranged ..secretly. .

  44. Reji

    And tamil guys all watched IM abhi is going to move out of MM…and this tanu he does not want abhi ….only his property. .
    So only she challenged that she will go to court …and get all abhi’s property back…ph god!!! We have to wait and watch. .

    • gowtham

      reji… yesterday i missed IM i was reaching home at 8.30 only so couldn’t watch that…. wat happened nu solu…. and thank god i didnt miss the beautiful episode of kkb…. and like u said whn abhi says bakwas bandh karo i was really happy and my mom too…… who would have called abhi??and my weird guess is lawyer himself called.. abhi…. juz my guess….

    • Fowziya

      And Reji IIM i hv watched only the half part.. what was the speech between Tanu n Aliya ? I didnt watched that part ma

    • sheetha

      S reji and tamil la tanu thitu vangarathu pakka semaya erunthuchu… indu dasi tanu va thitrathu semaya erunthuchu… today abigya hug scence

  45. karthika

    A expected twist in the story…abhi says that i know u all r hiding sonethng i ll find it…tanu oda kalyanam mattum nikkadhu tanu oum expose aidunu nenakuren…ana endha episode aga ivalavu naal wait panneno..adha visual ah parkamudiyale nu varuthama iruku frnds..i hope eppiyavadhu zee tv thirubi sari aidunum…..apparam reji how do u feel now??feeling better…take care of ur health my frnd….

  46. jangsim

    Serial is going to end why can’t u unit abhi & pragya. this is very ridiculous plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give a happy ending. make tanu to go to jail for her lie and fraud.

  47. Guys as we knows that yesterday everything happened gud but some answers were left unanswered. So let’s try to find out the answers by discussion before today’s episode’s telecasting.
    1: Who informed abhi by calling him?
    Ans: could b raaj or lawyer or someother person from abhi’s friend circle.
    2: Why lawyer showed to abhi nikhil’s agreement papers regarding his part in abhi’s business and money instead if divorce papers?
    And: May b lawyer is in abhi’s side or may b divorce papers vanished from there and lawyer found nikhil’s papers on his desk that’s what he showed it to abhi or may b it is raaj who made contact with lawyer, took divorce papers from him and gave him instruction to show nikhil’s agreement papers if police or someone else will demand to show.
    3: Does abhi knows anything?
    Ans: Looks like he knows something but not whole thing. By all the passing events from last night and after reaching at the lawyer’s office, it seems like abhi got suspicious that taaliya, nikhil and pragya, purab, dadi, rachna and akaash everybody is hiding something from him. But what it is he don’t know exactly but seems like he is connecting all this from his divorce with pragya and his marriage with tanu. Means he is doubting that something is related to him, tanu and pragya which is hidden and everybody trying to hide it.
    4: How much abhi had doubt on nikhil?
    Ans: After seeing the agreement papers of nikhil’s deal, now abhi got clear view that nikhil is trying to take advantage of his wealth and fame for earn more and more money and someone has given him this assurance to fulfill the demand of nikhil’s deal’s but from his house. Abhi knows pragya and nikhil can’t contect each other and pragya couldn’t do this type of deal with nikhil and purab also told him that they had came to tell about this to pragya di but they were busy in pillow fight. And akaash has came to steal that deal’s papers to save him, according to abhi. So they also couldn’t involve with nikhil. Now only two peoples lefts which is aaliya and tanu. Aaliya was hidden but tanu was present and abhi knows that aaliya can’t help nikhil in his deal as she is not a part if abhi’s wealth and his life anymore. Abhi gave her permission to stay in the house becoz she saved tanu and git injured. That’s it. So now only one person is left which is one and only tanu. Abhi knows that nikhil is tanu’s friend too and after getting married with him, tanu will get that right and power to make nikhil’s demand and deal possible. So if abhi will carefully think then it will jit b difficult for him to find tanu’s involvement with nikhil and this that tanu is helping nikhil in this deal becoz of some big purpose. Abhi knows that the lawyer is a big lawyer of divorce cases and Nikhil told abhi that he knows the lawyer. Nikhil’s presence in that lawyers office among tanu, pragya, purab and akaash and aftee seeing the deal’s papers, it is not difficult to abhi to connect all the dots together and related it to him, tanu and pragya. May b he couldn’t understand whole matter but I think he got at least this much that whatever happened in lawyer’s office and whatever he saw, all those were related to his divorce with pragya and marriage with tanu.
    4: Did abhigya’s divorce happened?
    Ans: Not possible as papers still didn’t submitted to the court to proceed. That’s why purab and akaash came there to steal that papers amd taaliya and nikhil to catch them to save that papers. And if in any case papers got submitted then also it can’t proceed in just a day.
    4: Why tanu again forcing abhi to early marriage without the completion of divorce processor?
    Ans: May b aaliya suggested tanu to make abhi ready for marriage as soon as possible becoz pragya could do anything in anytime and nikhil also has gone in lose and threatning them to reveal their secrets so once tanu will get married with abhi, no one could do anything, not pragya, nor nikhil.
    5: What excuse tanu used to make abhi ready for marriage?
    Ans: Tanu might said it to abhi that divice papers have signed and divorce will get happen anytime after submitting the papers in the court, it can’t stop by anyone and after this no one can stop their marriage also so they should get married now for baby’s sake.
    6: Why abhi got ready for marriage even in next day?
    Ans: May b abhi got to know something or may b abhi got strong doubt that everything is related to tanu or his marriage with tanu, which tanu and pragya and everybody is hiding from him so he wants to bring truth out from everyone by taking this sudden decision of very soon marriage with tanu.
    Guys all these r some questions which were answered for me andi trie to fnd out the answers by my point of view and capacity of guessing. What’s the possible answers of all of u guys regarding these questions?

    • Guys one more thing have u noticed? Tanu blurted all her, nikhil’s and aaliya’s truth from her own mouth in lawyers office. At that time I felt why tanu is telling each and every wanted truth about herself and nikhil and aaliya? Did anyone listened it or recorded it? If not listen and recorded then also it must b recorded in CCTV footage of lawyer’s office. So if abhi will demand that footage from lawyer on the condition of saving him from the police then he will get to know all the truth and clear picture of everything.

    • karthika

      oh…pratiksha ur comment just boosted me up.now tanu’s exposure will happen for sure…after seeing all those fellows together , he comes to know that nikhil is trying to cheat him…now he finds something fishy and suspicious ..he thinks that something is going on…abhi suddenly took some drastic step that to marry tanu…he’s 100%percent upto something……becoz eventhough he finds suspicious,he decides to marry..this proves that our rockstar is going to rock something in the shaadi mandap..who knows may be he’ll find the truth of baby and pretends to marry tanu…and at end moment i think he’s going to marry pragya once again…..

    • razia

      Afta readn yua these questions n yua possible answers I strongly feel abhi is up to sumtng .. I dint watch the epdi yet bt vl watch by 12:30 btw tabhi marriage vl not happen fa sure na?

    • gowtham

      pratiksha i fully agree your 6th answer…. coz next day itself abhi asks to marry… so something is fishy…. and yeah through lawyer or someone presented in that lawyer room helped abhi fr sure…. and this weekend surly will give a clear view….. rockstar rockzzz…..

      • karthika

        hi gowtham..epidi irukureenga….by that way neega leena oda fan na…me too like her..i like shikha singh so much..her acting will be just mindblowing…..

    • sheetha

      u have given ans for all the questions which we have..i to have doubt on lawyer… i have a doubt .. did abhi heared anything becos abhi correctly entered when pragya was about to promise tanu..

    • razia

      I guess purab changed the papers tas y he asked pragya not to apologise tanu … N my strong doubt is wid Raj .. Only jus bfor two episodes mitali informed abt abhigya divorce n now abhi followed the whole family n came.to know nikhils conspiracy .. So the most possible person must b Raj

    • Prathiksha regarding lawyer & by his expression he himself don’t know about the document inside the file. I mean purab & akash would have exchanged the document instead of divorce paper they might have planned so that nikil will also got caught bcoz do u guys remember they brought a bag akash was hold it.

    • Shaz

      Very nice comment. You have cleared my doubts. Thank u. But I have one more doubt. Did abhi get to know that dadi is in pragya’s side???

    • Sahithi

      Guys I still feel all this could as well be Pragya’s plan. Watching yday’s episode was bit confusing as to who is behind this, but I am feeling it could be Pragya also, as she warned Tanu that she will defeat her using her same cheating tricks.

  48. karthika

    hey all frnds..i’m really happppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy now…..enga vettula zee tv ippo dhan sari achu..modha vezhlaiya murugan ta thanq sollitu…unga ellartaiyum share panniren frnds….i’m really happy frnds….ippo dhan feel pannitu irudhen kkb oda indha phase ah visual ah parka mudiyale nu ana ippo parka poren frnds..past some days ah veh feel pannitu irudhen….finally vandhuruchu frnds…….i’m realy happppppyyyy.ungala vitta vera yaruta share pannuve..u guys r very special to meeee……

    • gowtham

      karthika… njoy but u missed yesterday’s episode… so epdiyathu see that… today retelecast poduvanga… do watch and share yr views…. and surly abhi is upto something..juz see and share yr views

    • sheetha

      happiiieee for u karthika… yesterday epi today parunga… abhi’s attitude was superb… our rockstar is back….

      • karthika

        ya sheetha..kandiipaa parpen….ivalo naa abhigya parkama i hav became insane….innaki kandipaa parpen….

  49. davy John

    Dai katha elutha therila na engayavathu poi thoongunga da. Vanthutainga katha elutha. Antha ekta kapoor namala evlo muttalnu ninachuruntha ippa kevalama serial eduthu sambathikalamnu vali kandu pidichurupa. Ithula nadikuravanga kandipa valid story ku nadikanumu ninachuraka matanga pola. Aana hindi serials la mattum negative sucess niraya irukum long lasting ah. Aadiku oru thadava ammabaasaiku oru thadava nu nalla sceneslam kaatitu apporam fulla ah shits ah kaatirathu kevalamana polapa therila ivangaluku???.

  50. Guys today’s rocjmking segment’s highlights: All mehras is attending tabhi’s marriage at temple.Pragya stops tabhi’s wedding and gets tanu’s arrested by cops.
    Tabhi is taking pheras.
    Pragya removed the ghatbandan..

    Dadi and dassi along with P…

    Pragya has proofs and brough cops with her.
    T ties to slap P and p holds her hand..

    • karthika

      thanq pratiksha for ur segment update.wow pragya brought cops….i think tanu ki band bajne wali hain….surely their marriage will not happen…but i think so abhi might have also involved this drastic plan of pragya…guys what do u all think???

    • navi

      such a fantastic news..!! s tis true or js dream of sme1.. I wish tis s real n truth should b exposed.. bt wasn’t it the rock star to expose tat vamp..? 🙁 I thought it would b abhi to expose hr n slap hr hard.. cvs has used abhi chrctr as a doll here without any use n grey matter.. anyways happy tat she gt arrested.. bt wt proofs were tat.? pregnancy truth or sme othr thng lik cheating properties or wt.? pregnancy truth revelation means I ll b happy.. if tis s js to stop the wedding thn I ll quit watchin tis show

      • gowtham

        shobana i am shocked really… but now also i thnk abhi might be involved… i am in shock now… but happy gr the exposure

      • shobana

        Lets see the episode gowtham then only we will get to know fully. What has happened? Who are all involved in it ?
        So our unanswered questions will be answered in few days

    • Aishwarya

      Prathiksha cops mean what n what was abhi reaction when pragya stops the marriagen our expectations gone he should only exposed her

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Happy now tanu nonsense drama is ended.. One thing have anyone seen polimer new show promo it gonna replace mouna ragam.. Backwas polimer has problem with zee so they get old show from Sony and make all as cry…

      • gowtham

        yeah… naan parthen…. it was telecasted in the year 2005 total episodes 331… fb la parthen….

      • Fowziya

        What Ranaji ?
        Mouna Ragam gonna end ah ? It was my favourite one ? but Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar was telecasted in Sony not Zee tv …

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Sure but after 17th may becoz that time I have thiruvizha in native place so I have decided to break 30there and 20 in other place.. I forgot to tell u that I have reduced my burden becoz track got extended and my deal with God had got less..

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Guys I got one news that polimer does not had any contract problem. Actually I assume.. Zee TV has telecasted holi spl,Deva sree Ganesha and Maha epi bla bla of kkb right? So polimer would have told that we will not telecast. It.. Or sponsors problem… I am sure it is not sponsor becoz polimer will not get such nonsense old show from Sony.. At least they can get ishq ka rang safed or ek tha raja ek thi rani.. Polimer has one best show only that is urave uyire and others.. Ukp is already hit.. Mouna ragam also.. New show 7.30????it is not colourful it is like black and white film. Guys and en kanmani will be bad after Raghav and pakhi..marriage.. Kalyana kanavugal?????moondru mudichu.. Worst show.. I have watched all epi from mausiji track to ghosts I hated it..

  51. Sahithi

    Prathiksha, it’s finally Pragya only right. Read my comment to Gowtham why I think Pragya is the mastermind.

    • gowtham

      whats this… i am really shocked with the segment…. so aftr all this time its prgaya only…. so pratiksha shobana sahithi u guys are correct…. but still i thnk abhi ll also be involved in this….

  52. Aishwarya

    Guyzz u were noticed one thing that insegment abhi is not opened his after pragya arrived there i think that is not abhi may be its my assumption becoz if it was abhi then pragya arrived there n releaved the knot abhi was not dng anything if it was abhi then he will defenitely get anger or shock n opened his to talk

  53. gowtham

    pratiksha sahithi and guys tell mr clearly… frm thr segment, only marriage is stopped?? or tanu is exposed also???

    • Sahithi

      We have to wait for other segments for that, but as per the one I posted above, it shows only that Abhi Tanu r taking pheras n before it is completed Pragya comes n stops marriage. More details not shown in this video. We will have more details in next 30 mins.

  54. Nandu

    Yet divorce is nt happened ..I think to stop marriage pragya may get abhi arrested…so …fr stopping her marraige tanu raised hand to slap pragya.

    • Sahithi

      Pragya will never get Abhi arrested, even when Vijay took his name, she let go off Vijay also for Abhi’s sake. Same way yday she was okay to leave Abhi for Purab n Akash sake.

      • Nandu

        Exposure is nt gonna happen I think..Sahithi…but something v r missing…even in pics v can raj standing there …may B raj had given any idea to pragya..r…I think that camera tanu had fxd in her room during roniee devil track..may B pragya got dat in hand…o my god..hope segmnt clears doubts..

  55. razia

    At least sumtng happens instead nothing .. Atleas they’re not dragging .. Bt the question s tanu baby’s truth is out or the arrest is fa tanu helping nikhil or sumtng like tanu kidnapped sarla ? Fa wt reason she’s getn arrested .. Obviously she might getn arrested fa either kidnapping sarla or gelpn nikhil in 30% shares matter .. Bt the thing is she exposed fa evrytng she did? Especially baby’s truth

    • Wendy

      You assumption is right … I just heard that Tanu getting arrested for sarla kidnaping case and still this pregnancy truth is not open yet ..:( I don’t know why they still hidding the truth and dragging this track… when everyone knows the truth why can’t they inform to Abhi…omg.. please stop this track.. get tired of watching ..:(

  56. New segment update-
    Firstly I tell u guys that abhi aka shabbir is not present in shooting becoz of his trip to Canada. SoSo his dupe has shooted on behalf of him for this sequence. And that’s why exposure has kept pending by CVS so when shabbir will available then they will shoot for it.
    Segment starts from temple where abhi and tanu r doing rituals of their marriage in the presence of tanu’s parents and all the members of mehra family. Mitali ties knot of tabhi to rounds. Tanu’s parents doing ritual of kanyadan. Abhi and tanu starts taking rounds of fire. After finishing fourth round, pragya comes with cops and shouts from the outside of the temple that this wedding can’t happen. Everybody along with tanu and abhi looks pragya confusingly. Pragya enters in the temple with big smile and full confidence on her face. She comes forward near tabhi and open the ties of their knot and says with smile that this wedding can’t happen. Tanu gets shocked and trues to stop oragya but pragya holds her hands and tell tanu that she have a very strong reason to stop this marruage . Pragya says to tanu that r u coming outside by ownself or she tell everything and show the proofs here in front of everybody. Tanu holds pragya’s hands angrily and gies with her outside. Dadi gets happy and emotional. Tanu sees dadi angrily during walk off to outside with pragya. Pragya tells tanu about divorce papers and says to tanu that her husband is only her and will always remain only her. Nobody can snatch him from her. Tanu gets angry and feels irritated and tries to slap pragya but pragya holds her hand. Pragya warns tanu that if she will try to get married with abhi then she will send her to jail for doing marriage by fraud. Tanu gets clueless and forced to stop from marrying wuth abhi. Pragya sends cops back. Tanu’s parents comes and tries to console tanu but tanu ignores them in irritation and walks out from there. Sriti says to reporter that pragya is the hero of her story and it hapoens always between abhi and pragya that sometimes he becomes hero and sometimes me. Pragya says that she has came to stop marriage with full proof plan that’s why she opens tabhi’s knots. Sriti says in this game only one can win and one can lose so if someone gets lose then spice gets less in the show so it is needed that to add spice, fight should continue. She says that fight between pragya and tanu will still remain continue.

    • Guys don’t worry and keep little more patience. Sriri didn’t tell anything straight and clear but according to the reporters, Exposure got postponed becoz of shabbir’s absence so CVS r forced to drag story and climax becoz of his absence. Wedding has stopped by pragya but exposure also will happen by her or abhi? For it we have to wait little more. Shabbir has arrived today from Canada. But shikha’s wedding is on the way too so let’s see if CVS will shoot exposure with shabbir before shikha’s wedding or after it or will they do some changes in story line and will do shoot tanu’s exposure and climax of the track without aaliya aka shikha Singh. We have to wait for it.

    • Anitha

      Hi, I’m a silent reader. I enjoy all your comments!! (Especially prathiksha, sahithi, gowtham, Shobana, …)

      So the truth is not out yet and they are draggingggggggggg……

      Its too boring to see the same story (tabhi) for quite a long time..

    • shobana

      According to this segment only tanu abhi marriage is stopped she has not been exposed right.
      Aft this if tanu steals again pragya’s proof means it will be dragging

    • Aishwarya

      So what means thay pragya said that fight will remain continue wjich means marriage only stopped tanu’s truth didnt exposed n i its good that truth should not out infront of dup abhi so cvs are waiting for him right but i m scared n confused what happening plzz prathiksha clear me the exposure will happen or not plzzz

    • I think with segment is for this week I don’t think they will telecast today or tomorrow . May be we can expect by next week tanu’s exposure. Is it right ?

    • gowtham

      i thnk by yr statement itself its very clear… tanu ll not be exposed…. ok anyways i need to see wat abhis reaction after the marriage is cancelled…. and whether he ll doubt tanu or pragya …. these and all m having in my mind…. and also in this whole segment no news is about abhi…. whether he involves in prgayas plan or he is static…. and if he is not aware means again the story line ll be stretched…. so we cant say this ll be the end…. and is clear its pragya only who stops the marriage…. and its clear that to get audience attention again… cvs planning this…. once this thing ends again we have to wait….and i can now also say it ll be abhi only who ll expose tanu…. unless and until i see a clear view of him at that situation i cant go wd anythng…. coz in thiz situation its only focusing prgya since she is going to stop the arrangements… but it didnt say about abhi…. so still i believe it ll be abhi in the end…. now only cancellation of marriage ll take place…. i cnt take my mind wd abhi unless i see a more clearer segment….

      • Sahithi

        Gowtham, this segment is also incomplete, just like the promo showing marriage sequence and Pragya stopping it, I think only to retain viewers interest. Because we dont have any clue what is the proof Pragya got, why did she bring police, only to threaten Tanu. Or will she really get her arrested.

        And what will she answer to everyone on why she is stopping marriage. Only episode will tell us, because we have to see how and why Abhi got ready for marriage in one day, where is Nikhil if Tanu is getting married with Abhi. I doubt if Daadi’s expressions on the marriage getting stopped will give away to Tanu that Daadi is also part of team Pragya.

        Also Tanu’s parents who shamelessly left their daughter in Abhi’s house came back now for marriage. They were so demanding when they came during Bulbul Purab marriage. But now scene changed and Pragya is now the owner of Abhi’s property so will they be able to demand like the way they did last time.

      • Sahithi India TV reporter told that pragya has stopped tabhi’s wedding on the bases of divorce papers fraud. They told that pragya has claimed that tanu took her signatures by cheating on divorce papers and she have that proof to prove.

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha, if that is the case what is so much suspense or exciting about it? it is a silly thing, she could have spoken to the lawyer when they were in his chamber. That the sign taken when she was drunk is not valid.

        Other than having the fun of cat and mouse chase with Tanu, like making her believe her dream of marrying Abhi is coming true and in the last minute playing spoil sport. Slow torture for Tanu as she is in hurry to get married.

  57. adistha

    may abhi have seen the confession video of tanu to ronny that this child belongs to nikhil.. and so abhi did all the plan

  58. Guys as I said keep little more patience. Exposure will definetly happen. It has postponed becoz of some reasons like shabbir’s absence and shikha’s wedding. This wedding sequence has shot with abhi’s dupe becoz of shabbir’s absence. But Exposure’s scene will b different now as from now CVS have involved abhi also with his doubts in this track’s end. Most of us were wishing that exposure shouldn’t happen at the wedding place becoz it will b the same boring way to the long awaited climax of this track. Wedding sequence has finished so I think exposure should happen in a different scene with a different manner. Wedding’s stopping is the indication of time and a clear hint for everyone that tabhi can never get married as abhi belongs to only pragya. All the passed events of past two episode’s r focusing on abhi’s suspicion so it could not b waste like this. It has some purpose that CVS have started to showing abhi in suspicion mode and working mode. And as we have been discussed it in my above comment that abhi has reached on this conclusion that whatever happened in lawyer’s office last night, it is related to him, tanu and pragya. And that’s why he purposely has taken sudden decision of marriage with tanu very soon in just next day. So I think this is the purpose of abhi that he thought to find out the actual reason of that truth which is everybody hiding from him. So pragya’s this step of stopping tabhi’s marriage will give strength to abhi’s doubt that truth is related to tanu and there is some big truth about tanu, in which everybody is involved means knows but hiding it from him becoz of some reason and that’s why pragya has stopped this wedding. So I think after this wedding sequence, like pragya, abhi also will get start working on finding the truth between tanu and pragya. Other side, pragya also will continue on her work to expose tanu and as usual tanu will also try to find the ways to save herself and completion of her mission to getting married with abhi. So from here, race will get start between abhi, pragya and tanu and it will left to see who will get the chance to win. Definetly tanu will lose in any situation but it is left to see that who will defeat her? Pragya or abhi? Pragya and abhi both have a very strong and clear way of getting proof against tanu that is cctv footage if lawyer’s office, where wverything must b recorded including tanu’s truth which she herself confess from her own mouth about her, nikhil and aaliya. Let’s see if cvs will use it or not? If yes then who will get it first? Pragya or abhi? But this is for sure that if abhi will find out the truth then he will not only get mad only on tanu, nikhil and aaliya even he will get upset with pragya, dadi, purab, rachna, akaash also for hiding truth from him even after giving g so much chances by him to tell him the truth.

    • gowtham

      right…. now also it only makes us thnk more between abhi and pragya….. so i feel if the exposure is happening in mehra house itself it ll be good and i thnk obviously there only exposure will take place… and i was shocked whn i read the partial segment that prgya is going to expose …. but aftr seeing the full details.. again my confidence is built on abhi…. and shobana now also its not clear that prgya is the who is going to expose tanu…. so i thnk we should not close it now…. it continues…. i will go wd abhi….

    • shobana

      I totally agree with you prathiksha
      Since abhi starts to think that the whole family is hiding something from him. He will definitely try to find out the truth. At the same time pragya too won’t give up and she will fight against tanu to save her kumkum.
      And again we need some patience for tanu exposure.

      And ya gowtham since exposure is not going to take place now we can’t decide anything right now.
      Pragya in the interview said that the fight between tanu and pragya will continue which clearly says now there is no exposure and aft this defeat tanu will again fight against pragya.

      What I think is this tanu again should not steal pragya proof and the same hide and seek game should not continue. Because the cvs are expert in repeating the scenes. As of now we have to wait and watch the show . This week fully we can see tanu’s defeat.

  59. Megha

    Guys everyone thinking is so clever. But I think this much effort will not be taken by the CVS. Because every time they are doing something new which we don’t expect. For eg. We thought Pragya will do the promise and let the marriage going to happen. But the CVS made twist on that by making abhi to arrive on that place. There they kept another secret that who informs Abhi???? They also brings twist on that. I think someone is helping Abhi. As everyone said Abhi is in suspicion. Anything can happen now.!!!!!

  60. Ani

    Tanu could exchange garlands only with Abhis dupe and not with abhi. The real fate is also against Tanus dream which took Abhi to Canada during the wedding shoot. Rockstar rocked yesterday. Hope Mrs Rockstar rocks on wedding day. Enjoy friends

    • navi

      super ani..! 😀 tats 100% crct.. she dnt even hav a chanc to xchange garlands wit real abhi.. badluck fr hr.. n hr defeat strts ryt here

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.