Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu makes plan to buy a house. Aaliya says deal is not done till now, as we can’t get money until we steal the CD. Tanu says I am not coming with you and asks her to go and steal the CD. Aaliya says she will go alone. Tanu says Abhi is possessive about her pregnancy and tells if anything happens to baby then he will not bear it. Taya ji asks mitali to make food. Mitali says she has kept fast and couldn’t even stand on her feet. Taya ji says everyone is unique in this house. Abhi comes. Dasi tells we didn’t have anything. Tai ji says I didn’t have fruits. Mitali says I didn’t have anything. Abhi says we will have pizza. Taya ji asks who will give money? Abhi asks him not to worry when he is there and orders Pizza with extra cheese. Abhi says it is fun to eat Pizza

with someone else money. He orders it on Pragya’s name. They eat the Pizza and enjoy its taste. The delivery boy asks Abhi to pay the money. Abhi asks him to take money from the person who has ordered it. The delivery boy tells that the woman refused to pay for Pizza. Pragya comes and says she didn’t order any Pizza. She sees her family having Pizza and asks Abhi to return all Pizza box. Abhi returns the empty box. He calls her lady mogambo and she gets irked. Abhi teases her. Pragya says okay, so this party is from your side. I will cut money from your pocket money and says this penalty is for breaking my system and discipline. She pays the money and asks the delivery man to get the order checked with her before delivering the pizza. Abhi gets angry.

Tanu thinks Abhi has forgetton that she is pregnant and thinks to keep him away from Pragya. She thinks Abhi couldn’t forget Abhi till now and acts to get pain. Abhi says I will call doctor now. Tanu says no. Pragya looks at them. Abhi talks to the baby and asks if he/she needs anything. He talks to the baby and says if he wants to come out. Tanu asks him to take her in his arms. Abhi looks at Pragya and lifts her. Pragya thinks this is not right and thinks abhi is getting attached to baby. She thinks to find out about Tanu’s baby father. She thinks she didn’t see Tanu with any man before, and therefore thinks it is difficult to find out about her baby’s father. Abhi sees Pragya tensed and asks if she is jealous. Pragya says I am not jealous, but have sympathy towards her. She says I don’t know why she wants to marry you, and allowed you to stay with someone else. She gets closer and says she doesn’t care where you are? Abhi gets uncomfortable while she gets closer to him. Abhi says sometimes I feel that the baby is yours or not. She asks how do you feel when you come to know that the baby is not yours.

Abhi twists her hand and says it is a limit now. He says if you tell anything about this matter, then I will not spare you. He says fuggi said that this baby is our love child, and says fuggi asked him to take care of baby. She also asked to love baby and gives him happiness. A flashback is shown, Pragya asking Abhi to love and keep baby happy. He asks Pragya to keep away from his fuggi and baby. He says if you do this again then I will not be able to control myself. He says Tanu loves me and don’t betray me. He says even if you surrender yourself then only I will not touch you. I let you stay in this room, to make you know that tigress can snatch tiger’s place but the tiger remains the king of his place. Pragya thinks how to make you understand, and thinks he will not trust her. Aaliya tells Tanu that she is going and asks her not to tell anyone. Raj comes and says he has an idea. Aaliya says now she has to go.

Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Abhi has grown fondness for the baby. She thinks I can’t let this happen. She kisses Abhi while he is sleeping. Pragya thinks to expose Tanu’s truth soon.

Pragya tells Dadi and Bulbul that Aaliya is trapped. Dadi says now Abhi will decide her punishment. Mama ji says this was destined to happen and gives hi five.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. tuti

    So i guess, Pragya has to taste her own medicine …..she was the who pushed Abhi to accept Tanu & the baby in the 1st place……hmm….think Prags, think hard girl…hihihi…..

  2. Where the hell is that nikil…. Is he eating and sleeping…And if they continue that new Pragya rape track we will not watch kkb…. How many of u support me?… pls support me guys…Let’s see whether they change the track…

  3. Priya $

    To irritate tanu abhi doing all this. Ohhhnooo if they continue like this everybody ll lose patience and stop watching this
    Trp ll go down. Y these writers r doing like this yaar. Without Nikil entry Tanu’s truth won’t get exposed.

  4. vijay pawar

    your all serials are very good my faveroute is kalash which is aired on life ok mon to fri at 8.30 pm please read its writeen update

  5. chithu55

    what is this Abhi thinks himself of..i mean whether he loves Pragya or Tanu…i don’t think he know what is love fully yet … 🙂

    but this Pragya and Dadi have made the the things more complicated..earlier Abhi would have believed watever Pragya tells..but now , even if she tells the truth he is not going believe..such a stupid plan 🙂

    • Deepika

      Yeah absolutely chithu. She Said indirectly to abhi that it’s not his baby in today’s episode. But he didn’t even listen to that. Pragya should have told him all the truths after her accident itself. Because he was searching for pragya a lot that time and his love level for pragya was much high. And all these modern avatars, New plans are totally unwanted scene creating for trp. Now it’s also got down by third place. At least after this the writers should make sense to the show. Hope kkb will get again the full energy form 🙂

    • Ya chithu pragya is so unlucky to having abhi as her soulmate. I will never want abhi’s type partner. Do hell with his name or fame. I just don’t like igoistic and proudy persons.

  6. Worst episode. It seems like we r back to square one where we have been seen abhi’s hatred for pragya like this. My fear is becoming right day by day. What’s the problem with this abhi? Pragya was giving hints to abhi about tanu’s truth so he could start think and doubt about it at least but instead of thinking it’s possibility, he thought more better to hurt pragya than it. Is he this much like dumb, he is giving importance to tanu’s baby becoz of pragya’s words! Now it is really very important to pragya to find out tanu’s baby’s father wit full proof becoz as abhi was behaving and talking about it with pragya, it seems like he will do marriage also with tanu in his aggression by saying that it was his fuggy’s wish. I just don’t understand why he is doing difference between pragya and fuggy when he knows that the person of whom he talks about, she is same. So instead of searching difference, he should bring his fuggy out from this new pragya by understanding her truth through us observation. But he is behaving like a mad person.

    • chithu55

      yes Nikkiiiiiii…. i really feel veryyyyyyy much irritated with today’s episode… i just can’t think about it 🙁

      • That abhi was behaving like typical man. When he was showing his power on pragya in his aggression, it was like he was trying to tell him that he is superior becoz he is a man which remains always first than any other thing or any other person!

    • Maggie

      Abhi is mad coz he himself doesn’t know what to do n from where to start so after aaliya expose
      Abhi will do whatever pragya says
      He will go to his office daily n look after his business by own n pragya’s cost cutting will continue ??
      Then Tanu expose tract wil start

    • Do hell with his love if he will behave like this or if he is unable to understand his love and failed in assuming her truth. Pragya deserves best but he is behaving worst. He is not only hurting pragya but he is comparing tanu with her! Now don’t try to show us cvs that he is doing this with pragya not with fuggy becoz we r not abhi’s type mad. God knows what cvs r trying to show through this type portray of abhi’s character? This is the reason of their this time’s trps fall and if they will go like this then definetly they will b out from top five soon.

      • Maggie

        I think sooner or later abhi will think y pragya told what if it’s not his baby n from that he will keep eye on Tanu n later wil get to know her true colours

  7. Deepika

    Its really going dead slow… hope aaliya will be trapped soon per promo. Main thing this dumb abhi should open eyes to the real world at least after aaliyas truth come out… aaliya had got some slaps from abhi in purabs matter. But this evil tanu didn’t get even a slap from abhi ( I think ). So she should be punished a lot by abhi after he came to know the truth. She has taken over advantage in today’s episode. Cvs… what are you waiting for??? Make twists faster… kkb has gone to third place 🙁 And why pragya is behaving like this to abhi??? It’s there not in her plan. She should concentrate only on her plan. Should not hurt abhi 🙁 how pity he is.. he is sleeping with the doll that is his fuggi 🙁 he said he is loving the baby only for the sake of fuggis words. Then why pragya thinks abhi will not trust her if she says the truth. And at last she had broken the passionate love which was brought slowly and strongly… And we the fans slowly losing all our feels for abhigya… really dead slow

  8. christi

    i do support u achu……..generally poor serial ko accha bananeka soch te hai directors….bt here opposite ho raha he……..lagta hai highest trp digest nahi ho rahi hai…poor them

  9. chithu55

    and onething am not understanding is..if he is not planning to live with Pragya..why the hell he is expecting his fuggi to be back…and what he will do with Tanu that time..if he really respects Fuggi’s words, then why can’t he just live with Tanu and her baby ..why in the earth, he was expecting Pragya to come back at the time of mehndi…i really can’t understand what the writers are trying to show with this Abhi’s character… he wants Fuggi also back, but he will not live with her..and he want Tanu’s baby also.. i just don’t want to see such a stupid Abhi-Tanu track…good that i didn’t happen to see today’s episode…reading update only makes me feel bad … and if he doesn’t like Pragya’s current character, why he sometimes act romantic towards her… ghoshhh.. so many confusions with this Abhi’s character.. even now, Pragya has given a clue to Abhi..but he is not ready to believe it…if he really doubts Pragya’s change now,he will think atleast once why she is telling that word and will try to findout the truth of Tanu’s baby 🙂

    • Maggie

      Abhi will come to know about Nikhil b4 pragya or they both together will find
      Coz after aaliyA it’s Tanu turn n without aaliya support it’s not that hard to force Tanu to say about real father Nikhil

    • tuti

      Chittu dear, I think, Abhi wants Pragya to confide in him herself….i guess he’s already doubting Prags behaviour from the moment she stepped back home after the accident. He loves her….sure he do. Its just that Pragya herself do not trust Abhi’s trust & love for her….. ya lorr after all that has happened to her…..

    • Deepika

      Yaa.. chithu 🙂 waiting for the answer for this firing questions from cvs. Once in the starting episodes when abhi says AM ABHI THE ROCK STAR, the fans gone mad at him. And also how intelligent and smart he was in finding the truth in mms track. Why this writers changed our rock star’s stylish character to this dumb character 🙁

      • chithu55

        It’s a good point Deepika..yes there were times when the rock star’s character was shown powerful and with much style and intelligence… But now they r showing the character as dumb..and they have such a hype for the love confession… But later such a worse track where his so called love doesn’t even have role… But I hope in the later point, CVS will give justice to their Abhi’s dialogue during the confession that he will never ever misunderstand his fuggi….

    • Ya chithu. This is what I was trying to say that he is such a confusing guy in himself. He is not at all right but only defends ownself by taking fuggy’s name and his love every time.

      • maggie

        Nikki I told yesterday also just wait n watch everything will make sense at end of tract just like in mms tract when everybody was hating abhi n at the end when everything was revealed they were like love u abhi

    • Kanchi


      That is what Abhi’s character… he won’t think anything, when he is in much anger..
      But once he get Relax, he will and he did.. so just chill…

      In today’s epi, Pragya have gone to the extreme, he get furious because of her behaviour, but once he get into his senses he will reconsider her words..

      Already he started doubting, it is Abhi’s nature to get confuse again and again but the final decision will result in the GOOD way..

      i am telling you he is the one who is going to reveal Tanu. PraDaBul are the ones who have started this drama but the END card will be done by Abhi..

      Pragya is telling the TRUTH (Aliya and Tanu) to Abhi in a bossy way, that is why Abhi is not at all listening to her.. She needs to think twice before reacting to him…but that is in CVS hands..

      Abhi is not that much good like Pragya.. Pragya accepted all Abhi’s torture because she is so good and kind hearted.. but when comes to Abhi, he has his own male ego, the way to handle him is not in a commanding way, she need to drive him through Love..

      Apart from all the “BHAGYA” will play its own way to make Abhi get into his senses and he is going to be the one who will make Pragya WIN at the end…

      so just Relax and Enjoy… Even I got irritated on seeing today’s episode.. Abhi tortured Pragya in the same way during MMS track, but Pragya had patience.. But Abhi is not like her so obviously he will react, but he is still in his limits because of his Love for Fuggy and still he is doubting Pragya as his Fuggy..

      • chithu55

        yes Kanchi…after showing the track for this long , i definitely hope the end will not be simple… for sure it will go till Tanu-Abhi’s marriage and then it will be stopped ..most probably am also expecting Abhi to be the one to reveal the truth…

        but Kanchi..wat did Pragya do today..i mean she was just talking normally only but in her new way of attitude and style…but i am not sure whether it is too much…becoz it is way much less than wat Abhi has actually did and is doing..so before getting anger that too till the level of physically hurting..Abhi should think or he shouldn’t get anger only….it is not much good to show like this especially after falling in the so called love to the infinite level…

      • Kanchi

        Chithu..When I was watching Pragya’s behaviour today I was little bit shocked Chithu…
        Basically her character is not like that, I think so because of that I feel so bad…

        Her Purity and Innocence are the ones which makes Abhi fall for her… So she have to make him understand in that way.. better she can avoid him at times.. but she is knowingly irritating him.. on the other side she gets hurted more and more..So why to do this..

        When comes to Abhi’s character, I won’t have that much expectation.. in the sense I am not telling that he is bad, but he won’t think anything during anger..He won’t like people ruling them… do you remember when Abhi asked Tanu for marriage, when she rejected he was more furious and accepted Dadi’s Bahu (I mean before he knows that the girl is Pragya).. so his nature is like that.. I agree he got so many situations to understand Pragya as Fuggy but he haven’t yet come to a conclusion.. but i feel all this will have a meaning.. slowly Abhi will get back to his senses and he will find out the truth.. that is what i am feeling.. lets see..

        Sorry if I was wrong in some way.. I have more expectations on Pragya’s character.. thats why little bit disappointment..:):)

      • Kanchi

        But Chithu.. I feel Pragya is the Best Match for Abhi.. In all means…:):):)

        Her Attitude is Amazing…. Apart from my comparison to Old Pragya… she is now more perfect to him.. :):)

      • chithu55

        Yes Kanchi..I accept that the doing of coming closer to Abhi by Pragya is unnecessary and bit irritating also..since the way she chose doesn’t seem to be right…but if she tells watever she told sterday normally, then Abhi will easily identify her true face..because already she was too emotional on seeing Abhi lifitng Tanu, along with tat if she tells thus sensational matter, her face ll easily reflect her true color..I think so only she chose such a way to convey to Abhi so that she can cover her emotions….but this Abhi should have atleast thought once before behaving tat much rudely to her…and also he shouldn’t have compared Pragya to Tanu how much angry he is….

        I think now Pragya can have another plan also 😉 she can also irritate Abhi by acting like she also has someone special in her life other than Abhi 😉 just telling.,.becoz this Abhi is always testing Pragya by getting close to Tanu or testing her emotions by going close to Pragya herself ..which is also a very wrong way..as he now keeps on telling tat he hates the new Pragya…

  10. raji

    seriously tis abi s gng more dumb day by day !! he doesnt deserv pragya !! purbul s d perfect pair! fed up wit abi’s char.y on earth a man lyk him got wif lyk pragya -_- writers plz do hv sense

  11. Renu

    Oh god its so boring..its so easy to find out the father of the child by a dna test..then why they track the story like this….???

  12. viji

    if the pragya rape twist gets telly casted no one will surely watch this episode
    and where on earth has this nikkil character gone ,as he got settled in delhi.
    what is abhi thinking of himself ……..pls dont drag too much.

  13. Kirthy

    I don’t believe the rape twist….if it happens every viewer would be disgusted. Pragya is pure, innocent like an angel (lil kid)… 😛 this would devaste her charakter.

    I don’t know why they are dragging it to much…abhis love to fuggi increases but at the same time he hates the new pragya day by day. And pragya is suffering so much? Why? She loves abhi so much, why can’t abhi see it? Is he blind?

    In tamil they are showing rabuls marriage arrangement after MMS track. It’s refreshing to see the shouting scene of abhi to aliya. He will cut his bond if anything happened to pragya

  14. "Revelation"

    To even mention or write it down that a woman gets rape seems painful let alone hear it. To read about the heroine “Pragya” getting rape brings about even more devastation to not only Sritis fans but fans of KKB. Perhaps this may be a rumour that cvs or journalists may want to use to see the reaction of viewers/ fans of KKB. And its not going down well at all with fans of KKB.
    Why not create a rumour that Abhi will be raped by a bunch of male goons and see
    the response. Or even make it happen. Its neva happened in Indian serials.
    KKB cvs & producers always wana create a twist. And the character Pragya always suffers the brunt of it.
    The character Pragya has been suffering from the time it started. In fact the Arora ladies have been suffering since theor connection with the Mehras. Even Dadi has made it difficult for Prags with her conditions. Bb is doing her best.
    And now we hav Abhi just absolutely clueless. So many hints given to Abhi & the cvs still protray him as a dumbo. He twisted Prags arm n hurt her. Shes a woman n he is hurting her physically. N this not the 1st time. Emotionally too in earlier episodes he had been hurting her.
    Its very uncouth for any man to do that. There is definitely more respect in Prabuls relationship. N they connect so well in playing their parts.
    Abhigya definitely hav a great chemistry. No doubt abt that. The humour btwin them is absolutely hilarious. His character shows deep love to his Prags. But RESPECT??? Prags not only loves Abs but her love has RESPECT!!
    It kicked off well with Prags new image &
    approach. Along the way its getting lost. The rumour of the Prags rape is bothering fans & me. I hope it stays a rumour. Personally. …if Abhi got raped..it wldnt
    bother me. Its abt time he get shoved.

  15. Shraddha Sharma

    Tanu, aliya and raj k drame ko itna kich kich kr story line ko hi katam kr diya…. Writers shayd bhul gye h story likhne ka tarika.. Koi kuch b kr le but tanu, aaliya and raj expose hote hi nhi, I think ab jo track yeh dikhane wale hai, isme b yeh teeno expose nhi honge… Ab to boriyat hone lagi h iss show se… Iss show ko katam ho jaana chiye….

  16. Reji

    Guys I am having little patience only I think dna test is not possible because after baby’s ? birth only they can take dna test and abhi is also not ready to listen to pragya’s words and every main commenters please have little patience I think kb writers will soon finish this taaliya and Raj chapter guys please agree ? with me for little patience

  17. Ria

    wht rubbish… if seriously this rape track is going to happen thn nt a single person is going to watch this serial…makers u will have zero trp n the show is going to b super flopppppp….

  18. "Revelation"

    Tanu & Aliya are still having it easy. Especially Tanu. And Abhi trying to make Prags jealous by talking to the baby & carrying Tanu…gosh! How cheap is that Abhi. Your Prags has more class. If Prags is Lady Mughambo…U R A DUMBO & so is the script ….& thanks to the cvs for that.
    Hope the script can be more coherent & connected & the heroines & heroes have some intelligence.

  19. they dragging more n more by adding new new charecter…..still not yet revealed tht old kidnaped things…now again thy starting new new drama…this time abhi going to hate pragya…if abhi really loves pragya then he need to undstd she doing purposely…one time he got thought wht for fuggi doing this smthng behind her need to research thttime I was happy… but nw pragya giving hints abt tanu’s pregnant he need to think atleast and this pragya doing drama liktht if he think he need to think abt her clues too….I hope tht atleast cmng week abhi n pragya will join by knowng truth abt tanu n aliya….once pragya ll win then it ll b so good….we r waiting to see tht writer plz undstd our needs….

  20. Jes

    I hope tis time aliya truth revealed after all tis drag ……n i hate tis drama totaly if pragya been raped hope its just a rumour..

  21. sriti :)

    They need to hurry up and stop dragging the show. Why is it that the evil always wins. for once Pragya should get something out of this. Atlas one person should be caught. And where the hell in the world did Nikil go?? I hope he comes back also and tells the truth or somehow Pragya gets another DNA test done again to see if the baby is actually Abhi’s or not and then she can show that to Abhi. I love Abhi and Pragya’s relationship but they are making it so much like they want Abhi to hate Pragya and then they are going to include this rape scene so he will have sympathy for her. Rape isn’t a joke so i don’t understand why it is being included in there. It is going to tear Pragya’s whole image down, all the hard stuff Pragya, Dadi, and Bulbul are doing is all gonna go down the drain!!!!

  22. nivi

    its may b drama created by dadi, bulbul nd pragya tat whether he ll luv after she undergone such horrible things nd all. bt better stop tis rude way bcoz v wnt like pragya charac to be suffer more here after, abhi finally become d rock star to reveal all d truth as usual, tats y dragging tis much. bt plz pragya dn use those horrible words like sterday here after to abhi bcoz no man can tolerate those words even he is not d father of d child, it ll b insulting his male ego na, tats y abhi too got angry i think so…….

  23. Priya $

    After this plan I don’t think so aliyah ll go out of Mehra mansion. Surely raaj ll get angry on her but he won’t stop helping her. If aliyah is out then it’s easy for pragya to handle tanu. Insecure character tanu had so easy for pragya to reveal her truth.

    • PRIYA what I was thinking that I have a doubt of aaliya’s exposure so soon and i have a feeling that aaliya will b safely out from trap. I mean she will b trap until catching but when abhi will confront him then may b she will easily turns the whole matter in another thing. She could tell this to abhi that she was forced to do this to get back his property and house from pragya so they can leave their life like before, with independence. Becoz he is doing nothing to get his property back from pragya so she is forced to do it by herself and this was only the way to collect money for hiring best lawyer against pragya to get whole property and house back from her. By using this excuse, she could b easily convince abhi emotionally and could make him in her favour. Pragya’s plan will again gets fail after reaching it’s destination and aaliya will b again safe. Pragya, dadi and Bulbul’s plans r spineless. The way they r executing their plans, without telling whole truth from abhi and purab, they r making things more complicated and worst for them in future, specially for pragya. Pragya is continuously failing in her every attempt and she is only gaining abhi’s hatred and untrust day by day, which is worst for her. Dadi convinced her not to tell the truth to abhi by saying that when truth will gets revealed, his love will b more increase for her but when someone ask from dadi that what if before truth revelation, he will take wrong stand in his hatred, anger and aggression for pragya? Then what will b the use of love, when all will b gets finished between them.

      • reji

        priya and nikki i think u r right becoz during the cd stealing aliya will be caught i think so but she will be not go out soon from the mehra mansion becoz abhi willbe having little feelings for her sister aliya and to find tanu baby’s real father i think pragya dadi and bulbul put a plan for to find out the real father of tanu’s baby and the directors please change the rape track and put some other trackbut one thing guys it’s sure that some foolish is going to get happen

    • Priya $

      Right nikki always they r showing like this only pragya in pain abhi shows hatred against her. Still she alone in pain now they made situation so complicated if Pragya tells the truth means also abhi won’t believe. Everybody safe here bulbul dadi abhi except pragya.

  24. Hema

    This is ridiculous …how stupid is it to bring rape and all the makers should have some sense …if it’s going to hpn will definitely stop watching alReady track is dead slow…involving such stupid tracks won’t be encouraged by the ppl.. If trp is only they need they can include but definitely public won’t appreciate it

  25. nivi

    its ryt nikki, if dadi comes to say to abhi everything means he ll accepts ly, then y r they wasting time???? i cant understand???? its gng to failure and he ll tak step against to pragya ly, y pragya dng tis??? he knws wel abt abhi tat he wnt like anbody lies @ him nd al, is he getting close wit baby of tanu he ll get closer automaticaally to tanu too. its nature, again they ll separate ah, abhigya reunion wil happen r not????

  26. Ayo saami mudila…bore adikuthaenu enaikavathu updates padicha thala suthuthu…padikra enakae ivlo kadupa irukae…epadi itha tv la pakranga…ssphaaaaaaa…che…ena pa director suresh enga ponaru?avar thangachiku kolantha poranthucha ila inum 2 yrs agumnu doc solitaara?intha purab n bulbul ku kalyanam agum ah ila govinda va?5 month ah 2 masam nu solra tanu pregnancy 5th monbth ah cross pana inum 4 yrs ah ila 5 yrs ah pa?abhi ku mental sei aguma ila…ipadiya mental thana?abhi paatikum n pragya ammakum inum ethana thadava heart attack varum?pragya plan evlo naal panva…ethavathu seivaala?abhi n pragya seruvaangala ila vera hero varanum ah?aaliya maatuvaala ila ipadiya suthuvaala?ponga neengalum unga serial um?che che….govinda govinda…..i will come after 3 yrs to read updates…catch u 2017 be bories…..

  27. crazy

    The writers of this serial are crazy. Instead of showing Abhi as an intelligent man they have showed me as childish, foolish and extremely gullible. Aaliya and Tanu are wrong but they always win. Do the writers seriously think that everyday they can keep dishing out the same nonsense? Raj and Mitali truth never came out. He’s another character who was intelligent but turned out stupid. I am so tired of bad always winning over good. What’s the point?
    So happy I am slowly weaning off all these Indian soaps and watching better foreign channels instead.

  28. guys I saw kumkumbhagya news of new modern avatar of pragya story tht was pragya revealed tanu and aliya and abhi will throw aliya and tanu out of home….thay updated liktht only but we can’t say wat story will b acc to ektha mam she havng master brain and always showng onething in spoiler and anther thing in show…..more n more draggng nd drama….when dadi met pragya in hospital atleast inform to purab then thy ll join n can find the truth….or bulbul atleast can inform to abhi and purab thy will help silently..no interesting story nwadays…..abhi hatred pragya nwadays its not good…and one more doubt is abhi is rockstar and he havng more influence if he think he can hire lawyer easily but he didn’t yet….it means abhi kno everythng? jst acting to find truth? donno more confussion……

  29. misha

    I totally agree with you Crazy. The writers of this serial has created a very dumb character in the person of Abhi,. Now and then he has a flash of intelligence. And … what’s this NONSENSE of Abhi differentiating between ‘his’ fuggy’ and the actual bold Pragya??? Somehow he should know that she is one and the same person and that she has got a hidden agenda acting like this!!! Why don’t he ask right away what’s she is up to? Why these harsh words almost insulting her!!! And the poor Pragya still crying and showing such love!!! Why can’t these foolish and dumb writers not show ABHI in the same desperate situation and caressing her face while she is asleep and asking her why she has changed so much from his old Fuggy!!! I bet these writers are as dumb as this Abhi they are showing us!!!Shit as usual!!

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