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The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya’s conversation. Abhi tells Aaliya that someone came to meet her. Bulbul congratulates her. Purab says he is happy for her and says Nikhil will keep her happy always. Abhi says he is feeling like that he got his old Aaliya back. Bulbul asks for party. Abhi says after dinner as he needs Nikhil’s approval for marriage also. Tai ji thinks why Abhi call us for dinner. Mitali tells that it might be a family matter and tells Raj that Abhi called them. Pragya comes. Tai ji asks why did you come here as we are having family dinner. Abhi says I called her here as this idea is given by her. He asks her to sit down and says family matters or decisions are taken by family members. He says he has called a guy which he has chosen for Aaliya. Raj thinks why he is thinking

about Aaliya’s marriage before his marriage. Mitali asks about the guy? Abhi says you will know soon and asks them not to make him embarassed. Taya ji asks him not to worry. Nikhil comes. Abhi welcomes him with a hug.

Raj wonders why Abhi is greeting him. Nikhil says he couldn’t refuse rockstar dinner and cancelled his meeting. Nikhil gets Aaliya message and reads it. Abhi says you knew my family and my family know you. He says they were searching for a good guy for Aaliya, but they didn’t get. He says my Dadi thinks that you are perfect for Aaliya, and says I also feel the same, that’s why I want to ask you……Will you marry my sister. Nikhil is shocked and refuses to marry. Abhi asks if there is any problem in Aaliya. Nikhil says he can’t accept this proposal and excuses himself. Abhi says may be he felt bad, I shall go and apologize. Aaliya asks him not to bend infront of him. Abhi says I shall talk to him and say sorry. He goes. Pragya thinks her doubt is right and there is something between Nikhil and Tanu.

Mitali taunts Aaliya as Nikhil rejected her. She says Montu Mechanic is near to our home and says he is the owner of the mechanic. She tells about the alliance of the mechanic which annoys Aaliya. Mitali says that guy will never reject you. Aaliya gets angry and goes to her room. Aaliya and Tanu are in the room. Aaliya asks Tanu, why did you stop me from stopping abhi. Tanu says Abhi would have get angry on you. Aaliya says Nikhil might tell Abhi that you are bearing his child. They stop seeing Pragya standing. Pragya says she is feeling bad as Nikhil rejected her. Aaliya says she didn’t agree and haven’t feel bad at all. Pragya says your brother will feel bad as you never intented to marry Nikhil. She asks Tanu, why she is getting tensed? She says you might have done something which is wrong.

Tanu says you have snatched everything from us and taunting us. Pragya says I left your to be husband for you and asks if she is after money. She taunts them and leaves. Dadi says Pragya’s doubt was right. Bulbul thinks she might be alerted now. Purab says they will do something now. Bulbul says Nikhil will switch off his phone and make excuses. She says Jiju might be upset so Pragya went to cheer him. Raj comes to Aaliya and Tanu and asks what is happening. Aaliya asks him not to start all over again. Raj says he was not informed. Tanu says we wanted to tell you, but Aaliya is not marrying. Raj says it is not marriage matter, but other thing. He asks them to be careful. Pragya hopes Abhi gets to know about the truth. She comes to him and says sorry for disturbing him. Abhi wonders why did Nikhil refuse?

Pragya says Nikhil might know that Aaliya is arrogant. Abhi says she has changed. Pragya says few people make others belief that they have changed, but they remain the same. Abhi says like you and says she behaved like old Pragya and reacted same when she got drunk. He says when I asked you what you are hiding? You didn’t say anything and says I am ready to accept you with your demerits. Pragya says you are saying as if,………Abhi says lets see what will win, my feelings…..Pragya says what is important to her is money. Abhi says okay, and says he will make himself financially very strong and will see what will win. He says you or your greedy heart will speak, lets wait and watch. Pragya wonders why he is doing this, and thinks what is the reason behind his doings.

Nikhil says there is a secret in his life and says time has come for him to know.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls expose tanu as fast as possible

    1. They better do it soon for the show is losing Fans quickly!!!

    2. Deepika Gupta

      plzz expose tanu now …its tooo late

  2. Precap la Nikil Yaru kita solluran

  3. Nice episode but tooooooooooooo much dragging pls expose tanu truth in front of abhi

  4. Guys today I didn’t watch the episode..
    Pls anyone explain me the last segment abhi and pragya’s conversation… Definitely tomo nikkil ll tell the truth but he won’t tell who is tat…

    1. Definitely??? I think NOT!

  5. Today’s episode was also gud, specially last bit of abhigy’s part. Abhi was so serious when he was saying to pragya that he will win her heart and defeat her greedyness through his love. This is calls true passionate love and this is the thing which I want to see from abhi’s side. I was so right that he is searching his fuggy in pragya becoz somewhere he is seeing his fuggy’s glimpse in pragya so he believes now that he could get her back in his life. I was saying this from the beginning of pragya’s makeover track that abhi should force pragya to surrender in front of him and tell him the truth through his passionate love. Now I m glad to see finally this is happening. That’s why I m saying this that now track’s story is going in right way. Now it is so clear that abhi is doing all this only to get back her fuggy back and he will try it until he gets his fuggy back. Abhi’s words r so genuine which he was saying to pragya since the date. He is repeating all those words which he said to his fuggy during proposal time that he really loves her, he can’t live without her and now today he was saying that he will try to win her heart through his love until he gets her love. This is the same thing which he said in past that he will search for her company until he gets it. I don’t think so he is faking. But one thing is sure that he is doing all this to get back his fuggy and her love not mogambo and her love. One thing more guys what u think guys? Now nikhil will give what reason behind his refusal? I think he will give some other excuse or he will tell half truth to abhi without taking tanu’s name. I think he have someone in his life and he will say that he loves some other girl so much since long so he will marry with her only but he will not take tanu’s name. Becoz here abhi needs only reason not that girl name. If abhi want to know about her name then also he will not take her name by saying that he can’t take her name until he announces his relationship with her officially or becoz it is his personal matter.

    1. Becoz after seeing today’s segment how abhi and tanu was talking with each other, it is clear that nikhil will not tell anything about tanu for now.

      1. NEW SEGMENT i hv seen on shoot location clips
        abhi nd tanu wanna steal their property documents
        @ d tim epragya came
        abhi asks tanu to hide behind t bed
        pragya asks abhi wat s he dng here????
        he s shivering his hand nd talk romantically to pragya nd forcibly hugs her
        tnau wil cum out nd teases pragya at d back without knwing pragya
        abhi got tensed nd asks tanu to go nd hide
        abhi hugs nd not leaving her forcibly @ d time pragya makes call to dadi
        dn knw wen ll it happen?????
        bt nikki all these acting may leads to get d property back ly ah
        y abhi dng tis nd all????
        it wnt b end soon i suppose nikki

  6. I tnk now also tey wont expose tanu,aliya r raj….tey making viewers as mad

    1. Don’t get mad – just do as the rest of us have done and STOP watching. The writers are just teasing to make it seem that exposure of Tanu will happen soon. You guys fall for the same trick over and over and over. LOL

  7. After long tym i m posting comment…still it s draggging…i think tmrw also..nikil.will not expose dat evil tanu’s truth…so disgusting yaaar

  8. so ll nikhil say the truth..? oh gosh pls say.. xpose tat vamp.. its getting interestin nw..! n also abhi has confirmed tat pragya s actin.. nw I thnk abhi s secretly planning smethn.. cme on u can do it..

  9. The precap is so fake. Cvs always fools us. I doubt Nikhil will tell Abhi that he is the father of Tanu’s baby. He is probably going to tell Abhi something that Alia texted him to tell and he will end up complicating things for Pragya.

  10. I know ….they’re gonna drag the story….I’m betting nikhil won’t reveal tanu ‘ s secret tomo….?. They said post diwali tanu will exit from this house…..but see nothing is happ….why r they dragging it too much? I’m absolutely waiting to c wen tanu ‘ s image will be tarnished but looks like a looong wait ?

  11. Superb superb superb. I know Abhi true loves wins. Pragya did not snatched u abhi. She is saviour of u. Abhi pragya always rokz.

  12. im sure nikhil is going to say that he is in love with pragya stupid people

  13. Abhi in full Rock star mood what else can ask for
    Abhi looks like knows something is Pragya trying to prove
    N when Pragya talk about aaliya marriage to Nikhil Abhi must have clicked that it’s something to do with Nikhil aaliya n Tanu
    When he was telling chanchan about arrangements n aaliya agreed for marriage right in front of Tanu room like he wanted to inform Tanu that aaliya agreed n he was making face like mission accomplished
    Even today he was looking at aaliya n Tanu at dinner table like he is keeping eye on them
    Best thing is his love for fuggie is melting mugambo love the way he is handling things

    1. Superb .. U ve noticed alot

  14. Wtf!!! I’m telling u guyz that nikhil will not tell every thing so easily…so nikhil will turn this talk by another too easily…

    1. You are correct. This audience is so easily fooled and strung along and the writers know that. Same old story…just a different day!

  15. I hope nikhil tell everything to abhi before he n aaliya wedding which will not happen

  16. Thought it was a shame for girls to have children out of wedlock and married men are not supposed to have affairs. I guess the reality is more palatable to the writers. Abuse of women is not very becoming. This whole track is disrespectful to females.

    1. That is true, not only this track, from starting, the show is regressive to women characters especially Pragya. She is expected to always sacrifice, be perfect and understanding, how much ever everyone around misunderstands or tortures her.

      The actual journey of Pragya’s marriage started with Abhi trying to take revenge on her by marrying her, which is quiet sick. Even if it is for his sister or by wrong impression, it is a very bad example as such.

  17. They will drag this further & Nikhil will NOT REVEAL. They rather keep Tanu & kill off Bulbul. Prabuls story has not picked up at all. So much talent in Mrunal besides her good looks & not being used at all. Such a pity. Finally Abhigya romantic scenes are picking up after a million episodes while
    the pregnancy track drags on. Gosh!!! God pls hav a chat with Ekta n her team plssss.

  18. tis serial gng on as rubbish i think they’ll take a whole year to expose tanu

  19. Oh c’mon! Its shit getting overexcited! D truth won’t b exposed for d Christmas of 2020 too..

    1. Dats true dear..

    2. Don’t get angry. Cut this bull sh%t off and watch something else!!

  20. this serial is dragging…, I wish tanu’s truth would be exposed soon, come on ekta kapoor, make the serial go as fast as ek tha raja ek thi rani

  21. Please expose tanu aaliya and raj.. This serial is dragging too much.. Come on expose now

  22. Enaya ipdi ilukiriga thayavu senji sekrm tanu ah expose panuga .chai.abhigya part so cute and romantic luv u abhi

  23. What secret nikhil will reveal infront of abhi ?? Waiting for tanu to get exposed ??

  24. Yes tat wat i waiting 4 abhgya wonderful…..n tanu …aliya u both r real selfish…

  25. since they have strtd to drag evrythn in tis serial even if they thnk to finish it of soon they r nt able to do..! js irritatin.. bt abhigya cute scenes r the reason they r nt losing the viewers.. do it soon cvs.. at least xpose any1 vamp.. xpose tat tanu vamp frst..! do it tis by tis week pls..

  26. Nikki u r right if Nikki doesn’t mention the name it ll be very easy to pragya that tanu is the girl

    1. Ya srimathi if nikhil will tell abhi that he is in love with some other girl without taking tanu’s name then obviously pragya could understand that it is tanu about whom nikhil is talking and then the only thing will left, to prove that nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby, somehow. I m predicting and guessing it becoz in yesterday’s episodeepisode, nikhil clearly refused for the marriage and we were guessing that he will say yes or will use some other excuse but here I think CVS wants to take this track for it’s climax without again maintaining any suspense. That’s why nikhil said no, clearly so pragya’s doubt remained maintain and strong. Now if I m right that CVS wants to take this track for it’s climax then in today’s episode also nikhil will tell something like this to abhi which will give pragya confirmation for her doubt about his relationship with tanu and then pragya will move for it’s last step, to get a solid proof of takhil’s relationship’s and their baby’s truth’s exposure.

      1. if pragya get blood sample of nikhil then it ll b easy 2 show d proof to abhi abt d DNA test too
        bt couldnt predict d way which CVS wanna move?????
        but i think so if all corner nikhil to marry aliya to d core then nikhil bursts himself nd reveal d truth
        i hope so CVS wnt drag here after abt tanu’s pregnancy track bcoz CVS itself started to feel boring tis stupid track
        bt din CVS show any promo regarding d exposing of tanu na nikki??????

      2. Nivi I have read ur above comment and update of new on location video. U have assumed wrong. I have also seen whole on location video and I have seen it on yesterday’s news segment also and I have given it’s written update also. I think u haven’t read that. Update and scene was like this that tanu comes with property papers and says to abhi to take pragya’s signatures. But abhi’s mission is different so how he could do this. So he refuses to take pragya’s sign and gives tanu excuse that he could not take her sign for now becoz pragya is doubting on his intentions. He sends tanu out from the room but suddenly pragya was coming towards room so he pulls tanu back and hides her behind the bed becoz he does’nt want that pragya thinks for him that he is doing double enjoyment, one side with pragya and other side with tanu. When pragya gets doubtful by someone’s presence in the room and tries to find it then abhi starts distracting her by becoming romantic with her. After watching abhi and pragya’s closeness, tanu indicates abhi to maintain distance from pragya. But abhi and pragya gets mesmerized in each other’s love and romance so tanu makes some noise by which abhi and pragya comes in consciousness and pragya assumes that voice so she was about to move behind to see from where voice has came, abhi hugs pragya tightly in his chest and angrily indicates tanu to get out from the room. He doesn’t leave pragya until tanu goes out. Pragya gets angry with abhi for hugging her like this without her permission and goes out from the room angrily. Nivi abhi’s only mission is to find pragya’s truth, win her back through his passionate true love and brings his fuggy back in his life, for now. He is distracting tanu so he could spend a lot of time with pragya easily so he could find her truth soon. Now he knows after that drunk night date, that pragya is hiding some truth behind her change and she is pretending as changed. He knows also that pragya will not tell him the truth easily and remain as changed in front of him so he have decided to break her determination through his love so he comes back in his life as fuggy and tells him the truth behind her change by ownself.

      3. And nivi how will pragya proof takhil’s and their baby’s truth, it will we get to know in upcoming episodes. And CVS r not showing tanu’s exposure promo becoz tanu will not get exposed at least I think in 2-3 weaks or as much they wants becoz definetly CVS r going in right way of this track but still they r going slowly so we have to wait for that promo.

  27. nithasha Mookteram

    stop dragging. plz expose aliya and tanu soon.

  28. Love u abi and pragya.pls expose that tanu ,aliya &raj soon

  29. Going n rite track .but dragging.pls finish it off soon. Shabir is rocking………..

  30. Abhi’s challenge is nice……I think Serial is going in right track………Abhi was able to find that Pragya is acting…………..

  31. Will kkb also come on satrday?i hv seen jamai raja n kala teeka serials promos of satdy extnsn on tv.

    1. No they didn’t mentioned KKB..
      Don’t forget to watch #SatrangiSasural #Sarojini #kaalateeka #QuboolHai #tashaneishq & #JamaiRaja on Satrudays starting this week!

  32. Nokhil will not say about thanu

  33. The serial is loosing the audience. Pls expose tanu first. Then only abhigya love will blossom

  34. It was nice abhi talking wit pragya.but avuga kadasi varaikum aliaya tanu raj ya expose panramari therihyala. Vita 1000 episode varikum drag pannikuta erupanga….,..

    1. 1000 ila priya lakhs episodes ponalum expose panna matanga loosu pasanga
      naama eppo tension agi thitta poromnu therilyala

  35. very bad ikta you madee kumkumbhagia draged so much

  36. don’t go on dragging the serial. end it soon as possible.

  37. It’s the 6-7 month of tanu’s pregnancy but her stomach didn’t grew bigger so funny have u thought about it guyzz
    Soooo boring tracks finish it soon

  38. Why kkb is drag.hve u noticed that abhi at dinning table have observed tanu,Aliya

  39. Guys I have a big news for all of u. The killer vijay ( mohit dagga) is back on shooting in kumkumbhagya. I have seen his latest tweet that he is back and he posted a pic also with purab and kkb’s director sameer before 3 hrs. Guys what is the purpose of his coming back, we will get to know when latest news or update will come or may b in upcoming episodes. Don’t know why but bad senses r coming in my mind after hearing his come back. Hope his come back will b use for something gud this time and someone gets exposed through him,specially tanu becoz during these days it feels like her exit is near from abhigy’s life. Some peoples r feelings that may b he will b the cause of Bulbul’s death as spoilers and rumours of mrunal’s quitting r spreading very much since many days. Let’s see what will b the exact purpose.

  40. Frnds plz any one can help me… everyday i read ur comments … i watch kkb in zee site using uc browser but now a days kkb is not played in ucbroswer.. i really miss more epi but the other site are telecast oneday only nxt day that links not be opened plz tell some other browser plzzzzzzzz

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