Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking he will not let his fuggi go away from him. Nikhil thinks to call Tanu and inform her that Pragya eloped. He calls her. Tanu says she is on the way and asks about the killer. Nikhil says he is reaching soon. Tanu asks what you are hiding? Nikhil tells her that Pragya eloped from here. Tanu scolds him and says this was last chance for me to marry Abhi. She says there is no solution now and says Aaliya said right that you can’t do anything. She asks him to call Killer and asks him to shoot him. She tells Purab is following her, else she would have come and shoot him. She calls him donkey. Nikhil asks her to shut up and asks her to go back to Mehra house and check if Pragya calls anyone or reaches home. He says if she is coming home then my goons will catch her.

Abhi reaches the kidnapping spot following goons tempo and hides his car. He imagines Pragya there. Pragya gets happy seeing her. Main Tera Hero Hun plays….He opens the rope and frees her hands. Pragya says you are my super hero. They fall each other in the grass. His imagination ends and thinks to save Pragya. Damru asks Nikhil why did he call them back. Nikhil scolds the goons. Goon says he heard the sound, but thought how she can escape. Abhi enters there and thinks what he has become in love. Nikhil slaps the goon for not informing them.

Abhi sees goons there and thinks it seems they are there. Nikhil says you can’t do anything. He says if you people do any mistake then I will not leave you all. Damru says even you was here, but couldn’t stop her from eloping. Nikhil slaps him repeatedly. Abhi hears him and thinks whose voice is this, and finds it familiar.

Taya ji scolds Mitali and says everyone is worried here and you wants to sleep. Tanu returns home. Mrs. Mehta asks where did she go and says she was in tension. Tanu asks her to stop it and says I am not a small kid, can take care of myself. She says when I came to Mumbai alone, did you get tensed. She asks her not to question her and let her live her life her way. Mrs. Mehta asks what was that important work? Tanu says she went for important work and tells that she has a big loss as someone left. Aaliya asks her to relax and come with her to room. Tanu says I will not go anywhere. Aaliya takes her forcibly to room.

Abhi tries to see Nikhil’s face and thinks he is the ring master. He throws something and tries to see his face. They think cat is inside. Abhi thinks he shall not take chance and save Pragya first. He thinks Pragya will be surprised seeing me and thinks how to greet her.

Abhi thinks how did she come so fast. Dasi says she would have returned from half way. They think that she must have found that Purab followed her and that’s why returned. Dadi asks what is her plan. Dasi says she will find out and will record their plan. Pragya thinks she will reach her hero and thinks how they will react. She imagines meeting Abhi. Abhi says I am so happy and calls her rani/Jhansi ki rani and hugs her. She thinks she wants to reach him soon and hugs him.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they have to keep eye on everyone and have to hear with whom they are talking to on phone. Aaliya says how is this possible. She sees dasi eavesdropping on them. Meanwhile Nikhil attacks Abhi wearing mask.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sree1603

    Ooooooo god save me from this how long they will drag a single day but love to abhigya’s expectations when they see each other

    Please make them unite soon

  2. kumkum bhagya

    aur kitne din thak stretching karenge iss kidnaping track ko aakhir kab milenge abhi aur pragya at least serial mein actres ki costums tho change karo na boring hai

  3. man ekta should let nikhil kill abhi and done with this shitty story and when he finish killing abhi he should go look for pragya and kill she ass too then he should go marry tanu end of story lol sorry guys wishful thinking but this serial is never ending more drama day by day

  4. It would have been better if Tanu married Abhi. At least this stupid show have come to a halt. Pragya ji, dont you get tired after getting kidnapped this much?

  5. Again they started the same crap
    Now abhi will be kidnapped and they will use him to trap pragya
    Then pragya will be caught while abhi tries to save her
    I feel like crying why we audience are punished like this
    Just because we love to see abhigya united it doesn’t mean they can test our emotions
    After seeing this I feel whether there is justice and truth are there

  6. Same old rubbish- cat& mouse game again for another two weeks. I notice the briefing on upcoming episode are all lies. What they say is not what is shown on the serial.

  7. R foolish director n writer really want to end the track because they show the serial of 30 minute in which 9 minute waste in advertisements 10 minutes wastes in pragya n abhi imaginary romance 5 minute waste in dadi’s fail planning 5 minutes waste in aliya scolding tanu n tanu scolding nikhil and in last 1 minute abhi or pragya take the action in reality serial episode finished. After watching precap fans hope that in next episode something is going to happen but nothing is happen in serial n if fans again feel that in tomorrow episode something going answer is no because again same story repeat first 9 mine waste in advertisements then 5 minute waste in abhi n nikhil fighting 5 minutes waste in tanu and aliya argue, 3 minute wastein dasi recording planning fail 6 minute waste in abhi want to see the nikhil face but fail n nikhil n his gang run away last 2 minutes maybe waste in truck driver was the member of nikhil goons n precap

    1. it mean episode finish in same way as we seen in last episode the story don’t move an inches it’ stops at same place which would seen last episode

  8. I didnt think that the writers could make the characters look anymore foolish but i was wrong.

  9. Rockingangels

    God plz KILL me. Seriously dragging the same sh!t from 20 days

  10. I don’t understand how many times Pragya will get kidnapped but the story writers should certainly have more imagination than just keep repeating the kidnapping story…….but then maybe that is the culture.this is however the most ridiculous love story ever.

  11. We are tired of commenting because we will soon sound like broken records…the same thing all over again with the same character and same moves. With the new track of memory lost I was enjoying the show because i thought writers and whole production team that no matter what Tanu and Alia did to seperate true love, Pragya was the woman in Ahbi’s life be it arranged marriage or developing true feelings…that the connection was there no matter who stood on the way. But woh they are taking things to another level with the same stupid idiotic manipulations from some crazy murder filled minds… same scenario we have witnessed from the beginning. The writers believe they get lots of accolades when the trio humiliate Pragya and family but its so irritating.

  12. Oh my god.. almost diz is 4th or 5th time kidnapping episodes inthe story…wt is ur main concept… writers hav u lost ur minds.. waste serial ever….

  13. what rubish. ……what is kumkum bhagya anyway!!!why they don’t end this show! !!!it’s really nonsense

  14. Christine johnson

    Stupid show. Wasting my time. Same thing over and over. PRAGYA must have been kidnapped hundred times. One hour when they meet up watching each other.

  15. Actually dears viewers the writer are enjoying to bore us and tourcher us if this serial goes like this I would really hate this serial they are reading our comment whatever we are saying about kumkum Bhagya it is boring they know already but enjoy to bore us by dragging one topic for a months I hate this serial first it was marriage track and now prqgya finding track stop fooling us writer and director how long you are goona make serial so boring I read only I stop watching this super boring serial long back ago so boring I even don’t like logo it is not true kumkum Bhagya she always failed and tanu win I hate this serial I don’t want waste my time to watching

  16. Ekta is trying to make the longest running show so she keep repeating the same old things. So all can stop watch because next year same time the show will not move. Pragya who is a lecturer at a university and to be a critical thinker is looking so dumb and foolish. Abhi does not seems to have amnesia he seems to have lost his brain some where and have a empty head. As for the society and all his fans they also seems to have amnesia.

  17. Story is stretch to much, plz end this drama asap

  18. fed up with tiz track
    eppa dhan pa intha tanu track a mudipeenga

  19. hahahaha what a storyline!!!! it makes me laugh to think about the audiences who watch this shit and help ekta kapoor earn money with such a nonsense drama… if everyone discards this serial then only the story will come to an end otherwise this is just a never ending circus….tanu and abhi marriage is the world’s longest marriage maybe….one phera is still left….i m losing my patience… i liked sriti and sabir but they lost my respect playing this drama like they will hav no work else….huge salute for mrunal snd purab they called it quits when the serial had some sense left…

  20. Please end this story for god sake

  21. I second that GWENDIS, this is pathetic now. I love Twist of Fate, but now, I don’t watch it. I just read the updates.Irritating really.

  22. i guess in 800 episodes of kumkum bhagya almost 400 episodes would have been dreams and flashback .USELESS SHABBIR and SRITI JHA

  23. Namita Shukla

    Boring!! literally boring, I m watching the serial for the past 02 years and watching the same story over and over again..The serial should be culminated..

  24. Please can’t this series end already, OMG,I’m so tired of this series

  25. In the time of crisis too,all they can think of is dreaming.. Ridiculous..

  26. Is serial me bus villain hi powerful dikhaya Hai hero heroine to pure zendu Hai. Hamesha harate rehate Hai villain se. Or abhi ki memory kb ayegi wapas or Kitna stretch kroge bhai is drame ko.

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