Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Abhi and pragya to check Sarla’s room. Abhi checks her cupboard. Tanu thinks Abhi should check in other almira. Everyone looks anxiously. Tanu sees Kumkum Bhagya legal notice and gets an idea. Purab and Akash checks also. He says there is nothing here. Abhi apologizes to Sarla. Sarla asks him not to apologize. Abhi says if you are done Tanu, lets go. Tanu says 1 min and takes out bag. She throws money from the bag. Everyone is shocked. Abhi feels disgusted and couldn’t believe. Pragya is left shocked. Tanu smiles and tells Pragya that Abhi says you have magical eyes, and says she also knows magic. She says this is that money only which you brought. She says you have opened my cupboard lock and locked your mouth instead. She says I told you not to raise finger

on me, and says 4 fingers are on you and mum. She says you are trapped because of that money. She says your mum have drown and asks her to leave the house.

Tai ji asks Mitali to learn something from Sarla, and says she has stolen the money very cleverly. She says we would have been crore patni if we have the money. Mitali asks Tai ji to learn something from Sarla, saying she is of your age and weight, but with clever mind. Tai ji says only we have right on that money and says she will not accept defeat easily. Mitali laughs and says you have already lost. Tai ji calls Inspector and tells about the theft in the house. She asks him to come fast.

Dadi asks Abhi to listen to her. Abhi says I can’t see that. Dadi says everyone will think you are doubting on Sarla. Abhi says it is not like that. Dadi says it can’t be true. Abhi says I have seen money there with my own eyes and don’t know what is right. Dadi says something is wrong, and says Sarla can’t steal money. Sarla comes and says she is innocent. Pragya says you don’t need to clarify and says everyone trust you. She asks her to remember, who came in her room. Sarla cries. Dadi says someone have kept that bag in your room when you was not there. Sarla says I don’t know who can do this. Tanu says I can understand everything and shows the legal notice of marriage hall. She says this is the court legal notice which Sarla has received. She has to pay 10 Lakhs rupees tax. Abhi reads the notice. Tanu says Sarla is a middle class, how can she get the money. Dadi asks Tanu to keep quiet, and says it is not proved that she has stolen money.

Tanu says if that bag was found in my room, then you would have called me thief. She says Sarla was in need of money. Purab asks her to stop nonsense. Tanu says this is not an excuse, you are closing your eyes and don’t want to see the truth. She says Sarla is a thief and have made hole in the same plate in which she has eaten food. Pragya gets angry at Tanu. Tai ji says Tanu is right and accuses Sarla to be thief. She says it was easy to steal money as Pragya is her daughter. She says Sarla might have acted to be in vegetable state, and know our every move before stealing the money. Everyone is shocked. Sarla cries badly.

Mitali says what you are saying? If Sarla acted to be unwell. She says I heard that mums don’t eat anything in daughter’s house. Pragya asks Abhi to say something and says maa can’t steal anything. She asks him to say something and asks how can she hear anything against her. Tanu thinks Pragya is emotionally blackmailing him. She tells Abhi that Sarla would have asked money from him rather than stealing and manipulates him. Mitali says we should get our rooms checked and don’t know what else she would have stolen from the house. Abhi asks them to keep quiet. He tells Sarla that he got motherly love from her, and he can’t see tears in her eyes, whenever you was in trouble…I used to come there. I know what you would have felt when you got the notice. You regards me as your son….you would have told me that you needed money, and says it is not right to steal money….Sarla is shattered.

Sarla says she didn’t feel hurt when others accused her, and says she haven’t stolen money and have not kept it in room. Abhi tells Dadi that we shall end the matter right here. We will not talk about it. Tanu says it is a huge amount and says if you forgive her, then she will steal again. Abhi says you are not family member and asks her to stay out of it. Tai ji says I am a family member and can ask her, but someone else will ask her. Abhi asks who? Tai ji says Police….she says thief have to be caught. Abhi says if that money is yours. He asks her to call Police and take back the complaint. Police comes there. Everyone is shocked.

Precap:Tanu tells Abhi that Sarla needs to be punished. Purab asks Abhi to stop Sarla from going to jail and says she is innocent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Devil

    Hasan ji thanks for faster updates… But episode as usual only boring… Brainless pragya & useless abhi… Totally the writer’s brains are in out of service still now…

  2. karthu

    What’s going on this serial… Its fully waste… Always evil plans win … .. n abhi so fool.. Ithini fool hotha hei kya? He consider sarala as his maa but at that time he believe that she stolen money… n pragya house owner banke aya…now she also silent in front of evil tanu… n abhi ki chachi wo bol rahi hei, like that rs uski hei.. n she also wish n try to stole the money… The show is go worst on day by day.. The writers r making good actors n viewers blo*dy fool.. If they continuing this track ye think karke…this show remain in the top position, its because of abhigya s scene.. That also fool viewers.. It s logic less show ho rahi hei…today episode is also worst… If they end tanu’ s story .. Then it will bring the story nice..

  3. Priyaraj

    today’s episode was simply disgusting no doubt due to todays episode millions of viewers might have got heart attacks due to continuous insults and dragging.

    • Brintha

      priyaraj.. heart attack will come maximum 3 times… last one year we hv got 300 times..because every episode of last one year was qualified for heart attack… see still we all are alive.. credit goes to kkb.. ???

  4. laura

    Really ……i see now is time to boycott show how can evil win all the time .i am totally fed up.

  5. beauti

    feels like story writter has completely lost her mind. once kumkum bhagya used to be one of my fav serial.

  6. Brintha

    cvs are thinking we are jobless
    cast and crew are helpless
    so episodes are coming as useless
    kkb is becoming worthless
    we cud not ignore, we are hopeless..
    totally we all are becoming shameless shameless shameless.. ??????

    • Sahithi

      Nice poem, must tweet to cast n crew…

      I missed today because of channel transmission problem. Thank God, if channel was there I would have tuned in by default. And after such an episode I wouldn’t dare start watching any other daily show esp Ekta’s again. Feeling very lucky…

      So who all are joining me in celebration of Abhi character assassination today? Pragya was long dead for me, today Abhi joined that list.

      Abhi again proved that he is no Suresh or Purab, given such a situation can’t even dream them to say what Abhi said today to Sarla.

      And before sorting out this mess and pushing Tanu out of MM if Pragya again behaves like Fuggy with Abhi or romances him, no one will forgive Pragya for what she brought upon her mom, in an attempt to supposedly save Abhi.

      For a moment I felt like 2 families that share same values should get their kids married, status n financial equality n all next, but if they differ in core human values, then we will see what we r seeing daily in MM.

      • shobana

        ✋✋ myself sahithi
        I was really shocked to see abhi’s conversation towards sarla ma.
        I agree with you sahithi, before sorting this issue if pragya romance with abhi means it will be proved that pragya is the most selfish woman and for her abhi is more important than her mother’s self respect

    • Swetha..

      Damn Good poem .. lol ofcourse we are shameless shameless by watching this shameless serial ….

    • Teeshta

      Wah wah Brintha tumhari rhymic comment serial se kai guna achi hai… tanu ki besuri taan sun sun ke kaan pak gaye hain…

  7. asmitha

    about epi nothing as expected really one thing is very bad abhi asking sarla maa y she stolen money at that moment I felt that a slap needs to him but after that he Said that to tanu to stay out of their family matter its nice but today abhi is really a stupid fellow from segment we know that sarla maa is not going to arrest it’s gd but after this what about abhigya is they again going to separate r they will continue their romance

    • Megha

      I agree with you asmitha. He needs proof for every thing. He is in love with Pragya and thought Sarla maa as his own mother. May be he can trust only what is seeing. For this itself Pragya want to leave this house with her mom. She is not considered about her mom she is selfish in only her married life. Totally a stupid story line. The lead role doesn’t have any good characteristics. She is simply left bulbul’s death, her mom tried to be got killed, now she is cornered as theif but she saves only her husband. Is this the characteristics of the lead role???? Now it’s really a crap.

      • asmitha

        really megha u r correct this abhi needs pragya only for romance and she too same see yaar when they knows they both love each other what is the need of proof and the other is about abhi if proof is available then he believe anything and our pragya madam she is a big stupid when he was saying she stood simply how can be a daughter like this now also she need to find a proof but really it becoming worst day by day really but in yesterday epi I didn’t expect abhi like this really he is a big dumb

      • shobana

        Yes asmitha u r right abhi needs pragya only to romance. There is no trust between abhigya. If pragya trusts abhi that he would believe her means instead of this mogambo avatar she would’ve told everything to abhi. And if abhi trust pragya means after she turned as mogamgo also he would have found out its his fuggy only and she is acting. It took very time for abhi to find that she is his fuggy only and that too to eye wash the audience. So its proved from yesterday episode that there is no trust between abhigya
        Whereas the trust level between abhi and tanu is very high. Which shows abhi loves tanu and not pragya

    • asmitha

      ya shobana I to agree with u but as per segment abhi saves sarla maa by seeing yesterday epi I didn’t understand that he saved her because of his reputation r he believing that she not stolen the money I really not get it if he did it because of reputation then he is the most worst stupid by knowing also pragya is still continues romance with abhi and she is the most worst daughter but I am eagerly waiting for abhigya conservation how it will be what you say about this shobana r others

  8. apps

    So in kkb real culprits who try to do murder , kidnapping rome in free air ,go to foreign trips and innocent ones goes to jail in 4G speed . If now pragya doesn’t do anything against tanu then it will prove the dumbness of pragya and her so called avengers team. And didn’t except this from abhi…..he is believing evil tanu instead of his love pragya and sarla ma.

    • ar

      atleast now she wont open their idiotic mouth 2 sy tanu is not preg with abho even after all this
      …wht crap

  9. steffyrao

    Someone mentioned that the script writers must read some John Grisham books to learn how to write an investigative script.
    I think KKB script writers wil find J Grisham novels too deep & definitely lack the ability to even write or understand J Grisham style. The dialogues for the past 2days have been so senseless.
    Tanus dialogue. ..empty vessel makes the loudest noise. Its a given. And shes an outsider! !!
    Not forgetting Pragyas daft & dumb reaction & response.
    As for Abhi…i really dont know whst to say.. Cvs have killed his intelligence.
    If you put “animal farm” to watch the past 2 episodes. …even they wld yawn & laugh at the same time.
    Seriously frustrating.
    Perhaps i can recommend Enid Blyton or
    Nancy Drew series . Pls cvs read those series which kids love.

    • Stupid crap
      Idiotic dragging
      How could Abhi talk to Darla ma like that
      Its writers plan
      I won’t watch this episode
      Waiting for good one

  10. Thahira

    Hi friends. I have been a silent reader since tanu pregnancy drama started. Today kumkum bhagya has crossed all its limits. When that bastard tanu blamed sarla maa of theft, everyone including pragya just remained silent. Why can’t pragya give a tight slap to tanu and expose her that moment?? Why still dadi keeps quiet?? Seriously the writers have lost mind. Everyone knows tanu truth except abhi then for what sake they are just keeping their mouth tight shut?? At least abhi could have slapped tanu when she blamed sarla maa. Day by day this serial is driving me crazy

  11. Vadhu

    Superb rhyming brintha sis.
    How abhi can doubt on sarla maa?
    He became too dumb to hear.
    I’m not going to read updates also.
    It makes me more frustrated.
    How are guys ?
    How are you,reji sis?
    After four days I am reading this update, but still the same thing is going on.writers are useless. They are making our favorite stars very dumb..
    Faltu story and bevkoof writers…

  12. Amu

    Too bad that all of us who watch its because we are all hooked on the main lead characters but CVS want to make the villain the lead. I read all the comments daily and can totally understand the frustration. My sympathies to my fellow fans of Abhigya…its reallly sad that those who create the show can kill it also 🙁

  13. koki

    Hey totally fedup yar.. me too hate this dragging.. end up this tanu track.. abhi s fool. .

  14. Ankush kumar

    Hi friends, i am new here. How are you all.
    I think the writters are showing these things as it will be a great result over Tanu when she will be exposed nd will get out from Mehra house.
    When Abhi will come to know the reality of Tanu. he will recall the wrong decision he has taken for family members with Tanu. In same recalling series he will also recall sarla maa (today scene). So writers are showing these. I think so.

  15. varsha94

    Stop the crap running in the show…people who r watching it r not so fool to believe wat all u show.. One cannot b fooled to this extent..

  16. Devi

    What hapnd to Kb writrz… Realy, ths s d worst show i hav evr seen… Lyk me, many of dem already stopd watchn ths show… B’coz of ths track, m gng to stop readng ths crap soon.

  17. Ami

    What a rubbish dregging? pragya ki pury family ko ek ke bad ek ko gunegar banate aa rahe hai pahele do bahene ( ek ko chor banake gunegar bana diya ek ko mar diya )ab uski ma par chori ka ilzam????? what the hell going in this story? Ektaji dimag dodao ab!!!!
    Do din kuchh achha 10 days rubbish

  18. raven

    is Abhi for real? how can he accuses Sarlaji of theft? where is this serial heading to? how long will it take to expose Tanu 1 week 2 month 1 year? real bullshit nothing can be more insulting and embarassing than what Abhi just did to his mother in law she should not stay there any longer Pragya should stay cause she has to prove her mother innocence i just hope tanu gets caught and stop prolonging this damn serial

  19. Naveen

    Sarla maa not go to jail tomorrow abhi will stop and see I’m cctv camera next day or tomorrow’s

  20. Frustrated

    Absurd, ludicrous, injudicious, stupid story line!!! I came here to read the update after several months and nothing has changed – looks like the show is at a standstill. Tanu is still pregnant and her evil tactics are prevailing!! Ridiculous beyond a limit !!!!! Wonder what the writers and producers are trying to prove, preach and showcase about Indian TV serials and culture with such shows. Do they think people have no brains and has nothing else to do that they are injecting such nonsense in their minds. It is an embarrassment. Everyone should stop watching the show and send a note to Zee TV to stop this show. I will check after another 3-4 months to see if the show is still ON (with a better story line) or OFF air. I feel bad that I wasted 5-10 minutes of my time today to find out what is happening in the show and write this note out of utmost frustration. Thanks to all those that provide the written updates; nothing against you.

  21. Nithi

    Is really oragya daughter of sarala maa…I think she never bother abt her own family getting hurted by these evils continuously…she only wants her love tat is protecting Abhi n his property frm devils…

    such a nice character. ..I hate pragya nowadays totally..

    how cum she is so silent wen tanu is insulting sarala maa..
    atleast now anyone should tell d truth to abhi..
    but our hero never beleive anyone without proof. ..and he is always surrender to tanu words..but he is in true love with pragya..

    wat a story…
    now in pragya family only Janaki maa is left. So pragya will search again proof to find out d money…by d time tanu will accuse janaki maa..n she is also go to jail. ..

    OMG plz save us frm this illiterate story

    • ar

      finding few notes n sarla room is a great proof….but if wvery 1 tells the truth its nor the proof wht bullsgit

  22. Abraham Lawer

    Foolish episode. Abhi is not having mind to think how to make this things .Always Pragya is in trouble . Abhi have to think very well

  23. Xxx

    Oh Lord…this serial is getting disgusting…and is of total crap…!! It’s more than a year now I believe that pragya is trying to expose tanu….I’m bored of this serial….it’s completely a waste of time to watch this..!!

  24. Abraham Lawer

    If i can stop this seriels online .kumkum bhagya is now boring me now. After they finished acting . Have they be sitting to watch how they are fooling theirselves by theur writter of kumkum bhagya

  25. Nila

    I have never seen the show lead as such a dumb character:-( why Abhi not using his brain yaar.. it seems writer wants us to believe that the drama by Pragya&co is necessary to make Abhi to understand the fact that he is gonna marry his GF who is going to be mother of someone’s child..woofffff:-P

  26. Nandu

    As I said in my ystrday cmnt samethng happened ufff pragya u r nw shame on the name of daughter…n abhi…does he exist ? are yar he z nt in teens to believe wat he saw with eyes…n pragya she has power of attorney n still silnt n tanu who has no authority dng her blah blah…?seriously watevr pragya dne till nw is bullshit.n dadi ?tu tho mahan…..abhi nly believes u…but u hide truth 4m him….n diz abhi if samething happens with his dadi does he believe..crap crap KB??

    • Raven

      This show is Pure NONSENSE and it has gotten out of hand. I will NOT watch this rubbish.

      • Shubham

        you will totally hate and leave to watch if you read the comment of may 18th 2015 episode it prove how they dragging to story

  27. Venny

    I’m real fan of kkb.. But these day it was becoming worse.. Please makers, end this bakwaas Tanu’s episode.. N make KKB as a no.1 show as previous!!

    • Shubham

      we watch serial to enjoyment but the way they leading their serial is toooooo torturing so it’s good to leave to watch this serial if you want it you read the written episode of 18th may 2015 then you will find that how they are dragging, it prove that Tanu’s pregnancy started from march 2015 and till now they just focus on pregnancy’s case, Tanu ‘s pregnant is just like 4-5 month, so, their character ‘s role is very disgusting.

  28. Bujji

    Viewers stop showing this non sense..if u dnt have brins ask us we will go u ideas..or else stop this serial…no.1 mental cases all are here in this serial..no one have a brain to think..what others are doing simply sitting eating nd sleeping waste fellows…
    Atleast learn from bulbul she don’t want all this type of faulty character that’s y she left the show

  29. plz stop this nonsense serial..and start a new serial like kitnu mohabbat hai…I like the serial very much…BT k.k.b is so irritating…..ufffffffffff

  30. vinamk

    This is utter nonsense …… All the time sense the serial has started abhi and pragya comes closer and all this drama…
    .. This tani will never get exposed… its been almost 7 to 8 months now that she is pregnant and not exposed…. This serial going utter nonsense.. boring

  31. Xyz

    Seriously, If I were the actor of this serial, I would have kicked the asses of the writers and left the show since god alone knows when…. What a piece of shit is this! It’s been a year since these intelligent idiots are trying to expose that dumb tanu.

  32. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Can sumone exactly tell me wats worth watching on zee? I only watch kali sassun sare gamapa….

  33. lucky

    this show is very very disgusting. all the time there is dragging the drama unnecessary. and started to show the drama in our country also. i can surely tell that the time of watching drama, the channel will loose becouse of that blo*dy drama. viewers will change to another channal to watch another drama. there are lots of foolish romance between pragya and abhi. i dont knw what kind of angry is feeling to me bcz of this bldy drma. and im very pity for that channel which is started to show kkb. viewers are since. but i dont think so they will watch this drama

  34. di

    now abhi come pragya …………. she want ignore him…..

    then only completed task n leave abhi alone

    pragya n her mom goes some live peace……purab also

    here abhi n useless dadi live with money , brand name rock star

    abhi never ever open his eyes………….

    this is not kumkum bhagya……. it devil or evil bhayga (boc always evils win the show )

  35. shabana

    kumkum bhagya my foot..in starting i hav no words to say about abhigya and now i dont have any lovable words abt this nonsence stupid serial.just waste of time..first it self i will stop watching this serial but i only continued seeing for abhigya but all the time kkb proves that always evils wins..now i thinks if the serial run fr one yr by chance ofcourse in next zee rishtey awards the worst family award go kkb..we cannot say about abhigya or character in that serial one and only keep us hating the serial is ekta..i have ever seen a serial like this u had given us..and ekta pls we beg us to stop the tanus drama u r testing our patients..and its enough in only one thing i love abhigya is the best ff of abhigya and ofcourse reji naveena ur ff r just ming blowing..ekta dont want to unite abhigya but in ur ff pls unite abhigya..and reji pls update ur next episode soon pls pls .to see this kkb i am saying that i am happy while reading ur ff reji.thanks a lot and update ur next episode as soon as posible..

  36. vabouniajoe

    Boring and dragging nothing else in this serial, waste of time better end this serial soon irritating repeating the same for the whole year.

  37. LJ


    OMG. Writers make indian shows look like SHIT!!!!
    Poor Sarla character…
    I’m so done with this story and it’s lead players whose characters have no integrity… Many are so greedy
    In fact manipulation and greed are the core of this story
    Goodbye KKB
    Tired of the message you deliver

  38. Hema

    I stopped watching this serial months ago when my parents gave up on it and turned to a star plus serial instead. I was disappointed but I didn’t want them to watch it just because I liked abhigya. I just thought I’d read an update today after months to see if abhi and pragya have finally united but it doesn’t seem like I’ve missed anything. I’ll return in about 6 months to see if Tanu has been exposed.

  39. Neha

    SHITTY SHITTY crap annoying disgusting boring bullshit .. are perfect words for KKB ..lol

  40. Kiran


  41. Omer Sher (OSS07)

    This kkb became real bs; the writer, director and producers all thinks the viewers all over world are idiots. Givethem whatever ganja they will have inhale it. Be mature and write good story line. Ask the viewers they will give you better story line.

  42. Sandra Ramsook

    I think this is the worse Indian serial I have ever seen. Most of them normalky insult d viewers intellugence. However, this 1 in particular takes d cake.The writers are obssed with evil n feels it will always win.They are probably li.ving out their personal dreams Also if they have run out of new n dufferent ideas then just end d serial.To b seeing d same storyline over n over for more than a year is ridiculous n most boring. Their main characters r brainless.


    This episode started so good it was one of the very nicely portrayed serial …buf looks like
    Ekta Kapoor wants to stretch it so much that people should get bored and stop watching..
    God knows what she is upto…she should get another writer and director who knows how to
    play this story forward…it is very sad…the TRP is really going down????

  44. Vahalya

    Writers don’t know how to end tannu track .. tats why such nonsense coming out….u stop just drag til end of d year..

  45. Madhu

    Wowwww..what a mother n son relation,
    what a wife n husband relation,
    what a family n family member relation,
    what a best friends relation,
    no trust ..
    what a girlfriend n boyfriend relation, only trust..
    I think Abhi actually loves Tanu it seems not Pragya..that’s why he believes her always n follow whatever she says n easily tells in her manipulation..

    Finally a little left over good impression on Abhi is also gone today..
    Finally Tanu is the ultimate ruler of the house..
    Finally Pragya is proved that she doesn’t deserve the name of owner of MM..
    Finally every viewer started hating Abhi..
    We lost the excitement on exposing Tanu,
    We lost the interest on waiting for Abhigya reunion,
    We lost the interest on watching their romance,
    We lost the interest on Dadi’s lectures,
    We lost the interest on talking about this show,
    We lost the interest on reading the updates..
    And finally we are lost due to this KUMKUMKUMKUMKUMKUM BHAAAAAAAAAAGYAAAAA……

    • asmitha

      u r correct madhu by seeing this stupid epi I think no one is interested to see their romance am the first in that

  46. Reji

    Hello friends…came back to Chennai !…Hurrah !!…i missed u all so much ….and aishwarya yesterday I read ur comment. …i am so happy that u loved my comment …thank u so much aishu ….and the only question running in my head is …tanu is exposed or not ??…en mandaiye vedichurum pola irukku ….my head will burst out of tanu is not exposed !!…

    • shobana

      Hi ? reji
      Its good to hear that you returned Chennai. How was ur trip ?? Have u enjoyed??
      And by the way how can u expect tanu be exposed so soon. It can’t happen in the history of kkb.
      Right now pragya’s 1 crore money has been stolen by tanu. When pragya search for money she couldn’t find it and infront of the family members money has been searched in each of the family members room and pragya doubts tanu might have stolen it. So she searched in her room but couldn’t get anything. Atlast tanu ask to check sarla ma room and they checks sarla ma room and found the money then sarla ma says I didn’t but teji taunts and call the police. Even abhi believes that sarla ma has stolen the money.

      Yesterday reji I got nice scolding from my mom. Though I didn’t watch for past 3 days by default when kept zee TV and my mom after seeing tanu she got angry and said indha ullagathula ippadi oru kuppa serial eh pakka mudiyadu. Unnaku arivu irrundha indha kuppa serial eh parpiya nu . Had nice scolding so I didn’t watch yesterday too . This is the first time I didn’t watch kkb for continuously 3 days

      • Reji

        shobana …..thanks for telling wat happnd these days !!……..by God’s grace i was in out of station and didn’t watch the episodes….and i enjoyed well ……i will share the images ……wat all i visited ……..do u have twitter account ??…….no problem i will share the link …..and i missed u so so much …….enga mummykku aluthu pochu …..innuma tanu expose agala kekuraanga …… …….abhikkum pragyavvukkum baby poranthurukkum la nenaicchen…apdi kettanga ……….i laughed so much!!…….

  47. khloe

    OK well i really don’t like where the show is going cause right about now the writers making me feel like true love doesn’t exist.Why keep bringing problems in pragya’s wat can’t the show just have a happy ending and all this conspiracy with tanu your just showing us negativity and that there’s no happy ending in life why do that it’s so stressful to watch a soap opera with never ending problems it’s like your making a statement that there’s no happiness in life i am so disappointed

  48. shobana

    I can’t understand abhi
    Wats going on in his mind. One side he is asking sarla ma y u stolen money. Otherside he is asking tanu to step aside as she is not a family member.

  49. Nandu

    Irony of this srl is aliya who did murder is free bird n pragya the mahan didn’t and her to jail…n poor sarla for the theft she didn’t do ..police came to arrest..wow…..crap crap????

  50. Rabgay

    Yeah its really stupid of course the worse serial of zee this days. Kumkum is my favourite so far but prolonging same irritating twist and always using gods name and making evil tanu to win is disgusting. All the zee tv serials have came up with different twist after solving problems but kumkum so disgusting. It has been about two years after released and still tanu is the villain. I think makers like tanu much than pragya, if it is so also why not expose tanu truths to Abhi n unite abigya and keep tanu as villain it self. I think makers are thinking that kumkum bhagya trp ratings is great because of their prolonging disheartening twist but many watch it only because to see the perfect jodi abhigya, but now i have stopped watching it n i don’t know how long it will take to unite abhigya. I think when two finally unite the serial would end that’s why they are prolonging same irritating twist for more than year

  51. gowtham

    may i say one thng… its very easy to predict episode is good or bad or wrst…. if we juz come and see telly is more than enough to find about the episode… if less comments are there episode was moderate, if medium comments are there episode is good and awesome… and if high and too much number of comments are there, its easy to say that episode is being the wrst one???? now i juz thut of coming to telly and i thut if high comments ll be there, it’s sure episode is wrst… and same happens?? we people put more comments whn we actually dnt like the episode….

    and about the episode again i dnt wanna say my opinion on this…. and brin yesterday suggestion i asked u and everyone.. u didnt reply at all…. and reji happy to c u again…. hipe u had a good vacation…

  52. visha

    omggggg ab bahut ho gaya. What was Kumkum Bhagya when it first started and look where it is now. Now it is absouletly disgusting. From this forum, I didn’t even read one positive comment for this episode. That should be a hint for the makers, who are so ignorant. Someone call Ekta, Ashna Srivastava, Nitin, or the other creative directors etc and teach them something.

  53. visha

    First of all, how long does a woman’s pregnancy last? In the real world nine months and in Kumkum Bhagya it seems like Tanu’s pregnancy is never ending. Its over a year now since she was found to be pregnant and still she has three more months to go..Get real.. Where does Ekta Kapoor find such dumb writers and directors who do not have an ounce of creativity in them? There is no story line to this show, they are still dragging the same track for the last year. Every serial made by Ekta kapoor just goes from bad to worse right after the first few episodes. It is soon approaching to becoming one of the worst and most boring shows if they continue with this idiotic track. They have such wonderful actors like Shabbir and Sriti working for them and all they have accomplished is making these actors look like fools. Shabbir is an amazing actor and they have him portraying a role in which he just come across as idiotic and clueless all the time. Why are you guys wasting their amazing talents? Please get rid of Tanu. She is so irritating and get rid of Aliya. You’ve been showing the same crap since this show started. We get it…
    Add something new to the show. Change the storyline or something. There’s so much you can do with it. Start with firing the directors and the writers of this show or just close shop and stop torturing people. Stop wasting everyone’s time, energy and money.
    Ekta Kapoor stop making such stupid dumb shows and if you lack creative ideas, maybe take a break and watch other Indian serials not made by Balaji telefilms. End this show or atleast change the track for crying out loud.

  54. ansh

    Hush!!!! saved my self from everyday’s mental torture by leaving to watch this crap a month ago WORST INDIAN SERIAL ever or i may say sasural simar ka part 2
    Bullshit i wonder how some people can tolerate watching this nonsense even aliens will go mad by showing them this drama

  55. Yar simply disgusting.
    U remember once stealing happened but pragya used CCTV camera to expose the truth. Then where did that stupid camera is now.
    The makers simply have no brains.
    I once again recommend u people to watch Pakistani dramas. U will love them. As in Indian I always noted dragging and they always loose there track dignity morals and cultural values. How can simply a truth cannot be proven

  56. Shaz

    Guys today the hero became zero.
    Which kind of proofs pragya hoping to expose takhil??
    Bcoz dadi, purab, rachna, akash, sarla maa, & pragya all r evidence.
    In normal court they r acceptable. OMG!! I have forgotten that this is mehra court no. In this nonsense court deaf judge (abhi) can hear only his loveable, beautiful girlfriend tanu’s tune no.
    Then y this pragya & co trying separate two love birds (tabhi). Oh just let him marry tanu and end this serial. Bcoz the writer also like the negativity no.
    Without exposing tanu the writer is bringing unnecessary situations to drag more…
    I think someone has pause the writer’s brain when the pregnancy chapter starts. And that person has forgotten to play it again.
    Pls play the brain.
    Pragya has to massage the writer’s head unless abhi’s head.
    Bcoz there will b no any use by massaging dead brain (abhi’s brain).
    Hope the writer’s brain want to b working by pragya’s massages.
    If it doesn’t work, then the writer must want to try tanu’s excellent massage.

    • shobana

      Shaz now I understood why pragya is always running behind proof. Because sarla ma is like a ma for abhi, but he didn’t trust her. He believes that she is a thief because of kkb marriage hall tax papers which is a proof against sarla ma. So it clearly shows that abhi doesn’t believe anyone even if it is his ma or wife dadi or anyone else and he needs only proof for all sort of accusations.
      What if the money case has been found in dadi’s room??? Will abhi doubt on dadi too. ????

  57. Hi?guys. How r u all? Reji glad that u came back. Sorry guys for commenting late as there r some problems happening with my phone?, it is not working properly. I was posting comment from last night but becoz of the problem of my phone, it couldn’t happen. I used my brother’s phone to comment. I M trying so much that my phone gets fine but let’s see. Anyways come to thefidcussion of episode. Thank god I missed this episode too otherwise how I tolerates it. Pragya’s original chatacter was already dead. Now abhi’s too. Both have been fallen from audience’s mind. Whatelse is left to watch in the show and whatelse is left to say? Only crap,crap and crap. That’s it.

    • Hai pratiksha I’m good…
      Hw abt u???
      Yup me to didn’t watch.. Thank god escaped from the crap
      Yeah u r right theyr gnggng to fall from audience eyes I think
      Actors are amazing but the story line is nonsense???
      I vl only read written updates
      I won’t watch the show until good episode come
      BTW what happened to ur phone??

      • Don’t know kutty. It seems my phone has affected from virus. That’s why it is not working properly even it is refusing to open my net. Whenever I starts it, it starts installation of useless apps automatically and my phone’s memory gets full becoz of it. Then it starts hanging. I have reset my phone’s settings and apps but now also it is creating some problem. I think I have to change my phone. But my brother said that he will gift me on this rakshabandhan. So till then, I have to manage with it only. ?

    • asmitha

      hai pratiksha I thought that by seeing the epi u r not interested to comment really good that u not seen epi by seeing segment also I have not interested to see today epi and also abhigya romance

    • Reji

      I am fine Pratiksha .. how r u ??……even my phone also is not working properly ……often getting hanged …….and stucked ………don’t know y this problem is cmg ??>……so i commented in my mom’s phone …….my mobile is samsung galaxy s-3 … my mom’s phone is same samsung galaxy but j-7…..so anyone knows y this problem comes ??…….and pratiksha from tanu stealing the money and till now i didn’t watch the episodes …..becoz during that episode out of station …….and can u make clear summary wat happnd in these 4 days ??…….

      • Reji i too didnt saw last two episodes but what i got from updates i m giving u that detail. Tanu the lockers keys from abhigya’s room in midnight and then she steals 1 crore rupees according to nikhil’s plan. She keeps the briefcase in sarla maa’s room with some money in it so sarla maa and pragya both gets trap for stealing the money and she could throw them out from by abhi. of the money she gives to nurse and to pay hospital’s bills of nikhil. In next morning, she forces abhi to ask share in that money from pragya Pragya takes abhi and everyone to the locker room to give him money. When she opens the locker, briefcase of money vanishes from there. Tanu immediately takes next step of her plan and start putting blame on pragya that she stole the money as only she have the keys of lockers. No body believes on her as pragya don’t need to steal beciz she is herself the owner of everything. Pragya calls purab. She tries to search in her and abhi’s room but doesn’t find anything. She wonders who could steal the money. She reminces tanu’s pressures on abhi to ask about money everytime. She thinks it could b only tanu, whi could steal the money. Everybody’s room’s checking happens. Purab comes. Pragya tells him that tanu stole the money and creating drama. Purab says to check tanu’s room. He calls abhi and everyone in tanu’s room and checks her room but doesn’t find anything from there too. Then he wonders and says that it is not just a theft, it is more like someone’s proper planning. Abhi says to matter close as there is no room left to check. Tanu says one room is left. She says to abhi to check sarla maa’s room. Abhi and pragya both refuses to do it but sarla maa and dadi gets ready to check for family’s satisfaction. Everybody comes in sarla maa’s room. Ranu says to purab to check this room with abhi. Abhi and purab checks sarla maa’s room. They gets nothing. Abhi apologizes from sarla maa and says tanu to leave. Tanu stops him and says to check other cupboard. She opens second cupboard and finds kkb hall’s tax papers. She decides to use it a too as an advantage for trapping sarla maa. Then she takes out that money briefcase from her cupboard and falls money from it on the floor. Everybody gets shocked. Abhi feels disgust and moves out from there. Taiji calls police. Dadi stops abhi from and makes him understand that if he will leave live like this then everybody will think that sarla maa did it actually. Abhi says that he is not thinking like this but he can’t ignore that money briefcase too which found in her room in front if his eyes. Dadi says eyes also can’t show the truth every time. Something is wrong happened for sure. Sarla maa says that she didn’t steal the money and cries a lot. Pragya consoles her and tries to defend sarla maa. Tanu comes and shows kkb hall’s tax papers to abhi and says sarla maa steal the money for it. She taunts and insults them. Taiji and mitali too insults sarla maa. Pragya ask abhi to stop them. Abhi shuts them up. He goes to sarla maa and says that she can ask him for help but theft is not right thing. Sarla maa and pragya gets shocked and breaks from abhi’s words. Tanu, mitali and taiji smirks and others gets shocked. Sarla maa says to abhi if he recognize her as his mother then on the mother’s right, she says that she didn’t steal the money and didn’t kept that briefcase in her room. Abhi gets emotional and says to dadi to stop this matter right here. Tanu tries to interrupt. Abhi says her to saty away from family matters. Taiji interrupts and says we can’t question her but other can which is police. Everybody gets shocked. Abhi says taiji to stop police for coming. Reji after this will come today.

  58. Shaz

    The words, which r the worst words in the world to blame something deeply, r dedicated to kkb.

  59. naren

    I was not shocked too abhi’s reactions as I said earlier it was not his fault becoz circumstances are like that only. here whatever has happened we should blame pragya only. she was the one is responsible for whatever happens in mm mansion. Instead of telling him the truth she was searching for proof only. nowadays I hate dadi also. she always keep her mouth shut. I just want pragya to leave mm mansion with her mom to live her life happily.

  60. naren

    We want tabhi romance instead of abhigya. how long time they shows only abhigya. I just want tabhi romance. atleast due to jealous pragya can tell the truth to him

    • Sahithi

      Looks like you want the show to go off air 😀 😀 The only thing left is their romance.

  61. Show is becoming too boring . Please change the story and bring some twist to entertain the audience. Please reveal the truth of tanu.

    • gaju

      Show bahot paka raha hai
      Story writer kuvh b likh raha hai
      Sari baatein clear hai pragya abhi ko batakar sab clear kar sakti hai
      Dna test b hoti hai
      Mai bahot pak gaya hu

  62. Cvs ull hv tried d patience of viewers nw… jus BUZZ OFF !!!! usd to be ma fav. Serial.. bt nw no longer… frst pragya n nw sarla maa… wtf is going on … if ull dnt hv ny further story jus go off air plzzz… almost a yr of dis drggng nonsense bullshit crap tanu’s track.. i mean wtf.. hv ull decided to drag it furthr 1 yr more??? Disgusting.. merry go round serial.. vry upset wit ekta kapoor.. u hv dissapointd ur viewers..

  63. Fr hw mny more years is cvs gonna shw us dis nevr endng track of tanu.. v r bored upto d core.. evryday v wtch d serial in a HOPE tht atleast today tanu wil b exposd.. bt no.. evryday d same stry.. evil tanu wins foolng.. is dis d msg tht ull wanna spread to ppl?? Tht evil wins over goodness..?? Shitty cvs … !!! ?

  64. Felt so bad yestrday whn sarla maa was bearing those 3rd cls taunts frm evil tanu.. n potato moti tai ji who oly knos to hogg n hogg .. greedy lady.. gd fr nothng.. bhakasur tai ji

  65. Fowziya

    Seriously, the writers are in a lack of inspiration or what? Damn how long they will drag this noncense track ? They really donno how to write a story LOGICALLY, i donno when they’ll stop this irrational storyline!
    Is Tanu aka Leena Ekta Kapoor’s “top bud”? ?
    Anyhow i won’t comment about today’s episode.. Good that certain people didn’t watched the episode ? its a BLISS for you all ☺

  66. indu

    Tanu is pregnant more than an year. Is she human or Ekta kappor forgot timelines. Why cant they expose the truth and evolve the story further. It is annoying now and have decided to stop watching. They depict abhi the rock star as most dumb person.

  67. Everyone sees that Tanu is most voicevorus in saying the Sarla should be punished. Why no one doubts that why she is doing it because she is the culprit. Will some body expose he and fast?

  68. Hi shivanya? how r u dear? Today’s ur birthday, right? So once again a very happy birthday to u. May u live long with so much happiness and success in ur life forever.??

  69. Aishwarya

    Hey shivanya today is ur birthday na wish u a many more happy returns of the day i wish u should live long a happy n healthy life.i wish that god fulfil all ur wishes once again a happy birthday have a blasting day

  70. anu

    This is a disgusting story guys.In my point of view pragnya leave that house with her mother. It is so good for her life. Hero always believe villans. Definitely he will punish

  71. Rishneee

    Purab is the real son in law of sarala ma!!! This abhi can be easily manipulative…

  72. aruna

    A small doubt actually aliya was sent to jail for stealing his property by making fraud but why didn’t he send pragya to jail even he knows this is even the fraud thing and he says he loves aliya more than anyone else but this is not the case it proves it. I want pragya to leave mehra house and let tanu and abhi live happily…

  73. gowtham

    shivanya sry fr late wishes pa….. many more happy bday…. got little busy so only couldn’t wish earlier…. anyways happy bday and njoy the day?????

  74. Happy birthday shivanya may god bless u nd hi guys aftr long days m back hope all r fine hw s ur job gowtham..othr ny frnds I misd u alot wat to do som problm coming to shw wat the hell s going on I dont undrstnd y alwys tanu vins chi I jus hate all character that two fat ladies taiji nd mithali I hate completely tey alao fraud idiots gud fr nothing….wer s track goin I donoo tel me one ting is ekra kapoor s lady r som kind of jinn wat she s doing watching tis serial our bp vil raise so much patience v need to wtch tis serial m fed up guys all coz of pragyaa dont no y she stil nt opnd her mouth tis sarla cant tel to abi all accident happns coz tat stupid lady tanu its bettr to watch other serial…..reply me guys

  75. Shubham

    if you read the written update of last year 18th may 2015, it was said by doctor that Tanu was pregnant from1-2 months, as it tanu’s pregnancy started by middle or last of March 2015 and it’s 2016 may 25th they show their confusion at tanu’s pregnancy drama, another thing Tanu’s belly is shown as like her pregnancy running of 4-5 month so what we except from EKTA KAPOOR’S brilliant show. and most of circumstance are repeated like stealing money by one accuse to another, etc, always dominate main character…….full damm plot line

  76. mima

    i don’t think the writers of the series read peoples comments, if they do it will help them to correct some obvious mistakes like Tanu’s pregnancy and understand that viewers are not happy with the direction of the series.
    this series has long since lost its meaning. Ahbi is weak , Pragya is stupid and Tanu the weirdest! the story lines keep repeating , next Dadi or Purab will be accused of theft.

  77. krishali

    main long time se yeh show dekh rhi hu.
    bt aftr watching today epi I hate abhi so mch. u r disgusting. hw can u suspect sarla.
    r u blind. u cant see tnus mistake nd easily suspect sarla.

  78. Aishwarya

    Hey guys i saw a segment today in youtube its so funny i dont understand hindi clearly its based on after d incidence abhigya in same costume pragya crying near mirror they showed that pragya punching abhi with boxing gloves i think its a dream sequence of abhigya definetly prathiksha i dont know hindi that much so u plzz give full update about d segment its an IBN7 news

    • There was a little segment on IBN7. Where pragya is crying in her room for her maa that she was blamed for theft, even by abhi too. Pragya is shattered from this and angry and disappointed with abhi. Abhi thinks to make her calm and her mood fine. Abhi imagines that when he tries to persuade pragya by his tricks. Then pragya’s anger gets more increase and she comes with punching gloves and hits on his face. Sriti tells to reporter that pragya is very upset from this incidence and abhi thinks to make her mood fine but he imagines that pragya will hit him if he will try to persuade her in this situation.

    • Sorry for posting update late as I just got it now. Becoz I didn’t knew that IBN7 also have started it’s show like other news channel, who shows show’s upcoming sequences through segments. I think it started from this week. That’s why less people knows about it. But now as i got to know so i will check it’s update too from now.

      • reji

        ya pratiksha !!……..me too unaware that IBN7 also they will telecast segments….so from now on wards we have to check that updates too and link for that segment is :-


        VIDEO LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOcdSOrsgaA

  79. zuleekhah

    Hi everyone….i am sure there is going to be alot of dragging about the stealing……when it is so easy to find out tanu did it….her finger print must be all over the bag and money nt sarla ma’s nd her finger prints must surely be on the safe also nt sarla ma’s….or was she wearing a glove cus i dont watch it i only read updates…..

  80. Jishitha

    They r dragging like hell idiot kahikas I think they will drag it upto 1000epi then they will reveal the truth . I just lv this serial but now I literally hate it

  81. bithika borah

    Please stop the other matter. Just expose tanu and unite abhigya… it’s too long time of reapiting in the same thing of tanu and nikhil. We r getting bore…

  82. Rucha

    Disgusting ,, show is taking to long and getting to bore .. and what the hell with tanu character..

  83. Vaishanvi

    The one who is writing scripts for this serial might be mad person. It’s really very weired about tanu’s pregnancy.please stop watching this serial. And that lady ekta kapoor doesn’t even have minimum common sense. Serial us giving wrong message to the society.so guys please correct your mistake before someone throws stones on the entire cast of kumkum bhagya.

  84. Aaaaa

    Eeeeew didn’t abhi has it’s own mind ….imean iz he dumb …he only need prooofs..can’t he reveal truth of tanu n nikhil himself he must keep eye n tanu n must follow him …expose this b*t*h tanu or end ds meaningless serial dirty serial …writers wt haz done wd u …don’t u hav any other story in ur mind …or ur brain iz empity end ds foolish drama…. Sooo disgusting serial

  85. taniskha

    Please stop all this nonsense drama …..This show is becoming too much booooooorinnnng ………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.