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The Episode starts with Tanu getting scared seeing Ronnie’s ghost and shouts for help and tries to open the door. She turns towards Ronnie and sees him taking knife out from his blood soaked body. She apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. She opens the door and runs out. Ronnie hides. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Why you are shouting? Tanu tells someone is in the room and tried to kill me. Pragya asks who will want to kill you, and says there is a tight security at home. Abhi asks Tanu to come to her room and says he will check who wants to kill her. Pragya thinks Tanu haven’t took Ronnie’s name and says they shall scare her more. Abhi asks Tanu to come inside, but she refuses and cries. Abhi goes inside the room. Tanu follows him and is scared. Abhi says there is nobody here. Tanu

looks at the mirror and says it was written that he will kill me. She tells Abhi that there is still blood there. Pragya sits down and see nail polish on floor. She says you have colored your hands with blood. Tanu asks what nonsense? Pragya says it is your nail polish. Abhi asks what happened to you? Pragya suggests him to take her to psychiatrist, and be mad if he wants to. She asks Tanu not to wake her up again with her screams.

Abhi thinks Tanu is feeling frustated as she is not married yet. He thinks to get her psychiatric treatment. Pragya talks to someone and says she will not do any concert now and is tired. Abhi comes to her and says he needs to talk to her. He says we have to do something before Tanu’s condition worsens else I will be responsible. Pragya asks why you? Abhi says he couldn’t fulfilled the promise made to her and that’s why she is behaving this way. Pragya asks do you need permission? Abhi asks her to call a good psychiatrist or tell him if she can’t call anyone. Pragya thinks Tanu is suffering because of her bad deeds and thinks she shall accept her crimes else she will get mad.

Rachna asks Mitali about Akash. Mitali says he went to office. Rachna says he has not woken me up, as I was awake because of baby. Mitali says you are lucky to have a loving husband, and says her friend is coming home. Tanu tells Nikhil that everyone is thinking her mad. Nikhil asks why did she take so much stress and says it is just your imagination. He asks her to be normal. Tanu says I thought you will understand my pain, and can’t take Ronnie’s name even after seeing him. She says one day you will know that I told everything truth. He asks her to fix a camera. Tanu says okay and says she will fix camera to know the truth. She keeps the camera and thinks to switch it on before sleeping.

Mitali’s friend Kalpana comes to meet her and talks about her city Kolkata. She asks her to come to Kolkata and do watch VishKanya…..to know about its secrets. Mitali says I will watch it as I enjoy knowing others’ secret. Tanu gets Ronnie’s call and thinks Nikhil is having his phone. Ronnie calls him and says tonight will be last day of your life. Tanu comes out of room and collides with Mitali. She apologizes to her. Mitali asks her to show her eyes. She checks her eyes and says it is fine. She asks her to get her treatment done by the psychiatrist before she gets mad, and tells about a baba. Tanu says I am absolutely fine. Mitali says I have seen this condition before, and asks if the ghost is male or female. Tanu says I am already tensed and asks her not to increase her BP. Mitali says okay, I am not interested. She says Abhi called you to meet him.

Pragya tells Sarla that they are waiting for Tanu’s truth to come infront of Abhi and says she will take revenge for her condition. Purab comes and says yesterday night Bulbul came in his dream and told that Sarla couldn’t sleep entire night. Pragya says Abhi wants to show Tanu to a psychiatrist. Purab says he knows some doctors.

A psychiatrist asks Tanu if she has killed someone and feeling guilty. Tanu says no. Abhi and Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I m very disappointed, Aishwarya is getting welcomed but I am in this group for so much time.and no one even talks to me?????

    1. Hi pooja?U can talk with me anytime. The list of our group is long and it is not possible to intract or connect with each and every member but whoever member asks about anything about the show, we tries to give them reply back as much as possible so We will try to give reply to u too every time if it will b possible as sometimes we could b busy. But mostly we will give u reply. It is sure. So don’t get disaapoint and u r most welcomed in this group?

    2. Yes pooja pratiksha is right …. actually I was very busy with exams and studies ….I will beg my mom to use internet for 10 min after studying …so In between only I can comment. ..and ya u r most welcomed here ….r u from Tamil nadu..

  2. Yeah.. Shreya great news ??

  3. Now this is the worst serial…Just when we people are expecting tanu to be exposed they are bringing a new boring ghost track… This ghost and psychatrist story will drag again …. better stop watching this serial

  4. Hi everyone.. Aliya has started her work. So there may chances of ending tannu’s part soon..

  5. Support takhil! Then only ekta will make them suffer! If u support abhigya she will not get u what u want!

  6. wen ll b the nxt segment guys..? no segment update for long tym I thnk

  7. Ronnie’s ghost to turn Tanu mental
    Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya is recently turning irritating
    with over pulled track of Pragya (Sriti Jha) trying to expose
    Tanu’s pregnancy lies to expose her in front of Abhi (Shabbir
    As per the current track, Pragya is torturing Tanu with
    Ronnie’s alleged ghost to expose her.
    The upcoming episode o Kumkum Bhagya will feature Tanu
    starting to get scared of Ronni’s ghost.
    Abhi will start getting worried for Tanu and will wonder if
    Tanu is mentally sick.
    Abhi will call psychiatrist for Tanu’s treatment.
    The psychiatrist will question Tanu on her fears of ghost and
    will question if she has been involved in any murder.
    Tanu will get wild with the psychiatrist and will Abhi will be
    Abhi will start doubting Tanu for her weird behaviour

    Will abhi really doubt on tanu??wht do u think guys???

    1. If the show continues in this format I think audience will need a psychiatrist. ……..kkb is turning all normal humans to psychos….

      1. Hahahaha yes u r right billu I think the writers love tanu a lot that’s they r not ready to finish this track

  8. What a stupid serial!!! There’s have not a little reality in this serial. Stop wasting your valuable time in this serial..

  9. Waste episode waste serial and waste of time also.i am feeling sad bcz kkb losing is fans and challenging the patient of viewers

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