Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu getting scared seeing Ronnie’s ghost and shouts for help and tries to open the door. She turns towards Ronnie and sees him taking knife out from his blood soaked body. She apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. She opens the door and runs out. Ronnie hides. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Why you are shouting? Tanu tells someone is in the room and tried to kill me. Pragya asks who will want to kill you, and says there is a tight security at home. Abhi asks Tanu to come to her room and says he will check who wants to kill her. Pragya thinks Tanu haven’t took Ronnie’s name and says they shall scare her more. Abhi asks Tanu to come inside, but she refuses and cries. Abhi goes inside the room. Tanu follows him and is scared. Abhi says there is nobody here. Tanu

looks at the mirror and says it was written that he will kill me. She tells Abhi that there is still blood there. Pragya sits down and see nail polish on floor. She says you have colored your hands with blood. Tanu asks what nonsense? Pragya says it is your nail polish. Abhi asks what happened to you? Pragya suggests him to take her to psychiatrist, and be mad if he wants to. She asks Tanu not to wake her up again with her screams.

Abhi thinks Tanu is feeling frustated as she is not married yet. He thinks to get her psychiatric treatment. Pragya talks to someone and says she will not do any concert now and is tired. Abhi comes to her and says he needs to talk to her. He says we have to do something before Tanu’s condition worsens else I will be responsible. Pragya asks why you? Abhi says he couldn’t fulfilled the promise made to her and that’s why she is behaving this way. Pragya asks do you need permission? Abhi asks her to call a good psychiatrist or tell him if she can’t call anyone. Pragya thinks Tanu is suffering because of her bad deeds and thinks she shall accept her crimes else she will get mad.

Rachna asks Mitali about Akash. Mitali says he went to office. Rachna says he has not woken me up, as I was awake because of baby. Mitali says you are lucky to have a loving husband, and says her friend is coming home. Tanu tells Nikhil that everyone is thinking her mad. Nikhil asks why did she take so much stress and says it is just your imagination. He asks her to be normal. Tanu says I thought you will understand my pain, and can’t take Ronnie’s name even after seeing him. She says one day you will know that I told everything truth. He asks her to fix a camera. Tanu says okay and says she will fix camera to know the truth. She keeps the camera and thinks to switch it on before sleeping.

Mitali’s friend Kalpana comes to meet her and talks about her city Kolkata. She asks her to come to Kolkata and do watch VishKanya…..to know about its secrets. Mitali says I will watch it as I enjoy knowing others’ secret. Tanu gets Ronnie’s call and thinks Nikhil is having his phone. Ronnie calls him and says tonight will be last day of your life. Tanu comes out of room and collides with Mitali. She apologizes to her. Mitali asks her to show her eyes. She checks her eyes and says it is fine. She asks her to get her treatment done by the psychiatrist before she gets mad, and tells about a baba. Tanu says I am absolutely fine. Mitali says I have seen this condition before, and asks if the ghost is male or female. Tanu says I am already tensed and asks her not to increase her BP. Mitali says okay, I am not interested. She says Abhi called you to meet him.

Pragya tells Sarla that they are waiting for Tanu’s truth to come infront of Abhi and says she will take revenge for her condition. Purab comes and says yesterday night Bulbul came in his dream and told that Sarla couldn’t sleep entire night. Pragya says Abhi wants to show Tanu to a psychiatrist. Purab says he knows some doctors.

A psychiatrist asks Tanu if she has killed someone and feeling guilty. Tanu says no. Abhi and Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    vishkanya show is intersting promo guys i am sure that show has full power and it will best kkb trp soon becoz this show is dragggggging like anything

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Finally precap is little funny and I think they are going to make 1yr of pregnancy drama and one yr of abhigya separation totally fed up with this show???????. Pls stop this nonsense yaar

  3. Brintha

    once again takhil proved they r brilliant than pragya team…as I guessed Ronnie will be exposed..tanu will prove that pragya is trying to kill her baby by threatening like this..as abhi brain is kep in freezer for more than six months…he will try to marry tanu without divorcing pragya in a temple or at home..let her do whatever she wants wants…he knows pragya will not do anything…she wont complain to police or court…at least Ronnie drama ends and tanu marriage drama starts..it may be interested..how much we HV to tolerate..best tolerance award goes to kkb audience…

  4. Pri

    Hare yar fed HP…end track marry thm and move further
    Kaose bf hei yeah nikil allowing g gf with other man so stupid.for Money no one will do like this fu of crap in kkb now.charm has gone bhagya has gone

  5. gowtham

    some episodes back, ronnie one day poured oil on the stairs… at that time pragya comes and scold….. that baby is innocent and it should not suffer…. that time pragya feels about baby…..

    bt currently tanu gets too much of fear bcoz of ronnie … again which is not good for her baby…. it ll affect the baby right…..
    now why pragya didnt say anythng.???????? … that it ll affect baby so we should not do like this……

    and one more thing… tanu gets this much of suffering…. bt abhi didnt doubt pragya at this time…. bcoz he has to doubt pragya coz she is the one who dnt want his marriage wd tanu… so she may make tanu feel uncomfortable and try to kick her out…. like that abhi can thnk….. right?? but abhi is not doubting her……

    so intha stupid writers ena venalum eludhuvanga istathuku…. but thank god they didnt do like wat i said previous….. bcoz if they do like that….. it ll be more and more frustrating….

  6. yaar finally purab remembered tht there was character as bulbul in his life wat a crap ven the duos r together they shower lots of love on each other but if they apart from each other fr a reason (like tanu) fr abhigya or (like death ) fr purbul either they just forgot each other r simply the one vil hate other Thn WATS THE USE OF USING DIVINE FEELING NAMED LOVE OVER THERE this is tooo much now tanu fixes camera nd she gets to ronnies truth nd takhil vil finallly olan agnst pragya nd abhi as usual blv on tanu nd blames nd hates pragya the same nonsense repeats REALLY FED UP OF THIS STUPID STORY pls writers do use some brain actually pragya was telling tht in holi evnt they hv cameras everywhere thn how come there is no camera where takhil met nd argued nd evn where tanu confessed the truth to abhi ven she is cmpltly conscious nt in bhaang affect GOD KNOWS HOW THIS WRITERS USE THEIR BRAIN MAY B THEY R SUFFERING FRM MEMORY LOSS PLS I SUGGEST ALMOND FR THEM nd v ppl r daily watching in a hope tht smethng may hppn today but its revolving without any centre IDIOTIC SCRIPT I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TISHA IS ADJUSTING TO THIS CRAP

  7. This is enough now. They have started giving misleading precaps too with misleading promos. And for what to attract the audience! But I must say their efforts got ruined becoz from now I m going to leave the show to watch and will follow update until this whole track. Becoz pragya and her team’s this plan is on the way of it’s failure. Their every plan is backfiring on themselves. Abhi is understanding pragya wrong and thinking opposite which is completely against pragya. They have been done lots of efforts but non of them could put effect on abhi’s mind and thought for tanu. Even he is becoming poor kind and sympathized towards tanu. Now tanu have kept camera in her room to record Ronnie’s moves. Now if one more time he will try to scare tanu in her room then it will all get recorded and his truth will get come out in front of nikhil and may b with this, pragya’s also. And what r they doing by calling psychiatrist for tanu. They called psychiatrist, it’s fine but why purab and pragya r confronting tanu by that psychiatrist infront of abhi and themselves? It is another totally waste and flop plan becoz tanu will never blurt out anything in front of abhi and them. They could leave tanu and that psychiatrist alone in a seperate room and and they should just fit cameras in that room. So whatever they talk it will all get recorded. Becoz tanu can’t tell anything in front of abhi and everyone but she could tell something to psychiatrist which proves her guilt. It is hard to bring out truth from tanu’s mouth but becoz she is stressed and scared so she could share it with psychiatrist. So she get to know what is actually happening around her. But becoz she have fitted camera in her room to get to know about the truth of ronnie so then also it’s chances r less that she will blurt out or tell anything to psychiatrist. Instead of it, she may use this opportunity to gain more sympathy from abhi and to manipulate him emotionally. So this plan is also completely waste. Now I m sure nothing is going to happen gud not so soon and at least in this whole week. So I have decided to leave the show to watch until this whole track. Becoz now I have no more excitement and patience left to watch not anything of this track anymore nor it’s climax. So I m done with this track. And will read and follow only updates from now. That’s it.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, if Tanu speaks to psychiatrist alone and if cameras are installed also, less chance for Abhi to believe at this point because he will now think Tanu is upset with delay in marriage so she is either hallucinating or speaking random things.
      Why would Abhi think Tanu has done something wrong. He may not love her and knows she is selfish n not as straight forward as Pragya but Tanu was never caught for any of her evil deeds. He doesnt have any negative opinion about her, that Tanu can harm someone or kill someone.
      If caught for something, Aaliya has the guts to confess n will justify her wrong things as right. But Tanu will lie, one lie above another lie n try to manipulate the scene in her favor.
      Even Mithali confessed n changed off late but Tanu is one tough nut to crack.

      Say if Tanu comes to know of Ronnie drama, she cant mention about him in front of Abhi. That is risky for her. She again has to plot with Nikhil to end Ronnie. Of course she wont be scared of Ronnie any more and wont blurt out anything.

      Also, Pragya n team is not searching for Ronnie anywhere which may make Tanu suspicious, so we have to see if Tanu knows of Ronnie n stops getting scared, then will Pragya call the police n do some drama.
      That blackmailer thing is still open, as Tanu didnt give money n the plot changed suddenly to Ronnie.
      These writers want to drag fine, but while dragging they can show more intelligence, like Tanu can be put under more pressure with Ronnie on one side n blackmailer on another side.
      Even if Tanu knows Ronnie survived he can still threaten Tanu as he knows the truth.

    • tanvi

      Earlier, after watching kkb i feel fresh
      bcoz I love kkb so much! But now a days when I watch it I get angry and sad also. It spoil my mood. And from last week I feel like crying after watching it bcoz I thought Tanu is going to be exposed after holi. Cvs will make me mad

  8. Vadhu

    Hi guys!
    I have no idea that this show is gearing up or dragging. And what about aliya. They haven’t discuss about d CD stolen by her.
    It is getting boring day by day.
    Anyways hoping 4r takhil’s exposture and ABHIGYA’S REUNION.

  9. Xyz

    Big time boring… I thought it would be a game chAnger during the concert thing but in vein.. Then hoping that the holi episode would kick out tanu but yet again… No result… Bigg time dragg…. I hate watching it nowadays….

  10. Xyzqettyj

    Pragya u said if u dont expose tunu & her bf in ahbi’s concent, u’ll leave mm house along with ur mom. U didnt achieve anything. Then y r u still not leaving mm house ur last change is over. Please leave.

  11. suman jyothi

    Dragging.tanu may discover ronnis truth night it self.n as in precap tanu acts smart n will escape cleverly as usual.

  12. Leila

    I hope ronnie don’t get caught n i think tanu her own self is going to tell the truth to the psychiatrist

  13. Nikki

    I guess its been 10 months already dat tanus baby ll come out before her truth soo boarng pragya nd team

  14. Joe

    Actually Guys I want to share the TRUTH with you. DO you know why always Pragya teams failure?? Also always Tanu teams win…because it not just a story it is a real incident that happened in EKta kapoor’s LIfe..She was tanu once and got love failure and got pregnant like this thatsy. When Sarla ma was about to be killed she didnt write the story to keep a camera but Just one day this tanu is scared immediately she wrote like a camera should be fixed. Just imagine why this EKta Kapoor always makes TANU not Exposed and always She makes her win?? JUST BECOS ITS NOT THE ORIGINAL LIFE OF EKTA THATSY SHE WANTS TO SHOW THAT SHE WINS ALWAYS>>>HER LIFE IS NOT HAPPY>>THATSY SHE DONT LIKE GOOD PEOPLE TO WIN>>POOR EKTA>>>WE altleast enjoying what RONNIE does but,these people never wants audiance to enjoy…even before i get a positive feel..these people making it more worst day by day..also cutting these good scences like ronnies, bulbul..etc…Ekta we dont want your life story of failures..think something positive..because its for the audiance and not for you..they must enjoy..not always irritating them in their hectic busy days..rather relaxing or entertaining you are irritating with your story..

  15. Sadhana

    Hi all…. Do one thing i.e stop comments,reading and watching….and d trp is fell down….cvs r change d track……plz stop this track

  16. Honey

    This is totally enough now. I am silent reader, till now I thought that they will finish this track after holi celebration but the writers are not in a mood to finish this track. I will not watch this serial now. I am fed up with this and now this psychiatric track. Ithe is better to watch any saas-bahu fights or ghost serial

  17. shobana

    I don’t understand one thing y pragya and co r harming tanu like this
    Always pragya and co used to tell that tanu is pregnant we should not harm her but now they r harming her to the core
    I really hate this ghost drama
    Tanu and co once again proved that they are more brilliant than pragya and co by fixing camera . By this it’s understood that this time also tanu and co going to win
    Once I heard that 800 episodes are ready. Now I think that 800 episodes will be only this hide and seek game between tanu and pragya
    Nothing is going to happen interestingly very boring

  18. Geeta

    The only things that all of you guys can do stop reading, comments and watching kkb.is more than enough to watch this worse serial. It’s almost a year that this tanu track is going on.what going on with this writer.

  19. Hai frnds…
    In this show.. The lead pair is changed..I.e, takhil
    Bcz their plans are brilliant n somewhat successful..
    But pragya’s plans are always fails..
    Abhi’ character don’t know anything..
    Im watching this show only bcz of SHABIR & SRITI
    They are talented actors..
    But the writer’s uses their talent in worst way.. The good& brave plans only by villons but not hero & heroine?
    Plz v r watching this show daily bcz v r hoping that today something good vl happen.. But nthng vl happen

    • shobana

      Ya that’s right
      And pragya said if her plans fail she will tell everything to abhi and leave the house with her ma
      But still now her plans are only failing then y she is still in mehra house

      • gowtham

        shobana….. abhi kum tanu kum marriage pani vachiru than pragya mehra house vitu pova…. dnt worry nama inun neraya pakanum….. and ava velila pogum pothu she ll also be pregnant…. athan next story line…. and two episode la tanu ll ptove that pragya’s baby is not abhis nu…. ithan next storyline…. so porumaya wait panalam nama???

    • Sahithi

      She has one more option of Ronnie now, and they believe this ghost drama will make Tanu open her mouth.

  20. rohan

    Tanu putting this much effort to marry abi…I think make tanu character as lead and kill pragya ….. Tanu baby abi happy family

  21. Shaz

    Guys why do you comment to dz kkb???? Bcz there is no any use in that??? They don’t care about their fans. If we comment, they will think that we are still watching kkb. And our comments also become dragging for them like kkb.

  22. gowtham

    pratiksha….wat if the canera plan of tanu ends negatively for tanu…. bcoz she is fixing camera in her room…. once again ronnie comes and threates tanu… and that time she ll say all the truth infront of him ((not intentionally but fear makes her say)) and that ll also be recorded in camera right??

    or other option will be…. when he talks yo nikhil in phone tat conversation will be recorded right….. so it ll be good if she ger caught by her own idea of fixing camera in her room…

    bt here also we should consider our stupid kkb writers… they can stretch this camera drama… and finally camera will be in the hand of abhi…. and writers makes the excitement again by putting promo and precap…. but finally whn abhi opens that camera …. it ll show oly thr video not audio…. bcoz its not audio supported… lik that they ll end the story…. for this they may waste atleast ten episodes…

    • Gowtham this could happen but it’s chances r 50-50 becoz tanu kept that camera to know what is actually happening around her and whatever it is, is it actually happening or just her bad dream or imagination. She kept that camera for herself so when she will take this camera than how it will go against her. It could happen only then if tanu forget to take that camera and someone from pragya and her team or abhi unknowingly see that camera before tanu. Then it could happen that things may get turn into pragya’s favour but presently things r like going against pragya and in favour of tanu. Even abhi is going more and more in tanu’s favour with each plan’s failure and with each passing day. So let’s see what happens? But seriously gowtham my patience and excitement all have finished now for the track and it’s climax. I m totally fedup. Now I will watch the show on that stage when finally tanu’s exposure will take place. Before it, I will just read episode’s and news updates. That’s it.

      • gowtham

        but pratiksha if u decide like that thn till last episode of kkb u cant see…. bcoz anyhow writers are not ready to leave tanu until the end… so as i said yesterday tanu ll get caught at final episode and she ll goto jail in one episode and kkb ends….

        and from episode 1 to till now tanu is not under any circumstances of showing herself as a villain b4 abhi…. so chances of get rid of her aftr this frst exposure is very less….

        example take aaliya… she has done many misatkes starting frm mms till nw…. but she was forgiven many times…. but for tanus case if she get exposed ths ll be the frst exposure… so she may be forgiven…. then wriyers may plan new thing wd tanu itself….. i am not forgotten.. aaliya is family member so she was forgiven many times…. but writers make something to forgive tanu frm abhi point of view aftr this exposure…. i thnk this is gonna happen…

      • shobana

        Abhi won’t forgive tanu because
        of her lies abhi has to come to this stage
        He still loves his fuggi but he was not able to be with her because of tanu’s lie
        If abhi comes to knw that tanu and alia was the reason behind pragya’s make over then he will be more hurt because he believes tanu won’t betray him
        So I don’t think aft tanu’s exposure abhi will forgive her because each and every time she manipulate abhi with baby only
        Who may knw tanu may be forgiven in name of pregnancy

      • reji

        hello guys i got little bit time to comment …. gowtham kkb will not end becoz still no information abt bulbul ….. while bulbul’s track another one villain will enter …and another dragging track will happen …so still more draggings and tracks are there …but i want to know one thing after abhi get to know abt the truth will he forgive pragya or not??….i think to make abhi forgive pragya they will again drag for one week !!!..

      • Gowtham I know they r not ready to give tanu exit. But until when they won’t? One day they have to do it becoz their show runs by audience and when they all will leave the show to much after getting so much frustrated and irritated then they will not have any other option to give tanu’s character’s exit from at least abhigya’s life. Aaliya is abhi’s sister and an important part of story related to purbul so her permanent exit can’t possible and she is much better villain than tanu in the show with whom audience never got irritated but enjoyed her track every time as shikha is doing great job as aaliya. But tanu’s presence was not justified after abhigya’s marriage but then also cvs have given her this much place in the show just becoz after seeing audience’s curiosity towards abhigya’s union which could give them high trps for long. That’s why they r still not ready to give tanu’s character exit soon. But as I said that they can’t do it now for long becoz audience have started doing campaigning again it. So they have to give tanu exit when campaign will reach on it’s height and becoz of it if show will start get effected by it. And tanu is not a permanent and necessary part for abhi according to storyline as it is only cvs who gives her this much importance like this. Her charcter’s needs has been finish very before but CVS have given her so much space just becoz abhigya’s popularity. But now it’s high time that her character should take a break for a long time from abhigya’s life. She might come back for taking revenge from pragya. But for now she should go out from their life. And gowtham abhi will not forgive tanu becoz in previous her evil deeds were so small in comparison of presence and she just helped aaliya and took advantage of it. But now she have crossed every limit and she has done so many big crimes which is not at all forgivable. Beciz of tanu abhi, pragya and their family have tolerated so so much. So it is impossible that abhi will forgive her. She might b escaped from any tough punishment as she is pregnant but definetly she will not get apology from abhi. Tanu will sure give her exit from abhigya’s life and I m waiting for only that day to start to watch the show again. I can wait for it by not watching the show till then.

      • And show will not end so soon becoz of it’s charm abhigya and purbul and it has so many layers in it’s story line yet. These r only CVS who r wasting time only in just one irritating, nonsense track.

      • Reji it depends on abhi’s condition and ability of understanding circumstances. But pragya and dadi took so many wrong steps becoz of which abhi and sobmany peoples got suffered a lot. So ya may b abhi will take some time to forgive pragya but becoz he loves pragya a lot and pragya did all this only for save him and their love so he will definetly forgive her as he will not want to loose her again when he will find her after so much facing so much problems and difficulties. This is what I think otherwise let’s see what will happen exactly.

    • gowtham

      pratiksha and reji…. exactly kkb is not gonna end soon…. thats fr sure…. but wat i said is…. till the end of kkb tanu will be there as a villain… coz though she may get exposed now…. lik pratiksha said she may come fr taking revenge…bcoz if she get caught she may tel nikhil threatens her to do lik this… so wdout option she done all this…. so nikhil will goto jail…. but tanu will set back…

      like in pragyaa kidnapping…. aaliya is the main villain… bt to keep her safe writers had written many illogical things taking purvi…. and that time also male villain(corporator) gone to jail… nothing was against aaliya…. but aaliya gone to jail afterwards… thats a different thing..

      same like…fr to keep tanu safe all blamings and punishment will goto nikhil… once again male villan only goes. to jail…. tanu ll be out of mehra house but wdout punishment…. aftr that she ll take revenge…. thats hw kkb might go… thats y i said till the end of kkb tanu ll be here….

      but one more thing i agree… aftr the exposure she surely wont get that much of screen like before…. bcoz frst she was trying to marry abhi… aftr exposure she ll do the revenge part… so screen she shares will be reduced…. but she ll be in kkb fr sure.. till the end…..

      • Gowtham exactly what my point is too that tanu might come back again in picture to but with different track and aim. Surely she might get role to play in abhigya’s life again and again for twisting their life becoz it is necessary that leads will not live a life which us happily everafter that’s why a vamp or villain is too needed. So she might come back after sometimes of her exposure. But ya she will never get back that space and place in abhi’s life which she have from beginning till present time. So we could see her glimpse for few- few times. It will b relief for us. But may b after exposure she will join aaliya to taking revenge from pragya and will remain in the show somehow but she will b no more between abhigya and until abhigya will b together then her present will not matter for us. But gowtham abhi is a rockstar and she could have many more peoples behind his name and fame and becoz of which he could have many rivals too. So I will want some other character instead of bringing same tanu all the time. But all is in CVS hands. So let’s see what they will create next to bringing another twist in abhigya’s life.

      • Reji

        Ya pratiksha …actually now abhi realised his love for pragya so tanu cannot come between them …. but revenge is revenge only …the fact is villains are coming only to take revenge …not for some other reason …..

  23. Aishwarya

    Hi i m new to dis grp i like read all ur comments especially pratiksha,reji and others plzz welcome me .we should not blame d actors we should blame ekta mam i m from chennai in tamil also nikil entered in mm pragya was doubting him but she took 1yr to find d father i think she should leave mm with her mom then only abhi try understand what is going on in his life he still loves his fuggy not tanu or mogambo.so she should leave in fuggy avatar. but waste cvs wont response our comments n wont understand our feelinga for abhigya they are such wonderful couple n their onscreen chemistry was amazing but d cvs wasting their talents true love does not need any proof but in this serial only they are suffering for proofs anyways i agree with u guys i also dont want to see this show anymore. Keep dragging always.

    • reji

      hello aishwarya welcome….well i am also from chennai and tamil nadu…..and i am still hoping to get tanu exposed..

    • Aishwarya

      Hi reji ,gowtham u guyzz also from chennai great and thanks for welcomed me and pooja u can talk with me also any new segment update guys

  24. minna

    This show should get the award for being the most boring dragging nauseating lousy show a d still managing die hard fans I think all of us r waiting for tanu to b exposed 80% of us maybe more have stopped watching the show but just read update
    The actors should get awards cause they rcontinue to act in such a sloppy show
    bulbul was smart she left

  25. Abhigya

    Like seriously writers think we r fool? Every time They give a little hope then spoil everything?this show was so good but it’s total waste now so fed up…anyways pratiksha I was thinking something that aliya wants to destroy abhi n tanu wants his fame then y is tanu supporting Aliya? I couldn’t get this… Wht do u think about this?

    • Tanu is thinking from the day one after knowing aaliya’s intentions of destroying abhi that once she will get married with abhi then she will handle aaliya and manage her somehow. Becoz aaliya knows tanu’s each and every secrets and could tell about it to abhi, pragya and everyone if she will try to stop aaliya somehow or try to fail her plans against abhi. Tanu is roaming in wonderland. She is now just thinking how to marry with abhi at any cost. She is not thinking about what will happen after it. She is understanding everything very easy and making herself fool by becoming over smart. That’s it.

  26. Omg..fed up with this show…tanu fix panra camera la ava matna nalla irukum abhi ava room check panni tanu va abhi expose pannanum.bcoz he is the hero now a days he is so dumb..he is irritating us..dna test nu onnu irukunu cvs teriyathu pola..fool writers..

  27. Nj

    Everyone knows tanu’s secret except abhi..pragya plz ditch that idiot abhi..he call himself a rockstar and in actual he is an owl…Its been more than 9 months that Tanu is pregnant..and that line really irritates me “abhi aur Tanu ki shaadi…Tanu ka baccha”.. My God…limitless dragging..FALTU serial..no good msg for society… Nothing good is there in this serial…

  28. Pooja

    I m very disappointed, Aishwarya is getting welcomed but I am in this group for so much time.and no one even talks to me?????

    • Hi pooja?U can talk with me anytime. The list of our group is long and it is not possible to intract or connect with each and every member but whoever member asks about anything about the show, we tries to give them reply back as much as possible so We will try to give reply to u too every time if it will b possible as sometimes we could b busy. But mostly we will give u reply. It is sure. So don’t get disaapoint and u r most welcomed in this group?

    • Reji

      Yes pooja pratiksha is right …. actually I was very busy with exams and studies ….I will beg my mom to use internet for 10 min after studying …so In between only I can comment. ..and ya u r most welcomed here ….r u from Tamil nadu..

  29. HEMA

    Now this is the worst serial…Just when we people are expecting tanu to be exposed they are bringing a new boring ghost track… This ghost and psychatrist story will drag again …. better stop watching this serial

  30. Guiny

    Support takhil! Then only ekta will make them suffer! If u support abhigya she will not get u what u want!

  31. Abhigya

    Ronnie’s ghost to turn Tanu mental
    Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya is recently turning irritating
    with over pulled track of Pragya (Sriti Jha) trying to expose
    Tanu’s pregnancy lies to expose her in front of Abhi (Shabbir
    As per the current track, Pragya is torturing Tanu with
    Ronnie’s alleged ghost to expose her.
    The upcoming episode o Kumkum Bhagya will feature Tanu
    starting to get scared of Ronni’s ghost.
    Abhi will start getting worried for Tanu and will wonder if
    Tanu is mentally sick.
    Abhi will call psychiatrist for Tanu’s treatment.
    The psychiatrist will question Tanu on her fears of ghost and
    will question if she has been involved in any murder.
    Tanu will get wild with the psychiatrist and will Abhi will be
    Abhi will start doubting Tanu for her weird behaviour

    Will abhi really doubt on tanu??wht do u think guys???

    • If the show continues in this format I think audience will need a psychiatrist. ……..kkb is turning all normal humans to psychos….

      • Abhigya

        Hahahaha yes u r right billu I think the writers love tanu a lot that’s they r not ready to finish this track

  32. Bhaswati

    What a stupid serial!!! There’s have not a little reality in this serial. Stop wasting your valuable time in this serial..

  33. luckshana

    Waste episode waste serial and waste of time also.i am feeling sad bcz kkb losing is fans and challenging the patient of viewers

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.