Kumkum Bhagya 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Tanu that he got her DNA test done to know the truth. Tanu asks what do you want? Nikhil says he won’t leave until he hears that the baby is his. Tanu says ok, this baby is yours. Nikhil smiles and says he is so happy. He will put everything in her feet. Tanu asks him to stop dreaming and says this child is yours, but I will give him Abhi’s name. Pragya keeps looking for Tanu and wonders where is she? Nikhil asks how can Abhi accepts someone else child. Tanu says Abhi loves me, and didn’t know about baby’s truth. He will give me all the happiness of life. Nikhil asks what do he have, which I don’t have. Tanu says you earn in thousand, but Abhi earns in crores. She says I don’t want to live middle class life. Nikhil says I accept that Abhi is a big

rockstar, but he can’t love you more than me. Tanu asks him to stop bothering her, and says she can’t love him as she loves Abhi. She asks him to go and make family with other girl.

Nikhil says he will not go anywhere and make her realize his love. He says one day you will come to me and asks me to marry you. Pragya knocks on the door. Tanu asks him to go. Nikhil says I won’t let anything happen to you or our baby. She pushes him to go and opens the door. Pragya asks why you are in this room? Tanu makes excuses. Pragya says she heard someone voice and asks who is it? Tanu says no one.

Abhi and family reach home, and just then Sarla also reaches with her family. Dadi greets and welcomes them. Dadi praises Bulbul. Abhi says she is not looking more good than Purab. Bulbul also teases him that Purab would have been left unmarried without her. Abhi says he is a rockstar and would have got a good girl for Purab. Dadi says Bulbul is one in million. Pragya senses something is wrong and asks if you are fine? Tanu says she is feeling unwell and that’s why stayed at home. Pragya asks her to sit down, and makes her drink water. Tanu says I am suffocating here and asks her to come with her. Pragya sees Nikhil’s shoes behind the curtains and goes to check. Tanu prays to God to save her. Pragya is about to check, but just then Tanu throws the glass to divert her attention. Pragya comes to her and asks her not to worry. Nikhil escapes from there, leaving his shoes there itself. She goes back and checks the curtains, but find only shoes. Tanu says no one is there. Pragya thinks someone was there. Tanu says lets go downstairs.

Dadi asks Pragya, why did you come back home, without informing us? Pragya says Dadi………just then Bulbul comes and talks to Pragya’s baby, asking how she is looking? Tanu asks baby is small and can’t hear you. Bulbul says baby can hear her relative’s voice, and asks for her boyfriend. Everyone laugh. Dadi’s friend says Tanu keeps on changing her boyfriend and asks who is her current boyfriend. Tanu is irked and thinks Aaliya will teach her a lesson. She calls Aaliya, but her number is out of coverage area.
Dadi and Dasi gossip in the party. Nikhil comes without wearing his shoes. Pragya looks at him suspiciously. Tanu thinks he is a fool, not to wear his shoes. Pragya might catch him. She asks where is your shoes, and why you are stumbling? Nikhil says he is absolutely fine. Purab tells that he met with an accident outside. He was going home, but I called him here. Abhi says I will call doctor. Nikhil says he is fine. Pragya tells Tanu that Nikhil might be in the room and was hiding. Tanu says it is rubbish and asks her why he would hide there. She asks her to continue thinking and goes from there.

Abhi wants to talk to Pragya. Bulbul says no. He says just 1 min and asks her to look other side. She asks what’s so important? He wants to kiss her? then says take 2 mins. She turns. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says your mum asked me to tell you this. Pragya asks what did Maa say? Abhi says he will not tell. Pragya holds his collar and asks tell me……….Bulbul says she was shy before, but now asking for more kiss. Bulbul says your 2 mins are finished and asks him to go. Abhi says she is mad and leaves. Pragya says she will leave too. Bulbul says her to get ready. Pragya says she just needs to change clothes. They might be looking for her downstairs. Bulbul says no one is looking, and makes her sit. She says she will get her ready today. Everyone should know that Pragya is Bulbul’s sister.

Tanu tells Nikhil that Pragya is doubting him and asks him to leave. Nikhil says he wants to be with her. Just then Pragya comes and sees them closer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. aaryan

    From past 2 weeks promo is pragya hears tanu and nikhils conversation but nothing is happening expect dragging…

  2. Aj

    Story is becoming irritating to “me”,i wonder when they will get rid of tanu and start a new life,atleast before bulbul marriage let them get rid of tanu…And also want to see abi and pragya face when they know the truth…….!

    • Its not like that. Even they showed a promo tanu wearing bridal dress that was did not happened. Dress doesn’t matter

  3. Ya finally nikhil too knows about tanu. Now pragya is thinking about nikhil from the first it was not nice with her. Now tanus truth gonna reveal then abhi will throw her out from his life then she is gonna beg nikhil then they will join both and gonna spoil abhi.

  4. Yuvi

    May be pragya will find the truth only at frdy or it may go one more week..Rommmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbaaaa illlluuukkkkuuuuurrrraaaaaannnbggggaaa pa

  5. Its not like that. Even they showed a promo tanu wearing bridal dress that was did not happened. Dress doesn’t matter

  6. santya

    THis hiding part like exactly how aliya hid neil thakur behind the curtain in her room during holi time….
    I wonder why bulbul’s story day by day getting so bored….and feel like she over acting….
    PLease do show any function in perhaps…will help me to design my clothes that i can wear during my bro’s wedding in another few months…

  7. dragging drama

    ada ponga ya posaketa payalugala ………… illukaradha thavira vera onum theriyadhu ungaluku…….

  8. Kalai

    This episode is nice. The truth will be revealed to everyone after mehendi function. Then both tanu and nikil will be out. Looking forward for that episode.

  9. anu

    nama nenaikurathu elam nadakathu pa.. avanga athula um eathavathu twist vaipanga.. who knows..

  10. DHAWAL


  11. Zeeha

    I don’t know whn they r gng 2 reveal the truth. It’s soooo dragging & irritating yaar.

  12. Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya to reveal Tanu’s truth after Bulbul’s mehendi ceremony – watch video!

    Drama is unfolding on Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

    After Tanu and Pragya’s pregnancy we’ve now seen Nikhil come and add more confusion to the ongoing plot of the show. According to the current story line Abhi and Pragya are unaware about the real father of Tanu’s baby. The viewers have however found this out through Tanu and Nikhil’s own confessions and confrontations. Soon we will see that Pragya becomes suspicious of Nikhil’s ways. However the family gets busy with Bulbul’s mehendi ceremony. Aaliya despite being heartbroken decides to put up a facade and play along. She even goes and putsmehendi on Bulbul’s hands to please Purab and her brother. But its is not like she has stopped plotting to get back Purab from Bulbul.

    Abhi and Pragya will soon find out about Nikhil and Tanu. It will not be clear to the them as to what is it that brings Tanu and Nikhil together. And when they finally find out, Tanu and her boyfriend will be on their way out. Also, Tanu is ticking off Nikhil, who will soon start treating Abhi as his arch rival and be his newest enemy. Nikhil wants Tanu back and he knows that his biggest competition there is Abhi.

    In the process to get back Tanu, will Nikhil try to meddle with Abhi’ career and life? Will Pragya find out about Tanu and her lovers twisted equation and save her husband on time? For all those updates come back right here!

  13. Gud.. mehendi pst episodes bur mojaa hbo.. sbo logia hbo.. more drama nd ru vohutt besi spicy hoi jbo ! Can’t wait 2 loong.. plz jlde dekhuale vl lgbo ..

  14. anu

    ok frnds.. i knw to read and write hindi.. bt i dont knw its exact meaning.. tats y i asked u guys..

  15. Ya now pragya will know half about nikhil. Precap thy shown both nikhil and tanu closer. Pragya would be more thinking now about that and she will definitely find it. But it will happen after mehendi ceremony if they dragged that means upto this week? Then one more thing for all serials there is daily video about something but only this kb alone not like that. Bcs they are showing that gonna happen in this week or next days but for kb only it takes week to show that itself or they will take adter one week to show just that much dragging. Then if v count episodes from 1 upto now v will see that pragya mrg is upto 50 thn aliya mrg is upto 100 then that dramas and some scenes between abhigya is 150 and pragya innocence upto 190 then tanu game upto 215 then pragya kidnap upto 260 then their comedy and love confession 290 then tanu pregnancy going on till now. Till now they dragged a long. Best award for dragging serial.

    • JWhen will it End

      You are correct for OVER a Year they have dragged out this storyline. RIDICULOUS!!!

    • kavin

      sis they are saying that there will be no time for rest in govt college what to da? clg starts at september

  16. Govt collegela seataaah hey dats reaLly great bro congratzz yaar..apdna no. Way to c kkb bro sry to say dis but ne uodates padiklam daily..i thnk fr dat u ll get time

  17. gayu

    Hi Tamil fans if you really want to watch a serial without dragging pls watch Yeh Hei Mohabatein…..YHM- Star plus if there is a twist it will come to end @ the same weekend so its really nice serial with punjabi and Tamil family sure you people will LOVE to watch….100% guaranteed no dragginggggggggggg…..Gud nite frnds…

    • shazlina

      ya its really ya nice serial
      we can watch same serial in tamil kalyanam mudal kadhal kadhal varai

  18. kavin

    santya i am sorry when you entered this website i did not welcomed i saw your comments at the day of entry at that time i was in critical situation you can post your comments at anytime i will be there again sorry santya

  19. Anna

    Writer please stop draging Tanu’s storyline…just make tanu live happily ever after far from abhi with nikhil..Please reveal the truth of her pregenancy faster so that Abhi and Pragya can reunited..^^ ~thank you

  20. Priya $

    Dragging dragging dragging I think after Tanu’s delivery only pragya ll find the truth nu. Super la… Pragya become dumb abhi too joined now..

    • I think dragging is now CVS habbit. This is their best formula to stick their audience with their seats as long as they can. Because they only needs to gain high trps, no matter how much audience frustrate. They knows very well that we eagerly waiting for abhigya’s reunion and tanu’s exposure so we will not want to missed it. And that is the strategy of CVS to stick their audience and that’s why they are not reveal anything yet about the climax of the track. This is the reason that CVS are showing us new promo because if we will watch the revelation of tanu towards pragya or not then we will also want to know that why and how pragya stops tabhi’s engagement. And for this we will tolerate this track more weeks or a month. This is the trick from which CVS to make us impatient and gaining high trps by making us fool all the time.

  21. Priya $

    They won’t stop dragging pa. They ll continue like this only. Pakurom la nama of sollanum

  22. ad ponga pa evangalum evanga kathaiyum vara vara ennaku bore thaan adikuthu …….. i actually love pragya’s character first but now she is acting so dumb . evanga kathai kaga serial edukura mathiri theriyala drag panrathukunae serial ah edukura mathiri theriyuthu….

    • kavin

      ithukellam ma thank you kepaanga no need of asking thank you if you are my friends since friends will not say thanks among themselves

  23. lily

    thx kavin 🙂 but its very terrible ican’t c kkb for 1 yr.phone is not allowed and wardon will cm nd
    chk sudnly. mattikita sanguthan .appa amma va kuputruuvanga . they are vry

  24. Guys today in SBS fatafat news segment I saw rachna was in pain and abhi was helping her. I missed whole video. But looks like finally rachna is going to delieverd her baby which she was carrying since long in the show.

  25. Priya $

    Frnds I think Rachna going to deliver baby Atlast tat time only pragya ll go to hospital. Apo kuda tanu pathi theriya vaaipu iruku pa.

  26. its like, at last of the mehendi function,tanus parents will come and ask abhi to marry tanu and in the engagement he hesitantly was putting the ring and pragya comes and stops it sayingl…ye shaadi nahi hogi

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